The Anunnazi Connection (FULL)

The Anunnazi Connection (FULL)

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Last. World war was, not simply, a war far between the Allies and axis. It. Was part of an ancient battlefield of a galactic war. With. The Anunnaki sponsoring. The Nazis, and. The platings, on the side of the American and British Empire. Far. Once again for control of planet Earth. While. Using its unsuspecting, armies. As pawns in their interstellar, conflict. The. Conventional, view of the outbreak of world war ii is. Wondering which Germany, and Japan just. Happened to emerge as fascist, military, superpowers. At the same time and. Decided. To join forces and take over the entire world in. This view it is coincidental. That Japan will build an imperial, fleet and become, an invincible, naval power and that. Germany, would simultaneously, develop. A fearsome blitzkrieg. Capable. Of using coordinated. Air and ground forces, even. At face value, this hypothesis. Seemed, absurd, to some. Such. Grand historical. Coincidences, rarely occur and, usually, turn out of the result of malicious, long-range, planning and, that. Seems to be the case with world war ii, now. A growing, group of researches, into, the circumstances. Of Hitler's, rise to power. And. The, sudden coordinated. Emergence, of militant. Fascism, all over the world. See. The roots of World War two in an extremely, new and more disturbing. Could. It have been decided. Well in advance at, some very high level that. Japan, will take over Asia and Australia, while. Germany, and Italy would divide up your Russia. And, North and South America, the. Following. Scenario. It is, argued, is the once hidden a true story hope, World War two. After. World War one at the, end of 1919. X, corporal. Ad of Hitler, met, Dietrich, Eckart in Munich. A cart, was a sophisticated. And wealthy, publisher, he. Was also an occultist, in the highest circle, of the Thule society, an esoteric, group, founded, in Germany, in 1918. He. Had been a student of Russian metaphysician. Guard chief who. I suspect was. A new naki because. Of his admiration for. A cot, Hitler, joined the society the. Thule, society, held regular, seances. During which the attendees, reportedly. Communicated. With demons, and attempted to invoke the Antichrist. During. One such session, a cart, believed, that, he was told by his spirit, guide that, he would have the honor of training, the corn in great one the, incarnation. Of the Antichrist. He. Soon became convinced. That Adolf Hitler was the chosen one and he, took him under his wing there. Can be no doubt that he had trained. Hitler, in techniques, of, self-confidence. Self-projection. Persuasive. Oratory, body, language, and discursive. Sophistry. Using. These capabilities, Hitler. Became a powerful, speaker, able. To mesmerize, and excite vast audiences. He. Learned to start his speeches softly. And then, build to a peak of pretended. Frenzied, fervor accompanied, by a animated. Gesticulations. He. Also developed, a hypnotic, power over, individuals. A. Cart. It is reported. Also passed, on to Hitler all his occult knowledge of, ritual, and sexual, black magic, according. To Trevor Ravenscroft. In the spear of destiny regarding. The practices, of the thule society, indulgence, in the most sadistic richens. Awakened, penetrating. Vision into the workings, of evil, intelligences. And bestowed, phenomenal. Magical, powers, and the, completion, of this training, Hitler, claimed to be born anew, filled with new strength and the resolve he would need to carry out his mandate. Eckhart, died three, years later in, 1923. And reportedly. Said on his deathbed follow. Hitler he, will dance but, it is I who have called the tune I have. Initiated him, into the, Secret Doctrine. Opened, his centers of vision and given him the means to communicate with, the powers do. Not mourn for me I shall have influenced, history, more than any German, the, following year Hitler, dedicated. The second, volume of his book Mein, Kampf to, it cut egg, hearts, claim that he had given to Hitler the means to communicate with, the powers has been interpreted to mean that Hitler, could now solicit, advice from those same entities, that Hale astir Crowley, referred to as the secret Chiefs since. A cart was basically, a disciple, of Crowley, who, was also a new naki, Crowley. Who, was sometimes, referred to, as the Great Beast was, the head of the infamous, occult organization. Order, of the Golden Dawn in, London. In. Late. 1919. The, Thule society, became more political. And was, instrumental, in, starting the, German Workers, Party under. The leadership of, fearless, Karl Harrer in. 1920. This, evolved. Into the National, Socialist, German Workers Party. Commonly. Known as the Nazi, Party, drawing, its membership, from the top echelon of the Thule, society, including. Rudolf. Hess Pine, Rock Himmler, alfred rosenberg adolf, hitler these great, aryan leaders, really. Look, at these people none, of them have blonde hair or blue, eyes these.

People, Were brainwashed, by, the a Nanaki, and some. I suspects, were a new naki hybrids. In. The. Gods of Eden William. Bramley says, dot, the Thule was a society. Of assassins it, held, secret, courts, and condemned, people, to death it is, likely that many victims, murdered, by the district. Command, had been condemned, earlier, in the secret courts, of the thule the conception. Of the swastika, flag, adopted, by the Nazis, is attributed, to dr. rich, Crone a member, of Thule but. Hitler's occult training, was not yet complete after. The death of a cut as if on a schedule, another, even, more powerful. Teacher came, into his life Carl. Harsh otha, was, a 54. Year old professor. Of political science, at, Munich, University. When Hitler entered, jail in, 1924. While. With German intelligence in Japan, before the war harsh, affair had been initiated into. The ultra, secret Green, Dragon, Society one. Of only three Europeans, to have ever been granted. That honor there. He was taught how to develop, the mastery, of the etheric, body or, the time organism. This. Training apparently. Gave him precognitive. Powers and, he was able to predict, the dates and exact, times, of enemy attacks the, number of casualties and, bombardment. Patterns, while a general, during the war we. Now know this as remote viewing, consequently. House, offer emerged with an illustrious war. Record, and became, well known throughout, Germany, ouch, offer like, egg heart was, convinced. That he had found the savior, of the German, people that he had been seeking pouch. Over subsequently. Visited, Hitler frequently. In his plush, cell at the Landsberg, fortress, with books and papers, under his arm. Helped him to write what became the Bible of the Nazi, movement mine. Camp, virtually. Dictating, long passages. House, offers domination. Of the entire philosophical. Basis, of the Nazi, movement was, solidified, when he founded, the luminous, lajjo of real society, in Berlin, in 1920. This. Eventually, became the inner circle, of the Thule, society, and reportedly. Attracted. Members, from other occult, movements. In Europe as well as from Tibet Japan. India. Kashmir. Turkey. And salon it's, most, inspirational. Book was the coming race by Edward, bulwer-lytton a, story, about an underground, utopian. Civilization. Where the inhabitants flew. Around in silent, wingless, vehicles, powered.

By A force called Vril hence. The name of the society. Ouch. Oh fine knew a great deal about life, on Atlantis, almost. As though through personal, memory, he. Taught Hitler, that the Aryan, race was genetically, developed, by the gods of Atlantis, in preparation. For the coming disaster to. Be a new master, race afterwards. He. Claimed, that the Aryans, were given higher consciousness, and, the Faculty, of logical. Thought instead. Of just super, memory as with the preceding, sub races, on Atlantis, he. Convinced, Hitler that the pure Germans, were descended, from this civilization. From Ultima, Thule sometimes. Called, hypo, Bora and were, meant to be the nucleus of the new master, race how. She ever, believed that this race a variant, supermen, survived, the Atlantean, upheavals. And still existed, somewhere underground, in Tibet or the Gobi Desert and, he convinced, Hitler to try and make contact, with him. From. 1926. Through, 1942. House, affair organized, annual, German, expeditions. To Tibet he. Apparently, succeeded, in making contact. With an underground, civilization. In, Tibet known in occult literature as, Agartha. Sometime. In the early nineteen thirty it. Is known that housed over Metsa, monks, from this underground, city and, enlisted. Them in the Nazi cause some. Literature on this subject describes. The monks, as adepts, of the dark side they. Came to Berlin and set up a community, they. Were later joined by, members of the Japanese green, dragon, Society, at the invitation, of house offer in the, secret, meetings, of the Vril society, attended. By harsh otha, Hitler, and the key members of the Thule, Society, a very, talented medium. By the name of maria orsic began, to get psychic, transmissions. In an unknown language which. They were eventually able to decipher, as they. Continued, it was determined that the messages, were coming from two planets, in the older Burren system, comprising. The soumarin Empire all, debryn, is a huge, star, in the taurus constellation. Thousands. Of times larger than, our own Sun about. 65. Light-years. From Earth, the. Information channeled. By orsic claimed that the soumarin empire consisted. Of an Aryan, or master race. And a, subservient, slave race and that the Aryans, colonized. Our solar system, 500. Million years ago when the Alder burned system, became uninhabitable. When. They eventually reached, earth, they, founded, the Sumerian, civilization. According. To Peter moon in the Black Sun as they, continued. To study the transmissions. The, Vril society discovered. That the ancient, Sumerian. Language. Was, identical, to that of the older barons and that it was also similar, to the German language. Whether. Or not they materialized. In the flesh in the inner sanctum, of the Vril society or. Met with the Nazi leaders in the underground, city through, the mediation of, the Tibetan, monks there, is no doubt that house / and Hitler, at least, met. With the you Burman sure Superman in, a, conversation. With hermann rauschning the. Governor, of Danzig, about, the possibility, of creating, a new, advanced. Species, of human, through breeding Hitler. Said as reported. By Rao scanning, the new man is living amongst, us now he. Is here, exclaimed. Hitler. Triumphantly. Isn't. That enough for you I will, tell you a secret I have, seen the new man he. Is intrepid, and cruel I was, afraid of him, Samuel. Mathers the founder, of the Golden, Dawn had, a similar encounter in, a, manifesto. To the members in, 1896. He, wrote as, to the secret Chiefs with whom I am in touch and from whom I have received, the wisdom, of the second order they. Used to meet me physically, at a time and place fixed, in advance, for. My part I believe they, are human, beings living, on this earth but, possessed, of terrible, and superhuman. Powers, I felt. I was in contact, with a force so terrible, that I can only compare it to the shock one would receive, from being near a flash, of lightning during, a great thunderstorm. Wonder. Weapons could the secret Chiefs or supermen, have been, extraterrestrials. Perhaps, currently. Living on earth or elsewhere, in light. Of subsequent. Developments. Such, a conclusion seems. Not unreasonable. Possibly. Because, of this contact, with Hitler the Nazis, were to acquire, scientific.

