The Age of Atlantis Tutorial & Playthrough

The Age of Atlantis Tutorial & Playthrough

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Welcome, to the jungin schemes tutorial, and playthrough for the age of Atlantis in, this video I'll be teaching you how to play the game as we go through the first full round and if you'd like to watch the rest of the game you can do so by clicking the link to the extent and playthrough that it's down below in the description or, you can click the I up there in the top corner before. We move on I would like to ask that you please turn on the Klingon subtitles, I might, make mistakes as I play through the game and that will let me put corrections on the screen where you should be able to see them now, I would also like to ask that if you end up enjoying this video that, you please click the like button for it down below as well as you subscribe button for the channel also if you would like to directly support the channel and the creation of future videos like this one then please go to Jong it's Gamescom slash support there, you'll find a bunch of ways that you can really help things out and some, of those come with cool perks like voting on a couple of the videos that I family month alright. Let's jump into the game now. Here the game is fully set up and ready to play four or three different players now, I do want to mention that this is a prototype version of the game so the art and components, are not necessarily, what you'll find in the final version well, let's start things off with a brief overview of the game as you, can see in the middle of the table there is a big board with the island of Atlantis on it and each, one of the players is in charge of a great house of Atlanteans, now, each one of us has a asymmetric. Ability, that none of the other players can do and what, we are trying to do is utilize, our workers in order to build up our infrastructure, while also collectively, defending, the island against, outside, nations now, us as Atlanteans, have managed, to mine, a resource called aura Chellam which, is an amazing resource that, lets us advance our technology, at an incredible, pace because, of that these outside, nations are going to be showing up every single year trying, to march towards the center of our island in order to take it that resource away from us now, as we are playing through the game we have to appease the great god of poseidon, and as, you can see we have a large statue of poseidon in the middle of the island now, if we stay on the good side of poseidon then great things will happen to us but, if things go badly for us then poseidon has the potential to flood entire, territories, of this island which, will wipe away our invaders as well, as any potential, infrastructure. That we have built so we are going to try to balance all of these things as we play through three overall ages and once, we get to the end of the game the player the most political, points is going to be the winner now, I will obviously go into all of that in much greater detail as we are playing but, I think at this point let's now begin playing the game with. That in mind let's start off by focusing, over here on the phases of play now, we are going to be playing through many years in this game and within, each year there are 10 different steps we will be following in a, specific order so, we can look up here and see that before the first phase of the first year of the game the players can play sit there workers. With. That in mind and let's now focus over here on the house all T's yellow player area now, this is because they are the first player as is denoted with this token and today.

We Are going to be playing the game as the yellow house Altus player so. Let's now glance over here and as you can see we currently have these three workers available and as, we play through the game we will have the ability to recruit up to four more now, these workers might look like dice but, they are never rolled instead, these are essentially, counters to show just how happy that worker is now. At the start of the game every player has three, of these peasants, and they all have to morale and you can tell the morale level by the number of happy faces on at that peasant now, we know this is a peasant because they don't show a sword we can see that one over there has a sword and a frowny face which means they actually have zero morale and if, there is one face then that is one morale now I'll tell you how they can become Atlanteans. Later on so for the moment let's go ahead and place our present, that currently has two morale so. Let's now look out to the island of Atlantis, and we are going to place our worker down onto a single location on this island now, the island, is split up into eight overall, territories, and there, are also four different rings that, means there are 80 different locations, but there, is a big difference between placing. A peasant, and placing. One of these Atlanteans now, that is that peasants can only go in the first ring which is denoted it by this central, area right here and this high wall if you, place an Atlantean then they could go down onto any of the spaces on the board so, that means at the start of the game there are actually, only eight different locations where, we can place this peasant now, in this case I think we should place right over here and. The reason for that is because this entire area is currently being blessed by Poseidon we, can tell because he is pointing his Trident, in that direction. There is this arrow right here and to whatever you place a worker into the territory, that is currently blessed by Poseidon you will immediately gain three political points, those. Are tracked around to the outside of the board and to the player with the most of these at the end of the game will win so we certainly want to be doing this as much as possible next. Up we can now take actions, in this area with that worker and, the first action that we do is a free now, if we'd like to do any further actions, then we are going to have to lower the morale of this worker as, you can see they start at two so, if we did a free action that plus another action that would spend at one morale which would bring them down to one and if, we did another action after that they would go down to zero, morale which, will start to affect our favor with Poseidon, now, that means effectively, we could do up to three actions, as turn if we think that makes sense, so.

