The 2018 Canadian Screen Awards | Full Live Show

The 2018 Canadian Screen Awards | Full Live Show

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The. Fall during live special presentation, is available in describe video and may contain course language viewer discretion is, advised. My. From the Sony Centre in Toronto, it's the 2018, Canadian. Screen Awards, celebrating. Excellence in, television, film and digital with. Tributes to Rick Mercer Margaret. Atwood watch Johnson, and Peter Mansbridge, now. Please welcome your host Emma. Hunter, and Johnny, Harris. Thank. You thank you thank you thank you. Thank. You hello, and, good evening we. Wish to acknowledge and honor the ancestral, traditional, territories. Of the Ojibwe, the Anishinaabe the, hood new Shawnee and the Huron window, and in particular the, Mississauga's. Of the new credit whose, territory, we are gathering on tonight. I'm, Johnny Harris and Anna hotel and we are thrilled, to, be hosting the sixth annual Canadian, Screen Awards. I've. Been making film, and television for, six whole. Years. It. Blows my mind well, done. As. You can see we are your co-host, tonight that's right this year to host that means double, the excitement, double, the fun and most importantly, you have to work, don't be hero okay hero don't be hero. Tonight. We're here at the Sony Center broadcast, live coast-to-coast across, five. Time, zones live at five. And, a half time. Zones, celebrating. The best of Canadian film and television. 2017. Was a bold year for Canadian movies like, unarmed, vs. Rumble. And. One of my favorites, Maadi, with, a beautiful, script by sherry white but, what. I was most impressed but I don't know if it's computer. Graphics or green screen but they made rural, Newfoundland, look, like rural Nova Scotia, and, you. Believed it you believed it yeah. Comedy. Is alive and killing, it there's Letterkenny. Nirvana. The band the show. Working. Moms and. How. About baroness, von sketch. They've, won so many awards I think technically. They're Duchess, Mon sketch now is that right I don't, know how royalty works but I think we walk away from them like this now. And. It, was a fantastic year, for TV, drama Cardinal. 19. To, marry. Palestine. And. Leading. The way with 13. Nominations, and. Did. You know that Amy Beth McNulty, is 16, you know what I was doing when I was 16, I was selling cigarettes down, at the docks. So. This is good good. For you. And. Of course today we want to mention the secret path, the story of Chaney when Jack the nominated for the Donald Britton award tonight this, of course was passion, project, for tragically. Hip front main board Downey who he lost his pass off. I. Think. That says it all right there was there ever a man more adored from clack wat sound to cape speare there will always be a special place in our hearts for the gourd father we. Will never forget long, time running, play on playing underneath Tessa virtue and Scott Moyers final, gala performance after. Winning another, Olympic, gold. Some. People, are already saying, the chemistry, between, us, is, very you, know virtue and more is that right that's right, yeah that's a compliment, I think they're amazing where they wasn't that performance, amazing I mean there's. The kind of trust most people have and then there's the kind of trust where you let somebody stand, on you with a skate, blade next to your genitals it's.

It's, It's so much trust I mean it was great it was so great to see them win another Olympic, gold but part of me just wants, to see, them kiss. Yes. Exactly. Do. You understand um. So. Let's. See who, we have in the audience, with us tonight. There's, Marc. Andre coda from. These FMA, a horror film. That. In Quebec where people, start eating each other, ooh oh, no no no the way the French prepared. Tatiana, maslany is here. After. Five. Incredible, seasons, orphan black has wrapped so now we get to be the last award show hosts who make clone jokes, it's. True, I'm excited are you ready, here. We go okay. Orphan. Black showrunner, Graham Manson, will be helming, the TV adaptation of snowpiercer. And though we know every, snowflake is different they, will all be played by Tatiana maslany. There. You go. You. Know who else is free Peter. Mansbridge. Who. Stepped down from the National leaving some pretty big shoes to fill in fact it took four new anchors, to replace, him it, makes me feel better that it only took two of us to replace Howie Mandel from last year don't be hero. All. Right we got an action-packed, show in store so what are you saving at this thing moving and give out some awards. Yes. To. Present our first award, of the evening he plays a teacher on TV she plays hockey in real life, please welcome, Olympic, gold and, silver medalist Natalie, Spooner and Canadian, Screen Award, nominee, my friend Gary D. Thank, you. First. Of all I just want to say, Natalie what an honor it is to present with. You tonight Natalie, just, came back from, the Winter Olympics where she helped Team, Canada win a silver, medal. Pretending. With you such a talented. And so. Funny such a funny guy. See. I didn't get anything because you didn't present. Me you didn't do that. Do. That okay, let's try that again too late too, late. Embarrassing. And you didn't have to wear this it's a bit much I think. We. Are honored to present the Canadian, Screen Award to. The Best Actress in a comedy, let's, take a look at the nominees. The. Nominees for. Best Lead Actress comedy. Are. Andrea. Bang, Kim's convenience. I. Make. My decision, that's a pieman I'm, 20. I don't need your approval we're, getting an apartment and, Jean. Yuna Kim's, convenience, Jenna this is not about you it's.

About Gerald, no, this, is about me any. Murphy. Shits, Creek I bumped. Into one, of our plans and her. Dog has. Lace. And she's worried that she, now has lace, who. Was it um. Meredith. Meredith. Catherine. O'Hara shits. Creek I'm from London I was one of two identical, twins tragically. I was, snatched from my crib at birth by Russian mobsters, they, look. At my fair skin and my dazzling eyes and I said we'll make a pretty penny on that one on the UM black market we will Catherine. Reitman working, moms. Oh no. That was just um they're, doing some plumbing on the building, can. I call you back. And. The, Canadian, Screen Award goes to. Catherine. O'Hara shits, Creek. This, is the third best lead actions comedy award for Catherine O'Hara she also won in 2016. And 2017. Wow. I'm. Gonna cry this is, ridiculous, thank you. Sorry. I I. Really. Didn't expect this. Wow. This. Is ridiculous. I'm. Going to cry I really. Didn't expect this. Thank. You. Welcome. To the stage from Cardinal, Billy, Campbell. And Amy. Beth McNulty. They. Say that. In order to get a laugh you need to create tension and, then find, a way to release it thank, goodness we have these brilliant comedic, actors to give us the release of laughter that we need in these very tense, times you're right it is a perilous. World, right now, not if you're a teenager we're, the ones who are going to save it. So. Very true. Here. Are the nominees for Best Lead Actor comedy. The. Nominees, for Best Lead Actor, comedy, are. Paul. Sun-young, Lee Kim's convenience. Very. Proud but, mostly mrs., Kim. Jared. Keith Oh letter, Kenny Francis, brows are you on the menu right there - it's more of a bistro than I said when I came in they asked me if I wanted to sit at the resto bar the gastro loud I'm glad you chose the resto box was actually the gastro, lounge. Gerry. Dee mr.. Dean looking, at the coffee. Good. Morning. Okay. Good morning that was great yep that's the one thank you so much for coming in Daniel, Levy shits, Creek so. Feel. Free to give, me a call back and I will be happy to walk. You through, it okay ciao. Ciao. I said, ciao to, that person. Whoa Eugene. Levy shits. Creek yes welcome welcome Jake I see David's. Made you feel right at home okay dad no, no no I'm just saying carry on doing whatever, you're, doing or, not doing I. Mean I see things are ramping up god I started. And, the. Canadian Screen Award goes to and. Oh, whoops. Sorry. He's, put together with tape. All. Soon, him Lee. Let's lead actor comedy also, went to ball sun-young Lee at the Canadian, Screen Awards, in, 2017. Yeah. Okay one more time, I. Have. To admit this is probably. One of my biggest fears realized because last year was so unexpected, and how, do you top last year. Well. This is a good start so. I. Have, too many people to say thank you too so, I won't bore all of you guys at home by, naming them out right now instead, I'll bore them individually, as I meet them because they know who they are and I love them very much I, need. To say that representation. Matters. I think. A show like Kim's convenience, is proof that representation. Matters because, when communities, and people, see themselves reflected up, on the screens it is an inspiring, and a very powerful moment for them because, it means they've moved from the margins, into. The forefront and it, gives them a voice and it, gives them hope and hope. Is a very empowering. Thing because it inspires, people and when. You give people a voice other people, start listening, and, when people start listening things start, to change and, we, need change we, need to affect change and that, there's this little button here it, means a lot and better. People than I can speak more, to it than I will but it's time for all of us to listen as well I just, want to say thank you to the Academy, thank you to my Kim's family my, caste my mom my, dad my sister my wife no, miles at home you, can start playing video games now so. Johnny. Of all the talent, here tonight I don't know many people who, can go from playing a cop on an hour-long drama, to an award-winning, half-hour. Comedy. No, I. Suppose there's not many jarred keys oh wow, from. 19, to 2 letter K I mean come on. Did. You you, didn't think I was did you think I was talking Murdoch mysteries and still standing yeah I thought you were yeah, I was a sock, monkey so right okay yeah no he's great he's great yeah, all right here to present is last year's winner of the Audience, Choice Award, for her work in Carmilla, and one, of Canada's, most beloved, YouTube, sensations. Natasha, Negev analyst and Jasmeet, Rana. We, are so, excited to be presenting the. Award for best, performance sketch, comedy tonight and, on, behalf of the nominees, in this category we'd.

