The Biggest Deception of all Time With 200 Proofs - Earth is Not a Spinning Ball by Eric Dubay

The Biggest Deception of all Time With 200 Proofs - Earth is Not a Spinning Ball by Eric Dubay

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200. Proofs earth is not a spinning ball by. Eric Dubay. 1, the. Horizon always appears perfectly flat, 360. Degrees around the observer regardless. Of altitude all, amateur, balloon rocket plane and drone footage show, completely, flat horizon over 20-plus, miles high only, NASA and other government space, agencies, show, curvature, and they're fake cgi photos, and videos to, the. Horizon always, rises, to the eye level of the observer as altitude. Is gained so, you never have to look down to see it if, earth were in fact a globe no matter how large as you, ascended, the horizon, would stay fixed and the observer would, have to tilt looking, down further, and further to see you 3. The. Natural physics of water is, to find and maintain its level if, earth were a giant sphere tilted. Wobbling, and hurdling, through infinite, space then, truly, flat consistently. Level, surfaces, would, not exist here but, since Earth is in fact an extended, flat plane this, fundamental, physical property, of fluids finding, and remaining level is consistent. With experience, and common sense for. Rivers. Run down to sea level finding, the easiest course, north-south-east-west. And all other intermediary. Directions, over the earth at the same time if. Earth were truly a spinning, ball then, many of these rivers would be impossibly, flowing, uphill for. Example, the Mississippi, in its 3,000. Miles would, have to ascend 11, miles before reaching the Gulf of Mexico, 5. One. Portion of the nile river flows, for a thousand, miles with, a fall of only one foot parts. Of the West African Congo, according. To the supposed inclination, and movement of the ball earth would, be sometimes running uphill and sometimes, down this. Would also be the case for the piranhas Paraguay, and other long rivers. 6. If. Earth were a ball 25,000. Miles in circumference, as NASA, and modern astronomy, claimed spherical. Trigonometry dictates. The surface of all standing, water must, curve downward, and easily, measurable eight inches per mile, multiplied, by the square of the distance this. Means along, a six-mile, channel, of standing, water the, earth would dip six feet on either end from the central peak every. Time such experiments, have been conducted however. Standing. Water has proven to be perfectly, level. Seven. Surveyors. Engineers, and architects, are never required to factor the supposed curvature, of the earth into their projects, canals. Railways, bridges and, tunnels for example, are, always cut and laid horizontally, often. Over hundreds of miles without any allowance, for curvature a. The. Suez Canal connecting. The Mediterranean. With the Red Sea is a hundred miles long without, any locks making. The water an uninterrupted. Continuation. Of the two seas when. Constructed, the Earth's supposin. Curvature was not taken into account it, was dug along a horizontal datum. Line 26. Feet below sea level passing. Through several lakes from one sea to the other with. The datum line and the water's surface running, perfectly parallel over, the hundred miles, mine. Engineer. W, Winkler, was published, in the earth review, regarding. The, Earth's supposed, curvature, stating. As an engineer of many years standing I saw, that this absurd, allowance, is only permitted in schoolbooks no, engineer, would dream of allowing anything of the kind I have, projected, many miles of railways and many, more of canals and the allowance has not even been thought of much less allowed for this. Allowance for curvature means, this that. It is eight inches for the first mile of a canal and increasing, at the ratio by the square of the distance and miles, thus, a small navigable, canal, for boats say 30, miles long will. Have by, the above rule an allowance, for curvature of 600, feet think. Of that and then please credit engineers is not being quite such fools nothing. Of the sort is allowed we. No more think of allowing 600. Feet for a line of 30 miles of railway or canal than, a wasting, our time trying to square the circle, 10. The, London and North Western, Railway forms. A straight line 180. Miles long between London, and live cool the, railroads highest, point Midway at Birmingham station is only 240. Feet above sea level if, the world were actually a globe however, curving 8 inches per mile squared the, 180, mile stretch of rail would form an arc with the center point at Birmingham, raised, over a mile a full, 5,400. Feet above London and Liverpool. 11. A surveyor, and engineer, of 30 years published, in the Birmingham weekly mercury stated. I am thoroughly acquainted, with the theory and practice of civil engineering, however, bigoted, some of our professors, may be in the theory of surveying according. To the prescribed, rules yet, it is well known amongst us that such theoretical. Measurements. Are incapable, of any practical illustration, all.

Our Locomotives, are designed to run on what may be regarded. As true, levels, or flats, there. Are of course partial, inclines, or gradients, here and there but, they are always accurately. Defined, and must be carefully traversed but. Anything approaching to eight inches in the mile increasing. As the square of the distance could not be worked by any engine, that was ever yet constructed, taking. One station, with another all, over England and Scotland it, may be stated that all the platforms are on the same relative, level the, distance between eastern, and western coasts. Of England may be set down as 300 miles, if the prescribed curvature, was indeed as represented, the central stations, at rugby, or Warwick, ought, to be close upon three miles higher than, a chord drawn from the two extremities. If, such was the case there, is not a driver or stoker within the kingdom that, would be found to take charge of the Train we. Can only laugh at those of your readers who seriously, give us credit for such, adventuresome, exploits, as running, trains round spherical, curves. Horizontal. Curves on levels are dangerous, enough vertical. Curves would be a thousand, times worse and with our rolling stock constructed. As at, present physically. Impossible. 12. The. Manchester, Ship Canal Company published, in the earth review stated it, is customary, in railway, and canal constructions, for all levels to be referred to a datum which is nominally. Horizontal. And is so shown on all sections, it, is not the, practice in laying out public works to make allowances for the curvature of the earth 13. In, a 19th century French experiment. By mm, Bo and arago, a powerful. Lamp with good reflectors, was placed on the summit of desire, ll Thomas in Spain and able, to be seen all the way from Capri on the island of Ibiza, since. The elevation, of the two points were identical, and the distance between covered. Nearly a hundred miles, if the earth were about twenty five thousand, miles in circumference, the, light should have been more than sixty. Six hundred feet, a mile, and a quarter below, the line of sight. Fourteen. The, lieutenant-colonel. Portlock, experiment. Used, oxy-hydrogen. Drummond's. Lights and heliostats. To reflect the sun's rays across, stations, set up across a hundred and eight miles of st. George's channel, if the, earth were actually, a ball twenty-five thousand miles in circumference, port, locks light should, have remained hidden under, a mile and a half of curvature. Fifteen. If, the earth were truly, a sphere twenty-five thousand, miles in circumference, airplane. Pilots, would have to constantly, correct their altitudes, downwards, so, as to not fly straight, off into outer space, a pilot. Wishing, to simply maintain their altitude at a typical cruising, speed of five hundred miles per hour would, have to constantly, dip their nose downwards, and descend, two thousand, seven hundred and seventy-seven feet over, half a mile every minute, otherwise. Without compensation, in one hours time the, pilot would find themselves thirty 1.5, miles higher than expected, sixteen. The. Experiment, known as Ares failure, proved, that stars move relative, to a stationary, earth and not the other way around by. First filling a telescope, with water to slow down the speed of light inside then, calculating. The tilt necessary, to get the Starlight directly, down the tube Airy failed to prove the heliocentric, theory since, the Starlight was already coming in the correct angle with no change necessary, and instead, proved the geocentric, model correct. Seventeen. Olbers. Paradox states. That if there were billions of stars which. Are Suns the, sky would be filled completely with, light as Edgar. Allan Poe said with, a succession, of stars endless, than the background of the sky would present us a uniform, luminosity. Since, there could exist absolutely. No point in all that background at which would not exist a star in. Fact Olbers paradox is. No more paradox, than George Aires experiment. Was a failure both. Are actually excellent, reputations. Of the heliocentric, spinning, ball earth model. 18. The. Mickelson Morley and psychic experiments. Attempted. To measure the change in speed of light due, to Earth's assumed, motion, through space after.