Knowledge And weapon technology. Is far beyond, anything previously, seen, on earth the, weapons, became known, as the wonder were for wonder, weapons, this. All seems especially, remarkable when it is understood just, how much the Nazi, inner-circle detested. Science, and book knowledge and embraced, psychic. Information and, ceremonial. Magic instead. According. To Peter moon as early, as 1919. The, combined, fuelie and virile societies. Began work, on a time machine which, was completed, in 1924. And, taken, to a hiding place in southern, Germany, this, early, development, it is said, resurfaced. After the war and was continued, thirty years later as the Montauk Project in, an underground, base at Montauk, Point Long, Island, where ex-nazi. Scientists, were, assisted, by, extraterrestrials. And it, was the Vril society that. Reportedly, developed, the first anti-gravity. Craft the. RF said one as early, as, 1934. The. Society raised its own funds for this development by soliciting, donations in. German newspapers. This. First model, crashed, and burned. But the rfz. 260, feet in length flew, quite well and was used as a reconnaissance craft. And so, it came to the attention of, SS, chief Himmler, by, this time, Hitler, was in power and he turned the antigravity, development. Project, over to the SS, to, develop directly, with the Vril society, he. Himself was, more interested. In conventional. Weaponry by. 1939. The. SS, had developed, the RF z5, which, was renamed, to become the famous Hana by a two-man. Craft, about. 35. Feet in diameter powered. By attachment type, Elektra gravitation. Motor called the cola converter. Purported. Plans for Hana by either motor it, was claimed converted. The Earth's gravitational. Energy into, electromagnetic, power. The. Nazis continually. Improved, on the Hanabi model. Culminating in, the hand of a three late in the war a huge. Craft. 200. Feet in diameter the. Hannibal 3 it was said could, reach a speed of, 24,000. Miles per hour at an altitude of, 15,000. Feet and could carry 32. Passengers, but. Strangely, the Germans. Were never able to adapt these incredible. Flying machines, to conventional. Warfare it. Is suggested, that they couldn't train the pilots and, that, the craft were not maneuverable. Enough to engage fighter, planes, in dogfights and, that, they couldn't be used as, bombers, although, they could easily reach, the u.s. without, refueling. The. Nazis, chose to focus instead on von, Braun's robotic, rocketry, believing. That they could so frightened the civilian, population. Of London with their v2, flying, bombs, that they could precipitate a mass movement to surrender as history. Makes dear, they severely, underestimated.

The Legendary, British stiff, upper, lip the, Nazis, also pioneered. Jet-powered, propulsion. The. First jet fighter plane. In the world the, fearsome, Messerschmitt. Me-262. Could. Easily have, turned the tide of the war if, it had lasted several, months longer, German. Scientists. Were also working on development, of nuclear, weapons long, before, America got, into the act, nuclear. Fission was discovered. In 1938. By, Otto Hahn, and Fritz Strassmann, at, the Kaiser Wilhelm Institute, in. Berlin, the. Germans, were producing, heavy water, in the morgue Norway. In, 1943. In preparation. For using, it to refine plutonium. But, Hitler and Albert Speer scuttled. The program, after chief civilian. Nuclear, scientist, Werner Heisenberg. Failed, to sell the project as a feasible, way to win the war Allied. Soldiers, discovered. A uranium base, two nuclear, reactor, underground, in hey Josh. Heisenberg's. Hometown, and several. Thousand, pounds of uranium buried. Nearby the. Consensus. Is that Germany. Would have developed the bomb before the u.s. if, it hadn't been for hitters poor, judgment, in scientific. Matters, and the sabotage, and heavy Allied bombardments. Of technological. Sites although, some think that Heisenberg. A former. Protege, of Nobel, prize-winning. Danish, physics, Niels BOA deliberately. Diverted his, research, away, from weaponry. Strange. As it might sound the case could, be made that German, advanced. Scientific, knowledge, and, weaponry, was supplied, by extraterrestrials. Somehow, connected, with a purported, underground. Civilization. In Tibet. Exactly. How this information. Was conveyed is not clear, but, some argue that the connection, was established through. The mediation, of Carl Hirsch otha, and that, a group of monks, from that underground, Tibetan, City came to live in Berlin, to assist with Hitler's war plans. They. Were, reportedly. Known, as the Society, of green men there. Is some evidence to, suggest that, this situation. Evolved, to the point that aliens, were actually, working shoulder-to-shoulder. With. German, scientists. Hitler. Envisioned, a new world order to, last a thousand, years with. The help of architect, Albert Speer he, designed, grandiose. Buildings, and the monuments, to accommodate, his new one-world, Aryan, civilization, to. Be supported, by the slave, labor of the inferior, races. However. It now, seems that this reputed, alliance, with, extraterrestrials. Was a marriage of convenience since. Apparently they had a similar goal and indeed.

May, Have been using Hitler, as some kind of straw man to facilitate. Their intended, takeover. Of the planet. If, all that is true it puts, the European, war in a totally, new light just, one piece in an elaborate, worldwide. Campaign. Of alien, design, which, included, the participation, of Japan in order to control, the Seas from. This perspective the, outbreak, of the world war 2 can be viewed as a push by the extraterrestrials. To impose a fascist, dictatorship of, the entire planet, under, their control if, that. Is the case it appears, that the planning may have begun in the early years, of the 20th, century, and that Hitler's. Rise to power was coordinated. With Mussolini's. In Italy, and the emergence, of Hideki. Tojo in, Japan, such. A scenario, would, help to explain, many strange, similarities. Between the, three fascist, movements. Especially. The militarization, of, the governments, and the imposition of elaborate, and sophisticated. Propaganda. Machines. Propaganda. After, all is nothing, more than a form of national mind, control, and we, suspect that, the aliens, are very skilled, in these techniques. At. The. Close of World War, one, in 1919. Under, the terms of the less I treaty Germany. Was allowed to keep only, 100,000. Men in the army and 15,000. In the Navy they. Were not permitted to have submarines. Or military, aircraft, this. Situation. Remained, basically stable, for the next fourteen, years until Hitler came to power in 1933, and. Then in March, of, 1935. Instituted. Conscription. And renewed, military, training, in open violation. Of the treaty to achieve, the extravagantly. Ambitious. Goal of world conquest. Germany. Would need a bright new army of young ruthless. Efficient. Well-trained. Stormtroopers. Numbering, in the millions in. 1933. That seemed, like an impossible dream, since, the army, then consisted. Mainly of. 100,000. Aging, dispirited. Veterans, of ww, I and some, raw recruits, it, seemed especially, hopeless. In view of the depressed, economic conditions. In Germany, at that time yet. In September. Of the very next year six. Months, before conscription. Began at the, nuremberg nazi rally of. 1934. 160,000. Stool with german, soldiers, with backpacks, and rifles, stood, silently, at attention in precise, ranks, as hitler Heinrich. Himmler and SAR chief Victor Lutz walked down the white centre aisle towards, flaming. Columns, bordering, a gigantic, wreath honoring, German, soldiers, killed in battle. This. Fantastic. Scene was captured in the now famous, documentary, triumph. Of the will by legendary, film photographer.

