The Government Finally Telling The Truth About Aliens & UFOs? Multiple real UFO Sightings 12/25/2017

The Government Finally Telling The Truth About Aliens & UFOs? Multiple real UFO Sightings 12/25/2017

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Hey. You guys Richard, here with alien bros I have some very awesome news, for you guys today and a few great UFO sightings to share with you as well and this news has got me in a fantastic. Mood first, let's go over the UFO sightings and we'll save the news for you guys at the end of the video the, first UFO sighting comes from Fort Bragg North Carolina and, was reported to MUFON this, sighting was incredible, and it seems like we were gaining more and more incredible, evidence as the days go by and the government continues, dropping these bombshell, pieces of evidence pointing, towards the disclosure of the alien phenomenon, I will leave the MUFON Case number, down in the description, for you guys to check it out yourselves just like I always do and I'll play the clip for you guys first and then read you guys the witness's statement to MUFON afterwards, then after that we can examine the footage together be, sure to let us know what you guys think about it down in the comments, alright now here's the video. Oh no. I'm no. Pass. Employees though and I'm sure they can direct, my wife she used to work good they casino. Okay, good yeah. Great, interesting. And, this. Is a good contact number for you. Yes. Now. I gotta say not only is this footage amazing, but, it's extra, intriguing, to me specifically, because I've actually seen, a UFO, like this before, personally. Over Boca Raton Florida although. It was only one of these orbs instead of five the, one I saw made an upward ascent just like the ones did in this video and appeared, as a white light fireball, I only, saw it for a couple of seconds because once it ascended up it was moving so fast that it left our atmosphere, faster, than I could pull out my phone to record it now, the witnesses, statements and MUFON reads three, burning orbs descended, as if entering our atmosphere and changed directions even, hovering, before burning out then, black, dome shaped objects, fell to earth five, more came through in the same area captured, on the video from, a high altitude the. Orbs both ascended, and descended changed. Directions rapidly, and hovered, at times the, orbs traveled at varying speeds each of the orbs would slow down and speed up independently, of the other orbs all. Right now I have no idea what these things could be it, appears to be real and unaltered, footage from what I can tell and these things are obviously, nothing conventional I mean, have you ever seen a drone a plane a flare, a missile, or anything produced, on this planet, capable of flight ever, act in the capacity, of these fireballs did this, has to be something out of this world either that or the secret government technology being, tested, but I have my doubts about that something. About this just seems otherworldly. To me remember, to let us know what you guys think down in the comments because we need some serious help figuring, this one out we, will continue to dig deeper into the sighting but so far we have come up with no answers, as to what this could be if, any of you guys saw this and that video footage of these crap then please send it over to us and let us know everything you know about what this sighting could have possibly been we. Need all the evidence that we can get to solve this case and I have a feeling though that this one won't be so easy to solve now, the next sighting that I want to share with you guys is another MUFON, case that comes out of Laredo Texas and after, watching the clip about 50 times I haven't been able to debunk it it is definitely not CGI, because of how the crap behaves when going behind the telephone, poles and trees and the size of it is pretty ridiculous, it lacks flashing, lights like an airplane and I have never seen an airplane that looks like this before. I'll say more about it afterwards, and we'll read you guys the witness's statement once, the video is done the, MUFON case number of course will be down in the description so here's. The video. Art. Of Laredo, I think. It. Looks like a flying saucer it, doesn't. Have any flashing, lights or anything. See. Look it's flying around. Just, flying around what, are the aliens, doing over here. If, one of you guys can tell me what it is we're looking at them please do I am leaning towards being an alien craft but I want to see how you guys feel about it first, now like, I said I'll read you the witness's statement to MUFON the statement, reads my son and I were driving into Laredo Texas on highway 59 at about 8:15, p.m., we, noticed three large white bright, horizontal.

