The Battle for Israel #1014

The Battle for Israel #1014

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Welcome. To manna-fest. Hosted, by, international. Evangelist. Teacher and author perry stone. Enjoy. Unique insight into, prophetic and, practical truth. It's. Time to feast on fresh manna so, get, ready to be blessed and encouraged. And now. Here, is your host and teacher Perry stone. In. My. Many trips to this nation, over 35 times we've never taped, at the, Roman aqueduct, in Caesarea, by the sea directly behind me is the Mediterranean. A very. Famous biblical ocean, called by Daniel, the Great Sea in the vision that he had of the Beast rising, up from the water but. Early. This morning, I will I received. A word from the ruach. Ha'qodesh the. Spirit of God to, share with you that. Deals with the battle for Israel, the prophetic battle, for the nation of Israel I was. In Africa many years ago during a meeting in a stadium and there. Was a gentleman there that was a former. Student at LSU he graduated, from LSU great school in Louisiana and he. Had a book he said Perry I want to give you this book they had a book sale at the school I bought it for a dollar, s/w. Watson, a professor, from the eighteen hundreds had written this book I was stunned and amazed I've told people this for years in. 1888. From the book was printed he had made three predictions, that people, mocked him about. Prediction. Number one was this the, Messiah could not return, until Palestine. Was in the hands of Israel, and the, name would not be Palestine. The name would have to be Israel, again now remember this is 1888. The, second thing he predicted, and he based it all on the prophets, he. Said that Jerusalem, must be the capital of the nation of Israel and he, said number three the third thing that must happen and he went to Jeremiah, chapter, 31. He. Went to the Book of Isaiah in. The there, in the 40s you see the prophecies, and the chapters, he, said the Jewish people, would return, and, come. From the different nations of the world including the north country and they, would possess the land again and this is what he said. The messiah will not return, until all, three of these things happen. And the, Mac of the book heat gave a note, of arguments. Of people that said to him that this could only happen in the millennial, reign based on Revelation, chapter 20 he refuted, that by using the scripture now, the fact is, that SW. Wattson in 1888. Was correct, with his predictions, but. This is what I would like to ask you why, has there been such a battle, for the nation of Israel surrounded. By nations, that hate her and why, have the Jewish people, been perhaps the most persecuted group. Of people on the face of the earth many, of them surviving, the Holocaust coming, back to reestablish this, land to, take root in this land and to rebuild, this land first. Of all we know it was prophetic, the. Torah tells us that Moses predicted, to the people they'll come a time in your future when. You will wake up and wish to God it was night and when it's night you wish it was day he, said there'll come a time when nations will turn against you but, the prophets, always predicted. That based, on the covenant God would bring the people back so. What I'm going to share with you in these little brief notes is this it's.

