The 700 Club - December 19, 2017

The 700 Club - December 19, 2017

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Coming. Up, Silicon. Valley is taking the gospel to the App Store, see how top tech innovators, are transforming. The global, church he said your guys did, in a weekend my guys couldn't do in six months and then, a baby. Who was given five minutes to live no, detectable oxygen, of her blood and that was not compatible with life see, how the power of prayer gives, birth to a Christmas, miracle Christmas. Trees reminds, us of the, miracle, that we caught on today's, 700. Club. Oh welcome, ladies and gentlemen, this edition, of the 700 club the House of Representatives, is voting on the tax bill today the Senate will vote tomorrow as I understand, it and. The. President's, trying to give us the Christmas presence. Of a tax cut but. He's also borrowing. A page from former President Reagan. In his new national, security plan, he's calling, for peace. Through. Strength, the. President, wants a strong economy a strong military and new, steps to confront, United, States rivals, amber. Strong has this look at what it means for America's role as the leader of the free world. It. Was one part national, security, strategy and, one, part year-end review on, November, 8th. 2016. You. Voted to make, America. Great again. President. Trump took to the stage Monday, to outline, national, security, goals at home and abroad. It's really nothing new for the president according, to a senior, administration, official the. Components, laid out in this national, security strategy are the, things he's outlined all along in his America, first initiative, he. Outlined, a plan with four main pillars, protect. The homeland, promote. American, prosperity, peace. Through strength and, promote. American, influence, that. Means a crackdown on border security and chain migration a, nation. Without, borders, is, not a nation. The. President also pointed out his belief in a specific connection. Any, nation, that trades away its, prosperity. For security, will. End up losing both, and, the. Reagan idea of peace through strength which, means a major military buildup. The. Plan through quick-braised, from House Speaker Paul Ryan who, said this. Strategy, places the correct emphasis, on confronting our adversaries.

Bolstering. Our defenses, and working, with our allies to promote peace security. And democracy. The. President, says a focus, on home doesn't mean ignoring, threats. Specifically. North Korea and Iran to counter. Iran and block, its path to a nuclear weapon i, sanctioned. The Islamic. Revolutionary. Guard Corps, for. Its support of terrorism and I declined, to, certify, the, Iran deal the, strategy, lists jihadist, terrorists, in Iran as major, threats to security in, the Middle East that something, CBN News Middle East bureau chief Chris Mitchell says is pivotal, to peace in that region one. Of the things Trump is going to do is say this, is something that is in the interest, of the, United States national, security that. Iran's, influence, be stopped lest it be a threat to the whole region and especially, to Israel and, what about countries, like Russia the. Document, condemns it as a revisionist. Power seeking, to upset, the status quo, Trump's. Relationship, with President Vladimir, Putin has been a point of criticism the. President, spoke with the Russian leader twice in the last week the. Second, call came from pudy offering. His thanks for the CIA's, help in preventing, a terror attack they. Were able to apprehend. These. Terrorists. Before the event. With. No loss of life and that's. A great thing and the, way it's, supposed, to work now. According to a senior administration official that, tip to Russia is part, of a larger, strategy to, promote cooperation, when there is a shared, interest. Amber. Straughn CBN News at the White House. There. Was a terrible, Amtrak. Crash, plane. Going I mean a train, going from Seattle, to Portland, Oh, apparently. It was going 85 miles, an hour zone, it, was cleared. For maybe 35. Something. I was on the track we don't know what about it but maybe we found out more John, Jessup has more on that story. That's. Right Pat at least three people died and dozens of others were injured in that terrible crash in Washington, State and his patches said the Amtrak train likely, derailed because, it was going 50, miles an hour above the speed limit Charlene. Aaron has a story. Amtrak. Train 501, had just left Seattle and was heading towards Portland on a new route when, it careened, off of a bridge federal. Officials say it was going way too fast. Preliminary. Indications. Are that the. Train was traveling at 80. Miles per hour in a 30 mile-per-hour track. Thirteen, of the trains cars flipped off the overpass, crashing. Directly, onto Interstate five, below, killing. Three people Beverly. And Charlie Heber say they were thrown, around inside, the Train like rag dolls they, managed, to crawl out of a window, thankful. To walk away with, their lives there, was this body, lying. There I mean it was he. Had hardly had any clothes on the clothes had just been ripped off him and he. Was obviously. Dead. Lakewood mayor Don Anderson, had raised safety concerns, predicting. Earlier this month that the new faster, route would, lead to fatal accidents. Meanwhile. President, Trump tweeted, that the train accident proves, it's time to do something about America's, aging infrastructure. Charlene. Aaron, CBN News, and Charlene, while the Trump administration says, North Korea is to blame for a global hack that affected hundreds, of thousands of computers, back in May homeland, security adviser Tom Moffatt writes in The Wall Street Journal that Pyongyang. Was directly, responsible for the wanna cry ransomware, attack, wanna. Cry took hostage, documents, databases. And files on computers, in a hundred fifty countries most. Notably it disabled, parts of Britain's National, Health Service Bossard. Said evidence confirmed, by the UK government and Microsoft, Points in North Korea pat, back to you listen, I tell you ladies and gentlemen it's time we do something about North Korea, we. Have in the NSA, the. Most sophisticated, cyber. Security. Operation. In the world and. It's. Time we turn that thing on North. Korea, and. If. They can put malware into, our computers. We can do the same thing to them and, I am pleased to report that Regent. University. Has. Purchased. A, cyber.

