The 700 Club - August 14, 2019

The 700 Club - August 14, 2019

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The. Following, program, is sponsored. By CBN. Today. A, texas-sized. Plan, to. Save 10,000. Babies in just, five years. Abortion, started in Texas we, want to end it in Texas plus, an. SUV, explodes. On the road I just felt like I, was having a nightmare and a young man is, trapped, in the flames my. Heart does hump at that moment the, amazing, rescue, I don't think there was a dry eye on, that scene on today's. 700. Club. Well, welcome folks to this edition of, the 700 club I'm so happy to hear view with us know us and there. Is a an. Inversion. Of the. Stock. Market and the. Bond. Yields, for. The first time in, some. Months the. Long. Term, interest. Rates are lower than, the short term interest, rates they call that an inversion because, usually, if you get money longer, you pay more for it, now, it's, the other way around and I'm told that the 30-year bond be as low as 2% the. Massive, amount of refinancing. Going on in the mortgage market and it's. Incredible. And what. Does this do usually 10 to 12 months after inversion. There is some kind of recession, we'll, talk more about what's, going on in the financial markets, because it'll affect every single one of you first. Of all let's go to Hong Kong violent, clashes, are, inside, Hong Kong's Airport, to use the police, crackdown. On pro-democracy. Protesters. Who shut down the airport, for the second day in a row today. Flights, have, resumed, and most. Of the demonstrators, are gone and, CBN. News is learning one reason, for. The. Drawback. Is because, the protest, movement, is divided. Over strategy. Charlene. Aaron, has more. Hong. Kong International Airport, has, reopened after, violent, clashes between protesters. And police Tuesday. The, government getting an injunction, forbidding protesters. To block access, after the airport was, shut down for a second day hundreds. Of flights were cancelled, stranding. Frustrated, passengers. Ten. Weeks of protests, have shaken, the city what. Began as protests. Of a law allowing criminal. X traditions, to China has, escalated, in massive, calls for more democracy, Beijing. Appointed, leader Carrie Lam issuing, a plea for the protests, to stop saying. Protesters, are putting the city on the path of no return the fear is a crackdown by mainland, China Chinese. Leaders accused the protesters, of carrying, out terrorist, detects anti-riot. Police and. Military trucks. Are carrying, out exercises. Inner city near the border and satellite. Photos, spotted, these military, vehicles, assembled. In a stadium across, the harbour all this as the Trump administration is. Engaged in a trade war with China, US. Markets, responded, positively Tuesday. After, the president, backed off threats to impose tariffs, on some, Chinese, goods in September. Products. Including, smartphones, laptops, video. Games even Bibles. Will stay tariffs free until December, for the Christmas shopping season, while. Some fear the ongoing, trade war could hurt the US economy vice. President, Pence's chief of staff mark short said on CBN's. Faith nation, program the, administration. Does not fear economic, blowback on, the trade front the reality, is if we don't see a recession. We do think that for for. Decades, presidents. And Republicans, and Democrats alike have assumed if we trade with China then you'll see other freedom, reforms, that happen the, reality is that it remains a communist, regime that continues to persecute, Christians it's. A communist regime that continues, to steal, intellectual. Property, that, doesn't honor its trade deals and this administration, has decided it's about time that somebody, stood up and began to change the dynamic, if the Chinese do crack down on hong kong it's, likely, to deliver a serious, blow to the us-china relationship. President. Trump has said he, hopes it resolves, peacefully. But. Later he said in a tweet that Chinese, forces are building up near the border but urging everyone to be calm, meanwhile. China is pushing, back at criticism, by US lawmakers telling. Them to mind their own business, and suggesting. That the US has had a hand in the protests, Charlene. Aaron CBN News. Cbn, news is in touch with Hong Kong pro-democracy, leaders. The. Chief international correspondent here. Elaine is going to Joyce now. Gary. What are these pro-democracy, people. Asking, for, you. Said talk to them today and, what they want is an end to the slow erosion of.

