The BEST Strategy To Invest In Cryptocurrency!

The BEST Strategy To Invest In Cryptocurrency!

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What's, going on snipers named Ella beta here hope all of you guys are having a wonderful day today let's go ahead and dive right into our daily cryptocurrency, livestream. At night today, if you guys are watching this after it's, already published, feel free to use the 1.5, X in the description. Actually right under the description, well, above the description, of under, the video to, speed up this video but, we're going to be talking about the best strategy, of trading, and investing. In the cryptocurrency market, and really. This is something that I haven't specifically. Talked about on this stream yet and, it's called. Dollar cost averaging, it's something that I'm actually gonna be using as, I rebuild my portfolio, coming into the market as we you can see here on this chart obviously. We saw this huge correction. Over the past couple of hours and. And really it was just 24, hours that you saw almost a hundred and fifty billion dollars. Get, wiped off the face, of the earth on the crypto currency market cap which, is an astonishing amount it's something that we've never seen before however, we have seen Corrections, of this calibre so nothing, to be worried about I mean this is a very healthy correction as you can see obviously, we saw this parabolic, run up over the past couple of weeks and this, was just very, much needed in my opinion and, I think it went just exactly how he was supposed to we, pretty much went right back down to these bottom. Levels right over here on. 13100. And, what's interesting is I actually wanted, to purchase in as the 50-day average which was around the, moving averages around 12,000, 600, right under 2000, 12600, so, it was around 12,500. 12,600, that's really where I was looking to put my position, in which. I already have I've went ahead and started to actually put in my position for Bitcoin I've been doing it in 25 percent increments just, to be safe and control. My risk however, I do want to talk about dollar cost averaging, and what that is let's. Go to actually. Ask you guys right now on the stream who here knows what dollar cost averaging, is say I let's. See who we've got on today. Shout-out, to grade and dork Albie aesthetics, good to have you guys sword of the, samurai good to have you good. Morning sword, good. Morning Eric Chen good morning Moscow. Bernardo. Said nope Moscow. Knows about dollar cost averaging that's good. Brian, Ross at a what's, up man what's up Arcis what's up coach K what's, up pill Paxton. What. Up swag source rex what's. Up, judo, brad what's up Josh good. To have you what's, up multi coin trade. Franco. Said I'm too stupid what is it don't call yourself stupid man, you got to put your self-image higher, in, order for you to earn more and, become, more aesthetic. Film said yo Dylan Drazen, ADC. A for the win what. Up for Han what's, up guys. Cryptocurrency. Line Adam Bristol, what's up man, Joey got, all what's.

Popping, Locking nothing. Much man. Hammad. Said right shoulder, is shaping yes, it is it, truly is let's, go ahead and see if there's no turn into a head and shoulder that, would be very interesting, shout, out to judo Brad cheers, to everyone that huddle yesterday, yeah for sure I mean if you guys were holding through, that correction I give you guys props because, that, must have been a thrill, ride emotionally. Feel. Like I said hello, what's up Felix what's up Daniel. What's. Up double spaced he says new to this teach me master. How. Do you convert us DT, to us D without extreme, fees um. To. Be honest with you second son I haven't, used the USD T as much as other, people have but I'm sure on our discord, we have tons of people that have used that so just check out our discord and I'm pretty sure you can find that out we, actually just opened up a tether chat, so you can actually open that up what. Up Joe. Well he said you're the best thank you I appreciate that you're awesome you guys are all awesome, what. Up Yanni get to have you my. Money finally is available on GX wish should I invest in my very first trade it's. Really up to you Amit I mean if I was to trade in the market right now let's say I had a thousand, dollars I would, use dollar cost averaging, as a technique, for me to actually purchase if you guys know what dollar cost averaging, is let's go ahead and pull up a formal, definition for, you guys here. And. I think this will help you guys out just. A little bit and we will be putting this on our discord, and starting to talk about DCA's, a lot more but, it's an investment technique, of buying a fixed, dollar amount of a particular, investment on a regular. Schedule so, for example let's say have $100, and I, want to buy, Bitcoin. Every. Single Monday at 12, p.m. Eastern Standard Time. That's, what dollar cost averaging is because, here's what's gonna happen, bitcoins, in a fluctuating price but my trade, on Monday, at 12 p.m. will not fluctuate, in price I'm always gonna invest the same exact amount at the same exact time every, single week or however I schedule, it therefore, regardless, of the share price the.

Investor Purchases more, shares when prices are low and fewer, shares when the prices are high so, what. That means is for $100. At 18,000. Per Bitcoin I'm getting a lot less shares but at $100. At. 12,000, dollar levels. For a Bitcoin I'm getting more shares of bitcoins so dollar, cost averaging, guys is a very, very, old. Skill. It's something that's been used for such a long time and, it's something that can really help new, traders, really, step foot into the market and not have to worry too much about trading, with patterns, because. I know a lot of you guys have money and you. Guys want. To invest, however. Shout-out. To Sebastian, Dutch wits by the way just, pledged $10. On our patreon. Thank, you so much man we are almost hitting, our goal they're so very. Excited, so anyways. Yeah so a lot of you guys you know if you guys don't know what to do with your money what's up Brandon Cole good to have you good. To have you guys, our kiss. Said would love to hear your analysis, on verge I actually, made a video on verge arcus you can see my whole version alysus I think it's a great concept I think Manero, really has a run for its money with verge coming up into the ranks I really. Think all coins are gonna see a lot of growth in 2018. I think we may see a little bit of a pullback over, the next couple of days just because of the huge parabolic, growth that we saw but I mean to be honest with you ripples holding up you know we, I thought, ripple was gonna crash and it didn't so, I was wrong on that and I do apologize but you know nothing to apologize for it was just my opinion, and at. The end of the day ripple has been holding above a dollar I mean that's impressive, in my opinion especially after we saw that huge huge. Correction. With Bitcoin as you. Can see ripples totally. Not following Bitcoin at this time unlike. Most of these coins as you can see aetherium, is following Bitcoin, Bitcoin, cash is following Bitcoin litecoin is. Following a Bitcoin. Cardno. Is pretty much following Bitcoin as well oh by, the way guys I actually just made a new trade today as well on stellar, so. Who here has heard of stellar say. I have in the comments. Cuz. I actually did, a lot of my research on stellar because a lot of you guys have asked me about stellar and I was like man I really like this coin. Who. Here has. Heard. Of stellar let's see what you guys have to, stay here, guys. I wrote over this pulpits chart while you guys are commenting, on that X. And, all USD. XMR, sorry. It's. Ellen. Who, here has heard of stellar. Brian. Said I have Joelle, said I have Brian Ross that I have pill Paxton, I have it, Zachariah. Said, I have, loved lumens, okay. Do. You think I should move my money from Manero, to, xvg. Ah I. Positioned. In both I think. They both have different concepts, you know being that Manero, is all about the you. Know having the private blockchain. Ledger and then, Virg, is all about having the I 2p encryption. With your IP address using the tour I think, they, both have their own niche and. At the end of the day they, both can serve a specific purpose, in our marketplace so that's, just my opinion on that you. Know I have positions in both like, like I said if you use dollar-cost. Average. And you can definitely manage, to, ensure, that your trades going in the right area, somebody. Said what exchange is this this is actually trading, view so if.