Measuring In every possible different, direction in various locations, they, failed to detect any significant, change whatsoever, again. Proving, the stationary, geocentric, model, 19. Techo. Bra he famously, argued against, the heliocentric, theory, in his time positing. That if the earth revolved, around the Sun the, change in relative position. Of the stars after six months orbital, motion could not fail to be seen he. Argued that the Stars should seem to separate, as we approach and come together as, we received in. Actual fact however after one hundred and ninety million miles of supposed orbit around the Sun not, a single, inch of parallax can be detected in the Stars proving. That we have not moved at all. Twenty. If. Earth were truly constantly. Spinning eastwards, at over a thousand, miles per hour vertically. Fired cannonballs. And other projectiles, should, fall significantly, due west, in, actual fact however, when, this has been tested and vertically fired cannonballs. Shoot upwards an average of 14 seconds, ascending, 14. Seconds, descending, and fall back to the ground no more than two feet away from the cannon often. Directly back into the muzzle. 21. If the, earth were truly constantly, spinning eastward, at over a thousand, miles per hour helicopters. And hot-air balloons should be able to simply hover over the surface, of the earth and wait for their destinations, to come to them. 22. If. Earth were truly constantly, spinning eastward, at over a thousand, miles per hour during, the Red Bull stratosphere, dive Felix. Baumgartner spending. Three hours ascending, in New Mexico, should, have landed 2500, miles west, into the Pacific, Ocean but instead landed, a few dozen miles east of the take-off point. 23. Bamba, leaders often claim gravity. Magically, and inexplicably, drags, the entire lower atmosphere, of the earth in perfect, synchronization, up, to some undetermined. Height where, this progressively, faster, spinning, atmosphere, gives, way to the non spinning, non gravities, non, atmosphere. Of infinite, vacuum, space such. Nonsensical. Theories, are debunked. However by rain fireworks. Burns bugs clouds, smoke, planes. And projectiles, all, of which would behave very differently if, both of the ball earth and its atmosphere were, constantly, spinning eastward, at a thousand, miles per hour. 24. If. Earth and its atmosphere were, constantly, spinning eastward, over a thousand miles per hour then, north, south facing cannons, should establish a control, while, east firing, cannonballs, should fall significantly farther. Than all others while, west firing cannonballs, should fall significantly closer, in actual. Effect however regardless. Of which direction cannons. Are fired the distance, covered is always the same. 25. If, earth and its atmosphere were, constantly, spinning eastwards, over a thousand, miles per hour than, the average commercial airliner, traveling. 500, miles per hour should, never be able to reach its eastern destinations, before they come speeding, up from behind likewise. Westward, destinations. Should be arrived at thrice the speed but, this is not the case. 26. Quoting. Heaven and earth by gabrielle Henriette, if flying. Had been invented at the time of Copernicus there. Is no doubt that he would have soon realized, that his contention, regarding, the rotation, of the earth was wrong on account, of the relation, existing, between the speed of an aircraft and that of the Earth's rotation if, the Earth rotates as it is said at a thousand, miles an hour and, a plane flies in the same direction at only 500, miles it, is obvious that its place of destination will, be farther removed every minute on the other hand if flying took place in the opposite direction to that of the rotation, a distance, of. 1,500. Miles would be in one hour instead, of 500, since the speed of the rotation is to be added to that of the plane it. Could also be pointed out that such a flying speed of a thousand miles an hour which, is supposed to be that of the Earth's rotation has, recently been achieved so. That an aircraft flying, at this rate in the, same direction as that of the rotation, could not cover any ground at all it, would remain suspended, in midair over the spot from which it took off since both speeds are equal. 27. If. Earth and its atmosphere were, constantly spinning eastwards, over a thousand, miles per hour landing. Airplanes, on such fast-moving, runways, which, face all manner of directions, north south east west and otherwise would, be practically, impossible, yet. In reality such, fictional, concerns, are completely negligible.

28. If. The earth and its atmosphere were, constantly, spinning eastwards, over a thousand miles per hour then, clouds wind, and weather patterns could not casually. And unpredictably. Go every which way with, clouds often traveling, in opposing directions at, varying, altitudes, simultaneously. 29. If. The earth and its atmosphere were, constantly, spinning eastwards, over, a thousand miles per hour this, should somewhere, somehow, be seen heard felt or, measured by someone yet, no one in history has ever experienced. This alleged, eastward motion meanwhile. However we can hear feel and experimentally, measure, even the slightest, westward, breeze, 30. In, his, book south sea voyages, Arctic. And Antarctic, Explorer, Sir James Clark Ross described, his experience, on the night of November, 27th, 1839. And his, conclusion that the earth must be motionless, the. Sky being very clear it, enabled us to observe, the higher stratum, of clouds to be moving in an exactly, opposite, direction to that of the wind a circumstance. Which is frequently, recorded in our meteorological. Journal both in the northeast, and southeast, trades and has, also often, been observed by former, voyagers, captain. Basil hall with 'no stit from the summit of the peak of Tenerife and. Calsters, lechi, on ascending. The volcanic. Mountain of Caronia, in away. He reached. At, 4,000. Feet an elevation. Above, that of the trade wind and experienced. The influence, of an opposite current of air of a different Hydra. Metric and. Thermometric. Condition. Count. Straddle. A chi further, informed. Me of the, following. Seemingly. Anomalous. Circumstance. That at, the height of 6000, feet he found the current of air blowing at right angles, to both the lower strata, also. Of a different, thermometric. Condition. But warmer, than, the inter stratum, such. A state, of the atmosphere is, compatible, only with the fact which, other evidence, has demonstrated that. The earth is at rest. Thirty-one. Quoting. Zetetic, cosmogony. Thomas. Winship, states let. Imagination. Picture to the mind what force air would have which was set in motion by, a spherical, body of 8,000, miles in diameter which. In one hour was spinning around a thousand, miles per hour, rushing, through space at. 65,000. Miles per hour and gyrating. Across the heavens then. Let conjecture, endeavor to discover whether. The inhabitants, on such a globe could keep their hair on if, the earth globe rotates, on its axis at the terrific rate of a thousand, miles per hour such, an immense mass would of necessity cause Truman a tremendous, rush of wind in the space it occupied, the. Wind would go, all one way and anything, like clouds which got within, the sphere of influence of the rotating sphere would, have to go the same way the, fact that the earth is at rest is proved by kite flying.

32. If gravity. Is credited. With being, a force strong, enough to hold the world's oceans, buildings, people, and atmosphere, stuck to the surface of a rapidly spinning ball then. It is impossible, for gravity, to also simultaneously, be, weak enough to allow little birds bugs, and planes to take off and travel freely, unabated. In any direction. 33. If. Gravity, is credited, with being a force strong, enough to curve the massive expanse, of oceans around a globular earth it, would be impossible for fish and other creatures to swim through such forcefully, held water. 34. Ship. Captains, in navigating, great distances, at sea never, need to factor the supposin curvature of the earth into their calculations, both. Plain sailing and great circle sailing the most popular, navigation, methods use, plane not spherical, trigonometry making. All mathematical, calculations, on the assumption, that the earth is perfectly flat if. The earth were in fact a sphere such, an arrant assumption, would lead to constantly, glaring, inaccuracies, plain. Sailing has worked perfectly fine, in both, theory and practice for, thousands, of years however and plane, trigonometry, has time and again proven. More accurate, than spherical, trigonometry. In determining. Distances, across the oceans. 35. If. The earth were truly, a globe then, every line of latitude south, of the equator would have to measure a gradually. Smaller and, smaller circumference. Thus farther, south travel, if however the earth is an extended, plane then. Every line of latitudes, south of the Equator should, measure a gradually, larger, and larger circumference, the farther south traveled, the. Fact that many captains navigating, south of the Equator, assuming. The, globular Theory have found themselves drastically. Out of reckoning more, so the farther south traveled testifies. To the fact that earth is not at all, 36. During. Captain james clark rasa's voyages, around the antarctic, circumference, he, often wrote in his journal, perplexed, at how they routinely found themselves, out of accordance, with their charts stating.

That They found themselves an average, of 12 to 16 miles outside, their reckoning every day later. On further south as much as 29, miles. 37. Lieutenant. Charles Wilkes, commanded, a United, States Navy, exploration. Expedition. To, the Antarctic from, 1838. To 1842. And, in his journals, also mentioned, being consistently, east of his reckoning sometimes, over 20 miles in less than 18 hours. 38. To. Quote Reverend, Thomas Milner in, the their hemisphere, navigators, to India have often fancied themselves east of the Cape when still west and have been driven ashore on the African coast which according, to their reckoning lay behind them this. Misfortune, happened, to a fine frigate the Challenger, in 1845. How. Came her Majesty's, ship conqueror to be lost, how, have so many other noble vessels perfectly, sound perfectly, manned perfectly. Navigated, but wrecked in calm weather not, only in dark night or in a fog but in broad daylight and sunshine in the, former case upon, the coasts in the latter upon sunken rocks from, being out, of reckoning, the. Simple answer is that Earth is not at all, thirty-nine. Practical. Distance measurements, taken from the Australian, handbook Almanac shippers, and importers directory, state, took a straight line distance between Sydney, and Nelson is fifteen. Hundred and fifty statute, miles they're. Given difference, in longitude, is twenty-two degrees two minutes. And 14, seconds, therefore, if twenty two degrees two minutes for fourteen seconds out of 360. Is fifteen, hundred and fifty miles the, entirety, would measure twenty-five thousand. 182, miles, this. Is not only larger, than the ball earth is said to be at the equator but, a whole four thousand, two hundred and sixty two miles greater than, it would be a Sydney's, southern, latitude, on a globe of set proportions. Forty. From. Near Cape Horn Chile to, Port Phillip in Melbourne Australia, the distance is ten thousand five hundred miles or. 143. Degrees of longitude away. Factoring. In the remaining degrees, to 360, makes, for a total distance of twenty six thousand, four hundred and thirty miles around, this particular latitude which, is over a thousand, five hundred miles wider than the earth is supposed to be at the equator and, many more thousands of miles wider, than it is supposed to be at such southern latitudes. Forty-one. Similar. Calculations, made from the Cape of Good Hope South Africa to Melbourne Australia at, an average latitude, of 35.5. Degrees cell, have, given an approximate, figure of over 25,000. Miles which, is again equal to or greater than the Earth's supposed greatest, circumference, at the equator. Calculations. From, in Australia, to Wellington New Zealand at an average of 37 point five degrees south have, given an approximate, circumference, of 25. Thousand. Five hundred miles greater, still according. To the baller theory, the, circumference, of the earth at thirty-seven, point five degrees southern latitude, should, be only nineteen, thousand, seven hundred and fifty-seven statute, miles almost, six, thousand, miles less than such practical, measurements.