Democracy. In Hong Kong Beijing. Has been eroding that they want an end they want this extradition. Law gone, completely it's been suspended they, want an end to that they want to see the chief executive, Carrie, Lam gone. And they, also want justice, for the, protesters, they want them released at least forty five of them have been arrested they want them freed and in addition, to that they're, writing a letter campaign, to. A Safariland, group and also a group called non-lethal, technologies. They're. The ones who are supplying the, riot police with. The crowd control gear that they're using against, the protesters, they want them to stop selling that gear to, the Hong Kong riot, police so that's a letter campaign they have underway also, they tell us coming, this Sunday they've. Shifted their tactics, from the airport, they'll, be gathering. About a million, people downtown Hong, Kong for, a major pro-democracy. Demonstrations. There that's coming Sunday one, of the people telling, you it looks like to me the mainland, China is not going to take this but so long and, if they move in it'll be it'll be terrible for everybody, it'll hurt the Chinese economy not hurt Hong Kong. What. Are the people are telling you you, saw those tanks. Gathering. There in Shenzhen, that's that's right on the border of Hong, Kong but what. Look this, is probably calm for now we're, not seeing the crisis, that there was yesterday. At. Least temporarily things. Have calmed down we'll see where it goes here, but look Pat there's been miscalculation. On both sides the, students, should know the, pro-democracy students. Should know the lessons, of history Tiananmen. Square this. Chinese, government, will not hesitate to, crackdown. And. To, do what they have to to maintain control, they're, about complete, control over China, and the government so they need to learn those lessons the people on the mainland don't know them they've never heard about Tiananmen, Square a few of the math but, the other thing is Beijing, has miscalculated, because. If they think this will be like Tiananmen, Square and they can get away with a bloody crackdown they're. Mistaken, and here's what. I learned from Steve Moser, he's, with the Committee on the present danger China this is what he told me yesterday. In. 1989. A hundred, or so foreign, journalists, being, captive. Held captive in, one hotel in downtown Beijing, this. Massacre. Of this bloodshed will, pay lay out in the eyes of the entire world Hong, Kong is wired there are thousands. Of correspondents. In Hong Kong there, are literally tens of thousands, of people who will be recording. The violence on their cameras. And. Pat you had mentioned the. Markets, there you know China has heavy, investments. In Hong Kong they. Owned about one, and a half trillion dollars, of the, Hong Kong capitalization. Of the market there the Hong Kong Stock. Exchange, they're, heavily invested, they don't want to lose money and, that's what it would cost them if they had a major crackdown in Hong Kong well, I think they're. Not fools so they'll know, that well. We'll see what happens but Gary thank you so much well. In other news investors. Are concerned that, the government is, being a bond market is, sending, a warning signal, for, the economy, that, could, presage. A recession. John, Jessup has more on that, that's. Right Pat normally, in a healthy economy longer-term. Interest, rates are higher than short-term, rates but when short-term interest rates are rise above long-term, rates it's what's called an inverted yield curve and that's what's happening now in the past, that has been followed by a recession, within several months to two years.

That Could force the Federal Reserve to cut short-term, interest rates soon to try to avoid a recession. Well, Secretary, of State Mike Pompeo warns time is running, out before the United Nations arms embargo, on Iran expires, on Twitter, he said we, urge our allies and partners to increase the pressure on the Iranian, regime until it stops it's destabilizing, behavior, he. Also posted a countdown clock indicating. There's about a year in three months until the, UN sanctions against Iran end, Pompeyo, said when the clock runs out the Iranian, regime will be free to sell weapons to anyone, possibly, leading to a new arms race in the Middle East well. Trump administration, official immigration, official. Ken Cuccinelli is defending, comments, he made about the wording on the Statue of Liberty on National, Public Radio Tuesday, Cuccinelli, was, asked about a new policy preventing, immigrants, who might end up on government assistance from getting green cards and whether, it lines up with the words etched on label Lady Liberty's, bass give, me your tired your poor the. Wretched refuse the, homeless and the tempest-tossed, Cuccinelli. Responded, with a revised version. Give. Me your tired and your poor who can stand on their own two feet and who, will not become, a public, charge. He. Added the plaque was put on the statue about the same time a public charge rule was written which, blocked immigration, to those who could not take care of themselves without becoming, a ward of the government, later, he said the statues poem refers, mostly, to European, immigration coming to America to escape class-based. Societies, Democratic. Presidential candidates, jumped on his comments including. Former Texas, congressman Bette to her work who tweeted this, administration. Finally admitted what we've known all along they, think the Statue of Liberty only applies to white people Pat, back to you well, it's a confusing, thing but the, truth is how. Can any society. Take on the. Masses. From the world we, have billions. Of people in the world many. Of whom are living in poverty, and many. Would just love to come to America. Because of the freedom and, the prosperity. We have in this country well.