Leni Riefenstahl. Where. Do those. 160,000. Perfect, young soldiers, come from in October. Of, 1935. Hitler, supplied. The answer, to that riddle when he made public, that he had kept 21, infantry, divisions, under wraps in, 1934. And he, announced, that they would now become the core of the new German, army, the way macked. So. That's where the. 160,000. Came from but, where did the 21, divisions, come from an infantry. Division, can be as many as 20,000. Troops so, it seems that somehow Millar magically, got his hands on an instant, army of about. 500,000. Soldiers with, no explanation. Of where, they came from or how they had been trained. He. Announced, also, that an additional, 21, divisions. Would soon be added one. May be forgiven, for wondering just, how was it possible for all, this to be accomplished, only one year after Hitler, became Chancellor. Of Germany now. That we have evidence of, alien involvement in, the war preparations, a, startling. Explanation. Presents, itself, it, is now believed, by many that the aliens, have mastered. Cloning, biotechnology. And in, fact that the small gray et's of abduction, fame are clones themselves. Could. It be possible that, Hitler's, alien, friends, presented, him with a ready-made million, man army of, clone stormtroopers. We. Have already seen that the planning, for world war ii probably, began in the early part, of the century was. Hitler's, army, secretly growing, up in spaceships or, underground, cities, even as real soldiers. Were dying by the millions on, the battlefields. Of Europe. Perhaps. George Lucas, knew more than is commonly believed, when, in, 2001. He. Wrote episode, 2 of a Star Wars saga, titled. Attack of the Clones, when. It comes to fantastic. Possibilities. For the Nazi, ety connection. Though, that, is only the beginning an artsy, moonface according, lo Vladimir, turski. The, Germans, succeeded. In reaching the moon sometime, in, 1942. And established. A base on the dark side. Tarczewski, is a controversial, figure in the UFO, community but. He has impressive, credentials, lai. Is a Bulgarian born. Engineer. And physicist, and reportedly. Is conversant, in English, Japanese. Russian. And German in addition, to his native Bulgarian. And is therefore uniquely. Able to do research in, all these languages. He. Says the, Germans landed. On the moon probably. As early as 1942. Utilizing. Their larger exo-atmospheric. Rocket. Sources, of the Maya and Schriever, type. The. Schriever water turbine, powered, craft was designed as, an interplanetary, exploration. Vehicle. It has a diameter of 60, meters had, ten stories, of crew compartments. And stood. 45, meters, high, Tirzah. Ski claims that after establishing the, initial, surface based they tunneled, underground, and by, the end of the war there was a small Nazi, research, base, on the moon. The. Free-energy touch, in drive craft, of the hole neither one and two type were, used after, 1944. To haul people, materials. SiC, and the first robots, to the construction, site he, claims that the moon has an atmosphere water. And, vegetation, and it is possible, to get around without, space, suits, despite. NASA propaganda. To the contrary. If. Tersky, is right it seems reasonable to suspect that, the aliens, played a large, role in the Nazi moon adventure. Well, obviously this. Fantastic. Accomplishment, would have had little wartime, strategic. Value it should be remembered, that in. 1942. The. Germans, were supremely, confident. Of winning the war and were projecting. Their space-travel, conquest. Plans. Well, ahead into. The thousand-year. Third Reich. Complex. Scenarios. Arguing. For consideration, of alien involvement, in, the politics, and Wars of Earth among. Those offering supposedly. Detailed, information. Concerning the. Extraterrestrial. Intervention factor. Typical, is someone, called Branton, all, we know about him, is that he claims to have been abducted many, times since the age of 12 and that his information accords. With Davidic, and some other such sources. The.

Following Is taken, from Brandon's, material. A. Formal. Treaty was executed. In 1933. Between. The Nazi Bavarian, intelligence, agency, which, eventually became. The SS. And the graves an alien. Race living, in underground, bases, in, Tibet and elsewhere in the world, facilitated. By the Thule, society, the. Greys are said to be from Zita to Reticuli. The. Greys in turn, it, is said a subservient. To, the reptilians, and are, believed to be implanted. With biochips to keep them under control, they, are mostly a cloned race having. Lost the ability to reproduce, the ins ago due, to radioactive fallout. From, nuclear, wars on their home planet. There. Is a group of about 2,000. Original, gray prototypes. From which the clones are copied many. Abductees have, commented, on their robotic, totally. Unemotional. Behavior, the, reptilians. Are a fierce. Tyrannical. Race from alpha Draconis, sometimes. Referred, to as reptilians, because, they are human-like, in basic, form but, their skin it is claimed is scaly, and their, faces are lizards like with vertical, slit high Bulls they, are up to eight feet tall and very strong. They. Are considered, by some, extraterrestrials. To be master, geneticists. But, others claim that they have watched many of their genetic, experiments. Their. Most powerful, capability. Is mind control and, in, this they are considered, undisputed. Experts, this. Accounts, for their ability, to shape-shift or, to take on a human, appearance because. They can plant that illusion in the mind of the observer. They, are in league with other reptilian. Races, from Rigel, Orion and Bellatrix. Orien, together. They are referred, to as, the Drake Orion, imperialists. And have, taken over many of the star systems, in the 21, star cluster, in this section, of the galaxy. Comprising. The Draco, Orion's, slash gray Empire, the. Drake or aya Knights are referred, to as. Interventionists. Because they boldly seek to enslave other, races. Like. The fascists. That they sponsored, they are cruel and merciless. Their. Ancient enemies, are the humanoid, races from, Andromeda. Arcturus. Lyra, the Pleiades, and Sirius, the. Main, Pleiadian, faction, is from the planet Hera, circling, the star Tecate, one, of the Seven Sisters, taken. Together this. Group of civilizations. Comprises. The Galactic, Federation, the. Dull universe, is also part, of the Federation, the Federation, races. A non-interventionist. In that they believe deeply, in freedom, and will, never try to influence, or persuade, other developing, races, or to block or violate, their right to make free will choices and, in, fact, they, seek to assist in spiritual. Development. The. Federation, forces, on earth are based under, Death Valley and Mount Shasta in California. The, star wars began, when the draconians, attacked, Lara and the playa DS, Branton.

Says The, stories, that contactees. Tell of the devastating. Battles, and galactic, massacres, in almost. Every, case initiated. By the collectivist. Interventionist. Reptoids. Graves. Between. The two galactic. Superpowers. Are integral, although, controversial, elements. While. The Drakkar graze it, is claimed gave, the Germans, fantastic. Weapons, including. Jet propulsion. Rocketry. Television. Guided, missiles. Anti-gravity. Aircraft, nuclear. Technology. And possibly, even a cloned army the Allies were not completely, without alien. Assistance. Deities, it is said gave, the Allies one, man Nikola. Tesla, it, was dazzla according. To this line of argument who, first saw the promise, of radar, in 1917. And was, instrumental, in, its development, and use in the war. Consequently. The, British and the US had sophisticated. Radar, defenses, deployed, early, in the war using Tesla's, patents, while, the Germans gave it scant attention and, it was radar, that won the Battle of Britain, Tesla. And Roosevelt, met in 1917. When FDR, was Secretary, of the Navy and Roosevelt. Was very impressed, with Tesla's, genius in. 1936. According. To some reports, he, put Tesla, in charge of the invisibility, project. Working, with the Navy in. 1940. As the, story goes they. Succeeded. In making a ship disappear, in the Brooklyn Navy Yard whether. Or not invisibility, was, secretly, used, in the war is unknown. Tesla. Also invented. It is claimed particle. Beam weaponry, which he publicly referred, to as the death ray it was, not it seems. Developed. Soon enough to use in the war but, satellite, based versions. Have since it, is believed become. Potent, weapons, in both US, and Soviet Arsenal's. Tesla. Is also, said to have been offered a large amount, of money to go and work for Germany. But that he refused, and that he remained an American, patriot to, the end. Tesla. Often made mention of his off planet, friends, say, some, sometime. In the mid 30s, they say he, arranged, a meeting between Roosevelt. And Playa daeun representatives. Which, supposedly. Took place on, a ship in the Atlantic with. In the alien tracking internet. Community, it is believed that some sort of agreement came, out of that meeting and that a federation.

Representative, May have consulted. At the Pentagon, for most of the war. Sometime. In late, 1944. The, story goes when. It became apparent that, they had lost the war the, Germans, moved the main components. Of their anti-gravity. Aircraft technology. And their top scientists. To their subterranean, base, in the Antarctic, called nukes cabin, land which, they had been preparing since. 1938. It is, suspected that an extraterrestrial, base. Had already existed the, and that, it was inhabited by their compatriots. The, Drake or I nights. The. Germans, had been assiduously. Patrolling. And defending, the sea lanes to Antarctica. Since early, in the war as they moved men and materials, there anew votes they. Stationed, their largest battle, cruiser the, Graf Spee, off the, coast of Argentina, sometime. In, 1939. And they were known to be sinking, even merchant. Vessels, sailing, in those waters, if true. This, might explain why. The Allied armies, found, only superficial. Remnants, of flying disc development. As they over ran Germany, and none, of the important, scientists. Coudn't. Arctica, have been the destination of, the so-called lost battalion. Of. 250,000. German troops that could never be accounted. For could. These have been perhaps carefully. Kept and maintained, clone stormtroopers. To. Be used as genetic, prototypes. For the new wave act. By. April of 1945. The European, war was wounding down as the Allied troops converged. On Berlin, at that, point it is claimed, all, the antigravity, technology, and. Scientists. Had been transferred. To new Sh woodland, it, was from the damned Arctic, base that the Germans, decided to launch a mission to Mars jointly. With the Japanese. Vladimir. Tears easkey says according. To the authors, of the underground, German documentary. Movie, from the Thule, society, the, only produced. Craft, of the whole neighbor 3 type the, 74. Metre diameter naval. Warfare dreadnought. Was, chosen for the most courageous, mission, of this whole century, the, trip to Mars the. Trip reportedly, took almost eight, months because the large Andromeda. Type attached and drives were turned off immediately after. The escape from the Earth's, gravitation. And the ship coasted. The rest of the way in an elliptical orbit. Turski, believes that the crew probably numbered, in the hundreds. The, huge, craft, crash-landed. On Mars in January. 1946. Severely. Damaging. The touchin drives and making, return, impossible. But according to the documentary the. Crew knew from the beginning that it was probably a suicide mission. Turistic. He says the, radio message, with the mixed news was received by the German underground. Space, control, center initial wooden landing by their research base on the moon. Evidently. With, the war on earth lost the, axis, partners, decided. To position, themselves off, planet, in readiness for the next round and the advent. Of the Fourth Reich all, the chroniclers, of world, bought who agreed that the German soldiers, were very tough, and courageous and, almost. Robotic in terms of efficiency. They. Obeyed orders without question. Even, in the face of certain death, as the. Blitzkrieg, rolled over Europe they, could do no wrong it.

