The Language of Frequency and Form - Sonic Geometry

The Language of Frequency and Form - Sonic Geometry

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It. Has been said that if there is ever to be such a thing as a true universal, language it. Will most likely be expressed, in the realms of mathematics, and geometry, energy. Patterns and frequency, could. It be that this language or, at least the foundation, of it already. Exists, here on earth is. It possible, that over the course of thousands, of years we. Have been somehow guided, in the process, of creating this new form of communication and. If, so what. Type of information will, be conveyed through it that could not be expressed any other way in. The search for answers we, must be prepared to trek through both time and space to. Open our eyes and minds wide enough to notice compelling, coincidences, and to, stand back far enough to, see if the building blocks of some kind of mathematical. Spatial. Frequency. Based language, emerge. But. Before we begin our journey we. Will pause here in the present day to notice, some of the ways that we measure and tabulate, the world around us this. Is an important, step for, how we count and measure things can, be as revealing as why we count them first. We, will take a look at the way we measure time for. All practical purposes, the, smallest unit is one second, and we, all know it takes 60, seconds to make a minute and then, 60, of these minutes to make an hour this. Hour of course is the unit by which we divide our days and these, days become months years. Decades centuries. And. So on. Speaking. Of 60 let's, take a moment to notice that all geometry, whether, it is two or three dimensional, is also, derived from base 60 mathematics, that, provide the foundation, for a 360, degree circle which. In turn provides us with all the angles and formulas, for, creating virtually every shape known to humankind, now. Let's look at how many cultures, from all over the world have chosen to count and group things, right. Away we see that we have been attracted, to the number 12 12. Eggs in a dozen 12. Months and a year 12. Inches in a foot 12. Signs of the zodiac. Strangely. Whether, it's tallying disciples, or mythical God's the, number 12 appears often in the telling of our greatest stories about ourselves and, what about, distance, your, local town might be measured in meters or other units but, when we talk about measuring, our planet the, standards, we all use revert back to base 60 units of miles minutes. Or geometrical. Degrees, are. You noticing the pattern here we, seem to be encountering, a lot of 12s, and 60s are they. Related and if, so how to. Answer that piece of the puzzle we must travel roughly, 5000 years back in time to. Visit the ancient Sumerian, culture of Mesopotamia. For, here is where our 1260. Based math comes from this. Counting system which was invented by the same people who produced the world's first written language, involved. Counting the knuckles of the four long fingers, on one hand and then, multiplying, them by all five digits, on the other hand if. You do this you will get a maximum number of 12 knuckles, times, five fingers, which, of course total, 60 how. These cosmic, jumps in language and mathematics occurred. So suddenly is open to debate but it is interesting to note that the ancient Sumerians, themselves, wrote, about being given this information by, sky-god visitors, they called the Anunnaki, who. And what the Anunnaki, were is a hotly, contested subject, but. One thing that cannot be denied is the, fact that over 5,000, years ago a mathematical. System was born that, incredibly, still serves us today so. Now that we have our various units of measurement, all based on the Sumerian 1260, counting system let's. Jump forward to, a few pivotal moments in history and. With other numbers patterns, and synchronicities, appear. In. The sixth century BC on the Greek island of Samos, the, famed mathematician. Pythagoras, led a school of thought that married philosophy, mathematics, music.

