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The Moon Landing Hoax - Full Documentary

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Since. The beginning of recorded history, the, human race has been at war, first. With members of their own family, then. Their fellow countrymen, and finally. Nations at large, yet. Perhaps the starting, ground for all these conflicts, lays, somewhere, deeper within, the very character of the human condition and the, dark untouchable. Crevices, of the human heart it is. Said that the first iniquity, of free will began, even before the maiden pilgrimage, from the embryo. Preceding. The very creation of the earth itself, in. The for life of souls in the heavenly realms, the. Dawn of warfare, some believe was, initiated. By a fallen, angel whose. Trespass, against God was. Pride, in. Ancient. Babylonia, in an age so long ago that the exact Millennium remains in question the. Tower of Babel began, construction. It. Was to be the single greatest achievement. Of the human race a tower. So tall that, its summit would reach the heavens and, by it proved. To the world that, their, race was superior, it. Would be God's irony, that it would never be finished, time. Passed nations. Fell a machine. Age emerged, and once, again the ingenuity, of the species which held dominion over all others unveiled. What was at the time the. Most monumental, accomplishment, ever, imagined, the, largest, machine yet constructed. An automation. Sewn, mammoth and so, revered, even before its first demonstration. That it's only befitting name, was, Titanic. On April. 10th 1912, it set sail. It. Was boasted, to be the ship that God Himself, could not sink. It. Would be God's irony, that the very element, that was meant to keep it afloat would, cause it to sink water. Frozen. Water in the form of an iceberg. Not, even, one voyage did, it complete, and. Then. The next age embarked, in the annals of human history, perhaps. The last stage the. Space Age. Competition. For victor was unparalleled. Powerful. Nations spent billions in, unabashed, rivalry. To outdo the other the. Soviet Union launched the first orbiting, satellite, the, first animal, the, first man they. Had loved. 500%, more hours, in space than the United States and in June of 1969. They, launched, an unmanned, probe to the moon to, retrieve the first soil sample, from another world just, one month before Apollo, 11, that's, how close the race was had. Their unmanned, probe not crash-landed. Into the lunar surface the first moon rock brought back to earth would, have been by the Soviet, Union, Richard. Nixon president. At the time had, this to say about the latest work of the human hand, it. Is the greatest week since creation. The. Greatest event since the laying of the foundation of the seas since. The origin, of the universe itself. Since. The design and formation, of the delicate, human eye through. Which all these things are perceived, was. A flying machine with, its two passengers. Landing. On its closest, celestial, neighbor and returning. From where it came. Perhaps. Again, God's, irony, lies somewhere within this great boast of humankind. The. Building, of the tallest tower for the sole purpose of standing, out among the races was never finished, the. Machine that was so great that it was said to be untouchable, by even God never. Completed, its first voyage. And finally. The, crowning achievement of humankind, the. Greatest, boast of the species the. Event in human history most, associated, with pride in our own accomplishments.

