The 700 Club - February 20, 2019

The 700 Club - February 20, 2019

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The. Following, program, is sponsored. By CBN. Coming. Up a, cure. For cancer within, a year completely. Because, thus. The cancer cells would, be completely, killed, every. One of them here all about this revolutionary. Research, from a tiny lab in Israel. Plus. A husband. With a hidden addiction. I very much led, a double, life who finally, confesses, to his wife, sort. Of is still held on to, some of the darkest, parts of my, addiction the wake-up call that sets, him free if, you don't stop doing what you're doing you. Will die and, saves. His marriage, on today's, 700. Club. Well, welcome folks to this edition to the 700. Club, it's snowing, and a lot of the country, for, some reason, or other here, we live there's supposed to be snow but we haven't gotten any they've. Got it in Washington certainly, going all up these coasts 39. States, under, various. Storm watches but we haven't got it so we'll tell you more about it, well. I'm. Sure Donald, Trump is, licking. His chops with. Glee as another. Left. Winger, joins. The race in, the Democratic, Party Bernie. Sanders. 77. Years old says. He wants to finish quote, the revolution. He started, the. Socialist, standard, bear jumped, into the 2020. Presidential. Race Tuesday. He, says his policies. Are quote, more popular. Than ever well, while some in the Democratic, field share his vision others. Are distancing. Themselves from his policies, Heather, sells reports. In. A crowded Democratic field, Bernie Sanders, has more cash in the bank than any of his competitors and, thanks. To his 2016. Run he enjoys serious, name recognition but. Some are also asking, has his moment, passed together. You, and I and our. 2016. Campaign. Began. The, political, revolution, now. It is time to complete that revolution, and implement. The vision that, we fought for Bernie, Sanders believes. That 2020. Will be his moment. Self-proclaimed. Democratic, Socialist. Is enjoying, greater, influence, in the Democratic, Party, many. Of his wants fringe ideas, are now democratic. Mainstream, at, least one candidate, is adding, her own twist, on Monday. Elizabeth, Warren announced, a plan for universal child care at a cost of 70, billion a year to. Be funded by taxing, the wealthiest Americans. You, may recall that in 2016. Many, of the ideas that I. Talked, about Medicare. For all raising, the minimum wage, to. $15. An hour making. Public colleges and universities, tuition. All of those ideas people was all Bernie they're so radical, they are extremely American, people just. Won't accept those ideas well you know what's happened that over three years all. Of, those ideas and many more are now part of the political, mainstream but. Some Democrats are keeping, their distance Amy. Klobuchar has, rejected free tuition, and Kamala. Harris makes, the point she's, not a socialist, I was, a magic. Genie, and could give that to everyone, and we could afford it I would well, I'm not a Democratic, Socialist I believe. That capitalism. Has. Great, strengths when it works for all people equally well on Tuesday, a Trump campaign, spokeswoman, predicted. That Americans, will reject, quote an agenda, of sky high tax, rates, government-run. Health care and codling. Dictators. Like those in Venezuela, the. President, himself said. That Sanders, has no chance. Personally, I think he missed his time but, polls show that of the current Democratic candidate, Sanders, is the strongest, unless.

Joe Biden enters the race and those, close to the former vice president, say he, is still considering. A run Heather. Sells CBN News. You. Know in, an amazing, the Democrats, are bringing forth a fatal to quote old white guys. They. Talk about they're, the party of the masses, and here, this old guys 77. Years old, Joe Biden is about the same Elizabeth, Warren as what, is she 68. Or some 50, hours she's older and. How. About the young people they're supposed to be the core, of that party. And it's, just amazing, what they've got but I don't, think Americans, when they go for socialism, but the trouble is the young people don't understand. It they, haven't been taught and what they've been taught in the schools is wrong the. Colleges, that they want to give free tuition to or just instead. Of being, a bulwark. Of democracy. They're a bulwark of socialism, and communism. And they. Teach, things that undermine, the heroes of America, it's. Horrible, I mean our college system is rotten at the core and. The. Public school system, is rotten at the core and, it's, just a shame there's. So many dedicated public, school teachers, that are, out there trying, so hard against. This, terrible. Socialist. Onslaught. Well. Nany am talking, about an onslaught, a massive. Winter storm is, now moving into the East John. Jessup has more about that. Impact. The powerful storm is hitting the entire, eastern, United States today and tomorrow the, winter weather was set to strike the central part of the country overnight, with, up to eight inches of snow in some areas it, is the latest in a non-stop series of storms, this winter I think. It's too much I. Think. We can have less of this, the. Storm now moving on to cities like Detroit, Chicago and, New York it could bring up to six inches of snow to Baltimore, right here in Washington, with ice in parts of the Midwest and mid-atlantic and, heavy, rains farther south well, Houston's, second Baptist Church is responding, to questions about its, handling, of sexual abuse cases Monday. SBC, president, JD Greer included, second Baptist in a list of ten churches for scrutiny and possible, removal this, all stems from a series of reports by two texas newspapers, revealing.