I Don't, mean to be. Parochial, but we cannot, afford it, we. Cannot afford to, take care of all the huddled masses in, the world and we've, got to help their economies. Build up what they need to do to make sure that they have jobs, and opportunity. And freedom and, most. Of the property, in the world frankly, is caused by mismanagement. Of corrupt, governments. And what's. Needed is a change in, administration, all. Up and down the line and that. Would be the best way rather than opening our borders, and let everybody come in and, live, off of us so the idea of making. A means based. Immigration. Policy, there's nothing in the world wrong with that and it's not some racist, thing either it's, just smart. Policy. Wendy, well. Up next a texas-sized, plan, to give abortion, the boot all over the country, we'll visit the medical clinic that aims to serve 100,000. Women and save, 10,000. Babies in just, five years when, we come back. Well. Across the country, state-by-state. Pro-life. Groups are pursuing, a strategy to. End abortion. They're. Passing, laws aimed, at going, all the way the Supreme Court and, convincing. The justices, to overturn, a ruling that, legalized. First. Term abortion. Now. The. Truth is we. May be seeing. Sotomayor. May, be ill she may be retiring. Justice. Ruth Ginsburg, may, retire, and, there. Are a couple of. Justices. Female, justices. In the wings who, may be appointed, to the Supreme Court in. The not-too-distant future, and, there, may be enough, votes to, overturn Roe, vs. Wade but. In Texas the state where roe v wade. Originated. A medical. Clinic is using a different, approach to save babies, a. Wonderful. Story by Jennifer, Wishon. Nine-thirty. In San Antonio and, it's, already, hot in. Order to appreciate the power of Christ's these women are getting ready for their day Romans. 3:23, for all have sinned, and fall short of the glory of God our, sin caused a rift between, us, and him so great is the holiness of our God they worship, and praise, we finished, Barcia recovery and joy and, achieve, she's. Preparing. Them for a calendar, full of chances to save lives let's, get after it, they give the day to God, we pray O God that she would keep for divine appointment, at one that, she would see that this is a child, and not a product, of conception, and that, she will give this child wise, father. We've prayed, for life to this child. It's. A daily ritual here, at life choices medical, clinic a place, where these professionals. Never know what needs they'll, be asked, to meet sometimes, it's practical, sometimes it's spiritual sometimes, it's emotional it's kind of diaper central, it was intended. To be our education, room when, charity, for ours started, at the clinic nearly 10 years ago she, says it was great at handing, out diapers from. The front door they come up this hall and this. Is the staging area but, when they started offering medical services, to women and eventually, men, their, influence, multiplied. This, room here is our ultrasound, room they, love this room it's my favorite, room probably in the whole building God does amazing things, in this room here. At life choices medical, clinic women can get a pregnancy test, get a free ultrasound, to see pictures of their baby get, prenatal care and counseling. All within. A few steps down, this hallway our. Goal really as the clinic is to make sure that they know they're fully supported, throughout their pregnancy that's, sometimes, a, big, help, if they're choosing. Between life, and termination. Knowing. That they have that continuity of care gives. Them a secure feeling they even offer testing, and treatment for sexually, transmitted, diseases, they're, here for Eskie eye testing. And treatment then we talk to them about that and what. Are their risks, and the exposure that they have and what can we do to prevent, oh by, the way what does God say about all of this. Ellen. Leone has honed her skill of discernment this, afternoon, she gets the chance to show that abortion, minded mom pictures.

Of Her baby it's, really just letting, God take over in the moment too because, you know he's, active. In the room and just seeing. The Holy Spirit move, their move, their hearts it's just a it's a blessing to see this, clinic and hundreds of others across the country are plumbing critics long who, say pro-life, activists, stop caring about women, after they choose life for their babies life, choices support some moms until. Their children reach, kindergarten, and last. Year, the. Clinic witnessed, nearly, 120. Are these our brands and. Professions. Of faith we, love it when our patients ask us if they can have a Bible, our number one mission is to. Be the hands and feet of Jesus Christ, everything else is secondary. To presenting, the gospel my. Personal, philosophy is that if we save the mother. Eternally. We, save that baby because, the mom has a change of heart it's, wonderful, cutting being in that we have the freedom to share our faith it's not by any means coercive. Or anything, that we do there but where, we can live like human a human and really connect with patients and, now Ferrara wants to take this hopeful, model across Texas, working, with four other organizations. Life choices aims to serve, 100,000. Women and save. 10,000. Babies in just five years, abortion. Started in Texas we, want to end it in Texas abortion, is an atrocity, abortion. Is not health care it's not health care for the mother and certainly not health care for the child. But. Life. Jesus. Came that we might have life and have life abundantly, that, starts, now, so, what, about that abortion, minded mom for our and her staff prayed for after. Her appointment, she decided, to keep, her, baby. Folks. At this clinic have learned the more contact, they have with a woman the, more likely, she is to keep her baby and the, better equipped, she is for motherhood. Jennifer. Wishon CBN News, San. Antonio. What. A wonderful, thing they don't have to wait on the federal, courts they. Can do it themselves what, do you think we're a nation, supposedly. Of, enlightened. Wonderful. Christian, people and we've. Slaughtered about, 55, million, unborn babies. The whole generation. Had been killed because. Of the slaughter, of abortion. And. It's. It's, got to be reined in in the Supreme Court one, day they gonna have to stand before a holy God the answer what they've done because the. This this law, that was it was a cooked. Up thing by. The ACLU. And others, to bring. That to, the forefront but. That, hold Norma, McCorvey thing, and Roe versus way it was all a put-up job it. Was all phony, and, yet it passed, on, the basis, of so-called. Plan, numbers in there and the Constitution. But it got through the Supreme Court and. Then it became quote the law bow an and it became quote civil, law well. A few judges, on the Supreme Court, and maybe it won't be settled, quite as much when. They well, coming up first responders, arrive at the scene of a horrific accident. I. Cried. I don't, think there was a dry eye of any of the firefighters, on that scene I really, right, then believed that it was going to be a fatality. Watch. The miraculous, recovery, of this driver from, a raging inferno. After. This. It. Was a book written unsafe. At any speed you, remember that well. Rear, end accidents can. Awful, oftentimes. Lead to a horrible, fire, a horrible. Explosion and many. Times people are dead they have fatalities. So.

