The Daily Briefing With Dana Perino 04/10/18 2PM | April 10, 2018 Breaking News

The Daily Briefing With Dana Perino 04/10/18 2PM | April 10, 2018 Breaking News

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Look at the left side of the screen Mark Zuckerberg ready to testify before to, Senate committees. Foxes. Will our big day in our nation's capital with the White House briefing this hour while president Trump doesn't rule out firing, special, counsel Robert Muller and Facebook. CEO Mark Zuckerberg, is about, to take some very tough questions on Capitol, Hill hello, everyone I'm Dana Perino and, this is the daily briefing. The, Facebook founder seeking, a connection, with Senate lawmakers, while they set their sights on a massive privacy scandal, and how Russians, use the social network to influence, American politics, we've got you covered with Daniel Henninger and Shelby Holliday from The Wall Street Journal, former, Microsoft, executive. Embraer. The anchor of special report but we begin with House, Energy and Commerce chairman, Greg Walden who will be asking questions of Zuckerberg tomorrow on the, house side this is a big deal congressman, it really is since 1996. And the Telecommunications. Act of that, year which was big sweeping changes, the, committee really hasn't tackled, anything this, big since then how do you plan to focus 31. Members, tomorrow. To try to get, the questions you want answered at that hearing that's, just on the Republican, side you know so it's a it's, a big committee it's a big issue and it's bigger than just Facebook by the way how people profit from your personal, data goes well beyond Facebook, and we'll be looking at this over time but tomorrow it, is about Facebook, it is about Mark, Zuckerberg, the founder of this great innovative, company but what happened along the way what. Were people's, expectations. What were the agreements, did they keep their side of the bargain these are the trust, questions. I think American consumers, had and our jobs put the consumer first and make, sure these big companies, do. What they say they were going to do and if not does, it invite the opportunity, or the need for, some sort of public policy involvement, here sir. Last week when I headed out to Facebook to interview Sheryl Sandberg I've talked to many people from, all walks of life including some members of Congress from both sides of the aisle and what I've realized is that there are many, people who are very angry at Facebook, but none of them seem to be mad at Facebook, for the same reasons, is there something that you're particularly, looking, to. Get tomorrow that will help focus the mind on any, particular type of legislation. Or regulation that you think is necessary yeah Dana I think it's about transparency, and it's about accountability that's. How you build trust and, when, it comes to online platforms. Such as Facebook, what, was there transparency. Regarding how, they would use their your, data by the way not their data your data and did they follow it are they accountable. They accountable, to the agreement, they reached back. In 2011, with the Federal Trade Commission, when there were issues about data data, security, data usage, that they entered into an agreement did, they follow the terms and conditions, and by the way does anybody read, those little click things that say I agreed, all the principles and the multi pages, of legalese, about what they can and can't do I think, consumers are kind of left in the dark about what happens with their data until, something like this happens where a violation, of public, trust occurs, that's, our job then to get to the facts get to the truth and then come to a decision about what kind of public policy, changes, need to be made if any congressman.

I'm Sure you're familiar, that a lot of Republicans and conservatives, are frustrated, with Facebook they think there is a bias against. Them and, especially when, it came to the new algorithm that they put. In place on in the newsfeed what, can Facebook do to rebuild that trust, well. That's a big question you. Know when you go back to the organizing for America, the Obama 2012 campaign the, way they used apps to scrape data I think, in an unprecedented, fashion now. Facebook, changed its policies, after that but not before President, Obama used all those data and OFA used it and probably still has it and then, you look at the algorithms, they're using, to sort things out they ought to be based on First Amendment free speech rights, not something. That they've cooked up themselves probably. That's, a question we'll have for Mark Zuckerberg and. And so these are the issues of our day are they are they a common carrier in the information, age are they a digital, platform, that just provides a wonderful service for free or, is it really for free given that they monetize, your data I mean there's a goods and services exchange that occurs here are consumers, fully informed, about that exchange, and are, they playing by the rules they said Mark. Zuckerberg was, on the hill the past couple of days just trying to assuage. Some fears, I think the, members of Congress in terms of what Facebook, is planning. To do he's he's, apologizing. Up one side and down the other, this just posted, from him on his own Facebook, page he said