Range, From. Cyber. Bit and Israel, and it, is very sophisticated so. We can train our, students, and. Executives. Of corporations. And members, the FBI and other law enforcement, in. Methods. Of countering. This, type of cyber attack, so. I think it's important, we do it but it's a terrible, thing that. North. Korea, can just range freely. Up, and down the internet, and take, advantage of our, when. Our vulnerable. Of cyber activities. We've, got to do something about it but we have the we. Just need to say okay, gentlemen. Go after, these guys and. Get them and they can, john. Pat, the united states has vetoed, a United, Nations Security Council attempt. To override US sovereignty, on foreign policy the. Resolution, would have forced the Trump administration to, rescind, its acknowledgment of as the capital of Israel US. Ambassador, nikki Haley called the vote quote an insult. Adding, that the United States has every right to decide where to put its own embassy. Pat. Back to you I just want to say something about that ladies, and gentlemen. We. Pick up the tab for about, 30% of all the spending. Of the United Nations and. Maybe. It's 25, maybe it's 30 but it's in that range it, is a huge, amount of money we spent without, the US the, UN, would be broke and, for. Us to allow those. Characters, I paid. They give they're paid much more than. We pay our diplomats, those people, at the UN and, they. Live in cushy. Lifestyle. And. All they do is, bring critical, resolutions. Against, the US and against our friends in Israel I think, it's time to tell them look we've. Had enough the, checkbook, just got closed and I think they'll. Get, that message loud and clear, but. If they think they've got a debating, society they, can just do nothing with her verbal. Bombs of the US they ought to have another thing John. Pat. Turning overseas Christians, and Jerusalem are cheering Trump's decision as Chris, Mitchell reports some, see the president's, announcement as one more step towards Israel. Fulfilling a prophecy. The. United Nations Security Council met, on Monday to, reverse president, Trump's decision to, recognize Jerusalem. As Israel's, capital it's. The latest development, in a long history, involving. The holy city in. 1980. Israel, passed the Jerusalem, law it, designated. Jerusalem, as the, eternal undivided. Capital of the Jewish state then. It protests. The nations, of the world move their embassies, from, Jerusalem, to Tel Aviv but, later that year a group of Christians founded, the International, Christian embassy Jerusalem. They said we need to act and we need to establish an International. Christian, embassy Jerusalem. In order to show the whole world that, no. Matter what our governments. Are doing there are Christians, around the world which do believe in, God's, covenants. And faithful. To the Jewish people and that was all founding, all in 1995. I see EJ vice president, David Parsons helped. Write legislation, known, as the Jerusalem embassy. Act destined. For the US Congress and we said three things Chris recognized, Jerusalem, as the capital moved. The Ambassador, there. Immediately. And then worried about building a building but as the bill went through Congress it got changed to build the building first and now 22, years later after, all these delays and waivers it is back to are ordered, both men see Jerusalem, as being on a 50-year, cycle, known in the Bible as Jubilee.