Like To make a quick service announcement, public service announcement, yeah, um this is just for everybody, out there, we. Just want you to know that it's uh it's. Sketch. Not. Skit. Sketch. And. It's also definitely, not skip. Cheese which is a word I just made up to end this debate and to save comedy. But, after saying it out loud it's just one of the stupidest words I've ever heard I'm sorry. Definitely. Not now let's take a look at the hilarious nominees, for best performance sketch. Comedy. The. Nominees, for best performance sketch. Comedy, Carolyn. Taylor Meredith. MacNeill, Aurora. Brown, Jennifer. Whalen, baroness. Von sketch, show. Be. Good you're doing great. Little. Gassy first. Place Emma. Hunter Miguel. Rivas, Aisha. Alfa, Dave. Barkley. Marilla wax Laura. Syllabus, Donovan. Stinks things counter beaverton boys were more revealing clothes to level out the playing field, Miguel what do you think, Rick. Mercer. Rick. Mercer report. Come. On down to my private, island for the holidays, you got to say no. I'm, sorry, Agha no. Mark. Critch Cathy, Jones, Susan. Kent Shaun. Majumder. Meredith. MacNeill, this. Hour has 22 minutes. You. Can escape done, our phones TVs, and it just stopped, one more every day there's absolutely nothing we can do to stop it. And. The, Canadian, Screen Award goes to. This is the fifth Canadian, Screen Award that Baroness von sketch, has won at the 2018. Canadian. Screen Awards. Thank. You so much. We, are just beyond thrilled this is an honor especially, in this category which, is filled with so many immensely, talented people, there is such a wealth of talent in Canada especially in comedy, on. A person you know I would just like to thank my family for, all of the support that they've given me to, make this happen and my wonderful husband, David, McKenzie thank you. I. Would love to thank my, son Sebastian who, helps me practice bits and, also to my husband Chris, Siddiqui who's not only my husband but one of the many incredibly, talented sketch, comedians, who come on our show and give us gold day after day thank you I'd. Like to thank my. Beloved, morning, king my, mom and. The. Queer community. To. Our incredible crew, this. Is yours -. My daughter hazel and my family thank you for all your support and thank you so much. Coming. Up after the break the awards for actor and actress, in the leading role plus a special appearance, by Jann Arden. Don't, forget to vote for your favorite Canadian. Star. Ever. Wonder how they can hold the cameras so still as it whisks around up butt-kicking Jackie Chan, well, thank a dude called the Steadicam operator for, that made. Over 40 years ago by Garrett Brown and of course called the brown. Stabilizer. Which. Let's, face it could, be mistaken as the name for a treatment for diarrhea the. Steadicam was developed to help capture smooth, handheld, action sequences, wearing. What can only be described, as a discount, Robocop, getup, yes, most, of my references, are from the 1990s, the. Steadicam operator has, the most physically, challenging jobs, on set often, having to run over uneven terrain, usually. Backwards to get the perfect shot so. If you're ever passing, a movie location, and spot a Steadicam, operator pulling. Up to them grab, their shoulders, and give, them a big ol hug they love being held. You. The following program is a live broadcast and may contain course language viewer discretion is, advised. Welcome. Back to the 2018. Canadian, Screen Awards, with your host jöhnny Herod's. He's, not afraid to get political with his earth and she, works to champion the arts through, politics, please, welcome the director of the award-winning, documentary, unarmed. Vs. and the Minister of Canadian, Heritage charles, officer, and the Honorable Melanie, Joly. Hello. It is such an honor to be here and be presenting with this specific. Boss. Lady. Thank. You very much it. Is a powerful, time for women in our industry, and there's never been a better moment for. Us female. Focus storylines to occupy the space, they deserve, all. Five actresses, nominated, this, category, have brought, to life rich, vivid, characters. Whose wants, and needs have been tested, by endless challenges yet. They. Persisted. Yeah. How come my pastas manifest, Newsome said I have a totally, fun Donnie earth. Woman. In our, screen is industry, are leading, a movement and, we. Are united with, them, let's. Take a look. Let's, take a look at the nominees the. Nominees. For, performance. By an actress in a leading role are, mejor. Jabari, Alva. We, doing sir I found Bob Anna Cathy full. Of Captain, Picard. Amanda let me call our child a, mother's I'm too low coffee, Denise. Billy at war is the heart that dies last. Unfortunate. Transistor. Marian, Johnson, the little girl who was too fond of matches.