Let's Start things off by taking our free action with. That in mind we can now look down to our player area and I think of for this first action let's construct a building as you, can see we have five, buildings, listed along the top of our player board and these, are the five building options that we have available now, the cost to construct the buildings is printed just below them and I think for this first action let's build a Town Hall now, that means we have to spend one food one, wood and one or a Chellam and those. Are all tracked at the bottom of our board as you, can see each player starts with their maximum, of 8 for all three of those so, we can slide these down to seven and then construct our Town Hall on the spot where our worker is. After. That we are also going to gain five political, points, so. We can place that here and we now go up to eight political points total, well. That's finished up on our free action and at this point I think let's do another action, so that means we have to use one of the morale on this worker but, that is fine considering, every single worker will regain, a one morale as part, of a later phase in each year so I don't see a reason not to do two in actions with each one of these turns so, with that in mind we can do another action in this area, so. Let's look back down to our player board and I think we should research technology. Now, technology is shown, by these colored few spots all along, this player board here and whenever you research technology, you must have your worker at the applicable, building, and you, can only research into the current age or earlier, once we get farther in the game well, at this point we are currently in the first age so that means that these are the ones that are available to us and our, worker is currently at a town hall so, that further restricts it down to these over here so, let's focus in over here and we effectively have two different options to choose from the, reason for that is because if, there is ever a technology, that has an arrow leading into it then, you actually have to have the previous technology, first and then you can move over so that means if we wanted, this drama, and theater we would first have to research arts and museums, and then, on another action we could slide that down over there which is effectively a replacement, of the previous one now in this case I think let's actually research, steam power that, says that during the morale, phase which is later on in the year we are going to gain one of any resource for every single morale that our workers still have now. That is checked before our workers gain more morale so with that in mind we will likely not to do a third action this turn because, that visit morale on the worker on the board he's effectively, worth one resource to us now later on in this year now. I am getting a little ahead of myself because we do have to pay for this technology though the cost for the technology is the same as the cost to construct the building so, that means we have to spend a fish a lover and a one or a cello, so. We can slide our resources, down to six and that, has finished up in this research technology, action now, before we move on I'd like to draw our attention over, to the far right column on our player board as you, can see it says tavern, over here and this. Is the asymmetric part, of our player area all, the rest of our player board is identical, to our opponents but when it comes to this tavern we actually have a stack of contracts, over here now, again these, are something that only us as the yellow player gets to do and these, are effectively, little. Goals that we are constantly working towards as we play through the game so. We can focus in on this top contract, and it. Says that when you advance a technology, you move the cube to the right this contract, is completed, after the cube is on the - so, we just researched, a technology, which means we can slide this over there and that, means once we research a second technology we can slide it over there and that will let us complete this contract now, you cannot actually submit, a contract as an action until you construct, a tavern, so it is very likely we be doing that soon and I will talk about to how we utilize actions.

Like This one soon, well. I think we are now done with our turn let's, go ahead and not, use this morale right there in order to do a thorough - action so, that means play can move clockwise it to the red player and they, can place one of their two morale peasants out onto the board so. They can place that worker into the first ring because they are a peasant and they can never place workers on two spots that have other workers so, they still have seven options available in, this case they would like to go into the West territory, and. Then for their free action and they're going to construct to their Factory now, this is special, to the red player and we'll, see what it does very soon but, first they have to spend two, of their lumber as well as one or a Chellam and then, they can place this on the board and to take five political, points as you can see players always get five political, points when they construct buildings so. The factory will be constructed, there and red will gain there five political, points after. That they'd like to take another action so they can lower the morale of this worker by one and, in this case they would like to research a technology, well we know how that works already we are currently in the first age and their, current, worker is at a factory so, they can only research over here as you, can see there is just one option with, three different tiers to it so they can put a cube down on the top and of that it's going to cost them a two more lumber as, well as one more or a Chellam now, if we focus in over here we, can see that they have now unlocked, the entry fee ability, down, below it says that whenever an opponent visits a red building the red player will gain at one political point now, I didn't mention it before but players are always allowed to send their presence or Atlanteans, to any player's buildings, the only exception is you can never go to a player's, special, building for their specific house so, none, of the rest of us will ever visit this factory but if we ever visit any of the other red players buildings we are going to start giving them victory points so.