Where, Every, 50th, year is, a year, of liberty, and restitution. 150. Years ago British, archaeologist. Charles Warren discovered. The original, City of David 50. Years later in, 1917. General, Edmund, Allenby captured. The city of Jerusalem, ending. 400, years of Muslim. Ottoman, rule in. 1967. Israel recaptured, the, old city in Temple Mount for the first time in more than 2,000. Years, then, came. 2017. If he believed God would do something, significant. This year here in Jerusalem, and lo, and behold at the end of the year your government, Donald, Trump the American, government, decided. To recognize. Jerusalem. As the capital and, also move the embassy here something, new and, exciting, is happening for, Jerusalem. Itself, that, propels. It releases, it further in the to its prophetic destiny now. This is the hope more nations will follow Americans, lead and move, their embassies, we're, hearing word Guatemala, may. Come back Tanzania. The Philippines. You can start listing off some of these countries that we hope they have the courage to follow the, lead, of the American, administration now. To return, to Jerusalem, they, feel it's critical, for Christians, around the world to, pray for Jerusalem, the violence, that's been threatened, that God in a year of favor in a year of Jubilee. That, he would take care of that we've been praying that here in Jerusalem it any fire, any anger. Be doubt but, also I do believe, we need to pray for the Arab world you. See all the unrest. That you have in the Arab streets around the world anyway, you see the sense of delusion, and deception. When the Arab streets well they feel that this is a city that has no connection whatsoever to, the Jewish people we need to keep praying that this would be a unified, City Chris Mitchell CBN News Jerusalem. Thanks. Chris and Pat I know you and many Christians around the world continue, to pray for the Peace of Jerusalem, there's no question about it Jesus said this very clearly. This. Was a prophecy, that he made while, he was here on earth he said Jerusalem.

Shall, Be trodden under, foot of the Gentiles, until the times of the Gentiles, were fulfilled, now. In 1967. For the first time the Jewish nation. After. Almost. Two thousand, years had. Taken control, of. Jerusalem. They got both sides of it and I. Believe, that that's the fulfillment of, one of the great prophecies, and. There's. No way that. The nations, of the earth can. Break, that prophecy, jesus said it and it will stand as, surely. As the. Sun comes up in the morning the. Word, of God is, going to stand and that's what the word is but, the Bible also says, the nations will come to fight against, Jerusalem, that's, going to be the flashpoint, if, you will for. The great complication. That the conflagration, is, coming, and the. Nations, of the earth instead of moving their embassies, I'm clear they are but, very. Few of them will but the nations will come against, Israel on account. Of Jerusalem. So, keep your eye on it and as they say you, know you read the headlines, with one hand then you read the Bible with the other and you realize that you are going to coincide. Terry. So. Up next Silicon. Valley Tech's who are bringing their innovation, and their expertise, to church. The. Church need. To be more creative needs, to be more disruptive I mean God deserves, the the best of our imagination. Learn. All about code. For Kingdom when we come back. Google. Apple. Facebook. Silicon. Valley it's, known for big technology. But. Did you know some powerful, players in the tech world are. Also using, their talents, for, a higher calling, they're. Giving the best of their creativity. To, their, greatest passion, which happens to be the. Gospel, of Jesus Christ. Caitlin. Burke has that story. Silicon. Valley is home to some of the most brilliant, minds and technology, and innovation their. Skills are put to work at places like Apple, Google and Facebook a win, for their companies, but a loss for, the church as a minister, at Menlo Park Presbyterian. Kevin, Kim watched bay area churches miss, countless, opportunities, to learn from those filling, their pews within. The 3,000 people that are sitting in our pews there's so, much human. Capital, there's so much potential, we have leaders in politics. Leaders in government leaders in medicine, leaders, and technology, leaders in finance. But then when you try to take. A look at all right where how are we deploying, these, people we're asking them to you, know lead a VBS, or uh sure people do their sees that realization. Led him to learn more about people's, gifts and how they could help bring innovation, to the church the church, needs. To be more creative needs, to be more disruptive I mean God deserves, the the best of our imagination. Out of that way of thinking came, code for the kingdom a modern-day, idea, session, or hackathon. Kevin's. Friend Neil Austin, a Google, business development. Manager helped him get it started, a hackathon, is one of the most common, events here and the idea is you get together for, a weekend, and you solve a problem and you solve it by hacking, which means not creating something that's awesome, and permanent but it answers a question our first one we brought in 250, of our friends, who, were designers, and developers at, these major tech companies Friday. Night you. Come in you meet everybody and then, you pose these big innovation, challenges in front of them so you say here's. The. Orphan problem in the world and here's, global. Poverty and here's and on human trafficking and here's evangelism. So we had all, kind of big innovation, challenges, and then we cast. It out to the 250, people we said what, ideas. What, platforms. What. Technology. Would you create to move the dial on this the ideas in the product that they came up with there. Were pretty amazing in fact so much so that this leader, of a major Christian.

