The Facebook Dilemma, Part One (full film) | FRONTLINE

The Facebook Dilemma, Part One (full film) | FRONTLINE

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Tonight. Part, warm of a two night special, we face a number of important, issues around, privacy safety. And democracy. Frontline. Investigates. Facebook. We didn't take a broad enough view of our responsibilities. And it was my mistake and I'm sorry told. By company, insiders it's possible, that we haven't been as fast as we needed to be too slow to act and I didn't see it faster I think we were too slow and former, employers, everybody. Was pretty upset that we had caught it during the election our Facebook was used to, disrupt democracy. Around the globe I don't think any of us Marc included, appreciated. How much of the fact we might have had correspondent. James Jacoby takes a hard look at the man who wanted to connect the world is, he not recognising the importance, of his platform he didn't understand what he had built but is he accountable, for helping divided, there is something wrong systemically. With the Facebook algorithms, that Bank polarization. Was, the key to the model tonight, on Frontline the. Facebook dilemma. You. We. Get stuck, with the beer down no, no actually I'm gonna mention the beer. Part. Of work I said. I'm. Here in Palo Alto California chillin, with Mark Zuckerberg of the, And we're. Drinking out of a keg of Heineken because, what. Are we celebrate or skip 3 million users. You. Know simply. Wouldn't Facebook is I think, Facebook is an, online, directory for. Colleges, I, realized. That because, I didn't have people's information I, needed to make it interesting enough so that people would want to use the site and want to like put, their information out so launch. Centers Harvard and within, a couple of weeks two-thirds, of the school and signed up you're sort of like alright this is pretty sweet like let's, just go all out so just interesting seeing out of the balls we, have a sweet office yeah. Well show us around the crib. We. Didn't want cubicles, so we got IKEA kitchen tables, instead thought, that can along with our whole vibe here huh. Right some, stuff there's some beer down there how, many people work through it's, actually 20 right now see, this shot, this one hand for the lady, right a pitbull oh nice, you. Know. It's. Really all I've got at, the school, and. Where do you take a fist at this point anyone I. Mean. There, doesn't necessarily have to be more. From. The early days mark, had this vision of connecting the, whole world, so. If Google was about providing, you access to all the information. Facebook. Was about connecting, all the people. You just say your name and pronounce it so nobody, messes, it up and they have it on tape sure it's Mark Zuckerberg it, was not crazy somebody, was gonna connect all those people, why. Not you know we have our Facebook. Fellow we have Mark Zuckerberg, I have the pleasure of introducing Mark, Zuckerberg founder of Yo. When. Mark Zuckerberg was at Harvard he was fascinated. By hacker culture this notion that software, programmers, could do, things that would shock the world, a lot of times people are just like too careful I think it's more useful to like make, things happen and then like apologize, later than, it is to make sure that you dot all your eyes now and then like just not get stuff done so it was a little bit of a renegade, philosophy.

And A. Disrespect. For authority that. Led to the, Facebook. Motto move, fast and break things. Started. Adding things like status updates and photos and groups and apps when we first launched we were hoping for you know maybe 400, 500, people. So. You're motivated, by building, things that changed. The world and then, in. A way that it means to be changed. The. Answer is right there on my Facebook, page. Those. Days that move fast and break things didn't, seem to. Be sociopathic. If you're building a product that people love you. Can make a lot of mistakes it wasn't that they intended, to do harm so much as they were unconcerned. About the possibility. That harm the result so just to be clear you're, not going to sell or, share any. Of the information on Facebook, we're not going to share people's information except. For with, the people that they've asked, for it to be shared technology. Optimism. Was so deeply, ingrained in the, value system and in the beliefs of people in Silicon Valley here perhaps what. Start that they'd, come to believe it as akin. To the law of gravity that of. Course. Technology. Makes the world a better place it, always had it always will and. That. Assumption. Essentially. Masked. A set, of changes that were going on in the culture that, were. Very. Dangerous, from. K xjz and Sacramento. Mark. Zuckerberg quest, to connect the world would, bring about historic, change and far-reaching. Consequences in. Politics. Privacy, and technology. We've. Been investigating warning, signs that existed, long before problems. Burst into public viewed with -, but. For those inside, Facebook the, story began with an intoxicating. Vision, that turned into a lucrative business plan, while the one thing that Mark, Zuckerberg has been so good at is being incredibly, clear, and compelling about the mission that Facebook, has always had Facebook's. Mission, is to give people the power to share. How. Pervasive, a, mission was that inside, of the company give me a sense of that it was something that, you. Know mark doesn't just say when we do you, know ordered calisthenics, in the morning and we yelled the mission to each other right, we would actually say it to each other you know when mark wasn't around and that was a mission that you really believed in. How. Could you not you. Know how exciting, what, if connecting, the world actually. Delivered. A promise, that we've. Been looking for to, genuinely. Make the world a better place, was. There ever a point where there, was questions. Internally, about this. Mission being naive. Optimism, I think. The short answer is completely, yes and, I think that's why we loved it especially, in a moment like when we crossed a billion, monthly. Active users for, the first time and marks, the, way I recall, mark, at the time. I remember. Thinking I don't, think mark is gonna stop until he gets to everybody I, think. Some of us had an early.

Understanding. That. We, were creating, in some ways a digital, nation state this. Was the greatest. Experiment. In free speech in human history there. Was a sense inside the company that we are building, the future and, there. Was a real focus on. Youth. Being a good thing. It, was not a particularly diverse, workforce. It was very much the sort of Harvard Stanford Ivy, League group. Of people, who were largely, in their 20s. That. Was a big believer in the company like I I knew that it, was gonna be a paradigm. Shifting, thing there is this definitely this feeling of everything for the company of this you know world stirring vision everyone, more or less dressed with the same fleece, and swag with logo on it posters, on the wall that looks somewhat Orwellian but, of course you know I don't in an upbeat way obviously and da you know some of the slogans are pretty well known move, fast and break things fortune. Favors the bold what. Would you do if you weren't afraid you, know as always he sort of rousing rhetoric that would push you to go further. Antonio. Garcia, Martinez, a former, product manager, on Facebook's, advertising team. Is. One of eight former, Facebook insiders. Who. Agreed to talk on camera about their experiences. In. Silicon Valley there's, a you know almost a mafioso code. Of silence that. You're not supposed to talk about the business in. Any but the most flattering way right basically you can't say anything you. Know measure truthful, about the business and, I think as perhaps with Facebook it's kind of arrived at the point which it's so important, it needs to be a little more transparent about how it works like let's stop a little book rate about everyone, in Silicon Valley you know creating. Disrupting, this and improving the world right it's in many ways of business like any other it's, just kind of more exciting and impactful. By, 2007. Zuckerberg. Had made it clear that the goal of the business was, worldwide, expansion. Almost. A year ago when we were first discussing how, to let everyone in the world into Facebook I remember someone said to me mark, we, already have nearly every college student in the u.s. on Facebook, it's incredible that we were even able to do that but no one gets a second trick like that well.

Let's Take a look at how he did. What. Was the growth team about what did you do at growth the, story of growth has really been about making Facebook, available, to people that wanted it but it couldn't have access to it Naomi, glite Facebook's. Second, longest-serving employee, is one, of five officials, the company put forward to talk to frontline, she. Was an original member of the growth team one. Of my first projects, was expanding. Facebook to high school students I worked on translating. Facebook into over a hundred languages, when. I joined there were 1 million users and now there's over 2 billion people using Facebook, every month some of the problems, that have reared, their head with, Facebook over the past couple of years seem, to have been caused in some ways by this. Exponential. Growth so. I think mark, and Marcus said this that we. Have been slow, to really. Understand, the. Ways in which Facebook, might be used for, bad. Things we've. Been really focused on the good things so, who are all these new users the, growth team had tons of engineers figuring, out how you could make the new user experience more engaging how you could figure out how to get more people to sign up everyone, was focused on growth, growth growth. And. The key to keeping all these new people engaged. Was. Facebook's, most important, feature newsfeed. Newsfeed. A seemingly. Endless stream, of stories. Pictures, and updates shared. By friends, advertisers. And others. Is all the information available to each user it actually computes, what's gonna be the most interesting piece of information and publishes a little story for them it's your personalized, newspaper it's your the New York Times of you channel you it, is you know your customized, optimized vision on the world but, what appeared in users newsfeed, wasn't, random it. Was driven by a secret, mathematical. Formula, an, algorithm, the, stories are ranked in terms of what's going to be the most important, and we, designed a lot of algorithms so we can produce interesting content, for you the goal the newsfeed is to provide you, the user with. The content. On Facebook that, you most want to see it, is designed, to make you want to, keep. Scrolling keep, looking keep liking that's, the key that's the secret sauce that's how we that's why we're worth X billion dollars the. Addition of the new like button in 2009. Allowed. News Feed to collect vast amounts, of users, personal, data that would prove invaluable to. Facebook, at the time we were a little, bit skeptical about like, button we were concerned and as it turned out our intuition was just dead wrong and what we found is that the like button acted as a social lubricant and of course it was also driving, this flywheel of engagement. That people felt like they were heard on the platform, whenever, they shared something, and. And became a driving force for the product it was incredibly, important, because it allowed us to understand, who, are the people that you care more about that caused you to react, and who. Are the businesses the pages, the, other interests. On Facebook, that are important, to you and that gave. Us a degree of constantly. Increasing. Understanding about, people, newsfeed. Got off to a bit of a rocky start and now, our users love newsfeed they love it. Newsfeeds. Exponential. Growth was. Spurred on by the fact that existing, laws didn't. Hold Internet companies, liable for all the content, being posted, on their sites, so. Section, 230, of the Communications Decency. Act is, the, provision, which. Allows the, Internet economy to grow and thrive and Facebook, is one of the principal beneficiaries. Of this. Provision it, says don't. Hold this, Internet company, responsible, if some idiot says something, violent. On the, site don't. Hold the internet company responsible, if somebody, publishes. Something, that. Creates. Conflict. That. That violates. The law it's the quintessential. Provision. That allows them to say don't, blame Otsu, so. It was up to Facebook to, make the rules, not. Inside the company they, made a fateful decision we. Took a very libertarian, perspective here, we allowed, people to speak and, we. Said if you're gonna incite violence that's clearly. Out of bounds we're gonna kick you off immediately but, we're, gonna allow people to go right up to the edge and we're. Gonna allow other people to respond. We. Had to set up some ground rules, basic. Decency no, nudity and no violent, or hateful speech and. After. That we. Felt, some, reluctance to. Interpose. Our. Value, system, on. This. One worldwide community that was growing there. Not a concern then that it could come become, sort of a place.

Of Just utter confusion. That. You, have, lies. That are given the same weight as truths, and that. It kind of just becomes a place where truth. Becomes. Completely, obfuscated. No, we. Relied, on what we thought were the public's, common sense and common decency. To. Police the site. That. Approach would soon contribute, to real-world consequences. Far. From Silicon, Valley, where. Mark Zuckerberg, optimistic. Vision that first seemed to be playing out, the. Arab Spring had, come to Egypt. It. Took hold with the help of a Facebook, page, protesting, abuses, by the regime of Hosni, Mubarak not. That I was thinking that this Facebook, page was going to be, effective. I just did not want to look back and say that happened and I just didn't, do anything about it at. The time Wael. Ghonim was, working for Google in the Middle East in. Just three days and over a hundred thousand, people joined. The page. Throughout. The next, few months the page was growing until, what happened in Tunisia. It. Took just 28. Days to the form of the regime it just created for, me a moment, of. Maybe. We can do this and. I. Just posted, an, event, calling. For a revolution in. 10 days like we should all get to the street and we should all bring down Mubarak. Within. Days gun. Eames online, cry had helped fill the streets of Cairo with, hundreds, of thousands of protestors. Eighteen. Days later, President. Mohammad, Asti Mubarek has decided to step down. It's. Generally, acknowledged, that go teams Facebook, page first sparked, the protests, there was a moment, that you. Were being interviewed on CNN yeah, I remember them first Tunisia, now Egypt. What's next. Facebook. The technology, was for me the enabler, I would not have been able to engage. With others I would not have been able to propagate. My ideas, to others without. Social. Media without Facebook you're giving Facebook a lot of credit for this, yeah. For, sure I want to like look a bit one day and thank you much. Hey. You ever. Think. That, this. Could have an impact on. Revolution. You know my own opinion is that it, would be extremely, arrogant, for any specific. Technology, company to claim any meaningful role in in those, but.

I Do think the overall trend that's at play here which is people being able to share what they want with the people who they want is an extremely powerful thing, right in and we're kind of fundamentally. Rewiring, the world from the ground up and it starts with people they were relatively. Restrained. Externally. About taking credit for it but internally, they were I would. Say very, happy, to take. Credit for the, idea that social media is being used to, affect, democratic, change activists. And civil society, leaders would, just come up to me and say you, know wow, we, couldn't have done this without you. Guys government. Officials you know would say does, Facebook really, realize how much you guys are changing our, societies. It felt. Like. Facebook. Had. Extraordinary. Power and power. For good. But, while Facebook was enjoying its moment. Back. In Egypt on, the ground and on Facebook, the, situation, was unraveling. Following. The revolution things, went into a much worse direction. Than, what, we have anticipated, there's a complete split in the community. In those who are calling, for an Islamic state what was happening in Egypt was polarization. Deadly clashes between Christians, and military, police. And. All, these voices, started to clash and the environment. On social media breeded. That kind of clash like that polarization, rewarded, it. When. The Arab Spring happened I, know that a lot of people in Silicon Valley thought, our technologies. Helped bring freedom to, people which. Was true, but. There's a twist of this which is Facebook's, news feed algorithm. If. You increase the tone of your posts, against, your, opponent's we're gonna get more distribution. Because. We tend to be more tribal so if I call my opponents. Names, my. Tribe, is happy and celebrating, yes. Do it like, comment. Share so, more people end up seeing it because the algorithm is gonna say oh okay that's engaging content people like it show it to more people. The. Hardest part for me was seeing, the tool that brought, us together tearing, us apart these, tools are. Just enablers. For whomever, they they. Don't separate, between what's good and bad they just look at engagement, metrics. Your. Name himself became. A victim of those metrics there, was a page it had like hundreds of thousands of followers all what it did was creating, fake statements, and I, was a victim of that page. They. Wrote. Statements, about me insulting the army which puts, me a serious, risk because, that. Is not. Something I said I was extremely naive in a way I don't like actually now thinking. That these are liberating. Tools. It's. The spread of misinformation fake. News in, Egypt, in. 2011. He says he later talked to people he knew at Facebook, and other companies, about what was going on I tried to talk to people. Who are in, Silicon, Valley but, I feel. Like it, was not it was not being heard what were you trying to express to people in Silicon Valley it's very serious, whatever that way that, you are building has. Massive. Serious intent. And unintended, consequences. On the lives of people on this planet and you. Are not, investing. Enough in trying, to make sure that what you are building. Does. Not go in the wrong way and it's, very hard to be in their position no. Matter how they try and move and change things there, will be always unintended, consequences. Activists. In, my region were on the front lines of, the. You know spotting. Corners. Of. Facebook. That the rest of the, world the rest of the company wasn't. Yet talking. About because. In a company that's built off. Numbers. And metrics and measurements. Anecdotes. Sometimes. Got. Lost along the way and. That. Was, always a real challenge, and always. Bothered, me Elizabeth. Linder Facebook's, representative. In the region at the time was. Also hearing warnings, from government, officials so. Many. Country. Representatives. Were, expressing, to me a huge concern, about the ability of rumors. To spread on. Facebook. And and what do you do, about that how did you respond, to that word. We didn't have a solution for it and so, the best that I could do is, report. Back to, headquarters that, this is something that I was hearing. On the ground and, what sort of response would you get from headquarters you know I. Impossible. To be specific, about that because, it was always just kind of a this is what I'm hearing this is what's going on but. I think in, a, in. A company, where the the the. The the people that could have actually you. Know had an impact on making those decisions are not necessarily, seen at firsthand I think. Everything, that happened, after the Arab Spring should, have been a warning sign to Facebook zeyneb to fetch II a researcher. And former computer programmer had, also been raising, alarms, to Facebook, and other social media, companies, these, companies were terribly, understaffed.