When First responders hit, the scene on this one they, said there has to be a fatality, there, because, somebody, spotted, movement through, the raging. Flames. May. 31st 2013. A truck. Traveling over 60 miles per hour rear ends an SUV at a traffic light first. Responders, arrived to find the SUV, engulfed, in flames I really, right, then believed that it was going to be a fatality the. Victim was 23, year old children's, pastor and performer, Cody burns you. Could see a hand, hanging. Out of the vehicle, and and, to. Be honest we'd automatically, assumed it's probably, going to be a body recovery, but. As firefighters, struggled, to douse the flames I seen his hand move and I, immediately turned, and ran back to the truck and told the crews that hey, he's still alive, it, turned into a rescue instead, of recovery, so you know we've got to pick this up now. They were battling the flames and the clock it. Took an hour to pull Cody from the wreckage and load him on a waiting chopper I cried. I don't, think there was a dry eye of any of the firefighters, on that scene this, was probably, the bravest rescue, I've ever witnessed in my career. Sheriff, hill went to Cody's home to inform his parents, about the accident, he, said Cody's. Been in a bad accident and he's been life. Flighted and. So. My. Heart just sunk at that moment. Jan. And her husband rushed to the hospital where, Cody's two brothers and grandmother met them they. Learned Cody had severe burns and needed, to be transferred to the Richard M Fairbanks, Burn Center in. Indianapolis about. Two and a half hours away they. Wouldn't let us see Cody right away they put us in a little side. Room so immediately, you're, thinking the worst once. Cody was stabilized, the family was taken to see him it, was devastating to see him the first time we, prayed, over him and then, they put. Him on the life flight and they flew, him to Indianapolis. At that point the. Burn center director, dr. Rajiv Sood assessed, Cody's condition Cody. Had fourth degree burns, that in some places had, gone to the bone he. Had very significant, burns over 40% of his total body surface area there, was a inhalation. Injury component, when patients. Who have burns sustained, a lung, injury they, have three times the chance of not making it Janet. Her family arrived at the hospital to find Cody deeply, sedated we were just kind of numb and, it. Was just hard to take in I just, felt like I, was having a nightmare and, I didn't, know how to pray I didn't even know what to say, but. Their church and Facebook, friends around the world were praying for Cody's strength and healing soon. The doctors were confident, Cody would survive but the road ahead would be painful and uncertain. In. The coming weeks Cody would endure numerous, surgeries to. Remove dead tissue and, graft on new surgeries. Involved in burn care are, they they are pretty awful you. Know it really conceptually. Involves. Removing. Layers. Of, skin first, and. Then fat as needed and muscle. Or whatever whatever is burnt really there were repeated episodes of infection. There. Was also the chance Cody wouldn't, regain full use of his limbs while. Grateful, her son would live Jan. Now feared for his future in ministry, he. Always at an early age had, a drive and a vision to, serve God and that continued, to grow as he got older but.