That's Finished the second action of the red player's turn and, they have decided they would like to take a third so, that means they can rotate this peasant down, to the zero morale spot and then, take an action over here again now, if they wanted to they could do another research action with their factory but, instead they have decided to do a gather action, the. Way this works is they are going to gather two of the applicable resource. For the territory, the worker is currently in as you, can see the main island of Atlantis is split into three different types of regions these, three regions are going to gather lumber, these three regions will gather fish and the, top regions over here will gather or a challenge so, that means the red player can gather two lumber with this action in. This case that will bring them back up to six lumber total and they, can no longer take any actions because, they're active, worker is at zero morale this, means that they are done so now the green player can go and if. They have decided to send at their present into the northeast, territory, now, after that they are going to construct a building over here so. They can look down to their board and it appears, that they would like to construct their, special. Building just like the red player did now, this is the capital and that is going to cost them one or a Chellam as well as a two of the lumber and then, of course they will gain five political, points. After. That they want to take another action, and. In this case it looks like they would like to utilize it the capital where their worker currently, is now, they could of course research, a technology, which would be tax stationed over here or they, could do this right up here which would be using, the building as an action now, whenever you see this white rounded, icon over here that, means that is an action that a worker can only do if they are at the applicable, building, and it does not necessarily have, to be a building in that players color in this case green is going to do a place, tax station action now.

When They do this action they don't have to spend any resources, because, as you can see if there was a resource cost it would be printed in that white area now, this is the, green specific. Column over here and this, action lets them put a green cube on to any spot of the board as long as it does not already have a green cube now that green cube is then a taxes station and as, long as that is in that spot then whenever any opponent, places their worker into that location the green player will gain a single political point, so. They are gonna place this over here and now. Whenever any non green player visits, this location, to do anything the, taxes, station will give green a single, political point after. That green decides they, are going to work this peasant a little bit harder which is going to push them into the zero morale level and they can then take another action with, this they could place another taxation. If they wanted to but, instead they are going to do research in the capital which means that they now have a taxes station - that. Will of course cost them - more lumber and one more or a cello and it says that now whenever any player visits, a location with a taxes station the green player will get two political points instead of one if they, upgrade this again then they would get three political points and it's, likely Green is going to try to do that soon now. The green is done with their turn we can place again, so, let's put this peasant out so, we can place this down onto one of those five spots over there and I figure we'll just go over here into the east after. That let's construct a building with our free action, so, let's look back to our board and we have these four options available to us now, part of me would like to construct a tavern, but I don't think that makes sense until we have completed this contract so that we can do them both at the same time so.