in an hour I'm going to testify in front of the Senate about how Facebook needs to take a broader view of our responsibility. Not, just to build tools but to make sure those two are used for good I will, do everything I can to make Facebook a place where everyone can stay closer with the people they care about and to make sure it's a positive force, in the world one, of the things that they always say and, this will be my last question for you I know you have a busy day Facebook. Always says it's very idealistic, and. It's very optimistic, type of. Company. But, is. That about to meet, with some real cynicism. From members of Congress like. Dana look this, company's, been around not 15, days but 15, years it has two billion, users it's. It's one of the biggest economic engines. In the social, media world in fact in the whole technology world, so, you can't. Just say oh I'm idealistic, and I made a mistake I do think he's he's being smart he's taking, the. Responsibility the, but does stop with him he's the biggest single shareholder. As controlling, interest and he's created, an incredible, platform that's, that's changed, the world and connected, people but, with that comes in Norma's, responsibility. On a company, of that size to. Do what it says it's going to do to follow the rules follow the law do what it says it will do to help consumers, and that's. Where we're gonna get to the bottom of so then, remember the lens is bigger than just Facebook, a lot of other companies out there engaged, in actions, that consumers. Are concerned, will. You be asking companies like Twitter and Google, to come testify - well. I think there are issues that come, to our attention from, our consumers, our voters, about, those companies as well and so we're. Not ruling it out all right congressman, Greg Walden chairman, of the Energy and Commerce Committee thank you Thank, You Dana, and. As we wait for Mark Zuckerburg testimony, let's bring in the anchor of special report Bret Baier this. Hearing was really going, to take up a lot of the time, and attention. Of the, week I want to get to the other issues but before I do that let me just ask you what, the feeling is like down there in terms of mark zuckerberg testifying. For, the first time in front of Congress you know Dana covered, a lot of hearings a lot of these hearings on Capitol Hill, if. There hasn't been this kind of line to get into a hearing. For. Quite some time I'm. Talking big hearings, that were much anticipated. This seems, to be generating, a lot a lot of attention, and a, lot of, focus. Have not only lawmakers, but the people who cover Capitol, Hill I think the real take away and you talked about this with congressman, Walden is what. Does regulation. Of social, media of Facebook, and others look, like and if. That's the case if that's the road that Congress, is going down, you know we're opening up a whole new door here, about regulation, of the Internet and I, think that there's, going to be a lot of back.

And Forth about what, the end product, looks like if that's what happens and if we know anything it's at Washington, moves a lot more slowly than, technology for sure we're taking a look at that line that you mentioned, for of people trying to get in for this hearing but of course you can watch it live here on Fox News as soon as it starts meantime. Chuck Grassley not only the chairman of the Judiciary, Committee who. Is talking about Facebook but he also spoke, with Maria. Bartiromo this, morning, about the other big news and that is in regards, to the. Investigation. Of robert muller the, raid yesterday of the president's, attorney michael, cohen listen, to what he said to maria this morning I, have. Confidence in Muller the president. Ought to have confidence, in Muller and I think to answer your question it would be suicide, for the president, to, want to, talk, about fire and Muller the Vice the president, said on this whole thing the, better off he, would be the. Stronger his presidency, would be and. I think that maybe Muller. Coming, to a dead end as, far as collusion. Of the, Trump with, Russia in this election, but. A lot of people do try to reach president, Trump through their. Appearances, on television what. Do you think that President Trump hears when he when he hears it all. These people think he should not fire Muller but it is within his, power to do so, right. I think there are a lot of lawmakers a lot of senators warning, about. That there are some saying they're not concerned, that, he's going to go down that road because he knows the consequences of that here's. The thing we don't know what we don't know about the, Muller investigation. It's being reported that the Cohen, raid. The raid on Michael Cohen's office and and apartment. Was. In, regard. To the payments, of. Hush. Money payments and. Possibly. Some inquiry, into the National Enquirer and how that played into, pre-election. Activities. That Cowan took took, place in we don't know the tie if. There is one to the Muller investigation. What's being reported now that the that, the attorney the, the, US attorney in the Southern District recused, himself, and. That's the Trump guy so here you have another refusal. Potentially, just. Like the, president has a problem with Jeff Sessions, the Attorney General's refusal, I think.

