The 5 Best Chinese Stocks I Would BUY | Internet Technology Investment In Growth | Stock Market 2018

The 5 Best Chinese Stocks I Would BUY | Internet Technology Investment In Growth | Stock Market 2018

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Everybody, and some and this is auntie versal and today we're gonna talk about the top five best. Chinese. Stocks, and you know I'm gonna talk about a lot of growth, and. All, of them, internet. Technology, companies, and you know if you watch my videos from, before you, know that I'm an engineer, a life technology ain't. No that's what I understand, so that's what I talk about and. You know in China, and over all the East Asian, market, you know the technology, innovation. In Internet has. Been growing, like crazy in. The last you know decayed, and it's continuing. To grow a very, very fast the opportunity, is crazy and that's because there is a very big audience in, this audience, is actually very Pro. Technology. And connection. And overall. Like we, know that in Japan. And you know Far, East. Asia, just. Technologies. Are getting embraced, much faster, you know things that take, a lot of time in US and especially here, in Europe you, know there is, much. Much faster so. You know we're gonna talk about a lot of social. A, lot, of e-commerce. You know gaming, and eSports. And you know where all of these things cross. There's, just so much opportunity so. Let's just get into it the first company I want to talk about is, why why in stock. Symbol why why, and, you know what they are doing, just a quick description, of the company why why Inc is a Chinese, social media, and internet. Streaming company, the, company operates in the internet services and software industry, of the information, technology sector it's, two major businesses. You need a wide wide leaf and who are the why, why lift platform is focused, on streaming, online music, and entertainment while. The firm's your, platform. Is centered, on streaming, entertainment, sports. Live, gaming mobile. Games online games and console, games so. You know what they are doing is the official, website they are basically, a social media, but, more, like, twitch, or YouTube, so what they have is a lot of games, you. Know an eSport, broadcasting. Key that's how they beat they. Have social games the heavens I said music. Streaming so, kind of like Spotify. Or, something, like this and they. Have outdoors, and sports and now, what the hell is online dating. And you know in China overall, waiting this could be a very big thing because in China and in, general, in the Far East you. Know the wife style is much faster you know we knew as people, just have more time here, in Europe it's, even slower but you know in the Far East at, the panco, via China you, know just people were living very very, fast, lifestyle, they, don't have a lot of time so you know something, that you know saves time that's why Internet is going there so, fast then you know we see, you. Know just, apps social. Apps. Acquiring. Users in, China like, it's, ridiculous, because people, you know whatever saves, them time they will use it so, you know overall I think we can all see that there is a great opportunity, there, but when we look at this company, just it, has just a four point six billion. Dollars, market capitalization. Also. It is well, of its all-time high, and you know we remember, that we, should be greedy when, others are fearful but. Obviously without being stupid so, you know the all-time high is around. $140. And now, it's, $73. So that's, like 46, percent down so, you know maybe that's that's, opportunity but, when we look into the statistics, even more which is the disk company, has, a failing price, to earnings of. 15.5. You, know forward p/e, price, to earnings of. 8.3. So, this is extremely. Low, you know in comparison the, American stock market on average is at, around trading. P of 21. 22. And a forward p/e of 18. So, you know which, is something that has, amazing, opportunity, very big opportunity.