42. In. The ball earth model, Antarctica. Is an ice continent, which covers the bottom of the ball from 78, degrees south latitude to. 90 and is, therefore not more than twelve thousand miles in circumference, many. Early explorers, including Captain, Cook and James Clark Ross however, in attempting, Antarctic, circumnavigation. Took three to four years and clocked fifty to sixty thousand, miles around the British ship challenger also made an indirect, a complete, circumnavigation. Of Antarctica, traversing, sixty nine thousand. Miles this. Is entirely, inconsistent with. The ball model. 43. If, earth was a ball there, are several flights, in, the southern hemisphere which, would have their quickest straightest, path over, the Antarctic continent, such as Santiago. Chile to, Sydney Australia instead. Of taking the shortest quickest, route in a straight line over Antarctica all, such flights detour, all manner of directions, away from Antarctica. Instead, claiming the temperatures too cold for airplane travel, considering. The fact that there are plenty of flights to/from and, over Antarctica and NASA, claims to have technology keeping, them in conditions, both far, colder, and far hotter than, any experienced. On earth such. An excuse is clearly, just an excuse, and these flights aren't made because they are impossible. 44. If. Earth was a ball and Antarctica. Was too cold to fly over the, only logical, way to fly from Sydney to Santiago. Would be a straight shot over the Pacific, staying, in the southern hemisphere the entire way, refuelling. Could be done in New Zealand or, other southern hemisphere, destinations, along the way if absolutely necessary. In, actual fact however. Santiago. To Sydney flights go into the northern hemisphere making. Stopovers, at LAX, and other North American airports. Before, continuing back down to the southern hemisphere such. Ridiculously, wayward, detours, making, no sense on the globe but make perfect, sense and form nearly straight lines when shown on a flat earth map. 45. On, a ball earth Johannesburg. South Africa to, Perth Australia should, be a straight shot over the Indian Ocean with, convenient, refueling, possibilities. On Meritus or Madagascar. In. Actual practice however, most, Johannesburg, to Perth flights, curiously. Stop over either in Dubai Hong Kong or Malaysia all, of which make no sense on the ball but, are completely understandable, when mapped on a flat earth. 46. On, a bottle earth Cape Town South Africa the, boy knows Aires Argentina should. Be a straight shot over the Atlantic, following the same line of latitude across, but. Instead every flight goes to connecting, locations, in the northern hemisphere first, stopping, over anywhere from London to Turkey to Dubai once. Again these make absolutely, no sense on the globe but are completely understandable, options, when mapped on a flat earth. 47. On. A baller at the Johannesburg South Africa to, South Paulo Brazil should, be a quick straight shot along the 25th, southern, latitude, but, instead nearly, every flight makes a refueling stop at the fiftieth degree, north latitude in, London, first the, only reason such a ridiculous, stopover, works in reality is because the earth is flat. 48. On. A ball earth Santiago. Chile to Johannesburg, South Africa should. Be an easy flight all taking place below the Tropic of Capricorn in the southern hemisphere yet. Every listed flight makes a curious refuelling, stop in Senegal, near, the Tropic of Cancer in the North hemisphere first, when. Mapped on a flat earth the reason why is clear, to see however Senegal. Is actually directly, in a straight line path halfway, between the two. 49. If. Earth were a spinning ball heated, by a Sun 93, million miles away it, would be impossible to have simultaneously. Sweltering. Summers in Africa while, just a few thousand, miles away bone-chilling, frozen. Arctic and, Antarctic, winters experiencing. Little to no heat from the Sun whatsoever. If the heat from the Sun traveled, 93, million miles to the Sahara Desert it is absurd to assert, another, four thousand miles, point, zero, zero zero, zero four, percent, further.

To, Antarctica. Would completely, negate such a sweltering heat, resulting, in such drastic, differences. 50. If. The earth were truly a globe the Arctic and Antarctic, polar regions, and areas, of comparable, latitude, north and south of the equator should, share similar, conditions, and characteristics. Such, as comparable, temperatures, seasonal. Changes like the daylight plant and animal life in reality. However the, Arctic and Antarctic, regions and, areas of comparable, latitude, north and south of the equator differ. Greatly in, many ways entirely, inconsistent, with, the ball model an entirely, consistent, with the flat model. 51. Antarctica. Is by far the coldest place on earth with an average annual temperature, of approximately minus. 57, degrees Fahrenheit, and a record low of minus, 135. Point, 8 the. Average annual temperature at, the North Pole however, is a comparatively, warm four degrees throughout. The year temperatures. In the Antarctic, very, less than half the amount at comparable, Arctic, latitudes, the, northern Arctic region enjoys moderately. Warm summers and manageable. Winters whereas, the southern Antarctic. Region never, even warms, enough to melt the perpetual, snow and ice on a, tilting, wobbling, ball earth spinning, uniformly, around the Sun Arctic. And Antarctic. Temperatures. And seasons should not vary so greatly. 52. Iceland. At 65, degrees north latitude is. Home to 870, species. Of native plants, and abundant, various animal life compare. This with the Isle of Georgia at just 54, degrees south latitude where. They're only 18 species of native plants, and animal life is almost non-existent the, same. Latitude as Canada, or England in the north where dense forests, of various tall trees abound the, infamous Captain, Cook wrote. Of Georgia that he was unable to find a single shrub, large enough to make a toothpick Cook, wrote not, a tree was to be seen the, lands which lie too. Souths are doomed by nature to perpetual frigid, nests never, to feel the warmth of the sun's rays whose horrible, and savage aspect, I have not words to describe even. Marine, life is sparse in certain tracts of vast extent, and the seabird is seldom observed, flying, over such lonely, wastes the, contrasts, between the limits of, organic. Life in the Arctic and Antarctic, zones is very remarkable, and significant. 53. At. Places, of comparable, latitude, north and south the Sun behaves very differently than, it would on a spinning ball earth but precisely how it should on a flat earth for. Example the longest summer days north of the Equator are much longer than those south, of the equator and the shortest winter days north of the equator are much shorter than the shortest south of the Equator this, is inexplicable. On a uniformly, spinning, wobbling, ball earth that, fits exactly on a flat model with the Sun traveling circles over and around the earth from topic to topic. 54. At. Places of comparable, latitude, north and south dawn and dusk happen very differently than they would on a spinning ball but, precisely how they should on a flat earth in. The North dawn and dusk come slowly and last far longer than in the south where they come and go very quickly certain. Places in the North Twilight, can last for over an hour while, at comparable southern, latitudes, within a few minutes the sunlight completely disappears, this, is inexplicable. On a uniformly, spinning, wobbling, ball earth but, is exactly what is expected on a flat earth with the Sun traveling faster wider circles, over the south and slower, narrower, circles, over the north. 55. If. The Sun circles, over and around the earth every 24 hours steadily. Traveling, from topic to topic every, six months it, follows, that the northern central region, would annually, receive far, more heat, and sunlight than the Southern circumferential. Region since.

The Sun must sweep over the larger, southern region in the same 24 hours it has to pass over the smaller northern, region its passage, must necessarily be. Proportionally. Faster as well this. Perfectly explains, the differences in Arctic, and Antarctic, temperatures, seasons, length of daylight plant and animal life this, is why the Antarctic, morning dawn and evening Twilight are very abrupt, compared with north and, this explains why many midsummer, Arctic nights the Sun does not set at all. 56. The, Midnight Sun is an Arctic phenomenon, occurring, annually, during the summer solstice where, for several days straight, an observer, significantly. Far enough north can watch the Sun traveling, circles overhead, rising. And falling in, the sky throughout the day but, never fully setting, for upwards of 72, plus hours if. The earth were actually, a spinning, globe revolving. Around the Sun the, only place such a phenomenon, as the Midnight Sun could be observed would be at the poles and, the other advantage point, from 89 degrees latitude downwards, could, never regardless. Of any tilt or inclination see. The Sun for 24 hours straight to. See the Sun for an entire revolution on, a spinning globe at a point other than the poles you, would have to be looking through miles and miles of land and sea for part of the revolution. 57. The. Establishment, claims the Midnight Sun is experienced. In Antarctica, but they conveniently do not have any uncut, videos showing this nor, do they allow independent, explorers, to travel to Antarctica during, the winter solstice to, verify or refute, these claims, conversely. There are dozens of uncut videos, publicly, available showing, the Arctic Midnight Sun and it has been verified beyond, any shadow of a doubt. 58. The. Royal Belgian geographical. Society in, their expedition antarctic, bells recorded. That during the most severe, part of the Antarctic, winter from, 71, degrees south latitude onwards. The Sun sets on May 17th, and is not seen above the horizon again until, July 21st, this, is completely, at odds with the baller a theory but easily explained, by the Flat Earth model the. Midnight Sun is seen from high altitudes, in extreme northern, latitudes, during Arctic, summer because the Sun and its innermost cycle, is circling, tightly enough around the polar centre that, it remains visible above, the horizon for someone at such a vantage point likewise. In extreme southern latitudes, during Arctic, summer the, Sun completely disappears. From view for over two months because, there at the northern Tropic the innermost arc of its boomerang journey the, Sun is circling, the northern centre too tightly to be seen from the southern circumference. 59. Quoting. Gabrielle Henriette, the, theory of the rotation, of the earth may, once and for all be definitely disposed, of as impracticable. By pointing out the following inadvertence. It, is said that the rotation, takes 24, hours and that its speed is uniform, in which case necessarily days. And nights should have an identical, duration, of 12 hours each all the year round the, Sun should invariably. Rise in the morning and set, in the evening at the same hours with, the result that it would be the equinox, every day from the 1st of January to the 31st of December one. Should stop and reflect on this before saying that the earth has a movement of rotation, how, does the system of gravitation, account for the seasonal, variations, in the length of days and nights if the earth rotates at a uniform speed in 24 hours. 16. Anyone. Can prove the sea horizon perfectly. Straight and the earth perfectly, flat using, nothing more than a level tripods. And a wooden plank at. Any altitude above, sea level simply. Fix a 6 to 12 foot long smooth, levelled board and dries upon tripods, and observe, the skyline from eye level behind it the, distant horizon will always appear perfectly level, with the upper edge of the board furthermore. If you move in a half circle from one end of the board to the other whilst, observing the skyline over the upper edge you'll. Be able to trace a clear flat 10 to 20 miles depending on your altitude this. Would be impossible if the earth were low 25,000. Miles in circumference, the horizon would align over the center of the board then gradually, noticeably, decline, towards the extremities, just, 10 miles on each side would necessitate an, easily visible curvature, of 66.6. Feet from, each end to the center. 61. If, the earth were actually, a big ball 25,000. Miles in circumference, the, horizon, would be noticeably, curved, even at sea level and everything, on or, approaching, the horizon would appear to tilt backwards slightly, from your perspective, distant. Buildings along the horizon would, all look like leaning, towers of Pisa falling away from the observer a hot-air. Balloon taking off then drifting, steadily away from you on a ball earth when slowly and constantly, appear to lean back, and more the, farther away of flu the, bottom of the basket coming, gradually, into view as the top of the balloon disappears, from sight in reality, however buildings.