Sally. Hawkins Maudie. That's. It or nothing. Shirley, Henderson never. Steady, never, still. And. The Canadian Screen Award goes to. Sally. Hawkins Modi. I. Really. Wish I would Sally but we would accept this award on her behalf and. Way. To go Marty. Our, next, presenters, are a first-time, filmmaker, whose movie OVA received, eight Screen Award nominations, this year and an actress who stars in Frankie, Drake mysteries, and the upcoming, series the detail please, welcome sadaq, Farooqi and Wendy, Crewson. Here. To present performance. By an actor, in a leading role. Here. Is the Taste of the interrogate, characters, that these talent, men play let's. Take a look at the nominees the. Nominees. For, performance. By an actor in a leading role are. Nabeel. Rajab boost. Mom. Was he taking a where did he leave. Yeah. BL Cebu huh it's the heart that dies last. G+. In 2017, well. I'll. 20q, ye the little girl who was too fond of matches. Support. Guys home. Time'. Meditation. Park. A. Male. Blue blue team we. Are the other. Two. Get home to me you don t know face I'll assemble, it up yeah syllable. He noticed walks in the mountains gate charge. And. The. Screen award goes to. Nappy. Loretto. This. Is the first Canadian. Screen Award win for nabeel rajab. You. Have no idea what, this means to a kid from us Mario atria I, immigrated. Here when I was six years old and I've been blessed. To call Canada, home for. The past 20 years. I want. To thank God, without. Whom none of this would be possible I, want to thank my mom who opted to stay at home and throw a low party we. Have a real reason to celebrate mom, I love. You. Darren. Thank. You for writing this thank. You for fighting to make this film. Representation. Doesn't, matter, I've. Waited I've waited a very long time, to, see a character, like Hakeem on the big screen or. Even the little screen, and to be able to be that guy that did. It. To. The Academy thank, you to. My cast it. Was a pleasure working with you all. Yeah. Thank you thank, you. Our. Next two presenters are, producers, actors filmmakers, and most importantly, fierce advocates, for the betterment of our indigenous communities, please welcome Lisa, Mitch's and Jennifer, p.m. speak. First. Of all I would, like to say that I'm really honored to be sharing the stage with one of my heroes Lisa Michy's hi. And. To the Canadian Screen Awards, thank, you for putting two indigenous women, on the stage tonight to present this award. This image on television. That made us feel invisible. So. Let this moment resonate, to all the indigenous youth watching, you, are, beautiful. And we see you. Indigenous. People in this country, are Canada's, most untapped, resource, and Lisa and I are happy to warn all of the major stakeholders, in the audience and watching at home that there is a tsunami about to hit the industry of young indigenous, talent so be prepared and we're, here tonight to. Present the Donald written award, for social political documentary. Program presented by the Rogers group of funds as indigenous, producers, ourselves. Lisa and I both, understand, the power of stories stories, can be used as a weapon but they can also be used to build bridges between people between. Nations, and if, harnessed in a good way stories can inspire and power change, minds and motivate, all of us to be better right. It. Is a time for all of us to stand up and challenge the headlines, and the. Stereotypes. And the inequality. Faced by indigenous people we, must recognize that our indigenous community, is filled with gifted, funning. Interesting. Canadians, with great stories to share and some of the best untapped, talent, around we. All face challenges, in our lives for which mean we all we all must be individual, accounted, for and we, must all work together as, an industry and, as Canadians, to rise above the mistakes of our shared history and to, write a news, story where, we can all thrive together. Shifting. Storytellers. The. Donald, Britton Award for Best social, political documentary. Presented. By the Rogers group of funds. All. Governments. Lie truth. Deception. And the spirit, of I F stone when. The media, acts as a conveyor, belt for the lies why. It matters, is because lies take, lives. Colonisation. Road can. Land back, oh. Please. Feel that oh that's that.

What. Is distinctive about settler, colonialism, as opposed to other forms, of colonialism, is that, the settlers come to stay. Migrant. Dreams. The. Secret, path. Never. Gave them. The. Skin we're in, Mississippi. Goddamn. The. Refrain in the song is they keep on saying go. Slow you know. That was a long time ago that Nina Simone wrote that song, but. It's still true. That's. A criticism of our movement that, we're pushing for too much too fast. And. The Canadian, Screen Award goes to. The. Secret, path. I see that Alvin fiddler chief Alvin go to fiddler from the Anishinabe, ascii nation is here to accept, the award. I. Mean. That's a big let's go check it out this. Is a very moving and a, very powerful story, and film, and. I encourage all of you to to, see it Harriet. Jimmy. Great chicagee munition. My. Uncle Chinese story isn't, just my family's story but, it's the story of a hundred and fifty thousand, indigenous, children. Who, were sent to residential. Schools taken. From their families I. Want. To thank the Downey family. As well, as everyone I called a secret path family, for, walking this journey with, us beside, us to. Open the eyes of all Canadians. I. Just, wanted to thank I wanted to thank Gore Downey for sharing this story with all of us the, wind jack family for allowing the story to be shared and. Mike. Downey and Stuart Cox. Obviously. Gordoni, and. Dave. Hamlin and. Jeff. Lemire, and. Saul. This animation. I've. Got my list here a little lost. Solace. Animation David de chardin Gary Tut, Alex krivoy my. Wife Sherry my daughter Edie. Yes. Thank you thank you very much. On, behalf. Of the kochenko fund I would like to extend our congratulations to. Tonight's, three nominees. I would. Also like to thank all of the devoted, fans who've. Cast their vote to, select tonight's, cogeco fund audience. Choice award. Coming. Up on the 2018. Canadian, Screen Awards, Catherine, O'Hara, Catherine Reitman and Margaret, Atwood the, Academy, of Canadian, cinema and television would, like to thank CBC, Bell, media Corus, Entertainment. And Rogers. Media. Like. An adult-film director, once said two, units are better than one, I can. Only assume he was talking about the second unit director, with. Shooting schedules, being so tight sometimes movies, have to film two scenes at the same time the, second unit director leads, their own crew, handling, things like action, sequences, close-ups, and inserts the key is to make sure every, shot can cut seamlessly. Into the footage the film's director is shooting essentially. Cutting their workload in half while, maintaining the, quality and tone. He's. Good. Can I get a second, unit host, mama. Needs a manicure. You. The. Nominees, for Best Lead Actress drama, series are, Amy. It's. All going to hell now. Our. Next, two presenters are, both comedic, forces, of nature who I have admired for, years please welcome Catherine. Reitman, and Catherine. O'Hara. Kathy oh god no nothing no, cat. Yeah no, no. No, what. About you yeah. There. You go. Oh. My. God mmm, I just recognized them you know Castro, from the shape of water Oh oh, my god such a fan what. You do you. Are the second best actress, in the game and, now. For. The nominees for the best lead, actress in a Drama Series the. Nominees, for Best Lead Actress Drama, Series are, Amy. Beth McNulty. N. It's. All very well to, reduce. Werfel, stories and imagine, yourself living through, them heroically, but it's. Not so easy when you're actually woeful. Is this for pity's sake hold your tongue you. Talk entirely too much yes. Ma'am. Kalinin. DeBell Natha mary. Kills people. I. Was. 16, I was with my mother. She. Was sick. Yeah. She was depressed. Tatiana. Maslany, orphan. Black you, know the other day Gemma. Was driving me so crazy I, screamed. At her I said if you don't clean up your room I am going to string you up by your thumbs and stuff yours dirty damn sock balls in your mouth. Megan. Rats, rogue why are you following me I. Know. You killed. Orders. To do it Jenny, Raymond, sex, and violence. Can. You be there anyway, when. I give my witness statement. And. The Canadian, Screen award goes to. Tatiana. Maslany. This. Is the sixth Canadian, Screen Award win for Tatiana. Thank. You so much, wow. I. Feel. Like the luckiest actor on the planet that I got to play this part these parts and.