That Over the course of two decades close. To 400, Southern Baptist leaders faced allegations of, sexual misconduct. 220, were convicted, or took plea deals leaving. Behind more than 700. Victims in a statement second Baptist Church said it takes, allegations, of sexual misconduct or abuse very seriously, the, church also says of the two cases the Houston Chronicle reported, one, man a contractor. Was let go as soon as the church learned of the allegations and, the second Pat was terminated almost a year before the sexual abuse actually, took place, you. Know I want, to say about that second baptist this is a fantastic, church, with wonderful, people and. Young as the former I don't know if he's still the pastor it was he's. A leader, of the Southern Baptist Convention. To, link that great, Church in the fact that the Houston Chronicle has made a few allegations, over the years some. Contracting. Firm there was let go but. That's, you. Can't just, be running those charges, around, it isn't right to. Do that but, I'm. Shocked to hear that that is. This, sexual. Stuff is just, terrible, and it's permeating. All the churches and. Now the, Catholic Church, which has got so much problem. They're, talking, about nuns, that are that are. Molesting. Young, people. They're, talking about pedophile. Priests, they're talking, about hiring prostitutes, they're. Talking, about children. To. Unmarried. Priests that they're trying to take care of them well. John has more on what's happening, in. The Catholic, Church. Yeah. Pat Pope Francis, is convening a summit of, Catholic leaders from around the world in Rome this week to address decades, of sexual abuse scandals, as amber, Straughn reports the church is also bringing to light a policy, that's been kept secret for years the. Cloud hanging over the Catholic Church is getting darker, as a new, report reveals the church produced, secret, documents. To deal with children born, to priests in a statement a Vatican spokesperson. Told The New York Times I can, confirm these guidelines exist it is an internal, document these. Sons and daughters refer to as children, of the ordained, have, been usually, kept out of the public eye when, you're hidden, you. Are characterized, by. Secrecy. What. Does secrecy, do to a child. It. Eats away at their sense of worth as one of those hidden, children, Vincent, Doyle is now shedding, light and helping, those like himself his website coping, International provides resources, to some 50,000. Users this, latest, element is just a part of the sexual abuse scandal, the church hopes to address with this upcoming meeting, the, protection, of minors in the church conference will bring together the Pope bishops. From around the world and survivors. I'm hopeful, that the church will come out with doe actions. That are going to keep children safer. Today and help survivors, to heal both abuse and this, cover-up can, no longer be tolerated the, meeting comes on the heels of the pontiff's, decision, to dfrac, former Washington, DC Archbishop, Theodore McCarrick Carrick is accused of abusing minors, and Seminary, students, for years the fact that it takes. This. Takes place on the eve of the. Historic, summit is. A. Depressing. Sign that, it, takes bad, publicity, and, a. Tsunami. Of criticism. Before, this, Pope finally, does the right thing in an attempt to pull back the curtain of, secrecy, the church plans to stream parts, of that conference on the web so, the public can judge for itself, amber, strong CBN, News in Washington. Thanks. Amber well an American woman who left Alabama to join Isis, now wants to return Hoda. Mithu nough says she was radicalized, online, and went to Syria to marry an Isis, fighter while, there she sent her own anti-american. Messages on social media like this one Americans.