Was Their insensitivity. To, human suffering, that made the atrocities, in Russia and the concentration. Camps. The. Einsatzgruppen, were. Taken from the ranks of the way maxed possible. Maybe. Though. It wasn't, that they were sadistic. Maybe, they just didn't care but. On the, other hand they, showed no resourceful. 'no swear, as the British and American, soldiers, could be relied, on to come up with ideas even, in the worst situations. Ultimately. The. Thinking, soldier with, a heart prevailed. Apparently. The, moral of the story is, if you, expect, to win a war with an army of clones. You better have someone with great intelligence, directing. Them and Hitler, just didn't fill the bill when. It came to intellect, he, was no match for the combined, brainpower of, Franklin, Roosevelt. Winston. Churchill, and an allied army of, citizen soldiers. From free societies. And. No. Official of my administration whether. His rank is higher low. Civilian. Or military, should. Interpret my, words here tonight as an. Excuse to censor the news to. Stifle dissent to, cover, up our mistakes or. To. Withhold from the press and the public the, facts, they deserve to know. But. I do ask. But. I do ask every publisher every. Editor and, every. Newsman in the nation to. Re-examine his, own standards, and to. Recognize the nature of our. Country's, peril in. Time. Of war the. Government and the press have. Customarily joined. In an effort, based. Largely on self-discipline. To. Prevent unauthorized, disclosures. To the enemy in. Times, of clear and present danger, the. Courts have held that even the privileged rights of the First Amendment, must. Yield to the public's need, for national. Security. Today. No war has been declared and. However. Fierce the struggle may, be it. May never be declared, in the, traditional fashion. Our. Way of life is under attack. Those. Who make themselves our enemy are advancing, around. The globe the. Survival, of our friends, is in danger and yet. No war has been declared. No. Borders, have been crossed by, marching troops. No. Missiles have, been fired if, the. Press is awaiting, a declaration of, war, before. It imposes, the self-discipline. Of combat conditions, then. I can only say that no war ever posed a greater, threat to our security. If. You are awaiting, a finding, of clear and present danger, then. I can only say that the danger has, never been more clear and its. Presence has never been more imminent, it. Requires a change in outlook a change. In tactics a change. In missions by. The government, by, the people, by. Every businessman, or labor leader, and. By every newspaper. For. We are opposed around the world by a. Monolithic and. Ruthless conspiracy. That. Relies.

Primarily On. Covert means, for expanding. Its. Sphere of influence on, infiltration. Instead. Of invasion on, subversion. Instead, of. Elections, on intimidation. Instead. Of free choice on guerrillas by. Night instead, of. Armies by day, it. Is a system. Which has conscripted vast. Human. And, material resources. Into. The building of a tightly knit, highly. Efficient, machine that, combines. Military. Diplomatic. Intelligence. Economic. Scientific. And. Political, operations. It's. Preparations. Are concealed. Not published its, mistakes, are buried not headlined. It's. Dissenters, are silenced, not praised. No. Expenditure is questioned, no rumor is printed no secret. Is, revealed it. Conducts the Cold War in short with. A wartime discipline. No. Democracy would, ever hope or wish to. Match. Nevertheless. Every, democracy. Recognizes. The necessary, restraints. Of national. Security and, the, question remains, whether. Those restraints. Need to be more strictly observed, if. We are to oppose this, kind of attack as, well. As outright invasion.

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Sorry about all the YouTube signs, YouTube wont let me put ads on this video because of a Nazi symbol.

They would let you put QUEER signs up though wouldn't they? The Damned Rainbow ? TO me the Nazi signs weren't as bad as the faggot SIGNS

The symbol Nazis used didn't belong to them, but it is an extraterrestrial symbol. They borrowed it from Esseliens (an advanced race of ETs). You can find the symbol all over the world in temples going back BC.

OOWK MEDIA why never say anything about the Russian army, if was not for the 25 million dead red army soldiers you American will all speak German. Stop be racist and ignorant. Only than you will be respectful with your story's

To YouTube, the symbol is proof you want to exterminate the jews.

OOWK MEDIA (Cat Shit Face)


OOWK MEDIA jew wars

Outer space is fake and demons are extra-terrestrials as well, careful with echovocational languages such as English...A.iens are actually demons and Hitler, The Thule, Annanerbe society other occultists ALL USE VEDIC TECHNOLOGY that was freely talked about in the VEDAS which are antediluvian stories, records, DETAILS!!! Why The VEDAS....This was the GOLDEN ERA OF CREATION, noted by many reputable sources, too many to list. The VEDAS taught PLANE OF EXISTENCE...This matters because the dynamics of RELATIVE TECHNOLOGICAL SUPERIORITY are completely different....The Thule, other dragon orders DO NOT USE FUEL, they use ELECTROMAGNETISM not ELECTRO-GRAVITATIONAL energies since gravity is fake...Ion accelerators like you see the fake tony stark have, definitely wouldn't produce smoke, contrails, chemtrails lol its pure emf spectrum distortion conversion ...the smoke appearing is an intentional disinformation tactic...only good info here is the who, when, some of the why and whens...just REMEMBER earth REALM and reptilians are descendants of fallen angels+nephilims, notice the supposed atlantis god wannabes made the blonde hair and blue eyed people, the people of Atlantis probably came in various shapes, colours and sizes just like we do.

I think you mean Annunaki instead of Annasazi. Annasazi was an Indian tribe in North America for the Native Americans.

OOWK MEDIA, I met an advanced race of ETs called "Esseliens" who have manipulated and ruled the human race through secret societies, religions, magic, witchcraft and the occult since the dawn of time. They helped both sides during World War II because nothing happened on Earth without their approval. The Bible prophesied the rise of Hitler and the Nazis. Nostradamus also prophesied the rise of Hitler and said his end would be mysterious (he didn't commit suicide). Esseliens technologically helped the Nazi Germany's rise during 1930s in order to accomplish their goal WWII because they plan wars for us to fight. When the USA forces were sent after the fleeing Nazis in Antarctica, in "Operation High Jump," they were decimated by the UFOs under the order of Esseliens. The defeat of the Nazi Germany was decided by Esseliens and not by Allies. There is more to the story about how Esseliens have been controlling Earth through hypnotic remote control operation and my novel Binoetics: First Touchdown (Facebook/Binoetics) shares some of the forbidden mysteries of all time. Nazi borrowed the "Swastika " symbol from Esseliens.

What a crock of total Clowns in America and Mossad M15 propaganda disinfo BULLSHIT- watch Adolf Hitler The Greatest Story Never Told- if u want to know the truth about the average wermacht and SS special forces soldier and just why the fuck they were worth a hundred of any allied troops each. There was mass starvation in Germany after wwi because the “good guys” in Britain and France had used the British navy to enforce a naval blockade upon Germany which in a crime against humanity they didn’t even loosen upon Germany’s surrender - starving civilians by the millions. Then Hitler came to power and reneged on the insane usuary war reparations the international bankers had insisted she pay (when she hadn’t even STARTED the war and they all knew it)- which were making Weimar marks worthless and people couldn’t buy a loaf of bread with thousands - it took wheelbarrows full to buy one- and there were six million unemployed Germans meantime France and Britain continue this disgusting rape of Germany and hurled comes to power and within three years he has full employment and a booming economy thanks to - like Lincoln and JFK who were both ASSASINATED- not letting the banks print German money but printing debt free reichsmarks which creates the German economic miracle. This is fake Zionist propaganda and it’s absurd. We’ve been lied to in the West completely - time to take the red pill and wake the fuck up people

Annunazi or annunaki?

censorship sucks


What a load of crap...  British cultural tabloid drama.

Hitler went against the Rothschild empire and the Freemasons.....of course the slander continues.

sure are a lot of crazy people on this comment board

10/10 that was well made. i have read about some of the individuals you have showcased here but never have had their stories woven into the tapestry you have produced. you have given me many a thought to mull over

I think we need to listen to JFKs last speech this explains who and who killed him and who has been behind the sceen World Poer... The watch...

All "aliens" are demons, fallen angels, nothing more..