I. It's. It's just been the most surreal experience in my life I just want to say to the crew you barely saw your families, you, were you know you didn't see daylight for months, and months and you worked your butts off and you always held me up and I love you for that. To the cast I'm so lucky I got to play with all of you talented. Weirdos, every, single day I love, you John and Graham you, trusted, that complex, Outsiders, could be fantastic. Leads thank you for that, Katherine. I love you my partner my clone double, and. Clone. Club, thank, you for watching our show for, creating a community that, is based on inclusion. Love, and and. And, support. And that's what we need right now so thank you so much. Please, welcome to the stage from the breadwinners, Sarich, our jury and Kawada. Well. Done very. Good actually. Before we get started I just want to say Sarah congratulations, on, your actor award for your performance in this film. Thank. You. I wish, I had one. You. Probably had like some awards or something you're like a theater, star, theater. Star well I wouldn't, say that yes. I would. But. Now making a transition to film and TV just like all the other screen actors in this room I can't, wait to audition for commercials. In. The film Ava a teenager, coming, of age in Iran rebels. When her privacy is violated by her overprotective parents, who care more about the optics of the family's social standing and in. The, breadwinner, a young, girl living under the perilous rule of the Taliban sets, out on a journey disguised. As a boy to, find her falsely, imprisoned, father let's, take a look. Bachelor. As a morose tactic. E2z, Donizetti 2010. Emmy 20 plays a little I'm Yola haver needs to Bella hard Hamby machine. Then. As aromatic Tahitian. I returned home image, bushy is DiMaggio. Knew who I was and they give the violin. Either. Why's. This girl I'll get home should cover herself properly, maybe you should stop looking at her I could have you killed, I, think. Business will pick up. Where. Is he being taken, to prison. Please, welcome the star of Kim's convenience. Paul, sung-yueng, Lee and the star of cotton, Alan, Jaco. We're. Here this time to present the Award for Best Lead, Actor, in a dramatic series oh my god I always get such a kick out of hearing you speak proper. English. It's. Fantastic, I mean you know because, you put on that the, Newfoundland, accent, it. I, feel like you actually are from Newfoundland, when you do it right. I am, from from, Newfoundland and and and no. Way yeah, you you you, do, respect for you just went right out there. You. Play that you, do that you have an accent and you get on Kim's. And you you play. Canadian. Exactly. Here. Are the nominees the. Nominees. For, Best Lead Actor, Drama, Series, are. Shawn. Doyle Bellevue. Cuz. He knows your dirty secret, I can't deal with this right now my. Dad killed, himself because. He couldn't solve this case is, that. Because of you know. Richard. Short Mary, kills people. Get. Out. Brian, Markinson. The Romeo section. Are. You going. Christopher. Heyerdahl, van. Helsing. Alexander. Ludwig Vikings. Fred's. Defeated. Not. One but. Two English kids. And. The. Canadian, Screen Award goes to. Alexander. Ludwig Vikings. Alexander. Is in here, so. We'll accept this on his, behalf.

Okay. See you. Our, next presenter is a Canadian, Screen Award, winner she was the star of the massive, miniseries aliased grace so forgive me if I always remember, her as Ruby, Ogden, from Murdoch mysteries please, welcome Sarah. Gadon. Margaret. Atwood is a Canadian, icon she. Is one of the greatest writers, our nation, has ever seen, she. Is a novelist, a poet. An advocate. For human rights a defender. Of our environment. A companion. To the Order of Canada oh and. She also holds. 22, honorary. Degrees. There. Is no doubt that Atwood, has blazed the trail for, Canadian writers now. Her works have been translated to the small screen in the much celebrated, limited series alias grace, and the hem maids tale, fans. Are seeing their favorite outward characters, come to life and new, generations, are discovering, her perhaps for the first time. Let's. Take a look at Margaret Atwood's incredible, career. I'm. A word addict, you know other people are addicted to coffee, cigarettes. Booze dope, I'm, addicted to words. The. Green Man, first. Of all she set the bar for what greatests, she, is clearly, and has, for a long time and recognized, on the world stage in. The arts she, was one of the first to, make clear that Canadians, could, and would punch. Above their weight. Were. You daunted it at all to take on this novel I was extremely daunted, yeah I mean it took a really long time it was the hardest thing I've ever had, or, written partly, because I love the novels so much and you don't want to fail the novel at. The age of barely 16. Bryce mercs was, involved. In a double murder in. What, way we. Don't quite know I have, been an inmate at the Kingston Penitentiary for, 15 years did she give you any advice making this she did she gave me an enormous amount of her time she, put, up with a lot and never stopped being supportive. Of the process end of me it's. Rage. Mississippi. Insolvent. Jew. Our. Special, clay house as. I was writing and I was clipping things out of newspapers. There, isn't anything in the book that isn't based on something that, hasn't already, happened either, in history, or in another country, you. Will bear children for them. Look, it, is the complexity. Of her, characters. And of the narrative, that gives, them such lasting. Appeal its, her humanity. That is at the absolute core. Of what. She writes Peggy. You are a Canadian and a world treasure. Congratulations. Margaret. Thank, you very much. Thank. You very much. For. The Academy. Of Canadian, Cinema and Television Board. Of Directors tribute, I feel very. Honored, by it I'm, old enough to remember when there wasn't any Canadian, cinema or television, and the explosion, of talent, since, that time has, been astonishing. I'm. Very lucky to have worked with some of the brightest lights in the industry. Most, recently, Sarah, Polley and the, amazing, people that, put alias grace together. Including. Mary, harron the director, and. This. Amazing. Actress. Sarah. Gadon, and, Noreen, hopper and the producer. What. An accomplishment. Sarah. Polley has said that although the management, team was not deliberately, all-female. The, fact that it was meant, that no one had to deal with the powerful. Man syndrome, which so many of the industry, have come up against. In, this, context. I'm very happy, to, be supporting, the new fund, after. Me - in, conjunction. With the Canadian, Women's Foundation, after. Me too. Is. Focusing, on structural. Changes, including, contractual. Ones, explicit. Criteria, for behavior, immediate.

Support And counseling for claimants, and investigative. Procedures, that are professional. And fair. To all. Thank. You again for this wonderful tribute, and thank, you to all with. Whom I have worked over the years and have been so. Helpful thank. You. Still. To come best limited, series or program Daniel. Levy and a special, presentation, to the Rick Mercer report. Stay, tuned for the Canadian Screen Award for Best Comedy Series presented by Bell fun. The. Art director is in charge of the overall visual appearance and how it communicates aesthetically, stimulates. Moods contrasts. Features and psychologically. Appeals to a target audience and if. You can decipher that sentence you, instantly qualify to be an art director. Basically. At the heart director makes sure the vision of the production designer and director of photography happens. And that stuff looks good by connecting constructions, special effects, property, graphics, and locations, departments, consider. The, other members of the art department as jars. Of paint the. Art director is the brush that combines, them all to paint the picture and, hopefully. Their more artistic than me. What. I was. Five, okay. That was made last week. You. You. One program, is a live broadcast and, may contain course language viewer discretion is, advised. Out. Of the, genocide, of violence, that happened, in Canada and the United States and, all, the hidden things, that went underground, there's, some beautiful jewels of culture. That, we're all starting to find out about now. Welcome. Back to the 2018. Canadian, Screen Awards, at the beautiful Sony Center once again emma, hunter. As. Many of you know I am the co-host, of the Beaverton it's, a fake news show if you haven't seen it we're kind of like Fox News but funny for the right reasons. Because. Of my experience, with fake news I've been asked, to make a few quick predictions. On where, our industry, will be this time next year in a segment I call this. Time next year Bryan if you could cue up the new, sting please, listen. And learn Lisa, Laflamme. This. Time next year the CBC, will have filled the Newfoundland, sized hole in their schedule left by the Mercer, report, with a new reality, show called Mary, Walsh kills, people.