The Connection, of Israel, and God here, is why there is such a battle, there. Are only two nations to, my knowledge perhaps three, on the planet, that are connected, to an actual covenant, with God now. God made a covenant with, the, descendants. Of abraham, our father abraham, and said, from you will come a nation and then god later says, nations. Will come from you and then the Lord declares, out. Of you the nations, of the world shall be blessed so we, see that God made, a covenant with Abraham, for a nation now. To other nations made, a covenant with God and, notice how I said that God made a covenant with Abraham, but two nations made, a covenant with God the. British in the English were, people that believed very strongly, in the holy scriptures and, if you take the word Brit & ish and we're, talking now in the English transliteration, Brit. The, word for covenant ish the word for man it means man of the Covenant, let, some. Suggest that's why the British took on the name I don't know I've researched that and there's difference of opinion, but, the other country, that came out of England was the United States of America, and without a doubt President Harry Truman in 1948. Wrote, that. The nation. Of America was, founded on the Torah the principles, of the Torah the. Psalms, and the four Gospels, of the New Testament meaning the rules and laws and regulations, established, in, those documents, became. The documents, that we now have and the rules, that we have for freedom, and life, and liberty and the pursuit of, happiness so. Israel has a covenant. With God God. Has a covenant, with Israel, this is how they have returned back to the land because, God said to Moses and to Abraham, that they would have the land and the prophets, declared they would have the land the Jewish people would in the last days now, the second thing I want to share with you is simply this and I want you to think about this for just a moment the. Hebrew, people that came out of Egypt, were. The first people on the planet to. Create on earth, what was created, in heaven by. That I mean if you go to the apocalypse, the vision of st. John he, sees the heavenly, temple he. Sees God sitting, upon the Jasper, white throne he, then sees the. The Ark of the Covenant Revelation. Chapter 11 verse 18 now, this is not the one that Moses built this is the original one that was in the heavenly temple he. Also sees, and talks about, in Revelation 2, and 3 the seven churches represented, by the golden, candlestick, of seven, branches, Revelation. Chapter 8 the Apostle. John then describes, the golden altar in heaven where, when the prayers of people on earth are prayed those. Words ascend, as holy smoke into the temple of God in heaven and that is where of those prayers are heard and distributed, and answers, are made now, the reason I'm sharing that with you is to help you understand, what the tabernacle, was the. Tabernacle. Of Moses, the Mishkan the tenth was built by Moses, with, all the sacred furniture. For men to be able to approach, God and for, on the Day of Atonement on Yom Kippur for, the priests to be able to go into the most holy place of the Holy of Holies as, we call it and sprinkle. The blood on the mercy, seat on, the Ark of the Covenant, so, no the words God's, blessing, was upon the people because. Moses, saw a vision of heaven, the, book of Hebrews the, Apostle, Paul talks about this and he talks about how Moses, saw a vision of heaven and he built on earth a pattern, of what, already existed, in heaven meaning. There's, a temple in heaven we know that from the Bible but there was also a place on earth a tabernacle and, later temple of Solomon and after. The return of the Babylonian, captivity another. Temple called the second temple that was built, on and the platform, was added upon by Herod and so, this was the Ministry of where Yeshua. Came. To minister with the disciples, so. Israel is special, first of all because of the Covenant second because they built on earth what was in heaven, the third thing I want to tell you is this that, the, Bible says in the book of Hebrews why is Israel, different, Israel is different, because to them was given the Oracles, of God the. Oracles, are the writings, of the Torah and the prophets so. In other words the, prophets, that we know that, gave us the scriptures, that prophesied. Of things, to come they, prophesied, about the appearance of the Messiah they, prophesied, about the last days what would happen they prophesied, about the Messianic, Kingdom these, prophets, are predominantly. Jewish. Prophets, or Hebrew prophets, so, the Lord gave to them his Oracle's, or his revelation, the, next thing I want to tell you it has and this is very important is that Israel. Or the Hebrew people gave, us the Messiah now, we know that Mary, and Joseph who lived in Nazareth were, are from the house of David and the Messiah had, to be prophetically, from, the house of David so.

When They went to Bethlehem there, was a tax by Caesar Augustus and, there, they went to take a census, to, show where they were from and to pay the tax and this is where of course the Messiah was born because. The Book of Micah says he must be born in the city of Bethlehem for, out of the Bethlehem, Ephrata the, prophet said shall, come the one that shall be the ruler of my people, this is why Mary. And Joseph had to leave Nazareth, and go to Bethlehem literally. To fulfill the prophecy, of the prophet now let's go a step further because I want to continue in this for just a moment, so the Hebrew people gave the Messiah through Mary, who. Was conceived. By the Holy Spirit the Messiah number, five and, this is very important that you understand, this that, Israel. Being reestablished. Proves the existence of. God and proves, that the Bible, is the Word of God there. Is no other nation on the earth that has been separated. By its people set its language dead, and we could go on and on and suddenly they're back in the same land their, language, has been restored because F&I are predicted, that it would be the, people have come from all the nations of the world and come, back to the land which again is prophetic, from the Book of Jeremiah and, the Book of Isaiah so. Someone. Asked me one time and they were very sincere about this they said why, do you think that Israel. Has been so, embattled. Well, let, me try to break this down for you and help you to understand, what I see, and the, reason I believe that Israel the, nation of Israel and the Hebrew people have been so embattled, through the centuries number. One I believe this, and this is very very important, that when you see the restoration, of Israel. And you see in 1948. How Israel. Was established as a nation or re-established, I should say and in 1967. The Six Day War that, the reunited. East and West Jerusalem as the capital of, Israel then, you understand, something and I will scholar will go back to what I said earlier it, proves, that the Bible, is true now. It doesn't matter what world religion, you are if you're a non-christian. Religion, you're, your religion. Predominantly. Does not have predictions. Or prophets, that tell you things that's going to happen in the future that's. What makes the Bible different Ezekiel, 37, which, is the valley of dry bones is, an absolute, perfect picture. Of the Holocaust, and how, after they came out of their graves Ezekiel. Said they would become a great nation, they. Would no longer be two tribes, the northern and southern tribe they would be one nation one stick. As one of the prophets said and they. Would become a here's the phrase great. Army, Israel. Is probably the fourth greatest army, on the planet, if we take the numbers the size the technology. In fact technologically. Speaking. They may be as, advanced. Some areas as the United States and we share information at, times together, so, the Israel. Being a nation proves, the Bible is the Word of God number. Two and this is important that you hear this, if. Why. Is Israel, so so. Fought, why is it so far, because, when, the return takes place now notice this the, return is not political. The return is spiritual, the, return is not political, it's biblical the. Return is not political, it's prophetic, now, watch this in 1948. When, Israel was, restored, as a nation in the month of may and I studied this since I was 18, years of age there, was a revival, that broke out called the healing, revival and, in, 1948.