That We have a long way to go to get more facts about this. Particular. Raid but. Clearly the signals from Capitol Hill are don't, fire Muller it would cause a lot of problems, meantime, there's also the. Story that where everybody's following in regards to reaction. To, Syria, and what might happen there at, the president, meeting with his. Military. Leadership yesterday, nikki Haley at the United Nations pushing. Back against the use of chemical weapons against those innocent civilians, do, you hear anything more about what could possibly happen from, our end today well. I think that from. That Cabinet Room where a lot of the focus was on the raids and his comments on Muller the other thing that came out of it was that there will be a decision in an hours possibly within the day and, that. They are confident. Or have solid, intelligence about, who was behind that that's, from President Trump since. Then I've talked to various officials, who feel like there is an increasing, confidence that, they know who was behind the chemical attacks, and there. Are indications, that, there's. Some military, move potentially. In the next 24 to 48 hours can I ask you and just on that beyond, the. Evidence. That and. What we might be, able to find, out about it I'm cautious because I know things are classified, but, people are going to want some proof that it was the, Assad forces that, did, this do, you that, what you're hearing though there is that proof that proof exists I've. Been invited to a couple of background briefings in the next day so I think that they're they're, probably getting it all together and, you the drill they, briefed, anchors. And reporters with. What they can outside, of a classified, environment. In. Order to make. The case firmly, before. Some action happens well it's good to know that you are invited because we will invite you then back here to tell us more about it all right bret baier thank you thanks. So. Mark Zuckerberg just arriving on Capitol Hill to testify before a joint Senate committee moments from now up next, our panel weighs in on the questions, he can expect.

Many. Of us on this committee have, been raising this issue since. The beginning of this year and. Our. Claims. Were frankly blown off by the leadership's of your companies your companies know. More about Americans, in many ways than United States government. Fox's. Alert a look inside, the hearing room where Mark Zuckerberg is about to testify before a joint Senate committee with me now Wall Street Journal deputy editorial. Page editor Dan. Henninger and Shelby Holliday The Wall Street Journal is senior video reporter, and from DC Mark Penn former, executive, vice president and, chief strategy. Officer at, Microsoft and, author of the new book micros, trend squared. This. Is a day, that I think Mark Zuckerberg, maybe didn't, I think, maybe he knew that it would come dan that this would at some point it would happen that a day of reckoning for, a company, this size now 15, years old, would, have to face the music take a listen today to what Kara Swisher said, on, NBC's. Today Show I. Think. A lot of people with this boy genius stuff he's 33 years old and he has two children we have to stop calling him a boy and he's a billionaire who runs a major company. And so I think this idea that we sort of Juvenal eyes these men from Silicon Valley as if they don't have responsibility, is kind of ridiculous, Danny, is going to have to face the music today. He. Is going to face the music for sure I would. Agree with Kara Swisher to the extent. That I sometimes. Think of Mark, Zuckerberg as like the. Fellow who discovered, the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow I mean there is sitting in his dorm room at Harvard University. Dreaming up Facebook, others, could have come up with the same idea he attached that to a technology, called, the Internet and the, next thing you know he's a sixth, richest man in the world with two billion. Customers, I mean there's something about the nature of this technology, its breadth its power, its exponential. Power that, we have never seen before and this, one made, Mark, Zuckerberg, extremely. Wealthy and now he is sitting here in front of Congress, supposedly, to apologize. And be contrite, and in, the advance of this hearing I'd like to just you. Know issue a little bit of skepticism what. Exactly. Is the problem that we are sitting here to discuss and hear about today is it privacy, obviously. It's connected, to Cambridge analytics, but is the issue that there was privacy, that was compromised, by individuals, or is, it that this was used by Cambridge analytics. And others to elect Donna Trump president, which is two separate. Issues and Shelby Holiday there was there's another issue and that is just the sheer size of. Facebook, and what kind of company Facebook is it was the. Startup darling, of the world but now there's questions because, of its power as a. News. Publisher. Really is it, a media company listen to what Sheryl Sandberg had to say about that. We're. Working really hard on false news people. Want