In. Over their heads in terms of important role they are playing like. All of a sudden you're. The public sphere in Egypt so. I kept starting, to, talk, to my friends. At these companies in saying you. Have to staff up and you have to put in large amounts of people who speak the language, who understand, the culture who understand, the complexities, of wherever. You happen to operate, but. Facebook hadn't been set up to police the amount of content, coming from all the new places it was expanding, to I think. No. One at. Any of these companies in Silicon Valley has the resources, for, this kind of scale. You. Had queues of, work, for people to go through and hundreds. Of employees who, would spend all day every day clicking, yes no keep, take, down take down take, down keep up keep up making, judgment, calls snap. Judgment, calls about does it violate our Terms of Service does, it violate our standards, of decency what are the consequences of the speech so, you have these fabulously, talented group, of mostly. 20-somethings. Who are. Deciding. What, speech matters and they're doing it in a real-time all, day every day isn't. That scary it's, terrifying. Right. The responsibility. Was awesome. No. One could ever have predicted how. Fast Facebook, would grow the trajectory of. Growth. Of, the, user base and of. The issues was like this and of, all, all. Staffing throughout the company was like this the. Company was trying to make money it was trying to keep costs down, it had to be a going. Concern it. Had to be, a revenue-generating, thing. Or what ceased to exist, in. Fact Facebook. Was preparing to take its rapidly, growing business. To the next level, by, going public, I'm. David Ebers been Facebook's CFO, thank, you for taking the time to consider an investment, in Facebook. The. Pressure heading, into the IPO of course was to prove that Facebook, was a great business otherwise, we'd have no shareholders, Facebook. Is it worth a hundred billion dollars should it be valued Zuckerberg, challenge, was, to show investors, and advertisers, the profit, that could be made from Facebook's, most valuable, asset the. Personal, data it had on its users mark. Great. As he was at vision, and product. He. Had very little experience, in, building, a big advertising business that would be the job of Zuckerberg deputy. Sheryl. Sandberg who. Had done the same for Google, at. Facebook, we have a broad mission we. Want to make the world more open and connected. The. Business model we see today was created. By, Sheryl. Sandberg and the team she built at, Facebook. Many of whom had been with her at Google. Publicly. Sandberg. And Zuckerberg, had been downplaying, the extent, of the personal data Facebook, was collecting, and emphasizing. Users, privacy, we are focused on privacy we, care, the most about privacy, our, business, model is by, far the most privacy friendly, to consumers. That's our mission right I mean we have to do that because now, if people feel, like they don't have control over how they're sharing things then then. We're failing that really, is the point that the only things Facebook knows about you are things you've done and told us but internally. Sandberg. Would soon lead Facebook, in a very different, direction there's, a meeting I think was in March of 2012 in which you know it was everyone who built. Stuff inside ads myself. And, you know she basically recited, the reality, which is revenue, was flattening I wasn't slow isn't declining, but it wasn't growing nearly as fast as investors, would have guessed so she basically said, like, we have to do something you people have to do something and so, there was a big effort to basically. Pull out all the stops and start. Experimenting way more aggressively. The. Reality is yeah Facebook has a lot of personal data your. Chat with your girlfriend a boyfriend, your drunk party photos from college etc the, reality is that none of that is actually valuable to any marketer, they, want commercially interesting data, you. Know what products did you take off the shelf at Best Buy what did you buy in your last grocery run that include diapers do you have kids are you a head of household right it's things like that things that exist in the outside world that just do not exist inside, Facebook at all. Sandburg. Steam started, developing, new ways to collect personal, data from users wherever, they went on the internet and when. They weren't on the Internet at all and so, there's, extraordinary, thing that happens that doesn't get much attention at.

The Time. About. Four or five months before the IPO the. Company announces its first. Relationship. With data broker companies companies. That most Americans aren't all aware of that. Go out and buy. Up data. About each and every one of us by. Where. We shop where. We live what, our traffic, patterns, are what, our families, are doing we're likes are what magazines, we read data that the consumer doesn't even know that's being collected about them because it's being collected from the, rest of their lives by, companies they don't know and it's now being shared, with Facebook so that Facebook can target ads back. To the user. What. Facebook, does is. Profile. You if you're on Facebook it's collecting everything you do if you're, off Facebook, it's using tracking pixels, to collect, what you're browsing and for it's micro targeting to work for its business, model to work it has to remain a surveillance, machine, they. Made a product that. Was. A better tool for advertisers, than anything that had ever come before it and, of course the ad revenue, spikes. That. Change, alone, I think. As a sea change in the, way the. Company, felt. About its future and. The. Direction it was headed. Sparrow. Pawnee was so uncomfortable, with, the direction Facebook, was going he, left before the companies work with data brokers, took effect. The. Extent, of Facebook's, data collection, was, largely a secret, until a law student in Austria, had a chance encounter with a company, lawyer I, kind. Of wanted a semester off so I actually went to California, to Santa Clara University, in the Silicon Valley. Someone. From Facebook, was a guest speaker explaining, to us basically how they deal with European, privacy law, and. A general understanding was you can do whatever you want to do in Europe because they do have data protection laws but, they don't really enforce them at all. So. I send an email to Facebook saying I wanna have a copy of all my data. So. I got from Facebook about 1200. Pages and, I. Read. Through it. In. My personal file I think the most sensitive, information was my messages, for. Example a friend of mine was in the closed unit off the of a psychological hospital, in Indiana I. Deleted. All these messages, but. All of them came back up and you. Have messages about you know love life and sexuality, and. All of that is kept. Facebook. Tries to give, you the impression that you share this only with friends, the reality is Facebook is always looking there. Is a data category, called last location where, they store. Where they think you've been the last time if. You attack people in pictures, there's, GPS location, so by that they know which, person has been at what place at what time, back. On the servers there's like a treasure trove just like ten times as big as anything we ever see on the screen as, Facebook, was ramping, up its data collection, business ahead of the IP. Trams. Filed 22, complaints with the data protection Commission, in Ireland where, Facebook has its international, headquarters and. It had 20 people at the time over little supermarkets in a small town it's called poor darling it's 5,000 people in the middle of nowhere and they, were meant to regulate, Google, or Facebook or LinkedIn and, all of them schrems, claimed facebook was violating, European, privacy, law in the way it was collecting, personal data and. Not telling users what they were doing with it and after we filed these complaints that was when actually, Facebook reached out basically, say you know let's sit down and have a coffee and talk about all of this. So. We actually have a kind of notable, meeting that was in 2012, and the airport in Vienna, but. The interesting thing is that most of these points that simply didn't have an answer you, totally.

Saw That their pants were down, however. A certain, point I just got a text, message from the data protection authority, saying they're not available to speak to me anymore that, was how this procedure, basically ended, Facebook, knew that the system plays in their favor so even if you violate the law the, reality is it's it's very likely not gonna be enforced. Facebook. Disputed, schrems claims, and said, it takes European, privacy, laws seriously. It, agreed to make its policies, clearer and stop, storing some kinds of user data. In. Silicon, Valley those, who covered the tech industry, had also been confronting, Facebook, about how it was handling users, personal, data. Privacy. Was my number, one concern back then so, when we were thinking about talking to mark the platform, was an issue there were a bunch of privacy, violations, and, that was what we wanted to talk to him that is, there a level of privacy, that just has to apply, to everyone, or do things I mean you might have a view of this is what privacy means to Mark Zuckerberg so this is what its gonna mean at Facebook, yeah I mean people, can control this Burcham, sometimes simple, control has always been one of the important, parts of using Facebook and Kara, Swisher has, perv Zuckerberg since, the beginning. She. Interviewed, him after the company had changed, its default privacy, settings do, you feel like it's a backlash, or that you feel like you're violating people's privacy, and we. Started, to ask questions he, became increasingly uncomfortable. And. You know it's I think the issue is you became the head of the biggest social networking company. On the planet. You. Know so I started, this when I was you know started. Working on this type of stuff when I was 18 so he started. To sweat quite a lot and then a lot a lot and then a real lot so the kind of this kind of thing were you know like broadcast news where I was dripping down like or Tom Cruise and that Mission Impossible he, was just he was going to his chin and dripping off. From. Building, this project in a dorm room and it. Wasn't stopping, and I was noticing that one of the people from Facebook was like oh my god and was we, were I was trying to figure out what to do yeah. I mean. You. Know a lot of stuff happened along the way I think um you. Know. There were real learning points, and turning points along the way in terms of, in. Terms of building. Things. He. Was in such distress and I know it sounds awful but I felt like his mother like oh my god this poor guy is gonna faint, I thought, he was gonna faint I did I take off the hoodie. Well. Different, people think different things he's, told us he had the flu I, felt. Like he, had had a panic attack is what happened. Is. A warm hoodie yeah no it's it's the hoodie we it's um it's a company hoodie we print our mission on the inside what oh really, the inside of the hoodie everybody, take. Off what, is it making. The making, the world more open and connected oh, my god like a Oh from. That interview, and from others I mean, how, would you have characterized. Marc's, view of privacy, well. I you. Know I don't know if you thought about that it's kind of interesting because they're very they're, very loose, on it they, have a viewpoint, that this helps, you. As the user to get more information and they will deliver up more sir that's the whole length of Silicon Valley by the way if you only give us everything, we will give you free stuff there. Is a trade being made between the user and Facebook, the, question is are they protecting, that that data. Facebook. Had been free to set its own privacy, standards, because, in the u.s. there are no overarching, privacy. Laws that apply to this kind of data collection. But. In 2010. Authorities. At the Federal Trade Commission became concerned. In. Most other parts of the world privacy. Is a right the, United States not exactly. At. The FTC David. Vladek who was investigating. Whether Facebook had been deceiving its users, what. He found was that Facebook, had been sharing users, personal, data with. So-called third party developers. Companies. That built games and, apps for the platform and our view was that you, know it's fine for Facebook to collect this data but, sharing, this data with third parties, without consent. Was, a no-no, but, a Facebook of course we believe that our users have complete control of their information the heart of our cases against, companies, like Facebook, was deceptive, conduct that, is they they, did not make it clear to consumers, the extent to which their personal, data would be shared with third parties the FTC. Had another worry they. Saw the potential, for data to be misused because, Facebook, wasn't keeping track of what the third parties were doing with it they, had in, my view no.

Real Control, over the, third party app developers, that had access to the site they could have been anyone there was no due diligence. Anyone, essentially. Who. Could develop a third party app could, get access to the site it could have been somebody working for a foreign adversaries certainly. It could have been somebody working, yes, for. You know for the Russian government. Facebook. Settled, with the FTC without, admitting guilt and under, a consent order agreed. To fix the problems was, there an expectation, at, the time of the consent order that, they, would staff, up to, ensure that their, user's data was not leaking. Out all over the place yes that's. That was the point of the this, provision, of the Santu order that required, them to identify. Risks to personal privacy and to plug those gaps quickly, inside. Facebook however, with, the IPO on the horizon, they were also under pressure to, keep monetizing. All that personal information not. Just fix the FTC's, privacy, issues nine, months into my first, job in tech I ended up in an interesting situation where, because, I had been the main person, who, was working on privacy. Issues with respect to. Facebook. Platform which, had many many many privacy, issues it was a it was a real hornet's. Nest and I. Ended up in a meeting with a bunch, of the most senior executives at the company and they, went around the room and they basically said well who's. In charge and, the, answer was me, because no, one else really knew anything about it you'd, think that a company of the size. And importance. Of Facebook. You. Know would have really, focused and had a team of people and you know very senior people working on these issues but, ended. Up being me. What. Did you think about that at the time that, was horrified I didn't. Think I was qualified. Fair, Aquila's tried to examine all the ways that the data facebook, was sharing with third-party developers. Could be misused my. Concerns. At the time were. That I knew, that there were all these, malicious. Actors who, would do a wide. Range, of bad, things, given. The opportunity, given the ability to target, people based on this information, that, Facebook had so I started thinking through what are the worst-case scenarios, of what. People could do with, this, data and I showed some of the kinds, of bad actors that might, try, to attack. And I share that with a, number, of senior executives and the. The. Response was was muted, I would say. I got, the sense that it just this just wasn't their priority, they weren't that concerned about, the, vulnerabilities. That the company was creating, they were concerned, about, revenue. Growth and user growth and that. Was expressed to you or that's something that you just gleaned from the the interactions, from, the lack of a response I would gather. That yeah and, how. Senior, were the senior executives, very, senior like. Among. The top five. Executives, of the company. Facebook. Has said it took the FTC, order seriously. And despite, per Achilles's, account had, large teams, of people working, to improve users privacy, but. The pair Achilles and others inside Facebook it, was clear the business model continued, to drive the mission in 2012. Our Achilles. Left the company frustrated. I think, there was a certain arrogance, there that, led. To a lot of bad. Long-term. Decision-making, the, long-term. Ramifications of. Those. Decisions, was not well thought through at all and. It it's got, us to where we are right now. You're. A visionary, you're, a founder your, leader mark, please come to the podium. In. May of 2012, the, company finally went public the, world's largest social network, managed, to raise more than 18, billion dollars making. It the largest technology IPO. In US, history people, literally lined up in Times Square around, the Nasdaq, board will wring the spell and will get back to work with founder Mark Zuckerberg ringing.

