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[Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] in the last years of the shang dynasty emperor zhou became a fatuous tyrant seeing an opportunity the fox devil ninetale transformed herself into dodgy the royal consort and took control of the government the fox clan brought chaos to the world heaven took pity on the people when at last they rebelled the master of xinxual sent divine reinforcement thus with the three realms engulfed [Applause] foremost disciple john zia set forth to vanquish ninetales once and for all what have you done dynasty it is mankind's destiny to serve the fox clan forever malignant spirits [Music] ah [Music] [Applause] um the war came to an end for its victory over emperor zhou jing shuho was lauded the revered master bequeathed unto the people gods tasked with the protection of all living things with the rise of a new dynasty there was much to be done those loyal to the old order were banished to the icy ruins of bay high never to return for his role in the triumph zhongzio was celebrated far and wide it was thought he would lead the new gods and yet [Music] what did i say why is the rock shape so weird when's the last time you've ever seen a rock around here i'm good to take a look freeze things aren't rough [Music] that's no rock it's one of the immortals immortals behold following the great war jinx you haul it down a stairway to heaven and invited mankind to ascend the first person to climate was none other than zhang himself that's how he became a god [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] i've completed the mission given to me [Music] the fox devil you have subdued cannot be permitted to live as the three realms look on nine tailed must be executed by you with this act shall you secure your place as leader of the gods as you are a servant of the people so shall the disciples of zhing chu hall be yours to command and upholding heaven's will then so it is done [Music] [Music] kill her kill her kill her kill her kill her [Music] down down nine-tailed his illusions are fruitless your fate is sealed this is how you end so loyal what right does your master have to presume the will of heaven you saved mankind from your evil doing how's he indeed very well why does he not move to save her who was that you know nothing of the this girl she's young do not let her sow the seeds of doubt in your mind kill her prepare to meet your end [Music] [Music] resist the illusion stay pure if i die she dies [Music] save me master there's an innocent in her [Music] clutches let her go [Music] wow [Music] come on get it together it's been long enough i want to go home you have undone the seal you must be punished but i saw an innocent spirit within nine tails silence what you saw was a conjuring trick could it seem so we're nine tailed loose in the mortal realm the devastations of the great war would have been for naught fortunately the fox devil has been executed but you are hereby banished from i have no choice but to seal your divine power and exile you to bay high until such time as you are no longer enthralled to this wicked illusion only then let you return stop stinks emperor joe gets to be the god of marriage but me i'm stuck looking after you i'm a babysitter no more like no that's for the three of us oh i see how it is oh you want to fight me fine huh with a straight hook fish are as dumb as you are what oh you've got to be kidding me unbelievable look at you they get to go home meanwhile we're rooted to the spot i'll do it what i'll break this thing into splinters don't test me stop do you want to go back to jinxu hall or not come on it was all in your head ninetale played a trick on you it's like that saying about flies only going for cracked eggs not that i'm calling you an egg or anything go home huh you deserve better it's been 10 years this is my punishment you're a damn fool you work for the master's orders i'd be long gone [Music] [Music] [Music] so [Music] look at these beauty excuse [Music] [Applause] she can smell fears that's the one who reese why is he oh if it isn't the big shot immortal who got us all imprisoned here huh excuse me well hey at least we're all in this together gotta be worse for you though just scum of the three realms housing from jinxu oh that's a good one the scum of the three realms [Music] [Laughter] himself silly ah poor fellow forced to trade his earring did you two have a spat oh now don't take it to heart life squeezes us one way or another get over it and move on or lay down arms and accept defeat sometimes the only thing standing between us and what we want is admitting we're wrong what you saw was a conjuring trick well someone likes making an entrance step aside you're a new face tell me girl are you looking for someone in particular or just trouble [Music] just trouble is that a fact okay okay [Music] somewhere very unique where the black flowers bloom there is only one such place in the three realms mount yodu the travelers despair do you know what i'm talking about where is it tell me don't smirk i know the score yodo was once a sacred mountain not so long ago it's where emperor zao was given the title god of marriage oh how times have changed strange things are afoot black flowers thrive unchecked along the mountain side hiding the path all who search for it miss ah but lucky for you i just so happen to have a map and of course much more besides i trade in rare beast souvenirs travel essentials everything yes there's it's mount jojo in all its glory let me see not so fast just the other day a group of downtrodden fox hunters tried to haggle for this item if one credits their word the mountain is haunted by fox devils such a young thing you are what business can you have with so frightful a place that's none of your concern is the map for sale or isn't it i appreciate your fire but the first rule of negotiation dictates that all goods are subject to inspection [Music] despicable operation what are you doing