You Go to our discord, you can actually let me show you guys something so I worked really hard on this I'm gonna tell you guys all about it, so. This is our discord if you guys aren't under discourse it's a free resource open and available to every single one of you guys we. Have all these chat rooms you can talk about verge Heather Tron, iota. - Bitcoin, any sort of coin you want and, there's a huge community here we just hit over 3500. Members I believe, but. What I did was I added trading. 101. Actually. No I'm sorry I added a helpful. Reads here I added some new books here that, I actually. Really. Liked and, some of my top, three when I started cryptocurrency, as. You guys know it you know I started with pretty much you, know just the traders background, not necessarily, knowing exactly what. Cryptocurrency, can. Really do, for me in the long term you know I never thought of it as something that I was in a building community, upon I just, thought of it as a way to make some money because I used to use it back around 2010. When I used to you, know want, to take payments I couldn't use PayPal because I was banned and I. Needed, to get banned by PayPal by the way has. Anybody gotten limited, I mean. Anybody was longer than a PayPal account ever and they saw it said limited, your accounts been limited, you. Know how pissed off you get when your, pay up your PayPal, account is limited and you need it. Who's. Dealt with that before say. I. It. So, Luke said thoughts, on arbitrage. People. Always talk about arbitrage, in our discord man so if you want to learn more about that I mean people are making tons of money doing arbitrage from what I know what. Our BitTorrent, said yes I have. Master. Bernie said I've had 10 PayPal yeah talk. About it in me to see, and that's the reason they banned you for having multiple accounts that was my issue Kevin. R&D. Vincent, Arbitron, Amir so it's not just me Jin, Eon said I get PayPal warnings too width Iran 30 days.

That's. Funny, can you please tell us the story behind the rug on the wall yeah, this is actually a hand sewn rug so. This is actually a piece of art that's. What the story is behind it I guess I don't know if there's like an actual story behind it it's. Actually really expensive though it's wool all right it's not I think it's silk is, what it is master, Benny said yeah they linked them all yeah, so. Anyways. Yeah. So these. Are the three books that really got me started with understanding, blockchain, technology. And understanding, the ledger and then I also added our resources, here so the, guy asked me just that what chart is that what exchange, is that if you go to charts. And indicators right here I have. All my tools here so trading chart here this is what I use for price alerts if. You guys want to set up price alerts without using trading view because trading view does limit you to I think two of them, you. Can use your coin wink cloud. Mining. Mobile. Applications, coin stats my portfolio, manager, has, to put some tools some alternate exchanges my favorite exchanges, here, some. Hardware wallets, so if you guys want to check out hardware wallets you guys can actually look at these three these. Are just my favorites, and they're the most popular as well so, anyways. Yeah. I added all that stuff for you guys on our discourse so that link is in the description, below for all of you new members it's free is. It possible to change from from PayPal account to GDX I don't, think so I don't think there's a way to transfer from PayPal to coinbase. Or deed acts in your, case. But. Um I do. Want to talk about my trade so I went. Ahead I did purchase some some. Stellar and. It wasn't necessarily because, I saw too much in the the, chart as much as I just started. Understanding, it a lot more and I think what you guys need to do this is something I definitely want to talk about right now you, guys really have to understand what you're investing in you have to understand the story behind whatever, you're investing in as well as what, the technology is gonna do long-term I think the most important, aspect of it though is who's. Behind the technology for so first stellar, if you, guys don't know the owner of the. Owner of cellar that the founder, actually founded. Ripple, and, when. He founded ripple his his you know his vision was just kind of going, away and it. Was primarily, because of ripple centralized, approach, to. Cryptocurrency, you know it's a centralized, it's almost like a business, you, know banks pay them they use their network you, can't really just mine Ripple not. Everybody, can just start using you have to pay ripple to be able to use their services. But. Stellar was, created, as a hard Fork of I, think, it was just a regular fork of ripple. And the. Cool thing about the actual founder, he actually founded, a really. Big storage, a media, storage file storage company like in the 90s and. Sold it for millions of dollars he was extremely successful with that and. He also founded, MT GOx Brian, just said that right now yeah, he founded MT GOx which is one of the most largest. Successful. Exchanges, really, at the start of when Bitcoin really started gaining traction of, course that's not around anymore they had that huge debate. I'm not gonna get into that but. They had a huge issue, somebody, said. Stellar. Is a charity, coin for the unbanked. Exilim. Is especially useful for micro transactions, yeah absolutely so, anyways. Just, understanding, his story what it is and, the, fact that ripple. Has gained so much attention I made the decision to invest, in seller just because of that one reason, just. Understanding, their story I think that was the biggest thing that just got me hooked on style, and I was like man this is a pretty awesome coin, there's, a pretty awesome guy behind it you, know we have drawn some charts in the past on this. But I just saw this at a pretty good value being. That it did follow Bitcoin with the correction. You. Know I'm not saying it's just gonna start shooting. Up in the air but I mean, after that 30 percent correction, we're definitely gonna see a little bit of pullback on a lot of these coins but you, know as a long-term, investment I think this is something I definitely want to hold over the long run it's. Also number 13 on coin. Market cap which could indicate to, me that in. The future will possibly see this getting, into the top 10 it, already has over a three billion dollar market, cap and, that's. Why I made the decision to invest in stellar guys I mean III think it's a great coin what, I'm currently doing right now for my personal portfolio, is just repositioning, myself and.

