The future of Yammer: Vision and roadmap - BRK2094

The future of Yammer: Vision and roadmap - BRK2094

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Yama. Is the place for breaking down barriers, unlocking, the potential of everyone, that we're connecting, people. Outside. Of the, silos and outside of the hierarchy it's key strength is inclusiveness, our goal is to change how companies work. Ten. Years ago Yammer, was born and it was the first of its kind to bring social, technologies, to the enterprise now and it's impacting, millions. Of users worldwide on, a daily basis, medium-sized. Companies, large companies I, talk to customers everyday that are getting tremendous value. Out of the way that they're using Yammer from, creating. New products, to employee, engagement and, just making sure that their employees feel. Like they're valued, Yammer. Allows, for, kind of a bird's-eye view of, what's, occurring across, their organization there's. Very, few products, that reach every, employee within the company and create, for that plural expression. For that two-way conversation. Yama makes that happen. In, the last ten years we've continued, to stay ahead of the pack in the time that I've been here we've tripled, the size of the team up here we really evolved, from, doing. These deeply. Technical things to them also, working on product. Focused, experiences. Across all the surfaces, of Yammer we've been able to weave Yammer into, the rest of the office 365 experiences. Providing. An opportunity to engage socially. Whether, you're in Yammer SharePoint, or even Microsoft Games I think, we've always had this culture, of like Yammer. Champions, telling. Us what they love and what they hate which. Is a powerful experience, as an engineer because when. You're talking with customers that really hits home like how important, it is that we build these scalable. Systems that are performant, and that people, love using. Microsoft, acquired Yammer we didn't just get a technology, we got an amazing team of people who, understand, business and who can connect with customers and help them be successful we. Are working with very smart, individuals, and I think that gets more exciting. Because there are strong opinions, and there are good solutions. Whether. It's through data science or through research we're always talking about how, we, can make the product better for our users I'm really excited to see how, we use, intelligent. Services, to, prompt. People to share, their. Information and share their knowledge which, then turns around and makes the, whole organization. Better there, are so many amazing, things that we can build so I feel that 10 years historically, looking back has been magical, this product has grown to millions, of users worldwide, but. We're still very early we're, able to focus the lens on the scenarios that makes the amur special, connecting. Leaders with employees, fostering, a culture of open sharing and learning and connecting. People to share knowledge and expertise it's, a truly transformational tool, we believe, that every, person and every organization can. Create impact. And Yama is the place to do it. You. Good. Morning happy Tuesday. At ignite how are we this morning. Thank. You for being here early and it's, truly been an amazing, 10 years, for Yammer I mean can you believe it that it's been 10 years since, Yammer first burst, on to the scene and, we've had a ton of successes. And for, that we have all of you to, thank for that our customers, our, partners our amazing. Group of NPR, MVPs, thank, you for all that you've done over the years. So. I'd like to take just a few moments to celebrate.

