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The 700 Club - September 26, 2018

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The. Following, program, is sponsored. By CBN. Coming. Up. No, need. Jesus. Is here at. Home, with michael, w smith, that's really, the highlight of my life, the singing, legend, sits down with scott ross to talk about his 30 plus year career and you're still working like a crazy guy you begin. To realize what's, really. Important. And the roles in his life you don't see on stage just. Trying to get kids to go to sleep. On. Today's. 700. Club. Well, it looks like chairman. Grassley has, counted, the votes in, the Senate Judiciary Committee, and he says okay we're ready to vote so, I presume that he's got a majority, in favor of, Brit. Cavanaugh's, nomination. They're going to vote on Friday they. Have to announce it three days in advance that, they've announced it and then, of, course tomorrow, they've got hearings, with, Kavanagh and his accuser and the, Republicans. Have picked to. Do their questioning. A. Experienced. Sex. Prosecutor. A lady, who has done these. Cases. Many times and they're going to say are you take, the lead in our. Program. But. I guess the Democrats, each one will have five minutes to try, to beat on Kavanagh and I'm sure he's been coached, just not. To answer certain questions because, they'll try to do everything they can to derail, e but. Assuming, this goes, forward I presume, now that they've got the votes to vote it, positively. Out to the Senate. Where the majority. Leader says we've got enough votes to get him confirmed, Wendy. Yes, Pat just mentioned Republicans, are bringing in a female prosecutor. To ask the questions in tomorrow's hearing, and as Abigail, Robertson reports. Some Republican, senators believe the, Democrats, haven't, played fair with the allegations. Against. Cavanaugh. It's. A tense week in Washington, as Judge Brett Kavanaugh, prepares, to defend himself against. Sexual, misconduct allegations, in, a highly, anticipated hearing. On Thursday. Capitol. Police arrested, dozens. Protesting. In Senate buildings and angry. Demonstrators even. Harassed senator Ted Cruz and his wife at a DC, restaurant. Protests. Picked up after an allegation, emerged, from Debora Ramirez, who, claims Kavanaugh exposed, himself to her in college. Senator. John Thune tells, CBN, News he questions, her motives, and wonders. Why she's only taking, her claims to committee Democrats, and leaving. Republicans, in the dark to, me, clearly attempts, and frankly. Attempts. By the Democrats, that, I, think, they ought in many cases be ashamed of to try at, the eleventh hour to. Destroy the reputation. Of an individual, based. Upon some, I would heart you pretty, flimsy evidence while the white house indicated.

They're Open to hearing from Ramirez, on Thursday, as well, as dr., Christine Ford, Ramirez. Lawyer told CNN, she only wants, to provide information, to the Senate through, an investigation, from, the FBI. Some. Senators, question, if Ramirez, should appear before the committee I can't, see at this point where there, is any evidence. To suggest that, she, ought to come, before I mean she's a she herself has said that. She's trying to search her memory to remember exactly what happened, Republicans, hired experienced. Sex crimes prosecutor. Rachel, Mitchell to question, dr. Ford and Cavanaugh on Thursday. Senator. John Cornyn says he hopes both are treated, with respect, during the hearing and he's, displeased, with how the Democrats, have handled, the allegations. Dr., Ford's, allegations. Should have been brought forward earlier so they could be handled in a confidential, and a respectful, sort of way through the normal background investigation. That, happens all the time unfortunately. We've seen that the norms. And the rules by. Which nominations. Are considered have been pretty much been thrown out the window and, it's, kind of scorched-earth tactics. Cornyn. Says he worries about the lasting, effects this nomination, will have on future judicial. Nominees, I'm, hopeful, that that. After this, experience people could see the benefit, of returning, to more civil. Dignified. Way, of considering the nominations, if we want to continue to recruit good people, to. Hold these very important, positions, it's, important, we not expose. Their families to death. Threats Democratic. Minority, Leader Chuck, Schumer, blasted. Republicans. For labeling, the accusations. As a smear, campaign and, again. Called for an FBI investigation. If, you want the truth, you. Asked for an FBI background, investigation. If you're afraid of the truth you'll. Avoid an FBI background, investigation. Republicans. Are eager to move the process along and, the full Senate, could vote on Cavanaugh's nomination. Early next week. Reporting, from Capitol, Hill Abigail. Robertson CBN News. You. Know