Landing. On the moon. 20. Years later and years behind schedule the same space program, couldn't, put into Earth orbit a telescope. With a lens that focused, and, yet two decades earlier a mission, 100. Times more complicated worked. On its first occasion. With. Close scrutiny of the motives, of the zealous Nixon, administration. A critical. Examination of, the entirely, government, control press coverage and, newly. Discovered footage, of the crew of Apollo 11 staging. Part of their mission we. Wish to detail what may come to be the. Greatest government. Conspiracy. Of all, time a. Funny. Thing happened, on the, way to the moon. I'm. Convinced, that in the spacefield. The. Russians are head of us particularly. In, large. Weight lifting capability. And. That. At the moment the problem is not so much to catch up but cost build up the working speed that they have already demonstrated. After. We are running as fast as we do there's still a considerable gap to close and. Only the. Future will tell whether, we managed to close that gap we. Cannot, and will not ever, get. Into this race as we should, so. Long as all of our objectives, are short-term objectives. We've. Got to have no, finite, end to our objectives, the end of our objective, should be as far as we can see at any given time but right now we need a 10, to 12 year program, that has, as, its ultimate goal a man, domination. Of space and, if we don't were going to be in trouble I believe. That this nation should commit itself to, achieving. The, goal before, this. Decade is, out of landing. A, man on the moon and, returning him safely to, the earth we. Must assure our preeminence. In the peaceful exploration, of outer space. Focusing. On an expedition, to the moon in this decade. T-minus. 60 seconds, and Counting we've had the - 60. 55. Seconds, and counting. Neil. Armstrong, reported, back when he received the good wishes thank you very much we know it will be a quick. Good, luck and Godspeed. Forty. Seconds, away from the. Apollo 11 liftoff. All, the second-stage, tanks now pressurized, 35 seconds, and counting we are still go with Apollo 11. 30 seconds, and counting astronauts. Before that feels good Humana 25, seconds. 20. Seconds and counting. T-minus. 15, seconds, guidance is internal. 12. 11, yeah. 9. Ignition. Sequence, start. Unbeknownst. To the citizenry, high above the earth beginning. At an altitude of, 1,000 miles and extending. An additional, 25,000. Miles lay, lethal bands of radiation, called, the Van Allen radiation belts. Every. Space mission in history with humans on board from. Both the United States and, Soviet rule from, the first in 1961. To the present has been well below this deadly radiation field. Mercury. Gemini, Soyuz. Skylab. The Space Shuttle all, maintained. Altitudes, well below 1,000, miles, all, except. Apollo. The. More experienced, Soviets, spent 100. Hours in space for, every 20 hours of the u.s. in, order. To survive the hour-and-a-half, journey, through this radiation, field necessary. To reach the moon and return, solid. Lead shielding, between, the astronauts, and the exposure outside, would be required. The. Mammoth Saturn, 5 rocket used. By Apollo was, already 35 stories, tall and weighed, as much as a battleship. To. Add additional tonnage. In the form of a lead barrier, completely. Surrounding, the crew members would, have made it impossible for the vehicle to get off the ground that. Is why the Soviets, though more advanced, only, sent an unmanned, probe to the moon the. Apollo space crafts, narrowest, shielding, was less than 1/8, of an inch of light aluminum. In, 1998. The Space Shuttle flew. To an altitude of, 350. Miles one, of its highest altitude. Ever, hundreds. Of miles below the beginning of a field of radiation that was so severe, that the, astronauts, inside of their shielded, spacecraft, and inside. Of their shielded, spacesuits, saw, flashes, of light where their eyes shut that, they described, as shooting stars due, to radiation penetrating. First the shuttles shielding, then, their space suit shielding, then, their skulls and finally. The retinas, of their closed eyes as a. Result. CNN. Issued, the following report, noting. NASA's unpredicted.

Surprise. The. Radiation, belts surrounding, earth may be more dangerous, for spacewalking, astronauts. Than previously, believed. Scientists. Say the phenomena, known as the Van Allen belts can, spawn killer electrons, when the Earth's magnetic, field changes. These. Electrons, that are being studied could, have an important, effect not, only our satellites, which, has happened in the past but. Could also affect the astronauts, by creating, large doses, of radiation that. Could influence their health, the. Electrons, can penetrate through various materials, including. Spacesuits, and can, pass through in fact the walls of the space station, and can, create high charges, deep inside of these objects. President. Kennedy a man, of political, not scientific, background, set, the irrevocable goal, of landing a man on the moon by the end of the 1960s. Just, days after America's. First astronaut, had spent a mere 16, minutes in space not. Even achieving a single orbit around the earth we. Choose, to go to the moon in this, and do the other things not because they. Are easy but because they, are hard. We. Take an additional risk by, making it in full view of the world, but. As shown by the feed of astronaut, Shepard this. Very risk. Enhances. Our stature when. We are accessible, the, technology. Necessary to, launch the massive, Saturn 5 rocket and, an intercontinental. Ballistic missile. Is 95%, similar, when, the Soviet Union launched, mankind's, first satellite, Sputnik in 1957. There. Was grave concern, that they had mastered, space ahead of the United States and might, use this advantage to, launch a first nuclear, strike from an orbit high above North America, when. They also put the first animal, in space then, the first man in space then. Achieved the first space walk the, first crew of three and the first ever of to, simultaneously. Orbiting, space crafts concern. Turned to fear and then, horror as America. Watched their communist, enemy achieve, all these firsts, with no hope in sight of ever catching up. A. Member, of Congress, said to say that he. Was tired of being saying. The United States second, to. Russia in a space, field I, suppose.