What We've accomplished, over that time with many of you. Now. I truly, believe that a, lot of the success that we've seen has, been due to a, larger, movement that all of you have, been a part of a movement. To transform, the, way that employees. Within your organization's, communicate, with one another the. Way they share knowledge an idea is that a scale that companies, like these and companies, like yours just had never quite seen before and. In. My time at Yammer I've been fortunate enough to talk with many of you about the transformative. Powers, that Yammer has had on your, organization's, and. What. We found is that when, companies, have employees. That are engaged, in a line they see real, tangible, benefits, like, these where. Companies, with highly, engaged employees, enjoy on, average, 21%. Higher profits, but. We know that there's a flipside to this the majority of your organizations, don't enjoy this high level of, employee, engagement so we know that there's still opportunity. For growth ahead of us and we've. Seen that growth and we're excited about that growth and we've been proud and honored to be part of that journey with you to improve areas like employee, engagement and we've, seen that growth over time since. 2012 on average, we're seeing 47 percent growth in monthly, active usage and, on average 43 percent growth in users posting, from their mobile device, earlier. This year in January February timeframe we also released the. Our conversation, highlights webpart for sharepoint and, that's, being added to more than 10,000. Sites daily. But. Again the success that we've seen has been due in large part to your efforts, your, hard work and being change agents, within your organization, to change the way that people work to, drive, towards key business outcomes. Take. A business take a company like Air France, Air. France has more, than 50,000, employees. 90%. Of those employees aren't your typical knowledge, worker at least not in the traditional sense these, are your flight. Attendants, or gate crew your ground crew, but. What Air France recognized, was that these are knowledge, workers they have immense, knowledge that, needed to be unlocked in order, for their company to get better and, they use Yammer to do that. Grundfos. Is one, of the world's leading, manufacturers, of pumps they have more than 20,000, employees across the globe and their. CEO will often take to Yammer and post, about customers. That he's visiting with facilities, that he's that. He's going to around the globe it's. Not uncommon for somebody on the shop floor to, take, to their mobile device and post and give some feedback about a new product or about the new company strategy and. You see it's this level of employee. Engagement in leadership. Engagement. That, gives grunt employees, the trust and the safety to share their ideas and share their knowledge more openly and Grune, phocis said that by doing so they've been able to solve problems faster, innovate, faster and, just create generally, better products, for the market. And. At Kingfisher, which, is Europe's. Largest, home, improvement. Company they, have 74,000. Employees, learn. With Lorraine is a popular. Video series, that is posted to Amer where, Lorraine walks, their employees through their unique line of oven ranges in a very accessible, way and, without. Yammer it would have been really difficult for, them to disseminate, this sort of knowledge and get the back-and-forth conversation, that, they really needed to in order to exchange knowledge, and information and ideas. The. Other thing that you. Has served to do for many of us has been to inspire. Us, inspire. Us to have the courage to ask for the support of our colleagues, and. So, here at Microsoft we've, been going through a pretty immense, culture, change with Satya at the helm and at the heart of that culture change lies. An increased, emphasis on diversity. And, perhaps more importantly on inclusion I'm sure. Many of you have very similar diversity, inclusion, efforts happening in your organizations and if. You do you, know that it takes real, effort. To, create a culture, that embraces people, with different backgrounds, and different viewpoints. Perhaps, even harder for the people within that culture to be accepting, of that, diversity, so. We've been going on this journey here, at Microsoft and do, you know how I knew that this, was actually that. We were actually making progress.

This. Post. Not. Too long ago Sasha made this post in our Microsoft. Yammer network. She's. Publicly, announcing, her gender transition. And. She's asking, for the help in support, of her colleagues to address, her in a way that makes her feel more comfortable more. Included, more, accepted, more comfortable. And. What struck me most about her posts, was just how brave she was to. Say you, know what I'll be patient with you all of you, during. This time of change just really, amazing to me that she was worrying. About us she was worried about our feelings, our discomfort, during, this immense time of change in her life. Needless. To say there, was an outpouring, of support dough, Sasha we're here to support you we're here for you every step of the way even. A post from our chief diversity officer, offering. Her support, and her affirmation. And. We've heard many similar, stories from many of you where, your employees are living, the values of your organization's. You. See here has become an important, platform for, many of our customers to, align their employees on key company goals and key, company, objectives. So. Thank you for, inspiring. Us to create a platform, that. Allows. Us to bring out the best in your culture your, poised your, people, and we've. Learned a ton over the years from, watching many of you be successful with Yammer and with, those learnings I'd like to bring to the stage general. Manager for Yammer and office 365, Murali citron to talk about where we're taking Yammer next. Thank. You Steve. Steve. Is an institution. For Yama you know that I think all of us should appreciate all the great things that he does in, connecting, all of you. Thank. You see but. More importantly, thank you all 10 years in the life of a tool. Which. Is for business, purposes is, unique, they're. Not that many tools that last that long if you think about it maybe, email, you. Know chat is early in its evolution. Of. Clearly. Content, creation tools but. They're not that many there are tools like Yammer that last for this long so we're really proud of where we are well, we are just at the beginning there's, a long way to go and, we need your help so. What I'm gonna do in the next 15 minutes is to tell you some of the journey that we're gonna take over the next few years and. We. Ask, for, we. Pray for the. Same participation, we've seen over the last 10 years oh the next few with you all. Right it's actually been about a year for me at Microsoft, in Yammer in fact I joined last year at this very event it's, been amazing it's an amazing journey we've, got a great team and a great tool and we're investing, ever more than before so. We're, investing this is really, the question so. Let's start with our vision this. Is a long term goal we. Talked about this in the video. Maximize. Impact, for every one in the organization, now. This could be a CEO this. Could be somebody on the frontline, everyone. In between and we. Think a tool like Yammer can create that impact not just at a personal, level but at a company, level at a team level at, the scale that nor the tool can and you, all know this today you've sort of seen this in pockets and our, goal is to sort of maximize, that now over the next few years, but. Before I tell you the strategies, that gonna, enable this vision, I want. To spend a few minutes going, back a year. Who. Remembers this slider but the inner loop and the outer loop right. We've. Created a little bit of controversy with this because. You can't go tell an end user look you're in a loop person your outer loop person but. We've. It's a framework, it helps us think through how. We can build our products and how we can communicate it with you or to you to. Your end users so I, think it's a very helpful sort of framework to be able to continue the conversation but. Please don't take this to your end-users and say you are in a loop or outer loop because everybody, should be both right. From. Our perspective, if. You think about a tool like teams. Its. Core, function, is to be great at meetings and great. At bringing people together in small projects. That's. Its core function let me do other things and in fact we wanted to do other things but, that's its core purpose. Outlooks. Core purpose is to help you manage time and communicate. With people across the organization and, beyond. Yama's. Core purpose, is. To inform and engage across. The organization, break down silos and that's. Really where we're going to invest going forward and we're. Going to use other investments. Across Microsoft, like stream for video and SharePoint. For content collaboration, office. 365, groups and, a variety of other things across our portfolio to be able to engage these experiences, for you.