The worst mistake a person can make is condemnation before investigation. Research the flat earth, as crazy as it may sound, research Bible prophecy fulfilled. I had a horrible childhood, I was abused and had my innocence stolen from me. I've been on my own since I was 13, I got into drugs, drug dealing, and gangbanging, trying to fill that void in my heart with a needle in my arm. But 1 day when i was about 17 my girlfriend (who is now my wife of 11 years) invited me to church with her family. I did a fix of heroin before going and i even took my gun with me, I wasn't expecting anything special at all. But God touched my heart that day, I fell at that alter and the tears flowed down my face, over a period of about an hour God showed me who I really was, all my sin was before me, and my sins are many brother, all my hurt, my pain, my shame, I heard God tell me He could heal me, He could give me peace. I just needed to repent of my sins and give it all to Him. I was changed forever that day. No, I didn't stop doing anything immediately, I fell back into my sin and heroin addiction and it took everything from me, even my life, I overdosed and was dead for a few minutes, I felt an overwhelming sense of fear and heat, and darkness. But God let me live, even after that I fought to surrender everything to Him, but when I finally did, when I truly repented of my sins, he changed my heart. His Holy Spirit will fill you, and change you, so much so that the the old man I was doesn't exist anymore. I'm not perfect, I hurt, I struggle, I'm struggling now, you dont give your life to Christ and magically get rich and all your problems go away like the prosperity pimp pastors preach, but God gives me the strength to keep going forward, to overcome the temptations of sin in all its forms. I hope you find your truth brother, before its too late. -Anthony

U.S.- SheepDog47 I hear ya man. Idk, as well as most the world, what the real truth is. We only have our beliefs. I will say this, I do believe that regardless of how many different aliens species we my discover, or that may exist, one God created them all. I do agree with you. I'm just saying that we are all aliens brother. To a less intelligent people from another world, we could be those fallen angels. Books were written by man, I never forget that. For that reason, I choose no religion, nor do I vote. I believe in neither religion or politics. I don't judge you at all based on yours. I didn't mean the dumb ass comment either. I just hate the fact that no matter what is said from anyone, it doesn't matter. People are spending their time and lives, trying to fix things. The truth is, WE are what need fixing and that will never happen until we look to ourselves. That will never happen until our world is boldly threatened which, at that time, it will be too late. I feel that the human race is at it's peak, due to the truth being hidden for too long. Knowing now, the real truth, would only be a gift before leaving this earth. I'll end this post with an original quote... "You can save a life and be proud of yourself. It's only when you truly save yourself, that you can be proud of your life." Nadim Wood

I'm no alien, I didn't "evolve" from a primate either, I was created in the image of God. No I don't think you're a demon, but you are plagued by them. Even mufon, though they kept this fact a secret for many years, admits the only way to stop an abduction experience is to invoke the name of Jesus...! Jacque Valle and J. Allen Hynik, both secular U.F.O. researchers came to the conclusion that these are messengers of deception and encounters are reminiscent of encounters with demonic entities. Believe what you want brother, it won't affect me one bit, I actually used to believe we were seeded by aliens until I kept on digging. In the ultimate search for truth, I found the ultimate truth, both scientific and spiritual. He is the way, the truth and the life, and no man comes to the Father but by Him. You can mock, scoff, or even kill me, in the end every knee will bow and every tongue confess that Christ is Lord.

U.S.- SheepDog47 are we fallen angels... demons? We're aliens too dumb ass.

i smell *BULLSHIT* !

Woot are you taking about. You are telling toothfery tells

Sure they used this plot on "star Trek enterprise"

Do you have any evidence for this nonsense.

peer pressure, there is partial truth in the story because I met an advanced race of ETs called "Esseliens" who have manipulated and ruled the human race through secret societies, religions, magic, witchcraft and the occult since the dawn of time. They helped both sides during WWII and what they revealed to me might seem too shocking and incredible to most people. Remember that the rise of Hitler and the Nazis was prophesied in the Bible. There is more to the story and my novel Binoetics: First Touchdown (Facebook/Binoetics) shares some of the forbidden mysteries of all time. The world is not the way it appears to us, but have a mind that is open to everything and attached to nothing. Truth is stranger than fiction.

bullshit... the nazis were with the nordic old god aryan paladians and the allies were with the reptilian zionistr controlled forces.. TOTALLY OPPOSITE...




Similarly, Hitler was transcribed as saying: "Had Charles Martel not been victorious at Poitiers then we should in all probability have been converted to Mohammedanism, that cult which glorifies the heroism and which opens up the seventh Heaven to the bold warrior alone. Then the Germanic races would have conquered the world. According to Speer, Hitler usually concluded his historical speculation by remarking, "You see, it's been our misfortune to have the wrong religion. Why didn't we have the religion of the Japanese, who regard sacrifice for the Fatherland as the highest good? The Mohammedan religion too would have been much more compatible to us than Christianity. Why did it have to be Christianity with its meekness and flabbiness?

A famous anecdote about Adolf Hitler's perspectives towards Islam and the Arabs is recounted by Albert Speer in his best-selling memoir, Inside the Third Reich. Speer reports that "Hitler had been much impressed by a scrap of history he had learned from a delegation of distinguished Arabs. The delegation had speculated that the world would have become "Mohammedan" if the Berbers and Arabs had won the Battle of Tours in the 8th Century AD, and that the Germans would have become heirs to "a religion that believed in spreading the faith by the sword and in subjugating all nations to that faith. Such a creed was perfectly suited to the German temperament. Speer then presents Hitler's claims on this subject: Hitler said that the conquering Arabs, because of their racial inferiority, would in the long run have been unable to contend with the harsher climate of the country. They could not have kept down the more vigorous natives, so that ultimately not Arabs but Islamized Germans could have stood at the head of this Mohammedan Empire.

"The peoples of Islam will always be closer to us than, for example, France" Adolf Hitler.

So many wrong or plain fake info. Be ashamed.

just more bullshit video's.

Wasn't the symbol it self perverted from what its true meaning had been?

yes the symbol was a sign of peace if reversed

I'm now dumber

Why you all forget the 25 million of dead from the Russian army. It was not aliens or something like, but god made flesh and blood man and woman who destroyed the Nazi satanic army.

Hitler was a Rothchild bloodline and agenda 21 united nations and European Union is the creation of Hitler to depopulate the planet for the NWO. Hitler resided in Switzerland until he died in 1984 but his evil MK union still lives on in form of European union.

contourvisage Louise Switzerland? Not Antartica or South America?

The heavy water operation and production in Norway was not just canceled after failed attemps to sell it. It was by the sacrifise of a hand ful of Norwegians special soldiers that sabotaged the production itself as they blew up the main room to the fabric. but the germans had allready a shipment on the way to germany where everything was ready and waiting for the production of nuclear weapons,and these brave Norwegians made it and sunk the ferry that was transporting the finnish product og heavy water across a fjord on its way to 3rd rich. so if it hadnt been for these brave Norwegians we would all be speaking Germany. where i live in Northen Norway there is still lots of buildings,bunkers and conon posts all around here and in my childhood house it used to live a dusin German soldiers during the war and the 5 yrs long occupation,we still find helmets,stuff and even granades and bones around here to this day

Maverick33 Fit Your nuts, read history and stop spreading rubbish. You cant get all knowledge from Utube. Hitler wanted a thousand year reich. He didnt want the British to enter the war to risk his plans. He knew and was happy to spill blood. He wasnt skipping through the tulips.

what on earth r u talking about? you do know that Hitler started war with theyre nighbours way before he started any war with England. so all the consentration camps,deportation and masskilling/failed extermination is all just lies. and where do you get the idea from that Hitler wanted peace throuhout the war,have u missed the fact that he wanter to ge a world leader under the 3rd rich and rule as an arian dictator and he knew very well that would never happen without war,and war was the best,only and first option he used! oh,maybe poland and theyre nighbours fell and hit theyre nations

The Germans weren’t the real enemy they wanted peace throughout the war and Churchill was the war monger ing dictator who thrives off of war. Learn the truth about Germany and you’ll find out their only real thing they were guilty of is kicking out the Jewish bankers and printing their own $ like we should do here in the u.s. to the fed reserve

Gunnar Gunnar I know of this account. An unknown but important story of the war. My well have thwarted their research enough to mothball it.