Just Getting my portfolio, renewed but you know I just want to almost have like a breath of fresh air for my portfolio and, just kind of start everything fresh, you know I sold a lot of positions I'm still holding some positions but I did sell a lot you, know expecting, the sell-off as you, can see right now though markets pretty green I mean litecoin is up 7%. Ripple's, back up $2.13. Bitcoins. Up at 14. 113. Dollars their, names heading, right towards, it's, right over 700, right now 701, so, market. Is starting to see a you. Know an uprising in price is, it gonna continue to go down nobody, knows at the end of the day so let's, take some requests guys let's go ahead and take some YouTube requests going and post it in the comments, or in, the chat box and we'll take you guys as special requests and the teeth we'll make this shot, right here. That. Did not go in no. Big deal. Yes. Let's. See what people were saying. Jitka. Freaked hey what do you think of our DN and its technology I don't know much about our DN I would want to do more research I only like talking about things that I'm you, know confident, and competent and well, I'm confident because I'm competent so that. Would be how that would happen. Do. You do, you buy that the market is low because of Christmas no I don't buy that Joey but, funny, I'm, Joelle. Rule TRX, I mean we could talk about tree, rx we actually started a new channel on our discord, for that so I'd rather have you guys go there talk, about something that isn't on our discord, right now if you guys don't mind. Let. Me see here why, didn't x RP follow the market I, think, extra well you have to understand XRP just had that huge announcement, they had some some news just come out of nowhere but, I think for the most part I think XRP, it, really, crossed. The dollar right when this whole, you. Know correction, was about to start I think, because, it just, crossed that big even and then way above, the big even I think, it really gave it a lot of confidence, to its buyers. Because then of the day this is all about supply and demand and people just felt as if because. You guys I have to understand ripple isn't like every other cryptocurrency, so various unique cryptocurrency, it's a centralized, cryptocurrency. And, it's it's almost like a company, more than anything, as. A matter of fact their coins that you can buy the extra key tokens aren't really meant to be bought. As a security, or like an investment kind of like how Bitcoin typically, is you. Know not a storage of value typically, bought to become something that can actually be. Utilized within, the ripple net which is their actual system, their network so you, know at the end of the day I think ripple, is just kind of disconnected, itself from all the other hype. And the flood and all that stuff that people are just kind of flocking. Towards and the other coins, like Bitcoin, and aetherium and so forth and I, think that because, of that ripple, has kind of been a safe haven for a lot of people they feel that you know ripple has a future. Because it's a company almost. Like a early. Startup, so I think that's kind of where people are headed that's. My opinion on that. Well. Then he said drinking goos about to invest what. Do you think verge hits a dollar you, can never predict, prices, Joey, but you can always predict, price movements, through patterns, that's. Not always accurate but you can do, your best to predict price, movements, but, anybody that can say that hey I can predict the price of this I can determine exactly, you know bitcoins gonna go down at twelve five to six seven you, know you can't trust that type of analysis. So, nobody, could. Predict. That what. Up crypto, Andrew good to have you. Joseph. You ain't said name can you talk about digit by, four. Year old coin established, coin thoughts in the coin yeah. We'll definitely have to do something like that Joseph. I've. Got a lot of uh and byte, coin yeah, nagarjuna. I got a lot about byte coin and did. You buy I just haven't done research on them so I can't talk about them that's just the.

Truth I mean I'm. Not gonna sit here and act like I know what it is I don't want to sit here and try to research it on this stream but it takes me about four hours to research any of my coins because I really looked deep into the history of the team I look, at the technology, and I really sit, down and analyze hey is this something I want to invest in so. I did that today for stellar and that's what I determined. I determined. Hey I want to invest in stellar I did, the same thing for iota and I didn't see as much as I wanted to see stellar. Was really what caught my attention today, just, understanding, where the CEO came from a little. Bit about the coin the. Technology, behind it that was pretty much the biggest thing for me it was the technology behind the coin, itself because it's, almost like a ripple. That somebody, said it's like for the unbanked it's, for people that aren't you, know anybody, can use their system so I think that's the difference and you can do smart contracts, on this on, the, stellar Network so it's almost like you know it's not as mature as aetherium but eventually, it can be which is awesome. Crypto. Hendra said I'm so tired tonight. Louis. Makya said how far can you see repple grow go. You. Know I still. Feel like a lot of these coins are overvalued but I don't think they are I think they're all of that over valued, for their their price as of December, 23rd. 2018. I or 17, I think over. Time though, they can definitely I mean ripple can definitely go over $1, I think, as the, company grows as it builds more valuation, as more. Assets are cured as it has more cash, you. Know the company's just going to continue to grow in value and it will be worth more. Ripple. One or two dollars they drop a billion, into circulation every month. Interesting. La. Took into the moon, good. Time to get into xlm. I actually just bought into xlm. And. I'll tell you exactly why so I kind. Of realized that we're pretty much back at these low. Points, that we were early, in December around December 16th. Which. Was almost like mid December not necessarily, early December I think, we did get a discounted, price here, I'll. Show you something. If. You guys can see this right here. Let's. Pull up more of a closer chart. RSI. Here went under 30 twice, and when, I see our site go under 30 twice for. Me that shows me all right this is definitely hitting bottom we. Also saw this initial. Green candlestick, pretty significant. Compared to this red sell-off, which. Also shows me that this was a pretty solid support. Level so, right now I'm kind of indicating, to the channel that's forming here is right around this corner but. I haven't done my whole position yet for this token, I. Can. Still put in more which, I do plan to because. This is a long term hold and I'd like to put in a certain amount for a long term hold but, I'm gonna see if it does follow this pattern if it continues to follow it breaks out over this resistance, level which was previous, support level then, I think this is gonna be my exact time to purchase the rest of my 50% and, once again guys if, you guys are new to trading you.

Guys Might not have as advanced, of a strategy, that's why we have this discord, open for you guys and, I'm gonna be adding some more resources here but so far this is a free resource for all of you and. Once, again if you guys are at a trading 101 you can self teach yourself about all things that we're talking about let, me see if they have dollar cost averaging, here as well. So. For those of you that are new yes so I don't think it's there just yet but dollar. Cost averaging, is pretty much when, you're you're purchasing, the same amount of coins at the same exact time no. Matter what the coins value is at and what, that's gonna do for you guys it's gonna give you guys a strategy, it's a simple strategy and it's something that anybody can do as they, start into trading my, opinion is it's probably the best strategy, for you as a new trader you, want to get into the market you want to start fresh you want to be able to do something that's gonna be effective, and bring, you results, you don't want to do something that's gonna make you lose all right or, end up you. Know failing, in the market because at the end of the day the, market can be extremely tough guys I mean most people lose in the market if you guys don't know that now. You do a lot, of people and almost I think 90%. Of day traders lose money and it's pretty, much because they do the opposite of what they're supposed to do. Let's. Take some questions on YouTube guys, so, post your YouTube questions. On the, chat box and we'll take some of your questions. Can. You by stellar on bit tricks I'm pretty sure you can I, purchased. Mine on by Nance so if it's on Finance it should be on bitterish as well. Which. Would they be correct but I'm guessing if the customer pool gets to yes. Is Ripple providing, to be a good coin to keep value when the market is trending downward, so. You're basically asking is it good as a hedge to, all the other coins Patman I would, say that was probably like the only time that I saw it I mean I've seen a couple times. Really. Follow, Bitcoin. Let. Me check something really, quick here. If. We pull up the ripple chart we can actually look into ripple and see exactly, where, it follows Bitcoin, in, terms of pricing and we'll see exactly why it, was able to hold up its value but as. A coin for a long term, that's not where ripples metaphorce I don't see that being true, you. Would be better off with a coin like us DT, because. That's tethered to the dollar so if you want to be able to hedge against Bitcoin that's really the best option right now if you don't want to transition, to fiat currency but at the end of the day no ripple isn't meant to be able to be used as a hedge against Bitcoin so, I wouldn't use it for that purpose, regardless. Of what we see in the chat, rooms or the, in the the patterns or the charts and. Looking at its history doesn't really matter as much because that's, just not what it was built for so. Yeah. Hopefully that answers your question. What. Other coins have you invested in Lenny I've. Been invested in several I made a video on Virg I did, put in a small position on Virg but let's pull up the Virge chart really quick guys if you guys know what verge is it's kind of like a mineral competitor. And, if we pull up this bird's chart you we, are up so, I did put a position in right here as we broke this. Previous. Resistance, and as you can see we are up on that which is awesome. If, we do break through here. That. Would be interesting. So. These are other resistance, levels for, those of you that don't know what resistance, levels are if. You go on our discord, we.