Wake Up go on drive-bys, and spill all of their blood veterans. Patriots, Memorial. Day kill them now. With the Caliphate nearly destroyed she's trapped in a refugee, camp with her 18, month-old child and, says, she regrets everything. I. Thought. It was obligatory upon, me to go and I went without. Thinking, of the consequences without. Thinking, twice really. Asked. If she should be held accountable for her actions Bethune has suggested, she could get therapy and is willing to speak out against, radical Islam if she, is allowed to return home she could face jail time Pat. My. Feeling, is keep. That woman I'll buy me lunch those. People, realized their consequences. And what, she did is not something, you just have quote therapy, about it. Was horrible, to join, up with those people and watch the murder of her fellow citizens. And to, speak out for those bloodthirsty, killers. It's. Outrageous. And I yeah, I mean I'm, for forgiveness, but in that case keep. Her out of this country, I mean she has left the country keeper. I mean let, everybody. Know that there's a penalty, for. Joining, a radical, group like this and turning against, your nation, and do. Not give, her quote, forgiveness. I'm all for forgiveness, that's the Christian thing but. In this case there, has to be a consequence. To the actions, of somebody, and she, was old enough to know what she was doing, John. Pat. If anything, positive comes, out of Syria's Civil War it could be the new government, formed in the northeast part of the country it's based on equal rights and religious, freedom and as Chris Mitchell reports from right here in Washington, this new democracy, could be short-lived if US forces leave the area. This. New government runs, from the tigris to the Euphrates, rivers we, have a political. System that. Was. Based on a social contract, between all, the groups Arabs. Kurds Syria, Christians, and this social, contract that they, articulated. How they want to live together as diverse. Ethnicities. And. Diverse, religions. Bassam, Itzik is seeking, support from, u.s. leaders, for this new government he, calls it a golden. Opportunity I, don't, think ever any political system in the Middle East guarantee, the religious freedom, you. Go back hundreds, and thousands, of years this has not happened they, also see a common, bond, most, of our aspiration. Actually, is a line would be with, the American. Revolution. We. Don't want the country where. Citizenship. And rights are based on ethnic. Identities. Or religious. Identity. We want all Syrians, to be equal we. Believe they were all created. By God equal, and. To. Be free they, also find, inspiration. In the Bible with, a prophet, Isaiah wrote, of a holy highway, from Assyria, part, of modern-day Syria through. Israel and Egypt. This is actually, our dream is that our that. The highway, that the Crescent will be the Isaiah Crescent, Lord, willing because. It's a crescent, of peace, and prosperity, and, according. To Isaiah when this is a Crescent, is established. It will, be a blessing for the whole earth so. We are really yearning. For the Isaiah Crescent. Yet. He says they need protection so, this dream and democracy. Can, stay alive this, Hawk says he, wants to tell President Trump the, existence, of Christians, there hangs, in the balance, given, surrounding, threats so, I would say to him mr. president. God is entrusting. You only God has entrusted America. With power and ability, please. See. God ask God, before. You make the decision so that, Christianity. Is not. Eradicated. From. Syria, and from, historical. Mesopotamia, Chris Mitchell CBN News, Washington. Had. A promising, moved there with a government. In Northeast Syria and perhaps a model for the rest of the Middle East let's, hope so I tell you I hope, our president, will listen to some of this those. Christians. Believe, me we'll be slaughtered, if the, Turks take, over and they want to take over now I've suggested the, Kurdistan, which is a much larger group they're, 36, million Kurds they.

Have No country. And, they. Want to establish a. Free, democratic. Society and. They, could be a trump. Manifesto. Just like the manifesto. That declared, a holy land. For the Jews in the Holy Land they. Can say you, know it, is our desire. Of, our administration. There, be a homeland, for the Kurdish people 36. Million the. Only major, ethnic, group in the world that does not have its own homeland, and they're already established. Across northern. Iraq northern, Syria, and, it's a bigger group with this Democratic, assembly. They're in in northern, Syria, it's a wonderful, thing but, folks, if, we pull out. Precipitant. Lee from, that area there's, going to be a bloodbath, of. Epic, proportions. The Christians will be, eliminated. The, Yazidis, will be killed and the Kurds will be slaughtered, I guarantee, it'll happen and the. President, needs to be aware of this he's. He's, riding, the high in the polls he's done a wonderful job the, speech was tremendous, etc, all. He's got to do is, issue, a, trump, manifest, though he doesn't have to do anything else a Trump doctrine, that says. I recognize, a homeland, for the Kurdish people that's always gonna do Kurds. Are already there but they. Need Americans. Support, if the military from America, pulls out the. Soviets, move in the. Syrians. Under Bashar Assad, move, in and. The. Iranians. Move in through, the other part of, Iraq. It'll. Be a bloodbath and all, those wonderful people will be slaughtered, mr.. President, please listen and, write. The white house call oh boy, those calling the hotline. Say. We urge the president, he will listen if enough people get, on the phone and call in the White House and. We. Cannot pull, out of that thing we just can't do it and. I'm all for bringing our troops home absolutely we've, been in too many wars or too many places that I'm all for it but in. This case. All. We've got to do is you know nature abhors a vacuum so, if we pull out as a vacuum we. Can the. Kurdish. People already have a government, they've already got a country all set up and there, are people 36. Million of them are big enough to take charge, of northern, Iraq and, northern. Syria, that is the historic, land of the Kurds and this. New democratic group. I mean God bless them incorporated. And, they'll, that prophecy, and Isaiah you know of, this.