Balloons, Trees, people, anything, and everything at right angles to the ground and horizon remain so regardless. The distance or height of the observer. 62. Samuel. Rowbotham experiments. At the Old Bedford level, proved, conclusively the, canals water to be completely, flat over a six mile stretch first. He stood in the canal with his telescope held eight inches above the surface of the water then, his friend in a boat with a five-foot, tall flag sailed the six miles away if. Earth were about twenty-five thousand miles in circumference, the, six mile stretch of water should have comprised, an arc exactly, six feet high in the middle so, the entire boat and flag should have ultimately, disappeared, when, in fact the entire boat and flag remained visible at the same height for the entire journey. 63. In. A second experiment dr. Rowbotham affixed, flags five feet high along the shoreline one, at every mile marker, then, using his telescope, mounted at five feet just, behind the first flag looked over the tops of all six flags which, lined up, in a perfectly straight line if the, earth were a ball 25,000, miles in circumference, the flags should have progressively, dipped down after, the first establishing, line of sight the second would have descended eight inches 32. Inches for the third six feet for the fourth 10, feet eight inches for, the fifth and sixteen, feet eight inches for, the six. Sixty. Four quoting. Earth not a globe by Samuel Rowbotham. It is known that the horizon at sea whatever distance it may extend to the right and left of the observer on land always, appears as a straight line the. Following experiment has been tried in various parts of the country at, Brighton, on a rising ground near the racecourse two, poles who are fixed in the earth six yards apart and directly, opposite, the sea between. These poles a line was tightly stretched parallel, to the horizon from. The center of the line the view embraced not less than 20 miles on each side making a distance of 40 miles a vessel. Was observed sailing, directly westwards, the line cut the rigging a little above the bulwarks which, it did for several hours or until the vessel had sailed the whole distance of 40 miles the, ship coming into view from the east would, have to ascend an inclined plane for, 20 miles until, it arrived at the center of the arc once, it would have to descend for the same distance the, square of 20 miles multiplied, by 8 inches gives. 266. Feet as the amount the vessel would be below the line at the beginning and at, the end of the 40 miles. 65. Also. Quoting dr. Rowbotham on, a shore near Waterloo, a few, miles to the north of Liverpool a good telescope was fixed at an elevation of 6 feet above the water it. Was directed, to a large steamer just, leaving, the River Mersey and sailing, out to Dublin gradually.

The Masthead, of the receiving, vessel came nearer to the horizon until, at length after more, than four hours had elapsed, it disappeared, the, ordinary mate of sailing, of the Dublin steamers, was fully 8 miles an hour so, that the vessel would be at least 32, miles distant, when the masthead came to the horizon the. 6 feet of elevation of, the, telescope, would require 3 miles to meet deducted, for convexity which. Would leave 29, miles the square of which multiplied, by 8 inches gives. 560. Feet deducting. 80 feet for the height of the main mast and we find that according, to the doctrine of fraternity, the masthead of the outward-bound steamer, should, have been 480. Feet below the horizon many. Other experiments, of this kind have been made upon seagoing, steamers, and always with the results entirely incompatible, with, the theory that the earth is a globe. 66. Dr.. Rowbotham conducted, several other experiments, using telescopes spirit. Levels sextants. And theodolites, special, precision, instruments, used for measuring angles in the horizontal or vertical plane, by. Positioning them at equal Heights aimed at each other successively. He proved over and over the earth to be perfectly flat for miles without, a single inch of curvature his, findings, caused quite a stir in the scientific, community and thanks, to 30 years of his efforts the shape of the earth became a hot topic of debate around the turn of the 19th century. 67. The distance, across the Irish Sea from, the isle of man's douglas harbour to great arms head in north wales at 60 miles if the. Earth was a globe then, the surface of the water between them would form a 60 mile arc centre towering nineteen, hundred, and forty four feet higher, than the coastlines at either end it. Is well known and easily verifiable, however, but on a clear day from a modest altitude of a hundred feet the great arms head is visible from Douglas harbour this, would be completely impossible on, a globe of 25,000. Miles assuming. 100 foot altitude, causes, the horizon, to appear approximately 13, miles off the 47. Miles remaining means, the Welsh coastline, should still fall an impossible fourteen, hundred and seventy-two feet below the line of sight 68. The. Philadelphia, skyline is clearly, visible from apple-pie Hill in the New Jersey Pine Barrens 40, miles away if. Earth were about twenty-five thousand, miles in circumference, factoring. In the 205, foot elevation, of apple-pie Hill the, Philly skyline, should remain well hidden beyond three, hundred and thirty-five feet of curvature. 69. The. New York City skyline is clearly visible from Harriman, state parks Bear Mountain 60, miles away if. Earth were about twenty-five thousand miles in circumference, viewing. From their mountains thousand. Two hundred and eighty three foot summit the, Pythagorean, theorem determining, distance, to the horizon being, one point two three times the square root of the height in feet New, York City skyline should, be invisible behind the hundred and seventy feet of curved er. Seventeen. From. Washington's, Rock in New Jersey at, just a four hundred foot elevation it, is possible, on a clear day to see the skylines, of both New York and Philadelphia in, opposite directions at, the same time covering. A total distance of 120. Miles if. Earth were about twenty five thousand, miles in circumference, both, of these skylines, should be hidden behind over a hundred feet of Earth's curvature. 71. It. Is often possible to see the Chicago skyline, from, sea level 60. Miles away across Lake Michigan in. 2015. After photographer. Joshua nawicki photographed. This phenomenon, several, news channels quickly claimed his picture to be a superior, Mirage an atmospheric.

Anomaly Caused, by temperature inversion. While, these certainly do occur the. Skyline, in question, was facing right-side, up and clearly seen unlike. A hazy illusory. Mirage, and, on a ball earth 25,000. Miles in circumference, should, be 2,400. Feet below the horizon. 72. October. 16th, 1854. The, Times newspaper reported. The Queen's visit to great Grimsby, from Hull recording. They were able to see the 300 foot tall dock tower from 70, miles away on. A ball worth 25,000, miles in circumference, factoring, their 10-foot elevation, above the water and the towers 300, foot height at 70 miles away the, doctor should have remained an entire, 2,600. Feet below the horizon. 73. In. 1872. Captain, Gibson, and crewmates sailing. The ship Thomas wood from, China to London reported. Seeing the entirety, of st. Helena Island on a clear, day from 75, miles away, factoring. In their height during. Measurement, on a ball earth 25,000. Miles in circumference, it, was found the island should have been three thousand six hundred and fifty feet below their line of sight. 74. From. Genoa Italy at, a height of just 70, feet above sea level the island, of Gorgona, can often be seen 81. Miles away if. Earth were ball 25,000. Miles in circumference, Gorgona. Should be hidden beyond. 3332. Feet of curvature. 75. From. Genoa italy at a height of just 70, feet above sea level the island of Corsica can often be seen 99, miles away if. Earth were of all 25 thousand miles in circumference, Corsica. Should fall five thousand, two hundred and forty-five feet, almost, an entire mile below the horizon. 76. From. Genoa Italy 70, feet above sea level the island of Capri ax 102. Miles away can often be seen as well if, earth were ball twenty-five thousand miles in circumference, cap, Reyes should always remain, hidden behind 5,000. 605, feet over. A mile of supposed, curvature. 77. Also. From Genoa on bright, clear days the island of elba can be seen an incredible. 125. Miles away if. Earth were a ball 25,000. Miles in circumference, Elba, should be forever invisible, behind eight thousand, seven hundred and seventy, feet of curvature. 78. From. Anchorage Alaska at an elevation of 102, feet on clear, days mount, Foraker can be seen with the naked eye 120. Miles away if. Earth were a ball 25,000, miles in circumference, mount, for occurs seventeen, thousand four hundred foot, summit, should be leaning back away from the observer covered. By seven, thousand seven hundred and nineteen feet of curved earth in, reality, however the entire mountain can be quite easily seen standing straight from base to summit. 79. From. Anchorage, Alaska at an elevation of 102, feet on clear, days Mount McKinley can, be seen with the naked eye from a hundred and thirty miles away if earth.