accurate, information on Facebook and we want them to have accurate, information so. What we're doing is we're working with third party fact checkers everyone from the AP to the Weekly Standard we, have people in all 50 states now, ahead. Of the election, our goal is always to be a platform for all ideas, we. Are running a service that two billion people use right we work in. A bipartisan, way she'll. Be the sheer size and scope of this company, leads you to believe that the members of Congress are probably going to ask them if Facebook, is too, big yeah. That's a key question and that interview was really insightful because the answer Facebook has given to this question are you a media company are you responsible for what's published on the platform has, changed a lot over the last year they do not want to be sort. Of this overseer. Of content. They didn't want a fact check they didn't think it was their job to police free, speech but, now we're hearing more and more that they do care about this and this is important, the reason why is because the, value of Facebook lies in trust users. Trust they. Trust, Facebook to put their pictures up there they trust, Facebook. Enough that they put their birthday, and they share things with their friends, even messages, private messages to people that you know and. So if that that trust falls apart the model of Facebook falls apart and so does the value of Facebook now, we all say that they're on the hot seat Mark Zuckerberg is on the hot seat today and this is a key moment he didn't want to be here in the first place a few weeks ago when he addressed Cambridge analytic he, really backed away from the idea that he needed to be here now, he's here lawmakers, will definitely, want to ask him to have questions but I did get an email from a venture capitalist, earlier and he said it, is a hot seat but it's also a tremendous opportunity to, profess, democratic, values to, remind people what Facebook stands for and to, remind I mean I don't know if people want to hear how incredible, of a company Facebook is but he certainly has an opportunity to be the leader and to Kharis fishers point to be the man you, know the this responsible, CEO, eating this company not the guy from his dorm room mark, pain today you had an op-ed in The New York Times in which you said as social, media distribution of news real and fake mushroomed, government, authorities neglected, to give these changes the same careful, study they gave to TV and radio when those technologies, were new despite, its government roots in public funding the Internet has been treated like a private commercial network now, is the time to can reconsider.

That Approach. And to Shelby's point there about trust there's a Monmouth, poll asking. His facebook doing enough to, spread to, stop the spread of fake news not, doing enough up at 69%, I know you know a lot about polling. How. Are they doing on that front well I, think they've gone very much on an apology tour as, a. Strategy, quite different, you know it's history, seems to repeating itself because I worked, with Bill Gates when when, he was called before Congress look. This is going to be I think a relatively, tough setting, for Mark Zuckerberg it's. One of the first times he's asked questions that are fully not in his control I think there'll be a number of crosscurrents here I think, interest in news interest, in Cambridge analytic, interest, in privacy, the, his advantage is that no one has a clear. Kind. Of the ability. To develop questions. The. Public basically, is in the dark about technology. Platforms, they don't understand, what, news has moved how its moved how much power there is in this data I think in the op-ed I say well look you know you, can't have facebook both be a common carrier and a media company it's, got to choose and probably. We should really have channels, right, who are really responsible for their content, right, that are promoted, rather than Facebook, directly hiring, 20,000. People to act as censors that's that's, unprecedent, Mike I'm gonna ask you as Shelby and Dan Henninger to stick around with me we, are going to be right back much more on the testimony, any minutes now from Mark Zuckerberg what, he needs to tell lawmakers about the massive. Data mining. Scandal, we'll be right back to go with us and the panel will be here too. Boxers. Alert as we await the testimony, of Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg in the wake of his company's privacy, scandal, chief congressional correspondent Mike, Emanuel is live on Capitol Hill Mike. What is the prep work like, for these lawmakers heading, into a high-profile. Hearing, with limited, time in the spotlight well. Dana it's pretty intense is what I'm told and they have very limited time so they really need to get to the point in a hurry I'm, told there are conversations, and conference calls between the senator issue experts, on staff and the communications, team about possible, areas they could explore, with questioning, the lawmakers are then provided with background, packets from their team about those various.