Syria. Will be blessed by God, and Israel will be my people and there'll be a highway between, Assyria. And Egypt been and it, will go through Israel and I'd be a third and in the nation it's gonna be wonderful, but. Whether that's the fulfillment, of that I don't know but, one thing we cannot have as on, our watch is a bloodbath. We'll never be able to recover from it it'll be a stain on our nation, we cannot live, through we can't have it happen Perry, well. Coming up some good news promising, new research, on a cure, for cancer. It. Would have almost no side effects and in no time it would be cured completely because. Thus. The cancer cells would, be completely. Killed, every. One of them we'll. Take you inside a tiny, lab in Israel, to meet the scientists, behind this revolutionary. Treatment, that's next. Well, the, news is usually, bad news and, so you hear a succession. Of. Horror. Stories, of killings, and murders and Wars and so forth but. It it nice to have some good news now, we've got some the chairman, of Israeli, company, announced, a possible cure, for cancer, within a year the. News made headlines, around the world, and, one of the scientists, working on the project, spoke with CBN, News now. Here's medical, reporter, Rory Johnson. To, tell us all about this promising. Research, from, Israel. Scientists. All over the world have, been looking, for a cure for cancer for years. Now, two Israeli. Researchers, think they've found, one we, didn't want to have, another drug, like, everyone, else that, would give. Relief to some cancer patients and then the castle would come back we. Wanted really to cure something like antibiotics. Four years ago dr.. Alan Murad, and his partner, dr. Han on its hockey of advanced. Evolution bio. Technologies. Or a, bee started. Research, on a cure, for cancer, the. Concept, is based on the same strategy, used to combat AIDS the. Patient, is given a cocktail, or mix, of medications. Designed. To prevent the disease from becoming, resistant. To any one drug, because. You know via HIV. Is very a mutagenic. Creature. Same-same. Is cancer this is the problem with cancer that is very much a genic and these mutations. Help. Help, the cancer escape the therapy here, in this tiny lab in ness Ziona israel. These, two scientists. Came up with a theory they, hope will cure, cancer they. Call it Mutato. That, stands, for multi, target toxin. The, main thing here is multiple. Targeting, instead, of attacking one target at a time, we connect, together several. Peptides. And we attack several. Targets at a time and because. Of that the, cancer won't be able statistically. Won't, be able to escape the therapy and this is what happened with AIDS and this, is what would happen, here in cancer and they point out since, this cocktail. Specifically. Targets, cancer, cells it is not as harmful, to healthy, ones the, other thing is because of, this targeting, methods are connected together and there's, what we call the avidity, effect the side, effects will be much much much lower so. It would be like an antibiotic, Murad. Says, if scientists. Could come up with 100. Different peptides. They, believe various, combinations. Could, treat each kind, of cancer, each, patient, would get his own Mutato. That, would fit perfectly. His cancer, he. Would have almost no side effects and in no time it would be cured completely because. Thus. The cancer cells would, be completely. Killed every. One of them Murad. Says they have five peptides, in, the preclinical, stage, when. The article came out it basically. Caught the medical, community by, surprise because. Abies, experiments. Have been limited and not, published. In medical journals. CBN. News approached, dr. Charles Geyer associate. Director for clinical research at, VCU. Massey, Cancer, Center who, was one of many that urged, caution. This. News is based on limited information from. The company and its researchers. And the results, from their preclinical. Experiments, have. Not been published in any peer-reviewed. Academic journals. I would, approach this news with healthy, skepticism. And also, remind, people that it typically takes years, to translate, promising. Preclinical. Research from. The laboratory. To, evaluation. In the clinic, Mourad. Said he was surprised, by the criticism, at, least give me the credit ask, me what is the mechanism of, our Mutato, or read. Carefully the, first, article. In The Jerusalem Post, - - to see what I really said Moritz, said they need funding, to move their research, along faster. And would, like to collaborate with larger. Pharmaceutical. Companies, he. Also made, clear the. One goal on his mind I don't care about the money I want to cure ricasso patients, Lori, Johnson CBN News. Oh, I. Hope, they're right you know cancer, is such a dreadful you. See people dying of it and they're dying and dying and dying and it just breaks your heart when. A, child. Of a friends, of ours died a promising.

Wonderful, Young. Woman, and you. Know it cancer. And it's just and. I think. Chemotherapy. Kills it kills cells, it, debilitates. The immune. System, instead. Of building. Up the immune system, it kills, off cells and, it does great damage it's, the only treatment, they've got that really works right now but where do we it's, it's questionable, but this mu tonto thing I mean hey. The. Israelis, are supposed to be blessings, in the midst of the earth and I mean they really are good goddess, as, uniquely. Qualified, them and I hope that I hope, and we pray that that's therapy. Works all. Right well up next a, husband fights the losing, battle against a dark addiction. There. Were multiple times, that, I would confess, to Meg, but there would always be things I would leave out and every time I did that the, addiction, increased. In. Intensity. See. What gives this man the courage to totally, come clean after. This. Well. After years of struggling, with a porn addiction they've. Finally, confessed. To his wife and join. A man's accountability. Group but. Dave would never completely, honest, he. Held on to the darkest, aspects, of his behavior, and that, increased, the power of, his addiction. Even. Though I had a wonderful wife and then we had children, and I had a great, job I was walking around lonely. All. The, time because, I truly felt I was the only one dealing with this issue, Dave. Had a secret, as, a boy he accidentally, found pornography. It seemed, to help him deal with loneliness, I remember. Distinctly the woman, on the front cover I saw someone who. Was going to nurture. Me was going to take care of me was going to be there for. Me but, instead it brought him guilt and shame all, the way into adulthood, even. After he married Meg he continued. His addiction of pornography, the, last thing I wanted anyone, to know was, to find out what I was doing and what, was going on inside me from, my perspective our, marriage, was, normal. We had stressors, we had challenges, we'd work them through I very. Much led, a double, life I was, not totally 100% present. In. Anything we did as a family, Dave, traveled frequently for his sales job the, time alone led to more temptation, every, time I acted out there, was more reason. To, believe I was a horrible rotten person although. He was a Christian, Dave, couldn't fully surrender. His addiction, I was praying.