grab the wreck oh wait that's important wide i've been saving it for years you don't say well then it's worth sure the map leave her feet very well i'll do it myself [Applause] i want the head attack you better get away [Music] who are you slow down do you think i can keep up if you'd left mayhem he'd be in defiance of the master that would be bad really really bad look all that stuff i said earlier i'm just trying to help hey whoa don't do it i can only return to jinxu hall my first uncovering the truth huh please he reasoned a ball he starved he's not thinking clearly yeah okay if i have to cross it's freezing get him inside he's at least [Music] [Music] wow who are you speak what is your connection to nine-tailed how far the mighty zhang zhiya has fallen treating an innocent little girl like a common hoodlum save it so much for being an immortal are all of you this unreasonable if anyone's connected to the fox devil it's you so that bracelet there's none of your business it belonged to ninetale why are you wearing it what are you talking about it belongs to me 19. spirits what were those what did they want with you excellent question how the hell should i know they've been after me from the moment i woke up there's more every time i'm guessing it has to do with my past i don't really know the only clue is this bracelet and the memory of black flowers sometimes i can see my father waiting for me he can prove i'm not a devil do not let her sow the seeds of doubt you're coming with me the jinx you hall are you listening i have to find my father you saved mankind from your evil doing you know nothing of the truth i have no choice but to seal your divine power and exile you to be high until such time as you are no longer enthralled to this wicked illusion what is this very well let's go where to mount wait are you serious yes are you afraid afraid what kind of question is that and don't act all high and mighty it's my map hey wait up [Music] that hasn't healed yet i have something that might help my secret recipe it's yours if you give me a peek at the map i thought we were friends that wasn't where we graduated to that whatever it's only a matter of time we just have to get to know each other good idea let's start with you huh you're not an immortal so how did you cross into beijing that's kind of personal are you normally this blunt why should i even trust you you're dressed like a vagrant a desperate vagrant for all i know you see me as a bounty and you see me as a mark wait okay okay okay [Music] you're so arrogant that tone that's enough for a alike so this is the legendary creature said to move with such greys here's them big as the night sky mix men tremble how adorable don't antagonize it left jinx you hole on my account oh sure sounds like a reasonable story or maybe it just couldn't cut it in heaven hey how about you control your pet pop a muzzle on that face [Music] all right fun's over don't you even those are mine oh when i get my hands on you is that all immortals really are bunch of glorified thieves just a map now my biscuits stupid wind chime they're all over the place spirits are supposed to be comforted by the sound of bones rattling something like that anyway like a consolation prize for being dead huh these are messages from their loved ones a connection to life their comfort to the living and the dead the war is over the fox clan has been defeated the world is healing rest in peace all of you [Music] sentimental crap if you ask me hmm [Music] okay where's that stubborn bastard gone too he's hurt of course he is damn it the field of the undying is known far and wide for its trees that don't die flowers that don't wilt and springs that don't run dry charming place blame it on the great war everything changed you know if the heat's getting to you i'm more than happy to navigate thank you no get away i don't have any food cut her ears off [Applause] ah i need water you can't do anything for him there's barely enough for you i'm not letting him die that's all there is to it let go stop it the man's a fox hunter he only sees me as game who came to my rescue when they tried to cut off my ears he hasn't harmed you just give him a chance you understand me you can find your own on mount your dudes [Music] once upon a time there was an immortal from heaven sadly without his map there wasn't a whole lot he could do ravens you guys always assume you're in charge till i snap your nest um [Applause] well okay then [Music] wow get out of here take more luck [Applause] go [Music] come back [Music] idiots get you out of here give me the whip [Music] [Applause] the wind chime give it the wind chime [Music] those things were they human at one time huh i lost souls those who left home died on the battlefield no graves no friends or family no hope of finding their way back no way home that's awful blame the great war will they be trapped here forever quite possibly there's some hope for them though the swallow the great beast said to traverse the sky when moved by human grief [Music] when moved by human grief you okay i have a home and a family my father's waiting i'll find him this will be able to come with me what do we do without it silly creature [Music] yeah you're pretty cute hmm ugh [Music] huh [Music] he's only a child a nightmare well you sleep the sleep of the just that's the most practical chant i've ever heard is it like a traditional one it's not exactly a chant it's from the great war soldiers used to say it before bed the great war was for elect part of it the last time we were here all this was ocean four alike crossed it with a single step and shattered enemy ranks vanquished nine-tailed the world would be restored at least that's what we all told ourselves but it didn't work out that way the world just fell into greater ruin you think this place had it bad you should see where i'm from of course i'm kidding actually i bet you'll think it's beautiful so you know worth the journey only odds your father is still there really wish i