And Of course geometry, and while, Pythagoras, did not discover, advanced geometry he, did apply it in new ways especially, to music for. Instance he noticed that when a taut and string was plucked it, would create a tone and. When. That string was divided, in half it would make the same tone only twice, as high in pitch. Pythagoras. Then came up with numerical, ratios based, on harmonic, fifths and this, led to the creation of the musical scale found at the root of most modern music, it. Is important, to note that according to pythagoras all, musical, notes were found by using mathematics, and as, such for given number values according, to their placement, in a kind of master grid for. Instance by, using fifths, beginning, from note number one he. Was eventually guided, to note 27, and to. Find the same note twice as high in pitch he, simply kept doubling it to 54. 108. 216. 432. And so. On up the scale if. You've ever heard of Pythagorean, tuning you. Know that the number 432, is quite important, to Pythagoras. Himself, it probably, wouldn't have stood out more than any other in his numerical, grid but, in our quest to find a universal, language based, on mathematics, and frequency, this, particular note represents, a significant. Piece of coincidental, evidence, you. See many ancient musical instruments, from, Tibetan bowls to Native American flutes happen. To produce the same tone a tone that vibrates, at 432. Cycles, per second that's. Compelling but, even more intriguing is the fact that Pythagoras, was not calculating. Vibration, cycles to, find tone, 432, it, just happens to be the same number what's. More for, decades most modern, musical instruments, were also, tuned to this same fourth octave, a with. A value, of 432. Cycles, how. Could this be, who, chose this particular note, as the keystone for an instrument tuning and more, importantly. Why, here. Is where a deeper mystery begins to emerge and to explore it we will need to go back to Pythagoras other, passion, geometry. It. Is not an exaggeration to say that to Pythagoras, and his disciples, geometry. And math held a key to the nature of all life everywhere, and maybe, it does let's. Look at the first four geometric, shapes the, circle, triangle, square, and Pentagon in. Each of them are angles, of degrees that when added together always, total, a specific, number relative to, that particular shape for.

Instance If we take a triangle, the sum total of all three interior angles, is always 180. For. Both the square and circle it is 360, for. A Pentagon it is 540. Now. At this moment let's, step back and look at these numbers in a different way as there, seems to be something about them that reaches, beyond a simple sum of angles did. You notice that they happen to be in the same numerical neighborhood, as tone 432. What's. More they all add up to 9 just. Like 432, as. An experiment, let's take a look at the numbers found in basic geometric, shapes then. Apply those numbers as vibration. Cycles, to hear the tones they produce, first. Let's listen to what the hundred and eighty total degrees contained, in a triangle sound light. And. Here's a squares and circles 360. In cycles, per second. A perfect. Octave up from the triangle. What. About the Pentagon at 5:40. That. Sounds like a harmonic, fifth of the other two that's. Interesting. What, are these tones they. Are f sharp and it's perfect harmonic fifth of C sharp. Let's. Keep going, what, does a hexagon 720. Sound like. Another, F sharp here's. A seven sided septagon, which, totals 900. This, is an a-sharp which, happens to be the note required, to complete an f-sharp major, chord, in perfect, three-part harmony. And finally, the Octagon where we get 10 80 another. C-sharp. Suddenly. Geometry. Is expressed, by tones and these, tones just happen to create the most beautiful form, of music a perfect. Three-part major chord in the, key of F. Is, this. Something we've been missing for years is it. Important, to. The famous philosopher, and mathematician Plato, the, answer would have been a resounding yes for. It is Plato who advanced the study of two-dimensional. Geometry into. Three-dimensional geometry and, who, began to recognize that nature whether, expressed, as a tone the, pedal design of a flower or the spiraling, design of a seashell seemed. To follow a 3d, mathematical. Pattern in. Fact it became an obsession of, Plato to try and find the simplest three-dimensional. Geometric shapes, and his, quest ultimately, revealed what we now call the Platonic, solids in. Essence, these forms, represent, the most elemental, construction, blocks found. Both in human made and natural forms, so, let's see if and how they fit into our geometry tone, grid first. There, is the tetrahedron, or a three-sided. Pyramid comprised. Of four interlocking. Triangles as we. Did before let's add, up all the angles found in those four triangles the. Answer, 720. Which. We have already seen is the tone f-sharp. Next. We have the cube whose, 6 360. Degrees squares totals, 2160. What. Does it sound like. 2160. Is a high C sharp and as. You will see later a very interesting number for other reasons as well. Next. Up is the octahedron. Constructed. Of eight triangles this, shape totals 1440. Which, is another perfect F sharp higher of the scale. The, Akasa Heatran is made up of 20 triangles so, the total number of degrees is, 3600. As a, tonne 3,600. Vibration, cycles, create the a sharp, needed to complete yet another f-sharp major chord, that, sounds like this. At. This point we have seen how to and, three-dimensional, geometry can, be expressed, by the notes found in an f-sharp major chord, could. This also be true with what is known as sacred geometry to. Find out we will first need to build a design called the germ of life which. When, repeated goes on to reveal the seed of life then. Flower of Life pattern, found at sacred sites all over the world first. We start with a circle at 360. Degrees which, is the familiar F sharp. We. Then at our second circle bringing, the total to 720. Another. F sharp. Three. Circles totals 1080 which. Provides the harmonic, fifth of C sharp. Four, circles is 1440. Another. F sharp. Five. Circles, totals 1800, or the a sharp needed to once again provide the harmonic, third of an f-sharp major chord, and, finally. The sixth circle which brings the total to 2160. Another. C sharp. Amazing. It's, as if we can now both see and hear the. Flower of Life pattern that is intrigued humankind, for thousands, of years. So. Now we have two-dimensional, geometry. Three-dimensional. Geometry and even, sacred, geometry being, represented, by different variations. Of an, f-sharp major chord, how. Is this not common knowledge how. Have we missed this connection, there. Are actually, three explanations, one. For reasons ranging from the mundane to the conspiratorial. Musical. Instruments, are no longer tuned to an a vibrating, at 432. Cycles, per second but rather. 442, modern.