if Chuck, Schumer, was so eager, to have an FBI, investigation. Why. The senator. Feinstein, hopeless, information. For. Months, they, had it all, given. To them that they could have referred to the FBI months. And months ago but. They want to spring, this last bit of surprise, it's. Clearly, a, negotiating. Tactic, and I think it's soured, the American, people against what they're doing, this, kind of thing but ladies, and gentlemen I want to explain. To you and I said it before I say it again this. Is a crucial. Vote so, please, pray. About it if the, Democrats, are able to defeat a man with the distinguished, record that Judge Cavanaugh, has and bring, up the spurious, allegations at, the very last minute and then, say well he's got to release more information, and he's got to get George, Bush to say yes to. Confidential. White, House information when he was serving there and all this stuff I mean. The FBI has, done extensive. Background. On this they've, done everything they're, supposed to do and then, at the last minute to say well they only get the FBI to check on this. One woman's, allegations. Is something, that happened 30, years ago. When they she, was a teenager, I mean, this kind of thing is nonsense. And to, smear. A man. With a reputation, of, Justice Kavanagh you don't small, wonder he says I want to clear myself I've never done any of these things but. Now the, Senate will have a chance to question him but. I do hope they don't make it a circus, and I may they had those people who tried to to. Disrupt. These hearings, they. Are violating. Federal law and. In. My opinion they should be prosecuted. And put in jail you. Cannot, have people come into a. Distinguished. Body such as the Senate Judiciary Committee, and, begin. To scream and yell and do, everything they can to disrupt, the proceedings, you just can't permit, that in a civilized. Society and. We. Become a laughingstock, to the world if we allow this thing to continue, so, those people in, my opinion should not only just be taken out of the committee room they ought to be booked. And prosecuted. As criminals. Well. While Washington, is consumed with the Cavanaugh case President. Trump is in New York where. He would share the United Nations Security Council, today Efrem. Graham has that. President. Trump's Security, Council session comes after he addressed world leaders at the UN Tuesday, and while he talked about Iran North Korea and, trade the, president, also made clear his message, is America. First, CBN's, White House correspondent, Ben Kennedy, brings us that story. In. A 35, minute speech, the president covered, a wide range of topics specifically. Pointing out that sanctions, will remain in place against North Korea until, they get rid of their nuclear program, but, the driving theme is how Trump will continue, to put his country first.

President. Trump returned, to the world stage delivering. His second, address to the UN General Assembly in, it he doubled, down on the White House's policy, of America, first in, less than two years my. Administration has. Accomplished, more than, almost. Any, administration. In the. History of our country. America's. So. True. Didn't, expect that reaction but that's okay just. Last year Trump stood here calling Kim jong-un a little Rocket Man Rocket, Man is on. A suicide, mission for himself, today he changed, his tune against, the rogue regime following, his historic, summit with, the North Korean dictator since, that meeting we have already seen a number of encouraging. Measures that few could have imagined, only, a short time ago the. Missiles, and rockets are, no longer flying in every direction. Nuclear. Testing has stopped Trump, then took aim at Iran, Iran's. Leaders, so. Chaos. Death. And, destruction. The. U.s. responded, by withdrawing from the 2015, nuclear agreement, and even, reinstated, economic, sanctions, trumps, now asking nations, to join him in isolating. Iran we, cannot allow a regime that chants death to America, and that threatens. Israel, with annihilation. To. Possess, the means to deliver a nuclear, warhead to. Any, city on earth, just. Can't do it the, commander-in-chief reaffirmed. Support, for Israel and his decision, to move the US Embassy, to Jerusalem, the United States is committed to a future of peace and stability in the region. Including. Peace between, the. Israelis and the, Palestinians. Trump, also announced, new sanctions against, Venezuela and that yes the US will respond in Syria if Bashar, al-assad uses chemical, weapons again this was no doubt a closely, watched speech as Trump, says the u.s. is committed to, making the UN more effective, Ben. Kennedy, CBN. News the White House. Before. The president's, address, the UN secretary-general spoke about the promise, and the dangers, of new technologies. He said artificial, intelligence, blockchain, and biotech.