Tech Company who happened to be there wanted to check it out he said your guys what, you you, guys did in a weekend my guys couldn't do in six months, Kevin Neal and their friends hosted these events for five more years during. That time they came up with thousands, of ideas but. Noticed they were beginning to lose momentum because of a disconnect, and getting those ideas to. Market it's really hard to sustain the kind of projects that are gonna make a difference and an impact and that's something that both Kevin and I worked very hard at is making sure that it continues to live on Neal, did that by going out on his own and launching the faith-based tech, company, called carpenters, code I was, never intending to leave Google when I was working on the hackathons, I thought I could mentor people and be, an advisor and let them leave and go do it I got. Called into doing it so I think that was a course correction that I wasn't expecting. Carpenters code developed, a prayer app called abide abide. Is, gives, you guided, audio, meditations. And they. Vary from two minutes to about 15 minutes they're, all all focus, back on Scripture so, we take verse of the Bible and a topic around that and then really just take you through a process of reflection meanwhile. Kevin Kim took what he had learned and started his own company focused. On missional, tech work, it's called basil technologies, the idea, is that God. Would fill us as, technologists. Developers, and designers with His Holy Spirit to do his, work and so our, focus. Was product, development so we didn't want to be all about ideas and by hey what about this what about this we were, like we will do, fewer, ideas we will work more, closely with, these ministries and nonprofits, and then, we will develop product, every Monday night a group of Christian volunteers, from some of the top tech companies, in Silicon, Valley come. Together to talk about some of the problems, that Christian, organizations. Are having they. Then harness their combined innovation. Creativity, and expertise. To figure, out not only, solution, to the problem, but how to implement, it, one of Basil's current projects, is a partnership, with the international.

Justice Mission we, had. IgM, come in and we, did a brainstorm, with them which, was led by one, of our team members who's, an expert in design thinking and so in this brainstorm, session, we, discovered, from international. Justice mission that. These. Perpetrators. Of, human, trafficking were using, technologies. For their evil purposes, and so, a lot of our people who work in tech they, were like men that can't, happen and so we want to do something about it the team hopes that by making major tech companies aware. They can come up with effective solutions. Together at only about a year old basil, has plans to eventually expand. For. Now however they, plan to fine tune their process, and slowly, spread the word by putting some of Tech's best and brightest to work for, the kingdom Caitlin. Burke CBN News. San, Francisco, California. Hey, what a great solution, I mean think of the enormous. Brain power that is in there in Silicon. Valley and, why. Should their, enormous. Talent, be only used, in. Making tech. Solutions, for business, I think. It's wonderful and my, hats off to these guys and may they may, they flourish, and prosper Terry. Well. Coming up a preemie fights for her life at, Christmastime. By. The end of the day of my 12-hour shift she started getting worse no, detectable oxygen, in her blood and that was not, compatible with life watch. A miracle, unfold when, these parents are given five minutes to, say a final goodbye to their, daughter. That's. Our CBN, Philippine staff and go appreciate. Them yes beautifully. Done well, Christmas is the season of believing, in miracles and that's exactly what the young parents in this next story had to do when, their baby daughter's, life hung in the balance, the baby's name is Ella and she's known as the Christmas, miracle baby. Stephen. And Amy couldn't wait to share the good news they, were expecting, their first child a baby girl. But. We. Did a big reveal, we had balloons and everything and that, moment when I saw those pink balloons come out of that box my heart was I could not have been happier just a baby girls everything. I ever wanted we just hope to have a happy. Healthy family. That love, each other and serve God together Amy's. Pregnancy, what is planned until, the seventh month when, she was diagnosed, with preeclampsia. A complication. Of pregnancy that caused a spike in her blood pressure and the, potential for seizures, doctors. Put her on bed rest for a month then, on December 18 2013. Labor. Was induced at 33, weeks when Amy's condition, worsened, and little. Ella was born I. Guess. It just takes a little bit for it to click that you're a mommy and. But. It. Was great it was great to see her little face ella, was too fragile for Amy and Steven to hold when. She began straining, to breathe doctors. Determined she was losing oxygen and diagnosed, her with pulmonary, hypertension, nurse. Nancy McFadden, cared for Ella the next day and the neonatal, intensive care unit, she, was on a special ventilator and really. High settings, on everything that we had for her medically, by, the end of the day of my 12-hour shift she started getting worse, Ella's.