Actually Have a definition, here for you guys just, go to trading 101 and, go all the way to the top and look, at resistance, here price, level that may prompt an increase of selling activity, if you look at these charts here all the resistance, levels are the ones at the top of, this, pattern. Here so the. Resistance level is pretty much where the price just, doesn't go above because, there. Is you, know a lot, of sellers at that price point so as. You. Can see we're. Not passing this resistance, because we hit it once on this left hand side we're hitting it twice so, if we do past that there, could potentially be a breakout for a verge so I would, definitely put verge on your watchlist it's definitely going on mine I already, have a position in verge so I'll. Probably watch more and. See if I can get another position in bruges because that doesn't ever hurt I do. Have some cash laying on the side now as I've went ahead and you, know liquidated. All of my positions, through Bitcoin, if. You guys actually look at the chart here my, other coins that I own I do, own some. Komodo. So. Komodo has been doing really good let's pull up this Komodo shark have, any of you guys heard of Komodo I, actually. Saw, it somewhere. And I just started, looking it up and I was like man this is a pretty awesome technology, that's being built. Anybody. Heard of Komodo. Let's. See what the chat says. What. Do you think about I SEOs I think they're great I had a friend that just had our success fly CEO and he's. Done very well for himself it's called the what, is it called the, Jibril network so. Can. You please review power lecher. Powr. Everybody. Said no haven't heard of it if IRS, treated, teather as a like kind of crypto, which they. Don't would have been a benefit safety no capital gains no justice yeah, James I only used if I do use the I'm use it like wants to just like quickly. Transfer. Something from finance but, at. The end of the day it's not necessarily. My. Favorite coin. Because of you know their claim of backing, it by all these US dollars but do you really have a million US or a billion US dollars somebody. Said what is the chart you're using if you go into our Dischord wow. You guys must not be in our discord guys if you're not on a discord, click the link in the description below right now get. On our discord there's a mobile application and a desktop application and, then go to trading and then you. Can see all these charts but if you want to find out where I do all of my, charting. And stuff I put, all of my tools here for you guys so if you want trading, view it's right over here if, you want coin wink it's right over here that's under charts and indicators, for I think it was Brad that asked so Brad, just go over here and you can find that. Power. Ledger is an awesome concept, I would have yeah. Let's look at a Power ledger I haven't looked at in a while but yes Okamoto look. At power legend just a sec really quick Komodo I, did. Put a position. In Komodo earlier in the week as, you can see we're. Still right here on this channel and. What I'm looking to do is actually put in another position soon, cuz, I do feel like there may be a breakout coming for this coin. It. Is starting to get a lot of media attention because. They just had a very successful. They. Had a very successful use, case occur with, using their coin but. As you can see here with this channel. It. Is slightly, going upwards so I'd be excited to see where this starts heading ology. Obviously. You know did break for, a short period of time but. Let's, pull up Power ledger really quickly I know we had that I want to forget that, we. Can do the Bitcoin chart there's no US devaluation. Here. Wow. Look at that you get a inverse, head and shoulders, this. Is Austin chart guys check this out guys this, is awesome so, perfect, timing thank, you for requesting this coin so, check this out this is called an inverse, reverse.

Head. & Shoulders if, we go to our discord, and we go to trading 101 you, can actually look up in seven shoulders right over here you. See a downward trend followed, by this, left shoulder that forms you. See the neckline you see the head you, see the right shoulder very similar to the left shoulder on the right side of the head and then, that's where breakout and reversal occurs and. Then. If you look at this chart once again check this out, you. See a left. Shoulder right over here right, shoulder right over there. Neckline. Follows, the shoulder. And. You got a clear head just forming right there this, is a very simple head and shoulders and, it. Looks like we haven't seen breakout just yet we did see a small breakout, immediately, afterwards, but. Not just yet. I'd. Be interested to see if this does breakout if it does this, could potentially go a lot higher. So. That's. Definitely one on my watch list I'm gonna put that on my phone really quick. Powr. Powr. Ledger. Yeah. Because I I am looking, to buy guys I am completely. Right now in the mode to buy, you. Know I have, I'm, just ready I'm ready to buy at, these low prices I don't want to do too much in all coins you guys know that I. Feel like there's a lot of overvalued, alt coins but some of them aren't so it's gonna be good to just kind of sift, through the diamonds to find the real good, shiny, diamonds right. How. Would crypto be affected by I think if there was a major u.s., recession I think that would be great for crypto I think it would blow, up and being. That we've been on 9-year almost, like a 10-year bauble on right now in the stocks and traditional markets I think we definitely could see a recession, soon I think. If we do see a recession, I think a lot of people go to crypto the, same way you see it in Venezuela. The same way you see it in South Africa, and. Also the same way that you have seen it in the past I mean people will hedge against the, US dollar if they need to and typically. It was done by gold but this is gold 2.0, in my opinion. Deep. To higher pitch what do you mean James. Was. Expected for your stream like expecting him game of throne episode and keep it up with your work my name is Ellie by the way Thank You Ellie I appreciate, that that. Means a lot I think. It's a good time to invest or, nobody hit despite hard lately, let me see with this. Do. You think it's a good time to invest in Virg or no because it spiked hard lately I just recently joined the crypto work well, good to have you Pedro first, recommendation. To you man is click, the link in the description get on our discord, because you need a community you need a, place, to actually learn crypto, but. Number two what I would say in terms of is, it a good time invest in Virg if. You're new if you really need a crypto my. Other question would be are you new to trading and you're probably not gonna have time to answer this but if, you are new to trading I would say start using dollar cost averaging, to your advantage what, is dollar cost averaging, it's where you start you purchase, any sort. Of coin at a certain, time and a certain amount, that you invest in regardless. Of what the actual price of the asset or commodity, in this case crypto, is so, let's say you buy Bitcoin, at. $15,000, one day and then the next Monday. Because you've committed, that you're gonna purchase every Monday it's at 12,000. You still buy $100 worth you always buy $100, worth over. Time. You're. Gonna see averages, for those averages, or what will cause. Your. Games and it'll. Allow you to only buy, you. Know. Major. Shares, when the prices are low so can, you look at bitshares yeah. We can look at misters Draenor, I, actually. Have my, bitch did, I saw my pictures I may have sold that already because it was really high for me I think I sold my initial investment on that but I still have my profits, which were pretty high because it was a hundred percent over a hundred percent for me. My. Bitshares yeah. Let's. Pull up it share suit we'd be out here. Wow. That. Is beautiful guys. Classic. Head and shoulders to here. So. This is a beautiful head and shoulders check, this out guys. Left. Shoulder, right. Shoulder. Neckline. The. Head. Just. Barely made a head but it did it and there was high volume there small. Candlestick, high volume under 30 RSI. This. Could potentially see breakout soon guys. And. Typically. What head and shoulder the, reason you call it a head and shoulders because you're, testing, price levels that's what it really is as. You. Can see you.