Lights In the distance when we were around the rest area outside Laredo, 159, the, lights were in a straight line and not offset slightly, in relation to each other the object, was traveling due east towards, us I told my son look at it as it had no red or white flashing, lights that would indicate some type of aircraft I told, him it looked like a UFO, as we, passed the firing range on the outskirts of Laredo it appeared to be fixing to fly over us it was very large and I thought I was going to get a good look at it I told my son to videotape it he started videotaping the object, and it made a turn towards the north and flew, over the highway as it descended, towards the lake and pass over a fairground off the highway as it, turn to the north you would expect to see the lights pivot, as that objects Direction changed, but, the lights remained in a horizontal line and did not change position, as the object change direction we, lost sight of it after to send it out of sight over the buildings and the trees at about 8:25. P.m. there. Is an airport in Laredo about two to three miles to the west of where we spotted the object, but it was too low to be making an approach or circling, towards the airport and none, of the runways line up with an approach from this direction, the three white lights never flashed, and we're almost blinding, they were so bright they, were as bright as a light plan on a well sight we. Did not hear any sound whatsoever, we were both convinced, we had seen a UFO my girlfriend's, brother has lived in Laredo all his life and worked at the airport before we, showed the video to him and he stated that he had never seen anything like that before around the area he stated that it was not an airplane or helicopter, I tried, matching up the light patterns, with known aircraft both commercial, and military but, I couldn't find a match alright. So I just want to say that I absolutely love it when witnesses, make an attempt at figuring out what they saw in the way that these two did having. Done the work to try to find out if it was the bunka beware than simply believing that they were looking at something alien right off the bat is awesome, because it shows they truly did not know what they were looking at and they genuinely, cared about the sighting I don't, see it too often in this field of research usually, evidence, is simply handed over to UFO investigators, like me and my team and we're left to figure out what it is on our own I won't, immediately take the witness's word for it though simply because they tried to figure out what it was and the way that these two did and I still conduct the same rigorous thorough analysis, of evidence that I do for every piece of evidence that we receive here on this channel, however, I do factor, it in with the witness's character and that definitely matters I spend, a lot of time sorting through a lot of garbage evidence, to find these sorts of gems and once I find them I research, them and polish them until I know for a fact that they are an authentic piece of evidence that will help to, further the cause of figuring, this phenomenon, out and one, day demanding, disclosure from our government that, is unless of course the, signs we have been seeing lately many, of which I pointed out my last couple of videos end up actually dean clues that disclosure is coming in the near future if it, isn't then making our dream come true on this channel is going to be our ultimate goal, that's, why we need as many of you guys to subscribe as possible, and be on our side there's, power in numbers and together we will be able to force the truth out of those in a position of power to know it this, footage that I just showed you is truly something that I've never seen before even after 12 years of researching this phenomenon, I've never seen video evidence quite, like this one before let, us know what you guys think about it and if you've seen something similar to this please leave your story down in the comments, if you know what this thing is or you have more unaltered, photo or video evidence preferably.

A Close-up, shot of it then please email it over to us if the file is too large to send by email then, please upload, the file to Dropbox, and then email me the download link so that I'll be able to see the raw original, file alright. So now I have one last thing to share with you guys before we get into the news I was telling you about earlier this, one is also a UFO, case reported, to MUFON and we will leave the case number again down in the description, just like the other two there, is a difference, with this one though and that is that the sighting was not located in the United States this. Sighting comes to us from the city of lebara in Uruguay and it's definitely a good one it reminds me a lot of the UFO I filmed, about a week or so ago and post it in one of my recent videos when. You get done with this video you should definitely go check it out if you haven't already seen it so you can see what I mean and is the one titled something strange is going on in the skies above Florida. The, main difference between my sighting and the witnesses in this video is how many of these crafts, there were in one spot you, guys should definitely examine. The crafts closely, I would go ahead and play the and, afterwards. Read you the witness's statement with, an examination of the video so, here it is. She. Seemed. A kriaras, croaker, mogi. Mirim. Oh sir Paro. The. Colors of these crafts are very similar to a lot of the crafts that I have seen over South Florida these things were definitely not planes due to the fact that they were able to hover in one spot and lack any form of flashing, lights it is possible, it could have been a drone maybe but I had my doubts about that I'll, leave that up to you guys to decide down the comments, though luckily. The person that captured this footage speaks English so I'm able to read you a statement to MUFON the, witness's, statement says, I was waiting for the bus to go home after work and it was kind of delayed I started, looking at the sky and noticed red lights which, I thought were those of an airplane but, suddenly the lights seemed to stop then, suddenly the lights went back very fast and again Stood Still that's. When I grabbed my phone and recorded the event the, first lights I saw in the object, in the sky were red and then I realized that under the red lights was also a blue light that was shining too the object, made really weird back-and-forth movements, and Stood Still which. Really caught my attention for, the speed with which it moved it is not possible, for any flying machine that I know of today especially. When floating still in the sky another. Guy also noticed, the strange behavior of the flying object and asked if I was recording it asking. Me what it was I said, I believed, it was a UFO after. A few minutes the object, simply disappeared, from sight I was really happy that I finally had a recording, of what I think was a UFO, now. I really, want to know what you guys think a lot of you guys have told me that you've noticed the increase in UFO activity that, has been going on all around the United States and apparently many other parts of the world specifically. The United States seems to be getting more activity, than other countries and it seems to be around a select group of states Florida, where I live being one of them I have been saying something doesn't feel right about the increase in sightings and the hints at disclosure, the United States government seems to be giving us for a while now also. Do not forget that the Air Force is working on a space division and plans to have it implemented by 2019, could, we be in some sort of danger of an interstellar war what's, the deal with this there, is always the false flag theory, which started by dr. Steven, Greer that I know a lot of you are firm believers and I'm not saying that it is true or anything but I am saying that it has been speculated so, take that how you want to and draw your own conclusions, now finally, the last thing I want to tell you guys about which, I mentioned, when I started, the video is that up former Pentagon UFO, investigator, has came out and said that there is now scientific, evidence, that we may not be alone the former head of a secret government program, to investigate, UFO sightings, told several media outlets that extraterrestrial.