Condition, Continued, to deteriorate Amy. And Steven called upon family, and friends to come to the hospital to pray there, was a lot of people in her room and then and I could see, that they were praying we, could see that. All our vital, signs were starting to go. Down I got, by myself in the parking lot of the hospital and, I. Remember just yelling. Out to God as loud as I could god what am I supposed, to do, I'm helpless. God, said believe, and, I, remember thinking. Believe. What and loud, and clear belief, you will bring Ella home alive, and well I went straight up, to the hospital, room and I said Amy. We're gonna bring Ella home alive, and well, surrounded. By a praying family, Ella survived, a second night but, early on Friday morning December, 20th doctors, said they had run out of options, they, allowed Amy and Stephen to hold Ella for the first time so. That they could say their goodbyes for. 12 hours their loved ones prayed but, there was no improvement late. That afternoon Ella. Looked blue and lifeless, doctor, said she only had five minutes to live no. Detectable oxygen, of her blood and that, was. Not. Compatible with life the, family was out of time again, they, turned to prayer but. Instead of pleading with God Amy's. Father suggested, they praise Him. Praise, you you're awesome, god, you're miraculous. God you. Love us unconditionally. And. As, I did that I, felt, my faith started, to rise again, and as I praised, God, I just think - and I think I. Said, thank you God that she's coming home alive and well, I kept, to that promise, that he had given us. Thank. You she's, got me home alive. And well and then I started, to talk to her as if, she, was about, to come home Allah. We're. Gonna go home then. Ella's eyes opened, and she. Started, to look around and I started, to talk to her yeah, how, are you my. Husband, heard me and, he came over to. Find, out why, I was talking, to her when her body was iceless, and as he came over her. Eyes looked. Over. To him and that, her eyes went back to me and then back to him and, my. Heart just started to leap. With joy that, now, has seen a change and, her, stats started. To come up and we just erupted. With praise I mean I truly witnessed, a miracle. Ella's, health began to improve and she was released from the hospital in, January, of 2014. Today. She has no disabilities, and her development, is right on track, I credits, to the power of prayer a baby who went, through what Ella went through would, normally if, they, survived, would, have numerous. Deficits, or, have, a lot of disabilities, and Ella, has none and the, little girl known as the Christmas miracle baby, is a daily, reminder to, our parents, of God's unchanging love. Every. Time that we. Start hearing Christmas, music every time that we see Christmas, trees every, time that we know that, Christmas is around it just reminds. Us of the, miracle, that we got there's. A god that loves us unconditionally, the. Same, God. That said, his son on earth to. Show. The world that he. Loves that he cares for them and performed, miracles. Jesus. Raised people, from the dead and, healed, their sicknesses. He. Still does it today. He. Really does still do it today and we shouldn't really be surprised, at the result that that praise produced, because God's. Word tells us he inhabits, the praises of his people that, we're to, believe the report of the Lord and so today we want to stand with you many of you have sent back. The ornaments, that we sent to you with your prayer requests, on them they're hanging on our tree over here we pray for you daily and we, have some prayer requests today we want to pray for we'll. Start with this one this, somebody's, got throat cancer, and they said please pray for that here's.

Somebody That's. Recovering. From a heart transplant. And. You. Can imagine to. Get that, heart. Transplant. To be, accepted. By, their other cells, is a difficult, thing my, son's anger, issues, what, I, hear someone saying I'm praying for total healing for my sister who's had a double mastectomy. Someone. Else saying please pray for my 89, year old mother's. Broken, ankle she's fallen, and someone. Else saying we need direction on selling our homes so all kinds, of needs listen just. Because it's Christmas doesn't mean that people don't suffer the hospitals, are still open, there's still accidents, there's, still tragedy. There's still you, know strokes. All these things happen, discuss, it's the holiday. Disease. And sickness, do not take a holiday now. We've, asked people to take these little ornaments. That we have sent you pop, these out and they've they've, written, these prayer requests Terry, and I are going to play together. There's. Nothing impossible with God as. We. Say it on Christmas, there's nothing, impossible, with, God. Let's. Join hands father. We. Know with you there's nothing impossible, we. Thank you for that miracle that little baby Ella as the. Family, praised, you. You, spoke, that she, would come home alive, and well and. You did it Lord, because. With God all things are possible, now. Lord we hold before you these requests. People have asked and many, thousands. Have written, in to us and they called in and they, say pray for us we're. Praying for them now Lord we hold before you the needs of the people and we, ask for miracles to take place somebody. You've got tuberculosis. And. Your lungs or you. Haven't, known exactly what it is well that's what it is and God is healing you right now, you'll feel, fire, in your lungs and you'll be healed Terry will you yes someone else you have a like, a gland, underneath, your tongue that has been diagnosed, as cancerous, and it's very. Involved, in your lymph system, just. Receive God's healing today let that spirit of fear leave you now and receive the word of the Lord be healed in Jesus, name, you've, got uncontrollable. Hiccups it just keeps coming and you can't stop it right now you just put your hand on your chest you're healed in Jesus name and now may the anointing, of the Lord come, upon you may you know his glory in the name, of Jesus.