Gordon, Lindsey voice of healing, solved. There were 106. Men who all got called to preached within 24, months of each other some, of these men many of you would not be familiar with I am all, Roberts, hey Alan Jack Cole William Branham TL Lowery TL, Osborn Morris. Arella RW. Schambach all were called to preach about the same time and the, revival was called the restoration. Revival. That, in 1967. In the month of June when, the Six Day War happened, and Israel. Recaptured Jerusalem, tore. The wall on the fence down and reunited. East and West Jerusalem together. The, charismatic, renewal, broke, out and it went on for many years with, Kenneth Hagin Kenneth, Copeland, Jerry Savelle, good, as if I start naming I'll, name forever and these, men were part of the charismatic, renewal including, them demons shekharan, and a numerous of other numerous, other men, and women who started Full Gospel business, men and the women's a global movement which, was all part of the big charismatic, renewal and I, was not I was just a kid then but I studied, it in great detail so. Watch what I'm about to say with the third one this is very very very important, I believe. One of the reasons that the, nation of Israel is consistently, surrounded, by enemies I believe that one of the reasons that they are so fought, and I, believe one of the reasons that the enemy, hates the, Hebrew people are you ready for this one because. When, Israel, gets restored, as a nation, when Jerusalem becomes, the capital when. The Jewish people return when. The land begins blossom, like a rose when. The nations come up to the city of Jerusalem to worship the Lord and pray it, means get ready the devil is running out of time. It. Means that. It. Means, and. Can. You prove that I can prove it from Revelation, chapter 12 because, it says in the middle of the tribulation when Satan is cast out from the second heaven to the earth it, says this for, Satan comes down with great wrath knowing. He, has but. A short time so. When you see I felt, something right there glower that oh, my goodness, when, you see, prophecy. Being fulfilled then. You know that Satan's, time is running, out and I want to tell you something else your, time is running out what, do I mean by that your time to follow the Lord your time to help get the gospel out your, time to reach sinners, your, time to reach the nations of the world is limited because Matthew, 24:14.

Said The gospel of the kingdom shall, be preached in all the world as a witness unto all nations and, then the. End would come so. You don't have forever you, know somebody says well I plan on living to be, fifty. More years well, there was a rich man that had a lot of stuff that said I'm gonna build more barns and he died that night so. You never know when you're leaving it's, not always all about the, Lord's coming in the rapture some of us will not make it there because we'll go to be with the Lord before some will see that timeframe happen, now, I don't know about you I'd like to go on the trumpet just to see what it felt like. I, would, like to go in the coming just to see what it felt like and then I could wave goodbye to all those people who made fun of me and said I was a nut for preaching it, maybe. That's a selfish motive I don't know all. Right now, here's something that I want to share with you I want to talk just a moment about the future, of Israel and Jerusalem, if, you. Go to Zechariah chapters. 12 13 and 14 and read all of those in the setting, of the context, many of those passages, are in town passages. They, either tell you what will happen in Jerusalem, before the Messiah returns or, share. With you the Messiah's return and, what happens after he comes back now. What I want to point out is there's a verse over there, that the Prophet said and this, is an end time verse that Jerusalem would, become a cup of trembling one, translation, says the word trembling, can be in Hebrew, a cup of poison, and the, nations that come against, it will face the judgment, of God do, you realize that every Empire, that every battle Jerusalem, no longer exists I could, take you back to Egypt, how they treated the Hebrew people the country of Egypt is there but not the Empire the, Assyrians, once ruled everything, in their time time but, they don't Syria. Is an embattled nation, with war but the Assyrian Empire does not exist the same is true with Babylon, the same is true with the Grecian Empire and, the same is true with the Roman, Empire and then, when the British after the, Holocaust, turned a ship of Holocaust, survivors away. Right. Here at the port of Haifa and refused. To let these suffering, people in from, that moment on the, Sun start setting of the British Empire and this, is what I would say to people in America, it, does not mean if you support, Israel or you support the people of the land it doesn't, mean that politically. You agree with every decision they make I have, seen Palestinian. People who were mistreated, and I mean that sincerely and the, Palestinians, have to learn to live with the Israelis, and the Israelis must learn to live with the Palestinians. Because one day you're going to have to live with all of us. Because. When the Messiah comes back Jerusalem. Will be the capital and, Israel. Be where all the Saints are going to be living so, we have to learn now to settle, the differences, whether they are religious, differences, or little differences, and I've, often thought to, myself I think of the areas of Gaza, Ashkelon. Near Gaza is one of the most beautiful, cities in Israel we. Counted 30 cranes, the big cranes that go our building apartments, there right on the ocean, just like this the Mediterranean, the, official, bird of Israel is the crane.