Were A ball 25,000, miles in circumference, Mount, McKinley is twenty thousand three hundred and twenty foot summit should be leaning back away from the observer and almost, half covered, by nine, thousand, two hundred and twenty feet of curved earth in reality. However the, entire mountain can be quite easily seen, standing straight from base to summit. 80. In chambers. Journal February, 1895. A sailor, near Meritus in the Indian Ocean reported. Having seen a vessel which turned out to be an incredible, 200, miles away the. Incident, caused much heated debate in nautical circles, at the time gaining. Further confirmation, in Aden, Yemen where, another witness reported seeing a missing Bombay steamer from 200 miles away he. Correctly stated the precise appearance, location, and direction of the steamer all later, corroborated. And confirmed, correct, by those on board such. Sightings are absolutely, inexplicable if, the earth were actually, a ball 25,000. Miles around as ships. 200, miles distant, would have to fall approximately. Five miles below a line of sight. Anyone. The distance from which various lighthouse lights around the world are visible let's see far exceeds what could be found on a ball earth 25,000. Miles in circumference. For. Example, the Dunkirk light in southern France at, an altitude of, 194. Feet is visible, from a boat 10 feet above sea level 28. Miles away. Spiracle. Trigonometry. Dictates, that if the earth was a globe with the given curvature, of 8 inches per mile squared this, light should be hidden, 190. Feet below the horizon. 82. The. Port Nicholson light, in New Zealand is. 420. Feet above sea level and visible, from 35, miles away where it should be 220. Feet below the horizon. 83. The. Ocurro, light in Norway is, 154. Feet above, high-water and visible, from 28 statute, miles where, it should be 230. Feet below the horizon. 84. The. Light at Madras, on the Esplanade is 132. Feet high and visible, from 28, miles away or, it should be 250. Feet below the line of sight. 85. The. Coordinate light on the, west coast of France is 207. Feet high and visible, from 31, miles away where, it should be 280. Feet below the line of sight. 86. The. Light at Cape Bonavista. Newfoundland. Is 150. Feet above sea level and visible at 35 miles or, it should be 491. Feet. Below the horizon. 87. The, lighthouse steeple, of st. Anne Bowl tops parish, church in Boston is 290. Feet tall and visible, from over 40 miles away where, it should be hidden a full 800, feet below the horizon. 88. The. Isle of Wight lighthouse, in England is 180, feet high and, meat can be seen up, to 42, miles away a distance, at which modern, astronomers, say the light should fall, 996. Feet below the line of sight. 89. The. Cape 'la coolest lighthouse, in South Africa, is 33. Feet high. 238. Feet above sea level and can be seen for over 50 miles if. The world work globe this light would fall, 1,400. Feet below an observers, line-of-sight. 90. The. Statue of Liberty in New York stands, 326, feet above sea level and on a clear day can be seen as far as sixty miles away if, the earth were a globe that would put Lady Liberty, at an impossible two thousand seventy four feet below the horizon. Ninety. One the lighthouse, at Port Syed Egypt at an elevation of only sixty feet has, been seen an astonishing, 58 miles away where, according to modern astronomy, it should, be two thousand, one hundred and eighty-two feet below the line of sight. Ninety. Two the notre-dame, antwerp spire, stands, 403. Feet high from the foot of the tower with Strasburg measuring. 468. Feet above sea level with. The aid of a telescope ships. Can be distinguished, on the horizon, and captain's, declare, they, can see the cathedral spire from an amazing hundred and fifty miles away if, the earth were our globe however at that distance the spire should be an entire mile. 5,280. Feet below, the horizon. 93. The. St. George's channel, between Holyhead, and Kingston Harbor near Dublin is 60 miles across when. Half way across a ferry passenger, will notice behind them the light on Holyhead pier as well as in front of them the pool bag light in Dublin Bay the. Holyhead pier light is 44, feet high while, the pool peg lighthouse 68, feet therefore, a vessel, in the middle of the channel 30, miles from either side standing, on a deck 24, feet above the water can, clearly see both lights on, a ball earth 25,000. Miles in circumference, however, both, lights should be hidden well below both horizons, by over 300, feet. 94. From, the high land near Portsmouth Harbor, and Hampshire, England looking. Across Spithead. To the Isle of Wight the, entire base of the island where, water and land come together composes. A perfectly, straight line 22.

Statute, Miles long, according. To the baller theory, the Isle of Wight decline. 80 feet from the centre on each side to account for the necessary curvature, the. Crosshairs, of a good theof the light directed, there have, repeatedly, shown the land and water line to be perfectly level. 95. On, a clear day from the high head near Douglas harbor on the Isle of Man the, whole length of the coast of North Wales is often, plainly visible to the naked eye from the, point of air at the mouth of the River d2 holy head comprises. A 50-mile, stretch which. Has also been repeatedly. Found to be perfectly horizontal if, the, earth actually had curvature, of eight inches per mile squared as NASA, and modern astronomy, claimed the, 50-mile length of Welsh Coast seen along the horizon in Liverpool Bay would have to decline from the center point an easily detectable, 416. Feet on each side. 96. From. 100. Proofs the earth is not a globe by William carpenter, if. We take the journey down chesapeake, bay by night we, shall see the light exhibited, at sharps island for an hour before the steamer gets to it we, may take up a position on deck so that the rail of the vessel side will be in a line with the light and in. The line of sight and, we shall find that in the whole journey the light won't vary in the slightest, degree in its apparent elevation, but, say that a distance of 13 miles has been traversed the, astronomers, theory of curvature, demands a difference one way or the other in the apparent elevation, of the light of 112. Feet 8 inches, since. However there is not a difference of 100, hairs and breaths we, have a plain proof that the water the Chesapeake, Bay is not curved which, is a proof that the earth is not aglow. 97. NASA. And modern astronomy, say the earth is a giant ball tilted, back wobbling. And spinning, 1,000, miles per hour around, its central axis traveling. 67,000. Miles per hour circles, around the Sun spiraling. 500,000. Miles per hour around the Milky Way while, the entire galaxy Rockets, are ridiculous.

670. Million miles through, the universe with, all of these motions originating. From an alleged Big Bang cosmic, explosion. 14, billion years ago that's. A grand total of 67. Million five, hundred and sixty eight thousand, miles per hour in several, different directions we're, all supposedly speeding. Along at simultaneously. Yet, no one has ever seen felt heard, measured, or proven a single one of these motions to exist whatsoever. 98. NASA. And modern astronomy, say Polaris. The North Pole star is somewhere, between. 323. And 434. Light-years, or about two quadrillion. Miles away, from us firstly. Note, that is between 1. Quadrillion. 938. Trillion. 2 to. Quadrillion, 604. Trillion, miles making. A difference of over. 600. Trillion miles if. Modern astronomy, cannot even agree on the distance to stars within hundreds, of trillions, of miles perhaps, their science, is flawed and their theory needs re-examining. However. Even granting, them their obscurely, distant, stars it is impossible, for helium centrists to explain how Polaris manages, to always remain perfectly, aligned straight above the North Pole throughout Earth's various, alleged, tilting. Wobbling, rotating, and revolving, motions. 99. Viewed. From a baller Polaris. Situated, directly over the North Pole should, not be visible anywhere, in the southern hemisphere for. Polaris to be seen from the southern hemisphere above. Globular, Earth the observer would have to be somehow looking through the globe and miles, of land and sea would have to be transparent, Polaris. Can be seen however up to over 20 degrees south latitude. 100. If. Earth were a ball the Southern Cross and other southern constellations. Would all be visible at the same time from every longitude, on the same latitude as is, the case in the North with Polaris and its surrounding, constellations, or some, major and minor and many others can be seen from every northern meridian simultaneously. Whereas, in the South constellations. Like the Southern Cross cannot, this, proves that the southern, hemisphere, is not turned under as in the ball model but simply stretching further outwards, away from the northern center point as in the Flat Earth model. 101. Sigma. Act entus is claimed to be a southern central, pole star similar to Polaris around, which the southern hemisphere, stars all rotate, around the opposite direction, unlike. Polaris, however Sigma. Cantus cannot, be seen simultaneously. From every point along the same latitude it. Is not central, but allegedly one, degree off center it is not motionless, and in fact cannot be seen at all using publicly, available telescopes. There's. Legitimate speculation. Regarding whether, Sigma Act antis even exists, either. Way the direction in which stars, move overhead is based on perspective in the exact direction you're facing not. Which hemisphere you're in. 102. Some. Heliocentric. Have tried to suggest that, the pole stars gradual. Declination, overhead, as, an observer travels southward, is proof, of a globular far. Home at the declination of the pole star or any other object is, simply a result of the law of perspective, on plain flat surfaces, the. Law of perspective, dictates that the angle and height at which an object is, seen diminishes, the farther one recedes from the object until, at a certain point the, line-of-sight, and the seemingly Uprising surface of the earth converges. To a vanishing point ie, the, horizon, line beyond. Which the, object is invisible in. The ball earth model, the horizon, is claimed to be the curvature, of the earth whereas, in reality the, horizon, is known to simply be the vanishing, line of perspective, based on the strength of your eyes instruments. Weather and altitude. 103. There. Are several constellations. Which can be seen from far greater distances, over the face of the earth then, should be possible if the world were rotating, revolving, wobbling, ball for. Instance Ursa Major very close to Polaris, can be seen from 90 degrees north latitude the, North Pole all the, way down to 30 degrees south latitude for. This to be possible on a ball earth the southern observers, would have to be seeing through hundreds or thousands, of miles of bulging earth to the northern sky. 104. The, constellation, of vulpecula can. Be seen from 90 degrees north latitude all the way to 55, degrees south latitude, Taurus. Pisces and Leo can be seen from 90 degrees north all the way to 65. Degrees cell and observer. On a ball earth regardless, of any tilter inclination should not logically be able to see this bar. 105. Aquarius. And Libra can be seen from 65, degrees north to 92, sell the. Constellation, virgo is visible from 80 degrees north down to 80 degrees south the Narayan can be seen from 85 degrees north all the way to 75.