This. Time next year the threat of a trade war ends after Canada restricts, the exports, of québécois, film, directors. This. Time next year the expression, Netflix, and chill is surpassed, in popularity, by, crave, and copulate. This. Time next year the Canadian Screen, Award, statue undergoes. A new design, to, avoid resembling. An awkward, hug from, your drunk uncle. This. Time next year, emma hunter and johnny harris are named the Canadian Screen. Award, hosts, for, life, what. No. Brian it's actually that's the only that music right now you wouldn't mind just queuing up a sting Brian if. You would mind. Next. Year prime minister justin trudeau. Really. It's. Pretty cool just I'm trying to make big hair filled mine yeah, Justin, Trudeau returns home, from his second trip to India Brian really. You. Berta for the full blown movie, star you know what Brad I get it, you. Know what this time next year the. Sound guy in. The in memoriam. Em'ly. Hundra, everybody. She. Says don't be a hero but she can't help herself okay. Now please welcome, our next presenters, he is the co-creator and star of shits Creek and she, is the host of CBC arts exhibitionist, Dan levy and Amanda Paris. We. Are here to present best, drama, series, let's. Take a look at the nominees the. Nominees. For, best, drama series, are. 19. -. And. So, many other things there's no end what I can accomplish just given the chance I will take care of these dishes for you miss Cuthbert you will see I'll do them right. Marry. Kills people, so, you took carbamazepine, this, morning, yeah. Can. I see the bottle I need to know what I'm working with I would. Out this morning, I thought, it was my last dose. Pure. Do. You submit. To. God's I. Submit. Vikings. And. The. Canadian Screen award goes to Anne. How. Wonderful. Thank. You to the Academy so, much, creating. And with, Annie, has. Been an epic, adventure. Big. Scope for the imagination. My. My vision for a brand new Ann was beautifully, realized by a brilliant, team, of incredible. Artists, including. Niki Caro who directed the stunning pilot, Bobby, Shore John. Francois Kempo Andy, berry and Dixon Ariana men and our, entire, fabulous, crew. And. Of course we want to thank the CBC, we. Could not have done this without them they believed from the very beginning, Thank You Sally Kat oh thank, you to our executives. Helen, aza MacOS - Nicole Mendes, and. To Netflix. For 190. Countries that's getting to see Canadian, programming. Thank you to our brilliant, actors, especially.

Amy. Beth RH, and Geraldine, to, inspire us every day, thank. Us. Please. Welcome the stars of bad blood Kinko's and Lexi, walk. Who. Better to present the award for best comedy, series, presented, by bail fund than, to hilarious, comedic, actors, like, us. As. I've discovered with almost, every. Clown like character, I've portrayed over, the course of my career making. People, laugh is no, laughing matter, from giggles, to right goof Oz these, five shows did it best. Here. The nominees. The. Nominees for. Best comedy series presented, by the bail fund are. Kim's. Convenience. This. Is Janet. Letterkenny. Are you now came. Here about so bad, can. We talk okay. In. Your truck. Okay. Michael, every day. Get. In the car why because, I'm gonna drive you departures. Oh Sudbury, Nirvana. The band the show. Okay. We will get it for you now should. I just tell you the plan I have we. Put off a back to the better these, guys, work in mom. Hey. Are you okay. And. The. Canadian, Screen Award goes to. Kim's. Convenience. This. Is the third win for Kim's convenience, at the 2018. Canadian. Screen Awards. I'm, beaten. On. Behalf of our showrunners, in. Stowe who of course created, the play this was based on and Kevin. White on behalf, of our amazing cast, crew. Writers. Producers first. And foremost, we want to thank the audience they. See themselves, in, the show they, see their faces on the show and yes, Paul representation. Matters, we. Want to thank the Canadian media fund the Academy, and for. My money one, of the best public broadcasters, in the world the CBC. And, on a personal note I, want, to thank the love of my life my, wife Sandra, who, is, a great producer and. Who, taught me everything I know about producing thank. You. Here. To present the Academy icon. Award is an award-winning singer-songwriter, and. Rick. Mercer's, favorite, date please, welcome Jann, Arden. Rick. Mercer what, can be said about a man who has already said, all loudly, and emphatically, into. A camera that's having a graffiti induced. Alley seizure, we. Honor the Rick Mercer report tonight, because, not, only did, the show travel, from coast to coast to coast showing. Canadians, the beautiful nooks and crannies, of our vast country it, made us think about what is actually happening. In our world through, clever rants, sketches. And desk. Bits the, show also raised over two million dollars for its charity of choice spread. The net all, while, making us soak our depends, on a weekly, basis, that. Is some, achievement, Rick says he had the best job in the world but. He also made it the best job in the world for, his writers, producers directors, and his crew who. Have stayed with him for the entire ride, an unheard-of. Accomplishment. In this, or any industry. After. 15 seasons. 277. Episodes, and countless. Awards the, Rick Mercer report will, end this, April, and I, could not be happier. Hear, me out do. You know how many dates Rick and I have gone on for the show and has, he put a ring on it no no he has not, we. Will all miss the Rick Mercer report because. Who else but Rick can. Humanize, politicians. By making, them read bedtime. Stories, let's. Take a look at the exceptional. Contribution. That the show has made to Canadian. Television. I'm, Rick Mercer this, is the Mercer, report. At. The Canadian, Screen Awards, this year. Phone. Ann Marie and get her to do this class. Margaret. Atwood said no yeah. The. Bravest woman in Canadian showbusiness we marry me. Yes. I do. Hey you did steep it down there. Welcome to air ontario's. Algonquin. / i'm in the nation's capital to the paw manitoba. The screaming, one is Danny Williams. I'm. Just gonna let a little blood to my head about every two minutes because I think that's when the brain damage kicks in it hard. To tell. An. Emotion, except.