That's. A joke you didn't get it the. Crane the, building okay nevermind, now. I want to I want to conclude with this and I want you to listen to it for just a moment because people. Did not understand, for example if you have a president, that supports, Israel some people don't understand, that they want to criticize that I want, you to understand, if you're watching in America that America's link with Israel is not Republican, or Democrat, or independent or political. It's a spiritual, link we. Are connected. With a spiritual, umbilical cord, because. America. Was founded by men now, I'm not telling you all of them were saved believers, but the majority were Christians, but, it was founded, by men who believed in what is what is called. Judeo-christian. Beliefs. Meaning. That what we believe morally. And what we believe ethically, and what we believe judicially. Are the, concepts, laid down by God in the Word of God now we don't stone people anymore, we, don't do certain death penalties, the way they did in the Old Testament but, the moral, law of God if you'll study the moral part what, God says about a dad. Should never go in sexually, to his daughter that's a rule in America, as well when. We look at certain rules that are laid down in, the Bible, that, seem strange to people today please. Understand, that most of our laws in America and I'm speaking of our moral, laws are based. On what God established. In the Torah because. Those, particular, verses, are what. Our nation was founded on so. There are people today and you know this in America who's trying to take away the. Judeo-christian. Ideas, in trying to replace them with something else I got a word for you if it ain't broke don't fix it. And these. Rules have been good to live by for all of these years they have been effective, all of these years God, has blessed America for, that we're, patterned, like Israel, they had 13 tribes we had 13, colonies, they're their founders, were called our founders, were called separatists, and if, you look at the word Hebrew it's one that separates, himself to cross the river to get to the other side, Abraham.

Was Called the Hebrew first, place in the scripture and so, I could give you the patterns, of American. Israel go look at a map of Israel and go look at a map of the American, colonies, and look how the shape, is almost, similar to. The colonies, of where our first borders, were to the nation of Israel see, I'm telling you there's so many different, things and so the thing you have to understand, about the significance, of Israel is that, when you see, the land it was, God who had a covenant, with Abraham, to help reestablish, it so, if our teachings. In America, our spiritual. And moral guidelines, are. Based upon the basic, teaching, and principles, that God gave to Moses, and what, we read in the Psalms and what we read that Jesus taught us in the four Gospels, if we. Will live by those regulations. Rules and principles, we. Will be a better people we, will be a better nation we, will love people, that sometimes, seem unlovable, because it's Jesus that said love your enemies and as Jesus has said pray for those who despitefully use. You ladies. And gentlemen if you want to settle the conflict around, the world and the conflict, in the Middle East get, people to believe in Jesus get, people to believe in what the Bible teaches that Jesus taught there's, people standing here today that, probably were raised in homes where family members were slightly racist and they downed other people's color and they looked down to other people, because maybe they were poorer than them but, I want to say that, when you really follow Jesus, you will love people of all races and all colors and all beliefs and sometimes. Christians, sometimes. Christians, get accused of being intolerant no we're, only intolerant. Of those things that we know destroy, people and those, things that separate, them from God and those things that would send them into hell that's what we become intolerant, of but, we love people now. And gentlemen the Bible says this pray for the Peace of Jerusalem they shall prosper that love thee and when, you come on a tour like this I haven't said this to this group but when you come on a tour you, provide each each tourist, provides jobs for 11 people in this country, and so, we'd love to come here and tape we love to share the word with you from here but we like coming here just because it's, God's land and I got a blessing on me for showing up and all my peoples, blessed all my peoples blessed praise, God all, right I've, been working how I have been working hard on a brand, new resource, offer please. Go. To the phone get this contact, this appearance tone door I'll be right back in just a moment let's give the Lord a hand of praise right here 85 degrees. Do. You know the many secrets, of paradise, the temporary home of the spirits, and souls that have died in Christ which is located in the third heaven Harry. Stone in his latest book secrets, of the third heaven delves, into some of the most interesting in-depth. And mysterious, questions, ever asked, about the third heaven as a, believer, can you answer these questions, at death, do all children, go to heaven can. God show you the actual day an hour when you will die what. Is the difference between the human soul and spirit do. Departed, Saints now in heaven pray for those living on earth in heaven. How will we communicate. With people from different nations what. Happens if your name is not written in the book of life when. Your spirit leaves your body at death are you naked or clothed, how. Is time counted, in paradise, and are they aware of earthly events, will. A person's, body be raised from dust at the resurrection, will. We remember family members in Hell once we die and enter paradise, do. Infant spirits, age in heaven do they go to the same paradise, as adults can. A person repent of sins once their spirit, is out of their body these. Questions, along with more unusual, and difficult questions concerning. Death angels. Heaven, and paradise are, answered, in Perry's latest, 220.