Degrees South latitude, these. Are all only possible, because the hemispheres, are not spheres at all but concentric, circles, of latitude extending. Outwards from the central North Pole with, the Stars rotating, over and around. 106. The. So-called South Pole is simply an arbitrary, point along the Antarctic ice marked, with a red and white barbershop, pole topped with a middle baller the. Ceremonial, South Col is admittedly, and provably not the actual South Pole however, because, the actual South Pole could be demonstrably, confirmed. With the aid of a compass showing, North to be 360. Degrees around the observer since. This feat has never been achieved the, model remains pure theory along, with the establishments, excuse, that the geomagnetic, poles, supposedly, constantly, move around and making verifications. Of their claims impossible. 107. Ring. Magnets, of the kind found in loudspeakers, have, a central North Pole with the opposite South Pole actually. Being all points along the outer circumference, this. Perfectly, demonstrates the magnetism, of our Flat Earth whereas. The alleged source of magnetism, in the ball earth model is emitted, from a hypothetical, molten. Magnetic, core in the center of the ball which they claim conveniently. Causes both poles to constantly, move, thus evading, independent, verification at. Their - ceremonial. Poles in reality. The deepest drilling, operation, in history the Russian Kola ultra deep managed. To get only 8 miles down so, the entire ball earth model, taught in schools showing, a crust outer mantle inner mantle outer core and inner core layers are, all purely speculation, as we have never penetrated, through beyond the crust. 108. The. Mariners, compass is an impossible and nonsensical, instrument, for use on a ball earth it, simultaneously points. North and south over a flat surface yet, claims to be pinpointing, - constantly, moving geomagnetic. Poles at opposite, ends of a spinning sphere originating. From a hypothetical molten. Metal core if. Compass, needles are actually drawn to the north pole of a globe. Opposing self needle would actually be pointing up and off into outer space. 109. There. Are no fixed East or West points, just as there's no fixed South the north central pole is the only proven, fixed point on our Flat Earth with. The South being all straight lines outwards, from the pole east and west being concentric, circles at constant, right angles 90 degrees from the bowl a westerly. Circumnavigation. Of Earth is thus going around with Polaris continually. On your right while, an easterly, circumnavigation. Is going, around with Polaris always at your left. 110. Magellan. And others east-west, circumnavigations. Of Earth are often quoted as proof of the ball model in, actual fact however sailing. Or flying at right angles to the North Pole and eventually. Returning to one's original location, is no, more difficult or mysterious than doing so on a globe just as an architect's compass, can place its centre point on a flat piece of paper and, trace a circle either way around the pole, so, can a ship or plane circumnavigate. A Flat Earth. 111. Since. The North Pole in Antarctica are, covered in ice and guarded, no-fly, zones no, ships or planes have, ever been known to circumnavigate the earth in north-south, directions, the, only kind of circumnavigation. Which could not happen on a flat earth is north and southbound which. Is likely the very reason for the heavily enforced flight restrictions, the, fact that there is yet to be a single verified, North to South circumnavigation. Of Earth serves, as standing, proof the world is not a ball. 112. The. Sun brings Newton to every time zone as it passes directly overhead every. 15 degree demarcation, point 24. Times per day in, its circular path over and around the earth if time. Zones were instead caused, by the uniform spinning, of the ball earth around the Sun every six, months as Earth found itself on the opposite side of the Sun clocks. All over Earth would have to flip twelve hours day, would be night and night would be day. 113. The idea. That people are standing ships, are sailing and planes are flying upside, down on certain parts of Earth while, others tilted, at 90 degrees and all other impossible, angles is complete. Absurdity, the idea, that a man digging a hole straight down could eventually reach sky, on the other side is ludicrous common. Sense tells every free thinking person correctly. That there truly is an up-and-down in nature unlike. The everything, is relative rhetoric, of the Newtonian, einsteinium, paradigm. 114. Quoting. On the false wisdom of the philosophers bilah conscious a sphere. Where people on the other side lived, with their feet above their heads or rain snow, and hail fall upwards, where, trees and crops grow upside down and the sky is lower, than the ground the.

Ancient Wonder of the Hanging Gardens of, Babylon dwindle. Into nothing in comparison to the fields seas towns. And mountains that pagan philosophers, believed, to be hanging from the earth without support. 115. The. Existing, laws of density, and buoyancy perfectly. Explained the physics of falling objects long before a knighted freemason, Sir Isaac, Newton bestowed his theory, of gravity upon the world it, is a fact that objects, placed in denser mediums arise up while, objects place in less, dense mediums, sink down to. Fit with the heliocentric, model which, has no up or down Newton, instead claimed objects, are attracted, to large masses, and fall, towards the center not. A single experiment in history however has shown an object a massive, enough to by, virtue of its mass alone cause, other smaller, masses to be attracted, to it as Newton, claims gravity, does with the earth the Sun Moon stars, and planets. 116. There. Is also never been a single experiment in history showing, an object, massive, enough to by virtue of its mass alone cause another smaller, mass to orbit around it the, magic theory, of gravity allows for oceans buildings, and people to remain forever stuck, to the underside of a spinning ball while, simultaneously, causing. Objects like the moon and satellites, to remain locked in perpetual circular, orbits around the earth if. These were both true then people should be able to jump up and start orbiting circles, around the Earth or the moon should've long ago been sucked into the earth neither. Of these theories have ever been experimentally verified. And their alleged results, are mutually, exclusive. 117. Newton. Also theorized, and it is now commonly taught that the Earth's ocean, tides are caused by gravitational, lunar, attraction, if the, moon is only. 2160, miles in diameter and the earth 8,000, miles however, using, their own math, and law it follows, that the earth is 87, times, more massive and therefore, the larger object should attract the smaller to it and not the other way around if. The Earth's greater, gravity, is what keeps the moon in orbit it is impossible, for the moon's and lesser gravity to supersede, the Earth's gravity, especially. At Earth's sea, level or its gravitational, attraction would, even further out trump the moon's and if, the moon's gravity, truly did supersede, the earth is causing the tides to be drawn towards it there should be nothing to stop them from continuing onwards, and upwards towards, their Great Attractor. 118. Furthermore. The, velocity, and path of the moon are uniform, and should therefore exist, a uniform, influence, on the Earth's time when, in actuality, Earth's, tides, vary greatly and, do not follow the moon Earth's, lakes, ponds marshes and, other inland bodies of water also, inexplicably. Remain, forever outside, the moon's gravitational. Grasp if. Gravity was truly drawing Earth's oceans, up to it all lakes ponds and other bodies of standing water should certainly have tides as well.

118. It. Is claimed the other planets, are spheres and so therefore earth must also be a sphere, firstly. Earth is a plane not a planet so, the shape of these planets in the sky have, no bearing on the shape of the earth beneath our feet, secondly. These planets, have been known for thousands of years around the world as wandering, stars since, they differ from the other fixed stars in their relative motions only when. Looked at with an unprejudiced naked, eye or through a telescope the, fixed and wandering stars appear, as luminous, disks of light not, spherical. Terra firma the. Pictures and videos shown by NASA of spherical, Terra Firma planets are all clearly fake computer-generated. Images. And not, photographs. 120. The, etymology of the word planet, actually comes, from the late old english planet or from. Old french planet. From Latin Planeta from Greek planet s planet. I wandering, stars or, to wander of unknown origin, to. Spread or notion, of spread out from. Latin plenum, flat, surface, plain level, plain they. Just added a tee to our earth plane and everyone bought it. 121.

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As far we know, no one from us the siple humans was been ever from outside the earth so we can see what shape it has. We are talking to all of us because this is something new for all of us. Many experiments have proven that the earth is more flat than a spining ball...