That Wasn't all he could lose they. Told me they were gonna have to probably amputate, three of his fingers and I'm like you, can't he juggles, you. Can't do that feeling. Like I was in a dream I also felt a piece knowing, and I know that was from others praying. Through. Those prayers and a skill of his doctors Cody, lost none of his fingers and began, improving every day after. Almost four weeks he was breathing on his own with no permanent damage to his lungs but. As he came out of sedation Cody, struggled, to face his new reality they. Would unwrap my hands, I was, devastated because I could actually see my bones. Parts. Where the flesh had been burnt off. It, took a long time before I really fully understood, the extent of my injuries. My. Heart was broke because I knew that I would probably never be, able to do the things that I once loved to do over. The next several months Cody endured, more surgeries, and physical therapy he, also wrestled, with depression, but, says his faith saw him through God. Didn't do this to me but he allowed it to happen because he could trust me he, knew that with. Him, being my strength, he, could trust and know that Cody burns is gonna be able to take this, tragic. Event. Turn. It around and, make it into something beautiful. But it's only with his strength and with him guiding me and helping me. Cody. Is back brightening, the lives of others as a performer, and motivational, speaker he, had a vision of hey, I'm gonna get back to ministry, and I'm gonna get back to you. Know juggling and spreading, the word with, just a different sort, of message which was actually, more powerfully, delivered, in, his case after. Injured he was like off-the-charts on, his juggling before, to. See him that do it now is even so. Much more. Meaningful. Because. I know what. He went through and to. See him raise. His hands now and give. God glory, it's. Just just, overwhelming. I'm just so thankful, Jesus, lets us know that you know in this world you will have trouble but take heart, he's, overcoming, the world and so. I cling, to him he is my rock he is my strength he is my hope he's. The reason I exist and I continue, to move forward. Man. What a miracle you, know I couldn't, juggle with good hands not better the fire, me. Neither it's amazing. Hey listen here's some guru Shirley. Who lived in gas City, Indiana, had, been suffering with arthritis and, her left thumb, severe. Pain in one day Shirley, was watching this program and, Wendy. You said someone, is dealing with arthritis, especially in your left thumb been. Very painful, and guess, what Shirley, said this for me and she. Has been pain-free, ever since, and you do not know Shirley, and guess at the end the enemy I sure, don't never heard of gasoline yeah. Here's. One Mary, of Canton Ohio had, painful, sores on her legs the, members of her church have been praying for healing then one day Mary was watching the 700 club when she heard you give a word of knowledge Pat saying you, have terrible sores there like ulcers, on your leg reach. Down and touch her lower leg now and you'll, be healed, Mary, did as Pat said and she was healed right away her, doctor confirmed her, healing isn't good.

You, Know folks God is good god is, good all. The time. Now. We're gonna pray for you wherever you are don't go anywhere I want you I want you to know that God has a miracle, for you today and Wendy. And I are going to join and we're gonna believe God for you that, the, Lord who has done this for these other people will do the same thing for you so we're, going to join hands and we're going to believe God right, now father. I thank, you for. The power of God I. Thank. You for the anointing of your Holy Spirit. Over. Here they're. They're using, sores. There's. Just there's, something easing, it it's all. All. Over you in your feet and in your legs and God. Right now there's, just you'll feel power going through you right at this moment be made whole wedding. There's, a woman and you've been badly beaten and God is you're, an abusive you're in an abusive relationship God, is healing your wounds but he's also going to free you from that. Relationship. Just start praising God you are going to be. Vert in Jesus name Oh. Put. Your hands. I think. It's Dolores, put your hand on your chest right now you have, upper respiratory problems. And breathe, deeply right now just coughed and then, breathe deeply, and you your, lungs are completely healed, right now, with. Just. Chronic. Bladder. Pain. Bladder, infections, that won't go away you've been to every doctor you've done everything God, is delivering you he's healing you today just, start praising. Him it's done in Jesus name let, the power of God touched you now whatever, the prayer is God knows your hate your need may. The anointing of, the Holy Spirit come upon you right now receive. An answer amen. Amen. Wendy, all right well still ahead the messianic, rabbi taking. It to the streets of New York City. We're. Asking three questions Who. Am I, why. Am I here and is. There more than this. Hmm. See how he's pointing people to Jesus with, a billboard, in, Times Square that's. Next. Welcome. Back to Washington for this CBN Newsbreak, Facebook. Is coming under fire again, for privacy concerns, this time for, supposedly, collecting, audio from some voice chats on its messenger app and paying, contractors, to listen and transcribe, it Facebook, said the users who were affected, chose the option in the app to have their chats, transcribed. And that the contractors, were hired to check whether Facebook's artificial, intelligence, correctly, interpreted, the messages company. Said Tuesday, that it had stopped the practice more, than a week ago while, the head of the Federal Trade Commission said he's ready to break up big tech companies if necessary. The, agency, is investigating companies, like Facebook, to determine if they're limiting competition, FTC. Chairman Joe Simon said that while it's difficult to break up big companies, it could, be the right thing to do saying, in an interview with interview, with Bloomberg News if you, have to you do it it's not ideal because it's very messy but if you have to you. Have to you can, always get the latest from cbn news by going to our website at CBN Pat, and Wendy will be back with more the 700, club right after this. New. York City Times Square not, exactly, where you'd expect to see an electronic, billboard, designed to point people to Jesus. Take a look. Rabbi, Kurt Schneider hit, the streets of New York City to. Launch the Who am I outreach in Times Square this. Campaign, asks, people some of life's most pressing, questions. What. We've done is we put this billboard up who am i com, and we're asking three questions Who. Am I, why. Am I here and is. There more than this off of me Who. Am I is music I'm still on the journey and on the path of learning Who, am I I want to ask you this question honest-to-goodness.