Constantly. That. God would take it away but, I became discouraged. When. Pressure. Or anxiety, would mount and I would chose to, act out again. When a friend stepped down from his church leadership, position, because of sexual addiction Dave, saw it as an opportunity to finally, confess, but. I still held on to, some of the darkest, parts of my, in fear that she would, still. End up leaving. Me so, I did. What I thought I should do as a good Christian wife I forgave him and we. Moved on Dave. Joined a men's sexual, accountability, group at his church but. Even there he was afraid, to admit everything I still, wasn't hundred percent honest because where my addiction, had gone I wasn't. Hearing anybody else talking, about that, aspect of it I'm praying that that. God, would give him freedom I'm praying that he would, be. Satisfied, you know with his wife I'm praying that he would have integrity in every aspect, of his life make, thought their problems, were being resolved, but, over the next two years as, Dave's addiction, escalated, shame. Tightened, its hold on him there, were multiple times, that, I would confess, to Meg but there would always be things I would leave out and every time I did that the, addiction increased. In. Intensity. Then. In March of 2001. While, on a business trip Dave, moved beyond, pornography. I had, called a, prostitute. She came. Over we, engaged in, sex. And, at, that point that. Was yet, he. Was horrified, at how far, his porn addiction had, taken him in his, despair he cried, out to God God said. Dave, it. Is time. You. Need to confess, everything, to Meg and if, you don't stop doing what you're doing you. Will die I felt. Him turn. His face from me and. I, felt a loneliness. That. I have never ever felt, I think. The significance of that was, him saying you, thought, you were alone. But, you weren't alone because. This is what loneliness really, looks like but. I'm here, Dave. Returned, home early from his trip determined. To tell Meg everything, he. Held a notebook filled, with a full confession and then that fear comes back man. You're not even getting halfway through this and she's out the door are you kidding me I feel, the pressure well I can't tell her everything but God is still saying no you. Need, to tell her everything over, the next three days he confessed, everything, including. The affair, my flesh wanted. To run wanted, to just leave, wanted. To figure out the quickest way to make that. Level of pain stop I had, been praying and. Asking God for all those three days why, he, said if you don't extend my grace to him he. May never know it I wasn't. Responsible for, any of the choices Dave, made but, now I had a responsibility. How. Would I respond, and. So with, a strength that was definitely, not my own I just put my arm on Dave's, shoulder, and. Uh. He. He. Broke I. Truly. Believed I was saved at that point, not. Spiritually, but. Physically, saved. Forgiven, loved. God's. Arms around me that, was the most amazing. Time. In my life I, was. Obedient, to, God's call for me to act with grace and so, I believe that began the forgiveness process. Daven. Meg both got counseling and worked on being open and honest in all areas of their marriage it, was a long road but. Their love trust, and commitment, to one another is stronger, than ever since. 2009, dave, has been free of his sexual addiction to have someone. Who you know has your back who you trust who, you. Want to spend, time with and, share. The same dreams for the future that's. An incredible, gift I know that I'm not worthless. Because. Of what God, has done. In. My recovery, but more importantly, in our in my marriage I am married to my best friend, everything.