The Nasdaq, opening bell remotely, from Facebook, headquarters in, Menlo, Park California. Mark. Zuckerberg was, now worth an estimated 15. Billion, dollars. Facebook. Would go on to acquire Instagram. And whatsapp on its way to becoming one of the most valuable, companies in the world. Milestone. In, our history. But. Here's the thing. Our. Mission, isn't to be a public company our. Mission, is to make the world more open and connected. At. Facebook, the, business model built on getting more and more of users personal, data was, seen as a success. But. Across the country, researchers. Working for the Department, of Defense we're, seeing something else the. Concern was that social. Media could. Be used for really nefarious. Purposes, the. Opportunities. For just. Information, for deception for everything else are enormous bad, guys or, anybody. Could use this for any kind of purpose in a way that wasn't possible before. That's. The concern and, what did you see as a potential. Threat of people, giving up their data that. They're opening themselves up to being targets for manipulation, I can manipulate you to buy something, I can manipulate you, to vote for somebody it's, like putting a target painting, a big target on your front on your chest and on your back and saying Here I am come, and manipulate me you have every I'm giving you everything you need. Have. At it that's. The threat. Walsman. Says Facebook wouldn't, provide data to help his research, but from, 2012, to 2015 he and his colleagues published more than 200. Academic, papers and reports about. Threats they were seeing from social media what, I saw over, the years of the program was. That the, medium enables, you to really take dis information and turn, it into a serious, weapon, was. Your research revealing, the potential, threat, to, national. Security. So if you when you looked at how it actually worked you see what the opportunities are for manipulation, mass manipulation, and is there an assumption there that people are easily mislead yes. Yes. People, I usually miss Lynn if, you do it the right way, for. Example when you see people forming. Into communities. Okay. What's. Called filter bubbles, now. I'm gonna exploit. That to craft my message so that it resonates most exactly. With that community, and I'll do that for every single community, it. Would be pretty easy it would be pretty easy to set up a fake account a large. Number of fake accounts embedded, in different communities, and use, them to disseminate, propaganda at. An enormous, scale yes. Well that's why it's a serious weapon because it's an enormous scale it's. The scale it makes it a weapon. In. Fact, Walsman, spheres, were already playing out at. A secret propaganda Factory, in st. Petersburg Russia called. The internet research, agency. Hundreds. Of Russian operatives, were using social media to, fight the anti Russian government, in neighboring, Ukraine. Vitaly. Bench pilaf says he was one of them. Can. You explain. What. Is the internet research agency. It's. A company that creates a fake perception, of Russia. They. Use things like illustrations. Pictures. Anything. That would influence people's minds. When. I worked there I didn't hear anyone say the government, runs us or the Kremlin runs us but, everyone there knew and, everyone, realized. Was. The main intention to make the Ukrainian, government, look bad. Yeah. Yeah that's what it was this, was the intention with Ukraine put. President poroshenko in a bad light and, the. Rest of the government in the military. You. Come to work there's, a pile of SIM cards. Many. Many SIM cards and an, old mobile phone. You. Need an account to register for, various social media sites. You. Pick a photo of a random person choose, a random last name and start, posting links to news in different groups. The. Russian propaganda had, its intended effect, helping. To sow distrust. And fear of, the Ukrainian, government. Demonstrators. Against. Ukraine's. Russian. Propaganda, was massive, on social, media it was massive there were so many stories that start, emerging on the Facebook cruel. Cruel, Ukrainian. Nationalists, killing, people or torturing, them because, they speak Russian they. Scared, people, you. See they gonna attack they're gonna burn your villages, you, should worry. Faith. Stage, 2 News. Crucified. Child by, Ukrainian, soldiers, which is totally. Nonsense. It. Got proven that. Those people were actually hired actors. Complete, nonsense but it's it spreads, on Facebook so, Facebook, was weaponized. Just. As in the Arab Spring Facebook. Was being used to inflame divisions, but. Now by, groups working on behalf of a foreign power, using. Facebook's, tools built, to help advertisers, boost, their content, by, that time in Facebook you could pay money to promote these.

Stories, So your stories, emerge, on the, top lines and. Suddenly. You. Start to believe in this and you, immediately get immediate response. You can test all kind. Of nonsenses. And understand. -, which nonsense. People do, not believe. And. To which nonsenses, people start believing. Which. Will influence, the behavior of person, receptive. To propaganda, and then, provoking. That person on sending action. They. Decided, to undermine. Ukraine, from the, inside. Rather. Than from outside. I. Mean. Basically think, about this Russia hacked us. Dimitra. Shim Kiev a top adviser to Ukraine's president, met. With Facebook, representatives. And says he asked them to intervene, they. Response that Facebook gave us sorry, we are open platform, anybody, can do anything without. Within, the our. Policy, which is written on the website and when I said but this is fake accounts, you. Could verify that. Well. We'll, think about this but you, know we we have a freedom of speech and we are very proud amaq recei a platform. Everybody, can say anything in, the meeting, do. You think you made it explicitly. Clear that. Russia, was, using, Facebook, to meddle in Ukraine. Politics. I was. Explicitly, saying that, there are trolls factory, that. There are posts, and news that, are fake that, are lying, and they. Are promoted, on your platform. We. Buy very often fake accounts, have. A look at, least. Sending. Somebody to investigate. And. No one sorry no no, one was sent oh no for. Them at that time it, was not an issue. Facebook. Told frontline that Jim cave didn't raise the issue of misinformation, in their meeting, and. That, their conversations, had nothing to do with what would happen in the United States two years later, it. Was known to Facebook. In, 2014. There. Was potential, for. Russian. Disinformation, campaigns. On Facebook. Yes. And there. Were disinformation, campaigns. From a number, of, different. Countries. On Facebook. You know disinformation, campaigns. Were a regular. Facet. Of. Facebook. Eree abroad. And. That's. I mean yeah, technically. That should have, led. To a learning experience I, just don't know. There. Was plenty that was known about the potential, downsides, of social, media and Facebook you, know potential, for disinformation. Potential. For that actor, is an abuse were. These things that you just weren't paying attention to or were these things that were. Kind. Of conscious, choices to kind of say all, right we're gonna kind, of advocate, responsibility. From those things and just keep growing I definitely. Think we've been paying attention to the things that we know and one, of the biggest challenges, here is that this is really an evolving, set of threats and risks we. Had a big effort around scams. We had a big effort around, bullying and harassment. We had a big effort around nudity. And porn on Facebook, it's always ongoing, and so. Some of these threats and problems are new, and I. Think we're grappling with that as a company, with other. Companies, in the space with, governments, with other organizations. And so I wouldn't. Say that everything. Is new it's just different problems. At. Facebook, headquarters in, Menlo Park they. Would stick to the mission and the business model. Despite. A gathering, storm. By. 2016. Russia, was continuing, to use social media as a weapon a. Division. And polarization, were running through the presidential, campaign. Mark. Zuckerberg saw, threats to his vision of an open, and connected, world. As. I. Look around I'm. Starting, to see people and, nations, turning. Inward. Against. This idea of a connected, world and, a global, community, I hear. Fearful, voices, calling for building. Walls and, distancing. People they label as others. For.

Blocking Free expression, for, slowing immigration, reducing. Trade and in some, cases around the world even cutting access, to the Internet but. He. Continued, to view his invention, not. As part of the problem but. As the solution, and. That's. Why I think the. Work that we're all doing together is more. Important, now than it's. Ever been before. Tomorrow. Night frontlines. Investigation. Continues. There is absolutely no. Company, who has had so, much influence, on the, information, that Americans, consume, he's the man who connected, the world but. At what cost. Polarization. Was the key to the model the global. Threat, this. Is an information. Ecosystem that. Just turns democracy, upside down the, 2016, election, Facebook getting over a billion, political, and the company denials, the idea, that fake, news, on, Facebook, includes, the election in any way I think is a pretty crazy idea. And. I'm responsible for what happens here is Facebook, ready for the midterm, election, there are a lot of questions, heading into this midterm midterm, election, I still have questions, if we're gonna make sure that, in 2018. And 2020. This doesn't happen again. Part. Two of the Facebook dilemma, tomorrow. Night on Frontline. Go. To PBS, or, slash frontline, to, read more about facebook from our partner Washington, Post reporter, Dan a priest for Facebook that dilemma is can they solve these serious, problems without, completely. Revamping. Their business, model, then watch a video explainer, about what Facebook, knows about you and how even, though you never signed up for it facebook now has data about you and stores it as a shadow profile, connect. To the frontline community, at Slash. Frontline. For. More on this and other frontline programs visit. Our website, at, slash. Frontline. The. Waterfront lines the Facebook dilemma on DVD, visit. Shop PBS, or. Call, 1-800. Play, PBS. This. Program is also available on, Amazon Prime, video.

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u got zucced

The perfect sample of propaganda.. Shame on you, PBS

and you were then hacked for a half million accounts? Isn't that worst case right there??

How conveniently both Frontline PBS and Facebook don't mention the biggest origin of the biggest collusion: Canada and Israel. Their finger prints are all over the internet but no one dares to name them. Public BS as usual.

It is easy to demonize Zuckerberg. If Zuck had not created Facebook then someone else would have. The timing was right for it. Perhaps MySpace or Friendster or some yet-to-be-created website would have had the exponential growth and attracted billions of users. We would be in exact same position. Any new technology is disruptive -- the telephone, radio, TV, smartphones, video cameras... One thing which never changes is human behavior. Humanity will always be composed of good and bad people. It doesn't matter which century we are in or the kind of technology we have at our fingertips. If people can exploit other people then they will. You can throw Zuck in prison and crush all the Facebook servers. But that won't change a damn thing.

People keep using Facebook so they deserve what they get.

“Somewhat Orwellian... in an upbeat way obviously “... that’s quite a feat.

More left wing propaganda designed to intimidate Zuckerberg and con the public.

My brain was hacked by Vladimir Putin through the medium of facebook

onother country can overthrow the goverment yet i use one bad word and im in FB jail for a month! fucking ass holes !

What bothers me is not Facebook. It's people who believe the things they see on Facebook. Are people not intelligent enough to tell the difference between a fun and the truth/ facts?

Let me guess what part two is about: everyone who voted for Trump was an uninformed victim of a Russian misinformation campaign on Facebook. Give me a break.

Funny how NO ONE was saying anything about it while it was happening. Facebook was "awesome"!!! Now in hindsight, you hear these jokers use words like "manipulation, corruption, etc..." Gimme a break...

Facebook censors conservative thought.

Wrong. Go cry to someone who cares.

Sweating, gulping, turned white. He has been caught and I hope he pays somehow. I can't stand that man, if you could call him a man.

This man is evil. Can't you see in his eyes? His demeanor is arrogant........he is just a brat that got in way over his head. I wish OUR Congress would regulate him. He is out of control!!!

Also, does anyone know if Twitter owns "Square"? This new device some vendors are using now? I think my financial data is going to FB. I got an email receipt from them and I NEVER gave anyone my email! It creeps me out and more and more businesses are going that route to save money, I think. Thanks.

THE LOVE OF MONEY IS A TERRIBLE DRUG? .... stated in a croakey voice?

Someone please tell me if I am on Youtube or shop on internet, but I do NOT have a facebook account, are they or someone still tracking me? Also, I keep hearing even if you turn your phone off, take out the battery, they are still tracking you somehow? Is there a camera in our phones we don't know about? Is this the same for Google, if I use their browser or any of their apps? This is what I really want to know. I keep hearing conflicting info. Thanks.

I deleted my Facebook account. And I don't regret it a single bit! PS. It wasn't easy to do though. No, not easy because I couldn't decide. It wasn't easy because they don't make it easy to find how to do it. I had to Google it and then copy and paste a special URL into my web browser's address bar because there's absolutely no easy way you can click a button on the Facebook site itself to completely delete your account. They try to trick you into deactivating it, which is not the same as deleting it for good. So wouldn't it qualify FB as a virus?

Facebook got Trump, A.K.A. Hitler Version 2.0 elected.

FB privacy - hahaha

Mark Z is Hitler trying to silence opposing opinions. shame on facebook and their Nazi tactics. They are criminals and traitors to this republic and Trump should arrest him asap. You dont get to play social media god and socially engineer the people on the platform to only believe what YOU believe. The time is now to develop a new platform. People WANT one with free speech.

Save yourself time folks, this is nothing more than propaganda that turns into an anti-freedom of speech hit-piece. Next to nothing being reported has actually been verified and much of it can be proven wrong...the next hour contains a guy that claims that he coined the term Fake News and proved Facebook was being used by Russians and Ukrainians and no such people even exist...and lol on the "I was the one that called it Fake News" BS.

Its FakeBook .....get it right

Leftbook isn't trustworthy, that's why people are looking elsewhere for social media ...

Facebook has been run into the ground by old racists. Bye bye!

Keep it Formal.. Or don't dam.. Anyhow give me the 40's

Bro he did what he wanted to accomplish damm man.. 3 seconds now 2.5 what the hell..

@44:00 to 48:30 says it all It’d be pleasant to interview just one conservative with FB - best of luck with that.


Youtube's algorithm does the same thing

VP of "social good". Orwell is jacking off in his grave.

All your comments are being captured and feed into cognitive AI data farms. Be warned, your negative comments shall place you in a category decided by the AI machines. When facebook sends out the kill lists, the robots will find ya!

The Tree of Life shooter got it all wrong. Zuckerberg. Ellison, Page, Brin, Bezos, Dimon, Blankfein, Geffen, Iger, Warburg are the Jews worth going after.

facebook is nothing but a 24 hour infomercial. It has nothing to do with keep up to date with family and friends. In the beginning- the myspace crowd went to facebook. I went there because that was were my family and some friends were. In the past so many months tho, I dont think those people are even there. If they post, I never see the post. Facebook convinced me it was a way of connecting with my friends... well that is no longer the model. Facebook is a stream of sponsored and suggested posts.. you never see what your friends are up to. Like so many things - facebook has improved its way out of my life. Maybe the bot algos can hang and shoot the breeze with bot algos

Any one else American in there late 20s never had a Facebook here?

It all comes down to, why isn't Facebook now paying it's users for its data? Give them a piece of the cut, tax it, and move on.


Deleting my Facebook tomorrow ....... Not!.... I’m not important so who cares. Don’t overvalue yourselves.

its disgusting that he still thinks (says) FB is part of the solution rather than part of the problem, considering all the manipulative tactics they have employed. if you thought the both-sides-ism coming out of main stream journalism was bad, this is way worse.

I use it for my music businesses. I perform for a living and host a blues & jazz TV program. Our music scene works with it promoting and connecting.

Facebook's ONLY JOB is to MAKE MONEY. If YOU have 60,000,000 RETARDS who CAN'T figure out that they're BEING PLAYED, it's NOT Facebook's problem. A HUGE portion of YOUR electorate are IDIOTS!!!!!!

Just a publicly traded company that cuts corners to make money.

What in the world is the expression on the Facebook employees face at 50:55

Mark zakerberg is deceptive figure

FACEBOOK was so dope before all you dinosaurs figure out how to use a computer

The guy said "to make sure this doesn't happen again in 2018 and 2020". Translation, I am a fucking pos liberal and want to censor the right.

43:20 filter bubbles

42:00 DoD

41:30 again with the “making the world more open and connected” bullshit. ******

39:00 weren’t concerned w privacy just revenue

32:50 “people can control this” —lying. Zuck starts sweating like a pig.

29:00 thousands of pages of data

26:00 ****Disgusting blatant lies****

24:00 it’s terrifying

19:15 “if you increase the tone against your opponents you’re going to get more distribution” Leads to —->Polarization

17:15 Egypt Arab spring would not have happened without Facebook. Amazing bites. On CNN the organizer thanked Facebook. When asked what’s next by wolf blitzed. He said...”ask Facebook”. Wowzer

I resisted getting a Facebook account and basically going on the internet in general for many years. Thinking I was missing something I gave in. I regret that decision now. The patients are running the asylum...

15:15 Arab Spring

13:15 section 230 of Communications Decency Act. Websites are not responsible for co Renton their sites ***good broll

12:05 like buttons Broll

11:20 Newsfeed

11:10 “Everyone was focuses on growth growth growth.”

6:30 “to make the world open and connected” says the company that’s closed source proprietary and purges accounts without any warning or transparency.