Life May exist simultaneously. The. Public benefit corporation he is affiliated with has, raised more than two point two million dollars to research exotic, technologies, affiliated, with unidentified, aerial phenomena. My, personal, belief is that there is very compelling evidence that we may not be alone so Luis Elizondo, the person who formerly, managed the Pentagon's, advanced, aviation threat, identification. Program in an interview with CNN, Elizondo. Said the program has found a lot of strange aircraft while it was in existence these. Aircraft, will call them aircraft are, displaying characteristics, that are not currently within the u.s. inventory nor. In any foreign inventory that we are aware of he said in a separate interview with the National Public Radio, which I will be abbreviating, as NPR, Elizondo. Added that his remarks don't necessarily, mean the craft or extraterrestrial. As his focus was more on learning about the potential, problems with national security, Elizondo, went on to say that if you're asking my personal, opinion from here look I've got to be honest with you I don't know where it came from but. We're pretty sure it's not here Elizondo, told NPR now, does that mean it's out there whether, it's Russian or Chinese inside. Or little green men from Mars or frankly, your neighbor's dog I wanted, to purposely steer away from that speculation, because, I wanted to focus on truly just the raw science, what, we were seeing and did, it pose a threat to national security. Elizondo. Resigned, from the Defense Department program on October, 4th writing, in his resignation letter, that there needs to be more attention paid to the many accounts, from the Navy and other services, of unusual, aerial systems, interfering. With military, weapons platforms. And displaying beyond next-generation, capabilities. According. To the New York Times, Elizondo. And two other former Defense Department, officials Christopher. Cane Mellon and Harold E putt-off, have, created a venture called - the Stars Academy, of Arts and Science which, I'm sure all of you have probably heard of already thanks, to Tom DeLonge of blink-182. Being, one of the lead people spearheading. This company which, aims to investigate. Exotic, science, and technologies. According, to its website I. Personally, up until now didn't believe that that was actually their mission, though from. What I have seen of Tom DeLonge speaking, about his company so far the, company itself seemed questionable and I, was pretty much positive, it was nothing more than a way for those involved, to make money Tom. Did a horrible job with making his, companies, seem credible but, that, was before I found out Elizondo, was actually the head of the Pentagon's, UFO, research project, up until 2012 and the, program, is still ongoing by, the way even, though the Defense Department, said a lack of funding shut the effort down but. We all know that's a load of crap and there's no way they would actually shut the department, down since. You know the reverse engineering alien projects, so uh, you. Know we've done many videos on this and we. Won't go there today although, you should definitely, go back and watch them if you haven't already anyway. So finding out Elizondo was the head of this department immediately. Changes everything at, least for me it doesn't make Tom DeLonge any more credible, and I am fairly certain he was only brought on board so that people would pay attention to the company and invest money since, he was already famous thanks to his rock band these, three however are a different story and my, opinion on the company improved, quite a lot with the release of this information however.