That, God has done for, us he. Can do for you. You. Know addiction. Is a terrible thing, in that the. Devil, looks, for, our weaknesses. And, he. Magnifies. What, is a normal human, function, he. Will lead somebody who likes to eat into gluttony, he'll, eat somebody, who likes to take. An occasional drink into alcoholism, he'll. Lead somebody, who is. Having. A normal sexual. Relation. With a spouse. Into. Pornography, and. Many times it starts with a little child I mean little boy is 910. Years old, and people, have no idea what that does those images, of pornography. And it's, so pervasive now. There's. So much. Nudity. There's so much. That. Is. Available to, a young person that'll. Imprint. An image in their mind and they can't get rid of it and. You. Know they need deliverance, and it's, it's worse than drugs, people. Don't realize how serious it. Is and so, in Dave's case. He. Found, the, answer but you know what the Bible says. Christ. Made a show of them openly triumphing. In. His cross he. Made a show of them openly and. The, devil lives in darkness, the, level. The devil lives in the deep recesses of. Hidden. Things and, the. Light will. Destroy, him, and so. When the light comes out he made a show of them openly so. Don't be afraid to open up David, did some even most people don't only I mean if anybody knew you, know they think what. I'm doing it they'll never have anything more. Well thank God for churches, that, have accountability. Groups and people who are understanding. But. For, those with trouble, so. Folks, right now if. Some of you have this problem. God. Loves. You he will set you free but, you. Need don't, try to cover it up you know if nothing else confess, it to the Lord he knows you've done it anyhow so. Tell him your problem, talk, to him and say. Lord, you knew it anyhow, I want to confess to you and, let. Him hear, what's in your heart and then. Ask for his forgiveness and, it will be there because. Jesus. Christ died, for sinners, and. Pornography. Is, no, worse sin and, slander. For example. Backbiting. It'sit's all sin sin. So. Wherever you are right now. If. You've heard this testimony and, you, need to be set free I want you to pray with me right now, don't. Be afraid just bow your heads say these words as I say them and. Confess. To the Lord. Pray. With me right now, Lord, God. Say. It with me Lord. God you, know. Who I am. You. Know my, weaknesses. You. Know my strengths. You. Know everything, about me, and so. I come, before you lord and, I confess, the things that I have been thinking, the. Things that I have been doing and the, things that have been destroying. Me, I, confess. Them to you Lord and I. Ask right now for, the cleansing, blood of Jesus, to come, upon. Me and set. Me free and. From. This moment on, I declare. That in Jesus Christ, I am free. And. Satan. I declare, to you that you, have no hold over me because I am a child of Jesus Christ, and he.

Is My Lord and I, his servant. Thank. You Lord thank. You Jesus, for hearing my prayer and, setting. Me free, now. If you prayed with me right now I want you to go, to your telephone and, call in and, say listen I just prayed with Pat I've just given my heart to the Lord you don't have to give us your name's you don't want to I think it's important, well somebody's, at the fallen, they may be somebody's. Had exactly the same problem you have but, they've heard what's happened and they would love to hear from you I have, a little booklet here is called trapped, in, temptation. And. I'll send this to you if you need it it'll help you well. I'll give this to you free if, you don't want to give us your name that's fine but pick up the phone it's the toll-free number 1 no money involved just. Call and say listen I prayed with Pat and, I, am free, you declare, it right now and, the, angels, of heaven will be rejoicing. Because. God, loves, you and he understands. You it's. 1-800-772-1213. Being. Set free this very day I, believe. That's true in our television, or, our telephone. Friends. Are waiting for your phone call so please feel free to call right now well. Still ahead he, had it all as the top TV host at QVC, until. His wife was, diagnosed. With stage 4 cancer, dan, wheeler joins us to talk about his, 31, years with the woman he calls the, hurricane, of love that's, later on today's 700, club. Welcome. Back to Washington for this CBN Newsbreak. Attorneys, for Covington. Kentucky Catholic. High School student, Nick Sandman are filing a 250. Million dollar lawsuit against the Washington Post they're. Alleging the paper recklessly. Ignored basic, journalistic standards, to, advance its agenda against, President Trump arguing. The paper targeted, salmon because he's a white Catholic. Student or, make America, great again hat the. Suit centers on the posts coverage of Sandman's encounter, with Native American activists, Nathan Phillips at a pro-life rally last month here in Washington, DC, it says. The post falsely, accused salmon, of accosting him in a threatening manner and engaging. In racist, conduct, the Post says it plans a vigorous, defense well. A Christian adoption, agency, says New York State is trying, to force it out of business, New, Hope Family Services, appeared in federal court Tuesday in a suit to stop the state from targeting, the company for, its religious, beliefs stating, that it prioritizes, placing, children in foster homes whether married mother and father the. New York State Office of Children and Family Services says the, agency's, policy, of not placing, children with unmarried, or same-sex, couples, violates, the law the, state also called the policy discriminatory. And impermissible. Well. You can always get the latest from cbn news by going to our website, at CBN, Pat. And Carrie will be back with more the 700, club right after this. For, three difficult. Years dan wheeler kept, up his television appearances, the upbeat, popular, host of QVC, but. On the inside Dan, was struggling, every, day just, to keep it together. Dan. Wheeler top, host at QVC, for 29, years and at all loving. Family a beautiful house and a stellar career interviewing. Celebrities like Joe DiMaggio Mickey, Mantle. And Smokey Robinson, yet. His picture-perfect, life was blown apart when, his wife Beth was diagnosed, with stage 4 and no material cancer, in his. Book hurricane, of love dan, wheeler not only gives a loving tribute to his wife of 31 years but, also shares how anyone suffering loss can work through the grieving process loving. God to use their pain for a higher purpose. Please. Welcome to the 700 club dan wheeler Danis wonderful, I have thank. You so much it's great to be here what an amazing story the name of your book is hurricane of love and that's how you refer, to your wife. Beth, you. Know when you go through a loss like this I think it's the kind of thing that others. Can walk. Through it with you they can love, you they can try, the support, and encourage you but nobody really. Understands. It unless they've had it happen, why. Did you call Beth the hurricane of love well I actually didn't, come up with a title my niece Tara is an excellent writer and the day my wife passed she wrote in a blog my aunt Beth's love was like a hurricane it, hit everyone, in its path and I said Tara that, is the perfect way to describe it if you don't mind if God calls me to write a book that will be the title you.

