The 1 Bitcoin Show- BTC noise by Alex Jones, Ethereum, Trezor issue, Brhodium

The 1 Bitcoin Show- BTC noise by Alex Jones, Ethereum, Trezor issue, Brhodium

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Hello. Everyone. This. Is adam. Meister the. Bitcoinmeister. The. Disrupt. Meister. Welcome. To. The one. Bitcoin. Show. Today. Is. December. The. 29th. 2018. Was. It, 367. Days from. 2020. Strong, hand buy-and-hold, like. This chart says long term thinking, unn, confiscate. Able offended. By selling, value. Your wealth in big coin, oh. Yeah. Strong, hand shirt get stuff like this below there's all sorts of affiliate links and whatnot down there yeah. There's not that many anymore who cares whatever, you would support the show anyway you want to hey somebody want to give me Z cash I did list a Z cash address right. Below the video just for that one dude if he's paying attention I forgot who it was alright. So check out, this weekend Bitcoin that was Friday's, show. Two. Great, guests, has McCook, and. Boris. From game kings and really. A great last. Last. This, week in big coin of the Year show. Boris. You, talked about the combination of, gaming. And cryptocurrency it's, a beautiful, combo, the, younger the people of above gaming again the crypto, I've said this many times barse is an expert on this so, check that out and has, spurred up a great point about how, people, donate, their, fiat, to. Something, like Greenpeace, let's, just say but, they want to save the environment if. You. Want. Freedom, then. Donate, your donate. Your Fiat to Bitcoin and the, coolest thing with this charity, is that you're benefiting, yourself it's, the only charity you can give to where you're benefiting, your he, put it all out there really nicely I think it was toward the end of the show anyway it was a great show and many. Of you here on a Saturday night you're expecting, the Beyond Bitcoin show I had, to do that on Thursday, night. Because the internet was out here I'm. In Tel Aviv Israel it was very weird that, that happened, so I had to rearrange things so I'm doing Thursday show now this is just a regular one, Bitcoin show but if you want if you. Love, beyond, Bitcoin, type of stuff please, check out Thursday's show they're all linked to below disrupt, meister comm tech, ball comm tch, be alt, on Twitter, I've, been all over that and today's, been a weird day in tel-aviv it, was pouring rain and, the Power has been going off here, about. Three hours ago two hours, ago so I'm trying to get through this thing as quick as possible the power goes off. That. Would be bad I. Was. Going to tape this thing but I want to do it live for all you chat people so you can give, me a favor dudes I'm chat, people on. This Saturday, night Shabbat. Is over obviously if I'm doing the show here, in Israel pound that like button for, the chat if.

You're There because, I'm doing this especially for, you as I could have just taped it and uploaded it but, yeah, I'm going to give you a special, December. 29th, treat there right this is your end-of-the-year treat for all you cesspool. Dwellers. In the Czech just. Kidding, just kidding it's not always a cesspool, but a lot of times okay so, let's, let's talk about Time magazine. Time. Magazine. Came. Out with a a pro. Bitcoin article and around the time it came out I think that the price, of Bitcoin pumped, someone said that dude, don't overreact, don't, overreact, to good news just, like you can't overreact to, bad news don't put Time magazine or pedestal, all. The mainstream publications. That will eventually have their pro Bitcoin stories, again they had some in the past and they'll, go around they don't let them be your validator, bitcoin, is valid on its own baby uncomplicated, ball but let's say this the. Guy summarizes. His. Time, column, or. Is this do I know the guys name who cares he says my. Time column on Bitcoin matters. For freedom for, billions living under authoritarianism. It, can be an alternate. Alternative. Issue the money, system, and an. Escape from economic. Control and for, all of us it preserves, the peer-to-peer. Use of cash in an. Increasingly. Digital financial, world well that's good dude I'm glad you discover that I'm, glad the mainstream is waking up to it temporarily, don't worry you'll be funding it again soon enough I'm. Not blowing it out for some people on owns like. This is the best, mainstream, media, article ever about Bitcoin, maybe. It is who cares. Don't. Let it, if. This is the reason you're going to buy Bitcoin. You. Got a lot to learn don't buy a Bitcoin because of this buy. It because you know about what the 20/20 having is buy, because it, son confiscate, Apple not, because it got a good review in in Time magazine, okay. And now all, the 80 percenters are gonna buy it because they're not they're. Not yet, you. Know like 20 more stories like that yeah maybe, all. Right, the now here's something you this is some legit stuff here for all you tech heads out here the. Bitcoin, optech, 2018. Year, in Review summary. Is here we. Rounded, up the most important, technical, developments, of the year in one. Newsletter. This newsletter, contains, lots of graphics, and tables so, it is best viewed on the, website, on the. Website with a larger, screen okay so don't look at it on your phone, again, this is all. The technical, developments, of Bitcoin and the last year, it's, for all you tech heads out there that like to read about you. Don't want to hear about the money you don't want to hear about how