See That there, was a huge green candlestick, here followed by this huge red candlestick followed. By this huge green candlestick, followed, by a huge, green rally and then back to red that. Is showing you a lot it's different than a downward, trend a downward trend you see these small candlesticks. Small candlesticks, the large candlesticks, but it doesn't go, opposite, or higher this. Goes, opposite, and higher at certain, points, which, is why we call it a Head & Shoulders that's kind of like the flood see once you guys learn patterns y'all still have to learn the technicals, behind, the patterns the technicals, are what include the three moving averages, I mean, if you guys want me to pull up and. You probably don't want to see how my chart is typically look when I'm trading I have, I have my volume on this right hand side I have the moving. Averages open I got MACD, open I've got Fibonacci retracted. Open I've got them RSI. Open volume open I got a lot of things open sometimes I get five day moving average, on bold, so. Anyways. Bob Kuhn said fart again for us that. Is al is I'm that's. Funny not everybody was on that stream you, guys don't know I was on stream, or Henson you know just got to you. Guys get the point. Crypto. Andrew said BT sees the mothership of all coins. What. Is your view on pitch Swift I haven't seen too much about bit Swift I do, apologize, I, only. Want to talk about things that I feel like I'm an eight or above on not you know at seven or. Do. We and BTC tonight or no Henry. Said do we I don't know what you mean by that doesn't. Look like you actually said, that right but if you meant do we buy in I actually, did, purchase. Into Bitcoin today. You. Know I was looking for it to hit the 50-day moving average, which, was around, 12,000. It. Was right above so it was 12,500. And it. Did hit that level as you guys can see it went all the way down I saw that one exchange I think it was my gemini it was at ten thousand nine hundred and and. This sea is so uncomfortable to get into you see. So. Uh yeah. It did hit those numbers I went ahead and put in a position I, haven't, bought my whole position yet I am gonna be doing it in four, layers so. I'll. Show you right now. I'm. Waiting for it to break this. Resistance. That I've kind. Of formed up right over here. Cuz. We, did hit triple bottom here as you guys can see I mean RSI. Went below 30 quite. A number of times three times here and. Four. Times actually, and you, know to me that means that this is pretty much the bottom the, volume was there so, hopefully. It doesn't go below this but in my opinion it won't I think, that we're gonna start seeing some support being built now we're seeing a channel pretty much form up right here as well so you, can almost look at this as a mini channel as. This. Continues to form I think, we start seeing breakouts, I'll definitely have bye positions, open up right here because if. We see this reverse, and you. Know we've already seen this healthy correction, this, could really rally way past 20,000, guys I mean it's, not gonna take much to just regain these gains here and at the end of the day the money is coming into the market I don't believe it there's gonna be less money in the market I believe more money's coming into the market especially, because you're gonna see a lot of more institutional, investors get in even, CBO you filed for I think six ETFs, already so you're. Gonna start seeing a lot more institutional. Investors come into the market. Back. Baccardi, man said LTC charts looks the same as BTC, yeah, well that's what happens when BTC, is dominant. In the market right pill. Paxton said ripple card ah no lumen, and, doggy coin. Sounds. Like a pretty cool. Portfolio. Do, you hold any strap, for the long term no I have in aesthetic films I've never really, looked into stat strat, or. You talking about strut. Talking. About okay. No. Yeah. No I'm not holding strata, sorry. Pill. Paxton top 5 coins of 2018. I am gonna be doing a top 5 coins every single week it's gonna be under your newsletter because I pretty much plan my portfolio my personal portfolio from a week to week basis, and I.