With That in mind we need to develop another technology and I, think that is going to push us over here to build a mill so, that it's going to cost two of our lumber which is going to bring us down to four that'll, also cost us one or Chilean and then. We can put this on the map as well as get five four political points, before. That we had eight points so now we're going to go up to 13 next. Up let's spend a morale to do another, action and in, this case it lets a research one, of the technologies, associated, with the mill now. That does mean we have to spend a to more lumber which brings us down to two as well as an additional or a Chellam and. Then after that we can research over here on the mill as you, can see there's actually only one option and that is. Called irrigation, so we could put this over here and now, we will gather three resources every, time we do a gather action for the rest of the game instead, of two as you, can see this one can upgrade into crop rotation, which would give us four resources per gather now. There is actually a line from here all the way down there to this age three technology, we, obviously won't be able to research this until, the third age of the game but, these let us harvest. Even more all the way up to getting eight resources, per gather and, remember you can only store up to eight resources, at a time either, way I'm getting a little ahead of myself we can leave this over there and, I would like to point out that instead, of doing that we could have done a mill work action now, that does not have a cost and, you can immediately gain one of each resource when you do that so that is an alternate, option if you're looking for a variety of resources instead, of gathering a lot of one type well. The next thing we have to do is move our contract, cube over here and that, now shows that we have advanced technology, twice with this contract face-up so, now if we have a tavern, built and then we can do this action to submit that contract, in order to get six political, points and then, we will remove, this and have a new contract to work on well. I think we are now done with our turn so now red can go and they've. Decided to place their present here after, that for their free action they are going to construct a building and in. This case they are going to construct a barracks now, you may have noticed that the, red player actually has three, of each one of these basic buildings over here whereas, the rest of us has one and that, does have to do with their asymmetric, abilities over here so they have the capacity to build three times as many buildings as the rest of us now, they can't actually build it their second or third version of a building until, they get to these actions here in the second age and I'll discuss that in more detail in the extended playthrough so this, barracks is going to cost them a two or a Chellam as well as one fish and. Then. They can build it right over there that, is going to give them five political, points which will bring them up to ten and now. They've decided to use another action in order to use this barracks building when, we look down to their board you'll notice the action up here is going to cost them two fish so, they can spend in there to fish bringing them down to five and then this, says they can train in Atlantian now, the way this works is that they take the worker, as it is right now and they then find the sword version of that morale level in this case and that will be right over here so that's one morale plus a sword and, two this worker will be an Atlantean, for the rest of the game this, means in the future this worker can be placed on to any spot, on the board not just the first rank after, that they actually return, and this worker back to their pool where, they can use it again later on this year all right, red is done so now green can go and. They've decided to head over here in order to use the red player's barracks now, as soon as that happens red can take their entrance fee which. Means they can take a single political point because an opponent used their building and again this is an effect that only the red player gets to use, so red goes up to 11 and. Then green can use their free action in this case they would like to use the barracks in order to turn this peasant into, an Atlantian now since this is a free action they don't have to rotate, this worker so that means this will turn into a 2 morale lncheon and then it returns to the green players area so, that'll go over here and they do of course have to spend to fish in order to do that training all, right it's now our turn and I think we should jump on the train and Atlantean bandwagon so, let's send this over to the red players barracks which.

Does Mean they will get one more political, point as an entrance fee now, it's true that we could go over here and to construct our own barracks if we wanted to but, I think at the moment we want to save those resources so, we will stay here and give red one at more political, points and then, we can spend, it to fish in order to turn in this worker into a to morale atlantean so. We can put that over here and. And now red can go at, this point they have a choice to make they can use their - morale peasants or their one morale atlantean and they, do want to use this Atlantean with. It they can go to any empty spot out on the board and if they've decided to head right down over here so. Let's focus on the southeast, corner of the map and you'll notice on these three locations there, are these cards now, each one of these cards has a one on the back to show that they were placed during the first age of the game now. These were put on the board as part of setup it because we were playing a three player game and these, came from this stack over here now, this stack has not, only enemy, troops, from other nations but, it also has special action, cards in this case the red player decides they want to go over here to use this special action card and, that is going to take a standard action now, they of course get a free action to start so with that free action they can perform with this offering and, that says if they spend six lumber, they can immediately gain four favor well. It looks like they were planning ahead because they have exactly six lumber so, they can spend all of that so. Let's look over to this track where it shows that each player starts the game with five Poseidon's, favor now, the higher up the track you go the, more Poseidon, is in your favor and the, opposite is also true as you go down this track now, at the end of the game the area, in the track where you are at is going to modify, your endgame victory, points and I'll explain the details of that Lee and, I would also like to point out that once a player reaches, the 20th, spot on the favorite track they will immediately get a once per game benefit, of ten politics, points now, on the opposite side of the track if a player goes that negative, with their favor they will then suffer the wrath of Poseidon's, fury and I'll explain the details of that one later on so, as you can see red has taken therefore favor which brings them up to nine well. It looks like red is done with their turn so now green can go and they, are going to use this peasant in order, to construct a temple now they of course have to send, to this peasant over to a first ring location, and they've, decided to go over here into the north territory, after. That they can construct this temple and that is going to cost one of each of the resource types so, they now have a three lumber as well as a five or a Chellam and fish next, up they can construct to their temple right over here and then, they will gain five political, power. Next. Up Green has decided they would like to take another action and with this they are going to gather resources this means they will get two of the applicable type for their territory and it looks like that will be mining, too or a cello, so. They will go from five up to seven, next. Up they want to take another action which brings this peasant down to zero, morale and a witness that they are going to use their temple so. They can look back to their player board and you'll notice in the temple spot for the first age the, only thing they can do is perform, actions there are no technologies, for them to do just yet now, in this case they can spend six, or Chellam to deploy a myth which is one of these over here or they, could spend four or Chellam to do a small offering to Poseidon which, will give them to favor in this, case they have decided they would like to spend at least six or HLM here so this is going to go down to one and then they can deploy one of their myths now. We can see that that is going to give them 15 political, power which. Means they're gonna go from 10 all the way up to 25. Next. Up green can deploy this myth and there, are two restrictions for that the, first is that myths can only ever be deployed in the second third and fourth rings and it's, also worth noting that they can never move into this first ring either now, the second restriction is you cannot place a myth down onto a spot that already has a worker, but you can place them down on to a special tile or down onto an invading enemy. In this case they want to place down into that area that already has the Spanish army invading, in its and that is going to finish out this deploying action now these myths can be piloted, by Atlanteans.