Receive. Answer. Amen. And. Well. We've, got more coming, up this is the 700, club please call us by the way we'd, love to have your calls we, have people, on the phone just cause it's the holiday, there they're here, they, weren't the on, these phones night, and day and they're, here for you they're here to pray with you and they're here to get the good news of what God's done so please give Him praise giving. Thanks, and bring. For with your petitions, whatever they are I will be glad to pray for Terry. Well, still ahead christmas, comes early for. Parents, in need. It. Means a lot that my, kids will be able to wake up Christmas morning and have something to open because with, our did I don't, know did, Operation. Blessing and, the Salvation. Army joined, forces to spread, Christmas cheer that's. Coming, up. Welcome. Back to Washington for this CBN Newsbreak the, biggest reshaping, of the US tax code in three decades is on track to reach the White House by the end of the week the, House and Senate are both expected a vote on the 1.5 trillion, dollar tax legislation within, the next day or so two. More GOP Senate holdouts Susan, Collins of Maine and Mike Lee of Utah through, their support toward the bill Monday all but, assuring its passage, publicans. Want to get something to President, Trump before, Christmas, well, no Christian, Christmas displays, that's what one Massachusetts, apartment. Complex told an elderly Christian, woman all she wanted to do was post a Bible verse on her own front door the, American Center for Law and Justice says, the woman's apartment complex ordered, her to take down the display but. When the ACLJ, said that it broke the law and violated, her rights the, apartment complex back down now, she's free to celebrate Christmas, according to her Christian faith well. You can always get the latest from cbn, news by going to our website, at Pat. And Terry will be back with more the 700, club right after, this.

Merry. Christmas, Merry. Christmas. Merry. Christmas Merry, Christmas. Merry, Christmas Merry. Christmas Merry. Christmas. From, CBN, Nigeria. Well. This Christmas many children, will receive brand-new. Gifts, that their parents, could never have afforded. Their. Families, will also, have plenty of food for the holidays. Why that's. Because of the joint efforts, of the Salvation, Army, and our. Operation. Blessing take. A look a. Wonderland. Of toys is, tucked away in this former department, store in Virginia Beach Virginia. Moms, and dads from, all over the area came, to fill their carts with presents, to go under the tree through, the Christmas depot, we, are able to show that there, is a loving God that there is a Christ, who loves them that the Christmas spirit, of giving is alive, and well and half the roads and their children, who they thought would, not have very much for Christmas will, have an abundance of gifts for Christmas in this, week-long event the Salvation, Army worked alongside the United States Marine Corps Toys, for Tots, and Operation. Blessing to, help parents struggling to provide gifts for their children sometimes, the less fortunate children don't get the opportunity to get toys their, parents probably have a circumstance where they cannot give, them that and we want to make sure that every child in America has Christmas the, biggest piece for me is seeing that, parent that's very appreciative, and the, tears the waterworks, you know only the grateful you know how grateful they are with us you know it definitely pays off as. Vice president of operation, blessing's disaster, relief programs, Jody, Geddes understands. What coming to the Christmas Depot, means to these parents, for. Us and CBN, and for me as a mom to, be able to be part of something that gives back in such a huge way to make Christmas possible. Right, here at home means everything. Karen. Stephens is a mother of three this. Past year her husband was laid off from work and his unemployment recently, ran out she didn't, expect much to be under the tree this year but. Today that, all changed, because we, went from making I mean he was making $30. An hour to zero. For, a family of five it. Means a lot that my kids will be able to wake up Christmas morning and have something to open because, without, it I don't know what we would have dead we, pray, that as your children, open. Those gifts on Christmas Day that, they will understand, and realize in the, opening of those presents, just. How, much God has opened his heart and, his love to, all mankind so, that whosoever, will may be saved, even. This morning I was walking into the building and I passed a mom look like a single mom she was all by herself and, I. Saw the smile on her face as she rolled that grocery. Card out full of brand-new. Toys not used toys but brand-new toys and I couldn't help but to think about the dignity she has now as a single mom or as, a mom to be able to hand those gifts to her children she's, got a raffle month they're not gonna know that they were a handout, they're gonna just know that mom was able to give us Christmas Santa, Claus came and. After, they finished filling their cards with gifts everyone. Received, a full bag of groceries from, Operation, Blessing the, Salvation Army has asked us to provide food, for 5,000, families so behind me you see bags, of groceries filled, with everything for Christmas, dinner so that these families can enjoy not only giving Christmas to their kids but sitting.