Growing. Like crazy and, in the same time it's valued, very very low we'll let's see into the balance sheet because this is very important, for any business especially, some, that can be volatile, and, you know we can see that June. 13, 2013 so, they just released, their, earnings, we, can see that they have total. Current assets, of 2.3. Billion. Total. Assets of 3.4. Billion and, total. Current liabilities. Of just, 500,000. And total liabilities, of 500,000. So basically, the net, shareholders. Equity or, you know how much assets, without, the, depths they have is, almost, 3. Billion, we, see almost 3. Billion. Stockholders. Equity in, the, capital is 4.6. Billion, market, capitalization. That means that if you buy the company, now you. Are effectively, paying only, 1.6. Billion, so, this is a company that you know I like a lot and now. We're gonna move on to the fourth company, that I want to talk about I just want to mention that it was very hard for me to order them from one, to five you know because all of them I see a great opportunity you. Know but there are some things that you, know have concerns, and that's, when I mentioned, and 4yy is, that it it could be volatile. The fourth company I want to talk about is, the. Instant holdings, and I want to mention that the fourth and the turtle basically, both three point five because I'll put them equal, I can't decide which is better but. You know both of them were just great in $0.10, you know it is one of the biggest companies by market capitalization. Public companies in the world they invested. In a lot of stuff the investment, site is very strong in, all kinds of technology, startups, that you can think of me probably, tense and have some kind of investment, in there but, they're our biggest business. And all, they're doing where they're getting their money off is first. Of all games they, are the biggest games, publisher, in China and second. Thing is which at F which, you can think of it as something. Like facebook. But on steroids because, you can order food in there you, can have, many programs, in minigames, you. Can stream, stuff, you can buy stuff, so it's again like a bit like e-commerce, place. So, you know it just encompasses. All of this into, one and they just released earnings, earnings weren't, great, so, be so that, their earnings, are kind of flat their, grave, revenging. Oh as much as expected but, as we can see as with all Chinese stocks they're well of their peaks peak of. 1644. And I'll, do another video that. I'll talk about who I need to invest into China right now but, you know there will talk about, geopolitics. And global, stuff and economy, and so on but, then sent I think just waste one company, anything. Gaming, they have five percent in test what they have like 10 percent and Activision, Blizzard, games we. Know in China so, big the. Facebook of China just, great great opportunity and. We can see that now that they are you know down of their, high we, can see that the kind of reasonable, valuation, and we have to remember that it's much better to buy. A good company, at the fair price than, a bad company, on the good price right so. That's, Warren Buffett quote so you know twenty three point six forward P I think it's a fair price it's, not like the biggest broken, but, you know I think, it's a fair price I think there's a lot of growth and having in mind in what they invested, I would, say it's very very good deal we can also look at their financials. And balance, sheet now, this is in the, Chinese, currency but, we can kind of get, the. Idea of how much money they have and you know we can see that their total, current assets and their total assets, are, well, over, their liabilities. Which. Means that you know they have quite a lot of money that they could invest further into their business into other businesses, you know even, if economic.