All. Right so again keep this in mind this is just a framework and it's, something that we'd like you to think through as we go forward in this vision journey, we. Then. Using. That framework using. All the examples of what we've learned from you. Spend. A bunch of time trying to figure out what is Yammer unique, at it's. Important, to understand, what it's unique at so that you can accentuate that in the future. We. Believe the, number one super. Power for, Yammer. Is that, it engages people. In, these large-scale. Participatory. Conversations. This. Is a long big. Sentence. And term. But it's important to understand, why, it is that yama, is so great at this. So. Let's dig, down a little bit here in detail. Number. One Yammer is inclusive. You. Don't have to up people in or out people out it's. Open by default. Everybody. Can converse with everybody, else. Leaders. With frontline across, time zones across languages, it's. A very unique tool for this purpose. Next. Yammer preserves, context, I'm. Getting a little geeky here but it's important to understand this as we build towards our roadmap in the future. It. Preserves, context. Because. It threads conversations. And unique ways, you. Know exactly, the scope of whom you're sharing with I. Like. To use this term of long half-life, you. Know when's the last time you looked at your iMessage. Or, Android. Messages, and sort, of search through history, as. Soon as you respond to something it sort of lost its importance, even. In, email or after. A few days those. Email threads don't have much meaning. But. In Yammer some of these conversations can go on for weeks months, in, fact years and the. Long half-life, of these conversations, are unique superpower of young I. Hears, and I see a lot of nodding heads because, you've seen this power at use, and so, what we want to do in the future is accentuate, that. The. Third area that I think Yammer, is super, at is. Non-invasive. Conversations. You. Get pulled in only if you're at mentioned, or if. You've responded, to it at some point in time it. Doesn't flood your inbox it. Doesn't force you into things that you're not supposed to at a time you're not ready for you. Can go to it at your time now, it has some disadvantages of, course but it is a superpower and, we, should try to accentuate, that in terms of the features that we would like to bring to you and your end users and, last. But not the least it's, a great at lightweight engagement, we've, seen this before quick, like here a quick photo post. It. Allows us to ensure that people. Engage in ways that they're comfortable with they. Don't have to write long diatribes, of email or text. They. Can just sort of simply like it they. Can post a photo and they, can start a conversation. So. Why do I bring you all this I think it's important for you us to all understand, that all of these superpowers. Lead. To unique use cases and, those. Use cases around three, areas. I'm. Going to start with the middle, we. Talked about Sasha's post it creates transparency. Across the organization. It. Brings people together in a unique, way that no, other tool can. It. Allows for two-way expression, a CEO. Can post something as someone the frontline can respond in most. Organizations that, conversation, cannot take place in any other way you know. You can send them an email maybe, but it's CEO likely will not respond but. In a forum like this it's, more likely that they do, there. Are people people in this room who are tasked, with making that conversation. Happen and. Then. Last but not the least this is to me one. Of the most important, aspects of a tool like this it. Allows for discoverability. You. Can get informed. About things. Meetings. Projects. Concepts. Work innovation. That's happening in, places that you didn't even know existed. Like. I use this every day towards. The evening or. A glass of wine I know it's a bit early right now but. Maybe. This evening by the way we have more. That we'd like to talk to you about how we'd like to get your engagement later, this evening or a glass, of wine but. I'd. Like to go through my discovery, feed and see what's happening across our team. It. Gives me a view into things, that may be stuck somewhere that, I can unstuck. There. Are things, that I can see where I feel, pride and of, all the great work that's taking across teams I get.