5:10 ***COMPLETE LIE***

4:00 “move fast and break things”

1:00 “Polarization was the key to the model”—And that is one of the main problems

Regardless of those who believe the " powerful elite " controls us and everything we see ( through social media, advertising, soap operas, web sites, racism, communism, shady business deals, etc. ) history ALWAYS shows us two important lessons: 1.) These elite ALWAYS sell their souls only to fall from grace with regrets 2.) The Emperor ( Trump, Manafort, Osama, Bill Clinton, Marcos, Zuckerberg, Nixon, etc. ) has no clothes. It's those powerful elite who always think they will never get caught and getaway with crimes. Sure, they can profile me, store info on me, make a file, and more. But these elite ALWAYS fall from grace or get caught, in one way or another.

That’s what I’ve been saying for years, this kid fell backwards into a pile of cash, he didn’t and still doesn’t really know what FB is. He’s not the bright genius people think he is.

Read Genesis chapter 11(kjv)

Facebook is awful. They track you everywhere you go.

facebook is a big scam and bunch of ling asshole.

Facebook always sucked. i hope it disappears forever, the whole social media BS is making people into robots without emotions or compassion. BAN FACEBOOK

I blame users. Not Facebook. Don't put info out you don't want to get out. Don't believe crap on the internet unless you research and verify it. The only thing I see Facebook doing is showing how stupid a lot of people are. That is just how I see it. I research the crap I see on Facebook before blindly believing it.

Mark Suckerman, cares about money. Not our country, not you and I, MONEY. Double F you MARK!

I'm going to make two points. I worked for the Department of Justice for 12 and a half years DEA local Vice narcotics. Facebook was a valuable tool for us to use. If you put a phone number into the search menu it will actually link to any active Facebook account. That in conjunction with the fact that its privacy was so convoluted people didn't know what was and wasn't shared. Which means any member of law enforcement could tie a phone number to a person which would pretty much give you their location. Second point would be that about a year ago my account was deleted because I uploaded a video from the park and I was flagged for copyright infringement. Which I didn't even know existed. I haven't signed up since with a new account. What I can tell you is that my life is exponentially better. My relationship with people closest to me are stronger. I can no longer dump thoughts uncooked onto the internet without sitting down and thinking about them clearly. When you know damn near everything about a person before you even met them I believe it's damaging socially. I mean you know their kids names and where they go to school and when they went out to dinner or where they were married who their best friends are. that's not good. Irony is they call it "social media" when in reality it's should be called "anti-social media".

ohhh those russians

Facebook is like giving a car thief the keys to your car.

I have a hard time believing that we're all brainwashed by Facebook and blindly do what they, or any other platform, lead us to explicitly. To that end, regarding the last presidential election, Facebook had no affect on how I voted and it's ludicrous to blame an election solely on people using the medium (just as they do for how many other mediums - for crying out loud literally 90% of the ads on TV right now are political ads) as essentially another form of advertising.

Wow, does any one really think that Zuck actually built Facebook? Really scary!

Great video! I'm sharing it on Facebook

The MAIN problem with FB and other social media is not the algorithms, programming, software, ITS BECAUSE THERE ARE TOO MANY STUPID PPL IN THE WORLD TODAY!

I am the Alpha and the Omega !

Heaven Godhood is our final destination,let us help cooperate make new heavens and new earth!

We come from love and we end in love!

Your Facebook employees are Gods too!

You are a Santa Claus Mark Zuckerberg!

You are humble and meek Mark Zuckerberg !

You are the 3 kings Maggis on Christmas story !

You are God Mark Zuckerberg !

Facebook should be held accountable. Immediately. The damage that was done to the whole world through their platform could have been avoided if they were tiny little bit responsible. This is totally unacceptable.

I've been a slow adopter of technology, this gives me the ability to watch the consequences of new technology on others. The information these tech companies have on me is useless to them. I have a stupid phone that at most might have crude cell tower location information. I pay cash, cash is king and an information void for marketers. All the information they collect is from CC and smart phone payment technology. Also back in the 90s the mantra was don't share personal information online, granted that was protection from unscrupulous individuals but by extension that also protects against marketers. The idea shifted to all of a sudden share your information on social media platforms, I never adopted that philosophy. I have always given as much false information as possible. I never use real info to sign up for any website. Google knows who I am only because they read my emails and only because its in my resume, otherwise they wouldn't have a clue. You have to think about everything you do and the consequences there of.

This goes to the bigger issue of human information vulnerability. It is propaganda but propaganda is just an extension of marketing. The old propaganda machine used to work in a closed environment such as state run TV. The new propaganda operates in an open market place. The old was a hierarchical media system now we have an even playing field that people choose from. People are literally choosing their own propaganda. While the new machine is being manipulated by a profit making algorithm, people are still driving the algorithm, you can call it a feedback loop. But the ultimate responsibility resides in the users. So what is the difference between propaganda and marketing? Not much. The biggest difference is in consequences but the mentality is the same. The concern about propaganda is perfectly legitimate but by extension marketing should also be just as much of a concern. But it isn't, America's economy is built on excessive consumerism and marketing feeds that consumerism.

Twitter is AIDs infected heroin syringe

29:04 what gives Facebook rights to track what we do outside of it (browser)? it is really hunting our privacy for it's own benefits. just because marketeers need data to improve the marketing doesn't mean Facebook should go savage on peoples privacy.

Since my awakening began about 4 yrs ago, I spent progressively less time on FB. Something that once made me feel good started to make me feel uneasy, and eventually FB started making me feel physically ill.... my "vibe" was being "infected". So one day I stopped visiting the site. Now I dont go on at all....I think I've only been on three times in two years, and those times were to mourn lost friends. I feel SOOOO much better without FB.

If you want to blame someone besides the actual person or people who help foster hate etc then...

I stopped using Facebook about 7 years ago - now when I try to make an account I get my account closed within 2-4 weeks every time. They ask for my personal info and then never give my account back. At this point I need it just to use for my business and to buy and sell in the marketplace but i can’t.

I let FB go 2 yrs ago. You could see this a mile away. Over and over again, data breaches, whitewashing, obfuscation, repeat. Zuckerberg seems to think he can solve his problems with wordsmithing.

Wow this video is a goldmine for anyone who's a student of studying body language and microexpressions. 5 stars

Elizabeth Linder seems like a psycho

*Disconnected FB in March 2012.* You have NO idea what they're really doing and neither does *Frontline.*

Zak Zakaburg and facebook have blood in their hands, they may have yachts, private jets, luxury homes, fame, and so on; but in their hearts they are dead people, because their minds and hearts are filled with filthy greed and corruption of power, specially power of knowledge and money. Corruption of highest good (higher power) is the greatest EVIL. I stopped using facebook years ago and I will never use it again, I have been encouraging my family and friends to stop using it.

I just took a big steamy shit.

Look at all the hungry peasants eating their god alive.

Did Frontline ask if the US government has used Facebook to foment division among the american people? Or use Facebook to create chaos in other nations? Of course not.

This documentary is propaganda. Why no mention of the fact that Zuckerberg stole the idea for facebook from his college classmates? Why no mention of the fact that either Facebook and/or Israel have benefitted immensely from Facebook's manipulative power? Why no mention of the fact that since they (and Google) have changed their algorithms is a claimed attempt to stem false "news" they are largely focussing on progressive left wing pages. Why no mention of the obvious fact that this seems to be the very incarnation of Jewish control of the entire world?

Don't you think it's odd that overturning an Egyptian leader is celebrated as a success, while a US presidential candidate losing an election is a threat to democracy???

So after 53 minutes, the crux of this story is that there is misinformation on facebook?  Well........duh.  Seriously, who trusts anything that they read on facebook?  Forwarded chain e-mails from my grandma are more credible than facebook.

kinda mediocre questions and direction of people.. could've been better

so here is a man who created a platform where people can meet and share their experiences and now we want him to REGULATE the platform in favor of a certain political group or certain political beliefs. ABSOLUTELY WRONG!!!!!!!

propaganda. this is a cloak for the voter purging that's been punting our elections (all offices, all levels) to the right more and more for decades. and that sure as hell isn't something we can blame on Russians. however, we can use the Russians as an excuse for censorship, less real privacy, more surveillace. Anything to put off facing the disaster built into our economic and foreign policy practices. Zuckerberg makes a great scapegoat coz he's the type to volunteer.

"move fast. break things."- facebook motto. When you believe in something, you are going to make it happen no matter what. Facebook really did break this world.

if the objective was to really connect ppl of the world, which means connecting our views and beliefs we share on the platform, then why is there censorship?

i visit my FB acct twice a year. maybe I'll post this video on my next login.

I had more of an impact on 2016 election than Russia. And I’m just a youtube jagoff.

51:00 it’s ridiculous to blame 2016 election on Russia...the vast majority of information on the election on Fb was create and shared by and for Americans.

48:30 “very often by fake accounts” —but what about the real accounts? Should they be censored??

47:30 Fb said “but we have an open policy, pro free speech”. That didn’t last did it.

46:00 hired actors. Source?

43:50 Internet Research Agency. Vitally Pespelof?

Biased documentary from the start.

Matt Orfalea exactly

I love Facebook! I use it for socializing.I don't use it to get news...I educate myself first to search before sharing anything.

Social media is a waste of time

That Naomi chick was nothing but a corporate monkey. Initially, I thought: "why even feature her BS interview?" But it really goes to show how FB is still trying to cover this problem up and downplay it. Terrible, Terrible. There should be some kind of regulation, and FB should help pay for it!!! Fine em!!

its not really facebooks fault for dumb ass believing everything they read. its no different than tabloids at supermarket back in the day with headlines like "bat boy" or "my alien baby". people dumb and only read headlines.

more empty rhetoric than thought possible - the core of the ad game. zuck and fb literally the products of central intelligence

FB is a big fat joke.

When a person speaks with a fake, disingenuous smile, you can safely assume they have some nefarious ambitions.

Upload more full length videos please.

Facebook needs to turn away into the time out corner, and think about what they’ve done, especially Zuckerberg.

Facebook's only mistake was they never considered that there are a lot of really stupid people in the world, deranged delusional impressionable flawed people and a lot of other bad people in the world trying to take advantage or victimize those stupid people. It would have helped a lot if they never allowed anonymity to their users in the users agreement. Most people who use FB for evil, criminal or wrongful purposes do not reveal their true identity and no real person is responsible for what their FB alter-ego says or does.

this is another example of building up an anti -russia narrative...where is the proof that russia meddled? The cia does it every day everywhere in every country.. fake news once again....

complaining about something is the prize of being a consumer, it's habitual, and for some and possible many it becomes a personality trait that people don't know they have. So inevitably the better the consumer has it the harder they have to look to find something to complain about. The reality of the consumer is they always want more for less, and they always want something to be easier to understand, or validate a world view. Though complaining might inspire innovation, the only direction that can go ultimately, if one complains as a reflex is to reduce the world to a simple reflection of a person who just wants to complain. Complaining about FB is one thing, it's a waist of time because FB is about as good as it can get for a free service that wants to do good things for people. Worrying about how data is used now a days is universal problem with this digitally connected age, it deals with all online software not just FB.

Every man and woman with purple hair living in Silicon Valley needs to be arrested IMMEDIATELY!!!!

Fuck Facebook. Fuck Zuck.

This is a fluff piece. Yeah, it is critical but it could seriously be much more critical. Giving those fucking PR talking heads any showtime is fucking sick. How can you be serious here, saying you are being critical and then letting them explain themselves. Their job is to lie, I know I went to school for PR.

Seriously, I cannot even stand listening to him talk.

Question #1. What Do You Want? Question #2. How Do You Get It? Question # 3. THEN WHAT HAPPENS? Way to often we ask the first two questions, and never ask the third. Because that is where problems reside....otherwise unknown as The Law Of Unintended Consequences.

Facebook should not be patrolled. Nobody should be defining what news are fake. So the fact that there were some people employed to delete posts and selecting the "approved" newsfeeds is biased. A person loses his privacy as soon as he connects to wifi. So privacy is not an issue, bias of a facebook is.

"We been focused on the good things" like selling out our users for our corporate masters and intelligence agency's!

oh comon, what they clearly mean is connecting people between friends and those you know. There's nothing wrong with making software proprietary and in this case it would make the software even more secure... Biased and irrational. Too many of them here. And I don't even use facebook.

glad I dont use life log anymore.

Even if (big if) people’s infos would never be sold, still there’s the issue of the algorithms inducing polarized behavior and beliefs, as a rule, and incrementally. The damage caused by this to the social media experience is still to be reckoned. We are already witnessing the dangerous outcomes of this artificial polarization in withering democracies worldwide

Sub Spanish, please

Facebook has been overvalued or talked about over everything. I think it’s plain stupid and should been a company valued 300 billion dollars

If you were still using facebook you deserve everything and more. If you are still using facebook you are an enemy of humanity

I didn’t know Facebook made people stay home and not vote in 2016!!!!

mark zuckerberg and his whole fucking team didnt see it coming?? hahaha fucking liars, srsly i was barely using facebook when the election happened and i fucking saw it happening from 10 miles away..........

I am forever grateful that when MySpace went under, I didn't hop on the facebook train. I know I'm not entirely protected, but better so than those on facebook, I imagine. After Cambridge Analytica, this, and common sense, why would anybody continue to use this platform? The people I ask always say the same thing- I want to stay connected to family and friends. It's like they have Stockholm syndrome

down with Facebook !!!!

There is always a danger with democracy and mobs. Facebook's biggest problem is this. That said, the security risks are the most open and viable threats to any person using the site. I do wonder if people understand they're just data in most corporation's eyes? Sad part, people conflate capitalism with corporatism. They make the fatal mistake of thinking Marxism and communism and socliaism and so on are fixes. They're not a fix in Venezuela. And they certainly haven't fixed China. Wish I had the solution, but I know Facebook is just one of many data giants. Rulers without lands. The most viable threat to the nation states they ever had.

A friend of my mine told me in 2011, that FB destroys people’s lives. I looked at her in shock, and wished I learned about its social effects on people’s lives before I created my account in 2010.


That’s fucking retarded, I am sure Russian spy’s made all us morons hate the political criminal class that is feasting on the hard work of honest Americans. Russia is not responsible for the anger of American working class. It’s the obvious pilfering that takes place in our name.

Cock sucker burg founder of the biggest waste of fucking life ever!!

Delete Facebook !

A friend of mine said, Facebook is the new Big Brother, reporting people to the government. After he explained that statement, it's hard to disagree. More people use Facebook than live in China. That's troubling.

Does anybody really believe what "Fuckerberg" says? This is the same cuckold who originally stole Fakebook when he was in college, this is the same cuckold who has a illumanati symbol embedded in his jacket and this is the same cuckold who sat in front of Congress and LIED to the American People regarding Fakebook and how they use/sell our privacy? Fakebook is a fake place to be, we need to get back to living in the REAL world and leave this satanic internet/social bullshyt ALONE!

My goodness, FRONTLINE consistently shows just how bad cable/network news is at covering what is important. Fuk those garbage mongers. FRONTLINE is where it's at.

What about the DIS-LIKE button?


Google and YouTube do the same thing. Amazon too. Any company you interact with uses information about its customers to improve their business.

Google is the real monster.

It's funny the amount of times I tell people to cut down on Facebook on my channel. Welp.....*eats popcorn*

How come a PBS documentary is 30p? Should not it be 24p? The pulldown judder on panning shots is too noticeable.