Always Have top picks it's not top 5 it's typically just it varies sometimes it's like 10 sometimes. It's six sometimes it's four but. I am going to be sending that out to all of my patreon. So. Somebody. Said how, do you become a patron I'll, show you right now just go down to our discord, on top. You can click contribute, patron and. We have all the information there but I am going to be doing that as you guess and see for. My patreon today I alert, them about everything today alerted them about the move I made today with stellar so you guys want these price alerts and stuff that's, gonna be reserved. There for the patreon obviously, for their contribution, their support. So. There, you go, somebody. Said let's talk about farting, again why do you want to talk about farting, man this. Is somebody said you call it doggy yeah, I mean I've, heard people call it doggy echoing so. That's. What I don't call it now, can. You explain what RSI is it's the relative strength, index and. Now the chart being displayed is used in you to crypto thanks me absolutely, simply dusty great, question man I haven't, got a question that good in a while so. Pretty. Much RSI, it's. A good a terminator, something. Is being overbought, or oversold the. RSI. Goes from 30 to 70 and if it's within those ranges that's considered, normal if it, goes over 70, that is typically, a sign that RSI. Or that whatever you're looking at has hit its peak because. It's overbought, and it's gonna see some Corrections and to see some volatility some downward price movement. And if it goes under 30 that means that's probably gonna jump, up in price so I'll, give you an example here this is my best way to kind of emphasize. This, let's. Say I was trading. Right. Over here. December. 16th. At 3 p.m. and I. Was I was trading this coin and I see the RSI I'm using this I'm a beginner trader, just like you and all I have is an RSI open which. Is a relative strength index is what it's called you can find this on a lot of charts and, on. Our disk order you can actually look at all of my resources, and use the same charts because they all use RSI, because that's what I trade with sometimes, but you. Can see that our side right here is around 51, and. This. Would have been an alright position to purchase so if I were to purchase right here because. RSI was pretty stable then. I would have been able to go all the way up here and then let's say crosses, over setting right here this, is probably where I would have sold and. Guess what would happen if you look at this price movement I would have made a profit all I did was follow RSI, now. Yeah maybe I wouldn't have made all of this but at the end of the day we. Can still watch our site it goes back down levels, down crashes. Crashes. Again. That. Could be a good buy point because, it went under 30 if, I purchased, there guess, what would have happened it would have went up in value. Continue. To go up it. Did crash again and, it, never went above 70, after that so it was never overbought. And that's, actually interesting to see now that I'm looking at this graph so this was actually how the BTC, crushed and really started so our site, never went over 17 matter-of-factly never went over 55, 56. So that's. Pretty much why we saw that correction I mean, there. Just weren't buyers, in the market or more sellers than buyers and. Nobody wanted to buy Bitcoin at 20,000, apparently so. Unless, you, did which was, probably not a great move but you, know if you guys were part of our discord then you guys knew that I sold, all my Bitcoin, around 18 - so. Not. That you know I give you guys any sort of financial advice because I don't but you, guys you know once again you guys have to understand, you have to create your own principles, you guys have to understand, the mindset behind trading, and only, take my perspective, as a perspective don't take it as the full-on answer, you, can lose a lot of money in this market matter of fact more people will lose money that make money and in, order for you to make money you really have to be careful engaged, and strategic, with what you do and develop a mindset once again James.

And Snipers other video he has been saying ripples going to the tank. No. You know what I thought. It was gonna tank immediately and. It didn't so, I may, have been wrong with that as, you can see we're over a dollar now so we've, maintained, price levels and that's surprising. For me personally, I'm, interested, to see where ripples indigo. But. At, the end of the day I don't think you know will see anything go as much ko Paxton said I take your perspective, it's God's word that's. Not always a good man you got to take your own perspective but hopefully you're building yours is that I see you around pill Paxton so I'm guessing that you're starting to build your. Own mindset, your own perspective and. If you know you use things that I use and that's awesome but use other things as well how. Much our minimum do you suggest for starting crypto trading baiting, a lobby good question I say $1,000. Is good and then, I say you should if you don't know much about trading. Weibull. What. I would do is I would use dollar cost averaging, that's very, simple technique of just buying the. Same amount. Or. Using, the same amount of money to buy a certain coin at the same exact time every single day or. All of your livestream is gonna be this late no, fire Clini you. Know some of them are some of them aren't but they are between like 11:00 and 2:00 so if you guys don't have your post notifications on, I highly recommend you turn those on right now and, that would help you guide me I love your G Dax video which one was that pill but. Thank you man, the. Guys in Ripple know what they are doing by now yeah for sure they have I think ripple has our strongest team in crypto I think. Stellar has a pretty stout team as well because I mean the founders started ripple anyways so makes, sense and. There's. A lot of other great teams in the market like. Houston. As well as pretty good. What. If I mine it good to trade. I I think for, me the ROI on mining just isn't enough that's why I don't do it. He. Asked Jesus is but better. Why. Would it both think it looks like it's just the start is. It what the coin stands for. No. Um I don't think you know at this point I think ripple may have potential to continue moving forward at the end of the day because it didn't go under a dollar and now we're seeing the correction kind of come to a simmer so then. Of the day I don't see anything, I. Think, Ripple I'm probably, what's wrong with that analysis.

And. We may see it starting to rise what. You thought in GU P I haven't looked much into that snicker cracker so I would definitely wanna do it Bob, could said what do you think about John McAfee I think he's awesome you know I think my, mentor I have a mentor that has taught me a lot taught, me everything that I know to be honest to the UN you know he always used to tell me this he used to always say you. Know genius. Is right on the brink of insanity. And, what. He meant by that was you. Know people, that are genius, are typically the ones that are almost considered, insane but, they know how to control it and mold it and mend it to, actually benefit, and help, them with who, they are and what they accomplish in their life and I. Think John McAfee is just exactly that I mean I think he's just a genius, in the Brinks, of insanity. So. I think you know he's just awesome the fact that he's so optimistic about, things I think it's good to sometimes have you know or be a realist, at times not just be optimistic, all the time because, sometimes you have to look at the facts and logic I love logic, you know I love numbers so, what. Do you think about no-limit, coin Nick. - I haven't looked into that as well wandering, being. But. If you guys want me to look, at your portfolio I'm, doing this for our discord, patreon. So if you guys go in our discord, go - contrary a patron I'm gonna be taking I think we have two spots left right now. But I'm gonna be taking up to eight coins every, single month from you guys and I'm gonna be doing a portfolio, review for you guys where. I'll actually go through your portfolio one, by one and kind. Of look at it and show you what I would do if. I were in your position so, that's, all in our patreon I think we have two spots left on that one so cuz, I can't do too much of them but I definitely can do some so, if you guys want to get into feel free it's all in our discord. But. I can look at more of these specific, points that you guys want me to look at because I get, so many requests, that I need like today I looked into stellar but I can't look into you, know all, these other ones like bite, coin or whatever you guys want me to look, into right now, we're. Doing a regular night owl tonight yes we are tonight's, gonna be a beautiful. Awesome, night. Owl I love the night owls so we'll be doing a night out tonight for, sure. Somebody. Said that's an iota and the tangle Network I think. I oughta you. Know I looked a lot more, into it I started, just kind of I'll, tell you what I picked stellar over iota today I know, they're different in a lot of ways but that's. Just my opinion I picked stellar primarily. Because of the team behind it I think that was really the biggest, just. The fact that he started mt.gox that, was one of the most largest, exchanges, he was very successful in, the internet review know the internet bubble where, he created his website in the 90s like where the, same time Amazon created the website is the fire file-sharing. Website and he sold it you know just because, he's had those type of successes. Behind his belt it really gave me confidence to invest in stellar I think that was one of the biggest things for that that. Move that I made. Let's. See what questions. You guys are having here what's up Anthony torte, Tomasi, good to have you what. Do you think about electroni, him oh one, of my friends just got his Electra name of tokens I haven't even gotten my tokens released into my wallet yet it's so weird but I think. The electric name has potential, because of their philosophy. Of mass adoption they're really focusing on hey, we want to get this to the masses we want a lot of people using this we want people to be able to mine through their phones I think, because of that philosophy. They're gonna see a lot more in the future in terms of growth because. It's gonna benefit a lot of people the, fact that you can go to a third world country and most people have smartphones. Not computers, so you can actually mine on your smartphone I think, that's gonna be revolutionary. And it's gonna help out a lot in, terms of utilizing. Blockchain, technology, for what it was meant to be utilized for what's. Your favorite wallet good. Question nem, click. The link in the description below it's our discord, go to. Trading, 101. Actually, go to resources, here under tools and, under.