Know Beth. Got. A diagnosis. That was pretty dire I mean, right right, on what, was that day like well I'll never forget, when. The doctor called me it, was Anne she had surgery, in a major hospital in the Philadelphia, area it's so big that they don't come and talk to you you receive a phone call so you're sitting with all these people and after, about seven, hours of waiting they call my name and the doctor said Dan I got what I could, unfortunately. The. Tumors. Are spread more than I thought it's a more aggressive form of cancer when, he said unfortunately it. Was like a bomb went off inside of my, head and you know Terry when, you get a diagnosis. Like that our, priorities. Were instantly, turned upside, down but ultimately, right-side, up and for three years I was, able to be with her to love her to care for her it was such a privilege she, would have done it for me a thousand, times over and and God, was just dealing with me through that time and God, sustained, you I know during, those three years how, how. Did your faith. Impact. You during that time because it had to be three years of ups and downs and, ups and downs and just just. Watching, someone you love slowly, fade, before your eyes right, it was a roller coaster of emotions we'd, get good news then we'd get bad news it was always just before, we'd go on our summer vacation, we get the news that the tumors had grown the, chemotherapy. Hadn't worked we had to try new drugs but, God was with us through the whole time Terry, many times when I was caring for near. The end the hospitals, I would collapse into, the chair next to her bed because I was helping her up and clinging her and you, know she was kind of embarrassed I became her personal nurse fortunately. My daughter Kirsten, is a nurse she. Trained me but I remember often, collapsing, and saying, god I've got nothing, and I would hear that still small voice say, now, I can take over because. My strength is made perfect in, your weakness and, we, often say we, pray without ceasing but, really Terry for three years I was constantly, praying and God, helped me at work to somehow keep, doing live TV, how did Beth handle, all of this because, it's just so, emotional. I mean it touches, the things than the very deepest, part. Of your being and, she loved so fiercely. It must have been very difficult it never changed, her we were sitting outside one, day holding hands and I said Beth do, you ever get mad at God and, she said why I said, because you have stage 4 cancer she said I just have, cancer, it's not God's fault and you know Terry she, was seeing heaven she had glimpses, of heaven earth and her eyes were fixed on a corner. Of the bedroom a buddy, of mine who dropped the front off one night near the end of her life saw, an angel behind, me he described, this angel as so, brilliant, he said I had to look away it was so bright but it appeared, over you as you, talked he, is, not a believer but we're working on him that. Doesn't make it believe you I don't know what does so I know where she is talk about the three years that you had because, you made some amazing, memories during that time deliberately, we did if there's any message I want people to take away from the book hurricane, of love is to live in the moment be present, my wife was so good at that we have a little sitting room in our home often, in the morning she'd have her coffee, in that room and she tapped, the couch, she called me khakis that was our nickname for each other it started all babycakes, but it's a cake he's come sit I'd, say Beth I can't sit I've got a major, celebrity on tonight I've got a show to prep and regrettably. I said that and once we got that diagnosis. I always said coffee with my wife was priority number one being. With her was priority number one and you, know after she left I went through so much grief but god help me because. You know it's it's, one thing to know it's coming, and and we. Tend I think just, to deal with the data sort of stick it in the back of of what, we're dealing with for that day but then reality, hits. And and your she's, gone, and you're there and how did you handle that well I was, drowning, in grief for a while there were days I could hardly get out of bed and when I did I would look at pictures and videos and cry I had, a friend who would stop by every couple days and try to get me to go out and say no I don't want to see anybody and, then she passed away in October and, then you have the year of first the first holiday was Thanksgiving it was brutal I didn't, want to celebrate Christmas, I didn't want to put up a tree every song made me cry every ornament then. Our, anniversary, was just before Christmas. Then you have New Year's and then her birthday was February, 3rd but you know I had a counselor Terry that, really, snapped, me out of it she said, to me one day I was dealing with guilt I think, a lot of spouses who are healthy, and their, wife gets cancer, I was like God why did she get cancer she was a better Christian, she loved, you more she was a better person.