Crisis, Comes which they're kind of vulnerable, to because as we, said a lot of their revenues coming from e-commerce from, advertising. Obviously. On their social, media platform. And obviously in crisis, people buy less so companies, advertise, less but, they have enough money to sustain themselves, and, we know that in time longer, periods, of time economic. Growth, that means that the advertising, grows, and. You, know they will benefit, greatly from that we can see the growth in their revenue. In gold in their earnings is being great also, the stock price has done ridiculous. Stuff in the last five years and, we can see also the. Analysis. Recommendation. Of average, price of 60, when, it's at 40 for now so, 10 cents I just love it now the next talk I want to talk about is, bi do bi. Do is basically the Google of China that you. Know the very dominant, search, engine in China and you know we can see that they have quite, a rocky, one year now. They're really low even though that they have a good earnings report, because of news, that Google, might enter, China now, you know I'm very doubtful. Of that because of the obviously, the tension between US and China and, China. In general always supports. Its companies, right, why would they let Google. You, know catch in China and, you. Know hurt, their own company. Right, also, Google gothics data why would you, know China give its data to, a US company so, you know I'm very doubtful that Google, will enter, the, market even if they enter, I don't, think that would really affect by, do kind. Of the same way that if Baidu now comes to us or Europe would, you really switch to Baidu from Google nor because you're already into, the ecosystem in, Google, knows you better the same way that Baidu knows, the Chinese market much better so, that's why I see, this sell-off is just a great opportunity and. You know we can see the statistics also you, know this is a company with the forward p/e of eighteen, point eight which, is I think undervalued. In my opinion, you. Know there are everything search. Obviously. Their, money, comes mainly. From advertising. The invests, know what the stuffs they you. Know they're doing anything, artificial, intelligence, out normal, cars you, know just you, know great great stuff and we can see it all so that the performing, really really well the quarterly, revenue growth is at twenty three point eight percent the, quarterly, earnings growth you know for this quarter is ridiculous, is 207. 6% but overall. It's again around 20, to 30%, so you know very stable company, obviously it is fragile. You. Know to exposure. Of, economic, crisis because that means that advertising, goes lower, but, you know we can see the balance sheet is just a great balance sheet they have a lot, of money, especially. Compared, to their market capitalization so. You, know this company, that I see not going anywhere and you know great, stuff coming from it even though that I don't like analysts, too much but it's good to get opinions, and we can see that the average rating is 2 or by and with, every. Price target, of, 296. But the stock is currently up 222. So. Obviously, even analysts. Like it but, overall by do I like, it now, the, stock, number, 2 I want to talk about is, more. More in or stock, symbol M om oh and you. Know this is a territory, that you know these companies, I, just love them and you know Mom or Inc what they're doing a little description from Wikipedia. It is a free, social, search. And instant messaging, mobile app the, app allows users to chat with nearby friends, and strangers. Mobile. Provides, users with free instant, messaging, services, you can look at the kind of as messenger, but also it, is kind of targeted, is not. Only to your friends but also strangers, making new connections, you. Know and I think as I said in the Chinese, market this, is very. Big because as, I said fast, lifestyles. You know there are a lot of people that also are, shy you, know or closed so, they don't have time so you know anything, social, that removes, friction. Is big, and you. Know also instant messaging, we know we. Now cannot live without measuring, our friends. So, this. Company is at market cap at seven point seven billion. And, besides. You, know their messaging, can obviously from the advertising, what.

They Did. Is they acquired. Tan-tan. Do, you know February, 2018. This, is the top up for, dating. Basically, and meeting new people so. This kind of like the tinder in China as I said I believe online. Dating, in China is, already, being is gonna be so much bigger and they have to pay around I believe seven hundred million and some people think that's too much but I can just see it playing. Out as you, know back in the days 2012. I believe Facebook. Bought Instagram for. 1 billion everybody. Said this is stupid now Instagram, itself, is probably world would, somewhere, around 100, 250, billion so you know just ridiculous, social. In dating, King China I believe it's gonna be big, and you. Know we, can see it in to the revenue by the way the growth is crazy, you, know 2015. Their revenues, hundred thirty four million. Dollars. Now, in. 2017. Last year it's 1 billion. 381. Million, and now, just for the, first quarter is the revenue. Was. 435. Million, also, their profitable. Company, and very profitable company, and you, know their profits, also exploding. Just for the first quarter 2018. They had 100, you. Know I'm basically 30 million. Net, income, so you know we see that opportunity with obviously, messaging. And the, dating, site you know making friends. I see, a great upside on the other side all this, accompanied, with the market cap a seven point seven billion we, saw that it's very profitable in, this with trailing, price, versus. Earnings, of. 21.7. And a four p of 12. We. Saw the growth, so. They have a quarterly. Revenue, growth. Of, 64%. And, a total earnings, growth of. 60%. In the. Trailing p/e of 21, and 4p of 12 this is crazy. Also, we can see the PGA. Show which is price versus. Illness over growth, of. 0.2. 36. And we, know that anything, below, one is. You know it. Really low and enging below zero point five for around 0.5. You just should. Be a great bargain obviously. That's not definitive, but you know the numbers, against. Don't lie so Momo, I love. It and, the. Number. One stalk, you know my favorite. Favorite Chinese, talk at the moment you probably guessed it it's Alibaba. Group stock. Symbol. Ba-ba-ba-ba. And, you know this company, that you. Know doesn't, need introduction. But let's do it they are basically, the biggest e-commerce, player. In China they, have a huge. Platform, about, selling, goods, online in the way that different than Amazon, is that, they, den, themselves, do not sell. Stuff. Which means that they do not compete, with the people that, you know businesses, that come to their platform. Which, I believe is a very good thing because in. That way Amazon. Competes, which means that you, know not. Necessarily. The. Businesses, that sell on Amazon platform, you know them doing good is, the best for the company, Wow, you know Alibaba, Group and, the businesses, their customers, they, are you know their profit, is aligned, the more their customers, make the more Alibaba, maze makes, well with Amazon as I said it's not exactly the same way so, this is great though they also investing, really hard in you, know real retail. Stores. And you know real estate they, have, investments. In almost anything. Technology. Around, us you know the investing in Africa and obviously. Around Asia you, know the expanding, into, India. Also and also. The investing, really hard into, you, know they have Netflix. Kind, of streaming platform, they have food delivery, they. Have you know right sharing. They. Have almost engine, technology, that's hot at the, moment and they're growing like crazy so, this is a company that has a market cap of, 444. Billion at the moment it makes crazy amount, of revenue, in these. Able, to grow and actually. The, biggest growth, engine. At the moment they have is cloud kind. Of like Amazon so, you know there are a lot of things that we can compare them about there, are I think the, biggest and. Definitely. Hardest. Player at the moment in China on cloud and we know that cloud is high margins, and brings, in a lot of money inside and gives a lot of leverage to the business as we, see with Amazon, and you know pastor Marcus off to so, what we have about this company right they have. Quarterly. Revenue, growth of. 60%, and here, we see only growth. -. But that's because of investments.