could tell you i haven't been able to remember anything not since waking up in the desert i dreamed though about this doll he made a little thing all strung with stones just clinking away on the breeze it was like a wind chime calling me home whenever i'd sneak away he'd hang it above the front door the wind would pick up and i'd follow the sound back in the dream that's what he calls me and the place where the black flowers bloom that's where he's waiting [Music] it's not just a dream it's real my whole purpose in life you better believe i'll find him [Music] [Applause] [Applause] [Music] it's the swallow [Music] yes [Music] hmm [Music] uh [Music] the restless souls have been called home swallow has given them hope [Music] shall we go according to the map the tale of the milky way points to mount yodu now we're friends eat up you'll need it impressive memory stop sniffing at me i don't have any more biscuits except that one that one's mine [Music] when you see the stone forest follow hey upstream the entrance to mount yodu must be up ahead hmm are you sure all i see is a bunch of rocks and dirt i'm sure there's more here than meets the eye black flowers we've got to be close watch out where the hell do you think you're going you can't just leave bay high rules or rules rules you've now broken too well i had no choice the fox devil was making an idiot of you let's go back about yet i think your buddy's about to explode your face that wound should have healed come on your powers are dwindling damn it do you want to die out here will return to bay high when i have uncovered the truth truth about what she's the girl i found in nine-tailed clutches i have to know who she is show me your truth for like get back here stop for a like where are you for a like [Music] over here this way father is that you father use your head how many lives did the fox devil destroy if the truth is so important do you open your eyes things aren't what they see we've been down this road before that which is inescapable we call fate that which is unbreakable we call love father is that you father foolish child i have not your father who are you what a question i bind the fates of marshals together i am the god of marriage you're deranged that's raining as you wish how could i not it isn't a bracelet see it's a very powerful look what it binds two spirits together inexorably if one should perish then so shall the other my beloved consort for the companion to this very lock on her person which can only mean two of you are bound together eternally chain materializes i'll be able to find her again materialize my love where are you come to me why do you keep making the same mistakes you're the step on the customer [Music] jojo uh you see it now it's her jesus why why murder the woman i cherished why destroy my kingdom she did this it's all her doing what you see as evil incarnate kill her kill her no one is waiting for you anywhere i have to find my father my love [Music] so [Music] [Laughter] device behead you chianzia saved me let her go my mortal body was indeed beheaded where did this precious kitty come from what's up ten short years that's all it's taken for you to sink this look giant how utterly heartbreaking don't you find that sad joe oh forgive me i should call you dodgy baby lover behold the zhu family's eldest daughter betrothed to emperor's show such a simple human girl what have you done with my father think carefully child the memory will come to you is that you father what go i crept into your ceremonial carriage and took your shape for my own and i became the emperor's cherished consort and yet [Music] my power and now you must return perfect feline [Music] a lock forged by the revered master is not for coming back i have to know listen she wants to confuse you don't give credence to her lines a liar heaven is meant to protect all living things have you any notion of the atrocities committed by your revered master that said if not for jeonzia's kindness toward one in peril never would i have had the opportunity to break free it's a pity you're so mired that truth eludes you let them go don't despair child i won't kill you [Music] you're not going [Music] save anywhere there is no escape you were right no one one's waiting for me [Music] [Music] for like [Music] i mean three regions heed my command a default system three regions heat my command it fulton says the three regions he might command it just hold on [Music] what's happening foreign my [Music] more like [Music] [Music] ah [Music] where are you [Music] here you are what is the world coming to when even you can become a deity return her to me your con as dead as your legacy farewell all these years people thought you were bewitched in the end we were the fools jingsu hall will eliminate nine-tailed but if the lack of destiny isn't broken if ninetale dies she'll die too won't she i don't get it if the master forged it with his own hands what are we supposed to do what do we even believe why don't we go to the source i'll speak with it myself and have the lock undone up here they won't lower the stairway for you anymore wait it's too costly you're not alone in this go to them find the answer i think the revered master presumption you were ordered to contemplate your errors and instead you chose to leave you should be punished which i accept willingly but nine-tailed lives her spirit tied to an innocent the master knows the truth silence you may not pass if he has nothing to hide then why will he not speak to me did you pass in the lack of destiny does ninetale share your blood this is the way of heaven would you sacrifice a child [Music] [Music] tell me please why would you have me believe what i saw was a mere illusion because the scope of your understanding is small [Music] your heart is kind but your compassion scattered your sense of the greater good is skewed i ordered you to execute nine-tailed not to crush evil but kindness crush kindness but what is wrong with kindness in itself nothing but alas for