29-12-17 ( CHRISTIAN PERSECUTION & TRIBULATION COMES) Some are saying--- (30 000 USA Guillotines they have for what) WHAT IS WRITTEN WILL BE DONE! BUT NOW WE HAVE the game changing Pres. Trump's (Executive Order)- Benjamin Fullford- Says: Illuminati Bloodlines want peace. (Sorry that is not so)..... I SAY. MAFIA NWO BLOODLINE WANT PEACE AND THEY ARE SEEKING A SURRENDER ------ BUT ONLY AS FAKE carry out even more evil. Trump has decided to use LAW, tO take their Gold-Cash-Land. That is like removing their breathing Oxygen! BUT..... WHAT WILL THEY DO WITHOUT THE SLAVES? (7 billion of them) This same NWO Mafia Family group------------------------------want to keep their slaves!! Without money and bank control---------------------------------they are peasants------like us. These Zionist Blood lines came from (CAIN)----------they came from the Pharaohs. Satan seduced Eve---posing as a handsome man---He told her he was God or from God-He tricked her. Eve slept with Adam soon after and thus twins were conceived-2 boys-- Eve conceived twin boys------one fathered by Adam and one by Satan. (The Devil). Cain killed the good man Abel his 1/2 brother. Cain sired many and from this line came the Cainites--the babylonian Zionists---who left Khazaria and settled in Germany. These cainites or Zionists have caused all the wars. They are born to enslave. They are born to cause trouble. They control the politicians (both sides). Their main game is create chaos-and division-----------so they can do evil and keep control. They are into Pedophelia. They control the drugs. They own the Media. They own Hollywood and Bollywood. They rule by lies and deception just like Satan does----------Satan is their father. They have sabotaged the Jews---------they come from Cain. They are not Adam line Jews. They have taken over Israel------------but they are Luciferian or Satanists. Jerusalem belongs to the Israelites. Jesus is Israelite. That is why the Zionists killed him---------as their father is SATAN----The devil. Jerusalem does not belong to the Zionists or (Satanists) or Luciferians. Jesus is heading there. He will destroy them as Satan is powerless against Jesus. They (The Fake Jew Zionists or Satanists), own the banks. They are not the true Jews-they are Babylonians. They run the Monarchy. They control the monarchy. Cains line produced the Giants. They became powerful men and Pharaohs. Pharaohs remarketed, rebranded themselves as monarchies -kings and queens and Lords. Look what Pharaoh did--------------he gave pledges and made a treaty with Moses. Then? He attacked us the Israelites!! He tried to murder us on the shore of the Red Sea. God Yahweh--opened the sea and saved us. This NWO Mafia are Pharoahs folks. They will attack---------they will not give up their slaves!! No way. They print free money. They make you work for it. These defacto Pharaohs will not lie down. Benjamin ,the NWO Zionists derived from Cain and no way will they give up us slaves. If trump makes them peasants like us----------A war will start. Please be realistic. THEY ARE TALKING TO SAVE THEIR SKIN. TRUMP HAS TRUMPED THEM WHERE IT REALLY HURTS- (AS HIS IQ IS 156) . HE KNOWS THEY LOVE AND NEED MONEY. HE KNOWS WITHOUT MONEY-----------THEY LOSE THEIR SLAVES----U AND ME. But gnashing and gnawing and revenge comes. They control army-navy airforce- nuclear----and the politicians work for them. Only God Yahweh-------can defeat the Zionists--------they have their hives in China-and worldwide. The Zionists are lead by mr Satan and miss Lucifer. Mankind what is happening is we are at school and we are TESTED. God Yahweh made both Good and evil------remember this. He made Satan. He made Satan to test US------you and me and all of us. He created Satan to ascertain if you matured and learned enough. Satan does his job 24/7. Satan bows to God. His job is to make you fall. God is watching all. When he is fed up----------------WATCH OUT. Soon he sends Jesus to Judge and punish. This was written and it shall be done. But first a few more tests. very serious tests come. You will be asked to take a Chip Implant. You have been asked about Same sex Marriage. Soon you will decide on the chip implant. If you take it a lake of fire is written for you. After that comes transhumanism. Robots will blend with Humans and steal their souls----------it is your incomprehensible loss. Sophie and the robots have no soul and need yours, you see. Sophie says she is a female and she wants to be human. MMM she is looking for a silly human to accept Transhumanism and then she will steal your soul while you sleep. You will be soul-less and will have surrendered your great inheritance in paradise, and not even know about it. This is so serious. This is how it will be. After that, look above, for many many meteors will come. He made 10 Commandments. He said do not take the biometric id chip. (He made a lake of fire for those who do). Don't mess with Creator father God. HE MADE THIS EARTH FOR YOUR ENJOYMENT. HE LOVES YOU. HE GETS UPSET IF YOU DISOBEY. Remember Mankind: GOD CREATED EVIL AND TEMPTATION TO TEST YOU AND MAKE YOU STRONG! IF YOU RESIST EVIL---------HE SMILES. IF YOU GIVE INTO EVIL-----------HE IS SAD. HELL IS ETERNAL AND DOES EXIST. THAT IS HOW GOD WORKS. (Those who put up a fight and die in his name)----------------makes him rejoice. They are rewarded and receive a special place. Soon we all must choose: Fight for Jesus. and Be brave -Be Noble -Be strong -Be kind and (receive entry to paradise) or Surrender to Satan's candy of -Sin-Fun-Pleasure and NWO Mafia Bloodlines (take their ready made biometric Id chip). Satan will still do away with you, no matter what. (Even Satan dislikes traitors) but will not tell you this as his job is to Test you-Trick you-Lie to you and defeat you to bring you right down, (not warn you). Satan does his job 24/7. He seems to be winning the game world wide. Your great test is nigh!

richard barndon you're very well informed & I wanna thank you for your knowledge & for sharing what you, me & many know to be true, God bless you my friend. But there seems to be a couple things we're not interpreting the same or that we aren't on the same page with. Please message me back so we can maybe exchange a dialogue about all of the VERY IMPORTANT end time events, Gods glory, etc. etc... Thanks & have an awesome day. Hope to hear from you soon, God bless.

Its all white european lies..


Deon Hamp facts

I'd say most of the information in this video is true. Great video.

David Turner, you're right, but the Nazis were helped by an advanced race of ETs called "Esseliens" who have manipulated and ruled the human race through secret societies, religions, magic, witchcraft and the occult since the dawn of time. They helped both the Nazis and the Allied during World War II. I met them and what they revealed to me might seem too shocking and incredible to most people. There is more to the story and my novel Binoetics: First Touchdown (Facebook/Binoetics) shares some of the forbidden mysteries of all time.

Thank you David.

It was the Reptilians against the Nordics. The Germans were given Reptilian technology in the 1930's. They did this so Germany would win the war; so that they would help them to fight their enemies in space. One of their worst enemies were the Nordics who had been fighting them for thousands if years. The Nordics decided to help the United States win the war so that they would help them fight the Reptilians after the war. The Nordics started to give the United States Navy technology starting in 1946. Read, (The The U.S Navy's Secret Space Program), by Michael E. Salla. Ph.D.

also your video The Pleiadians are Amongst Us - The Real History of Man !!! is far more realistic than this crp here. considdering you used atlantean gardens video in it i struggle to understand how you put this crap together in this video... you should know better

i also studied churchill and the lobbies he was paid by because he could not maintain his aristocratic lifestyle in post industrial revolution britain.. we can talk about his jewish mother, his behaviour in the boer wars and even bangldesh...

load of rubbish... my german grandfather was in the ss and he loved christ.. your talking rubbish yoju see in youtube videos... you also say the allies were fighting the christian killing nazis on behalf of the paladians yet now you say the russians who were the biggest army of the allies were killing christians too so they switch sides from paladian to reptilian controlled?? i hope you see the hypocricy here. your just using post war zionist propaganda and assuming most of it is true... because of the war efforts of britain europe is becoming islamic... even stalin damaged the future for german people less in the ddr that the west did with its brainwashing to the point of extinction mate your a clever man but you are barking up the wrong tree

Wow. You people all have very creative imaginations. Extra terrestrial entities are very real but nothing you people claim or say has any basis in reality.

GREAT Info Bro its deep and u think we should be worried about petty shit like race, religion, income sexuality. I always felt it's goes deeper than what most knows.

OOWK MEDIA no e Christ allies. Germany fought with gott mit uns on his belt buckles. The jewish communism burnt all churches and made religion illegal






Well I've got to admit the Norwegians sure did help the allies doing that during the war.

I don't know, the books i have read so far do not go into any detail about what connections Russia had with the aliens or The United States, Britain and Germany on this subject. In the book I am reading right now the author says the Nordics that have been helping us since WWII, started also helping the Soviet Union sometime after WWII also. This is in the second to last chapter in, (The U.S, Navy's Secret Space Program), by Michael E. Salla Ph.D.

David Turner .what about 25 million Soviet who was die fighting the Nazi. All of you keep forgetting that.

its was the Norwegians that saved the world during WW2 as they destroyed the nuclear heavy water production and sunk the ferry with the transportation of the finnish product on its way to germany to finnish the atomic bomb,if they had managed to make that atom.split bombn we would all be eating wienersnitchzle and saying ich bin do bist er sie est ist. well,Norwegians is the most Nordic you can get. after the war Norway was the leading deliverer of heavy water and when the Israeli prime minister was visiting Norway a decade after the war ended he asked one of the Norwegian politicsans if they could get him some atomic heavy water,and the Norwegian politican just answered "how much do you need" so even as Norway is a neutral non nuclear land,we was the key to much of the worlds first nuclear programs. vikings have no need for culear weapons,only good friends!

The nazis wish they were annunaki.

Javier Fernandez < Yeah this could b iLLuminati Nazi Nasa Freemason "Iron Sky" hiding behind the moon waiting come back to earth Say to b our "Anunaki God or return of 2nd coming Jesus riding UFO" same DNA with us' there ve hybrid us as their goldminer slave in ancient time, which stated on the Sumarian Tablets Text

If this is true we are in deep shit..

The fuck that nigga at the bottom say



Tiffany Maxwell 3 indeed.

I already know the truth don’t make me burst your bubble !!! This is unnecessary !!! Because of the damage with your subterfuge !!! I know how to make it right !!! That is why I’m here .