Could Change or eliminate some jobs and he, said technology can also be a tool for terrorists. And cyber. Criminals, Pat well. I might add that while, we're thinking about that and I want you to know them cyber. Terrorism, is, a very very, real threat, I've, pointed, out before on this program the. Danger, to our. Electric. Grid for. Cyber, attacks. It is very, real very, possible. And the. Hackers, that have been, from. North, Korea, and. China and. Russia, are very. Real and a. Number of businesses, including the. JPMorgan. Chase, have. Been hacked and millions. Of accounts have, been made. Available to, these hackers I might. Also say, if I can get make a plug for reaching the University, if, you want to get your. Employees. Trained. In cybersecurity. Regent. University has. A state-of-the-art, cyber. Range, and has, a. Program. That has been cited. By the National, Security Administration the, NSA, as a, center, for academic excellence, in, cyber security so. There, are not only programs. To, you, know equip, the c-suite, as it's called but, also, just. You know ordinary employees, so if you're interested, in, businessmen, that are listening to this broadcast, you. Can call one eight hundred nine. One. Oh seven. Six, one five, that's, the number for Regent University cyber. Security, Ephraim. Pat. Russia has reportedly, successfully. Tested, another, new weapon, as Vladimir Putin, continues to build up his military Russia. Release this video of its new long-range missile. Which can travel up to 155. Miles the. Video shows the missiles, hitting eight strikes on target, ships the, missile can be fired from land or air and it's, built to destroy ships, up to, five thousand, tons the, missile can be fired from the surface or from Russian, planes. Israel. Is celebrating, the biblical, feast of Sukkot when, thousands, of Christians from around the world come to Jerusalem, see prophecy, fulfilled, and attend the Feast of Tabernacles celebration. Chris, Mitchell brings us this look at the happy and prophetic, event. It's. A gala event Christian. Pilgrims dressed, in national, costumes. Celebrating. The feast in Jerusalem, more. Than 5,000, Christians from nearly 100 countries came. Here for the week-long celebration, they. Came to worship the God of Israel and stand, with his people so, I know it's gonna be a life-changing experience and, I love Israel and I, think. That this is a time that, things. Are gonna turn around and, it's very prophetic we're showing up now as, a statement. Of faith that, that day is coming when the Messiah will rule here, David, Parsons of the International. Christian embassy Jerusalem. Says, this year's theme dare to dream comes, from Psalm 126. When. The Lord turned again the captivity of Zion we, were like those, that dream and it's about the, dream of Israel. All those, centuries of being restored, back to the land ending. The exile coming, back here and we live in the day of Israel's restoration, Israel. Is now 70, years old as a reborn, state. And there's. Much to celebrate they've, overcome many, Wars terror. Attacks, rocket, barrages. Economic. Boycotts, other attempts, to strangle it as, part of this year's celebration people. Are getting the CBN, documentary. To, life how, Israeli, volunteers, are changing, the world the, film shows how Israel, works to be among the first to, respond, to disasters and needs, around, the world and we're. Very happy. That all the feast pilgrims, are going to go back with copies, of it in English and we're partnering with CBN, to also provide Hebrew, copies, to all our pres Railly gets through the feast this week and Christians. Are glad to be here it's great it's it's it's a part of the, prophetic. Woods for the Bible we just been studying the things in the Bible that it talks about how Jerusalem, is gonna be restored and Israel's gonna be restored and we want to be part of that it's, amazing I am really delighted and, thrilled to what I have been witness, since yesterday, evening and, I, think I take, with me a commitment, to now pray more for Israel, for the Peace of Israel, of Jerusalem, and even, do more and mobilize, more people to also. Work towards, the Peace of of Israel, Chris, Mitchell CBN News Jerusalem. 5000. Christians from 100, nations what a sight path well I had, the privilege of addressing that group some years.

Ago And there's a great thrill to me but, ladies, and gentlemen let me go over with you real quickly what the Bible has to say there, were three major faiths. Listen, in the Old Testament one. Was. The feast of. Tabernacle. That. Celebrated. The Israeli. Deliverance. From Egypt, and it. Was fulfilled in, the sacrifice. Of Jesus he, the Bible says he's their sacrificial, lamb the. Second, was, the feast, of Pentecost. Which is 50 days after Passover. Panting, 50, and this. Was the feast where the. Holy Spirit came upon the church shown as the feast of firstfruits and the. Early, Christians, filled, with the spirit were the first fruit unto the Lord so, that, faced, was fulfilled, during Pentecost. Now, the third major feast, was that of Tabernacles. Which had to do with the final ingathering of the. Harvest, of grain and so forth and it was celebrated, by, moving, it. Was sort, of a face of transition. Where the people would move out of their houses and live. In what we call Tabernacles. Or booths and I've been to Israel where it's interesting you go out on the terrace of a restaurant, they have thatched. Outside, and you're, celebrating. That feast that. Feast has not ever had a New Testament fulfillment. And in, my opinion it speaks, to the final. Coming, of the Lord the final, in gathering, the, harvest, of people. Under the Lord and so. There's. A great deal of emphasis, on, the Feast of Tabernacles among. Christians, and that's why we. Make a big deal of it here at CBN, when. We have a rush Hashanah, celebration. And I think it's. Something that you need to consider because. Two, feasts, have been fulfilled, the third it yet to be fulfilled but, everybody, is feeling anticipation. At. That particular event. The, Feast of Tabernacles or. Booths okay. An exciting, time to be in Israel am I really there during, the feast back, in 1999. My first trip to Israel yeah and we all march through the streets when, signs, and, it, was it, was glorious yeah it really is but I think the Christians, are feeling if they come to Israel and I believe maybe the Israelis, are feeling I don't know but it in, my opinion is very important but we there together we were there together a couple of occasions yeah we were there together in, 2006. During the war, that. Was more fun. Yeah. That, was like I want to hear the boom boom we heard it in, Catoosa rockets. Thank. God we didn't get, hit alright well up next a, congressman, who has helped students with special needs get, jobs in Washington and along, the way, these aren't praise from members of both sides of the aisle we've. Now had more than eight years as a permanent. Program Republicans. And Democrats participated. To, the point we don't have enough students, to meet the demand. Outgoing. Mississippi, Rep Greg Harper. Looks back on his career in Capitol, Hill so, don't go away. Almost. 