Have, You ever completely. Turned. To Jesus to, live for him fully, no. Not, as yet I could honestly say that and I want to ask you are you ready to do that John right now yes. The. Who am I videos are an easy way to share the Gospel message with others helping. Them to find and understand, their god-given purpose. Please. Welcome back to the 700 club, rabbi Kurt, Schneider welcome. To the show great to be here with you Wendy thanks for having me absolutely, I'm so fascinated by your campaign how did you come up with the idea to do this in Times Square it really started with a dream, several, years ago where, the Lord showed me shifting, my ministry, and in the vision the dream that he gave me he said you'll no longer be, ministering, from amongst the people, meaning. I knew he was going to give me some cutting edge strategies, to. Reach people, through technology so. I began to pray about it and. Eventually. This just began to develop this question, Who am I we, bought the domain name Who am I dot-com, because, it's like one of the most fundamental, questions that people are asking themselves it. Was a hundred years ago it still, is today and it's going to be the same way a hundred years from now for, still here people want to know who they are that's, why the ancestry. Sites are so People. Sending in their saliva to get their DNA results. So they can find out you know where they're from or, digging into their ancestral. Roots people are trying to find out who they are and I, was looking for a way to share, the kingdom, with people, that, didn't sound religious. So. All those concepts, combine using technology. Sharing, the gospel with people in a way that sounds scientific. Rather than religious, it, all kind of came together. To create. A platform which, you just saw in New York City was, where we launched it from we're, on the streets asking, people the questions, Who am I why, am I here, and what, was the third one is, there more to life than this Wow. And, the gentleman we just saw in the video he. Was ready to receive the. Lord is the Savior almost, every, single person, that we talked to sincerely. Almost, every, single person was open. Several. Received the Lord right there tears, coming down their eyes I mean I was blown away about how effective, these questions, were now. Not. Everybody probably. Said yes I'm ready to receive Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior has anybody ever been not. Kind or even hostile, to you, on the street. Yes. But not in this campaign, I have another campaign that we did that was specifically, designed, to reach Jewish, people the, Jewish Jesus Cohn we did the same thing billboard. Said. As Jesus was just a Jew or a Christian, did he come to start a new religion and that, is a little more challenging, in this, situation, the closest, we came to someone being hostile, was someone that wasn't hustling just oh I'm an atheist I just believe you know we're here to evolve and so, so forth but the, way that we're doing this is, it's.

So. Relevant. And, the. Reason that we that were doing it Wendy is we actually correct, what it's it's really for believers let, to give them a tool to, simply, put on their Facebook, site Who am I calm if they go to our website, Who am I calm, they'll be able to then post that link on their own Facebook site, or other social media sites and they become instantly, just like that an evangelist. I mean how easy is that take advantage of the sphere of influence that the Lord has given you simply, post this link Who am I come on your Facebook site and you become obedient to being a witness like the Lord called you to be because your friends will simply go to the website and we're, gonna answer the questions, Who am I why am I here is there more than this in a way that people can receive no one's gonna get mad at me because, you know what what we're saying it's so honest. And authentic and, we're, backing, it up with science and talking, about the Big Bang well okay you believe in a Big Bang but you know what caused the Big Bang. You know when so, they first see the big billboard, and then they see you, on the street with a microphone, and a camera right. So. They first have to know that's, how they first see the question I guess you know what Wendy when they go when that, what you saw was like a promotional, video but, when they go to the website Who am I command, post that they're not gonna see me on the street they're gonna see me just sitting down no yarmulke, no prayer shawl nothing. In the way and I'm just gonna say Who am I you know we all ask that question, where, did we come from and and how, is our identity defined. By knowing where we came from and I have like animation. And like test, tubes with drops being DNA. Samples, being tested so it's just like so neutral, so, scientific, and you said you know these videos can help people who might be intimidated. To share their faith on social media to, do it easily. Right and with with not much you, know backlash, really exactly. And you know what I really want to challenge our, viewers because, the, truth is is that so many people that say they love God I'm, just somebody with people that are watching right now, we. Really have to ask ourselves are, we willing to put him first I mean I know people Wendy.