He Speaks to a lot of others what is the prospect that, we. Will catch up with Russia and perhaps surpasses, Russia, in this field, however. Tired anybody, may be and no one is more tired than, than. I am it is a fact that it it's. Going to take some time and I think we have to recognize they. Secured. These. Large boosters, which, have led to their being first in Sputnik, and led to their first putting. Their man in space we are I hope going. To be able to, carry. Out our efforts, with due regard to the problem. Of the life, of the man involved this, year but. That we are behind. If it. Was impossible to better the Soviets in the space race which, was really a race of technological. Armaments, what, could be done how. Could America offset, the threat of superior, weaponry. Throughout. The history of rivalry, and war astute, generals, of lesser armies, than their counterparts have, used deceit and misinformation. As a method, to achieve victory, in World. War two for example, columns, of inflatable tanks were, placed at locations, afar, from Normandy, to draw German, forces away from the real location, of invasion, the. Star Wars missile, defense program, rigged, tests, to make it seem more advanced, than it really was that's, the conclusion of the General Accounting Office the, aim was to fool the Soviet, Union about US military readiness, during, the Cold War. Certainly. It was not possible to fall just the Soviets about us strategic, capability, in the 1960s. While, somehow informing. 200. Million Americans of the truth secretly, in order, for them to believe the United States had the capability. To go to the moon everyone. Would have to believe it furthermore. The, pride of a nation was at stake and the, goal of a martyr not, to mention the growing unrest, domestically, of a government, throwing tens of thousands, of lives away in a foreign war riddled. With contradiction. And ambiguity, in addition. The Apollo program had, already spent billions of dollars if. It failed to achieve its goal with such an investment it would indeed be a large and bitter pill for the taxpayers, to swallow the. Cost of the program whose sole goal was, to be the first to plant a flag on the lifeless Rock just outside, the earth if adjusted, for inflation to, the 21st, century was. 135. Billion, dollars with. A profit, margin of just seven percent this, would be equal to over nine billion dollars, profit going.

To The privileged, contractors. Chosen, by their friends, at NASA if. The. Machinery was in fact only achieving, Earth orbit, as other, earlier missions had already done then. The completion, and functionality. Of the other components, would not have been as important, and even, more profit, would have been made. 135. Billion dollars, could, feed two million people for their entire lives, it. Could also buy two million two-bedroom, houses yet. How could such an undertaking be kept secret and for, such a long time to. The latter one, needs only to remember, that an unsolved. Riddle six, years older, the assassination. Of President Kennedy still. Daunts, the minds of the vast majority, of Americans, as, a parent of a conspiracy as his, assassin, being, assassinated himself. The, truth of the matter has still escaped history, in keeping. A secret of the magnitude, of the Apollo missions being fraudulently created. One, turns to the Manhattan, Project for, comparison. Surreptitious. Rebuilding. The first nuclear bomb during the early to mid 1940s. Involved. 120. 9,500, people over, a three-year, period yet. The secret did not get out a quarter. Century later the art and technology, of espionage, inevitably, improved, narrowing. Dramatically, the number of players in the know of a large clandestine. Operation. Just. One year before the first mission, to the moon NASA. Launched, the tetris satellite, specifically. Designed to simulate flight, data coming, from the moon so, that the ground crews could rehearse the landing, much, as the astronauts, did in their own simulations. Had. It not supposedly. Fallen back to earth all that would have been needed during the actual flight, would, be a repeat of one of these computer, programs with. A few original, variations. Transmitted. To the satellite, for rebroadcast to, Houston, scores. Of computers, and their deceived, operators, on the ground would then receive pre-arranged. Information, including. The alleged location. Altitude. And fuel consumption, of the spacecraft, as if, it were descending, to the moon's surface if the. Soviets, tried to find the actual location, of an Apollo crew in the hundreds of thousands, of miles surrounding. The earth and the moon it would, be tantamount to trying, to find a rowboat in the Atlantic Ocean, the. Fact that the Apollo program, was set apart mentalize, with, various construction, and test sites around the country meant. That only a few people saw the whole picture and for. The first time ever there, was no independent press, coverage, of such an historical, event whatever. Pictures, and sound were distributed, to the public was, strictly controlled, and previewed. By the federal, government, they. Were then disseminated. Unchecked, until this hour for. Who would realize, that the unthinkable, was not only possible. Absolutely, true. And. What. Are the photographs what. Do they tell us on. Three. Separate occasions our, office, asked NASA's public relations department for, every single picture of an astronaut, on the surface, of the Moon just. During the maiden voyage of Apollo 11, many. Duplicates were sent in, all fewer, than 20 pictures were found including, first-hand, investigation. On-site. At the agency's, vaulted archives. Quite. Surprising, considering, the historical, significance of, the event these. Very photographs, are the same one circulated. Year after year on anniversary. Commemorations. It. Is estimated, let me just the first 60, minutes on the moon motivated. By the tenuous nature of the circumstances. Many, more exposures, could have been expediently, taken. Also. Surprising. Is the scarcity. Of photographs, of the missions chief pioneer, neil armstrong the.