Glad I NEVER had a Facebook account. Never saw the need

Facebook turned democracy into a spectator sport just like football or baseball. Winning the game is paramount to the way the game is played, creating a feed back loop where the way your team wins isn't relevant to winning. Never mine ones civic responsibility, as long as you wear either your red or blue jersey (voting) you have done your duty.

There’s a real irony to us criticizing Facebook, from our google accounts.

everyone is appalled at China for implementing social scoring via behaviour and surveillance. But in reality, it already happens everywhere in the west thanks to social media networks like Facebook. FB already track what you read, what you posted, it knows what you're interesting in by follow your behaviours, where you go, who you meet, what you do. Your smart phone is the powerful accomplice by always looking for wifi connection to constantly sending info about you back to data centre to analyse. It connects people, a bit too well at it.

As a parent of 2 thirty•something’s where does MySpace fit in this narrative? I hope that’s not a non•sequitur

What I'd like an answer to is why Facebook announces a ton of deaths just before an election? Especially that of liberal people....

Consider a trusted friend (facebook) who you find has been selling your preferences to local businesses so you get more targeted ads in your email and telemarketing. If it just stopped there, it's bad enough due to the inconvenience. What's far worse is how would your friend know what those businesses really do with the info (Cambridge Analytica) like use it to sway elections or gov't policy.

Mark...too young, too naive, no wisdom. Listen and learn, you do not see the forest for the trees. Thank God for people who do.

Facebook? What's that? They got nothin on me.

Life invader.

Facebook is child's play Google is watching you!


i use it, don't let it use me. no pics, no personal info.

LOL.....I nearly fell out of my chair laughing how one minute Facebook is cherished because one/many activist postings had favorable outcomes.....then vilified because it then backfired on them by other activist postings....LMAO

Excellent show. A clean, unbiased look at all side of this very complicated, heart-breaking situation...

Maybe I was ahead of the curve but I only joined Facebook for two months before I realized what was happening. That was back in 2012. The moment they announced facial recognition software… I was out of there. But even while I was there for such a short time, I sensed something was happening inside of me. And I didn’t like it. Ultimately, it was the way I was narrowly defining myself in public. As Walt Whitman said: Do I contradict myself? Very well then I contradict myself, (I am large, I contain multitudes.). Facebook does not allow you to contradict yourself.

Say what you will about Facebook, but you have to admit though that Zuckerburg succeeded in his mission and connected the world like never before... what happened after is another story.

Mubarak didn't "step down" he was BULLIED out of power by Obanana and CIA

"No hateful speech" hey ASSHOLE, there's no such thing as hate speech, there's only FREE SPEECH or no speech. Fuck this communist indoctrination machine, I've been off facebook for 6 years and love it

Hit like if you've never had a Facebook account.




Facebook is free because we (users) are the products and products get tampered.

The most important thing I did in 2017 was deleting facebook.

Why I agree with most of your comment, I believe most of Facebook is used in what you put into it. If your getting your political correctness from social media than doing your own research then your just lost

Censored a gang of motherfuckers fuck him and his shit hole company

Bitch getting a taste of his own medicine

Fuck Mark Zuckerberg

You motherfuckers censored me sense day one

Fuck Facebook

The Facebook employees seem a bit cultish, or more than a bit cultish. Several times it was made clear that the low IQ are susceptible, and in reality there is no solution to that. Think about it, one would have to be low IQ to give away your privacy, or to get your news from Facebook.

All I can say is this is the IGNORANCE at its greatest!! I do not have enough time to explain how much I hate FB! SELLOUTS!!

I got only words that talked about democrats during the Mr. Trump’s election and hardly one words about ROP. Just imagine that. In Thailand I only got words from people who hated democracy and support military self-election so finally enough is enough. Stop using FB for a year already.

As Anyone else who commit Cybercrime has to serve prison, so does responsible of Facebook , They keep on getting away with tickets and fines..Its time that they follow the rules as anyone else..that is the only way we get get rid of those Criminals !

Wael Ghonim was the HEAD of marketing for Google in the mid east and North Africa. He wasn't a small guy. Me and some guys pulled 1.5 billion Facebook posts from most US politicians and everything related to the Arab Spring. You can do it using Facebook's API on public pages. It's easy to find manipulation on a single site - When more than 50% of the comments come from less than 1% of the population, there are bad actors at play. But the REAL story is when you compare the bad actors from site A to site B. 9200 Facebook profiles that provided tens of millions of likes on Wael's Facebook page - Khaleed Said (it was in Arabic) also provided tens of millions of likes on the Obama White House Facebook page. None of them ever posted a comment, reinforcing this was software manipulation. They do this to drive up select comments and bury the organic conversation so users only see one side at a glance. The real story to any reporters rooting through the comments is, aside from Russian manipulation, which I'm sure was there, what was the extent to which American political parties, Obama officials and Facebook involved? And was the involvement direct and coordinated with Facebook employees and executives?

Here we go......

It's like a congregate of toddlers, "we didn't know that bad could be done, we so sowwwy". This is nothing more than a publicity stunt.

Trillions of dollars worth of media coverage by all the heads of the MSM eating dinner at Hillary's campaign VS a few Facebook ads. Who would sway an election?

It's not your mistake Mark. And it does not help to take the heat. Security is mostly the assumption that some deserve privacy, and others don't. That some are cencored, and others aren't.

i wonder if Facebook would of been as popular if it didn't come from a rich kids school like Harvard.

If couldnt figure out why I felt bad after going on facebook reading about it on line and seeing Zuckerberg and finally realise its an invasion and I feel used by being on it Im deleting it asap

I was unconsciously expecting Jesse Eisenberg's voice

I'm part of an anti-bullying program that goes into high schools. We address online bullying as well. When asked (by a show of hands) which social media the kids used, not one of them said they used FB....Not One. (2/2)

I closed my FB page when they asked me for 2 proofs of who I was (via Govt ID/credit card) last year. Whaaaa? People said that wasn't FB, that it was phishing. Nope. They closed my page as I asked. Then why do they keep trying to get me to sign back in? (1/2)

Who was the narrator?

Never had much use for Facebook. Like watching television it seems like a waste of time when there are so many more interesting things to do. Much of what is offered to people is designed to appeal to their natural tendencies toward hedonism expressed as the pleasure principle.(In Freudian psychoanalysis, the pleasure principle is the instinctive seeking of pleasure and avoiding of pain in order to satisfy biological and psychological needs. Specifically, the pleasure principle is the driving force guiding the id). If you do not understand how you can be seduced by the "Pleasure Principle" than you will be a victim of it. Much of the economy is based on satisfying the pleasure principle in some way. (Turning people into hedonists) Facebook exploits this nicely.

Facebook isn't the problem. "People are easily influenced" is the problem. Anything other than a republic, that demands that each individual educate themselves AND uphold the character of a sovereign, takes advantage of the unfortunate reality that most don't want to educate themselves and uphold that character. A country dependent upon that community built entirely upon the sovereignty of the individual and individuals that take it on willingly will not be able to deceive that same community. We long since gave up our republic for a democracy because we, not facebook, never ask, never question, never ponder the consequences of each choice we make as individuals and thereby as communities. We presume, mistakenly, that government and business are there to protect us. They are not. Only you, the self-educated sovereign of this country, can offer protection under the guidance of those God-given rights the constitution delineated. Remember Jekyll Island, GA.

I had always suspected that farcebook's founder was an over-rated imbecile and a total figurehead, but was so disgusted by the success of this espionage monster of a company that I had avoided ever actually hearing him speak. It's worse than I thought: these people are total dunces, up-talking, head-nodding, cliche-reciting, personality-impaired cretins, who seem to have no idea whatsoever what it is they serve. That airhead of a "Vice President for Social Good" or whatever she calls herself is one of the most profoundly stupid people I ever saw have a camera pointed at them; while trying to endure that CEO whose name I consider too evil to spell out, is simply nauseating. As meanwhile, that wicked witch of a #2 who ordered her husband killed and started marketing herself as a "single mom" before her Mr Fell Off a Treadmill was even cold in the ground, has been the real architect of this colossal evil ever since she came on board, and might well be the most dangerous human being alive. But what is even more horrifying than all that to contemplate, is how it was ever possible that BILLIONS of people have now fallen for this long con, so obvious a one that I never even considered using farcebook, going back years ago; that was one of the easiest decisions I ever made in my whole life: "okay, there's this website that everybody's joining, and we don't really know who these people are or what they're really up to, but they're gonna find out everything about you that they can, and then sell that information, that's why it's free to use. And anybody that wants to, terrorists, cartels, intelligence services, whatever, can post whatever they feel like, but it's all good because you can also find out who threw up at what party last night from your school, or you know, whatever...." Right. How could ANYONE ever be that stupid? I am proud and even more relieved that I never, ever fell for the farcebook scam, and not the least surprised that a bunch of brain-dead tech yuppies have created a monster they have no clue how to control, and have not even a shred of pity for anyone now stuck addicted to the stupid thing. How on earth could anyone NOT see all this coming?

They have no control over the third party app, i know from experience.. look up and familiarize yourself with "Recon-NG" or most any O.S.I.N.T. software. Recon works off the Data bases provided by Google, Facebook, Twitter ect.. ect... ect.. they give your information to hackers bro..

This (comentng) is the xtnt of my "social media" involvmnt . . .

It is simple not so wired complicated, The most complicated is hidden behind the FB corporate because they just make a good result of marketing advantage to sell AD. :)

Mark Z is a straight faced liar.

They know you, they know when you date, marry, have a child, what music you like, if your mother/father died, what your dog eats, what you eat, they know WAY TOO MUCH. Google is God, Facebook is Love, Amazon is Consumption, Apple is Sex, and their collective market dominance needs to be broken up for the sake of democracy… and innovation. From RALPH NADER RADIO HOUR LECTURE.

19:05 - I CAN'T TAKE ANYMORE OF THIS. "Technology has always made the world a better place?" Really, Mark.

Facebook IS BIG BROTHER!! Seriously!

QUESTION - PLEASE ANYONE ANSWER: So, the US government, NBC, ABC, CBS, CNN, MSNBC and others can manipulate us with misinformation or disinformation, but if Facebook does it (to scale), it's a bad thing? Yet, US media is owned by a handful of companies: Time-Warner, Disney, 21st Century Fox, Comcast and Alphabet (the latter I have never heard of). Tell me these giants don't manipulate us with subtle and bold lies, by omission, twisting etc. I think I am the ODD MAN OUT on this topic. It's like the bully calling the tyrant abusive.

THE LIBERTIES of DEMOCRACY and CAPITALISM  are equally perilous. This is an overreaction.

THE BEAUTY OF FACEBOOK (is also a weakness). Isn't that true of most things. Any tool can be used for good or evil. I *love* that Facebook allows disenfranchised people to act collectively. It is a new media, faster than any newspaper could ever be. It's the best free speech highway. And yes, we'll need to censure some things, but most things will simply go the way the collective wants (any given demographic, that is). This is a wonderful medium, just like TV when it came into the mainstream. Yay! Facebook. (NOTHING IS PERFECT). Don't expect it to be.

I wouldn't want to see a judge on the same Facebook page with a person accused of a crime.

well........they got the break things part right....smh


Who would have ever thought on how a few collage students would influence social media in the world???

Facebook deleted my account without any conversation. They requested a face photo when I refused they wouldn’t let me sign on ever again. So I created a new acct so I could find insider information on The Camp Fire bc my mother’s home was in its path. Facebook again blocked me from signing in until I gave them a facial photo, so I did immediately bc we weren’t getting info from the news. I was never allowed to sign on again- Yes. My mother’s house did burn down. Yes. She’s safe and unharmed! Screw fb-

Commerce and community are natural adversaries - that will need each other as long as a common medium of exchange exists. To balance their conflicting interests requires governance. Community is currently more stringently governed than is this new commerce. Restoring balance requires regulating commerce's use of resources that belong to communities and community members. Europe does it. India does it. It is not too late for United States to catch up.

This is one of few documentary series I regularly watch. You guys do a great job.

At what point is it personal accountability important? We might as well ban news agencies as well because they all are basically fear machines that exaggerate issues to sell you ads (manipulation and coersion). We start with Facebook then where do we stop? Information Police? Wasn't that what Orwell warned us about? Who decides what is "fake news?" That is a danger as well.

Tried a long time ago to leave FB. I NEVER trusted him (Zuck), so I signed up as an old woman born 01/01/1901, and have never been able to unhook my account, so I just created new identity, new email, new anything. I still don't feel that I have cut ALL FB surveillance. It grew out of anti authoritarianism and unfortunately, that is what ultimately became!!!

Our Savior Who Art in Heaven, Please Bless Everyone on Earth. (Especially "The Elites" & Their Minions Inside the World's Banks, Governments & Corporations) Who Plot Against God & Their Fellow Man. So They'll Not Themselves Fall Into The Snares They've Set for Others. (May God Grant Them "The Wisdom to Change Their Ways" Before They May Pass & Face Judgement Day Before His Throne). In Jesus Name, Amen.

This was excellent like usual!

Well if he was so eager to partner with govt agencies, then that says everything. He is still a kid in a kids mind with an adult size body. He thinks he is God's gift to mankind.

It only took me 2-3 days to figure out how to manipulate Facebook Trending ( with zero friends- my real friends don't Facebook). It's really easy. Don't believe for a moment that schmuckerberg isn't aware of this. This guy hates inconvenient truths. I've had 37 FB pages because I refuse to toe the party line. On my present fake profile, I give FB no data to sell. THEY ACTUALLY BEGAN TO SEND ME ENDLESS PORNOGRAPHIC PROFILES AS RETALIATION. FACEBOOK IS JUST A BUNCH OF JEW HATING, MUSLIM LOVING, NLM LOVING HOMOS.

look folks, every single rich guy on the planet today is, must serve his master, the one who gave him or her their money. the problem is they are all liars, why? their master is a liar and he demands it if they wish to be paid. fear not what any of them say!!!!!!! GOD is on the thorn and he can not be dethroned...

For me the interesting thing now is the dialogue between "identity specific" Facebook and "anonymous" Reddit. People clearly WANT social media in some form, it's just a question of how private we want to be while we use it.

I'm on my 37th FB account. I've had 4 in my real name but I always have at least one spare in case schmuckerberg bans me again for telling an inconvenient truth. Last time, they deactivated me for pointing out that Mexicans are so racist that they didn't count their Black Citizens until 2017. I really piss off FB because I refuse to use their apps which just facilitate their spying. I piss off Google/ Android too by living in what is, technically, a Faraday cage- they can't triangulate me. I rarely get any ads. I know that they still spy, I'm just not gonna make it easy or profitable for them.

They asked me for my photo ID. Screw them. I always keep a spare fake profile. I drew a childish picture of a woman's face and a pic of flowers, but I set up the page in Spanish( a protected class). I still tell the same inconvenient truths, but haven't been deactivated yet.

I've made a lot of money from Facebook investigating people- often fake profiles and prevented a lot of scams. And on two occasions, I helped Paul Lepage become governor of Maine using multiple accounts and debating up to 18hrs a day. Never really watched TV much or listened to radio, yet I've spent 30 years on TV&radio either as a athlete or educating people. Now, I'm just an old rambling drunk on YouTube. For me, Facebook is just a tool.