Page Book secrets, of the third heaven this. Book is filled with stunning true stories, and amazing, biblical word studies this. Offer also includes, the two audio CD teaching, standing. At the Bema you. Will one day stand face to face with Christ at a judgment called the Bema what. Will you be judged for and how will you answer Christ, when he exposes, the idle words you spoke and your, actions, on earth this, two-hour teaching. Will explain from beginning to end what. To expect and how you will be rewarded or stand, ashamed, perry's. Revelatory, book and this informative, audio teaching, are available, for your gift of just $35. Or more call. Toll-free. 1-800. Eight, two one two seventy three two three or order, online at, Paris, org, you, may also write perry stone PO box. 3595. Cleveland. Tennessee, 37320. When. Ordering ask, for offer th. 135. And enclose, your gift of $35. Or more if. You have questions, this book and audio teaching, has the answers, order. Your set today. I'm. Excited, about this month's offer because, this is a brand-new book it is not a reprint, brand new book brand new information, brand new stories and. Everyone. That gets the book there is a special, card inside, with, the code number, you, go on the internet and you will see something, no one else is able to see interviews, of life after death experiences. That we have taped with people so, don't forget that when you get the book and you get to the resource, material, there's. A there's some things I want to share with you very briefly, one. Is, I have been hearing, some. Inside information about. Individuals. In our nation, who are very anti-christian. Very anti God very. Anti Bible, and they're, working, almost. Non-stop, to try to silence the voices of. Ministers. Or conservative, individuals, or conservative, ministers on social, media on the different platforms and they're, actually trying to do it legally I believe there will be a time, when. If you want to hear a real. Teaching, from the Word of God you're either going to get it through the stations, that the. Individuals, are on or, have. To go in. Person to hear the minister or get. Their material direct, because there's a real assault and attack against the word and why is that so because the, word has truth and when you know the truth the truth makes you free so, if the adversary, can keep people in darkness and blindness to the truth he can keep them bound but. We have never compromised. In our teaching and preaching the Word of God, even, when we're dealing with social issues and, I hope that we you deem this ministry, faithful, to, -, for your prayers to consistently, be with us and for us and also your, financial, giving to help keep, our program on the air we. Want to make, mention of you three places that were coming to may. 6th, Rock, Church International in, Virginia. Beach many of you know where that's at May 6 May 13th, which, is a Wednesday night Family. Christian Center Munster. Indiana with, Pastor Steve Muncie we're going to be there one service only and then, of course May. 29, 30 and 31 Sioux, Falls South Dakota mission. Of mission America, or a great conference there and, that'll be in one of the convention, centers but go to to. Get the information and please register for South Dakota so we know you're coming one. Of the reasons we do that is not because there's a charge because there's not but we want to make sure we have the seating available we, know who's coming we know how to plan for you for you and I was, I was real excited I'm gonna say this quickly that last year when we went to Salt Lake City Utah we, ended up with 2,500.

People Attending, that meeting and, I met some of the most wonderful, people there's some great people in the Midwest, and western part of the United States and, there's some hungry, people out, there and I want you to know we're. Committed, in our heart to come, out into the western part of the United States much, more we're already talking about the Lord will in 2021. Several. States I've never preached in and, we're gonna go preach in those states where we've never been and I hope that when we do they, will be able to see many of you there we. Want you to continue to pray for us don't forget Our. Web site ISO or, dart International. Bible School and Resource Center and come, join us on a Tuesday night at Omega center international I'll. See you. Perry. Stone invites you, to join him for his 2020, as realtor, the dates are November 23rd, through December 2nd with an optional, visit to Petra in the country of Jordan call, one eight eight eight three two, one three six two nine or, visit, for, more information, and how to register seating. Is limited so, call today.

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