60, representatives. In Congress, plan to retire this year including. Mississippi congressman Gregg, Harper, you. May not have ever heard of great Harper, was. Abigail Robertson explains. This. Christian. Voice. Has. Made an impact, during, his time on Capitol, Hill watch, this. Representative. Greg Harper came to Washington, ten years ago wanting, to make a difference, looking. Back he, had no idea that his greatest legacy, would require no, legislation. At all so. As as God indeed, directs our paths from. The beginning I was on the Committee on house administration which. Has the oversight, over the intern programs, so. We went to them and we started one Harper's, idea turned into a program, serving, students, with intellectual. Disabilities. Who, at that time had. No opportunities. To work on the hill it. Started, small with three, interns, and six, different offices, now, had more than eight years as a permanent, program, over. 170, House and Senate offices Republicans, and Democrats have participated, to, the point we don't have enough students, to meet the demand Harper. Says the program, is so popular, offices. Must often wait a semester, before an intern, becomes, available it's giving, them great opportunity, great experience. Helped. Them to to. Get over some shyness, perhaps, by, the end of the semester they're part of the family and the, confidence, level is incredible.

The Inspiration, for this program, began with Harper son Livingston, who, was born with fragile X syndrome, none, of that program, that's impacted, so many offices, would, have happened but for our experience, with Livingston, Austin. Cho thrives so much during his internship, it led, to a full-time, job his. Daily, duties include, scanning, documents into the digital archives, and providing. Advice and direction to other interns. I usually give them advice like. Stay. Focused, and listen. Fortunately. The successful, program will continue despite, her, first upcoming, departure. It will certainly live on and I very. Much anticipated, to continue to grow to. New levels colby jordan who, watched her cousin, face obstacles growing. Up praises. Her boss for focusing, on the special needs community it's. Been really cool to see these. Interns, come into our office may be such a light i think. It's showing people, on the hill that these, people can work they can have full-time jobs that can come in here and make a difference and in an office culture another, legacy, harper, leaves behind is leading. His staff by example, on how you don't need to separate, faith from, the workplace, the. Biggest thing I learned from him is a boldness, in, faith just. Walking around the halls of Congress, he will stop, a janitor, or another worker, and ask them how he can pray for them today and give them a Bible verse or a word of encouragement it's, been only cold a transition, and to a job where. You're. Not looked at differently for your faith and it's encouraged, for your faith to influence, the decisions, that you make in your, life for, almost six years no. One left Harper's, congressional. Office to work elsewhere which. Is unheard, of in many offices especially. On the hill it's been such a pleasure working for him I think speak some there will be a challenge a transition, to. Work, for somebody else Harper, will leave his mark in other places such. As the Capitol, Visitor Center where, he fought to display our national, motto when you come in now the first thing you see tastefully, done engraved, in the marble there is. Our. Motto national, motto In, God We Trust and, in, the rotunda, where he worked to put biblical, language, back into the descriptions, below the paintings. Harper. Wants other Christians, coming to Washington, to, know they're not alone there's, a lot of strong, believers, here so my advice is. Locate. Some of those friends, stay, grounded in your own personal, faith and time that you have and don't. Forget about your family at home Harper's, wife Sydney, says her advice to future families, considering. Running for office is, pray, about it it's, not a decision, you take lightly and. Like. You said you've got to hear. From God and know that it's the right decision and, then he. Will he. Will guide you, congressman. Harper tells me he's retiring, this year because. He never meant to make this a career but. Is sure he'll remain actively, involved, in politics, back, home in Mississippi. Reporting. From Capitol, Hill Abigail. Robertson CBN, News. Thanks. Abigail we're, so grateful for his service and it sounds like everybody who worked for him is gonna miss him very much well still, ahead the, multi-platinum. Artist who, sold nearly 20 million albums. Across 30, years, and now michael w smith is thinking about passing the torch to the next generation we. Start, to hear more, clearly and you start to see more clearly and. Then all of a sudden it's all the family thing that's really that that's really the highlight of my life the. Three-time Grammy Award, winner stalks legacy. With our Scott, rocks that's next. Michael. W smith is one of the most popular, Christian singers of all time but those, closest, to him know him simply as G, daddy the, award-winning artist, has 14. Grandchildren, with, one, more on the way so, it's no surprise that his latest project, is one focused on the newest generation, recently. He and his son Tyler sat down with our Scott Ross to talk about lullaby. And their. Legacy. For. Well more than 30, years michael. W smith, has, been writing some of the best known best. Love songs in christian music despite.