Into The last. Into. The last quarters, but, you know here, we can see on the chart their growth. Unreal. Growth in revenue, very. Good growth in earnings and we can see that this is a company that is very very, profitable. So, the heft of trading, pier 46, which is a bit high but, the forward, p/e of 22. Exactly, because of this crazy growth, and we can see their balance sheet also is very good they have crazy, amounts, of assets, as I, said a good amount of total current assets we see current liabilities, well below asset. So you know they can pay off everything, they want if they want more total. Y abilities, much lower and we, can see the net tangible, assets, and stockholders. Equity is, very high as we saw higher than $0.10, even, though that at the top, around the same capitalization. So Baba I mean I don't want to talk too, much because I think it's it's, obvious, like from the fundamental, standpoint as, a money, they make as money they have you. Know ends of their business, model is just, amazing. You know there are I believe at, a very, cheap valuation. Having. My pod company, is also. Looking forward, in the growth the opportunity, they here think how they can leverage and, build even bigger, ecosystem than, they already have, which is also one of the biggest ecosystems. In the world is, just really, just a company that you. Know I just want to be part of like I I, can, see it you know even as Warren, Buffett says if the market closes for ten years of like I'm in this company I I have. No problem, with the market closing, now, I have, to say that as of all these companies that make a lot of profits from you know Commerce, and from advertising. Obviously. They are vulnerable, to, economic slowdown. As almost all businesses, but. As we said you know okay, maybe their revenues, and earnings will, fall for one quarter for one year whatever after that though we know it historically, we can see that, everything jumps, back and you know they're, the biggest they're they're the strongest there so, I guess they hope they'll jump the strongest, and and you know they'll be back for more so if you're looking long-term this is a company that it's like in, my obviously. Humble opinion is like easy money it's like no brainer and we, can see the analyst by the way this is the lowest score I think I've seen one point six very very strong by and we, can see the price targets, of. 239. While, the current stock price is, 172. So. You know Alibaba. Symbol. Baba I just. Love, that company. And that was the last company we want to talk about now tell, me what do you think about these companies are invested in some of these companies what. Do you think you know the poses, the minuses, you know the problems, that may arise maybe, I've missed on something, and, you know thank you for listening, consider.

Checking Out my patreon, page where you know we can get to. You know to support, the channel so I can create more and also you can get much more insight I'll be posting like, investment. Tips you know also on the technology, side about. Mindset, you know everything, that in diverso is about thank. You for listening see, you next time.

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