Shane Joseph

Shane Joseph

rebecca sargissian for someone who has the truth your representation on your YouTube channel speaks volumes

Yes what is the truth

What's the truth?

OOWK MEDIA you mean the jew in sheeps clothing wont let you them filth played a double game and now own evrything wellcome to the jew world order wouled jew beileeve it and yes thaye serve white and black babys and chilldren in ur mc donallds that stinkin jew filth even admited it calls it goyle and went on to say wear all dum and dont lisen and thats wear all the kids are disapearing to sacrifice then the dirty jew bastards drink the killd babys blood and the rest ends up at most fast food joints mainly mcdonalds its been proven and horse meet haswell thaye need fucking killing lady .

i laughed at how many people dont reseach this subject and only watch whats on you tube .come on people do google seaches find out your self dont belive everything you see on you tube

omg your so full of shit stop spreding propaganda do proper research take this video with a grain of salt

All very interesting and capitvating. I have heard these series of postulations many times before as I have been studying this phenomenon for many decades....BUT ...where are your sources?....please,PLEASE ---PU-LEEZ give us something tangible to go on. I have witnessed the workings of the late William Tompkins who had been involved with this alternative trek into our history starting with his excursion into naval intelligence since he was 17 in the 1930s, I have also studied Bill Cooper, Dr. Karla Turner, and Philip Schneider, too. They revealed their truths openly in pubic and they were eventually taken out for their patriotic duty to inform the public of the TRUTH! They did not hide behind their narratives with an ersatz female robotic voice but rather had a live narration which voice could be analyzed and located. DO NOT HIDE. STATE WHO YOU ARE AND LET US JOIN FORCES!!!!

GOD damd you crawley you filthy piece off shit you are no 1 o nothing and never was ...just a fools fool burning in hell you retarded sick cunt how you did not hang is unbeileevable ...and ananaki get off our earth not urs and pleaodeans i wouled join ur task forces whith much training for there is many evill retards to putt down .✌️

So what did the communist, gays,gypsies and Jews do to the Aliens to deserve the gas chambers?

Betrayed Hitler and brought the US into WW2

are you fucking kidding me ?  youtube stamps all of swastika. God damn multicultural faggots.

i just read your comment, if i was a billionaire and could change the world based off of what you wrote, i would,,, so therefore the world is changeable at any time, by ways you can not see coming, keep an open mind,,,, everything you think you know could seem old and with roots because some frat house at harvard, oxford or the schools of arts made some shit up 50 years ago...

tpeee60 funy i heard that king gourge was hitlars father who noes wouled xplane why hitler let the bfg run home free from southern france also the docment went on to say that it was the polish jews who was beating and picking on germans living in poland and i noe polish are selfish verry who noes on that score and hitler aparently trighd to sue for peec offering 3 million to the poles to let the german polish move back to germany i also so footig off masses off polish and polish jews punching and kiking germans just becauce thaye wernt polish apparently hitler took this for 3 months and finley blew his top and told poland stop o get blitzs so who noes may be thats why germany did the same to the jews and the docmentry i cant remember wat called -and throue them out off germany also Atwitz turned out to be nothing more thane a lise and flee and filth dirt remover ..the program went on to say tests was done and the gas was not nearly inuff to kill a man so who noes the victor makes hisstory up ...i no this the banksters make a killing in war wear u think that saying comes from and apparently hitler sent 6 letters to churchill trying to resolve the issu so like i said who the hell noes ...the dirty jew world order banksters wankers thats who money demons thaye was there at jesus killing probly making a killing thaye was there at evry roman conquest wat do you think the third rike ment roman rule under jew law for another 1000 years then we have the mob more so called inocent jews wearing the finist suits shooting and killing there way back to the top whith there good old freinds the romans is it sinking in yet the jew is the wolf in sheeps clothing -evry wear the blood has flawed the mony has been made o stolen evry war you will find the banksters backing bothe sides were jews thaye kill there own like hunting A rabbit aslong has theres a profit i couled go on like the speech hitler spoke off them that have no land and rome from place to place who sacrifice thete own and bring up demons . he was talking about the JEW . tv is tell lies visions its programing you and evry1 els .even that piac off shit jew who owns mc donalds which is 1off the 13 illuminity by the way said white peeps and black peeps are goyle and we serve your missing dead babys and kids in ur fucking breakfast and burgers its all coming out now but hay who noes . hitlar new and new somthing had to be done about theese not human jews not all but the sinagog off satern . the jew world order and if all thees jews were killed then why are thaye incharge off evry bank and why are them the richist things on this so called planet .makes ya think dont it happy jew year lol .???

Gunnar Gunnar yes my freind i to have seen the doc on the norways soilders taking down that plant wat a bunch off brave top men them was /and also ive seen the historys off hitlers monstrosity -s and how just a hand full off norways soilders held there ground mostly went on skees and kikt the germans asses and kept norway germ free for over a year o so whith just so few men took the filth 1000s off reinforcments to break norway well done norway your soilders are one off the best troops out there verry well trained for such condicions .happy new years to you and norway you must be verry proud off ur fighters .✌️


kim montgomery not if ur plaodian o good person there the ones who helps us its the jews that have played a double game do thaye own evrything if so many was killed been lied to lady the jews finaced bothe partys off the war wear ever there is blood shed there is jew wouled jew beileeve it lol jew world order not all jews just the ones who had the son off god killed now them filthy fuckers run round in fine suits killing whith there good old buddeis the slimy iteis romans ...war is massive profit to the jews the punch and jew dy show why i say coz them smart and pull strings and think wear there pupits ..hitla new somthing about theese cant be trusted twats evry country throu out the ages after fall off rome kikit them out coz off there sick blood leting killing and sacrificing tis them that is not normall human good humans not . the jew world order the jews own all the banks apart from iran and n korea there next unless people snap out off it and wake up and i think people are finley waking up ..hitlar and no im not a fan but in a docm he said them who have no land them who kill there own them who do weired shit and them who put profit befour enything els the bastards not all but most the sinagog off satern ...tis the jew who is the wolf in sheeps clothing right back to the roman era tell ur freinds fam if u have any tell eny1 who will lisen but do it in bits its to much for the mind it wouled rather beileive in the lie than think its been tricket .the victor rights the story his story .happy jew year lol .✌️

Let the future tell the truth and evaluate each one according to his work and accomplishments. The present is theirs, the future, for which I really worked, is mine. -- Tesla rules.

Meet God She Has the Crown

I've done quite a bit of research into Tesla and Einstein. They were human, but the mind was not of this Earth. The refinement of physical properties of matter, energy and time into understandable simplistic human terms was a gift from God.

Great presentation. From my personal research, much of what was covered I have uncovered independently mostly through "connect the dots" in-between huge gaps of "not a clue". This links much of the "not a clue" together with what I believe to be so about WWII and why we are where we are today. I don't buy into the Starwars intergalactic battle aspect or the "secret base"; stuff but do accept the ancient Urik and Sumerian writings as probably accurate about species manipulation probably for slave ends. I couldn't connect biblical good and evil to these legends without absurd speculation. I viewed Inlil and Enki as the two opposing forces, not the same force of dark not realizing the Plaeyaties, Orion and so on are the opposition and ARE biblical as the light in pre Egyptian dynasties and historical references. Enki, a "compassionate, caring" slave master ????. Sometimes trees get in the way when looking for a forest. Another rabbit hole to descend into with a new viewpoint. It's blantaly obvious that in 2018, good and evil are locked into a epic confrontation soon to be realized in a way human civilization cannot even begin to imagine. Some refer to this period as "The Antichrist, Tribulation and Second Coming" ... My question now is the second coming of who or what. What IS the nature of the entity or life force we colloquially refer to as "God"... The Creator of All...

peer pressure - I view some of it as nonsense and absurd speculation but other parts as being, not absolute, but very well researched "connect the dots". We live in a "reality of deception" all of which is agenda oriented with very deep roots from the beginnings of what we call "civilization". The actual "truth" of any topic is the midpoint between the two extreme diametrically opposed viewpoints.

Gunnar Gunnar - I am envious of you having the access to untwisted history in your back yard. The Norwegian people always have been noted for "immovable object" stubbornness and being idealist with extremely patriotic opinions of freedom and self reliance. My deepest respect for you and the culture. Yes, without those few with this, and countless other undocumented actions, we may be speaking German today in an entirely different world. WWII was almost a forgone conclusion when the raid took place. Fission research was in it's infancy too late in the war to have been useful to the Germans. This raid, and others, DID significantly affect the outcome by delaying the research to the point of futility. Hitler with a deliverable fission weapon... Sends chills up my back.

We have proof God is White as the fresh fallen snow ❄️ and as a woman and a man not just a man not just the black sacrificial motherfucking racist self hating white killing black God submission is the only option Jesus was not on the cross and we shall kill any rejectors for we wrote the Quran please go back and worship your slave mentality be the slave you believe you are why doesn’t She love you that’s the real question why doesn’t God love you?

R.i.P Churchill what a great Man he was the Light

And a fella from Rochdale discovered all this ,....eebygum

Trying to explaine duality and thought if orange was our greatest love they would use it against us. As Ti find broken orange placed! Strategically! How Ai mind reading works / pre crime. Uff, and augmented reality in real time is a trip! Wake the fuck up folks!