Huge Success, and popularity he's, known for being, a down-to-earth family, man I talked. To Michael and his son Tyler at the Smith farm near Nashville about their family, careers. Legacy. And their, newest joint project. An album, lullaby. And a book nighty-night. And good, night just. Trying to get kids to go to sleep. But. You got to come up with something I mean Mike, Nawrocki. Was, a big part of this project for us and Mike was Larry the Cucumber. VeggieTales. And, I think there's something really sacred. About. That fathers, final, few minutes before he kids go sleep, that. You're instilling, something, in them I'm, praying that's gonna come into the homes of just. Unbelievers. And. We're. Gonna see a lot of people saved through, it yeah. No, need to. Jesus. -. Save. In, my. No. More. As. To his own career, Smitty, as he's called knows. A bit about handling, success. He, sold 18, million albums, received. Countless dub, and Grammy Awards, and even. Starred, in a few films the. Kind of high, profile, you have had for, how many years now, do. You have any idea. Started. Turn with Amy Grant in 82 is that right 36, going, on 37, years Wow okay. Have you been able to maintain, the, balance of. Husband. And. Father. And, now, grandfather, plus. All the, other projects. You were involved in and you're, still working like a crazy guy, week. I mean I just remember dev. And I talking at, the very beginning, when. That when the success, started taking off you, know we, cannot. Afford to be a casualty, mm-hmm. And we, are going to make some ground rules and, we're gonna take. Sabbaticals, and we're, gonna make family first mm-hmm. Period and. We're. Not gonna let anything jeopardize that, and we said that was rule 1 and we've stayed with that rule and, Tyler, you shipping. Of that yes. Priority, yeah absolutely and. I think part of part of what helped was he. Would take us with him on, the road and take us you, know a lot, of memories of. Being. On tour with him and. Especially. In the song yeah I love being on the boss, just. Loved being on the bus jumping in the boat we did love it. Slipping. And tripping and they. Just thought the bus was the greatest thing part. Of the traps that. You've been able to avoid throughout, the years that, must been the, money sex power the three Biggie's yeah, and. Take. Out so many artists, you say actually, yeah, I've survived, success. Well. That's good. Thank. God yeah, you. Know and I think as you get older, you. Begin, to realize what's, really. Important. You. Realize it's not about you.

And. Then you really realize there's that, God shape told that only he can feel and you. Know if you sell million records then for a lot of people then the FT sell five million the next if you don't self thought me until ten million it's a it's a it's, a just a never-ending, cycle, of, just of. Striving. That can. Bring. An early death to your life you know I'm saying and hopefully just keep falling in love with Jesus you know and you, start to hear more, clearly and, you start to see more clearly and and. Then all of a sudden you know Pollard's, having kids and the other kids are having kids and, and. It's G daddy time and, so it's all, the family thing that's really been that's really the highlight of my life, how. Many grandchildren, now 14, and another one on the way do, you write I do. Mmm-hmm keep following in his footsteps in, that way you know I say. I'm walking his footsteps I'm partially, walking in his footsteps I think I have one foot in the music industry and, one foot in the film industry so I'm writing. A lot of music for film right now actually is kind of the primary. Focus. For me currently. He's. Scoring two movies right now really he's not going to tell you that but I will so, Wow. In, your generation, of people do they understand, what the church is versus. Who Jesus, is and, there's, a clear, distinction, is there, is absolutely Hannah I think that's a lot of what has turned off a lot. Of people in my generation is, is it's always a problem with the church or someone in the church or somebody who you, know treated, them badly. But. They've missed they've missed Jesus and all of that you know and they haven't met him so he's. Been misrepresented. On, so many levels, that's. What bugs, the heck out of me one, of Michael's, role models, and close friends, was Billy Graham whose, death is sharpened, Michael's focus, on his own legacy. It. Was hard for me. It. Was hard and beautiful at the same time you, know I cried for a week I just couldn't mmm, I just, rare, fact I keep crying from time to time I miss, him because he really was a great friend and it's been a lot of time with him in, his. Home over the years you know I think. Septum, was passed on to me. Hmm I think. There's maybe more of an urgency for me in. Terms of what I'm doing every night be. More intentional I definitely, agree that a mantle has been passed and. I see. It on my dad absolutely I believe him, he, doesn't even quite know it what he's about to step into in my opinion God's got got something huge and we need that's exactly, what we need right now is another, maybe. Not another Billy Graham but, what. He had I think is what we need mm-hmm, it's. Called anointing. Us that's right. Well. If. Some of that is passed on I just. Hold. It hold it lightly yeah. But. It's a it's an honor I'll do, I'll do whatever I'm called to do to finish this race. You're, safe here in my. Love. One. Of the greatest in Christian music and, by, the way Scott didn't mention he's from West Virginia, you. Know. Michael. W smith lullaby, here it is is available wherever music, is sold and when you're checking out don't forget the book this looks amazing, for, kids nighty-night and good night you can get a copy in stores nationwide and, i, know this is gonna be sweet and I love what he said to Scott at the beginning he's like I just looking for a way to put the kids to sleep you, know it, was like wow. What a great talent and a great, and.