much bitcoins, worth you don't wanna hear about Time magazine, saying. Something good you want the technical, you've. Got one of those technical, brains and you want to hear all about, lightning. And all, the other complexities. Being built around and, on top of Bitcoin, so. Check, that out. So. Here we go let's talk, about crypt of dividends again, now. This. Is. Let's. Go back a little bit here I want, to just put this in perspective, so, because, some people get very emotional. When, you talk about certain crypto, dividends okay I'm, going to give you the cold hard, truth, about. These crypto dividends, okay back. I mean, it was and I whenever. I coined the phrase in August or September of 2017. I thought. Oh my god all these for and airdrops are coming out now using the bitcoin name it's, rewarding people. Who, hold their Bitcoin it, is encouraging. Holding. It is a one-time, dividend. On your, Bitcoin okay your. And. Because, so many people out there back. Then and more so even now unfortunately. Are so tempted to trade their Bitcoin use, their precious Bitcoin, on some point up to that. And. Then hope to sell that all going to get more Bitcoin doing, very risky, things keeping their Bitcoin on exchanges. In order to do risky, things like that when. If. You just do the, safest, of things and hold, your Bitcoin and control your private key you sit, there you get these crypto. Dividends now sometimes they're harder to get than other other times sometimes, they're air drops sometimes they're just Forks, okay there, is some complexity, to it but, but, it's. In current, in the end of the day it's, encouraging. Holding, it is encouraging, holding, any of it and they could be that they could have the most wack, gimmicks. Out there okay first. One when trace mare was on my show he said he gets them all he gets them all but he I mean he's like a technical wizard and he's got confidence when he's messing around with his a private. Key he didn't get Bitcoin, interest Bitcoin Adam all these weak ones, that you never even heard of excuse, he be Adam, be interest excuse me I should never have called them this horror there's names because they they they desecrate, the Bitcoin name obviously then, that's.

Why I call them be something, or whatever okay, but. But but and again they're living off up the glory of Bitcoin they're they're showing the world that Bitcoin is the rock Bitcoin is the real one that's the one who gets the crypt of dividends okay so. We got this two one Kobe rhodium, out there and again. Back in January, and assemble, right you know I briefly, mentioned in obviously. Andy Hoffman got like he. Got the Big B rhodium, disease, I mean it's like flop, flowing through his frickin veins and stuff okay so, he he. Loves it that's, his thing okay that's that he keeps talking about it great, that you, could you do what you want to do if you don't like that he does that the don't palm anymore or whatever but, here here here's the deal here's, the truth about the thing if you, just signed. Up for it, okay back, in the day and you got it for free and you didn't but there's a lot of people out there that are silent about this there that. Didn't do exactly this. They signed up for it they. Got it and now. I mean, this it is it's. On this bisque. This. Got me to check out bisque okay these decentralized. Exchange and, this, doesn't has been doesn't have very much volume on it okay it's. Biggest coin there is Manero and I think it makes sense why the biggest coin there's madero because it's people. Trying to be as anonymous, as possible, trying to get Manero okay, but. Um it. Appears, they have a set thinking, the volume isn't that big it's a I mean I think. The. Be rhodium is second now some. Manero which is kind of strange and. I. Mean, it's like whatever the the volume, is I think it would've been like 10 Bitcoin of. This. Be rhodium but, the again, the point is is. That there, are people back. In the day and it wasn't that long ago a year ago Bitcoin holders, who understood, the importance, of holding some. Of these guys had 20 Bitcoin, thus, they. Got 200, of these B rhodium, and for. Whatever reason. I mean. I don't care what the reason is I don't, know what the reason is okay, the gimmick or B rhodium, is you. Know is, there. Not many of them it's like, unobtainium, there's, they're. Sick they're this scarcity coin okay let it be the scarcity, crypto. Dividend I don't give a darn if it if it works for them it works for them a lot of people are saying why it doesn't work okay, maybe it won't work I don't know I got it for free there's. People back in the day who, had 20, Bitcoin, there was there are people like this I mean I at least everyone. Knows I at least have 20 Bitcoin right so, I got 200, I at least have 200, of these B rhodium, in the, last 24. Hours people. Have been able to sell their 200. And a music Sevilla 20 Bitcoin you got 200 B rhodium they gave you ten for one okay, great, but. For whatever reason. The. Brain all the wrong that bisque and I'll link to it below and I linked to other links about bisque below. And. You know don't be emotional about it people these are just the cold hard facts, there, were people, willing. To, pay one. Whole, Bitcoin. For, 200 biro diems there, are possibly. Holders. Who, had 20 Bitcoin back, in the day who, now have 21 Bitcoin, because, of whatever the heck is going on at bisque okay because. They, didn't do anything with their Bitcoin, they sat, there they signed up for some airdrop, and now, they, had 20 