It's Down this time. Rek. How are you I can't. Foreign. Affairs minister John Baird gets. Six horrible, ideas, all at once. It's. Been a week now since score down a lead singer of The Tragically, Hip passed, away and the outpouring, of emotion from, all across Canada, it's like nothing, I've ever seen before in my life. Rick. Mercer report. Blueberry, pie ice cream, delicious. All proceeds, to spread the net selfie. It is my immense. Pleasure to, present the. Academy icon. Award to the show's creators, Rick Mercer and Gerald. Mugs. Thank, You Jan Arden, it. Has been a distinct, honor to make Ustream, on national, TV the. Mercer, report is, designed to look like a one-man show but nothing could be further from the truth I could start thanking. People right now still be standing here in, an hour there's, a huge list of people who, have devoted, a major chunk, of their professional, careers to, making this show happen week, in and week out, Henry, Sauer phoner our director, has been with us since day one. To. The to the writers of the Mercer report you're, the funniest people I know you've been with me since day one thank, you so much and of, course I've been traveling, the road traveling, the country non-stop. For 15 years with, the same crew that's. Director. John Marshall, the greatest cameraman in the country, Don Spence and Road. Producer, Michael, dry etske I had laughed more with those colleagues than, most people get to laugh in a lifetime it has been a distinct, privilege to. Celebrate the country every single week on the, CBC this, award is for the show so, everyone who's ever appeared on a Call Sheet or a crew, list this, is for you but. It's going to live at my house. I'll, rater the gate I'd like to thank my producing, team of Tom Stanley, Nick's exit and Scott Stevenson, who have made my life so much easier with, their dedication and hard work on our Mr Rick, and I would also like to thank our good friend and mentor George Anthony who's been the CBC, executive, anomaly Shores it was, George who took a releve tur pitch for the Rick Mercer report to, CBC's Director of Programming slawko, klimkew, slaw. Kyle had only one question will Rick be ranting and we, said yes every episode, and with that we were greenlit that. Was 277. Episodes, ago, been. A great run and at. Its peak it was being watched by one and a half million Canadians, on Tuesday night we. Would never have hit those heights without the support and encouragement of, everyone at the CBC but most notice ly notably, in the past four years, Sally Catalan, Heather Conway, we'd. Like to thank the Academy, and everyone, and I'm armed our crew knows the only reason Rick Mercer report is being honored tonight is, due to the sharp pen and the extreme talents of my partner in crime Rick, Mercer thank you. More. Excitement economist, Clark Johnson deceives the Earl Grey award and right after the break tatiana maslany from, orphan, black the, Academy of Canadian cinema and television would like to thank our leading media partners, CBC, and premier, partner Toa film Canada. Ever. Wonder, how movie makers get such great audio of waves, crashing. And bone snapping, pouch. That's. All created afterwards by someone called the Foley artist, named. After a sound editor at Universal, Studios Jack, Foley Foley. Artists add crucial. Background, noises without. Them movies feel. Uncomfortable. Although. Quite frankly quiet, would be awesome, right about, now. Using. Found items like an umbrella opening, and closing rapidly for the sound of bats flying or phonebook, being hit for the sound of a punch to the gut the, Foley artist is named accurately, it is a true, art. Really. You. You. One program, is a live broadcast and may contain course language viewer discretion is, advised. You're. Watching the 2018. Canadian. Screen Awards, live on CBC, here, are your hosts Emma, Hunter and Johnny, Harris. Ladies. And gentlemen. Ladies. And gentlemen. Ladies. And gentlemen please, welcome to, the stage Tatiana. Maslany. Film. Director, has to play many roles they. Are tasked with guiding, the crew drawing, the best performances, from the actors and managing. The producers expectations. All while, staying on budget and methodically. Bringing their own vision to the screen but, other than that it's a pretty easy gig here. Are the nominees the. Nominees. For. Achievement in, Direction, are. Jaan. Lagonda. All-you-can-eat. Buddha. The, doubt Farooqi, Abba. Alexei's. Diablo. It's the heart that dies last. Aisling. Walsh muddy. Must. Be hard to it all. Right. Well they all bad, the ravenous. Hi. Eric as he caressed the Deponia so he's not just cause de pute only. Way you know what's going on quite miss, kielbasa. Imperial. Emotion. And. The. Canadian, Screen Award goes to a. Sling. Walsh Modi. As, we launched also, won Best Director, at the 2018.

Irish, Film and television Academy. Awards. I'm, here to kill time for Aisling who's been accepting, for everyone, else tonight Aisling. Is one of the most incredible. Visionary, beautiful, directors. On the planet, she, flew all the way here from Dublin so, if we win another award to the nationally we'll be up here thank, you everyone, thank you so much and Aisling we, love you. From, the little girl who's too fond of matches, and from. It's the hurt that dies last, please welcome Marine Johnson, and Gabriel, Sabourin. It's. A story, about secrets. Donley, film silica, humor and irony Julian. PBL ratio to be a graphic of a family all bonded. Secada, revelation. Salomon, hot who viseme he, L are in favor to blunt Ali Mahdi in. The little girl who was to found of matches, two, siblings held, captive by their manacle father grow, up without names or the truth about their identities, and finally. In Maadi in, the true story of a man Nova Scotia looking, for a maid who, instead falls in love with Matt Lewis an, artist whose, untenable, love, of painting transformed. Her into a, folk artist and Canadian, treasure let's. Take a look. Preview. - Liberia, has. Fought on totally, they fly I've. Al Bayt also for people Antonia beggin for ash, face, afghans. Coherently. Us. All to. Get. That Southern much, for such generosity. Thinking. About hiring. A woman to help around the house I want to put. Up a sign you know looking. For. Welcome. Molly. And, Tabora. Johnson. In. Mid-1960s, we along with a certain, nine-year-old. Brother of ours were. Tapped by the legendary. Ed Mirvish, to, appear in a production of South Pacific on, this very stage well, that's this very, stage, Wow I mean it's a stage like it and tonight, we're back here to present. Just. Sayin I am the youngest, Clark. Johnson, do. You know him with. The prestigious, Earl, Grey, award. It's. Difficult, to encapsulate, the accomplishments. Of a man whose career Sporn. Spent. And more. Than 35, years in both film and television on both sides of the Cameron on both sides of the border primarily, on the other side so they invited both, of his sisters here, to give it a shot as, an. Actor Clark, appeared in such shows as and. I'm, gonna out him here, the littlest hobo. Hotshots. And night, heat before, becoming, an original, cast member, of homicide, life on the street where, he was dubbed by. Writer producer James, Yoshimura, as the, king of ad-lib you can't make this stuff up well you could nicely, you could but why. The. Truth is so much funnier, it. Was on this show, homicide, that Clark's, career is a director, and I played somebody, you know sick, and dying, began. To flourish and he soon became known as the pilot, starter, the go-to guy, for new series shows, like The Wire and the shield fit, this description I know you heard of them I know you had. My. God he's sitting right there where barks later work on flashpoint. Lost girl over, in the film SWAT, or the Sentinel, it would, be easy to describe, him as a director who acts oh, yeah, Clark are Clerke, as we call them prefers. To describe, himself as, an, actor who directs, tally. And I described, him simply, as a brother, who.