A Chance to listen to our customer, success managers, and our sales folks as they talk. To their customers it. Just gives me a mazing. Bird's-eye, view of, what's. Taking place across our organization. There's. No other tool that can make that happen. So. If these are all the superpowers. The. Question is where, are we taking Yammer next and it's, three areas of investment by, the way there's, never been a time that Microsoft. Has invested, more in Yammer than we do right now we. Have more people working on Yammer than we've had in the past and. We. Believe there's strength in our, ability to bring an entire suite together, we'll. Be showing you a few demos of that as we go forward but. The three areas of investment number. One employee, engagement leadership, connection. We. Believe, that, engaging employees. Across. Geographies, time zones functions. Is a, core, purpose, of llaman and we'll. Be investing in that area. The. Second, I'm. Going to go towards the right here which. Is we're. Going to be investing, in integrating. Yammer. Superpowers. Into. The rest of the office suite. So. Integrations, into teams integrations. With sharepoint, to, bring you unique value. Integrations. With outlook by the way we haven't done that that's pretty amazing we. Can go deep with this an. Integration. Across the rest of the suite with stream. With. Content. Files. It's just so much we can do bring value to your end-users, so it feels seamless, it. Feels natural, we. Want to take away this question of which to when we. Want not to have to show you that slide again of, the. Inner loop and the outer loop. All. Of this of course on, the bedrock, of what Microsoft, 365, brings, which. Is compliance. Trust. Your. Data is your data, we're. Just sort of processing, it for you once in a while, so. You need to decide what you want to do with it where, you want to keep it. Are. You want to disseminate, it and that's. Something that we must enable for you, so. These are the areas we're going to be investing, in Yammer and of course I forget perhaps. The most important area of investment, which. Is in building community. That's. Really where yama has shown, over time so. Let me dig down on this a little bit. In. Terms of community, we feel there are three constituents. There. Are members like you and me who participate.

Who. Bring our knowledge a passion. Our. Capabilities. Then. There are community. Champions, many. In this room who. Are paid to effectively. Ensure. There. Are platforms that, community, is built across companies and. Then. Of course there are what. We call, whom. We call catalyzes. People. Who are CEOs, leaders. People. In IT many of you in this room. People. In corporate communications, people in HR, and. You know what over time we build features for those members. Because. Tools like this work best when they are sort of ground up, but. We've learnt a thing or two and. What we want to do in addition to that is. To invest in building for community champions, and catalyzers, and that's. An area of investment, that you will see over the next few years because, you spend, your time making these, communities, happen, and we. Haven't really built tools for you that make you successful. There's. So many things that you've asked for that. We haven't delivered at the rate at which you'd like and so, that's where we're going to invest as we go forward in the future we'd, like your ideas by the way this. Is not an exhaustive list today of all the things we could possibly do where, we want to tell you a little bit of a change in orientation and. By the way that doesn't mean we're gonna forget our end users that's. Not the point, the point here is can. We rotate, a little bit and focus, on community. Champions, on catalyzers. On, the, people who ensure these networks, are vibrant and strong. All. Right let's talk little bit about trust. We. Spent a lot of time integrating, Yama into the rest of the office 365, suite but. We are not quite yet there we, haven't completed, that job, there's. A variety of different things the rest of our tools give you that. Yama quite doesn't, and it, confuses, you because. You can do it with some tools and you can't do it with others and, that's, something that we want to fix or the next year or two so. Everything, around compliance. Trusts. Things. Like ediscovery. We. Have, built yama to be fully on. Across. All of our SKUs. But. We, haven't given you all of the flavors of flexibility. And capability, that those Q's demand. Things. Like local data residency, in Europe and I know a lot of my European friends want to talk to us about how we're gonna store, your data in Europe given that it is your data and. We're gonna be working on that we'll give you some news here in a second we. Also want to be ready for some massive, scale for Yammer we've. Got millions of users but, we think we're gonna get tens of millions more and, that's. Because we're gonna be really focused on those use cases we're, not going to try to confuse, their users about which tools to use we're. Going to be very clear about the use cases so they know when to come to which to when it's. Just natural, so. That's really where we're gonna be going here. In the short term by. The way we're building a lot of back-end. Capability. To. Be in a position where we can scale Yammer and deliver. On all of the capabilities, that I just talked about. But. In the meantime we've, delivered quite a few features of the year I'm not going to drain the slide I will. Ask you to come to our booth we've got about 30 people here, from, the amur and, we'd. Love to answer your questions, show. You some of these features and talk. To you but what's next. Alright. So what's next. I'd. Like to make sure that rather.