Around The table enjoying a Christmas, lunch or dinner together. I'm, absolutely, very thankful, very, thankful to everybody. And anyone who was able to help and donate it is, a truth lesson we. Couldn't do what we do at CBN, around, the world and right here at home if it wasn't for the benevolence of our partners, so, for those of you that are part of the CBN family, thank, you so much because, we couldn't make Christmas, possible, if it wasn't for your generosity your, love and your support. That's. What will happen by the way just from a tax. Point of view with this tax cut coming a gift. This Christmas. Might. Be more, beneficial, for you from a tax standpoint and, one next year because if the, tax. Is high then. You will save. More if you give but, I might also say you can donate stock, and the stock market has just really, been booming. Hitting. New levels the. S. P and the other index. II indices. Of stock have, just gone through the roof and so. There a number of you that are sitting on paper. Gains, that. You have in your stock and you can donate a few shares of stock or. A large. Portion, of stock and, under. The rules the IRS. You. Can deduct the fair, market value of the market. Price of that stock you get a tax deduction and. In. Addition, you, can, have the joy of knowing that you are helping some poor, people that need your help a CBN. Will be glad to accommodate, you, we have a Planned Giving, Department. That will help that your, stock transfer, instructions. So. Here's the numbers a special, number for that and, it's. 1-800, to eight eight. Twenty. Three seventy, three okay, two eight, eight, twenty. Three seventy, three and just, say I want. To do something with, stock I'd like to help people and, I'd like to save, money for my taxes, and I'd. Like to give according. To the rules the IRS, you can deduct, the fair market but you don't pay any capital gains so it's not it's not a bad deal yeah, wonderful, opportunity, it is I, mean that was the absolute something, okay well speaking of an opportunity, up next your questions, and honest answers Theresa says isn't. Wrong to substitute, Christ with an X and write Xmas, instead, stay. Tuned for Pat's answer, after this. Well. The latest episode, of Superbook is available, now when you join the Superbook DVD Club, that's, $25. A month, it's, called jesus, heals, the blind one, of the great miracles in the scripture, you're gonna receive three copies of this episode, one for you to keep and then two that you can share with your family and your friends best. Of all as a Superbook. DVD Club, member, you're going to receive the latest episodes, as soon as they're released and your, credit or debit card will be charged. I love. That because you don't have to worry about it, join, today we want to send you jesus, heals the blind plus, a special, Christmas bonus we, have three copies of the Superbook Christmas, episode, one, Superbook, activity, book and this. Special gizmo, Window Cling and it's all yours with your $25, membership, in the DVD club if you'd like to join just call our toll free number it's. 1-800-777-7835. Life I know that Jesus never changes, and his power is the same but this question just came upon me recently what are your thoughts. You. Know Jesus, was praying, and in. His high, priestly prayer he said father restore. Unto me the glory I had with you before the foundation of the earth and. He. Said I have come into this world and, I. Have delivered, your message and, so forth and I, began to wonder how did he get in, how. Did he get here well he got in here as a little. Sperm, I am. Planted, in a virgin, whose name was Mary and that. Is. How. But. He with, him was all of the thoughts of heaven, so. Remember. When he was 12 he said I've got to be above my father's, house but he had that consciousness. Of where he'd been so. It's. A mystery, you, know he didn't come full-blown, as a he is a mature. Man in Earth he. Came as a little tiny tiny, tiny microscopic. Speck. And. But he said I came into the world that's, how he got here so, you, know it's a mystery ladies and gentlemen, and but. I have wrestled, with it you're wrestling, with it but that's how it happened, and, that's. That's, you. Know but, Mary. Was. A virgin and. The, Bible, says that the. Lord, came, upon her that the heavenly father and and, the. Power, the Holy Spirit, would come upon her and and she, would be pregnant. And she had a pregnancy, so, that's how it happened, but it's a mystery believe, me it's a mystery, all right what else do you this, is Hugh who says I have lied several, times someone, told me that if I continue, to lie that I'll not make it into heaven is there any place for a liar like me in heaven I know that I'm saved but I have lots of anxiety about lying what else should I do well let's.