What a bunch of crap. So much focus on Russia. Mueller and dozens of lawyers have spent millions of taxpayer money on bogus investigations. Yet, not one iota of evidence of collusion. Propaganda documentaries are being made to serve as justification banning thousands of conservative channels. It has nothing to do with Russia. They just want to make sure Trump does not get help from those channels in the next presidential elections. Trump won. Hillary lost. Take your ball and go home, you sore losers.

damn i just got an interview to work for facebook, WTF?

How come noone is talking about Google? They've been gathering personal information for years, and they seem to be much more advanced in their software than any other company. Will not be surprised if the first truly functional AI will be designed by Google

Never joined Facebook, never understood it, never got it, always wondered what the appeal was...I guess I am too much of an individual and not a joiner. I think 10 years from now it will be a company like Yahoo.

How did the Obama Administration miss these obvious threats to national security? It's obvious they didn't regard this problem as serious. They were too busy harassing internet service providers with "net neutrality" regulations to benefit their friends at Netflix, Google, and Facebook.

A data mining company based on gossip, nuff said.

It’s a black hole that swallows chunks of time. It has swallowed everything. It has swallowed political campaigns, banking systems, personal histories, the leisure industry, retail, even government and security

You don't have moral to talk about democracy mark Zuckerberg idiot

You people are idiots to even use this crap in the first place! Who on Earth volunteers information to a jew knowing their history of debauchery, monopolism and corruption?

An interesting note: After Trump was brought to power with assistance from Russian trolls, (and ballot box fuckery) France shut Facebook down for a few weeks. They purged all of the fake accounts, (Over 50,000 were attributed to the Russian propaganda factory mentioned in this documentary), and over 1200 Russians were evicted from France. There was a massive election coming up, and Putin's girl was the opposition to Macron. Multiple countries have now banned facebook from their shores, due mostly to the election of dumpf. Europe has a far better idea of what Russia is up to, and what Russians are capable of.

WE want Mark DEAD

I promise you Facebook deleted the email from Camren Crooks that offered me monetary compensation to rejoin Facebook. And apparently PBS edited video of Kara Swisher accusing Mark Zuckerburg of being in the illuminati,

Take all social media posts and forwards with a pinch of salt. My mum forwarded me a video of a banana charging a mobile phone when I told her enough is enough.

45:00 What are the chances that P Manafort's work was to support the efforts of the Russian FB disinfo campaign against the Russian opposition in Ukraine? Chances are very, very high. Did you know the current Ukrainian govt had investigations of Manafort ongoing , but dropped them when and as an explicitly ackowledged response to Trump's reversing Obama's policy, and supplying the Ukrainians with anti-tank and other offensively deployable weapons? Manafort was working for and receiving tens of millions of dollars from the former, pro-Russian government. Obama wanted to and did support the current, new anti-Russian government, but not to the extent of inciting a full blown war and invasion by Russia. This is why he would not supply them offensively deployable weapons. So when Mueller indicted (and imprisoned) Manafort, Trump saw an opportunity to discredit Obama by reversing his policy and supplying such weapons to the new anti-Russian Ukranians. Now he can point to that and say he was never pro Russian.

SNOWDEN FOR PRIVACY CZAR Ed Snowden should be pardoned of all charges against him, but only on condition of serving for 20 years as czar of privacy on FB and all other social media enterprises. After 20 years, he would be relieved of such duties, at his discretion, assuming he has established an ongoing, self renewing organization sufficient to perpetuate his values regarding privacy protection for the foreseeable future.

Oh my god since I was young I could not fucking stand the starting music of Frontline. And over the years it actually started hurting my ears. My dislike for the music is separate from the fact my ears are way too sensitive now days but it does not help. :-/ Oh and just for the record here in 2018 is still just a god damned horrible, clunky, no options, "Government Cheese" version of MySpace. I hate Facebook from her on into forever. I am only talking about the site itself and what it's available functions are abilities are. Especially compared to other which came before it. If you want a shit product to sell or poser trend to jump off just put the word College in there somewhere.

The "dilemma" is the older generation (no offense) particularly the lady in this interview, doesn't understand what "privacy" is. Privacy is not oh, I'm snooping on you in the digital world. Facebook, Google, every website stores some type of cookie to keep track of your behavior, so as to offer you recommendations to save you time and effort. If you want Privacy the say this lady wants it to be, then there wouldn't be any recommendations, a list of restaurants in alphabetical order would be shown when you search "best places to eat." Everyone who talks about "privacy" in regards to Facebook needs to take a basic class in cookies and how it works before making a crazy video like this. It's a very basic concept that allows online marketing to be able to measure metrics and success, as oppose to traditional TV, radio, and billboards.

They relied on the public to not believe everything they read. If your getting your news from facebook your not very smart anyway.

My sons FB got hijacked and he did not realize it until I called him and told him that he got hacked. My son could not login to his page and I had noticed that the timeline and profile pic had changed to a girl and her son. I reported it to FB many times and I also messaged Mark Z on his FB page and I never received a response. I told my son to create another FB account and to be careful who he accepts as a friend, well... my son is slow at processing information because he is naïve. I chose to unfriend him and delete FB from my life, even though at first I praised FB for bringing me closer to my family.

This is such bs. Of course he is going to sweat when he is literally overheated!!! It was hot as f in there. Secondly...he was just a young smart little asshole. Luck helped. Third how could people (users) not think they (fb and advertisers) would not want our info so others could market to us. We are largely stupid consumers. Don't think they want to know who we had sex with but they do to collect demographics on us which equals profiling...AND. Gets scary when they know where you are at all a psychopath. An employer. So where do we go from here? FB EXECUTIVES COULD CARE LESS LIKE ZUCKERBERG NOW THEY HAVE MADE THEIR MONEY. ALSO THE PRICKS SAY IT HAS ALL THESE PRIVACY SETTINGS...NOT FOR PEOPLE WHO CAN'T READ THOUSANDS OF WORDS THAT ARE FULL OF LEGAL JARGON...THANK YOU CONGRESS FOR POINTING THAT OUT TO US. do yourself a favor and detach people lie and that is what they get paid for. Ask yourself if you are that insecure that you can't let go of FB? LET GO NOW HOW DO WE LET GO OF GOOGLE?

Lots of DRAMA...a real mess

So many post on facebook and get fired.... its weird to give up you anonymity...

Open and Shared. I don't want any government deciding what FB or any other social media company gets to post on my newsfeed. It's sounds a bit hypocritical for a new agency like Frontline to be proposing that a social media site is posting fake news and influencing elections. Isn't that what elections do, buy ads and influence voters? The notion that we users can't decide what is fake news and what is real, or can be influenced by some outside agency purchasing ads is insulting. It presumes that we trust Frontline or The Media more than we trust social media. I'm dubious that all this cry of Facebook influencing the elections is nothing more than jealousy of old media losing it's influence and out attention.

Sweat is the clinical symptom of a few drug self-intoxication chemicals.

The only people affecting democracy are those squashing free speech such as facebook.

They are focusing on privacy really? Lol

So, stupid people are blaming a company for being stupid people. lmfao! This is how religions thrive around the world. Dumb gullible people believing in nonsense and then blaming others for their own actions.

I use it for sales. Nothing more, no social interaction, nothing , I don’t post pics I don’t put quotes. ,, nothing. To buy and sell only. For me. It’s another craigslist only with ads. It will end someday.

That website SUCKS... pointing out that its just a website that could be easily reproduced... A different company, different name, different platform, etc... would be a breath of fresh air.... They funneled you people in there like cattle.

Delete face book ... Stop making excuses

This documentary is great. I wish that there was a visual representation--like diagram or powerpoint-type visual--section that showed exactly the way Facebook sends data to third parties, and the way Facebook receives data from third parties, and explain the arrangement of those data sharing relationships. I still don't fully understand how Facebook tracks your activity on the internet outside of Facebook--like your Google searches. And does this mean that all those third party folks, with data sharing agreements, are giving our data (like our offline purchases) to Facebook so that Facebook can then use it to target us? How does that work?

Just go ahead and do it and apologize later? Well,that explains a lot. Of course, if all else fails just lie about it. The propaganda campaign against the American government is alive and well since the 2016 election. I think that Facebook is doing it themselves and blaming everyone else under the sun and taking it upon themselves to trample the first amendment.

The mainstream media is looking for anyway of destroying social media and Facebook is first on it's chopping block! Facebook is just merely exposing the true nature of human beings and is not responsible for censoring adult behaviour every time.

I don't know why the U.S. govt. hasn't shut them down by now. I know that the U.S. Govt. doesn't like competition.

they only let him proceed because he saves the US government billions in collecting data, the NSA as partner is more than happy that FB exists. Mark is naive and knew the impact but didn't give a shit. He is the perfect example how regimes run our world. The Orwellian dystopian future is a long time existing reality and he perfectly showcased the power of wealth versus existing laws. No one cares. Hope we all wake up.

So our future is in the hands of these spoiled Momma’s boys who grew up sheltered and have social issues, we are screwed!

Mark Zuckerberg’s story is going to be like Elizabeth’s. That stanford dropout who wanted to be like Steve Jobs.

Zuck is so full of shit , he's just saying what he's supposed to say. He's a scum bag. Look at the crooked shit he did to those poor people in Hawaii.

this is happing in wow too

Internet killed the government star

I predict what happened in Egypt and Ukraine is what will happen here in the US. FB, the MSM, Google, and Hollywood's Left lean has convinced, successfully, that conservative's want to destroy this country! The racial fear and anger here in Atlanta is precieved to be at a boiling point, however, in reality, very far from the truth. The writers of script and talking points rein an enormous amount of power...

While I'm worried about FB selling data, the funniest thing to me is that Democrats in the states actually think their base is so stupid as to be influenced by ads on facebook. Firstly, it's highly unlikely, but more importantly, it's absolutely no different than the countless different ways the media and others try to influence elections through propaganda or even straight out lies, so even if it's true it's irrelevant and all sides do it. Every time you go and knock on a door to sell your candidate you're engaging in exactly the same sort of influence than the left accuses FB of doing, it's hilarious.

Y'all remember Myspace? I wonder what happened to that but I don't remember them having this much issues. I honestly don't understand the hype with social media.....

Thanks. I will.

what a fucking hack

call it like you see it losers.

Blink more people out of legal problems. No reasoning hips me out of this doom I'm not feeling doomed by these days. Am I ever over enough for the promised people to be so many years of this...treatment.

You must be someone's someone with no chops to use on anyone, beginning to end. Talk to someone about it kiddo!



what a knee jerk.

Man this doc turns into an Facebook apologist lovefest real quick. Trying drive home the narrative that Facebook wasn't aware of what was going on. Things just got out of hand. And the real bad guys here are the Russian hackers and all the white supremacist groups using Facebook for nefarious purposes. Neither group of which actually exist. Especially the Russian hackers.

Watching all these current and past Facebook employees' interviews is bizarre. They all look and talk the same. From the way they dress down to their fluctuations in speech. Lol My God they truly are NPCs. I think Mark should go to jail. Not only for selling our private info for money. But creating this culture of NPC robots roaming the

Poor Mark being thrown to the lions

Hit like (which won't change the world or anything else) if you didn't need this show to quit Facebunk and you already had *before* viewing it.

Facebook S**ks! No privacy! I left it years ago and never looked back!

Should just delete and get rid of the Internet. Then we don't need to worry about digital privacy.

When a user based, social media 'platform' starts regulating what can and can not be posted based on the company's own political opinions (aside from threats or direct incitement of violence) then it is no longer considered 'platform' anymore, and instead, becomes an editorial/opinion website. This is the FCC's definition. And if that's the case, then I think they have an obligation to inform their users that certain political opinions aren't tolerated or welcome on their site. Especially with the crackdown on right-of-center political thought.

Because Right wing memes disrupted elections across the globe.... What a joke!

Sheryl Sandberg is a lying piece of shit --- should lean in -- fuck her. And Zuckerberg is some weird unemotional android. They both disgust me!!!!!!!!!!!!! I never ever use facebook -- it is a surveillance app disguised as a social app.

Trump won the election because his voter base has common sense and understands free market capitalism not socialism is the way for We the People to prosper. my stocks are killing it ! hahahahahahahaha...

Decentralized consensus base Social media will rise and where you get paid for your personal info what you want to allow not facebook or google...

Facebook is another spy like` information gathering center on every one who joined FB. Most folks would not like if "our" government should make every one have and I D card yet a vast amount of users willfully give them information that should not be shared.It's like Orwell said , no place to hide as the eyes and ears see whatever we do. .

stop assaulting nude models and artists....lead in teaching the world how to respect the human body. teach those who have a problem with it how to turn the page.....create tools for users to hide it from themselves and Stop saying its not part of our community....It is all over the news and the internet because it is part of our /your world

Mark Zuckerberg trying to sound so innocent is almost adorable. He thinks we are so naive, and probably a lot of people are, to believe him. They knew what was going on and they only cared about making money. They are evil just like all companies.

my fbfriends see posts from me about my family, Bowie, or pbs/FRONTLINE. On the night that this *FINALLY* aired, i went to fb & made another FLINE post, that i was "watching this." Within 10 minutes, i got a notif. from fb that LITERALLY stated: "Your friend just posted. *Share a post now.* " THAT'S when i realized how desperate fb has become.

Facebook is great, like TV, newspapers is not perfect., big comunication companies wants to destroy fb because they want to control everything..

Fb Helps me with my small business

This is going to come across as pissy and trite, probably because it is... But Zuckerberg looks like an overcoked/overcaffeinated, bug-eyed weasel - you can just look at the guy and get a sense that he's untrustworthy.

It only took me 2-3 days to figure out how to manipulate Facebook Trending ( with zero friends- my real friends don't Facebook). It's really easy. Don't believe for a moment that schmuckerberg isn't aware of this. This guy hates inconvenient truths. I've had 37 FB pages because I refuse to toe the party line. On my present fake profile, I give FB no data to sell. THEY ACTUALLY BEGAN TO SEND ME ENDLESS PORNOGRAPHIC PROFILES AS RETALIATION. FACEBOOK IS JUST A BUNCH OF JEW HATING, MUSLIM LOVING, BLM LOVING HOMOS.

U can follow pbs on facebook, like and share......


+Unknown User Thank you for wanting to believe me, however it is POTUS who I hope understands the threat of Mr. Z's attempt to undermine The U.S. Constitution for global domination/communism. MAGA

I want to believe you but how? Please show me some proof or at least where'd you hear that from.

I deleted my facebook years ago, I hated it, it made me feel so disconnected to everyone, yet so absolutely vulnerable. I realized this at age 14, and it's weirdly validating to know I've dodged a huge bullet. This site is still a trap in itself though... But it's got educational content :/

Sheryl Sanberg is a MILF!!


This is great material for my JMS 596 class!

How do I find the music from this

What about that Myanmar genocide? 200,000 innocent Muslims...Facebook fake news feed perpetuated that...What about the Filipino dissidents?...What about the Ukrainian president and the Facebook fake news feed inspired violence Russia used on Ukraine?...What about ignoring these people who asked your Facebook to stop allowing it?...What about Cambridge Analytica?....What about those attacks on George?...those news attacks directed against him and those slurs against him for calling you out?

13:40 doesn’t hold Facebook liable?