Than Show you a bunch of slides that. We jump into a demo and show you some of the capabilities that we're building now for. Imminent, availability, to our customer base so Steve take it away. Thank. You Murali. So. We've talked a bit about our. Focus. On employee. Engagement and on leadership, engagement. So we've, been we're, excited to bring to you a new capability called live events. In the, amur and this is something that really we're really excited to bring because we've, talked with many of you about your desire to engage your, leaders in more. Meaningful. Ways and you, said you've told us that having, live video broadcasts, in Yammer is important to you so, when I'm here in the executive corner group and this is where contoso electronics. Has. Their, leadership. And their employees connecting. Together on conversations, that are important about the topics and strategy. Of contoso. Electronics, when I scroll through the feet here I want to just point out a new section, over on the right rail you, see over on the right we have this group, event section, and this. Group events section is where you will see when you scheduled, a new live event or if you've had any past live events they'll show up in this group event space but, I also noticed, that there happens to be a live event happening now and I can see that of course I'm in the group and, I see there's a banner indicating, that there is a live event happening right now but there's also a little signal in the groups rail. To indicate that there's a live broadcast. Happening so I can click on that when. I go to it you see that the, live, event, itself is the hero is this is the star of the page itself so when you're when, your employees come to the page the, video plays automatically, I have the audio turned off right now so it doesn't cause, too much disruption but now you have your live event whether whether it be a town hall event maybe it be maybe it's a department event, that you're doing it could be even a webinar, that you're doing within your organization, as, I scroll through the feed you see that the supporting, cast if you will is the conversation, that that, provide. Depth. And, actual. That. Provides depth to the actual event. Itself to the topic at hand you see that the stars actually remains, on the stage itself it floats so you don't have to lose, context, of the video even if I move to a different group or a different place in the amur that video stays with me throughout. The. Other benefit, - this yeah feels three bucks. And. Like Murali said we are leveraging, the power of the suite to bring this capability to you so this broadcast. Is actually broadcast, to you through stream and one. Of the one of the benefits to that and this is an actually this is actually an archived video here but, what happens is at the end of that event that event automatically. Gets archived and saved into the Associated, stream channel, well. You get a couple benefits with that of course with stream you get all the benefits of, transcription. You can search that transcription, you, get facial, recognition and, of, course over here on the right hand side you, get the Yammer conversation, as well so again our strategy. To make sure that Yammer shows up in more surfaces so you continue to get the value of Yammer in other parts of office 365 you, see that here on the stream page itself.