Greatest Achievement, in human history and of the man whose first step, echoed around the world dawning. A new age of scientific enlightenment. There, is only one full-body. Picture, of him on the moon besides, this ghostly reflection this. One taken. By an automatic, camera mounted. On the side of the lunar module, perhaps. He feared liability, should, the whole conundrum, later become unraveled. Perhaps. He has forgotten that he attested, to the authenticity of, the event with, his signature on this plaque engraved by, the federal government, in. Fact, in the more than 30 years since the event aside. From NASA's, initial press conference, and the, occasional, brief anniversary. Remarks, where, few questions, were permitted, he, has never given one, on-camera. Interview, to anyone ever. From. An analytical, standpoint, photographic. Anomalies, have to be sought out with an understanding of, lighting, and shadows the. Most straightforward is, simple when. Objects, are lit solely by the Sun as all the scenes on the moon was said to be after. All lighting. Equipment was not only impractical. It was unnecessary in bright sunlight then. All shadows, regardless. Of the landscape, will run parallel with, one another and never intersect, as shown, by this example. In. These seldom, seen photographs, obtained. From a rarely used auxiliary. NASA archival. Sight it, is clear that these scenes were lit with artificial, light, these. Shadows, which are cast at different angles are, evidence, that a second, light source is, being used in, addition. The Sun would not cause an isolated, hot spot like this only. An artificial light would. Again. Intersecting. Shadows, and another hot spot and. Again. And. Again. It. Is. Simply impossible for, this picture to have been taken with sunlight on the moon. Here. The shadows are shown to be as black as pitch and. Yet. Here completely. In a shadow the, astronaut, is lit up like a Christmas tree how. Can this be, or. This on the, shadow side of the lunar module. In. This. Magnification, of, an Apollo photograph, a rock, very, likely a paper mache prop because of the crease here is categorized. With the letter C in, later. Releases, of the same picture the, letter is gone, probably. Airbrushed, out. Here. A crosshair, which was burned directly, into the image from the film plate and thus, should always appear, on top of the objects, in the photograph, appears. Behind the object in the scene clearly. Revealing, a composite, of two pictures. Into one. Someone. Apparently, forgot to create a burn crater underneath. The lunar modules 10,000. Pound thrust engine, despite. The fact that during ground tests, there was a real concern for, the vehicle falling into the hole the engine created as it descended. Here. Is a Norman, Rockwell depiction. Drawn, just two years earlier, based, on the latest specifications, and, scientific, data in, these. Enlargements. It looks as though the lunar module was simply placed there not, even one speck of moon dust on the landing pod as. A result, all subsequent. Flights had to have the same discrepancy. Which, was explained, away by the effect of no atmosphere, and, what. About stars on the, moon with no atmosphere they, must have been quite a sight to behold, yet, there is seldom any mention of them if ever, by, any of the astronauts, on any of the missions. Undoubtedly. Creating, a mural with all the constellations properly, placed in the sky would, have been virtually impossible to create a. Much, less realistically. A competent. Amateur, astronomer, would have been able to call attention to the slightest, error in measurement, the. Answer, not. To talk about the stars ever. In. Their. Post-flight, press conference, it was the only question, to, which Neil Armstrong, responded with. An absence, of memory. When. You looked up at the sky could you actually see, the stars in the solar corona in spite of the glare we. Were never able to see stars from the lunar surface or, on, the daylight side of the Moon by, eye without, looking through the optics. I don't.