If you’re concerned about your privacy then don’t get yourself up in to the internet! Plain and simple

Taking advantage of morons who'd like to be more important, is all this is. Easy to blame, easy to lead, and easy to lie to. Why would you open your wallet or pocketbook for everyone to go through? Why would you let just anyone tell you to do things and then you go do it? This is how Russians buy the President with the lure of money for a building. This is how gun nuts go and believe that they can sell guns in Russia. That coal mines are good, unions are bad and being poor is being lazy, not unfortunate. They were selling a story to both sides, and Zucker knew it. If you have a brain you'd close that account and then demand that group of liars pay you back and then go to jail for this scam.


Khazarian owned and run StasiBook. _Facebook. The self creating dossier service._ One is not a true American until resident in the ADL´s database.

Only lonely losers are on fuckface book.

25:35 fb broll

I don't use Facebook at all. Watching that woman @ 18:45 is scary. She has soooo drank the Kool-Aid. To watch someone love the company they work for so much, worries me. As soon as a company gets this big and influential it is like a government itself. By that I mean it can oppress people just as easily as it can free them. Be very wary of employees who speak about a company as if they are in an occult.

Facebook have tons of errors and buggs and this assholes are anoying with wanting of phone/cell numbers because of some security while with that govement enter and have all data about user and in some countries peoples are arrested if they talk something vs corruption or shitty sistems if they give those info!! why would i give someone my private data and cell number at all?? did fakn Zuckerberg or assholes in Facebook give to peoples own private data too?? garbage of peoples


All these smart evil fucks are the same as the rest of convicts criminals but cuae there smart with collage its OK for them to get away

Mark did not make Facebook that's wat they wat u to think

I'm looking forward to 2020; Biden and Beto; experience and passion!!!

Facebook also contributed to the latest events in France.

Can you imagine if other service base type business in America used President Mark Zuckerberg and CEO Sheryl K. Sandberg way of doing business? No, because it's too risky.

if you don't pay for a product then you are the product.

The stock is on its way to be worthless

On identity freud you can get years in jail. Willfully stealing personal information, to extreme extent, from billions at the same time and selling them to other parties while trying to make them addicted to your product, while annihilate all competition in highly unethical ways, while keep lying to the public on practices, while manipulating users to test how to make them more compliant and while trying to train children into your schemes, and you are the CEO at one of the biggest companies in the world and worth more money than hundreds of people could spend in their lifetime. I could go on with this list but I think you get the idea :D

Who gives a shit. Most people don't give a shit about this so called dilemma. People will still keep on using this app.

Little Hitler is a lier, he's not sorry, he's not even human! His apathetic self has sympathy only for money, and empathy for only robots. As a matter of fact, I suspect if one was to look where his heart should be, one would only find a lithium battery! Botcott Facebook!! Get rid of Little Hitler.

WE BEEN PLAYED... My problem is why we are not questioning the ultimate creator of Social Media who has been purposely selling off your privacy info to everyone. GOOGLE. Its how they became GOOGLE. 2 million apps my ass. 2 million third parties taking your info and abusing it. And the funny thing is, it's the so-called security apps who are mastering this. Any idiot can develop an app that has social appeal to it, then you give them "permissions" to access your info. That's how the game works. And then came Facebook, Myspace, Twitter, Tumblr...etc.

Just like Google you put your impermaion in than it's goes out like you eat raw fish it's could happen it's like a tape worm it's stick

spy's of the gouvernement !!!!

gijle zijt achterlijke vuil zionisten als je mij vraagt het enige waar jullie goed voor zijn is mensen tegen elkaar opzetten vanaf dat de waarheid komt maken jullie er zich van af met mensen te blokkeren laf volkske

The problem here in Ukraine is that when you report a post on facebook, guess who is in charge? Fb office in Russia. Its bias is very obvious, and there is nothing we can do. They block comments, posts, pages by Ukrainians saying the truth, but russian offensive posts, harassment once reported is marked as not violating fb policies by their office in Russia... and there is nothing we can do about it.

There is a cross web of developers that even if you delete Facebook and go to Instagram it's owned by Facebook. I hope there will be accountability and restrictions put on them. Social media are all pretty much the same lot of soup.

AMAZING! So the left in the us would rather fight a loosing battle over the wall but yet continues to allow the right to privacy not to be an issue worth fighting for to hell with them theyve completely lost it, and im certain will loose it again 2020, 2022, 2024, etc.. by then there wont even be a Democratic party in the us, itll be replaced by the Socialist party. it appears as if we deserve it.

AMAZING! Ok. Saw this early Nov. Deleted my facebook on the 14th it takes 30 day to completely delete acct. everything that is in this program where M fuckerberg speaks it is either a lie, outright, or it is morally bad. like "do it now, worry/appologise re mistakes later" shows major flaws to his core basic values. Ive alway been taught anything worth doing is worth doing right. Shows where true evil is peeking thru. OMG. as i see this again it is clear facebook, Google, Amazon etc. are built with unsound structure allowing evil to grow from its base. Much like the Obamma adm. becoming the puriest of evil. Yet still mascrading as good. So much Evil. makes satin seem childish. Its a cult with all the followers being entrapped by the desire to stay connected to..... the tit of pure evil, sucking as if life itself depended on being connected to.... to just what, that is what troubles me so much I guess in time itll show itself. I fear the result will change people in a very bad way.

Clearly it is an addiction, someone must come up with a cure maybe this is a step to another level or a filter to destroy whomever cannot make it beyond this downfall on humanity.

FB este o retea de socializare si atat !Numai cretinii cu conspiratii-n cap pot crede altceva!Nu v-a obligat nimeni sa va puneti datele personale la dispozitia tuturor.Hai sa ne aplecam asupra lucrurilor cu adevarat serioase si sa nu facem din nimic,un subiect de dezbateri.

Because Facebook is still operating and America is having it do so this country will NEVER be forgiven ---- Now its a peodphile community and that ugly jew bastard suckerbuerg shut down innocent men/women/ Children accounts and stole all of thier content and this dirty jew is still not getting a life sentence for it --- WHO IS REALLY ON FACEBOOK NOW ? really so you have a perspective - notice how Zuckerberg and his team of losers started to accuse kids in America of terrorism - mean while the guy making the bombs in Syria has 5 pages and promotes them -- the strategey is not good and is appauling to educated people and those with morals and sense of self - and look how the law enforcement in America are taking zuckerbergs lead when it comes to Facebook and being a disgrace, disregarding all laws --- If Facebook doesn't shut down I. see doom in zukerburgs future - if the jew cannot reinvent and re design to contour to peoples rights and the laws around him than thats and even BIGGER. problem in the future - That is a promise - the jewberg is pretty much getting away with murder more than 2 accounts/cases this list goes beyond 100 ----

I never joined any so called social media, when I wan't to get a hold of a friend I will call them

Laura Vescovi And youtube?

Facebook = CIA

We very much the same problem in Hong Kong, China employees a 50 cent army to drown out any meaningful debate online. Even when you can prove they are using fake accounts, when you report to Facebook you hit a brick wall. They simply are not interested in upsetting the Chinese Government.

facebook is a replicate of myspace, myspace came first...i despise facebook, and people dont believe me if i tell them that i never used faceook. they only manipulate younger generations...selfie youths.

Who hear has a facebook account? Every single one of you should be deeply ashamed about yourself!

This documentary would not have been published had Clinton won....academia, hollywood, the media and the DC elites wouldn't have cared about how smart Americans are believing mis-information.....

As expected, it didn't take long for this to turn into an anti-Trump propaganda piece.

Deleted my account last November , Nothing but ADBOOK now !!!! Was getting more than 300 scam/ads a day on my news feed and nothing else. These people are the problem!!! Agree with everyone else I don’t miss it at all and haven’t looked back. Can’t wait to see this company go down

35:08...Get me the fuck off this stage!!!

This is why cryptocurrencies are getting so popular. People want a decentralized world. The internet is all up in peoples world. Companies like Holochain are working to build the internet 3.0 so users will have privacy.

12:10 “the goal of the newsfeed is to provide you, the user, with the content on FB you most want to see.” One word needs to be changed for that to be a true statement- 2nd “you” to “our customers”

Why would anyone put down their real name on an internet profile.dumb


Never did get into facebook

What the fuck is a facebook? social network for losers?

In the name of free-speech, they kept deceiving and milking their users These assholes need to be jailed!!!

DELETE Facebook

FB a surveillance machine.

Amico USA Exactly. Never did FB, never will. It is a dirty, corrupt, exploitative business model that shares interests with a right-wing political elite to destroy American democracy.

Destroy facebbok creating fake profiles they are a dictatorial leftists organization

We're all f*cked

The biggest problem with facebook is not facebook. Its the smartphone that made it so accessible and addictive; and other social medias like instagram and even youtube with the options they have to "share" to facebook. Nobody is discussing all the factors and most important being the creation of the smartphone.

I appreciate FB, with out it and messenger. I would not have anywhere as much contact with children. I appreciate the sites I discovered on FB. What you chose to believe is on FB is something that you should cross reference. Look how different CNN and Fox are. If they both agree there might be truth in story.

Book burners are followers

Facebook was way late into the social networking movement. Friendster for example was way before Facebook. No sure how Mark ended up being credited with the idea of connecting people. Mark is completely delusional if he thinks he was displaying creativity with Facebook.

Facebook = CIA/KGB/Mossad


College kid with technical skills, not a thinker. Doesn’t understand social dynamics, manipulation, lying, fake news. He only wanted more money. Arrogant. Same with the employees. More open and connected. My asss. They sold stock to the public for billions of dollars. Sitting at an open table instead of a cubicle does not make you moral.

Could they have been internally hacked? I didn't get news concerning The Pulse nightclub shooting until days after and didn't get news on the Russia/ Trump issues, on my news feed. My messages were being held back and some deleted (I could see them and then they disappeared then I could pull them up at the library and they would be deleted from there). Voice messages would play then be deleted and others would not be there when I clicked on them. There were a lot of really strange issues and I contacted them for years about hacking situations from 2014-2016.

Fucking brat robot!

After awhile it was found that Mark apologized for nothing as far as the political spectrum goes


it's always someone to blame after you loose the election, Clinton? Fasebook, Russia, crabpeople...

18:01 to 18:23 "We won't take credit for the revolution but...we're responsible for changing the world".

In 2011, Facebook became the primary tool for the foundation & functionality of the Occupy Movement. By 2012, in Los Angeles, the Occupy Movement had become so bogged-down with Affinity Groups, sub committees, and Personal Attacks that people lost interest en-masse, and it soon fizzled-out. DOES ANYONE HERE EVEN REMEMBER IT ?

You would think a guy like Mark Zuckerberg with all his influence and money would have been able to learn how to lie a bit better

This is what you get when you let 20 somethings be involved in the real world. Humans are not evolved enough to be living in a world that is open and connected. This leads to violence

Ha, I always thought Facebook meant losers club. Especially true for the Clinton crime family. Ha, dorks, try living in the real world. If a social media platform can influence you, you are weak

Why do soy boys all have those high voices? Oh right, all that soy ---> low Testosterone. Fuckerberg is a tool for the NSA and always has been. One day when his usefulness is ended, they'll hang his ass from a doorknob. Good riddance.

Didn’t Zuckerberg steal Facebook from that McKibbon’s man ?

Not only are they breaching everyone's personal security... but how dare they FORCE people to use their real name, and threaten to take down people's facebook, and FORCE people to come up off a government issued ID just to keep from losing their page! Especially when people did NOTHING wrong.... THAT IS NOT OK. Facebook is the only social media platform that puts people in this position! How is our privacy supposed to be protected when we're forced to use our real name? They don't have a right to our ID unless we're working for them.... and we aren't. I've been both a user and a marketer on the business side.... and facebook DICTATES way too much!!! In my case and in the case of many other of my friends they had the complete opposite effect than what they are preaching....

What the Zuck!

~there should be in the terms of service to facebook~you may have the potential to be stalked by the same person with a different name and also the potential to have identity theft as anyone can download your info and make it as a second, third and so on and so forth in a friends request and take another's timeline as well in believing when you friend them again as they said their account was hacked in which it was not that you trusted that second, third and so on's request~mine had the potential of being hacked about 5 months ago and was stalked by a person with different names some time ago as well~that place is really creepy as of 2 months ago it has been deleted never to return back there again~and it feels as though I was never there after 9 years in being there offering great wisdom in philosophical quotes and beautiful poetry that I wrote from my blog with three books I wrote as well from that blog~if you like someone to use you as their pawn while they are generating millions of dollars in being on a platform that only "thinks" of itself~then facebook is for you~ignorance truly is bliss in being there~

Fb sucks. Can’t even go on without scrolling through 80% fake news and ads

I have not used facebook for 8 years. There is zero evidence as to why is it so important, and the world can surely carry on, as is, without this shit social media crap ... Mark Zuckerberg is just another white capitalist asshole full of hoodwink and lies ...

Facebook is a JEW scam. THE END. Stay away from JEWS and anything run by JEWS unless you want to be screwed. If you trust a Jew you are a fool.

Problem is that today, the media has caused people to focus on benefits and convenience and ease without looking at the risks and long-term issues. Only idiots use social media. I never have and never will because I'm not a sucker. Zuckerberg spent a fortune to protect his privacy while you idiots give yours away. And you wonder why your lives suck.

how could I watch this film without the emotionally uneasing tune of BGM embedded throughout the duration of 55 minutes? @_@

Facebook is a malfunctioning (on purpose), repressive (uneceassary restrictions and unecessarily deleting some posts), aggressive (taking disciplinary action against people for no reason, confronting strangers like an idiot), scandalous (Mark Zuckerberg in and out of court for criminal behavior), too focused on money meaning they're primitive (money grubbing), power hungry, lame, Illuminati cooperating (Mark Zuckerberg showed Freemason symbolism), feeding information to police related to some things, nonsense social media provider. One can deal with them somewhat because you can get some good things out of it but usually stay away from it or completely stay away from it. You take action against me so I take action against, you, Facebook (but my action is harder than yours). I am Ibrica Begic the magnificent and ironclad leader of Democratic, Cultural, Socialist movement (number one ideology of the world). Subscribe to see other frauds get exposed and great knowledge...

I want to beat this CEO punk of Facebook to a pulp! He hides behind walls and won't come out and face people!!!

we just cannot look away from facebook, its like passing along a car accident.

I don't have a Facebook just clicked to talk shit.

Where can I see fb sign ups and deleted accounts by numbers? Anybody know?

Can we please end this bs narrative that Russia is why Hillary lost! The CEO of google told Congress they found

Kosherfarm :(

Facebook is pure garbage , nothing more than a left wing, globalist tool for propaganda . It also kills actual human to human interaction and allows for fake lives..Pathetic, ha, Ukrainians good, Russians, Globalist slant as usual.

I Shared this on FB messenger with a lot of people and I was immediately banned

Why was this not an issue when Obama took advantage, of course, PBS is a fraud.

Churches all around being accused of sexual abuse, tells their Facebook audience of a local church / group home abusing children by their priests since know the victims that had done an article of the abuse denies it even though had local higher ups that are suppose to protect the community tells people when coming into their businesses, how they do local cover ups for churches, even though know the victims and hear their night terrors while they sleep trying to intimidate you with their presence to visit your house since don't want to community to know of these claims and will spread truth. You can't shut me up till these abusers are outted to the public.

This young man is really lucky!