god's kindness shown to one person only is a sin one day there will come a time when a god must sacrifice one to save all must return to bay high immediately once his mind is free of illusion he may return to his rightful place as leader of the gods and protector of the three realms if i fail to save one life how can i save all incidents you would put one life above all else they're all connected like drops of water life is an ocean in my eyes jojo and all living things are one in the same the great war ripped untold soldiers from home and family [Music] i'm ashamed of my role i no longer want to be a god to have power all i want is to save whoever i'm able [Music] i see you are certain of this once the lack of destiny is fastened it cannot be undone in the same lifetime [Music] the only answer is reincarnation escort sudashi to the ruins of return let her step into the light and be reborn thank you revered master this is it [Music] so nine tails run go without me shin i just go do what has to be done save her and come home of course [Music] oh [Music] oh [Music] don't you want to be a god no go on you stood by me long enough report back to the master do as i say i came here i used to be so jealous you were the master's favorite everyone loved you but i get it now [Music] you didn't become a hero you've always been one but this time it's my turn uh yes where are you taking us to break the look you're going to be reborn reborn is what how do you like that i'm right back where i started empty-handed when i opened my eyes all i could see were ruins whoever i met just wanted to hurt me i tried to tell them i said i wasn't a fox devil they wouldn't believe me in the next life you'll be a perfectly ordinary child with friends family father loves and cares for you don't do that don't fill my head with lies i'll never do that [Music] [Music] goodbye [Music] [Music] [Music] um [Music] [Music] thank you [Music] [Music] damn you nine-tailed let it be finished uh [Music] the lock has been broken she is no longer bound to you [Music] let earth be reborn reborn surely you didn't think i would release her so easily stop this the world must know people must see what the revered master has done it's a sign of good fortune behold these are my fox brethren thousands of them why are the souls restless years ago the master made me a promise he told me i would become a god but there was a price i had to bind the fox clan to mortals and launch a war that would unite the three rounds little did we know when all was said and done the master reneged our bargain our genocide we were thrown into the bottomless pit never again to see the light never to be reformed we were the true casualties of the revered master's ultimate war i believed him in a moment of grief i doomed my own kind this cannot be today the revered master shall know the pain he reaped upon the fox plan the three will tremble at the side of our true power huh [Music] oh [Applause] oh revered master we beg you to reconsider what i do i do for the greater good [Music] [Music] [Music] as long as the log of destiny exists you cannot save anyone in times to come others will repeat our mistake when i'm reborn will i really have a father who loves me [Music] no one should be denied salvation not gods not devils not mortals we all deserve to live free from the yoke of oppression we all deserve the truth has been undone father mother can we go home now [Music] [Music] so [Music] [Music] tiancia [Music] [Music] wow have i been reborn yet so [Music] so [Music] don't do that don't fill my head with lies [Music] head disciples yong jia has achieved merit by luring out and vanquishing the fox devil once and for all he may now reclaim his place as leader of the gods one lock remains to be severed hereby vow to follow the master in everything to lead the gods and protect all life to become a true god stand apart forge your own path the grand duke has ascended all deities fall back approach kneel before heaven to be cleansed and deified kneel into death there was no choice the fox devil was pure evil [Music] search your heart my actions were a gift to the world henceforth may no one lose their home may no one be deceived let in justice be a thing of the past protectors what have you done [Music] and so chongxia demolished the stairway and the revered master was punished by heaven the swallow descended and guided restless souls home once again the world saw peace and hope restored when i grow up i wanna be a hero just like that hmm master where does the swallow come from we're indeed a place far above even jinxu hall in the crate beyond where your master's master dwells wow so the masters master is the revered master and the revered masters master is great revered master hush his name isn't for you to say he's the great deity far above the ninth heaven and sends the swallow to her zhang's yeah sure is amazing even the great revered master lent to my hands as expected of my good friend your good friend you can search all of bay high and find no one closer to jianxia than me cut the crap your only good friend is treated hard to believe lehigh is finally at peace oh [Music] what are those hanging from the tree what a pretty sound i want one for my doll too [Music] foreign speaking of zhang jia where exactly has he gone far outside the three realms to a place known as the city of tribulation it's said to be a prison built expressly for gods of his stature my lord the great revered master sends us we've been ordered to take up posts [Music] oh [Music] [Music] foreign [Music] [Music] [Music] look hmm oh hmm [Music] [Music] oh uh [Music] hmm hmm [Music] um may you live long may we meet again when this storm has passed wishing you peace and good fortune in the times [Music] right [Music] i [Music] [Music] [Music] is [Music] jesus [Music] if [Music] so [Music] hmm [Music] so [Music] so [Music] so [Music] [Laughter] [Music] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] you

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