Of The matching color and I'll explain that soon all right, green is done so now we can go and let's. Go ahead and use our to morale, atlantean now, we could use this in order to attack, some, of the invading forces if we wanted to in order to do an attack action, we just land on that spot and then, for every action a antion, will do one damage if we, upgrade this, via technology, then that can be worth two, three or even four damage per attack but, I don't think that is something we want to do in this moment I'll explain that some more attacks later on in the tutorial I think instead, let's go ahead and construct our tavern so. We can place this out onto any empty spot of the map and a, part of me wants to go over here we could build our tavern on the spot because that is currently in Poseidon's, favor which would give us three more political, power now, the problem with that is if our tavern was on this spot and only our Atlanteans, could activate it instead. If we went over here and built it onto this location or that one over there then our presence could activate and I think that's probably going to be better for us now I think let's actually build, it right over here in the northwest and then. Of course we do have to spend a to would as well as one or a Chellam so we have no wood at this point next, up we will get five political, power which, will bring us up to 18 after. That let's go ahead and use our tavern, which. Means we can do this action right down here on our face of contract, that says we can submit the contract and we, can only do this once, this is on the two spot which means it is completed now, you may have noted that you can gain, progress, on this before you construct your tavern but you're not allowed to submit a contract until, you have a tavern, now, this is going to give us six political, points immediately. Which. Will bring us up to 24. After. That we can put this facedown in our player area and this will be worth extra political, power to us at the end of the game depending, on how much beside in favor we have at that point and, I'll explain the details of that soon now, we can see there is a new contract, over here and this one says it deliver goods now, this does not actually need a cube and this, says that if it is the first age we have to deliver a wood and a fish in order to complete this which will give us six political. Power if it's a second age then we have to spend two lumber and two fish and in a third age that will cost three and three, now you just spend, these in order to complete this and these, are the two different types of contracts that we are going to be seeing inside, this stack, all. Right we are done with our turn so now the red player can go and. They've decided to visit their barracks in order to create another atlantean so, that means that this two morale peasant. Is going to turn into a to morale atlantean and that, is of course going to cost them two of their fish. This. Means they have three, total and this will be added back into their area where they can play it later this year moving. On it's time for a green to go and do they have a tube morale atlantean to use this. Means they can place onto any empty location, on the board as well as potentially, placing on top of one of their own myths now, you'll notice the myth has a spot for a worker and you, can only ever activate, your own myth, now, these myths are effectively, super machines that have been developed with or kalium technology, now. It is worth noting that only Atlanteans, can pilot these myths because remember Atlanteans. Can go into the second third and fourth ring and these a myths are never allowed to go into the first ring of Atlantis now at this point to the green player can take actions, and whenever, you place your Atlantean, onto one of your myths you then only have myth action options, for that turn so green, can look over here to their myth board where each of the four different methods are, listed those, are attack, move gather and a special action that is different, for each myth in the game now, at the moment - Green has decided they want to do an attack action, and as, you can see that is going to do three damage because, that is where this cube is now, later on in the game players will have the ability to train. These myths to do more, powerful, attacks. And gather actions and you'll, notice over here that in the attack area of this myth there are political power stars now, that means the green player is going to get that amount of political power every time they do this action and since, this is in the first spot they will now get one political power in addition to doing three damage so. That one power brings them up to 26 and then. They can do their damage as you can see they are currently in the same location, as the Spanish army and that, army has these two numbers around the outside now, the number that is facing towards the center of Atlantis is the amount of damage that that army needs to take before they are destroyed so, in this case the, myth, is going to do three damage and every, time an army takes damage it is going to rotate clockwise so, it takes one damage and then two damage which is actually enough to destroy this army so three attack was more than they needed now.