Issues They could explore and some are suggesting today's, hearings, ruling just the first start of congressional, oversight. Facebook. Has been slow to take needed steps to make changes, to its platform, to empower average Americans, to know what. If their data is being used and for what purpose and by whom I think the Senate and the Congress is going to need to have a series, of hearings and to act to strengthen privacy since. This is the first time Mark Zuckerberg has testified on Capitol Hill, if lawmakers hear a lot of questions about a particular area, they, could quickly shift to another area of interest a lot of ground to cover here this, afternoon Dana, Mike, do the Senators meet ahead of time to sketch out how they're going to divide up the questioning, or do they get to do whatever they want in, some cases I'm told they do meet to try to avoid a whole lot of overlap, it's not entirely clear if they did ahead of this one you've got some. 40 or so senators between the two committees that I'll be questioning him this afternoon, but, bottom line I'm reminded, that a lot of the members, of the Senate Judiciary panel. Are attorneys and so they. Intend, to listen very carefully to what their colleagues ask and either dig deeper with their questions or perhaps shift, on the fly and, some, are questioning whether this. Is basically, a time that Congress must add new regulations, that. Come. In peace I don't want to have to regulate Facebook, currently. Though we have a problem I mean the digital, promised. Land has some minefields, in it and. One of those minefields, is the protection, of people's privacy. Now. I, want. To hear three words from mr. Zuckerberg. I'm. On, it, the, stakes are incredibly high, for, Mark Zuckerberg a. Poor performance, could hurt share prices a Facebook. Stock could, also invite the government, into, his business Dana all right Mike thank you and, let's bring back our panel Daniel Henninger Shelby Holiday and Mark. Penn who are with me now, one. Of the things, Dan. That I wanted to ask about is something that Andrew Ross Sorkin wrote, about in the New York Times today. In his column he said the, reality is that when it comes to privacy the trade off has, already been made we decided long ago to give away our personal information, in exchange for free content, and the, ability to interact seamlessly with, others, politicians. Can scream from the rooftops about, privacy. And they should but, the public has proved over and over again that. It doesn't care and Dan I think he was pointing to also you with. Breaches, of security when, it came to Airlines or credit card companies it really, is not that big of a factor in hurting, those businesses, because consumers, keep going back, well. I essentially, agree with the Sorkin's, analysis, I think by and large people don't care I mean let's go to the beginning of this problem with Facebook and Cambridge analytical. Supposedly, it was when a Cambridge, University, researcher, Alexander. Korda. Solicited. A made an app in which he solicited people to contribute. Their psychographic. Profiles, you, know how many people voluntarily, submitted. That information, to him. 300,000. An extraordinary, number and now that their, information, was then shared. Extensively, their associates, their friends, and so forth and that was what was essentially, stolen. By. Cambridge analytical. But nonetheless the, fact is most people I think are pretty happy, with, the product, they're getting from social media and, from Facebook, if they were more concerned about their privacy we would have had a problem long, before this I'm more concerned by what, we also alluded, to which is the hacking, of things like Equifax, or the Office of Personnel Management that, was 21. Million. Very. Confidential. Files now, the question, is has anything ever come, of the haxe the ideas they've got your social standing umber and the rest of it but I have never seen any evidence that, something bad. Has happened as, a result, panel. Stay with me here Mark Zuckerberg has entered the hearing room and the, chairman, of the Senate Judiciary Committee Senator, Chuck Grassley of Iowa, is there as well so we anticipate that this is, going to be one of those hearings that actually starts, on time I was trying to remember the last time such a big hearing took place dan and I were talking possibly, the Benghazi, hearings when Hillary Clinton testified.

Two. Years ago or so but. Right now Mark Zuckerberg his first time on Capitol Hill to testify he, spent most of the day yesterday meeting. With members of the Senate talking. To them in advance of this testimony, in which we know he is going to apologize he, has an opening statement that he released yesterday. And, also. She'll be holidays since you're here with me now one, of the things I think that he's going to ask about you'll see a big partisan, divide is that Democrats are going to be very focused on the timeline, as to when, Facebook knew, that Russia was trying to meddle in the. 2016. Election. Through. Using, Facebook, do, you anticipate, that as well yes that's a huge question what did Zuckerberg know when did he know it and if he knew it early why wasn't he very transparent, with users there's a big debate about free, speech here and I spoke to Senator Lankford, a Republican, in. The past few weeks and he said Congress doesn't, feel like, it needs to compel these social, media companies to tell the public it actually wants the social, media