Excels, At everything he. Does let's. Take a look. There's a voice. So, while your home here cooling your heels you can think about how dots smarter. Than some people are. Whoever's. Around you, you keep them away you keep them at a distance. But. Not you you. Come upon a crime scene the first thing you want to do is put a chalk outline around yourself. Hey. Oh gave. One freak, I want. My, gun, back, I want. My. Gun. Back. When. You. Whose pokey, if I think something about a story I'm gonna speak on it you. Know what a healthy newsroom is it's. A magical, place where people argue about everything all the time. Yeah. Envoy, sergeant, just walking you guys down to the boat now we don't want to spook the girl with the gun. Clark. It's, been a delight to work with you it's, been an even greater joy to know you miss. Your relentless curiosity. Their fierce sense of humor, wicked, intelligence. And. Above all your. Humanity. It's, been an honor my friend. Congratulations. North. Or south, north. Or south actor. Or director small. Screen, or big screen there is no great area, in the excellence, of Clark's body of work that is until, too late and we, are very proud to present the Earl Grey award to my little brother her big brother. Clark. John. Said. They. Could they could have stopped a king of the ad-libs. I'm. Not even I got Duke on earlier, I got. A serf, of the ad-libs maybe maybe yeah a. Clown. For comedy, I don't know but first. Of all I share, this with Doug, Ford. What. What too soon too soon. Thank. You thank, you everybody this is really amazing. I love, being here so many people that. I've worked with over the years and as, my sibling so first of all. Tom's. Of Kensington, you know women. When they come on a red carpet Tom's attention, Ronny stand up my brother Ronnie is there with his suit from as, Ronnie he's. Tom's. Of Kennison for all your suit needs where. Was I oh. Yeah. Thanking, loved ones and family and we talked a little bit about the first time we were on this stage and I. Can't stage, right little, Clarkie Johnson skipped out here and, saying. She, wasn't in it yet but you know and, sang and. I'm gonna a lot of you were in the audience that night I know I know, 60. You know you guys were Pilate over there so I'm gonna sing myself off before they play the music and I hope you would join it this is the song I sing right, here. Sing. Along please, start. Though D, Tim wah wah. Lovely. A bed. -. Mwah. Hook wah lovey. A game. Coming. Up Dee - mwah. Pourquoi. C'est. Mademoiselle. Essica. Persica. Wu mei mei now play that off. It's. Almost time to reveal the winners from Best Lead Actor, and Best Lead Actress drama series when we return to the Canadian, Screen Awards. Have. You ever watched the movie gremlins, remember. What happened when they got wet they, multiplied, right the. Assistant director or ad is the gremlin, of the film set with some movies having as many as four or more involved, but each one has a very specific role. Generally. If you hear someone yelling on a film set that's the first ad their. Job is to manage the set for the director making sure they stay on schedule it's, super. Stressful because it's up to the ad to get the crew to keep calm yet, hurry up and of course hurry up and wait, the. Second ad is the first right hand telling the crew when and where to arrive for the next scene and getting, the actors through makeup and wardrobe, the, third ad s job is to help out the first and second ad I'm, guessing, mostly with backrubs and occasional foot massages, I'm. Carrying. That there are no back rubs what's. The point then. You. The, following program is a live broadcast and may contain coarse language viewer discretion is advised.

It. Takes a long time to make a film and I gave up on it at. Least half a dozen times but my producers, didn't so I could, thank a lot of people but I'm just gonna thank them in particular Mary. Leakey Mary Sexton, Heather Haldane thank, you for never hearing now. Welcome. Back to the 2018. Canadian, Screen Awards, live from the Sony Center, here's your co-host Johnny Harris. Hey. Listen. Up, listen. Up I was just right for and through the garbage looking for some chewing gum I. Found. A bunch of, acceptance. Speeches that were thrown away by nominees, who didn't win tonight never. Throw your speech away okay it's valuable, and not just sentimental, remember there's. Beach, Margaret Atwood give what a half an hour ago that's, been optioned by Netflix. I'm. Telling, you two nominees. Don't be dessert it's true they say the nominee, is the wind nominated, for bang you get that for the rest of your life that's going on your resume that's going on the next show, poster, that's going in your next pitch it breaks my heart to see some of these I feel like I should, lend. A name to some of these. Speeches. Okay Amy, Beth McNulty, who, plays in. Where. Is she I bet. She's got some really sweet sentiment, oh, snap. Take, that haters. To. Anybody who ever said Canada didn't eat another Anne of Green Gables reboot. Why don't I stick a boot up her Amy Beth really. You. Stay behind after class young lady we need to talk about that that is very aggressive, okay, okay, no name on this one but. It says. Pitter-patter. How are you now not so bad, is. That Oh sir, I think it's written in letter K knees sorry. Peter-patter. Hurry now Academy knocks a bad talk about her Tilly time particular take this treat that's a texas-sized 10-4. Look. Even the veterans from, the gang at this hour has 22 minutes, we. Respectfully, decline, this award as we simply, have no more shelf space okay, I wasn't expected. Okay. This must be from somebody. On Kim's convenience, because it's in Korean. Although. It's very good oh. That. Ancient parable, from the east that's excellent gene is that you. All. Right we'll see what else we got in here I. Think. That's just an empty bag of catnip. See. That, captain winning he's having a great time, high. As a kite thinks is that the Golden Globes. There. You go there, you are you beauty. That. Could be Catherine O'Hara. What, I'm saying folks is you take a little kudos when you can get a true story first time anybody, asked me for my autograph it, was at this it was back when it was the Gemini's first, time being nominated for anything I show, up on the red carpet, there's a young girl there waving me over almost in tears she, says please please, can, I get your autograph I said of course what's your name she goes Amanda. What's yours. True. Story okay. Please, welcome our next presenters, from Kim's convenience. Andrea bangin from The Handmaid's Tale, Amanda, Brule. It's. So, great to be presenting, best actor drama program, or limited series with you tonight Andrea you weren't so, funny. On Kim's convenience, come. On not, only are you hilarious. On Kim's convenience, but, your portrayal of the Martha name Breda on The Handmaid's Tale I never, would have known you can play someone so humorless, and Stern oh. There. It is. Please. Never do that again. Let's. Take a look at the nominees. The. Nominees for, Best Lead Actor drama, program, or limited, series are Edward, Holcroft. For, alias, grace and. That is what I'm here for, to. Listen to reason. But. If I am to listen to you you I have to talk to me you won't believe me sir kim. Coates for, bad blood. Well, somebody, sadly. Though, it. Makes your pain more. Important than mass Billy. Campbell for, Cardinal. Katie. Did. Everything I know how to do. Alan. Thicke for it's not my fault and I don't care anyway. My. Last money she can keep it cuz that's the last she'll get. Yannick. Be Sanko for Murdoch mysteries once. Upon a Murdoch, Christmas, how happy do you think she will be to find out that she does purchasing, used goods. Fine. Give. Me the receipt. And. The. Canadian, Screen Award goes to. Billy. Campbell.