Now. As many of you have seen, you maybe you've done similar, type of events if maybe you've, been using live events in preview you, see that one of the benefits, of using, Yammer for a scenario like this is that, the conversations. Persist, so people, can continue asking questions after, the event people can continue answering questions providing, feedback after the event in that Yammer in that within that Yammer group and. So. One of the let's, say that I'm a part of the internal. Communications, team that is in charge of monitoring, this executive corner, group and, of, course naturally. They, are using teams to collaborate they're using teams to collaborate, about the day-to-day activities, of coordinating. The event day to day activities of activities. That's happening with internal within internal, comms, but. As the team they also want to be able to keep tabs on, what's happening, within the executive corner, itself, and as Murali mentioned we introduced, the notion of the inner loop and outer loop to you last year but what you told us was, that you wanted better ways to be able to navigate between Yammer. And teams so, we're excited to bring to you the new Yammer, tab in teams which, will allow this internal communications, team to both work and do their day to day work within, teams, but also have, a view within, a tab to, the Yammer executive, corner itself and. So as I scroll through the feed here you. See all the same conversations, that we had within the executive corner. But. I might see that there is a conversation, happening in here and I see Adele has a question here about the new campus, building and so, what I can do here is I might, not be ready to answer or maybe I don't even know what the answer is to her question but, I have the ability here to share this to the channel so. I can say, what. Are we able to say, about, the. Availability. Of. The. New facility. And. I can hit share and. As. I do that I go back to the conversations, tab for, the team and, you see now our, our team can have a little back-channel, discussion I wasn't ready we weren't ready to actually talk. About what we were gonna how. When. We were going to make the new campus available, or what's happening with the new campus so now we can have it back and forth dialogue the back and forth back, channel about, this and then once we're ready we can go back and to, the tab and answer, that question more publicly so. We. Are excited, to bring another, bring, hammer to another place within office 365 with, teams to, continue to bring the value of Yammer into. More places another place that we're investing in bringing, making Yammer the social layer across office 365, of course is SharePoint. And. We. Believe you know with our emphasis on community we, think that SharePoint and Yammer are a match made in heaven you, know for Yammer for the conversations, and of course SharePoint for that the, ability to create deep rich content, whether it be news articles, or documents, if. I scroll through the page here mm-hmm. Excuse, me see on the, left hand side we, have our updated, Yammer. Web part Yammer conversations, web part so, we if I scroll through the feed here you see that images render, beautifully. We. Have documents. Displaying. Right in line and, best. Of all it inherits, all the styles, as well. I'm. Gonna switch to my mobile device real quick. And. You, can see the same view. I real. We. Can see the same view of that, SharePoint site you. Can see the Yammer feed right there and. We. Did this without doing any additional work it, inherited, the styles of the page and embedded, on the page beautifully, so, we think this will be this will be a great upgrade to, what, we previously released, to. The Yammer conversation, highlights web part we think this is going to be a great addition, to many, of your sharepoint based intranet, sites what do you think. The. Other area that we've been working on to improve with. Sharepoint, is in. The area of files i'm going to close the video so it's not too distracting demo. The. Other area that we've been improving with sharepoint is in the area of files now. We, know that it doesn't really make sense for Yammer to have its own repository of files it's just not sustainable, for us anymore especially when we know that there's a much better place within the suite for SharePoint to. To, manage those files for us so, in the very near future when. You upload a file to SharePoint, or I'm, sorry when you upload a file to Yammer it'll automatically, go to the connected, SharePoint. Library for that Yammer group. And. So the way that this will work is I am going to upload a file to Yammer as I normally would I have this PowerPoint document, here, so. Please. And. So. I can post this and. You can see from an end-user capabilities.

There's, Not really much change right there's not a lot, different that happens I can, upload it I get the nice document preview what. Happens is when I go to the, Yammer files tab I. See. The list of files for that group and you can see over on the right hand side I can see the files that are in SharePoint and I can see the files that are in Yammer I could, even filter and see only the files that are in SharePoint. And. Also when I go to, the. Document. Library itself, do. A quick refresh here so. This is the document library for, that retail, readiness group I see, that file now lives within SharePoint. And. So. By having that file in SharePoint of course we get a number of benefits right you get all the benefits that you get from having your files stored in SharePoint you get DLP, you get a discovery, in geo, storage, it's. You can apply things like flow to it you can access, it through delve it's available in all your recent documents so we're really excited about how having. Your documents, from yeah more be in SharePoint will allow your employees to be much more productive in using their files. The. Last area that I want to talk about is so yesterday we. At the keynote we talked about our continued, investment, in areas like Microsoft, search and, so we've been working with the Microsoft Bing team to have Yammer again, bring that bat bring the value of Yammer into, Microsoft. Search so we've been working with the Bing for business team to do that so, let's take a look so. If I do a search for marketing. And, of. Course contoso electronics, gets all the latest and greatest new stuff so they get paying for business and I'm. Gonna highlight specifically. Here the conversations, tab and here you see I get conversations. From across teams or from across Yammer so any of the teams, that I'm a part of anything. Related to marketing will show up in the search results I just want to highlight Yammer, so the. Yammer search results show you all the messages all the public messages, that I have access, to and any private messages that I have access to what it would show up in my search results as well but, we're excited about how this again demonstrates, another key, capability, for us to be able to bring the value of Yammer into, other parts, of office 365, specifically. Search will, make, continued efforts on search and we can talk with you about the at the booth about that but again we're excited about the breadth that we're able to do to, bring Yammer, to other parts of office 365. Thank. You. And. So, I'm sure the next question, that you have is when. Is this all going to come to us so I'm gonna bring Murali, up to the stage to talk about that you. Notice that he does all the demos and I get all the hard questions I, don't know how that works but thank, you Steve. Thank you that was great let's give another hand please. All. Right so, let's, go through some of the things that Steve showed you and see, when, they're gonna make the. Light of day for your end-users so. First in q4 which, is calendar, q4 this year starting October next month, you're, going to see the, live and on-demand events. They already in preview by the way that some of you are taking advantage of, that's. That that's going to start rolling out to what's the end of the year okay, so that's one the, second. The Microsoft, searching being that. Steve, just showed is, also, going to ship in that corner so you'll. Be able to look at all content, across all surfaces in Microsoft, including.