Very Humble and that's. The mark of greatness is he you know he just give, glory to the Lord yeah so humble well, to, these grandchildren I want to rock at 14 though I've got 14 great-grandchildren, so they're in a race you and Michael Debbie Smith you're in a race now I think I've exceeded you right oh you've got 14 great great. Grandchildren. The 14 great-grandchildren. Multiply. Well coming up time, to tackle your emails one viewer writes is it okay for me to take medication, for schizophrenia, while. I wait for God's healing get, ready for another round of your questions, honest, answers later on today's 700, club. And, welcome. Back to the 700 club a well-known, evangelical. University, has changed, its policy, and will, no longer forbid, public. LGBTQ. Relationships, Azusa. Pacific University was, the first Christian College on the west coast the, university's, student web site zoo media reports, the students, and the school's administration have. Been talking about the change for a while, the university, will also work to provide a safe, space for, LGBTQ. Students, on campus, Azusa, Pacific says, it will adhere to the biblical principles, of human. Sexuality, a. Teenage. Boy survived, at sea for, 49. Days with only a few resources and his, Bible, his name is Alden, eval Adeline, and he's from Indonesia, his, country's consulate, says he worked on a fish trap boat and it broke away from its anchor off the. Coast of Indonesia during, a storm, he, then drifted, out to sea he. Survived, on the little food he had his survival, skills and reading, his Bible, as well as praying, his, story, has gone viral on the internet, for. More on both of these stories and the latest from cbn news you can visit our website Pat. And Wendy are back with much more of today's 700 club it's, coming, up right after this. Peter. And Sandra are a couple whose time in military housing was, coming to an end after, serving, five tours of duty Peter was facing, the possibility of, having to move his family into, a homeless, shelter, instead. CBN's. Helping the homefront was, able to give them a hand, up. Peter. Van belters spent nine years in, the Army as a blackhawk helicopter mechanic if, anything, should go wrong I'm here that's, on me so. We make sure these are after good to go, his. Wife Sandra, is extremely, proud of Peters service he. Had that bravery, he, just knows, that this is something that he was called to do after. He completed five tours Peter, decided to get out of the Army and use his GI Bill to go to college, but. They learned it would take longer than expected for his school benefits, to kick in which, meant no income, for three months at the, same time their van needed tires and the transmission, needed, repair their. Time and military housing was coming to an end they, needed to move but didn't have rent money the, couple started contacting, homeless shelters, panicking. And, frantic. And I'm thinking how, we're going to support. This family what's gonna happen Bethel. Church knew about the families situation, and contacted, helping the homefront and asked CBN, to step in pastor. Lance Phillips, invited, the couple to his home to share some big do's. CBN. In partnership. With Bethel, Community Church is really, stepping up to the plate and we're. Going to give you the. Finances. To be able to pay the first month's rent and the. Last month's rent and also. To be able to pay two more, payments. On top of that how, does that sound, it's, awesome and it gets better. We. Know you have a vehicle situation. CBN. In partnership, with Bethel is gonna be able to step up and give. You the. Finances, to repair, your vehicle. It. Even gets better. On. Top, of all of those great things, CBN. Is taking, you to buy clothes, for. Your children, and, whatever you need for your two kids oh my. God. They're, Church and CBN, paid for rent while the family waited for Peters school benefits, to kick in we, took them to Sears automotive, to replace the tires and get the transmission fixed when. Sears heard about helping the homefront they, kicked in a big discount, then. It was off to a shopping spree to buy clothes, for the kids what. You guys have done has. Really fulfilled are a lot of our dreams and goals and, I feel like we. Can. Now go forward and, also give to others as well. You're. A CBN, partner you helped that precious military, family get back on their feet if, you're, not now. It's a great time to go to your phones and say yes I want to I want to join the 700 club, the number on your screen 1 800 700. 700. 700. A. Day $20. A month is all it takes to become a CBN partner and when, you do we want to bless you with Pat's new teaching called miraculous.