Tuning Calls for equal temperament, which, no longer adheres, to Pythagoras, whole numbers simplicity, and three. The, tuning method required to reveal geometric, shapes is based, on a mathematical grid. Rather than mathematical, ratios this. Grid if it had a name would probably be called something like factor, 9 because. The number 9 is found not only in the sum of every, note on the grid but also as the number required to move up or down the scale, for. Instance if, we started, at note a at 216. Cycles, all, we would have to do is add or subtract the number 9 to, reveal all the other tones in that octave and it. Is here on this incredible, factor 9 grid that, we find not just some of our geometric numbers, but, all of them, conversely. Modern. A 440, tuning reveals not one correlation. To geometric numbers. Now. Let's go back for a moment and take a look at one of these numbers 21 60 the. Number expressed by both the cube and the term of life pattern you. May have already noticed that without the zero it is exactly, half of our magic 432. That's. Worth noting but what is even more intriguing is the way this number keeps showing up in other large, scale measurements. To, discover one of these measurements, we will need to jump forward from Plato's time to, when the Mayan civilization was, flourishing. Roughly. 1500 years ago Mayan, stargazers, were the most accomplished, astronomers, the world had ever known, their. Concept, of cyclical, time led, to many incredible, discoveries, the, accurate, length of a year the exact dates of seasonal, changes even, the moments when solar and lunar eclipses, would occur but their, most amazing, discovery, was, of something known as the precession of the equinoxes, which, makes note of a very slow wobble, of Earth's, axis. Somehow. Aware of the fact that this wobble takes. 25,920. Years, to complete the, Mayans called this cycle one great, year, with, each of its 12 great months requiring. 2160. Earth years to complete and what. About this did, you know that the diameter of our Moon when, measured in miles also, happens to total you, guessed it 2160. Lastly. Watch what happens when we apply simple, division to, this highly synchronous, number, twenty. One sixty divided by two is, 1080, they, angle some of the Octagon by. Three 720. The, total of the hexagon by. Four, 540. The, Pentagon, by. Five are. You ready it's, the key tone of 432, and by. Six 360. The number of both the square and circle all F, sharps and C sharps with, our 432. A thrown, into the mix as if it were some kind of clue to solving a cosmic riddle maybe. We should look at this number even more closely as we've. Stated our closest, celestial. Neighbor the moon is, 2160. Miles across and two. One six is exactly, half of four three two what. About the other large object, in our sky were. You aware that our Sun is. 864,000. Miles across. Incredibly. Where the moon's base number sequence is half of 432, the. Sun's number sequence is exactly.