Conversations. And teams and in Yammer now, that's a superpower then only Microsoft, can bring you so, we are thrilled to bring that capability, to you so that you can see with the benefit of that in your organization's, the. Files being, stored by default, in SharePoint is. Also, going to start rolling out in q4. We're, testing it now with a few preview customers, and within Microsoft, there's. Some great advantages there over time we. Are not going to store any files in Yama it's going to be stored in SharePoint and, it's, going to give you all the flexibility, you need and, it, sort of readies us in the direction that we'd like to take em on the future which, is just an in double part of the Microsoft 365, suite, so. That's q4, by. The way the other thing that we're doing in q4 is moving. All of us services, to Azure and, this. Is a big, heavy lifting, activity, for us and. The reason we're doing this is that we want to bring scale to Yammer we. Want to bring the ability, to store your content, in the locations, that you're in we'll. Talk about that here in a second but this, is not just a back-end activity, that won't have user benefit, we. Want to bring scale we want to bring these services closer, to you where you are proximate. To your users so we're, going to use as your region's over, the across the world to, be able to deploy Yammer, and. That means these services are gonna run closer to you our hope, is that it starts improving that look the the performance, of these applications. For you in the long run. So. Now let's go into 2019. Q1. The. Two things that Steve showed. The. Yammer conversations. Webpart sort. Of the seamless integration with. Communication. Sites in SharePoint. It's. Going to be available in q1 and, the. Other thing that's going to be available in q1 is the, Yammer tab in teams, and. By the way those are just first steps in in our journey there's just a lot of integration. Points that we can continue to build but. We want to rapidly iterate on this as we go forward so those two things are gonna be available for you in q1. So. Then the, question is what about the rest of Q, of 2019. So. We broke this down into half one and a half two because it's very difficult for us to predict exactly when, it's going to come in each in which quarter but, I'm gonna just take a couple of examples. We. Talked about building for community. Champions. For, community. Catalysts. We, feel that a. Hero, purpose, of Yammer is to make sure that you can propose questions, ask, questions and get answers from, the community so, we're going to build a first-class.

Question-and-answer. Capability, that, fits within. A, llaman post ethic so. Now you have a post type that could be called a question you can mark something question and a community champion or manager can then mark, the best answer and that. Then spreads knowledge across the organization. And we're gonna start building out more and more features in that area. So that's, our. Expectation to deliver in the first half of next year. By, the way one of the other things we want to do is make. Commitments, that we can keep in. The past we've. Perhaps, been a little, ambitious with you we've, said we're going to deliver certain things and we've taken longer, to deliver them because, of all the heavy lifting we've, done in the back end for example, rich-text. This. Is something that's so basic that we, effectively, haven't. Delivered for you and it's a commitment that in key in the first half of next year that will bring this capability to, all post, types in Yammer. We've. Talked about live events, and we expect to continue to evolve our thought around live events. We've. Got two different types of live events going in Yammer one is a yam jam many of you are very, well. Versed in the, capabilities, of yam jams and the value that that brings but, we really haven't built, any features, to make that better so we're thinking through what an event looks like in the amur is that a first-class citizen, it's is, that something that goes across communities. What. Are the different flavors, of live, events we talked about video here as an example but. Are there other types and there are things that we can do to enable community, champions, catalyzers. To, be able to orchestrate, these, events better so we're going to be doing more work in that area and, the one thing I want to cover there is the, last item which is ediscovery for, some of our IT friends, in the audience the rest of the office suite provides this capability but, Yammer doesn't, today we're, going to do that for file starting in q4 but. We want to do that for Yama messages, and our expectation, is late in half one we'll be able to get to a preview, and then, by this time, next year we'll be able to deliver that in a ga forum, all. Right a couple of other things as we're, going to have to, view. Is that we, continue to integrate a lot of the capabilities from across the suite, in, Microsoft, 365, you've got something called a people card that, represents, an individual, all the, documents, you've shared with them, maybe the emails you've shared with them maybe, the LinkedIn profile, there's, all sorts of things that you can see in that people card but, yama has its own version of that so, we're gonna start integrating the, suite to make sure that it feels like one it. Feels like a small thing but it's. Just a, place where we can start thinking about expertise. And we, can think about a unified, profile, of a person across, your. Organization. So so. There's certain, things we're going to deliver there in that area and. Then I'm gonna flip to the next slide because I want to talk about local data residency, there's. A number of customers here from the EU and this. Has been a long-ass for feature it's. Something, uniquely, Microsoft, we can do this for you because again we think this is your data, we're, not borrowing something from some other platform, we're. Effectively, ensuring, that your data remains your data and that we know. How to manage it on your behalf so. In. Q2, of next, year we have a short. Preview that's. Unfortunately. For some of you haven't subscribed already it's over subscribed, but. We're going to bring the ability, of storing, messages, in. Yammer in the EU and. That. Preview, is going to run in the second quarter of next year and then, rapidly, after that going in to have to we. Expect that to be a GA capability. So, if your.