You Should be wary for, all we know this could be a disinformation campaign. Or something more sinister it seems. Like the government may well be on its way towards disclosure but always, remember that our government has lied to us for an obscenely long time and that, you should always take. That into account when dealing with any information, you receive from them this, is also a problem for us because we, don't truly know what we should and shouldn't believe since. They have ruined their own credibility as much as they have even. If they were telling us the truth at this point there would be people that would think they're lying well, because, you can't trust a liar this, is why I encourage you guys to do as much research and, digging on your own as humanly possible because. We need those independent, researchers, much like myself in order to investigate and piece together the truth now, before, we end this video I have one last thing I seriously want to stress to you guys and that is that anyone, in this field of research that gives you any information of any kind no, matter if they are government civilian, even, the freakin Pope you, need to research, the information more heavily yourself, so you can form your opinions, I get all the facts and when, you do the research be sure to check your sources and make sure that the source is credible that. Way you can determine for yourself if, you truly should believe that person or not I cannot, stress this enough to you guys you, need to check the credibility of your sources before you believe them and take everything they say as fact even if it seems like the most obvious and logical thing, in the world there, is often more to the story that you aren't being told and factors, that you otherwise would not have known if you didn't look more deeply into the subject that they're telling you about I see, people fall for what is obvious clickbait, lies simply, to gain views all the time and it needs to stop these, sorts of clickbait lies are pure disinformation, and, it does nothing but drag us down if something, sounds too good to be true then check the source because nine and a half times out of ten it likely isn't true and the person giving you this information is, doing so purely to profit off of you which is wrong people. Should not be lied to and Exploited simply to make money I know everyone, needs money but there is nothing positive about making a living off of telling lies although.

People Do it all the time unfortunately. The, world we live in seems to pretty much revolve around money and the things people do to make it in a lot of cases are dishonest and without regard for people, that they are trying to make their money off of here. On this channel we try to make sure we give you guys all of the factual information and, evidence so, that you can make an informed decision and one of the main goals of this channel is to expose, this very real phenomenon to you guys without, all the hoaxes and blatant lies which many other UFO channels, on YouTube and web sites all over the internet love, to use to gain views since we use equal money I'm, not going to list any names since I don't like talking badly about anyone, but I'm sure a lot of you know who they are there, are definitely some great UFO channels on YouTube that don't get the recognition that they deserve for, the work that they do and that is something I am hoping we are able to change as we work together with them and grow along the way as a family, in a community the, more people that see this channel the more factual evidence that we can get out there and the more we drown out the hoaxers and that is very very important. You guys make that possible and I can't express enough just, how awesome you all are and how amazing it is knowing as many of you support, us and believe in this research and the way that you do it, brings a huge smile to my face anyway. That's all I have for you guys today but stay tuned because there is a lot more coming and we will have it posted very. If you liked the video then please don't forget to smash that like button on your way out share, it comment and most importantly hit that subscribe button stop that notification bell it, really helps us out and it'll help you guys stay up to date by sending a message straight to your inbox every time we upload a video and, you could stay on the up-and-up with all the latest alternative, news also, if you want updates on when our videos will be coming out then please go follow our Facebook page the link is down in the video description if you, have some UFO footage or evidence that you would like us to feature on the channel then please email it over to us our email is down in the description and, we will get back to you as soon as possible thanks. For your support guys it means a lot to us and don't forget to browse the channel if you're new and get yourself up to speed for, those of you watching that celebrate Christmas I just want to say Merry Christmas to all of you and for, those of you that don't celebrate it happy holidays and I, hope everything has been great and continues, going great for you no matter what holiday you celebrate as, always, i'm richard with alien bros and i'll see you guys again next, video.

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hay richard when i put your video back up did it help you? im not sure what happened but 28 days of videos got erased, i reloade those 2 videos up on ancient aliens on riddit and they suspended me for 30 days, if the would of check it had been deleted, im not sure if i did it or some else hacked me be careful dont upen links and if pics in your email dobt say scan for virus by googe do no open them, i went from 4000 views per hour to 14 . i got a 100 dollar rewaed for anyone that can come up with linkd or video is's so youtube can restore them hope you had a nice christmas joey srry i dont got my glasses cant see be home tomorrow

thanks man you cant haver hav q enough friends in life thanks man your frienda a;ways joey

+UFO HUNTER Good and no problem bro. I emailed you a link for the last video of yours that I shared. Apparantly I didn't have the first one for some reason I had only listed your channel link. Either way I think the one I was able to send you had done way better view wise anyway. And of course bro you've been a good friend to me since I met you and I would do anything to help you out. If there is anything else I can do let me know and I'll do whatever I can.

ya richard i got the 2 password thing where i enter my password then they send me a code to put in before i could get into my account. ya if you have some links especially the second one i uploaded by yours,, if i can get them they can restore the videos and views and comments thanks brother you do enough just by being my friend thanks joey

UFO HUNTER Also reddit is giving me problems too. I posted a video of mine in r/videos the correct place to post any Youtube video and some dick moderator banned me saying that it was spam. Everyone else is doing the exact same thing posting their videos but this guy chooses to signal me out and discriminated against my videos likely because he didn't like the subject matter. It made absolutely no sense. These reddit mods are pricks.