Blessings, You know God loves you he wants to bless you not, just with your daily needs but with the desires of your heart we want to, understand. How to get in a position to. Be blessed this is our gift to you when you give us a call right now and just say, yes great, teaching by the way I, loved. It Scott, yeah, it. Was wonderful well. We've got some email you okay. Let's start with this viewer. Dear Pat do you think it, would be wrong for me to take medication. For a quote incurable, disease like schizophrenia, and anxiety, but, for me to still believe in God's healing touch for, me to have a full recovery as I continue to exercise, my authority as, a believer. You. Know once, upon a time that we believed we shouldn't take any medicine, I I've, come to the conclusion that that the, great. Skill, that has been given, to our medical professionals of. The, medicine. That is coming out of the tremendous. Advances. In. Biochemistry. And so forth are very important, and I don't think it's a sin to take, medicine, to alleviate. Especially, something like schizophrenia. And I wouldn't. Feel bad about it at all and by, all means believe. God God is the ultimate healer. And it's wonderful when he, you. Know touches, somebody's, life but I think the idea that I'm, not gonna have an operation, because I'm waiting for God to heal me and so forth I mean if that's what God tells you to do then you do it but at the same time don't, feel guilty because you're taking advantage. Of the great medical and. Opportunities. We have oh man all, right alies says dear Pat six years ago I became pregnant out of wedlock. I wasn't, actively, living in sin with my child's father it was a one-time, occurrence but led to the pregnancy my, mother and a lot of my Christian relatives, refused, to support me by, attending a shower thrown, for me until. This day it still bothers me why, would a Christian make a single mom feel bad about choosing, life for her child, why should that child's life be less celebrated, or important, just because it wasn't born. In the ideal circumstance. Is, it really okay for Christians to judge and not help moms in need especially their own family, I think. Your question, answers. Your itself. You. Know that was the feeling some time ago that you, remember the scarlet letter and, you, know you you know you have sinned. Fallen. Women you've, had babies, over wedlock, and therefore, we will cast you out and, I mean. There are all kinds, of. Stories. And literature, about, this. Kind of thing the, idea is we, all sin we're all sinners and, I think we ought to reach out and help single. Mothers if, sure, they've, gotten pregnant out of wedlock well. You. Don't say well keep, doing it but what you say is look if you've fallen we've all sinned and all, of us have come short of the glory of God so. We need to be compassionate in, the church in our homes and so forth and, to. Blame a woman. You. Know in those cases the men always get away. Don't get blame. The. Poor girl and. But, to cast. Her out of that that was being done than in 18th, century England. And so forth the, idea is no we're, compassionate. We love people all right Henry. Says I have my retirement checks, automatically. Deposited to, my bank account and I use my debit card to make purchases could. This be considered the mark of the beast and revelation, where we cannot purchase or make purchases, without this mark as you, know today, you cannot do anything without computers, you can't purchase groceries or anything without computers, or barcodes. Are those barcodes. Considered. The mark of the beast I don't, really think so, I think, that what the. Truth is we're. Getting into, a cashless, society. Where. Indeed. It would be possible, with a too much effort for a. Single. Entity, or, a group of people to take control of the finances, of the world I'm sorry to say but that's the way it is and now, they're talking about, tattooing. Your. Entire, credit, history, or putting an implant a, chip that sort of thing I think, we're getting close to some of those things in Revelation, but just, using credit cards today, I I mean, it's just a convenience, that I I wouldn't. Worry about it all right all right Abby says people are saying that Jesus, is God is this true and if Jesus is God then, why did he shout when he was on the crime cross, my. God my God why have you forsaken me, um. Jesus. Was, God. And he was man and we. Have to recognize, that he's, a hundred percent human. And a, hundred percent deity. But, the humanity, on the cross was, at, this, point of time where. God, turned. His face away from his son because. The, son was bearing, the sins of the world and, God. Was turning. His face against, sin, and the, humanity. Of Jesus, was saying my.