Ad Home, is, home. To, Europe. Then. Your data will be stored in Europe as far as Yammer is concerned, we're. Gonna start with Europe first, they're. Gonna be two regions we're going to deploy this in. Europe, and most. Likely in, Ireland, and in in, the Netherlands and, over. Time we'll think about what that might mean for some of our global, customers, so if you're a us-based, company and you want your data in the US your data will remain in the US if your Europe company European, company and, you want your store your data there we, can enable that to happen there's, some caveats however, and I want to make sure that for those here. In the audience who want to double-click on this please come visit us at our booth we'll, talk more in detail about this for, example, this is first going to apply to net new customers, customers. Who don't have a young network, and. So we're gonna start from there and then we're gonna think about migration, sometime, in the future okay. So, this is an important, capability for us you, do not know the number of customers, that have approached us who, want to store that data in the EU and we. Want to enable that to happen so that's. A key capability. That. We're going to be delivering, my. View is that, 2019. Is going, to be a year of innovation, for us and, we're going to push on those three vectors I talk to you about. Engaging. Leaders, and the, rest of the organization, so employee, engagement. The. Second, is to bring Yammer. To all of the office 365, services, and. You see some of the examples there already and the, third is to, build. Capabilities. For our catalyzers. And champions. To, build community, and continue. On this vector of ensuring. That compliance, security. Scale. Are all the things that we continue invest in in 2019. Other. Thing that I'll commit to you is now. That I've been here for a year we have such a fantastic team that. I feel confident, in saying that if we put something on the slide here we, will deliver this next year in, the timeframes that we are talking about so you can bank on that because. Of the investments, that we are pouring into llaman this is the most we've put into this team and we, will continue to invest as we go forward, all. Right in closing I have a few public. Service announcements, we, have a number of us here. From. The Yammer team we, have several sessions these. Sessions on this first page by the way there's another page behind. This are, going to be run. By some folks on our team we'd. Love for you to attend to drill down and some of the things we just talked about. There's. Most. Of them are on Tuesday Wednesday and some one Thursday and, these. Are the sessions from our wonderful MVPs. Our, customer, case studies, we, just want to make sure that you guys all take advantage, of the. Knowledge there is in creating great vibrant networks, for. Yammer so, there's, 16 17 sessions and all so, we hope that you can attend as many of them as you can, here, over the next few days most. Importantly, though we. Want you to come and celebrate with us it's been 10 amazing years and, we couldn't have done this without you, so.

This Evening between 6:30, and 9:30 at. Itta Bena it's just down the road on International, Drive it's a short walk from here we. Expect, everyone here to be there and they're gonna party like crazy and, we want to celebrate with you about all the great things that you've done for llamar, and we'll, celebrate with our team as well so who's. Gonna be there all. Right and. Then. Last but not the least please. Fill out. Any. Of the evaluation. Forms you can so, that you, can give the, great staff that have put all this stuff together some kudos I wanted, to thank Steve and most of all I wanted to thank you yes, to the next ten years of Yama thank you very much.

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