UFO HUNTER Yeah it did it drove me about 13 news subs. Thanks again for that. Also I don't understand how that happened but the email thing is possible. You already contacted Youtube about it right? And I may have a link to one or two of your videos from before they got deleted since I linked them in my video descriptions when I shared them. I can email them over to you. I can't believe that actually happened to you bro. I hope you can restore them. I don't get what the point in people doing stuff like that is they are seriously just assholes. All of the work you put into those videos gone jusy because some idiot on the internet decided to do you dirty. I hope whoever did it gets the repercussions they deserve out of it. Otherwise I hope you've had a great Christmas. I just wish there was more I could do to help you get those videos back. You might want to consider changing your google account passwords also if they did get you through an email. They may delete them again if you do get them back or do worse, start phishing for your personal info. Be careful brother and make sure you switch all of your info around so you won't be subject to this again.

recording in vertical :(

ppl will never learn

I know I don't understand why every piece of UFO footage is always recorded in vertical. The footage os good but there is no way that I can fix the vertical recordings without screwing up the video and cutting parts of it out which I don't want to do since it alters the footage.

This is 100 % Gov authorities doing a test flight ! Why will a ufo do all these flips as if it's testing the craft abilities. This is reverse engineered from what we got our hands on after the crash from actual ufo' s since 1947-1950 . Since then the aliens must have learnt from their mistakes too and may have made flying this close to our mother earth a strict No no. So this is our government testing the technology near a city. Some kind of disclosure they warna make , I think. Definitely not aliens though

swapnil prabhat Definitely, I have been saying that for a long time now. Free energy would ruin the fossil fuel industry and then those major companies that lobby the government wouldn't be able to provide them with donations anymore. It all makes sense. There is no doubt that they are working on alien technology it's just that they never want the private sector to have it. On top of that these meaningless oil wars would be a thing of the past and the government would never let that happen. They would have no more excuses to flex their muscle to the rest of the world, damage other nations, and invest more into defense and secret projects than the rest of the world combined (this factors in the trillions they've supposedly "lost"). Free energy would mean the death of their reign as the worlds leading power and they know it. I can't wait for the day the technology finally leaks out in the same way Snowden leaked Project Prism and we can finally move forward towards a peaceful world.

Alien Bros thanks for sharing this up ! BUT the video is really a proof of what our gov has hands on ! This is free energy mate! The light we see is the end result of the craft combustion technology. The gov can't introduce this for public use bcoz then all the energy we use today from various sources will become useless/priceless!

swapnil prabhat That's definitely a possibility. I knew they were reverse engineering alien tech and it is a possibility considering what Bob Lazar said about us no longer doing deals with ETs since incident where a misunderstanding killed a bunch of S4 employees. Only those with the security clearance in our government know for usee though. Either way it is definitely strange and alien either way considering the tech wasn't ours to begin with. I can't say for sure though. I will say though that as far as disclosure goes I think they are up to something. I am on the fence between the idea that this is either a sign of an interstellar war being on its way, or if the government is trying to distract us while they funnel trillions of dollars into black defense projects. You could be entirely right. I guess only time will tell but for now we should keep our gaurds up and question every little thing they tell us. Our government is nowhere near trustworthy that's for sure.

Merry Christmas Richard, another great vid, thanks bros

Ben Driggers Thanks Ben! Merry Christmas brother!

I saw this light formations like 3 weeks ago here in Germany. They got the exactly same formation like in the video right here. I searched at the internet for a “Name” a formation like this. Do you know something about it ? (1.30min )

B3ndix from what we have been able to find the closest sighting we have been able to compare it to is the Pheonix Lights incident but even that is a stretch. We have no idea as far as an object from Earth that is capable of causing this. As far as we know it is truly unknown. Hopefully maybe someone else will chime in with more information on what it is.