You know, you can use facebook to follow science and technology pages, and eliminate fake news and toxic discutions, its a tool you can use for different purposes

You can download your data since the end 2009.

it was a given in 2009 when I joined facebook that they were collecting data. I mean everything is added via an inputfield a textbox. It's funny that people thought that this was going to be free forever. In 2016 I was chatting with friend about a product I saw on Amazon. He was going to get buy it for me for a small fee. The next day late at night I went on amazon and saw the price of the product much higher It was the the total cost my friend had quoted me for the product if he were to get it for me. I barely use facebook now.

Boycott seditious leftist 'Hate America' deboosting Facebook.

Facebook is a greedy fake news platform and destroyed users lives

My God can see everyone who's watching me...FB, Youtube, Google ect ect. There's only 1 to fear and He's the one who gave His life for us on the cross. I refuse to be paranoid. I will admit I think most of us spend too much time on social media.

Yo bro maybe you should pay the ppl

YouTube is better

I was ripped off by Facebook advertisers twice in a row. I would place an order and never receive the item i ordered. I now won't order anything from Facebook advertisers.

The term for "unintended consequences" is called BLOWBACK.

Twitter is worst

Facebook started by stealing a model or business idea so what do we expect moving forward. The morals of the company is already questionable to begin with.

Watching you idiots on cspan crapping yourselves & admitting you are propagandist for the dnc trying to continue the fake narrative outlined by dems in the book “Shattered” demonstrates how great it is fewer & fewer people are watching tv or read fake newspapers

YouTube is better need to stop hackers and people against free speech

This video is ridiculous. It's like blaming Nobel for inventing dynamite. Anyone who thought Facebook would not share their "personal" information, was naïve and stupid.

Hillary lost. Thats why PBS cares about this now

Facebook is a data mining network disguised as a social media platform. Its disgusting.

Egyptian Casey Neistat

Facebook has become a country. Sometimes it's the only space vulnerable populations have to organise and meet. It's no longer an option to just leave. It needs to be regulated.

They came from a hacker ethos,shouldnt some of them realize social engineering on a massive scale was possible?

I’m anti Facebook, I think it’s bad news that develops bad habits

Socia media has become a medium of delivering fake news, destroying democracy. It has made people zombies. It has done more harm than good to the world and humanity.

That annoying beat in the soundtrack sounds like there's someone knocking at the door.

PBS is a public broadcasting service that that ask you for money to give you back ideological content favoring the oligarchy. They don't waste any chance they have to take your money.

After they have all what they want they make the this documentary to pretend they care and the press is free.

Computers, A Difficult Transition: History is an elitist game filled with paper books and difficult computer searches. The world is increasingly transitioning to the indoors and computing and historical content will become a specialized field. People will probably start to get schooled more on their computer and in the past universities powers were based on the paper books they held. Travel will become more of a tourist and not a business opportunity, except for fields that require outdoor perspectives such as science and engineering as they deal with products. Delivery will become a thing of drones and robots as will retail and the military will become more dependent on computers and robots also. As society transitions, it could get difficult or even have stages of violence and rebellion as many people will lose their jobs or businesses. To begin such a transition is even difficult on the body and people will still require exercise and human contact, some more than others. Is this the beginning of the Matrix foretold by Hollywood? Well, I am personally in favor of this transition and see many of these old opportunities as a form of human slavery and not freedom. I have even gone so far as to declare myself an agent of the "computer north" as in reference to the civil war of America. Public meetings will become fewer and workplaces and the military will probably become more virtual in nature, but the diversification of people is a safer bet when it comes to bombings and shootings. In my opinion, people need to accept the fact that the web has to be policed and watched by the police and I accept the notion of an NSA as they have the interest of the people in mind and are merely concerned with crime. I'm not saying this transition will be easy, but that it will probably inevitably happen anyway. Don't get caught in the computer "south" as the invention of the cotton gin in the historical past was a major contributor to the civil war of slavery. Hacking can be virually eliminated through the use of intranet workhorses, you simply need to keep one computer for communication and one for files and software. You can then choose what to share and what to keep and when and how.

Frontline is the CIAs frontline fake news

What's Zuckerberg family tree? Colleges? RIGGGGHHHT

Fake news...can someone say DARPA? LIFELOG? Please stop spreading conspiracy. We all know what Facebook REALLY IS.

Clever psych tactic: start by working up our anxiety about being spied on by facebook, then harness that emotion to work a totally different angle, telling us that facebook should be heavily censoring content, particularly content of a politically inflammatory nature. Shame on fb and data collection firms for getting all up in our lives. Shame on frontline for trying to convince us that a building full of russians trying to make trouble are actually more dangerous than letting the government force social media companies to police what people can and cant say on said platforms. Typical corporate media bullshit, playing with our emotions to manufacture consent for what they have been trying to do for as long as social media has existed.

Sooner or later y'all people are going to learn social media is the root of all evil...........

Not scaled to handle billions of users. That should tell us how they got so far out of control.


Who is still using Facebook in 2019??

Facebook?never heard of it.....moving on.

Facebook it's accomplished the mission!! It's the best way to communicate with the world!

When you apply for a job or position of employment, you fill out an application, in which you give a lot of personal information. Whether you think your boss is a nice guy or not, how many people have access to the information you give to the company you work for. Personal information is gold, and lots of companies have wanted it for decades. If you think Facebook is the only one doing this, you're seriously mistaken. Information has been big business for a long time before Facebook. There are lots of companies processing your personal information. Neilson ratings have been spying on what you watch on television for decades. Your checking account has been audited by third party companies for decades.

que do de de fraude de los correo elotronicos.

I should of already been paid. it makes me sick how much has been stolen from me. I know it wont take to much convincing to have the marines kill all the people trying to steal all my wealth from me. my story is the story of terror and horror and unwarranted abuse. ive been abused my entire life by my nation who have never done one thing to ever help me or compensate me for what they did and continue to do to me. if the supreme court doesn't agree with me its suicide they seek for themselves. they owe me more then they can ever afford. im the victim of the largest crime ever committed against just one man. I will never be healed from my wounds. I will never be free of extreme chronic pain. I will never trust America . ive got not alternatives. ive got pain and eternal sadness. and then I have death. thety should of already paid me. its first degree murder if they don't pay me. I will tell the military the truth until those stealing from me are all executed. it wont take to much effort to pass the truth to those who have all my best guns. I own the entire federal reserve,. I own the united states military equipment. every single weapon and tool and real estate belong 100 percent to me. I own the entire internet. I own google facebook darpa nasa and all federal lands. im the only owner of the entire federal reserve. the truth is worth more then all lies combined. the navy seals know l from me they need me more then those trying to steal from me and my infantry gun carrying most trusted countrymen. to steal from me is capital punishment across the board to all who work against me the champion of the united states puritan.. the tech industry combined isn't worth even 5 percent of my wealth alone. im way wealthier then they have eyes good enough to see. my truth is the best news for those who aren't stealing from me. its pure agony for me. the worst nightare of a life. you don't want to know my whole truth. I don't even want to speak it. its way worse then you think. I can prove ive saved my nation 10 trillion dollars in just one discovery I made in 89. I can prove that in any court very easily. I am the united states. my enemies are the enemy of all mankind. they are not human those who are trying to steal from me. I ask for such a minimal percentage of true wealth I on my own provided. I can prove 4.5 quadrillion . it will be future generations who will all know that im not lying. im more advanced then those today have ability to even comprehend. your brains are missing the next evolutions new tools. you don't see basic truths because your brains are not in possession of the equipment,tools, your missing basic senses that for me are clear as blue skies. your connectors don't exist. your not moving at warp speed mind times. your computers silicone isn't even capable. carbon barely can. but theres more to it then that. I solved in two hours what ten thousand years and billions of men couldn't solve united the whole time working on it since gobekli tempe was built nearly 13,000 years ago. two hours.? no. less then two hours. as a 12 year old kid.

What a bunch of deluded, pathological swine! Social cues from a Pepsi add anyone? I can just hear the DOE thinking... see, we can teach these sycophants and narcissists to be impactful citizens. I agree with Chester, but Zuckerberg is really the prototype.

Nothing on the internet is private. All companies collect data. Be responsible with the information that you put online. Big brother is always watching.


Facebook is not pro American. Facebook is a DISGRACEFUL TRATIOROUS GLOBALIST operation , like PBS itself .

facebooks data feed what in life do we now need a lifetime bad deed

harvard drop out rate humanities great debate man kinds hatred state

facebook one oh one mark what have we now become big analog run


welh brothers new need another live data feed mark we need more speed

beamed off satellite mark what is wrong what is right justices in sight

Not the shiny crayon in the box, but at least I wasn’t fooled by fake accounts and let some account online think for me. Any information published...DO YOUR RESEARCH! The ones who still work at Facebook are liars and give two-shits. I feel gross just listening to them.

FB,YouTube,google and the rest are all the same

.. when you abdicate personal responsibility, this is your reward... stop complaining... little boys and girls expecting papa and big brother to watch out for them... in life take the good with the bad ... everything in life is a compromise... know how you get in... anyone selling you something is not doing so out of altruism... for goodness sake, you live in a capitalist society... if you believe in free speech, personal freedom and capitalism... act like it... take responsibility for what you engage and how... stop complaining.

Dear PBS, facebook was/is recorded with crimes with inter-branch evidences reception rackets, and databases rackets, and identity thefts, and sequence shifts, and offensive evidences/identity of the ground relationships roles with all topics in the news tied to recorded how maintained manifest what forgiveness was/is to let described. Inter-branch women judges are also with retired and with standing male just and police forms hiding lie progressions especially with private with them, and with overt criminal enterprises with uses of each age of fact treatment nature with a missed, but with/as an actually recorded breaching organized crime method/s roles against each age of fact treatment nature simultaneously. This was/is on/off the state judicial branch offices, as well, and was/is long time Washington/Trade Center/programs like DACA, and recorded how the justice department's fact treatment nature value relationships are kept all time treatments delusions wrought and reliant upon types of experts used to further those things originally/still. This is more recorded way worse with inter-branch/prison clicks's/foreign/overt criminal enterprises recorded verbal federal crimes collusion/illusions, and as behavior crimes with inter-branch identity thefts, and sequence truth value denials and exploitation/s natures, still. Facebook was/is with many nations with psychology police with rackets here/there also manifest as shared crime methods/natures using the "right to lie" criminally here/there, keeping the identities of the branches individually, grouped, and together forcing sequence shifts to be valued, and as offensive original/stayed entrenchment by/as this to stay perpetually breaching organized crime method/s maintained this way. The C.I.A., and the F.B.I., from former director of the F.B.I., Robert Luskin, and other foreign and domestic doctors, and judges, and police forms are with their kids also crimes with overt criminal enterprises, and with databases, and with behavior, and with identity thefts, and with fake news with these natures of crime acts also recorded, too, criminal uses of their criminally influenced grouped legal identities/value treatments by/as that so perpetually exploited through defenses of that and through what stays that facilitated needs to value finite, active, sequential, and identity thefts/hurt phenomenon tied to anyone as correlation nature using what was/is actually true all ways for logic. Connecticut inter-branch, all private tied to them, and inter-all types of campuses, and overt criminal enterprises were/are recorded how maintained like all modern nations incapable of fathoming the perfect world's logic actual from free speech. Now one must teach. They are preventing mandated law, and are valuing the identities of self-valued sustained fake care, and sustained evil aggression justice in collusion with the overt criminal enterprises and other mixed phenomenon recorded how maintained. Not one has trained.

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Hmmm so I expected someone like aaron Swartz but this guy seems like a frat boy who can barely communicate. I don’t like his inspirational slogans. It feels like they all mean do anything you have to do to get that dollar in my pocket

Facebook was started by the C.I.A through the Defense Advance Research Project Agency. Look up project Life-Log. All designed to spy on American citizens and feed the masses propaganda.

This scumbag should be in federal prison for selling all our personal data, along with everyone else colluding with him... period.

Ukraine was sabotaged by the likes of Soros, the Russia myth was started by the US and it just continued on for anything the West wanted to fabricate 'hatred & myth', today we know very well by the way they have helped the Nazi groups rise and funded by the West.

Zuckerberg's business model is the epitome of exploitative capitalism. Shamelessly immoral and unethical. Never did FB, never will. Privacy was one of the corner stones of Liberty, now eroded by Political Capitalism and its institutions.

tiffsaver exactly! And the scumbag has the charisma of a corpse.

Sounds to me like someone doesn't like Facebook because it made it hard to control the public

30:32 if you wanna freak out ...

Zuckerberg let his own personal politics be the guide. He is a master manipulator and is culpable for the REAL collusion

Every website is tracking you. Storing your info. Selling your info. Use these platforms against them if you really care. You have the power. You give these sites their value. Without you they are worthless.

I got 30 days for posting a mem critical of God's chosen

"... greatest experiment in free speech in human history." Yeah, not so much.

FB is not responsible for what people say's supposedly a free speech country ....or was at least till Patriot act

i can't watch this video. too many idiots

Facebook is a direct treat to all mankind an it will continue to destroy humanity Facebook is worst than aids

Power of positivity

not the snuggle bunnies, noooooo

No matter what the outcome will be, we will keep on using Facebook.

I don't care if this is not politically correct, but I think Mark Z. is one damn creepy guy. And hiding behind genius and millions does not exempt him to this creepiness...

Social networking sites need to be highly regulated and not by themselves or governments as both are trying to take control of the internet

The guy invented it all by himself....yeppers...

lol, only Russia? I remember Hillary complaining that Russia was simply doing better at it than the US and I am sure many companies and governments have been messing with it for a long time.

I didn't realize until I saw Part 2 that this is more Leftist Liberal Propaganda. The hook (getting you to think that FaceBook is trying to be fair-minded) is Part 1, then Part 2 their Left Liberal leaning is obvious & twist, slant & demonize the Conservative perspective, just like the rest of Social & Mainstream Media.

Do people really believe they have privacy while there online?

map the Facebook social divisions and begin to rebuild those specific relationships. what Facebook actually does wrong is prevent people from forming relationships that go out of bounds.

Very much Informative..

Facebook was a platform for public racism, in the south at least, Facebook was created to divide people

If I understand correctly, the dilemma is that freedom can lead to consequences which themselves represent new challenges. Allow me to be the first to say "Welcome to human existence, Frontline. Glad you could join the rest of us!"

Will Lyman. The best voice in the universe

I still don't understand the friend suggestions. It's as if Facebook managers believe there is a method but honestly the friend suggestions must be random. I think that's a problem... Facebook managers have a lot of false beliefs. As if I thought one of my family member's favourite color is blue... and give them a blue shirt. And they are so happy so I keep giving them blue things on their birthday. But yellow was their favorite color. And now they are starting to think blue is their favorite color.... make a long story short... Facebook thinks I should be friends with somebody in South Africa, well sure I like making friends, but now Facebook thinks I'm Buddhist.

Privacy? At Facebook!?! Cut the BULLSHIT Sandberg. Fuck you.

Fuck Facebook. I've never wasted time on that bullshit. Why let an asshole pimp your data to advertisers.

Tsar Vlade the Journalist Murderer to Mark SUCKERberg: "Thanks for being my useful idiot in the 2016 election. See you again in 2020."

I Shared this video with many FB freinds on messenger after deleting the FB app. I was immediately booted off mesenger.

Wow.....took 44:20 to get to the Ruskies messing with our elections, installing their little bootlick into the White House. I woulda started there.

Fuck Facebook I did nothing wrong but they want govt Id to log in when I just wanna message my dad happy birthday

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