companies themselves to. Release information to the public and so, what what Facebook has done is released a lot of information to Congress but we and the public still don't necessarily, know about it and a lot of Americans have been left in the dark Shelby the senator. There is trying. To pound the gavel telling, everybody to get ready as, he was about to turn, this hearing over, to Mark Zuckerberg for his opening statement after, he is sworn in and. I just go get all the cameras, out, of the way it must be sort of strange Dan we're talking about him in the in the dorm room. Getting. Ready. And. Now the sixth, richest man, in the world and we'll, turn this over now to Senator Chuck Grassley Mark. Zuckerberg first, testimony in front of Congress. Social. Media privacy, and the. Use and dish and, abuse of data. Although. Not unprecedented. This. Is a unique hearing, the. Issues, we. Will consider, range. From data privacy, and security. To. Consumer, protection and, the. Federal Trade Commission enforcement. Touching. On jurisdictions. Of these. Two committees. We. Have 44, members between. Our two committees, that. May not seem. Like a large group, by Facebook, standards, but. It is significant. Here for. A hearing in the United States Senate we. Will do our best to keep things moving efficiently given. Our circumstances. We. Will begin with opening statements from. The Chairman and ranking members. Of each committee, starting. With chairman, tun and, then. Proceed, with. Mr. Zuckerberg. Opening. Statement. We. Will then move on to questioning, each. Member, will have five minutes to question witnesses. I'd. Like to remind the, members, of both committees. That. Time limits, will be and must, be strictly, enforced given, the numbers that. We have here today if. You over your time, Chairman. Thune and I will make sure to let you know there. Will not be a second, round as well of. Course there, will be the usual follow-up. Written questions, for. The record. Questioning. Will. Alternate, between majority. And minority. And between, committees. We. Will proceed in order based on respective. Committee. Seniority. We. Will anticipate a, couple short breaks later, in the afternoon and so. It's my pleasure to. Recognize the, chairman of the. Commerce Committee. Chairman. Thune for his opening, statement, Thank. You chairman Grassley, today's. Hearing is extraordinary it's. Extraordinary to hold a joint committee hearing, it's. Even more extraordinary to have a single. CEO, testify. Before nearly half of the United States Senate, but. Then Facebook is pretty. Extraordinary, more. Than two billion people use Facebook every. Month. 1.4. Billion, people use it every, day more. Than the population, of any country, on earth except, China in. More than four times the population of, the United States it's. Also more than 1,500. Times the population of, my, home state of South Dakota. Plus. Roughly 45 percent of American adults report, getting at least some of their news from Facebook, in many. Respects. Facebook's. Incredible, reach is why we're here today, we're. Here because of what you mr. Zuckerberg have described as a breach of trust a, quiz. App used by approximately, 300,000. People led. To information, about. 87, million Facebook, users being obtained by the company, Cambridge, analytical, there. Are plenty of questions about the behavior, of Cambridge. Analytical, and we expect to hold a future hearing on Kay branch and symbol and similar firms but. As you said this. Is not likely, to be an, isolated. Incident. A fact demonstrated, by Facebook's suspension, of another firm just this past weekend, you've.

Promised, That when Facebook, discovers, other apps that had access to large amounts of user data you. Will be banned them and tell those affected, and that's. Appropriate, but. It's unlikely to be enough for the two billion, Facebook users. One. Reason that so many people, are worried, about this incident is what. It says about how Facebook works. The. Idea, that. For every person, who decided, to try an app, information. About, nearly 300, other people, was. Great from your services, to put it mildly, disturbing. And, the. Fact that those 87. Million, people may have technically consented, to making their data available doesn't make most. People feel any. Better. The recent revelation, that malicious actors, were able to utilize Facebook's. Default privacy settings, to match, email, addresses. And phone numbers found, on the so-called dark, web to. Public facebook profiles. Potentially. Affecting, all facebook users, only. Adds fuel to the fire, what. Binds these two incidents is that they don't appear to be caused by the kind of negligence, that allows typical, data breaches to happen, instead. They. Both appear to be the result of people exploiting the very tools that you've created to manipulate, users. Information, I know. Facebook, has taken several steps and intends to take more to address these issues. Nevertheless. Some. Have warned that the actions Facebook, is taking, to ensure that third, parties, don't. Obtain data from unsuspecting, users while. Necessary. Will. Actually, serve to enhance Facebook's. Own ability. To market, such data exclusively. Most. Of us understand, that whether, you're using, Facebook, or Google. Or some other online services, we. Are trading certain information about ourselves for, free or, low-cost services. But. For this model to persist, both. Sides of the bargain need to know