Recall During, a period of time that we were photographing the SONA curl or what what, stars we could see. Many. Years. Later though Michael, Collins would remember, seeing the elusive stars and wrote, about them in expeditions, to the moon it. Seems his memory improved, the older he got. Wideout. Stars appear, in any of the photographs. Simply. Because the proper, mostly, closed exposure, setting, for the camera's iris, set, that way to compensate, for the bright sunlight on the moon's surface completely. Diminished the faintness of relatively, distant, specks of diminutive, light. This. Answer, is true it. Does not however explain. Why they never took any pictures of the stars by themselves, with, an exposure setting, perfect, for them, while. They took three automobiles. To the moon they, never took a photographic. Telescope. Had. They done so they, would have been able to see farther into the universe than, had ever before been realized. If, they had taken a telescope, and we're not actually on the moon they. Would have had to concoct undiscovered. Galaxies, that might one day proved. To be non-existent. The. Cost of the three moon Rovers, in 21st, century currency. Nearly. 60 million dollars. Each. Though. They had fewer parts than a jeep. Where. Was all this money going. Then. There's the flag blowing. In the wind at, least twice on the, atmosphere. Las' moon we. Can only guess that most of the missions were staged inside, for. Fear of possible area while satellite, reconnaissance from. An unfriendly, nation. The. Backpacks, designed. For 1/6, gravity must. Have had the cooling systems, removed, to, allow for movement without for lagoa, with. Very near and hot studio lighting, that, left one hot astronaut. Inside. Assuming. That it was the astronauts, inside after, all their. Faces were always covered. The. Necessary, mammoth, amounts of air-conditioning, were probably responsible. For the air current. Here. The editor, cuts to a still shot of the flag just. As the effect becomes noticeable. Here. It is unchecked. This. Rare clip attained. Decades, ago was never rereleased with the inevitable, increase in experience, and scrutiny. To. Demonstrate, one-sixth, gravity a bouncy. Floaty, feel to the astronauts, movements, would be similarly, achieved, with, relative, simplicity. Slow. Motion. You, are viewing the scenes as they aired more than 30 years ago, now. Let's look at them with the speed doubled. It. Becomes, discernible, that they are in fact in Earth's gravity, and are. No more leaving the ground than, they would on earth. It. Is clear from these rarely seen color, television, pictures that, the crew of Apollo 11 brought, a high resolution color. Video camera, with them on their mission yet, the only pictures, broadcast, live from the moon's surface were, these from a low definition, black-and-white. Camera in fact. The network's complained, because in addition to this they, were forced, to shoot the images, second-generation. Off of, a projection, TV, of the technology. Of 30 years ago and, were not even allowed to take a direct feed which. Further degraded, the quality, and clarity of the images. Perhaps. This was precisely what NASA and the federal government had in mind after. All it was the first regardless. Of where they were better. To open up their debut mission with, fuzzy pictures and numerous, blackouts, rather. Than show too much revealing, detail of a false scene, that, was yet unproven. And.

Finally. The element, that seals their fate of, all. The footage of Apollo 11 requested. From NASA over a five-year, period, one. Gem was discovered, just before. The completion of this documentary, an, old. Reel received. By mistake. It. Contains, the raw or unedited. Footage of, the crew of Apollo 11, michael, collins edwin. Aldrin jr., and neil armstrong, staging. Part of their mission for. Nearly an hour in living. Color with. Exceptionally. Clear behind-the-scenes. Audio, of conversations. Discussing. The techniques, used to achieve a disingenuous, picture. Depicting. The earth at a distance, in, order, to falsely, demonstrate, their far journey from it and their. Ability to survive, passing. Through the Van Allen radiation belts. It. Cannot, be misconstrued, that this staging was done for some other reason, prior to the mission for, the real itself, is slated, and dated, July, 18th, 19th. And 20th. 1969. The. Very days of the mission when, they were said to be approaching, and achieving, lunar, orbit. Furthermore. It is apparent, they are in genuine zero gravity aboard, the actual spacecraft. Necessary. To convince the mass media of their authenticity, just. Not any further than Earth orbit, as you will see in, this. Never before seen or heard footage not, only is the radio conversation. Between the astronauts, and Houston, control audible. There. Is a secondary, private. Conversation, taking place between, the crew and a third confidential. Party prompting. The astronauts, with what to say when, to speak and how, to effectively, manipulate. The camera to achieve the desired misleading. Effect. NASA. Claims, that the Houston transmissions. Were the only ones taking place with the astronauts. Listen. Now as Houston control initiates. A conversation, with the crew only. To find them too preoccupied, with the behind-the-scenes, trickery. To respond. Moments. Pass and the oversight is picked up on by the clandestine. Third party, who, quickly prompts, him with talk. Immediately. Neil, Armstrong, speaks. Again. The illusion, they are attempted, to create is the earth at a distance, to demonstrate, their far journey from it and their, ability, to survive passing, through the Van Allen radiation belts. Understand. Turn but only about 20 seconds, of this raw footage was, ever broadcast to the public and these, conversations, discussing. Their deception, were believed to be private. Until. Now. Here. They discussed, that these television, transmissions, were, in fact not broadcast, live as everyone believed they. Were first screened and edited, for, playback, later. The, weekend when we get to playback we can go to correlate, what we're paying thank you very much. Here. They discussed the fact that they have turned out the lunch and have blocked out sunlight from, entering the space earth through the other windows as, to not cause any reflected, light to, cry on to the spacecrafts walk in the foreground. It's, her way up, a, number. One window under any reflected. Light, the. Reason this was done is so that the truth of the matter would not be revered, it, is this though. The federal government, would have you believe that, this is a view of Earth from a distance out of the spacecrafts window as it nears the norm it, is not, what. They have ingeniously. Done is placed the camera at the back of the spacecraft, and centered. The lens on a circular window in the foreground, outside. Of which it is completely, filled with the earth in low orbit, the. Circumference, of the window then appears, to be the diameter of the earth at a distance, with, the darkened, walls of the spacecraft, appearing.