Resources, I put, all of my wallets, here so. I've, got, ledger nan or s keep key treasure, these, are my hardware wallets and then, my traditional, wallets I haven't put those in yet but I'm gonna be adding like Exodus, and all those other ones in. Our, resources, so just check our resources if you want to look into that, somebody. Said just make up the difference at all yeah, so. It's a Brian Holmes just pledged on our. Patreon, thank you so much brother you. Are now a patron. Patreon. Thank, You Man fix. Your broken screen on your phone yeah. I just did it I just broke it today I was listening to a. Crypto. Podcast. Lesson for myself and I was, just like not for myself I actually love listening to help you guys too so. When. Do you need a hardware wallet pill, pack so you only need a hardware wall if you're storing large amounts of coins, in. My opinion, and you. Want to have it safe or you can just use a paper wallet I. Do. Leave my stuff on by Nantz Mohammed but I don't leave much on by Nance you know I leave because. My altcoins you know of course I get them from finance but I don't leave much on there but I do leave some on Finance I trust. Finance I'd like Brian ants I've used it and I've had just good experiences, with it. Robbie. Orson what is your favorite go-to coin at the end of the day. Bitcoin. Man I mean, it's. Undeniable, you know like it's. Low right now it's cheap for what it's worth I mean what we what, we were seeing it go into and at the end of the day I just bitcoins. Might go to guys. I think aetherium will be cool because you literally can build platforms, on that theorem so I think long term we'll see growth but. Then in a day it was never meant to be a currency aetherium is more of like a reward it's kind of like fuel right so it's. Not necessarily, like a storage, of value or an asset, you, know how Bitcoin it was built to. Become currency, and now, transitioned. Into that, quick. Question so I can stop working let's say I have $100 to invest in some currencies, I can, shuffle make up 1,000, to start day trading I would, like to talk, to someone that could help with Anthony. If you want to do that I would go on our discord, man and just start participating in our discord. You, know that's that's. What everybody's in our discord isn't everybody here wants to you know trade so. We have this whole community I think we just hit 3,000, members as you guys can see there's just tons of tons of growth here, but. Yeah if you want to day trade if you want to really you know get other perspectives. Just kind of engage in this market this, is your community guys this is where we've really. Seen. The most growth on. This channel it's really, from building this you know it's.

Just Really blown up and you guys have loved it and I've loved. Going in there and just answering your guys's questions and helping you guys with whatever you need so that. Link. Is in the description, below since. You mentioned you chose stellar or iota what do you recommend anyone holding IO to switch over I'm, not necessarily man, you know I think, today. The reason I chose, stellar I was looking for one good coin to invest in I don't rush into my long. Holds. You, know I typically, do my due diligence and, what. I saw with stellar was just stout for me you know the. Biggest factor, you know I talked about the team being one of the biggest factors but another, factor about stellar that I really liked was the fact that it was a fork off of ripple, and it. It, almost like does what ripple does but it does it in a whole different way it does it in almost like an informal, way where, you don't have to be a bank, shout. Out to whoever just subscribed with that name in Chinese, or Japanese that's, pretty awesome, I heard. It's one of the the. Most. Complex, languages, to learn anyways. So, I, heard. Actually English is one of the most complex languages, to learn because there's no rules with pronounce if pronunciation. And all that so. That's that's interesting. Shoutout, to Jay Thomas, new. Patreon, thank, you so much brother shoutout to Joelle perfect. Shout. Out to you guys new patrons, awesome. You. Guys get all those benefits we, also do our top five newsletters, on our patreon list will, also be we, do our private chats so. That's great thank you Sammy, said you should open a day trading channel on discord, oh, yeah. Really. Let's. Do it, let's. Open a day trading channel on disco right now live cuz that was a great recommendation, so, we'll do a day trading channel we'll go to a. Crypto. We'll, do it right under here so we'll do day trading. You. Know what I'll do instead of uh, yeah. We'll do day trading right here, there. You go guys so if, you guys want to use the day training channel it is now open, we'll. Put that right under charts. So. All the day traders. Had. Low day. Traders. Austin. Said first, and. He's a patron, awesome. Anybody. In blue is a patreon, so, that's great there, you guys go. So. Enjoy. Your day, trading channel. There on discord, guys. Good. Good suggestion, thank, you what's. Expected for your stream like expecting for an in Game of Thrones episode keep it up with you before. That. Is hilarious is, gaming, if you, guys like Game of Thrones I heard, this a great show, everybody. Talks about it everybody's, talking about Game of Thrones you. Have 1000 invest what do you do cloud. Mining by, altcoins, or a bit connect um I, do all three of them Jorge, so that's an interesting question you asked me I do I do have a lot. A significant. Investment in big connect I don't promote my bit connected whatsoever that's not what this channel is about you, know I this. Channel is forced, to bring you guys valuable, content, and keep, you guys up to date with the market and what I perceive the market to be like and, any sort of you know in any sort of condition, so that's, really the goal of this channel not to promote any sort. Referral. Links so. My. Big connect I'm pretty much almost at my ROI at this point and, my. Genesis. Mining contract that's my cloud mining it hasn't kicked in yet so I can't really get feedback on that yet kicks, in and I believe, it kicks in. Isn't. Mechanic the pot it could be Henry, it's just it's it's something that nobody's ever seen before and if, it is you know then it is I made my money from it and that's that's you know I mean, what else could I ask for you know so I, only, use I don't use the referrals I made my money through the lending platform, I don't talk too much about it just because you, know obviously there's so much controversy about it so you, know I don't want to get into all that and you, know it's, just it's, kind of like the Bitcoin Bitcoin cash debate like if. You're a trader and you're just caught up with emotions, you're like I don't like that I'm not trading, that I'm never gonna trade that that's the you know I don't want to trade that in my, opinion like it's almost like being stubborn and I remember, in the traditional stock market all those people would fail the people that were like oh I'm all been on Apple Tesla's gonna go up that's all I'm investing it on the hey do you have you seen GoPro have you seen, have. You seen this, stock have you seen and they're, like no no dude I'm watching, Apple and Tesla on like dude why. Aren't you looking at beyond, your peripherals, why aren't you looking at the bigger picture here why don't you look at it you know I all these other great.