I Do want to reiterate that, as a basic, action you can send an Atlantean, over to a location and then do damage to these armies that way and the base attack damage for the Atlanteans is one so each one of those attack, actions would do a single, damage, as this spends over and obviously. You can see that when you are powered up in a myth you can be a lot more action efficient, so, Green can now take this army that they defeated and they can put it facedown in front of them where it will potentially be worth extra political, power at the end of the game depending, on how much beside in favor they have it when the game ends well, that was the free action for this Atlantean, so now they can rotate this over and to do another myth in action so. Let's look back down to this board where there are some more options now this one right here says move and at the moment it this says that for an action they can move their myth six times and each, one of those moves is orthogonal, this. Means if the myth was to move for this action it could do something like one, two three, four five six, obviously. That's not very efficient but that's just an example of movement to show that it never moves on the diagonals, now, while moving these myths can move on to and to stay on locations, with these tiles, as well as buildings but they are never allowed to go on to spots that already have workers on them and again, they can never move into the first ring of Atlantis, well. It looks like the green player does not actually want to move at this moment so. They have two other myth action options, available now. This one right here says rage and this is the unique special, ability for the green players myth but, it's worth noting at the start of the game you randomized these myth boards so the green the player will not always have this ability now, this says for an action they can do one damage to all enemies, in their territory which. Would be this entire 10 piece area now, that would do a damage to this Roman, army but they don't think that is going to be worth it instead. For this action they were going to do a myth gather now, this is going to give them 6, of the type of resource that is in the region they are at and obviously, that can be upgraded as the game goes on well. They are currently in a fish production territory, which, means they will make up to 6 fish unfortunately. For them they, only have spots to take it three of that six but they still thought that this was going to be worth it alright, that is gonna finish up the green player's turn this.

Means It would normally be time for us to go but we don't have any more workers so now the red, player can place it their final worker and, after thinking about it they want to place over here into the territory that Poseidon is blessing that, means they will immediately get it three political power which will bring them up to 15 and then, after that they can take actions now, they've decided they would like to harvest and to this territory, will let them take lumber that, means they will take a two lumber for their free in action and then they've decided to do this again, and then, a third, time as well, so this worker is now, at the zero more now spots and they, are going to harvest two times three or six lumber that. Seems pretty good for them considering, they were at zero so this will pop back up to six and that, has finished their turn well. At this point we have come to the end of the place workers phase of the year because everyone, has used all of their workers now it's worth noting that if you want to you can not use a worker but it generally does make sense to do so so, we can now move on to the next phase of the year which, is called Atlantean, charity the way this works is we start by moving all of our workers back to our myth boards and when. We do this we have to make sure to keep them at their, current morale, level after. That, players can look up to the political power track and for, every opponent who has more political power than you you can add one morale to a worker this, means red can add to morale and we can add at one now. When you gain to more than one morale you can put multiple onto a single worker or you can split it up in this, case it looks like the red player would like to make it this peasant a single, morale peasant and, this Atlantean a single, morale atlantean after. That we will gain a single morale, with. That done we can now move into the morale status phase where each player checks to see how many zero morale workers they have and for, each one of those they are going to lose one Poseidon's, favor in this. Case only the green player has zero, morale workers and it, looks like they have two of them so green is going to lose to favor so. They will drop down to three next. Up any players with technology, that shows the morale status phase icon will then activate them now, we are the only players with any of these and we have steam power and this, is going to give us one of any resource for every morale that we have at this moment it, looks like we have for morale so that will be for resources and we can split this up what we want to but I think let's just take for lumber. After. That it's time to move into the achievement, pause phase with. This in mind let's look up to the top right corner of the map where we see the three different age achievement, sets now, we are currently in Age 1 and we know that because of this token right up here and at, this moment we are going to check each one of these achievements to, see if one or more players have satisfied, them now. You only ever check the achievements of the current age so, let's look up here now, nobody, has built 4 buildings by themselves, yet but we have put to research cubes down onto our player board this. Means we can put our cube right over here to show that we have claimed this achievement, now, if multiple, players are able to claim an achievement within the same year then they can put those cubes onto the same area but in the future players are never allowed to claim, an achievement that already has a cube on it we, can now move on and this one says if a player has at 30 political, power or more they can claim this and it.