To Be the blackness of space around, it that is, why they wanted the interior dark, and blocked, out the Sun from, entering through the other windows. Here. You can see the extruded, window probably. Two inches thick at the bottom, this. Is because, the earth shine is coming in at a downward angle it. Also causes, the earth to appear to be an irregularly, shaped circle. For, your scene the outside of the window at the bottom and the, inside, of the window at the top which. Together form two, different sized tabs of a circle. Subsequently. This, take was never used. As. They perfected the shot a crescent, shaped piece of black material, was inset, slightly, into the window to, create the illusion of the Earth's Terminator, line dividing. Night and day, it. Is uncannily, convincing. During. This segment intended. To be edited, and played back later for the worldwide television, audience, dated. July, 18th. 1969. Neil. Armstrong, condemns himself as, he states that he is. 130,000. Miles out or halfway, to the moon as the, NASA flight log also states on this date when. He is in reality in, low-earth, orbit, of a few hundred miles. Here. During, another segment also, intended. To air after reviewed, Neil. Armstrong, falsely, explains to the viewers how the shot is attained by putting, the camera's lens to, the windows glass as it. Would have to be if they were the claimed distance, away from the earth, we. Only have one window, that has. A view of the earth filled. Up with a big big camera if. The window was completely. Filled up with a TV camera as, he stated then, an astronauts, arm would not be able to get between the camera and the window as it, obviously, does here in this app take. You. Can also notice how the astronaut, operating, the camera reacted. To the mistake by attempting, to plan away from it. This. Is a segment that they believed wasn't even being recorded, much, less suitable for broadcast, for, the lens was being zoomed out and the scene was being changed to that of an interior, of the astronauts, at work and apparently. The stop button, popped, back up on the recorder, without notice. Here. Is the diffused work light that they used to see camera controls, but, not throw light onto the spacecraft's. Wore. Here. They remove part of the Crescent insert. Finally. The Irish is opened up and you can see the real location of the camera and the, very bright and their earth out, the window. Here. Is the slate for the 19th, of July and, the. Same shot of trickery on the 19th of July and, then. The 20th, and the. Same misleading, shot on the 20th. Later. That evening they. Were said to be walking on the moon how. Can this be when they were in Earth orbit only nine hours earlier and the moon is some three days journey away. Furthermore. If they, genuinely, went to the moon why. Would they be faking any part of it why. This trickery, with the window. By. Faking being half way to the moon, it becomes, apparent that, they did so because they could not even go half way, if. Thus confirms, that the stumbling block to their success, was, the lethal radiation of, the Van Allen radiation belts. Since. The same equipment was, used on the subsequent missions in the 40 months that followed, none. Of them could have gone to the moon they. Only increased, their proficiency. At staging. Them. When. Some TV, viewers of the second, man mission, to the moon telephoned. The network's, complaining. That reruns, of I Love Lucy were, being interrupted it. Became clear that for, the taxpayers, once. Was enough but. It wasn't enough for the government and contractors. Billions. Of dollars of pure profit, went with each return. How, coincidental that, the following, mission would, have the element, of life and death jeopardy. Apollo. 13. Now. The public, would take going to the moon more seriously, and be, reconnected. With the drama. We. Now realize, that perhaps the reason Neil Armstrong, has never given an on-camera, interview is, because. He doesn't want to lie anymore. What. Threats may have been made upon such honorable, men or their, families, to, possess they're reluctant cooperation. And later, ill feelings, towards. Perpetuating. This still darkened, hour in American, history. NASA's. Highest-ranking. Official, James, Webb resigned. Without, explanation. Just, days before the, first Apollo, mission, why. When, he was on the threshold of, achieving, the greatest accomplishment. Of his career, all, three. Apollo 11, astronauts, also resigned. Shortly after. Their return on the. 25th, anniversary of the event in, 1994. Neil, Armstrong, made a rare public appearance and, held, back tears as he spoke these brief cryptic, remarks, before the next generation, of taxpayers, as they, toured the White House. Today. We have with, us a, group, of students, among America's, best. To. You we say. We. Have only completed, a beginning. We. Leave you, much. That. Is undone. There, are great ideas undiscovered.