Companies. And technologies, that could be built why, do you only focus on those two so, anyways. And. Then. You said altcoins as well I would, say if I had a thousand dollars diversify. You know it's called asset out location, when you allocate your assets properly. It's a form, of risk management so I'm, all about minimizing, risks, and that's why I am. Making my buy in order right now for Bitcoin, in twenty-five percent increments. Hey. How does paper while at work is isn't. Your private, key, still. On computer website no. It's not an errand, I don't. Know much about USI tech sorry but. Thanks for asking you, can ask you, can ask in our in, our discord, if you want I think there's, a place for that maybe just like off topic or something but. The. Paper while it's no so the the private keys no, no so your public, key is on your your. Whatever. Let's say you're on coinbase. And you have your Bitcoin there they have your pride out your public, key but your private key is what is like. You need that it's, almost like you're your. Code to your Bitcoin to access it so as, long as you have your private key you're fine. Thanks. For Mike you can order my questions for ten minutes. Straight. Joe Quinn what's your question sorry. I'm. Not ignoring any questions trust me I'm looking at everything I just answer and then I keep going how. Do you like Exodus I think it's good i Michael, I've seen, some people miss. Out on it and unfortunately, I've seen some people get. You. Know. Taken. Bit like their Bitcoin got taken from it I'll through replay attacks if you guys know what replay attacks I don't to get into it but um. Yeah. So you. Know that's not really successful it's acceptable, for everybody, and they did keep their Gmail open they didn't have their - fact they had their two-factor, SMS, on so, if I were you guys turn off your two-factor, SMS, because anybody can call Verizon t-mobile or so forth and then, port your phone number over to theirs and then reset your password, so that's, just one security, measure that I always take but. Anyways. Thoughts. On verge should we sell now blender. And our fan are you in a profit, that's my question, anybody, see somebody anybody, when. Anybody asks me hey should I sell now I'm like are you in a profit. Should. I buy Bitcoin or wait for another dip new money here savage mentis, I am, purchasing. I just purchased my first 25%. Position on Bitcoin I'm pretty much like to take a three-layer approach, but. This time I'm taking a four-layer approach to, increase my risk management, so I already bought right under here as, it hit that bottom. Saw that it was forming this channel so I did vibrate down here 25%, I do plan to buy another 25% right up top here I'm, gonna plant another 25%. Right up here and then another 25%, right up here just, to insure my risk is completely, taken care of I also, have a stoploss order I'll show, you exactly where I set my stop loss to then so, just in case something does go how I are here go, crazy, I. Do have a stoploss setup. Let. Me see $1,000, under so twelve thousand eight hundred oh. No. I actually did twelve thousand four hundred because I knew, that there was a because. There's the 50-day, moving average that's how I calculated, my buy in it my charts don't typically look like this when, I'm trading it's just just a basic chart I don't want to confuse a lot of the basic traders because that's the majority of the viewers. But. You know it's a lot more complex, but, my sell. Orders right here at twelve thousand four hundred so. Just. In case something happens that's what I'm willing to lose here's, something we talked about in a night owl yesterday, actually and, artnet.

I Was only for patreon which, we're not going to do that every week obviously. Because. You, know we, get tired of just doing it the same way every time but we. Are going to be doing a lot of patreon, only night owls and we're doing a lot of patreon, only chats, so. I highly encourage you guys to if you can get on board get on board but, yesterday we talked about this and I'll show you exactly what we talked about so. Everybody. In the chat right now in the YouTube chat has. Any of you hurt I have you guys heard the saying don't invest. More than you're willing to lose say. Yes I've heard it let's. See how many people have heard that saying don't invest. More than you're willing to lose. What's. Your thought on day trading Ripple if you're gonna be day trading Ripple Sam I would say. You. Got the Schwab last name like Charles Schwab, I, would. Say if you're day trading anything. Then, you definitely have to be careful, about volatility, that's, really the biggest thing with, these these, things and the best thing you can do for me when I was day trading heavily. It. Was really being plugged into a community, that helped me because. You, know sometimes. With day trading you can just kind of get sick, of the charts and just say oh my gosh I need to get out of this and take a hot shower or something or go to the theaters or go, out anybody ever felt that everybody's. Saying yes by that I see all your yes is fire. Clan JPEG Def Con v-0. The, ten one pill Paxton, Hunter. Harvard. That's a nice last name Henry. Kwang. Anthony. Torta, Massey, wandering. Being, that's, a nice one Matt Ison, interesting. Last name Patman. I like, your your, to the moon sniper. Corn in the future yeah man hopefully, right Remy Pearson, what. I just invested my life savings that's, hilarious man good to have you on but. Yeah so sometimes. You get tired of you know charts and stuff as a day trader it's good to be a part of a community you know have communications, and stuff and once again we have this free, community, open for you guys it's our discord, the. Link is in the description, below there's tons of people we just hit over 3,000, members here and. It's free so anybody can get on here jus

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Hello Traders and interested persons, Trading crypto currencies have always been my profession, helping people become successful is something I am passionate about, and above all, enjoy doing the truth still remains that no one believed in Bitcoins, only but a few did, and in the long run, it turned out to be a huge investment, I have since invested in Ethereum (Dec 2015), Monero (Jan 2016) and lately Omisego (July 2017) all purchased from some of my profits from Btc to go along with my newly acquired free Bch and recently free Omg. I'm currently operating 3 rigs equipped with 6 gpus each. 2 mining Eth and 1 Monero for now, all of which will be re-evaluated after Metropolis kicks in to see which direction I go from here. So I ‘m back to doing more research in order to help with my next movesbut I'll always be a strong believer in Ethereum which is where I've made my money so far. HOLDing on to the rest for now. Btc $10,000-20,000, Eth $2,500- 5,000, Monero $200-400, Omg $100-1,000 no one ever really knows but MY research says yes and so far MY research has not proven me wrong. Bought Btc at $13.44, Eth at .80, Monero at .48, Omg at .43 Bch for free. No where to go but up for me. Just biding my time. It's taken me over 4 and a half years to get here but I've made over $4,000,000 so far with just my original investment plus the cost of my rigs and I’m still sitting on a lot more. Taking a position and HOLDing is where the real profit is and it isn't going to happen overnight. So if you want aggravation and ulcers go ahead and day trade, try and beat the Market I wish you luck but the real money comes with Research, HOLDing and Patience. Hope this advice helps because in the long run what it all comes down to, its just about digital currencies that will do perfectly well in 2018, You and Me hopefully making the right decisions, feel free to get in touch with surely i will guide you on how to invest wisley in the new unpupolar currencies that will do perfectly well in 2018. (lisaedrick8@

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