But. This counselor said to me Dan, Beth, is not in heaven with Jesus judging. You do you know what she's doing she's. Doing this she's cheering. You on she's saying run your race help finish, raising those grandkids, and your children. You know I now, celebrate, those days her birthday was February 3rd after church my whole family went out we, talked about her there's my family with with the grandkids and that little girl Brooke. Elizabeth, named after my wife after, she. Passed, I took everybody to Florida and my daughter said she, was pregnant I said would it be great if you had a girl she said I'd name her after mom Kirsten's. Middle name is Brooke at Nimr Brooke Elizabeth, well, she wasn't due till October, I get a text from her one day at work saying she thinks she's gonna have the baby that night I looked at the phone Terry, I had met my wife on September, 21st, our, song was always September, by the Earth Wind & Fire when, Kirsten got married we came out dancing, to that and, that. Was that little baby girl Brooke Elizabeth, was born the 21st, night of September, like the first line of that song that's, the last chapter of my book I call it a gift from above God, said I'm still with you Beth, held that baby in heaven, and he, hasn't left us and through all of it I felt, called to the ministry so i formed fearless faith minister, awesome you, know they say if the pain wouldn't be so deep if the love hadn't been so great that's right but, i just want to help people, i've heard from so many people since the book came out that have been stuck in their grief five, to ten years i want to say to them God, wants, you to still live you are still here your spouse's, spouse wants you to say yes and their race is finished we have a race to run it's, a wonderful, message Dan's book is called hurricane of love it's available wherever books are sold you can also hear more from Dan on our Facebook, page just go to Slash 700, club don't, get stuck in your grief Jesus, came that you might have life and live it abundantly, Dan thank you for Thank You Terry so great to talk to you well still ahead we've got your email Leora asks can, porn, crush, your spirit, is it wrong to stay with someone who keeps doing it in secret your.

Questions, And some honest answers coming, up after this. Well, it's time for your email questions and paths this first one comes from Leora, who says can, porn crush your spirit, is it wrong to stay with someone who keeps doing it in secret I'm. In love and when I catch him watching it he gets angry and I get quiet and shut down he denies it is he waiting for me to leave I can't ask him because he gets so angry and then tells me to leave he's, done so much for me and I know he loves me how do I expose, it so it's not such a sneaky, pleasure that bugs me well. You said you can porn. Caused problems, I mean you're, talking about you not, the person we've, mentioned earlier, already about the fact that it's a terrible addiction, but look. If. Somebody. Is. Addicted. To porn they. Really, are engaged, in, sex, with. Their minds, with that that person. That they see on porn, the ones that are enhanced. Physically. And they've got all kinds of stuff going on that you can't possibly match, and. It. Is adultery, the spiritual, adultery and. It's wrong and you. Shouldn't have to stay with somebody like that I know you're. Looking for they, like to have the lover of, course if. That person would submit, to some kind of counseling and get delivered, from that but if not you. Need to leave I mean, I hate, to say it but you have spiritual. Grounds, to. Get a divorce, to get rid of and begin to a more normal, relationship, all. Right this is James who says my ex just got out of jail for drug abuse and child neglect because. The children were in her custody they went to foster care I have. Visitation, and recently she went with me on a visit I noticed, her behavior, still resembled, that of a drug user I want, her to get help is it wrong for me to tell her counselor, what I observed, I don't, want her to go back to jail, well. Certainly. There's nothing wrong with sharing with the counselor what you've observed I mean the counselor, there's. No confidentially. Arrangement. Between you and there's no reason you don't tell the counselor, look my my, wife is a drug addict and she's showing all the symptoms of addiction, but. One thing you don't want to become is a, it's. Codependent. And an enabler. You. Don't want to help that woman she needs to hit, bottom some time to get over that stuff and you need that you know get her delivered okay, here, Andy says I prayed over and over for a healing for my brother and for a financial blessing, for me nothing happened with either I believed. In the power of prayer but it doesn't seem like God listens, to me should I just give up asking, well, what. Are you asking, for are, you asking, for yourself, are, you asking, for the glory of God but, you're asking because it'll be more comfortable if you and your brother have, enough money or not, I think. When we pray we ought to be asking God for what displease, him what will glorify Him and if. What you're asking is to quote consume, it on yourself, the Bible says then, you're asking, a miss well. Today's power minute is from the book of Nehemiah, do. Not sorrow for. The joy of the Lord is, your strength. Well, tomorrow meet the doctor who performed the medical, miracle, of restoring, movement to, an amputee's. Arm the. Tyrian all of us is Pat Robertson we'll. See you tomorrow bye.

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