Looks Like two of us got close but not quite far enough so, we can move on here and if a player has a one myth deployed they can claim this achievement, well. Green has done that so we can put this here and the next one says if a player has two or more Atlanteans. They can claim this one well, we can see that the red player does indeed have two of those so, red can claim this, achievement here and then, at this one will go to any player that it has six or more favor currently. That is just the red player which. Means they can claim this and finally, any players with one or more defeated, armies can, claim this achievement and, that is the green player because they were able to defeat one so, just like that it looks like five out of these seven achievements, were claimed in this first year of the game now. That we've finished claiming, achievements, it's time to see if the age is going to change now, this is dependent on the player count if this was a two-player game then, if there were three or more achievements then this would move in a three player game if there are four or more different achievements claimed, we'll move and in, a four player game it would need five in, this case it is a three player game and we have five achievements, which is certainly four or more so, that means the game is now moving into the second age this. Means there is a whole new set of achievements to claim and it's worth reiterating the, players cannot claim an achievement that already has a cube and you also cannot claim achievements, from previous ages all, right let's now move on to the next phase which is arresting workers the. Way this works is every one of our workers is going to gain a single morale, so, this one will go to two this, one will go to two and if a worker is at two already it does not gain any more that means we kind of strategically, screwed up we should have seen, that we were going to get a bonus morale from the atlantean charity and if we had done that then we could have used another action to take some more resources but it looks like that is a mistake we are just going to have to live with next. Up red can add a morale to all of these so they are all at two and finally. Green can as well although, it looks like two out of their three workers just have a single morale all.

Right Let's now move into the military advanced phase the, way this works is every single special thailand army is going to move one space closer towards, the center of atlantis now that, is going to be blocked if there is a myth in the way in either of these cases and if there's a myth on the same spot then that is also going to stop it from moving so. These will head over here and when it comes to these special, tiles if they ever find themselves on a spot with a building, then that tile will be immediately, discarded, from the board the. Same will happen if a special tile ever tries to move into the first ring of the board now, with regards to these armies if they ever move into the first ring then they will just stack up right over here because up to three armies could move in there with a single, advance once, that happens poseidon will not be higher I'll explain the details of that next so. We can look over here and as you can see the next step is indeed, Poseidon's, fury and at. This point if are any armies either in the first ring of Atlantis or on, a spot, that has a building, then, Poseidon, will go into a fury now when that happens Poseidon, is going to flood the entire applicable. Territory, that has that army either in the first ring or on top of a building and when, a territory, is flooded we will remove all tiles as well as buildings, and attack stations, after. That we will keep checking each other territory, and for each one that has an army in the center or on a player building there will be a flood which knocks everything out now if there is at least one of these floods then every single player is going to lose a 3 favor on this track so. This can be pretty costly because we are spending resources to construct these buildings but it's worth noting that if a building is flooded off the map it does go back into our supply where, we can then rebuild, it later on in the game the. Final part of this phase involves the Poseidon's fury spot on the favorite track now, if a players token ever goes negative, on the track it falls down over here and at, this point they will lose 10 political, power and then, they will roll this eight-sided die, and, then the side that shows up will indicate which territory, Poseidon will then flood, obviously. That means players might lose buildings on the map even if they were not the ones to fall all the way down over here, finally. If there is a Poseidon's fury activation, then that players token will be moved over to the zero spot, all, right let's now move on to the change of blessing phase the, way this works is we simply roll one of these dice and then, the, territory, that shows up is the new territory, that is blessed in this case we got Northwest, so that means Poseidon, is going to rotate like this, and for, the next year this territory is blessed now, if we had rolled the same territory as before we would just keep rolling, until we got a new one next. Up we can move into the place at new tiles phase the, way this works is if we are in the first age then we are going to roll one of these dice and we will then add three, of these age 1, tiles into the. 4th ring of that applicable territory, currently.