God My, God why have you forsaken me, well the Lord had God, had never forsaken, his son ever, but, the. Sin, that he, was carrying, you, remember he in the Garden of Gethsemane he, said take this cup, from me and the, father said no son you you know the, plan we've had you. Are sinless you've got to bear the sin of mankind, that. I might have an occasion. To forgive, them that that's what it's all about so. That. That's what it was it wasn't that, he had been wasn't. God, the. Father he's. The. Humanity, of Jesus is crying out to the Father I don't. Feel your presence at this point of time because. I, am now bearing, the sin of the world. Okay. Well today farce Giles, enjoys, eating the food she loves, but. For 20 years Florence, was suffering, with burning. Acid. Reflux. No. Matter. What she ate and. After decades, of trying to control her condition, suddenly. Florence. Was healed in, an instant. For. Almost twenty years, Florence Giles, suffered with chronic, acid reflux. It. Was horrible. It was in my throat it was in my stomach I just, felt bad all over. Florence. Went to her doctor for help but the price of prescription medication, started, to add up so, she tried to control the acid with her diet. I tried. To watch what I would eat so, no matter what it was if it was late or what time it was it, was just there, I couldn't. Sleep well at night, and. I would put my hand here and just piss down. For. Years, Florence prayed for relief. On. July, 19 2013. Florence, was watching the 700 club, I was in fraying of the tendons, I was, sitting on the sofa and. Gordon. Prayed, and, then. They were almost like ending, and Terry. Said someone. Else you have extreme. Acid. Reflux, and you've had it for a long time God's healing that oh I just jump, did I do I knew. I was excited. Lauren. Says her acid reflux stopped that very day and has never returned, I. Love. To eat and I just ate anything it didn't bother me so. I just, praise God for that for the healing. Believe. And you will receive what is that for me he'll do for you. God. Answers, prayer a wonderful, word and. Here's. Some prayer, requests we've asked for people to send. Them prayer requests, somebody. Says total healing from multiple sclerosis. God. Can heal can, and does heal that it looks like it's hopeless but it's not God, Iike. Miracles, in, order, pray. That my relationship, with my daughter be, restored, and. Somebody, is praying what we've been saying all along the Democrats, and Republicans, will stop, fighting each other they'll start worrying for the good of America, I think, we, we. Need to pray especially with, these hearings, going on for the, judge and that somehow we. Can come together as. A nation you've, got some of the healing. Of a spinal cord injury causing, extreme body pain for the past 10 years I, need, a financial blessing, I work every day but it's not meeting my financial. Needs a lot of people can relate to that and safety, and protection for first responders police, firefighters medical. Personnel, amen. Yes, all, right we're, gonna join hands together and, you, pray with us wherever you are father. When. Did I join together. And. We hold before you this nation, we, pray for a revival in, America the Lord, let. This extreme. Partisanship. Be taken away may the rancor, and the hatred be done away with may.

There Be love, and, may, the elected. Representative. Love. This nation, and stand, for America, United, as one nation, under God not to separate, nations. Because. We know a house divided, can't stand and. Be we have unity, in our nation, in love, for you the. Lord we've received, thousands. And thousands, of prayer requests, during our week of Prayer people. Are suffering Lord we hear of these terrible things people are paralyzed, people, have spinal, injuries, people have multiple sclerosis, people have cancer. They have all kinds, of diseases and, we pray right now that you will reach out into the audience that we serve and touch, lives in the name of Jesus. Maybe, the anointing, of the Spirit be, there may you know healing. Wendy. Jesus, name yes Lord thank you for everyone, is written, in and there's people that are there, crying out for financial, provision God you can do that Lord you are you, are Jehovah Jireh you, are our provider Lord. We ask for healing for the ones who. Are suffering, with neck, and spinal injuries, God and I've had pain for years, and years Lord you can take it away in an instant, just, like you did for that lady in there in the story that we just saw before we asked for miracles today we ask for miracles to come to, those who have been in pain to, those who are crying out to you today your children, in Jesus name somebody. I believe named Linda you've got kidney stones and it hurts like crazy right, now that you. Will pass those stones one day you will be healed in the name of Jesus, touch. Amen. And well, we leave you with today's power minute from Luke chapter, 5 and the, power of the Lord was present to, heal, them, Wendy, and all of us this is Pat Robertson we'll, see you tomorrow bye-bye.

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The mark of the beast probably has nothing to do with Chips, Tattoos, or bar codes. In the OT what you thought was like a sign, or mark, on your forehead, what you did was called a sign or mark on your right hand. Therefore the mark of the beast is most likely the act of bowing down, and worshipping the image of the beast, which will be set up everywhere, and no one can buy or sell, without doing that. That takes an act of the will, marking the forehead, and physical action to bow down to the image of the beast, thus marking the right hand.

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