The Show - 11/24/17: Radio City Rockettes, Matt Doyle, Lesli Margherita & More

The Show - 11/24/17: Radio City Rockettes, Matt Doyle, Lesli Margherita & More

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Welcome. To the show, your go-to guide for all things Broadway and the best way to ring in the holiday season I'm Beth Stephens and I'm, Imogen, Lloyd Webber today. We officially kick off most wonderful, time of the year we'll, take you behind the scenes as an exclusive, photo shoot for the cast of home for the holidays visit. Radio City Music Hall to chat with the Rockettes and creators. Behind this year's Christmas Spectacular and more, and later, Matt Doyle shows off his golden vocals, with a classic, holiday song but, first let's get started with the news what's the buzz Imogen. Shall. We dance London, maybe, the worm Kelly. O'Hara and Ken Watanabe will, make their West End debuts in a transfer, of publishers Tony winning 2015, revival, but what doesn't Hammerstein's the KNI ahora. Memory took home her first Tony for her promises, Anna Leonowens on. Her leading man Watanabe, received a Tony nod his turn as the King of Siam, shares, creative team we'll all cross the pond with him and the production is scheduled to begin previous, at the London Palladium on June the 21st 2018. But, midnight esepcially the third and a limited engagement is currently, slated to run through August 4th something, wonderful, indeed, so. Kelly O'Hara is spending the summer in London doing the King and I and then coming back in, 2019, for Kiss Me Kate on Broadway she, can do the worm she can dance in hoop skirt and she can certainly plan ahead. We. Know you've been praying for a vlogger from the new Broadway production of once on this island and the gods have heard your prayer Broadway, newcomer Hayley Kilgore who plays T moon in the revival is sharing her backstage, experience, in the new vlog one, small girl look, for Kilgore to reveal what it's like to make her Broadway debut in a cast that includes Tony winner Leia Salonga, Quentin, Earle Darrington, Alex Newell Merle Dandridge and Isaac Powell Lynn, Aaron and Steven Flaherty's once on this island directed, by Michael Arden opens at Broadway Circle in the Square Theatre on December 3rd one, small girl runs every Thursday for 8 weeks all. He cares about is, love, YouTube. Star tour it cool is set to bring the razzle-dazzle to Broadway's ambassador, theatre later this month and the long-running hit Chicago, here. Shuttle to appear as Billy Flynn, for an engagement from November 30th through January, the 14th, 2018. Paul. Was most recently seen as Lola in the main stems kinky boots other, great quite trade credits include Memphis and the color purple you'll. Paint the town alongside Charlotte de moivre's Roxy and Lisa Memphis, Velma a chat, I knew you were gonna say hot cha I love a good hot cha. After. More than 500, performances off Broadway's famil, ttan will take its last shot at Broadway blockbuster, Hamilton, the hilarious musical spoof created by Forbidden Broadway mastermind. Gerard Allison dreamy will play his final performance on January 7th 2018. The. Parody originally started as a limited, engagement in July 2016, and after multiple extensions continued. On to play at the Triad theatre and then the 47th, Street Puerto Rican traveling theatre in addition, to off-broadway spamela, in has played Chicago and is currently running in Los Angeles spamela. Is now planning a national tour and a London bow and for those of you wondering yes. Lin-manuel Miranda has seen the show and he had it shut down just, kidding he loved it time, for your casting, roundup, off-broadway, we have Tony winner Deborah month Vanessa, as beocca mark Blum Diane, Davis and Josh McDermitt will, join Jamie Brewer and Amy and the orphans, Lindsay, Ferrentino so while premier play is scheduled to begin performances, on probably the first next, year the Scott Ellis at the helm at the Laura Pels theatre, over. The vineyard Quincey, Tyler Bernstein, will star in Jordan Harrison's the amateurs alongside Carl Beltran Michel, Cyril Curtin Greg, Keller Jennifer, Kim and Thomas, J Ryan previews. The game forever the eighth directed, by Oliver Butler, and the cast of the deham Yankees roundabout, benefit, at the Stephen Sondheim on December 11th, just got even stariha.