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DEMOSTRANDO QUE LA TIERRA ES UN PLANISFERIO , ( CON RELIEVES ) con su centro en el NORTE VERDADERO o GOGRÁFICO . Método de observación directa o EXÉGESIS . EXPERIMENTO CERNUSCHI .. los DOS GIRÓSCOPOS en la CAMPANA DE VACÍO . HECHO A DEMOSTRAR ( TEORÍA ) LA TIERRA ES ESTÁTICA . Y UN PLANO CIRCULAR ( con relieves ) , con su centro en el NORTE VERDADERO o GEOGRÁFICO . EXPERIMENTO . : El girocompás , herramienta que poseen los barcos para guiarse con respecto al norte verdadero , Nos enseña que si orientamos el eje del giroscopo hacia el norte verdadero , éste siempre mantendrá la dirección hacia ese punto, estando el barco quieto o en movimiento . ( ésto es válido para los dos modelos , ESFÉRICO o PLANO . ) Primer postulado CON EL BARCO QUIETO .(IMPORTANTE : es necesario > compensar y regular < los dos giróscopos que utilizaremos, previamente y de forma correcta . Los fabricantes generalmente entregan los instrumentos sin calibrar , por lo que el giróscopo puede variar el TORKE , o par de fuerzas dando así resultados erróneos .Para ello utilizaremos las pesas de compensación o sustitutos . ADEMÁS MARCAREMOS CON COLOR ROJO LA PUNTA DEL GIRÓSCOPO QUE INDICA EL NORTE y LA PUNTA DEL GIRÓSCOPO QUE INDICA EL OESTE y Verde el ESTE ) Por lo tanto una vez que tengamos ambos giróscopos orientados al NORTE VERDADERO O GEOGRÁFICO ( guiándonos por una enfilación conocída y trazada en la superficie donde realizamos el experimento ) Colocamos el giróscopo (1) en la parte superior de la superficie donde realizamos el experimento . Luego apuntamos el eje del giróscopo (2) , tomando como referencia el primer giróscopo , a 90º dirección ESTE u OESTE ( tamabién guiándonos por la enfilación maestra que hemos dibujado en el plano del experimento. ) Los giróscopos que ya están girando ( de 9.000 a 18.000 rpm.) Empiezan a dar sus lecturas y estando el giróscopo (1) , como referencia al NORTE , es el giróscopo (2) el que nos dará la lectura o indicación. El observador entonces tendrá en cuenta los siguientes parámetros : ( recordamos que plano no está en movimiento ya que el barco está quieto en el amarre del puerto ) 1) Si la punta ( ROJA ) del eje del GIRÓSCOPO * cabecea , abajo o arriba * respectivamente si vamos al ESTE o al OESTE ( VERDE ) , la conclusión definitiva es que la TIERRA ES ESFÉRICA . 2) Si la punta del eje del GIRÓSCOPO no cabecea ( ROJA o VERDE ) , la conclusión definitiva es que la TIERRA ES PLANA . ****************** La observación arroja el resultado numero 2 LA TIERRA ES PLANA. ******************* Ahora ponemos a navegar el barco en dirección OESTE o ESTE y observamos que el eje del primer giróscopo , como dijimos , al principio no cambiará de dirección hacia el NORTE . Pero que pasará con el eje del segundo giróscopo ? 1) Si el eje del segundo giróscopo gira en sentido horario ( PUNTA VERDE ) , el barco va hacia el OESTE y si gira en sentido antihorario ( PUNTA ROJA ), el barco va hacia el ESTE . Cuando el eje haya completado una vuelta completa , habremos circunvalado la tierra .Esto es el movimiento relativo porque el que se mueve en verdad es el Barco . Esto es independiente y se cumple siempre en todo el planisferio . AMPLIANDO LA OBSERVACIÓN AGREGAMOS EL TERCER ELEMENTO < LA CAMPANA DE VACÍO > Realizadas la mediciones y calibraciones de rigor , ponemos a funcionar los instrumentos , dentro de una campana de vacío , ( para evitar las interacciones del aire ) , comprobamos que el evento se repite sin variaciones . También se puede agregar una jaula FARADAY en el exterior de la campana de vacío , para quitar influencias electromagnéticas ,( recordar que la jaunla debe estar conectada a tierra ) pero en la práctica no se han detectado variaciones . . RESUMIENDO LA CONCLUSIÓN que resulta de la OBSERVACIÓN . ******************************************************************* EN LA PRÁCTICA SE CONSTATA QUE EL EJE DEL GIRÓSCOPO 2 A) Con el barco en puerto , EL GIRÓSCOPO PERMANECE QUIETO. B) Con el barco navegando , EL GIRÓSCOPO GIRA , en sentido antihorario cuando vamos al OESTE y horario cuando vamos al ESTE . ( movimiento aparente pues el que se mueve es el Barco ) CONCLUSIÓN FINAL ****************** DE ESTA MANERA COMPROBAMOS QUE LA TIERRA ES ESTÁTICA Y UN PLANO CON CENTRO EN EL NORTE VERDADERO O GEOGRÁFICO ***************************************** EN EL ANÁLISIS SE HAN TENIDO EN CUENTA LOS FACTORES QUE ABAJO SE DETALLAN, COMO PARÁMETROS QUE NECESARIAMENTE SE DEBEN CUMPLIR PARA AMBOS MODELOS ESFÉRICO Y PLANISFERIO . CONSIDERANDO QUE EL GIRÓSCOPO ESTÁ FIJO EN UN PUNTO : 1)PARA LA TIERRA PLANA EL EXPERIMENTO ES CLARAMENTE VISIBLE, ENTRE LOS PARALELOS 0- ( ECUADOR ) y 55º- NORTE O SUR . Y LA PRIMERA PARTE DEL MISMO INCLUSIVE ES COMPROBABLE EN TIERRA FIRME , ORIENTANDO DEL EJE DE UN GIRÓSCOPO DIRECCIÓN ESTE- OESTE. ESTO ES PORQUE MÁS ALLÁ DE ESTOS PARALELOS EL MODELO DE ACTIVIDAD DEL GIRÓSCOPO SE CONFUNDE, POR LA CERCANÍA DEL EJE DE ROTACIÓN DE LA TIERRA EN EL MODELO ESFÉRICO . POR LO QUE PARA SALIR DE LA CONFUSIÓN HAY, QUE RECORDAR QUE EN EL PLANISFERIO , EL GIRÓSCOPO SI O SI SE MUEVE EN SENTIDO HORARIO O ANTIHORARIO , SIEMPRE CONSIDERANDO QUE LA TIERRA GIRE . SI NO HAY MOVIMIENTO > 2) PARA DAR COMO VÁLIDO EN EXPERIMENTO EN UNA TIERRA ESFÉRICA EL GIRÓSCOPO : NECESARIAMENTE TIENE QUE CABECEAR HACIA ARRIBA O HACIA ABAJO , COMPLETANDO UNA VUELTA COMPLETA CADA 24 HORAS EN EL ECUADOR TERRESTRE, POR LO QUE EL EJE DEL GIROSCOPO TENDRÁ QUE RECORRER UNOS 15º POR HORA EN SU MOVIMIENTO DE CABECEO. AUNQUE SERÁ MENOR EN LA PROXIMIDAD DE LOS POLOS PUES EL COMPORTAMIENTO DEL GIRÓSCOPO SUFRIRÁ LA INFLUENCIA DEL MOMENTO ANGULAR A MEDIDA QUE LA LATITUD ASCIENDE . MÁS ALLÁ DEL PARALELO 45º NORTE O SUR ,( SI LA TIERRA ES ESFÉRICA) , EL MOVIMIENTO DE CABECEO IRÁ COMBINÁNDOSE CON UN MOVIMIENTO HORIZONTAL YA QUE LA PROXIMIDAD AL EJE DE ROTACIÓN DE LA TIERRA TENDRÁ UNA LECTURA COMO SI FUERA EN UN PLANO . En el LINK podemos ver el tipo de giróscopo que se utiliza para el experimento y que cuando lo ponemos a girar ,permanece estático y en equilibrio ( porque está correctamente ajustado ) , a menos que lo toquemos o pongamos las pesas . CONTACTO y CONSULTAS .... CIENTÍFICOS LIBRES . 034 636 734 996 solo por whatsapp

I NOTICED WHEN I HIT LIKE LATER UPON RETURNING THE LIKE HAS BEEN REMOVED, THE CHEATS ARE SCRAMBLING TO HIDE THE TRUTH! ALSO...     I can not find a video that may have been removed. it is by several independent scientist who SPENT 7 YEARS doing test to see if the earth is moving and if there is any curvature anywhere on earth, contrary to their expectations they discovered the earth is STATIONARY and the earth is always FLAT!?

THE CHEATS ARE SCRAMBLING TO HIDE THE TRUTH! ALSO... I can not find a video that may have been removed. it is by several independent scientist who SPENT 7 YEARS doing test to see if the earth is moving and if there is any curvature anywhere on earth, contrary to their expectations they discovered the earth is STATIONARY and the earth is always FLAT!?

The band OK GO made a music video clip on the vomit comet. It’s also got a making of it. They show essentially how they edit video together to form a uniform clip.

eindelijk een nederlands you tuber die de waarheid verteld

How can water evaporate thru such a strong gravity? There is no gravity.