Carmela's. Won a total of six awards at the 2018. Canadian, Screen Awards, including, Billy Campbell's, Awards tonight. 30. Seconds, is not nearly enough to thank one person, let alone the myriad responsible, for the. Joy that was the first season. Of Cardinal. But. I will try. II, won. Too. Many names to mention but Owen thank you for the list. Ctv, corey co tom hastings whose passion. Project this was from the beginning siena films, jennifer. And jules. You're. You're. My favorite producers of all time. And. I'm kind, of I'm like emotional. Like the guy, so. I. Also. Want to thank, abri. Nealon who did, a brilliant, adaptation. A. Brilliant. Adaptation. Of an already brilliant. Piece of work by Giles Blunt, Giles. You are a proper whiskey. Drinking bastard, of a writer and I love you. Dan, grew who directed, the first season, you sir you. Sir are simply, the best director, I have ever worked with and I'm willing to say it publicly now and last but not least. The. Incomparable, Corinne, Vanessa. You. My. Dear have helped. Me to become a better actor, and. Every. Single cast. And crew member. This. I accept. For. Us thanks. To the Academy thank you. It, is my pleasure to introduce our, next two presenters he, is the star of Winona. Herb and she, is the host of Iceland's, award-winning. Documentary. Series rise, Shamir, Anderson, and Saran Fox. So ready look at this quiz it deceive me, you're. Welcome we're honored to be presenting Best Lead Actress drama. Program, or limited series a, domestic. Servant accused, of murder a mob, boss mistress, a quietly, observant. Detective, an anguished. Mother, of a missing son and a modern scientist, in the 1800s. Could there be a, more exciting. Group of characters brought to life by the talent of some of Canada's best actresses, let's. Take a look at the nominees the. Nominees. For, Best Lead Actress drama, program, or limited, series are. Sarah. Gavin for alias, grace, he. Said it. Was better to get it done right in the, courtroom under the asylum, every, word that came out of my mouth was as if it was birthed into the paper they were writing it on he presently came to me and said open, the trapdoor and I'll throw her down in the cellar, maxime, agua for bad blood, you cannot, treat. Me like garbage. Because. You feel like I. Won't. Stay for that. Gabby. In Venice for Cardinal, she. Was manic, she. Got her hands on her burner phone, down. The only number in there. She. Blew your cover, Camille. Sullivan, for the disappearance. I think. All. Of you for your support, a. Len. Joy for, Murdoch, mysteries once, upon a Murdoch, Christmas, Stephen, I'm dr., Julia Alton your, brother and sister seem, worried about you. And. The Canadian, Screen, Award, goes to. Sarah. Get on. This, is the second, Canadian Screen Award win for Sarah Gavin she won for Best Supporting Actress, in 2014. Thank. You to the Academy I am extremely. Humbled, to be acknowledged, alongside so, many brilliant actresses. Thank. You to Margaret, Atwood who, wrote such a brilliant, and complex novel to, Sarah Polley who fiercely, brought this project to fruition with, unrelenting, creative. Integrity to. My guide in my accomplice, the incredible, mary harron the, people who championed, and supported, us Noreen. Halpern DJ Carson, Sally Cato and Elizabeth Bradley, to. The Toronto International Film Festival, the CBC, and Netflix for giving us the power and the platform, to tell this story I also, want to thank Denny Tulio, Jessica cabassa Vic Geoffrey Bernstein Annette wolf and Karen Leeds this.

Is For my mom and, my dad James. Sara and Matt I love you so much for my family thank, you. Much. More to come, Nicholas, Campbell and the presentation. Of the Lifetime Achievement Award, took Peter Mansbridge, stay. Tuned for the presentation, of the Cocteau fun audience, choice award. Despite. The way it sounds, the best boyy is not, a grooms right-hand, preteen, in a wedding party in a, film crew the best boys are assistance to their department heads the, gaffer in charge of electricity and lighting and the, key grip in charge of rigging if the. Gaffer and key grip are the owner of the store the best boy is the manager responsible. For everything from hiring and, scheduling crew to, renting equipment and workplace safety many. Films made in Canada use best boy in the credits whereas, in Germany the best boy is known as the. Best boy because. There's no equivalent term in the German language go. Figure, oh and. By the way a woman, who performs the duties of a best boy may be called the best girl which, according. To my mom I've been my whole life. You. The following program is a live broadcast and may contain coarse language viewer discretion is, advised. Welcome. Back to the 2018. Canadian. Screen Awards, in beautiful, downtown Toronto. Once again your co-host. Accountants. From PwC who, tabulated, all the votes from the Academy, in the, spirit, of accounting, one. Lucky actor here is going to receive a surprise. Audit. Lucky. Here. To present the. Golden screen, awards is, a hockey, reporter, for Sports Net and Hockey, Night in Canada, please welcome Christine. Simpson. The. Golden screen awards the. Highest-rated, scripted, and unscripted, series, and, the, Sunna Plex golden screen award for feature film, goes to the highest-grossing box, office film of this past year, no. Subjectivity, is required, no, voting needed, just. Results, and the, stats don't lie simply. Put this, year's three recipients, performed. Best. Congratulations. To Murdoch. Mysteries The. Amazing Race Canada and, De Pere on fleek do the, 2018. Winners, of the golden screen award, let's take a look. The. Golden, screen award for television, reality, The. Amazing Race Canada. Ten, teams took off from the starting line in st. John's what. Make us win this race is our relationship. The golden, Screen Award for television. Drama Murdoch. Mysteries. No. Oh, George. No. The. Cineplex, golden. Screen award for feature film, Dabangg. On fleek do fata, morgana coop so tomorrow my sope banner of coop then, swim. Again I shouldn't back for my pool week you're not kavadi Twitter machine. The. Ignorable would can focus it on if you're Kevin pharmacy. Man. XL, obstacle. To. Prevent, the cogeco fund audience, choice award please. Welcome the star of Mary kills people and the host of Big Brother Canada cavil endeavor Nass and IRISA Cox. Smoking. By the way smoking. Listen. Last summer when, it was announced that big brother Canada would be put on an indeterminate. Hiatus, our. Fans. Roza. Know they pretty much ride it let's be real petitions. Emails, and above all social, media they spoke, we, listened, we're back, season.

6 If you if you invest, in your audience, they will invest. In you the, code to co-found audience. Choice award gives, you the fans the chance to have your voice heard through. Social media and, the academy website over, 17. Million, people voted. For their favorite Canadian, working, in film TV, or digital, media from. A shortlist of ten we got to three final. Nominees. Elise, Baumann. Jade. Hassoun a, Melanie's. Scruffy no and. The. Winner of the cogeco fund audience, choice award is. Elise. Baumann. Wow. Firstly. Thank you to everyone, at Shaftesbury for all of your support over the years, thank, you to my amazing agent, Michael white thank you to my talented, and supportive, carmella co-star, Natasha, Naga van list who was also last, year's winner of this award, and, most, importantly, thank you to everyone who voted for me in this category you have proven, over and over again that, there is strength in numbers and that your voice matters. A few. Years ago I was cast in a small non-union, webseries that centered on an unlikely love story between two women unlikely. Not because they were both women but because one happened to be a vampire and, without. The support of you the audience that, series, may not have gone past a first season but, because you all watched it spread the word about it like wildfire, through the internet and were, vocal about what positive queer representation meant, to you that little series turned into a second season which turned into a third which turned into a feature film and now with a primetime series in development. The. Entertainment. Industry, is changing but. Not rapidly, enough and we need the voices of the public to prove that diverse stories that will have a large and dedicated, audience if we, want to see films and shows with inclusive representation. Both in front of and behind this, camera we, need to support those projects, so, my ask of you is this one, seek out and watch projects, made by and starring women people

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I typed out the speech so here it is creampuffs.. firstly thank you to everyone at shaftesbury for all of your support over the years. Thank you to my amazing agent Michael White thank you to my talented and supportive Carmilla co-star Natasha Negovanlis whowas also last years winner of this award. And most importantly thank you to everyone who voted for me in this category you have proven over and over again that there is strength in numbers and that your voice matters A few years ago I was cast in a small nonunion Web series that centred on an unlikely love story between 2 women Unlikely not because they were both women but because one happened to be a vampire And without the support of you the audience that series May not have gone past a first season but because you all watched it spread the word about it like wildfire through the Internet and were vocal about What positive queer representation meant to you that little series turn into a second season which turn into a third which turned into a feature film and now with a prime time series in development The entertainment industry is changing but not rapidly enough and we need the voices of the public to prove that diverse story that will have a large and dedicated audience if we want to see films and shows with inclusive representation both in front and behind this camera we need to support those projects so my asking you have this: one seek out and watch projects made by and starring women, people of colour and LGBTQ people Signal boost these projects to your network of friend's And I believe we have the power to change the way we tell our stories and I believe that you the audience plays a significant role in that change lets get to it thank you ....




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