Start For first, let's, stop lying, you. Know, somebody. Said that Billy Sunday said how do I stop, exaggerating. And, he said call it lying, you. Know. Just don't do, it you. Say I've got to done you're looking for an excuse, don't do it the Bible says there's no liar outside. Are all the liars, so. There's. No place in heaven for habitual. Liars according. To the Bible. So. We. Have to be truthful we could provide an honest thing the Holy Spirit is the Spirit of Truth and, if, you have the Holy Spirit you have the Spirit of Truth so, the, fact that you've lied in the past God, will forgive you for that if you ask is but don't, keep it up and look for justification, please, don't do that because that, puts you on dangerous ground all, right okay, Pat this is Karen who says I've been tithing on the alimony, I receive, should I after. A 37. Year marriage my husband left me for another woman, he, paid more than 1/3 of the alimony he owed me last year this year in 2017. I will, now have to pay even more in taxes, on the alimony this year I'm 61. Unemployed. And on Cobra, since February, of this year and now my rent is going up again the, taxes, will have to come from my, 250,000, dollar IRA, which I started this year please advise, well. I think you. Know your alimony is your income and I think that you want to tithe on the basis of your income, I, guess. In a situation, like yours there, are things in the tax code that are not too, pleasant, and I think, maybe as it. Gets into effect, I believe Congress will be shown. Areas. Where they could improve, and that they'll try to fix things like that but, I don't, know all the situation. That you have with health insurance Cobra. And so forth but. That's. Why fixing, the tax code is a really. Tough job because. There's so many. Exceptions. For people like you but. All I can say is. Don't. Think that because, you, know it's alimony, this you shouldn't pay tithes on it I think if you want the blessing of God that, you'll, do that because, given, it'll be given unto you press down good measure running. Over will man heap to your bosom so if you want those blessings, don't, hesitate, to pray all right one last, this, is Jack who says do you believe North, Korea is the serious, threat it pretends to be or do you think they could be in collusion with Iran, to throw us off of what the Iranians, are doing in, order to keep our attention off of Iran well, it could, be both I mean the, Iranian czar pretty sneaky and I wouldn't. Question the, fact that they're colluding with anybody, about anything there's no question that would happen but, I think it's a serious fret I think, I think, those people are lunatics, they have not hesitated to, kill their own relatives, they. Have tortured, and humiliating. Their own people, they've starved, their, population. It's really horrible, and I, think. They are a definite, threat and if they have a nuclear, weapon, they can reach the United States it is really tough so.

I Think that's all the time I, think we have time for one more question is it I don't know I'm confused. Wants. To know I'm selling my house and was wondering do i tithe on that and if so the full amount or give a love gift, well. I think you'd die on a profit not it not on the full, price I think you, know how much it you bought. It for. $200,000. An hour's worth 300 so, you tithe on a hundred thousand, yeah well we leave you with today's power minute from a habit, remember. The words of the Lord Jesus that he said it is more blessed to give than to, receive. Tomorrow. We've, got senator tom coburn he. Talks about how to smash, the DC monopoly, it's an interesting book, interesting. Premise and, I don't, know whether that's just what will he give you before Christmas, but that's what's coming what's, coming your way ready, or not thanks for being with us for Tyrion all of us this is Pat Robertson again. Happy holidays Merry Christmas, may, God's blessing, be upon you, we'll see you later.

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Lord Jesus I confess you are Lord I confess you are my king Lord Jesus I confess You Are My All In All I confess you are like my soul even to my physical Eyes Lord out of my so if they believe the same way as I believe I'm saying a Game Stop sinning stop sinning stop indoor getting people sexually even in the Christian place in a Christian home Shame Shame Shame

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