Matthew, Morrison will take on the role of Joe Hardy Stephen, Bogardus, as Joe Boyd agent, Warren Astoria thought Anna Colden as Doris and Julie Houston as sister, they'll, be joining Maggie Gyllenhaal Whoopi Goldberg and more, a home run of the director, Kathleen, Marshall and, finally. We have big news about the new musical, pretty woman the show based on the 1990, Julia Roberts hit movie has found a Broadway home at the Nederlander theatre. Headliner. Samantha, barks and Tony when her Steve Kazee will begin performances, there on July 20th 2018, with, an official opening night set for August 16th, the, new musical features an original score by grammy winner Bryan Adams and a longtime songwriting partner Jim Vallance, a book, by Gary Marshall and the film's screenwriter, jf Lawton and direction. And choreography by, two-time Tony winner Jerry Mitchell the cast includes Tony nominee or Fay and stage regulars, Jason Daniel E Erik Anderson and Kingsley, legs before, hitting Broadway, pretty woman will have its world premiere in Chicago, at the oriental, theater for a limited five-week engagement, beginning on March 13th. When. We come back we'll chat with Beth level Christopher Seba and the cast of Paper Mill Playhouse is, holiday, season production of Annie goof, around with whose holiday star Leslie margarita and more. This. Week on get, to know new dear Evan Hanson star Noah Galvan theater, icon Julie Taymor talks, the Lion King and butterfly, and more on show people and come, from away standout, Jen kilala goes side by side with susan blackwell. Let, your fantasies, unwind. At. The Phantom, of the Opera on. Broadway. Hi. I'm, Noah Galvin and you're watching the show. Home. For the holidays the limited engagement holiday. Concert starring American, Idol winner Candice, Glover Broadway. Alum in the voice champ Josh Kaufman and America's, Got Talent winner Bianca, Ryan performing, contemporary, takes on more, than 25 holiday, favorites, is now open at Broadway's August Wilson theater we, recently stopped by a photo shoot for the stars show, to chat with the performers, about why this festive. Musical, celebration is the best way to usher, in the most wonderful, time of the year. We. Are going to be the only holiday. Show that's happening on Broadway, this year which, is exciting, there's, a lot of, great. Music I think we're doing about 25, songs, at. Solos, group numbers it's. Going. To be featuring myself, and, Candice, Glover and, Bianca Ryan as the main vocalists, and, yeah.

I'm Just looking forward to singing with them I think it's just gonna be one of those feel-good, like, takes, you right back to your childhood kind, of like memories of the holiday. It's, I mean all kinds of Christmas music winners. From The Voice American, Idol America's. Got Talent I'll, be hosting five. Of home for the holidays as lucky seven performers, are making their Broadway debuts, in the production they, told us why they're so excited to be taking the stage and why the show will definitely, get audiences in the spirit, I love. Entertaining. People, I like making people smile, and. The fact that I get to do that on Broadway over, the holidays is a dream come true I'm actually really looking forward to everything, coming together as well so the, story and, the songs and, you know like just this whole stage I'm just excited. To see it all the songs that were, chosen to be on the show are, gonna be fun. And you know that even though we have you know some slow numbers the majority, of the songs are about fun and they're uplifting, in their up-tempo and we're gonna get the audience dancing, and everything and that's probably my favorite part about it I do a little acting in the show I do, a couple of monologues I talk about my life in the past short, little bursts and then I sing some as well but not as wonderfully, as these kids do so. It's like it's almost like a competition, that, I'm just hoping I survive, you. Know singing. As I do along, with these contemporary, kids, is is. Something to be somewhat concerned about its original, it only runs for six weeks so I got your tickets now because it's gonna be something that that, really does take you home for the holidays it's definitely a family-oriented show so you, know bring your girlfriend and your boyfriend bring your husband and wife anything. Like your whole family it's really going to take you home for the holiday. For. 86, years the Christmas, Spectacular starring. The Radio City Rockettes, has been the quintessential, celebration, of holiday time in New York City we, recently headed to Radio City Music Hall to chat with Rockettes and the creative team but. What it takes to maintain this beloved classic and new, editions audiences, can look forward to this year. Well, I grew up coming to the show with my family every single year so I know it was a holiday tradition for, myself and for my family and, I know many people come every year to see the show and each, year you come it's a new experience it's something new especially, this year that we've added some. New technical elements, to the show it's really exciting and it's nothing, like you've ever seen before well each year we look, at the show very, carefully, and decide where, could we go it's it's a difficult challenge because you have such classic, numbers and you. Know such an audience that just loves what. They see so we're very careful about developing. New ideas and, introducing. New technologies, it has to be additive we need to keep growing our show the show has been running, since 1933, here, at the Music Hall and we. Always try to do something different every, single year, so people make it their holiday traditions, every year they bring their friends and family, and it's just such a cool, thing to be a part of someone's holiday tradition. Every year there's something for everyone anywhere, you sit in the house it feels like a brand new show there are so many things to look at and, I know every time that I get to watch the show myself I feel, like I'm, seeing something new every single time so it's a new experience and. It's just it's such a thrill and you can't see it anywhere else except here at Radio City every. Year the Christmas Spectacular undergoes, changes, that make it more and more eye popping, this, year the production boasts, colorful detailed projections, that are sure to wow audiences this. Year's show we've added an, immersive. Aspect, where we've now, project, over, 34,000. Square feet of our ceiling before we used to do just, the first third now, we're doing the entire ceiling I think they're just going to love.