They They, say they love God they go to church but they'll never put, anything about God on their Facebook, site just, their, vacation. Pictures and you have to ask yourself you know what what's wrong here, right, what is wrong here, if we, it's question, if we made it so easy for people it's, just a question of will you be obedient will. You we witness. For him because she has said if we're ashamed of him and his words in this adulterous generation he's. Gonna be ashamed of us when he comes again yeah. So is, this a lot of fun for you I know you're based in Columbus Ohio but, you've been spending this, time is this do you feel like this is part of what God's called you to do now I really. Do, you've, over thirty years ago I was pastoring a church and all, the Sun the, I saw heard the audible voice of God I don't say that lightly it, shook me up and it scared me so I'm pastoring, a church and, I hear the audible voice of God suddenly. And he said to me you're, an evangelist, Wow and, I thought oh gosh, I don't want to just walk around hand out handing out tracts for the rest of my life and I, thought you know I'm pastoring, a church does that mean I'm not supposed to be a string because I'm an evangelist, I didn't understand, it but here we are all these years later, giving. God's people a tool to share their faith it is fun yeah I see, you on TV all the time and you come across Christ, just so friendly. And I just find myself just wanting to keep watching and, sometimes, you have your wife on the program and so, you've been in TV ministry for how long yes um about. I don't know over 10 years discovering, the Jewish Jesus yes, the Jewish Jesus fantastic. Show mainly, seen on TBN right a star. A, lot of networks actually okay yeah well how do you have, what do you hope, the. Who I am outreach. Will. Accomplish, what. We're really wanting to do Wendy has launched a movement we've. Given people this awesome. Excellent, tool to share their faith through social media if you go to the with a website there we give you tools you can we give you encourage, that you can and out Who am I where, did I come from t-shirts, Who am I we're trying to launch an evangelistic, movement, that's cutting-edge for this generation does. Anybody ever ask answer that question correctly Who am I, it's. Um I think, so I think so but it's really I think a question for all of us that we keep on gaining revelation. And deeper deeper ways once, we get the first thing right if God created me he must have the owner's manual for my life and if he created, me that must be the key to knowing who I am but, even for me 40, years walk with the Lord I'm still looking for revelation, to more fully understand, amen, we're chat we're children of God we, can start there right yep thank you so much pleasure, well for more information, on the who am i initiative, just go to, and. Download. That well, still ahead that, returns to the hot seat with your questions, honest, answers tasha asks can a cheating, husband, open, up to home to demonic attack stay. Tuned for that and much more after, this. In. One village in Cambodia water, was scarce the only source a dirty, pond filled, with bugs and snakes those. Who were thirsty risk, contracting, a host of diseases but. That's no longer the case thanks, to CBN. Whenever. Strays family, can't afford to buy water they're. Forced to come here and collect it from this pond, know, what time is mucky and smoke bet there, are bugs and snakes in it too water. Collects, in this low-lying area, during rainy season. Unfortunately. It is also filled, with bacteria and. Bugs, I, got. Terrible, cramps, two, or three times a week from, the bed water, getting. Water from the pond can, be tricky too sometimes. I slipped and fell then, all I could, think about were, the snakes and insects. That could get me trace, mom is a widow she relies. On her daughter to get water and to look after her younger sisters. One. Day some missionary, pastors, came to their village and learned about the community's, need for water they. Contacted, CBN, and we came and drilled them a well, but. No it's, close to our house and, it is easy to use I, was. So happy to try it for the first time, and I, loved to drink it the water is clear and cold, and. There's, even enough water for the garden, Thank, You CBN. It's. Hard for us to imagine not having clean, drinking, water is it isn't it but you know there's so many people all over the, world Cambodia. Africa, that don't have that privilege but if you're a CBN, partner you, were making it possible for them to have clean drinking water and healthy lives if you, would like to join the 700 club it's so easy to do just go to your phones right now and say yes I want to become a member the numbers on your screen, it's toll-free.