Bitcoin now they have 21 Bitcoin. You can't go right. Now to that bisque site, okay and I'd, link to it below there. Is someone, there right now. Willing. To give one. Whole Bitcoin for. A hundred sixty six point six seven of those be rhodium okay. They're willing to pay point, point. Six percent, of a Bitcoin for. One B rhodium, so. I mean again so back in the day if you had seventeen Bitcoin and you. Got you're a hundred seventy B rhodium you didn't do it again, you didn't do anything fancy you could go there right this second as, a holder a Bitcoin, as a proud frickin holder a big coin and get, your 18th Bitcoin, for. Free it's, for free because all you did was sign up her and that is what the Crypt of dividend the beauty, of these things, and again is it, always this easy no is this gonna last forever, I have no idea, but. I'm just saying right this second, you can go to that bisque and you could turn, 167. Of those freaking be rhodium, into one Bitcoin, I mean. I don't know what to say I mean. So. I. Mean. I. I. Encourage. Other altcoin, people out there to, do this same thing to, go do air drops give me your thing for free give, us your free give us holders, your, thing for free and then if people want to give us you, know you give us a hundred sixty-seven in your coins and if people want to give us one. Bitcoin for a hundred sixty-seven or your coins that you gave me for free then. That's. Their that's their prerogative I'm gonna take the free Bitcoin I'm gonna be holding my Bitcoin and turn.

Them Out my. Again I still have that I actually still have the b2b rhodium actually I still have the B rhodium, so. I haven't, played around bisque that much but I did I did look at it and, again. All. I'm saying and again get to take away the emotion, here people because you know the thing with Andy here's the thing Andy. Is from New York and I have said this many times and he presents himself in a New York way and he's, very bold in his statements, and he's in your face with, his. That's, him have you gotten me have you gotten you stated yet you're not gonna get used to it I mean he's been around. He's. Been around the inner I mean, in. Precious, metals before and he had the same he. Was the same way back then that's his way he made New Yorkers talk big I mean, just like tone, is from Russia and he talks the press because he's from freaking Russia I mean that's you know he's cut the dark everyone's. Got their own style I'm for Baltimore, I talk like I'm on crack like. That's. How you poke fun of yourself but. Seriously. Seriously, everyone's. Kind of a different style, everyone's. Got everyone's got a different style if you know so wipe. Away the emotion, if you. Me. Personally, I'm not saying I you, all know I have said this a million times if you get something I don't know why people pay, money pay. To. Get things, that you get for free okay, I've never told people to buy steam I've never told people to buy big old ba-baby, anything, I've never totally buddy anything, you, just. Stuff you get for free you don't you, just turn out in the Bitcoin that's the beauty so good luck to to all the future crypto difference in the world will, they all I mean this one. You. Know it's the wild wild west out there they got a guy like Andy, to, talk, about him all the time I didn't I believe, it it looks like it's help them it looks like it's up again how long that will it last I don't know I don't, know but again you can't deny the cold hard facts that you can go on that bisque right now I turn a hundred, and sixty seven of those things into one big. Somebody. Wants it I, don't. Know who wants it I don't, know I'm not I'm not I look at it from that side I look, at it from being a Bitcoin holder how the, stuff I got for free if. Somebody wants it then, give me your Bitcoin for it that's beautiful, that's beautiful so, I have a strong and people hold on repre corn, will. Crook the dividends go wild again I don't know but this looks pretty darn wild at his current, juncture, could, it all fall apart once again sure could, it go higher sure I don't know I got, it for free you don't. Get you got it for free too if you did if he again, there, I'm sure, there's some guy watching, this right now who, had 16, Bitcoin, back in the day and it's just laughing his butt off as he is 17, now all. Right so uh treasurer. Let's listen from the treads or. They. Put out this. Tweet, okay so if you watched this weekend big coin show you will have noticed that we. The, first thing we talked about was a. Group. Of well, there was a presentation that. Pointed. Out a weakness, in traceur and ledger where. If you physically, got, them and they did not have the passphrase on. Them that, if you knew what you were doing you could get the Bitcoin off of them okay there's a lot of ifs there, again always use a passphrase, people, there, you go that's one of the solutions, to this. Process. Regarding. The presentation, at, 35. C3 we. Were not informed, ahead. Of time about, the details, of the disclosure, we. Are working with the info as it arrives we. Will address the vulnerability. In new, time as soon. As possible. Please keep in mind that this is a physical. Vulnerability. And an, attacker would, need physical. Access to your device specifically. To, the board breaking. To. The board breaking the case if you have physical control. Over, your treasurer you can keep on using it and this, vulnerability, is not a threat to you so these guys who found this they do not properly disclose, they shouldn't.