The Magic you. Know we, add technology but it really is what I call theater magic we. Want them just to feel totally, engulfed. In the show and in the joy of Christmas it's. Definitely awesome especially, for us to being able to look out in the audience and, see those families and especially see those little kids when, Santa, comes out or they see the trains going on the ceiling and the Santa's everywhere to, see the joy on their faces and, to know that you're bringing that joy to so many people is really, wonderful for us. If. You're looking for a family-friendly show this holiday season make sure to get yourself two Millburn New Jersey, for the papermill Playhouse is production anny tony-winning. Comedic, genius Beth level is taking on the role of Miss Hannigan, while Broadway favorite Christopher zebra is playing Daddy Warbucks, and they are definitely having a great time with this classic show as we saw in a recent rehearsal I, think. It's a perfect show because, it's. It's. Really loving, and it's just like it like touches, everyone I. Just. Have. You I, actually. Called, my friend Marco be the director an artistic director papermill I said you're, doing Annie I'm not doing anything if you need a Warbucks, call. Me and he was like are, you serious I said yeah, he says I thought you should say no I was gonna ask you I was like really it's, like yeah I'll do it he says you gonna have to shave your head it's like let's do it I've played Miss Hannigan before it's been a while and it is literally. The, pair of shoes I like to slip on to, embrace, that. Evil comedy, twin, that lives inside me and needs to come out we're, having a great time I, said we're not supposed to talk to the dog because the dog needs to be focused but I stare, at the dog longingly, all day long, and the kids have such a wonderful energy and like they're so excited about it. It's. A lifting. Show with great music release Chris, Sieber and, a, dog. Christopher, zebra didn't just shave his head for the role of Daddy Warbucks he had the kids in the show do it that is until death level stepped in to show him how it's done this.

Is What Beth level did to me today, he. Did tell me that um like the first day of rehearsal I was like you know shave your head and he's like yeah, I'm gonna let the a nice to it and I was like all right more power to you and it's brave but, it looks great it looks awesome I was. But. Then once we started, like at first, I was like a little bit timid but then as it's, exactly, fun as I did it it was so, amazing and it was so fun and also shout out to Beth level she was so good at shaving his hair and I was like how'd. He do that I, was like it's again I think she should open, a bar. Denne, denne denne identity. Tentative, then tomorrow. Tomorrow. I. Love ya. Tomorrow. Was a great afternoon. A. Satirical. Spin on dr. Seuss's How the Grinch Stole Christmas, Matthew Lombardo's, new off-broadway, show whose holiday stars. Leslie margarita is a middle-aged. Cindy-lou who now, living in a shoddy trailer, in the snowy hills of mount crumpet as she gets ready to host a Christmas Eve party for, her friends yes, we're not in Sue's Whoville, anymore, we recently spoke with Queen Leslie and the show's creators, about this festive, and far-out, comedy, oh. My. God Whose. Holiday, is the story of Cindy. Lou Who, grown-up. Cindy. Lou who from Whoville who. Is now living in the mountains in a trailer, we find out what happened to her. The Grinch max, the dog she's, an outcast from Whoville and you, find out why and. The, whole thing is in rhyme and, it's. Just me. As. The, show begins, she, takes the audience into, her confidence and. Explains. How she ended up in that trailer, as. She waits for her guests to arrive for a Christmas Eve party she's, throwing wrapped, in Lombardo's, now signature, blend of desperately, funny amusingly, profane, and secretly, sincere, the solo show follows Cindy, as she looks back on the faded night when she first met the Grinch in the unusual, turn of events her life has taken for the past 40, years I really, feel like people need this play because it's so funny and so irreverent, but it's also really it's also really heartfelt there's, like mmm, amazing. Kind, of like, holiday. Moments. But I feel like people should definitely come and spend time with Cindy Lou because she's a party. Girl and. What. Better way to, spend the holidays than with a party, a girl Cindy, Lou has a. Great. Sense of wonder, and hope, for the future and that things can turn out well, and that she can you, know make the changes in her life that she needs, to so, that she can carry forth you know and I think she has. In common with a lot of characters. That we loved in the theater I always, like to write women. Of a certain age, that are a little, up, and. I thought if anyone was going to be one of those women it, would be cindy-lou who if, you think about it she was two years old she wakes up she comes out of bed and she sees a green monster dressed, as Santa Claus shoving. A Christmas tree up the chimney and I thought this girl is gonna have problems and I'm gonna write it everyone. Watches those holiday, movies where families. And everything's, great but the reality, for, most people, is the holidays, are really. Tough to get through sometimes and this. Is such. An anecdote to if. You don't want something that's so. Everything's. Beautiful and sparkly, this is definitely, for you anyone, who wants to have a good time this holiday season and see something new and funny. With. A great amazing. Performance, she, comes to you whose holiday for, the kids and. You'll, never see the Grinch, the same way so I wouldn't. When. We returned Matt Doyle gets us into the holiday spirit with an exclusive performance. Let, your fantasies, unwind. At. The Phantom, of the Opera on, Broadway. Then. We're back and look Matt Doyle is here hey Matt hello. Thanks, for having me things got really Christmassy, in this, recei and, we need some tinsel, you. Love doing Christmas concerts, don't you it's, holiday time and I'm sure you're excited to put on your sweater, I brought, my ugly, ish sweater. Okay. Well it's j.crew I. Try. To keep it classy, but, yeah this will be my third year doing, a Christmas, show at 54, below Einstein, / 54. Below Feinstein, / and, so, you're, there on what, December 5th and 6th, at, 7:30 on. The 5th and 9:30. On the. 6th and I've been to your Christmas, concert before they're really fun what is it about like this time of year so you do a lot of concerts but you definitely make a point of doing holiday, concert I love Christmas music I love holiday music and I love, to croon and I usually sing more pop songs and and so it's nice to kind of take, a, step. Back and do more, of the crooner classics, which is lovely and also just like oh come, on it's the best time of the year anybody who fights it I'm like no no Christmas music is the best just, give in to it yeah speaking of crooning, congratulations.