Thank you for your excellent, superb research ,calculation, formulations and expertise in video production. Your works are highly anticipated by me and all truthers who are smart enough to think for themselves and who do not believe all the garbage dealt out by the devil's smartest deciples, t .y.


2k views. ....only 114 likes...

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In the beginning of the video the guy is standing on a hill higher then sea level of course he’ll see a greater distance . Jesus your dumb lol

Harland Mortensen Omg with a comment like that your a grade A self proclaimed moron lol

Johnny Dupuis That was dumb thought you said you guys were smart. If it’s all density then on a humid day we should eat less since were made up of mostly water.. right. Idiots all of u lol

Sandman Beaches Prove it. Ah fack I guess u can’t. Someone needs to put a stop to your flat earth theory cult

Thank you

i know the sun is close... I can see the blue sky behind it..

... ISAIAH 40 : 22 .. READ YOUR BIBLE ...

Your video is believable and thorough you made me believe in flat earth theory.

Two hours of pseudo-science is totally wasted. You must provide real proof that Kepler, Newton and Einstein got it wrong, otherwise you can make it four hours and still get nowhere.

.. if you are on a cell phone .. turn it off , then back on .. or computer ... reboot it .. your like will stay on , after that ..

And? That does not say the earth is flat.

Yup....that says all we need to know about YT algorithms....Fake people..

just one proof says it all for me,water dont bend no matter wot,its self leveling,common sense tels you the sea would fall to one side ,100 million % has to be flat for sea level how the fuck we dint all work this out back at school in the day i dont no,i would ov loved to ov told the teacher wot a fuckin liar he woz,so they lied about the flat earth they lied about space they lied about religion they lied about fuel and energy,they lie about makeing us ill and killing us at ther word like its up to them who lives and dies,,,,energy should be free food should be free everyone should hav clothes on ther back everyone should hav a roof over ther head,if we all pulled together and love help be kind and support thy neihbour.and everyone equal ,would be no reason for war or weapons

I always wondered why we have a fascination with keeping living creatures as pets. It makes us feel like God..

Materialism cannot reconcile with natural laws and the gap is so extreme that the flaws cannot be acknowledged or recognized

Are stars going different direction viewing from the southern and northern hemisphere ??

Earth is observably flat and motionless. To believe in the heliocentric model is worshipping a false god because it is it’s own religion and you have to have faith in all the ridiculous distances and timelines they want us to believe! Wake up folks!

Welcome to the flat motionless earth !

Outcast Outdoors - On a Fishin' Mission - well, most people have them for companions. However, people are very controlling... our Creator isn’t so controlling, yet! He gave us guidelines to on how to live a healthy & happy life but most people ignore that advice thus proving we do still have free will! In other words... we aren’t pets smartass!

Johannes Bluemink - nasa feeds us all the psuedo science we will even need! What have you done to prove the bs they feed us?

Johannes Bluemink - many have been proven... it’s a writing on the observable studies, not how they’re broke down. However, did you even watch the video? Some studies are discussed how they’re proven. Im pretty sure you’re just being a little bitch like most shills ok YouTube!

Chrissy Johnson - you can find those kind of numbers anywhere on YouTube... what’s your point?

Johnny Dupuis - right on. Gravity, as we’ve been told, doesn’t even make sense. How could we have been so fooled!?

Yep! I’ve seen the video too. You wouldn’t know it was pieced together if, well, you didn’t know it was pieced together! Space is fake, earth is flat and motionless!

@FlatEarther24/7 obviously YouTube interference...

Welcome to the new reality.

Typical shill.

GOD's BEAUTIFUL FLAT EARTH ok i will enjoy looking at your works. T. Y.

GOD's BEAUTIFUL FLAT EARTH its not a cause, its fact, now explain your problem and maybe i can help your midget mind that does not have the mental capacity to make a coherant statement.

@Harland Mortensen Not helping the cause.

What about 200 proofs of a globe, by globe believers...that would be fun

Johannes Bluemink

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@Harland Mortensen You can clean my toilet any time you want.

I'm trying to memorize it all. Keep it up Eric. I have test them all , I got engineer friends , I got a lot of help ,you speak the truth.

Everything is through density.

@ResearchFlatEarth obviously YouTube interference...

We now NASA is fake

Spread the word people in the name of JESUS

Weak up people

Good video and don't Stop bless

Great video Eric, BUT, the satan whores at you tube made the whole video skip every two seconds, wonder I'd this was happening to anyone else.

Great job NaTuber! Nicely organized information. You take care and be careful.

- We are made in his likeness, are we not? And did he not die for our sins? And free will as in not paying taxes? I don't see why all Christians aren't under Gods tax exempt laws. We're not following his teachings.

Airoplane routes are mapped over the flat earth

From the top of the law hill in Dundee you can clearly see the coast of Europe

You guys got me last year what really got me Is I know water doesn't bend in open atmosphere period end of story we are 70% water it's flat actually at this point Globe Earth is laughable if anybody just took the time and thought about it did the own experiments they would very easily come to the same conclusion but people want to hang on to this globular so tightly they don't want to believe they've been lied to it's not a stretch that the powers that be would lie about this and everything else Global elitist they haven't changed in over 10,000 years

FACTS well watch this....its better than any flat earth video....

@Harland Mortensen Why are the real pain coming to you Nasa, you're getting money, you're saying the truth, you'll be burned in hell fire no one will save you. You're a fagot because you say the world is round because you're a round mother of the son of a bitch cut you off in the toilet

Even my kid son can SEE through the LIE thanks to great videos like this one alongsidewith a lot of good INFORMATION available online, although one must be vigilant and sift through the chaff and and separate the grain of TRUTH and discard the disinformation and LIES about this and other esoteric information available online today. I can now see how the "ball believers" can not understand this correctly and why they keep on nurturing the indoctrinated FALSEHOOD all their lives, and why they're ridiculing the Flat Earth's believers...... as I too, was one of them until I decided to seriously research and find out what the whole ruckus was all about. No longer a ball-believer NOW! ♻

What the notoriously corrupt United States federal government is claiming is to have sent men to the moon in 1969, on the VERY FIRST attempt, even though right here on earth Mt. Everest and the South Pole took NUMEROUS tries before success, allegedly accomplishing this amazing feat with 50 YEAR older technology (a cell phone has ONE MILLION times more computing power than ALL of NASA did in 1969), yet 50 YEARS later NASA can now only send astronauts ONE - THOUSANDTH the distance to the moon, even with 5 DECADES more advancements in rockets and computers. If Toyota claimed they made a car 50 YEARS ago that could travel 50,000 miles on one gallon of gasoline, yet today their best car can only go 50 miles per gallon, or ONE - THOUSANDTH the distance, would not the forgery of the previous claim be incredibly obvious? If it were not for people's pride and emotional attachment to the 50 YEAR OLD unrepeatable moon landing claim, also with only ONE - THOUSANDTH the distance capable 5 DECADES later, they would otherwise easily recognize this equally preposterous claim as the fraud that it sadly is. The alleged moon landings are the only technological claim in the entire history of the world, such as the first automobile, airplane, or nuclear power, which was not far surpassed in capability 50 YEARS later, much less not even able to be duplicated by any nation on earth 50 YEARS later. The supposed moon landings are also the only time in history that such claimed expensive technology was deliberately destroyed afterwards (175 BILLION DOLLARS worth), only done so to hide the evidence of the fraud. Seeing how it is IMPOSSIBLE for technology to go BACKWARDS and today NASA can only send astronauts ONE - THOUSANDTH the distance to the moon as was claimed 50 YEARS ago on the VERY FIRST attempt with 5 DECADES OLDER technology, the only remaining conclusion is that the 1969 claim was a federal government lie. It is that simple and that corrupt.Read more Show less


Congratulations✌ Any one who has a really questioning mind wouldn't have any problems with SEEING through the LIES about Ball earth's BS propaganda.

need to teach this in all schools

jnprfilms no! Jesus is a myth

Keep up the good work Natuber you channel is the greatest.

Erdishlane Jesus is not a myth.

Only children believe NASA is real. I remember one day I woke up. Magic news reporters find drug arms and Osma bin laden.. dont die . And than these people are never found. They are just found on TV shows. Drugs ink all the those shows. What a load of shit.

@GARYtheFLATHEAD obviously YouTube interference...

The main components of the Apollo 11 rocket were: aluminum alloy (melting point at 463 C°), stainless steel (1510 C°), nickel-plated steel (1453 C°) and heat-resistant glass (760 °C). Since the last two atmospheric layers have very high radiation and temperatures up to 2000 C°, how can we explain that the Apollo 11 rocket did not disintegrate while crossing the thermosphere? How did the rocket achieve the feat of not being damaged by the many climatic changes and lunar temperatures that oscillate between 125°C and -175°C? Finally, how did NASA's players manage not to be irradiated with the combinations of the time? True believers and Freemasons know that the earth's vault is impassable! Translated with

The only thing NASA sent into space was their imagination.

Lol just start writing them down what ive been doin

Proof 1 flat Earth is dumb don't be dumb.... globe earther Logic

@ktytk 99 your mind is lighter than a notebook and smother in a debate

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