Breakthroughs. Available. To those. Who can remove. One. Of truths, protective. Layers. He. Is, that. Layer. Perhaps. Someday. Soon with. The uncovering, of this footage and its, meaning, the. True Patriots, of America will rise up or. Come forward, and free. The citizens and themselves from, the sin that so easily entangles, and, from. A federal, government that needs to have the gangrene cut off. Even. If the government's destruction, would come from the truth then, it is not worthy to stand and its, betterment, would inevitably follow. All. Of us are mortal, all. Of us will die, perhaps. The seeking of a clear conscience before that hour will. Motivate the truth, into. The light. Perhaps. As citizens, we should offer amnesty for, this and other crimes of history for, facts from those involves, before, the truth perishes, with them. Why. Must we wait until the year, 2017. To open the Kennedy assassination files. Perhaps. They will not even be open then, for. The law that reluctantly, stipulates, their release says. So with this clause. Quote. With. The exception. Of documents, certified, for continued, postponement. By the president. Whoever. Believes the citizens, to be too immature for the truth are, too. Immature for, power. The. Truth, will. Always. Set. Us free. You. You. You.

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The moon is a plasma you can't land on it it is not a rock

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Moon landing deniers are the worst kind of stupid people: they're stupid people who believe they are smarter than everyone else and get off on it. Make no mistake, if you're reading this and are getting angry, you are NOT smarter than everyone else, you are a fucking idiot.

i was a child when i saw the so call landing on TV...I remember that i turned to my parents and told them that was a lie but no one listened nor believe me...since that day I knew that was a lie and keep saying that was a hoax and until now the truth is coming out...

Trying to find a video like this is fucking hard as shit. I miss old YouTube when shit like this was everywhere. It was fun times then. Now its all just trash

Moon hoax or a video about nuclear war and the Titanic and religion and other babble? Get some ADHD meds and take this scatterbrained monstrosity back to the drawing board for some focusing...

_NASA. Apollo. Theranos._ _"Ignorance is Strength." I'm weak._

What a load of complete shit!

Your brain is plasma you cant think with it, it's not a brain.

The Titanic hoax, read:

liars' pants on fire, we cannot leave earth

Take a good long look at the three men when they came back from the moon.Do they look like 3 guys that just landed on the moon...or 3 men that look like their grandmother just died?

Space X has had 2 mishaps already with rockets landing....and they have massive computers at their disposal....yet in 1969 they landed on the moon with a computer that my toaster has more power.....oh please spare me....

@Max H

I can't help but to agree. Yes. Yellow circle.

Thank you for that mentally handicapped viewpoint on the subject. Were all your parents children brain dead?

You know what the best 4 years of any Moon Hoaxer are? Third grade.

There was a reason they didn't listen to you: You're full of shit.

@Andrew Thomas Fairly clever for someone who works at Burger King no doubt. Anyone who believes the moon landings were a hoax has shit for brains. You obviously believe every hoax and conspiracy out there. Just the so the list is manageable, which of them do you NOT fall for?

Thank you for your valuable input, really it means a lot...please feel free to share your life story with me sometime...Maybe you should write a book...I it "My narrow-minded view on everything, my life as an asshat". Should be a best seller.

Google Search "We have been lied to about the nature of our reality" For *PHYSICAL PROOF OF GOD!!!!!!*

nice 1 , sneakily titled eh ;-) i still love watching this after i don't know how many times

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