On Your Carnegie Hall debut thank you so much that was unbelievable, and yes I got to do a lot of standards with you know 80 pieces so that was I the best, night in my life yeah so not 80 pieces at Feinstein's 54, below in fact so. So who do we have we have will vendetta's will, van Dijk from the whiskey 5 and also he arranged, what you're about to hear and my entire Christmas album and the entire Christmas show he's my co-writer, and yeah. He's he's, amazing, what's your christmas album called make, this season bright and it's on iTunes and all digital, platforms, now all you you are still off Broadway, and Clockwork. Orange it's. Closed you're closing on the 2nd December 2nd what's that run been like unbelievable. Yeah so weird, and wonderful and so different from anything else that I've ever done and I, love the guys and I'm so I'm so grateful that I had this experience it was certainly really. Outside of the box and I I, just, I loved it so if the show is not running anymore that means you have to hit the gym more often it's. A gym membership be going up because yeah, I won't have 40-minute workouts before every show so I'm gonna have to like start running, on the treadmill again or something I don't know it will all change look, at really fat you're. Not gonna get that I do not believe that one bit okay, so everyone should come, to come see your concerts you want them to wear ugly sweaters please, wear ugly sweaters like you. Know tinsel, hair whatever you want to do just like come as tacky as possible, because that's what the holidays are all about and. They're also about really pretty songs will you sing one for us yeah yeah, I'm gonna do have, yourself a merry little Christmas that's a good one I like that yeah all right let's do it okay. Have. Yourself, a, merry, little. Christmas. Let. Your. Heart. Be. Light from. Now. On our. Troubles. Will. Be out of, sight. Have. Yourself a. Merry. Little, Christmas. Make. The Yuletide. Gay. From. Now on our. Troubles, will. Be miles. Away. Once. Again as, in. Olden, days happy. Golden. Days. Of. Yore. Faithful. Friends. Who. Are dear to us, gather. Near. To us, once. More. Someday, soon we. All will. Be together if. The. Fates, allow. Until. Then we'll. Have, to. Muddle through somehow. Oh so, half. Yourself. A. Merry. Little, Christmas, now. Here. We are as. In olden days, happy. Golden. Days. Of. Yore. Faithful. Friends. Who. Are dear to us gather. Near. To us, once. Through. The years we. All, will, be together. If, the fates, allow. Hang. A shining star, upon. The. Highest. And, have. Yourself. A. Merry, little. Christmas. Nah. Have. Yourself. A. Merry, little, Christmas. Nah. When. We come back we get a glimpse as the Rockettes twirl their way through a dazzling, Holiday Classic. Let, your fantasies, unwind. At. The Phantom, of the Opera on, Broadway. Hi. I'm Tony Remy and you are watching the show. Thank. You for watching the show, we leave you with a look at the Radio City Rockettes, to see perform a classic Christmas, Spectacular showstopper. New York at Christmas, see you next week.

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