Usually. When you find something like this you tell the companies beforehand, and then, they will, issue a, statement, and. And say it's been corrected, but, they, didn't do it this wasn't the proper way of doing it but whatever I think treszura's handle, you well I get don't lose your freaking traceur and have a passphrase how, about that how, about that right they're, going. Back to Krypton villains room before I I. Learned. Today that, the, the, the the, BSB. Their. Addresses. Still. Have the some of their addresses at least still. Have the big coin on. Fry gotta say this work well. There's. A prefix. Of the of. The be cash addresses, it doesn't say be cash it says the full word but, I'm not gonna say the fool the full phrase the full term that, they use the describe be cash but it's also in, bsv, so you got bsv, describing, themselves as the real bitcoin but it says be cash and all their addresses it's. Ridiculous. It's right it's at its it what's confusing Italy I'm sure it's going to confuse more than a few people like, because. You can't. People. Are going to send there be cash to be SV addresses, by accident, I mean that that's what we've we've, come to they're in that realm now I don't know do people actually use this stuff probably not but. They might. They. Might buy it and then send it to the wrong address and it's still quite confusing, but. It the PSV has the be cash prefix, in it the. Actual, whole word. That's. You, know the word I'm like I say all right so uh. Jordan. Easter has. A mega. Twitter. Thread. Out there, was. A tweet storm he's got a crazy. Tweet storm that is just about. Aetherium so if you've, liked. To read about aetherium, from a tour the Meester perspective, if. He's ripping on it you. Can check it out i have linked to a site, that just puts, the whole tweet storm together you don't have to like follow. You. Know through twitter you could just read it as it as a, oh. All. Right. When. Hass was on the show yesterday and he's great he's in Australia he's. A great dude he. Is a Bitcoin guy he, by accidentally, said litecoin, at one point and I actually pointed, out and he said he said lightning Network. But somebody, went back I didn't watch the take in but someone went back and said he said like who, cares what he said it doesn't matter when, what, was very interesting is that that led me to huh, to.

See That there's a litecoin podcast. Out there that. I'd link to below, and what, does this all and a Twitter what, is this Twitter account the light school like. They teach, about litecoin they encourage use of litecoin I don't even know about this stuff so, yeah, light closet top-tier altcoin when you got your own podcast, you're. Doing pretty well there, so again. Unless, people. Like to hear about litecoin, and I thought I thought I, thought, Hass was about to start talking about because no I said lightning Network so we didn't get to talk about straw you like coin freaks and you are freaks they're. Your links below if you want to uh I I'm. No fan of it I just. Think it's the top you know it's going to be one that survives clearly, clearly it does, have a real, fan base they hide out an event they've. Got a podcast they've. Got the school so. I liked it I'm, going through those below for, all you dudes but again just because I say the word like coin just, because I say the word B rhodium, just, because I say the word Z cash does. It mean it. Definitely. Doesn't mean I'm saying the Biden I'm saying. Not to buy him I did. Why but. I always see because I only say, to buy Bitcoin. That's the only you think I say to buy I know it's boring. But. Again. Dude. Defer, defer, gratification. Again. You had that Bitcoin back in December, you did all the right little. Technicalities. With your sign, it up for the crypto dividend now you got more Bitcoin. It's. The beauty of holding the beauty, of Hold'em. All. Right what. Is this torna. Meter we talked about we talked about litecoin. Where's. This one oh did, the four Satoshi's, they, sent me a poll on, Twitter I've retweeted, it is linked to below if. You're a shirt a short term thinker big, quantity, they're in motion so I gotta you know I got I got a shout out to my boys the for Satoshi. Bitcoin. Is currently, down 80 percent from, its December, 2017. High if, you're a long-term thinker, bitcoin is currently up eight. Thousand five hundred thirty percent from its 2015. Low I don't know if that turn I don't know if that's the correct number. By the way. 8500, 30% it's a lot though, okay, and then you can vote if you think it's up. 8500. 