Damn I saw this in the shape of a circle of golden color and it was flying over our house there is no voice in it 1991 After the end of the Gulf war Iraq was very close to this same in this video

Sari Solomon These things have been all over the place lately. It's very strange that's for sure. I can't say for sure what these things are but in my opinion at least they seem to possibly be alien. If not then definitely something military related although I have no clue as to what.

I also saw five of the same UFO s in new York going north the funny thing was no plane out that night or for three night s after then planes come back coming going to JFK airport or two others I live out side of the city new York new York

They've been all over the place. Nobody seems to have any idea what they actually are. Strange stuff.

Great vid. Il'l subscribe for sure

To the stars has zero money raised

Robert Connell really? What's with the $2.2 million figure they keep throwing around? I kind of thougjt it could possibly be just a lie to convince people to donate to them so that could make sense.

They are our makers trying to not scare the shit out of us, but be known

You're probably 100% correct. Scientists have said they think we originated genetically from some where else in the universe and came here as cells on meteorites so we very well could have been put here by the aliens. I have been thinking that for awhile actually. I agree with you in the not wanting to scare us thing too. I would think that if they were going to harm us they would have already done it. If anything the aliens should be more worried about us doing something stupid and becoming violent with our past history . I guess all we can do now is wait and see what happens.

So someone said something to me today that had me thinking. A gun cam could never keep an object in the centre like this. SO it makes it look fake. Could someone tell me if that's true?

michael garbutt Agreed. I diubt there would be any online but that has peaked my interests. I think I am going to look around and see if I can find some. If I do I'll link you to it.

it would be interesting to see some other gun cam footage to compare if it can lock on like that

+michael garbutt No it is 100% real. The footage came out of Pentagon. Luis Elizondo who was in charge of the UFO research program the Pentagon ran lied to the Department of Defense and said he needed the footage to train pilots but instead plastered it all over the media. He likely did it to get more investments in his company but the footage is 100% real. The Defense Department has already verified it. Also the gun was not being fired either and was likely mounted to the jet so that would be why it wouldn't move. These are stealth bombers worth many millions of dollars for military use. If a gun cam (which also acts as a sight to lock on target) couldn't be held steady it would be useless to have in the first place since you could never hit your target accurately. Hope that helps clear up the confusion.

Hello This is not my intention   My intention is   Video topics do not expose in all this video becomes long The subject video short video is better Video is not good when it is 20 minutes long   Five minutes or ten minutes will be better

+Sari Solomon I get what you mean. I may start uploading less in one video and instead start making mutliple shorter videos. They will likely do better but getting these sorts of videos under 10 minutes can be sort of impossible since the UFO sightings I share tend to take up run time. I will try my best to do it though if it can be done.

Am I missing where they ascend? All I see is a controlled descent.

+Blair Sadewitz That could be what it is. I had to watch the video about 30 times before I noticed it. I was specifically looking for it too since the witness had said in his statement that they had ascended and descended. And yes that is true about the second video. Usually the cars movement along with the camera viewing through glass can sometimes cause it to look like it's doing something it isn't. I have seen a lot of footage where people record UFOs while driving (which I don't recommend unless it's someone else in the car with you recording it) and it is always harder to examine them properly. Hopefully I can get some more information on these sightings. I still have a lot of questions about them but so far I have been unable to tell what these things are.

Alien Bros I'm on a really crappy phone, so perhaps I can't make it out, but it seems to only be shifting slightly to the left to me. The object in the second video, by contrast, does seem to move upward, but we also have to contend with the motion of the car.

Blair Sadewitz at 1:31 look at the one on the far left in the row of 3. It ascends back up slightly before going back down.

" GOVT telling the truth ?????"..what are you about 4yeras old....the GOVT NEVER tells the truth...EVER. THINK, for just one second. If the pilot in the video, was filming and flying towards the "ufo", at around 300-400 mph, like a fighter jet come the "object" NEVER gets closer, or larger, in the 'heads up" display ? Military pilots do say "dude" and "bro", over the radio....this whole story and video are a who? Who knows. GOVT NEVER tells the truth...EVER.

Remote control aeroplanes with fire in them. Seen it in UK

11th September 2004 England, Archives at M.O.D. RG303RR  hold evidence of E/T gone missing, China and Russia opperative's questioned over dissapperance? Real reason behind sacking of Michael Fallon denied?

Poor Richard, he knows not that the GOV or Mufon give a sh!t and lie constantly...

NEVER trust the government. the antithesis of government. They are mutually exclusive.

Looks like sky divers with two shoots.

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