We Are in the second age of the game though so we are going to roll two of these and then we, got to two North now, in this case we have to keep reroll in one of these until we get two different outcomes, now, we have north and south and in, this case we are going to take three towns from the top of the stack for each territory and put them into the 4th ring. So that was the north and of the south so, we can put these right, over there and it looks like that, is a three, Greek armies and then. Down over, here we have a Roman, army a offering. That costs, six or a Chellam to get four favored and finally. There is a Greek, army now, it's worth noting you know once we get into the Third Age of the game we will roll all three of these and then, add three, of the Age three tiles into, those three applicable territories. All, right we've reached the final phase of the year which is where we change the first player token for. This we simply pass this token clockwise over to the next player all, right we have now finished the first year of the game so we can bring this back along to the top and then do all of this again now, I think I will be saving that for the extended playthrough and at, this point I'd like to talk about how, we can get more workers to play with during the game for. This we have to look down into the Town Hall column of each player's board now, in the second age area there is a technology that says public education, and that, unlocks the ability for that player to create these two peasants right here as you can see it does say public education, now, that, means over, here there is a create peasant, action that you can then do at a town, hall and, that, is going to cost a five fish to then bring one of these out into your active area now, you can do that up to twice once these are unlocked and in, the third age you can do, the economics technology. Which will unlock these two over here which, you can then use along with this action to get up to seven workers going at the same time at. This point I would now like to talk about how this game will end obviously. We are progressing through three ages throughout the game and if, during the Third Age we, have got to the point in an achievement pause where, there are four or more of these achievements completed. Then the game will immediately end as part of that achievement pause phase and we will not even do the rest of these steps once. That happens we can then move into final scoring and the, way that works is each player can look over here to the favor track and the, location, of it their token will dictate what their modifier, is going to be now, if their token is over here in the first four, areas they are going to gain a single political power for each of their achievements, next, up if their token is within five to thirteen on this track they are going to get one political power for each achievement as well as every enemy they defeated and every, research cube they put onto their board and then if a player has 14 or more favor then they will get to to political power for each of those things finally, each player has a unique, conditional, and gain bonus in this, case for us we are going to get one or two favor depending, on our favorite track for each one of the contracts, that we have completed, so we are incentivized, to go farther up on the favorite track to make each one of these worth two points instead, of one at the end of the game next.

Up The red player will do the same but for them and they will count up the number of buildings they have on the board and. Then finally for the green player it works in the same way but they are going to count up and score their taxes, stations once. Players add to their endgame points to the points they got in the middle of the game we can check to see who has the most political, power and that player will be the winner well. At this point I have now covered most of the rules to the game which means the tutorial is coming to a close now I do know that there are many technologies I haven't discussed just yet and I, certainly will do that in the extended playthrough and if you'd like to watch that then you can do so by clicking the link that is down below in the description or, you can click the I up there in the top corner and I hope you've enjoyed learning how to play the Age of Atlantis. As. Always I'd like to thank everyone who's been supporting this channel including. All of these producers level patreon backers if you two would like to directly support the channel and the creation of videos like this one then please go to junkets Gamescom slash support to see a variety of ways with which you can do that also if you enjoyed this video please click the like button down below as well as the subscribe button for the channel thanks, for watching.

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