1-800-789-7895. Does. That mean because your husband is getting. Around you're gonna have demons no I'm not saying that but I'm just saying you asked me if, it could be possible, the answer is yes now, what's the second part be quick how. Do I cover my home as a wife as long as my husband is unrepentant, well. You. Can pray you know. Godly. Women have had ungodly. Husbands, through the years and, and because. Of their, godly, behavior maybe, their husband will come to the Lord but that you. Take care of your personal life and, let, the Lord worry, your husband all right amen. Su Wrightson my husband, passed away about four months ago my daughter and her family live with me I lost, 1/3 of my income, when my husband died my, daughter and her spouse both, work but neither, of them offered, to help me out with the bills and because, of my health I can't drive and I have several specialists, I need to see but, they say they're too busy to take me what, should I do I think. I'd kick them out that's for starters. That's. Horrible, horrible isn't it it's horrible, I mean the mother has raised these children, they're freeloading. On her and yet they won't lift a finger to help her you. Know the Bible says if anybody will not work what I'm not eat I mean throw, them out yeah, actually, you know dear I love, you but you're out he glitched your own house and if, you can't support, this family I'm, sure I'm not gonna support you I know that sounds harsh but that's, that's, biblical if any man will not work let him not eat and, then she could hire someone, to help, her go, over there and all cuz of feelings was of course right. Tanya, or Tana says I have, been raising my granddaughter, since, May of 2012, when, her mother dropped her off to my job with one, basket, of clothes at the age of four I got. Married four years later but my husband doesn't want to raise other people's kids I love my granddaughter, and I love having, her with me one of her parents doesn't want her and the other is a drug, addict my, husband is making it hard for us and now, he and I are distant, he knew I was raising her when, he married me any advice, for me. Yes. Give. Me some hard questions, is. There, any advice you. Know. You love your granddaughter, and you, want a helper and, you. Feel, drawn to her. What. Would be the consequence. If you didn't take her in she'd, become a ward of the state she'd, be in foster care she'd, be kicked around she, may be sexually. Abused. So. The answer is you tell your husband look I love. You and I, have. An obligation to, you but please work with us on this one if you need to have a, for somebody. To, come in and talk to both of you you need that but. Your, your husband has got to understand, what will happen to that child if. You abandon, the herder that's the big thing and he's needs to recognize the fact, that yeah, I don't want to raise somebody else's kid yeah I understand, that but having. A little child in the home is a joy and they should you should regard, it as such all right amen, Linda. Says is it wrong for Christian Christians to practice yoga I have, scoliosis and, have been taking a hatha. Yoga, class three mornings a week it has done wonders for my back and overall health it is, only an exercise class for me and I leave before they do the ritual at the end what. Do you think. Look. Stretching. Exercises, are cool I mean why not do stretching, and that's what some parts of yoga are they're, stretching, and you, loosen, your muscles you, stretch and as you, stretch you gain strength that's, the good part the bad part is you've got to say something and without. Realizing you're, talking, in. To. A Hindu God and you, were worshipping, false. Gods as part. Of the ceremony, and you don't even know what the words are because they're in Sanskrit, sure you're, speaking, in other language, but. That part of it is wrong and it'll get you involved in they are called this you don't want to believe so. Why. Can't you just stretch at home get. A total, gym and they've got all kinds of, wonderful exercises. That, you, know they, call it Pilates and you know you can do Pilates, without doing yoga Hari, amen, no, I I wish I could do, that the, stretches, but you know like you said Pilates, and other things oh absolutely why. Go through all that mantra, and you've got to sell those words or you don't know understand, what they are but you're speaking in Hindi oh you're speaking in Sanskrit, or Hindi, or some language and you're worshiping, a foreign God all right all right Myra says why does it seem difficult, to receive, the Holy Spirit am I not trying hard, enough, just.

The Opposite. You. Know. If. What you're talking about is speaking in tongues and. You. Know it's very hard to speak, two. Languages, at the same time, so. If, you're always saying, oh god bless me bless me, bless me, bless me, bless me, then. You, are shutting off the power of God why. Don't you just relax and let the Lord take over, and this begin to worship Him and and. Quietly, let the Holy Spirit come into your lives and, from. That the, Lord will do miracles, in your life just relax. And stop stop, asking, stop striving. Just. Relax, and. Let the Lord have, his way all, right amen, this viewer writes in why are so many of my girlfriends and, I tormented. By fear in traffic. Were followers, of Christ, it causes me great distress, and oppression, and I have to pray in Jesus name declaring. His promises, when I'm in heavy traffic in my, case this has gone on for more than 10 years I, think. I think, the answer is of course in driver and I think you don't know how to drive and you're scared if you're driving the car wrong I think, you know you ought to be scared in traffic, you want to hear a wonderful. Time my wife and I were coming down from New Hampshire in, an RV and she'd never driven one in her life and we were driving heavy traffic going to New York City and she was driving the RV and, the, cars. Were wizard mile on either side, and we, got on the New Jersey Parkway. She she just was, a, champ, doing it so I just. I think you need driver education that's, what you're talking about rather than deliver up sir maybe, I'm sorry, well. We leave you with today's power minute from first, Thessalonians, rejoice. Always, pray without. Ceasing, and everything, give thanks for, this is the will of God in Christ Jesus for you for, Wendy and I this is Pat Robertson thank. You for being with us see, you tomorrow bye-bye.

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