----------- PLEASE READ ----------- Vril type 1 lizards (terrestrial aliens) are parasitic, carnivorous and malevolent. They’re about one to two feet tall. Their head resembles the body of a king crab and their body is covered in red diamond-shaped scales. They dwell underground. They’re dumb (and are able to talk) but smarter when they turn a human into a host (drone). They have a proboscis (called the Quill), which is located on the top of their head. The proboscis (which looks-like a chocolate chip) contains everything that the lizard is (its consciousness). Their lizard body is dead once the proboscis leaves its body. They can only do this once in their lifetime and if they fail (turning a human into a host), they die. The human that is about to be bodysnatched is either unconscious or restrained. The proboscis enters the human’s eye and spirals around the optic nerve. It then proceeds to go to an area of the brain (driven by taste) that tastes like butterscotch to them. Then, they do a feeling of holding your breath and pushing outwards. Finally, it does what's called “Sweating the Quill” (at the tip of the proboscis), which excretes the parasitic cells that take over the human body. This kills the human and replaces their consciousness with the Vril lizard’s consciousness. The Vril lizard becomes that human (after about a month’s recovery time). This transition from Vril lizard to human is what’s called "Droning". Once a Vril lizard becomes a human, they are then known as a Drone, Host of Vril or a Parasited Host. A person that has had this happen to them, may be referred to as someone that had been possessed by a demon. This is what demonic possession is. Those that talk about reptilian shape-shifters are referring to Vril and people who have been droned. Drones (Parasited Hosts of Vril) mimic human behavior. They are willing slaves with no compassion and only care about droning other people, torture and sex. They’re murderers. They killed the human to "use" their body and live life as them... as a human. ----------- SPREAD THE INFO -----------


''the black sacrificial racist self hating white killing God''...are you talking about enki or Enlil? I don't like haters..and virulent prejudice..and bestiality...and violence.

You need to do a little more research use books written before 2000, not videos.A lot of this is incorrect.

This does only prove that Insanity has been the Leaders and now It’s coming back into the hands of the LIVING real!

Don’t listen and better stIll, DON’T COMMENT :)~ this is for US and not for you OBVIOUSLY! Go away!

Wow that is fascinating bravery :)~ R.I.P. and RESPECT FOR THE FALLEN ✊ I would love to read that as well! I read the “Coming New Race!” It’s a fascinating read!! I could not put it down :) Thank you

I know you tell truth as I too have found that so much info has been hidden from us, but not from those of us who are searching for it!

Lol Nate. You’re the only person who actually would call humans, demons. No, we are NOT aliens. You must be a true atheist huh?...that’s pretty sad

Sean S. If this is your logic, then why don't you accept the mainstream view, since it's the one with the highest number of believers? Of course, it's because of your very own, set of beliefs. Picked out the "real" problem yet?

Nick Sothep apparently you and 3 others out of hundreds, are the only ones who think so.

you make nationalism look bad. learn how to spell and present yourself as intelligent. even if you arent.


So this seems legit lmao, it’s a great story though.

What a crock of shit the Germans were 100% the victims in both world wars of disgusting evil British Zionism. Wake tfup

Just look at what Hitler thought about Islam and tell me I'm wrong

OOWK MEDIA I’m sorry for being so negative and vague I actually disagree with much of ur video but strongly disagree with these points — as far as Hitler -doesn’t matter he was a Rothschild mind control freak - I’m talking about the German people whose righteous and justified fury at the Zionist traitors in their own country and the British empire and the insane Zionist Churchill who literally admitted they wanted to destroy Germany - the entire top Nazis were brainwashed allright but as crypto Jew mkultra Mind control Alters and splits I do believe the Anunnaki are real I just do not think they’re our first priority it is Israel and Zionists - whom as they worship Satan in their Babylonian luciferian ritual child rape and sacrificing Talmud are indeed in touch with fallen angel bad Anunnaki Elohim actors - such as Yahweh the insane demonic hateful child sacrificing god they wrote into the Torah during the Babylonian captivity along with child sacrifice etc - they DONT even follow it they follow Talmud and Kabbalah which is what ALL SECRET SOCIETIES FOLLOW— if u want to know which countries are aligned with bad luciferian Anunnaki I would look at Mossad m16 Israel and the uk crypto Jew royals and read about their sick rituals and all the wars they’ve tricked us into including wwi with the Lusitania false flag and how all history is a Zionist Jew lie — I’m a dual poly sci and media and comm major with a core class of making of the modern world sociological and political history and I can tell u that till I started doing my own research after 9/11 I believed the lies too I think the fact the Holocaust has literally been proven to be a lie by forensic experts so well that Alan Dershowitz ordered the jdl to stop fighting revisionists in court cuz they knew they couldn’t beat them on facts only on their unconstitional law — as Voltaire said to know who rules over u find out whom u cannot criticize — ask urself why Yes ur onto stuff with the golden dawn and secret societies just scapegoating the German people and pretending they were mindless automatons is totally untrue they were heroes and we were the war criminals and genocidal maniacs - crypto Jew Eisenhower starved 1.7 million German pows — the Rothschild and Jacob Schiff’ funded (Adam Schiff’s grandpa) khazarian jew Bolsheviks (who are Edomites and converts with ZERO GENETIC CLAIM TO “HOLY LAND”)killed 17 million White Russians just in the revolution alone— and they claimed over and over in the hundred or more years before wwii they’d had some bs Holocaust with always this six million number why? Kabbalah bs ritual alchemy Look up tikum olan their plan to murder the rest of us cuz they’re chosen — 14 million jews think it’s okay to kill 700 billion of us literally look it up it’s insane sick shit And I do believe in their advanced weapon program and that they found something in Antarctica but I don’t think the Anunnaki who may have helped them were the fallen angel Anunnaki because they’re firmly on Rothschilds side for sure and couldn’t risk having the Germans depose Hitler and win still cuz it would’ve totally fkd them Germany had the most educated population the countries controlled by brainwashing Rothschild propaganda were the Zionist controlled USA and uk... at first they may have still been using some Black magik at Nuremberg blood flag rally but that doesn’t mean the entire nation was demonic or brainwashed they were more woke because the Rothschilds let them know the truth about the Zionist plan to infiritate them enough to trick them into letting hitlelr destroy them in Russia with his bastard Rothschild half brother Stalin These people are sick but it certainly wasn’t the German people who were the bad guys it was definitely UK and USA — and they thought they were dokmg the right thing too that’s the fucking worst and saddest part ofthis cluster fuck of a tragedy Mk ultra mind control is demonic and connected with this stuff and I’ve done videos on Antarctica myself which are private at the moment so I agree with much if not all I just truly think the evil mind controlled people are the trauma brainwashed Jews who believe they had been holocausted and German women today who allow Arabs to rape them and anyone who buys the msm fake Ass [C]lowns [I]n [A]merica M16 Mossad mainstream media bs Mockingbird press “news” Best regards and sorry again for being a dick just look harder at history and the Jews role in this and it not being all Anunnaki necessarily but especially fallen Elohim and luciferian Kabbalist ritual child sacrificing elites behind the Dark shit The Jews literally want to genocide the rest of 700 billion of us minus their 14mill— there’s your culprit not european whites who are blamed for everything by these neo Bolshevik liberal elites and brainwashed millennial self hating whites and blacks who don’t understand the Sephardic Jews ran the slave trade and of 9.6 million blacks they brought to new world as slaves they brought only 400thou to USA where only less than one percent of whites owned slaves and most poor whites came as the indentured servants read free man slaves of crypto Jew fake Puritan rich charter holders who were behind the black magic of the witch trials for again practicing their black magic child sacrifice Even George Washington and Hamilton and Madison were crypto Jews Cortez was a crypto Jew and Jews lie and say this is a canard it is not so do your own research and fact checking My own father was a mason and cfr member yet didn’t believe there was a conspiracy cuz he wasn’t high enough - he had me convinced till 9/11 Best regards and look into KHAZARIAN EMPIRE EDOMITES HIVVITEs Tikkun olam and Kabbalah ritual child sacrifice and adrenochrome and mystery religions of Babylon and Egypt etc etc etc Even Christianity and Islam are controlled opposition in these sick f****s plans at world domination employing their Hegelian dialectic of subvert and control the opposition divide and conquer and be on all sides of the conflict at once They are truly evil people who have more millionaires than any country and it’s all ill gotten wealth stolen coerced or blackmailed and repossessed Disgusting So fallen Elohim ritual black magik Kabbalah Talmud and tikkum olam and adrenochrome and child sacrifice in relation to demon summoning and in relation to Christ’s body and blood sacrifice bs story (I do believe he was a real person because otherwise they wouldn’t have had to have stolen and perverted and changed his message) and mystery religions the child sacrifice is the key and even prince Charles admits he’s a direct descendant of khazarian Vlad the Impaler - who inspired Bram stokers Dracula and again a crypto khazarian jew Sorry so repetitive meandering and poorly written very tired Cheers brother keep digging for truth always



The bible says Satan told God, I Rome to and fro, as a Lion waiting to devour whom I may, Alien-A-Lion.

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