Twice 432. And do. You know how many seconds there are in a day. 86,400. Or, 43,200. For the 12 hours of day and. 43,200. For the 12 hours of night or try. This take. The 360. Degrees found in the circular shape of our sun and moon and then, multiply, it by the 12 hours of either day or night the. Answer. 4320. Or. How about this what. Is the only hole number that, when squared comes. To within. 0.01. Percent accuracy, to, measuring, the speed of light. 432. What. Is going on here we, have all these different things earth. Cycles, time, and celestial, measurements, geometry. Sonic, frequency yet. They are all represented, by the same numbers over, and over again to. Answer that we must search for the factor common to all of them and that, common factor is the, five thousand-year-old, Sumerian, 1260. Counting system it. Is what gave us the inches, to a foot the, seconds to a minute in the 360. Degrees in geometry it's. Almost as if the sky got visitors, who, the Sumerians, called the Anunnaki, provided. Humanity, with a counting system that would lead to the discovery of these synchronicities. Could. It be that the number 432, really, is some kind of cosmic key that, unlocks a language of higher understanding and if. So have, these sky visitors ever been back to make sure we don't miss the importance, of the 432, matrix, one. Possible, answer can be found in the story of a man named George Van Tassel, a respected. Aeronautical, engineer who believed he was contacted, by extraterrestrial. Beings in the early 1950s. During. This encounter Van, Tassel said he was provided, with a mathematical, formula, that could be used for everything from time travel to sound frequency, healing and which, he used to build the world-famous integratron, near Joshua, Tree California what. Is this formula it, is F equals, 1 over T or, frequency. Equals 1 particular something, divided. By the number of time, well. What if that one something was the biggest one on our planet the one great year of twenty five thousand, nine twenty discovered, by the Mayans and what. If the number of her time was the most logical, choice of 60. Suddenly, this mysterious, equation, is expressed, as frequency, equals. 25, 9 20 divided, by 60, are. You ready for the answer it's, 432, not. Only the frequency that, instruments, all of the world have been tuned to for thousands, of years but, also the number that reveals the synchronistic, nature of, life on this planet. Noticing. All these coincidences revealed. By the 432, matrix and the sumerian counting system we, must wonder if other ancient cultures, were aware of them as well just. Scratching the surface it, would seem that they were for. Example let's take the sumerian 12 and square, it for a total of 144. Right. Off we see that it is indeed a number and tone contained, within our factor 9 grid. Expanding. Outward we, find 1440. Then. 144,000. Which, is a number that appears all over the world in the most compelling, of ways, take. For instance the, Great Pyramid, of Giza it happens, to have been covered with a hundred and forty-four thousand, smooth white casing, stones, two. Ancient Mayans. 144,000. Days was the length of their 394. Year back tun a time. Cycle which, has just begun again in. The Bible we read that there will be a hundred and forty-four thousand, chosen, ones redeemed, from the earth prior to the apocalypse. Obviously. Number, sequences, like these have been significant, to many different cultures and religious, sects and to one enigmatic, group, in particular the, Freemasons, were, the earliest Masons the, supposed keepers, of sacred information, also. Aware of the factor 9 grid the, 432, key and the, number, 144,000. Their. Infatuation. With the numbers 3 and 13 might be telling for. Instance if you divide. 144,000. By 432.

The, Answer is 3, 3 3 point. 3 into infinity, or. Take a look at the back of a dollar bill that, famous unfinished. Pyramid could be revealing some interesting, clues for. Instance there are 13, steps climbing, the pyramid and 13. Times, 3, 3 point 3 is 4, 32 point. 9, even. The shape of the flat-topped pyramid appears, to be made as if, someone had drawn four dots in a line then. Three above it then, two above that and then, connected, those dots to, reveal this iconic, shape and of. Course let's not forget that the square root of our all-important. Factor nine grid is, three threes who. Else knew about 432. The. Answer is surprising, in India. Large, cycles, of time are called Kali Yuga and each, one is four hundred and thirty two thousand, years long in. Fact the number 432, appears, so often in sacred structures, and myths from, Stonehenge, to the pyramids that author, Joseph, Campbell could not help but see it as the most important, mythological. Number in history, so. What do we have here what. Is it that's trying to be expressed, by all of these coincidences. One. Answer is that over the course of history we. Have been somehow guided, toward both the subconscious, creation, and eventual. Conscious, recognition of a, grand pattern, based on frequency, mathematics. Time. Space, and geometry. Quite. Possibly, these synchronistic, numbers shapes, and tones represent, the building blocks of a language that we do not yet fully understand, but, could turn out to be the most important, language we will ever learn how. Will we use it who. Will we be conversing, with time. Will tell, thousands. Of years ago from. Locations, all over the globe various. Prophets, shamans. And seers described, an era when, humanity, would make some kind of cosmic leap into an extra level of consciousness, here. At the dawning of the Age of Aquarius and the, start of a new Mayan, Bach tune cycle, maybe, it's happening.

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