the. Stakes that are involved, right now. I'm not convinced, that Facebook's, users have. The information that they need to make meaningful choices in. The past many of my colleagues on both sides the aisle have been willing to defer to. Tech company's efforts to regulate themselves. But. This may, be changing. Just. Last month in overwhelming, bipartisan, fashion Congress, voted to make it easier for prosecutors. And victims, to. Go after websites, that knowingly facilitate. Sex, trafficking. This. Should be a wake-up call for the tech community, we. Want to hear more without. Delay, about. What Facebook, and other. Companies, plan to do to take greater responsibility for. What happens on their platforms. How. Will you protect users, data, how. Will you inform users. About, the changes, that you are making and how. Do you intend to proactively, stop. Harmful. Conduct. Instead of being forced to respond to at months or years. Later. Mr.. Zuckerberg in many ways you and the company that you've created. The. Story that you created represent, the American dream. Many. Are incredibly, inspired by what you've done at. The same time, you. Have an obligation and, it's up to you to. Ensure that that dream doesn't become a privacy, nightmare for. The scores of people who use Facebook. This. Hearing is. An opportunity, to speak to those who believe in Facebook and to. Those who are deeply skeptical. About it we. Are listening. America. Is listening, and, quite. Possibly the world is, listening to. Thank. You now ranking. Member Feinstein. Thank. You very much mr., chairman chairman, Grassley chairman. Thune thank, you both for holding. This hearing mr.. Zuckerberg thank, you for being here you. Have a real opportunity to, it this afternoon to lead the industry and. Demonstrates, a meaningful commitment. To protecting, individual. Privacy, we. Have learned over the past few months and we've. Learned a great deal that's, learnt that's alarming we've. Seen how foreign, actors, are abusing. Social, media, platforms. Like Facebook, to. Interfere, in elections, and take. Millions, of Americans, personal, information. Without, their knowledge in order, to manipulate, public opinion and target. Individual. Voters. Specifically. On February. The 16th, special. Counsel Muller issued. An indictment, against. The Russia based internet, internet. Research. Agency. And 13. Of its employees. For, interfering. Operations. Targeting, targeting. The United States, through. This, 37. Page indictment. We, learned that the IRA, ran, a coordinated. Campaign, through. 470. Facebook. Accounts. And pages. The, campaign, included, ads and false, information.

To Create discord, and harm, secretary. Clinton's campaign. And the, content, was seen by an estimated, a hundred, and fifty-seven, million, Americans. A month. Later on March. 17th. News. Broke, that Cambridge. Analytic. Exploited. The personal, information, of. Approximately. 50, million Facebook. Users without. Their, knowledge or, permission, and, last. Week we, learn that number, was even higher, 87. Million, Facebook. Users who. Had their private, information, taken. Without their consent. Specifically. Using. A personality, quiz, he created, professor. Cogan, collected, the personal, information, of three, hundred thousand, Facebook. Users, and then, collected, data on millions, of their friends, it, appears, the information. Collected. Included. Everything, these individuals. Had on their, Facebook, pages and according. To some reports even. Included, private, direct, messages, between, users. Professor. Cogan is said to have taken data from over 70, million Americans it, has, also been reported that. He sold this data to, Cambridge, analytic. For, eight hundred thousand. Dollars, Cambridge. Analytical, then took this data and created. A psychological. Welfare, tool to, influence, United, States elections, in fact. The CEO. Alexander. Knicks declared. That Cambridge analytic. I ran, all the digital campaign, the, television, campaign, and, we are gonna continue to listen to the opening statements but in the meantime Sarah, Sanders at the White House just, started her press briefing. And we'll turn it over to her as well. Sorry. Jen I'm gonna be a Tamara at crystals. Then why Dracula's trucks I'm gonna move on to Kristen start we were tight on time with a visit, of the Alabama team coming up soon because, look, just can you follow up on that question does he I didn't even deny, having an affair then why doesn't he just the president's been clear he's addressed this several times I don't have anything else to add right. Ask. Me other questions you. Just say definitively has, the president any, conversations. About firing, the Jeff Sessions Rutgers and Stein for Robert Miller in the past 24 hours I haven't had any conversations, with him on that I can't speak beyond that officer sorry. Kristen we got it we got collared or witch hunt but rod Rosen Stein whom he appointed signed, off on the way to do it. Answer. It go ahead Christmas. Music, you answer the question the president pointed rod Rosen Stein and so how can we call the, rain. Yesterday a witch hunts when, it was approved by the, deputy. Once, again I'm not aware of what the process is and who signs off on those, specific, types of. Things the president certainly has been very clear about what his position is when it comes to, matters. Of collusion, and that's, what his reference, is he.

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