30% or if you think it's down. 80%. You. Know and, they are talking about Fiat and I know they value their wealth in Bitcoin but I say one, Bitcoin equals, one Bitcoin. That's. The way I see it and Jaycee from, South Africa actually pointed that out in that thread guy, Bennet just sent five, euro. And, he says and thank you dude and this is super jet your. Thoughts on the analogy, that the Lightning Network is the big coin that the internet, was two languages. Ie it. Will consolidate, into, one. That's. Not. Lightning, networkers the Bitcoin, that the internet was the languages. But. The Internet. Yeah. No. I. Mean. There. Some people were saying that lightning Network is that are. You saying. Okay. There's a bunch of languages out there because, of the internet we all speak, one language now. Sort. Of there. Are a lot of crypto, is out there because of the Lightning Network it will kill all other all coins and everyone will be on Bitcoin I mean. Did. I'm. Trying to kind of put it in line with what people are saying about the Lightning Network in turn terms, of all coins I mean, I don't know that's what you're going for there. I. Don't. Think so, I don't think the Lightning Network is going to destroy, all all coins so. There I mean oh my oh, my show, the other day. I. Know. I I don't I don't. Think like never will they're there a lot of people now saying I'd like network will destroy all all coins I don't I think. That's pretty extreme, there, it'll. Get rid of a law I mean I don't. Make a lot of them useless, but. Just. Because something's useless. This means gonna die I mean we, still have a whole altcoin, bubble to go, there's gonna be like the dot-com bubble you. Thought we had just had an altcoin bubble, there's gonna be another one they're running all these newbies coming in wanting, they're going to be the next Bitcoin so. Yeah. Like. Lightning. That will make all. The other it'll. Solidify. That. All the all coins or most of them are totally unit useless, but we already know that, but. People aren't going to wake up to that for, quite some time. And. I. Don't know if you were going for that exact. That. Exact, interpretation there.

Someone. Just said these bsv, is the next XRP no, I god. That's it that's interesting that, that's real interesting because, and Roman what's up dude roaming Q. And. One level it is. But. It's it's it's actually not as centralized, as XRP, is it's. Not it's, not but. Unfortunately, bsv, does have a. It's. Got it's it's, a different kind of monster man it's a different kind of moss really ignore them all ignore didn't let them do what they're gonna do it doesn't hurt Bitcoin it, does, it doesn't but. Hey man you're in the chat you're talking some smack whatever, this, show is from you man. Alright. We're not that we talked about the. Poll for my buddies, it's. Rotmeister calm. It's. Okay I didn't erase that but hey maybe I'll keep that for another show. Look. At this I'm editing my next show, okay. We'll talk about that next show. We'll. Talk about that one that showed - who's running on time I got a shave. Like. This dirty look. Okay. Yeah because the power I was gonna shower before, this is a power kept going off I'm not gonna do a shower in the dark that would kind of suck the, hot water might go off - all. Right here here's. One of things like title I gotta talk about this right before I went live so dude over the Twitter remember he knows he's following, me a tech ball TCP, alt Tec, Tec. Be alt, that's like technology in Baltimore. Yo. Because we're really advanced, in Baltimore, now. Uh-huh so Peter hair Peter, Shiff at he's. On the Alex Jones Show okay so, he uploaded, the Alex Jones Show to his channel at, the 10:15. Mark. Alex. Jones starts ranting you. Know Schiff. Was ranting, against, was, talking, bad about Trump, so Alex Jones wants to change the subject matter so, he knows, what's in the ship's, wheelhouse, so he turns with the crypto currency and Alex. Jones shows how confused. He is about this stuff but he says he could have made three hundred million dollars promoting Bitcoin. But. I think. What he's talking about is that a lot of icos, and dye and. Other. Crypto, related. Sketchy. Companies, came to him and offered. Him money and Alex Jones refused, and he said I refused pot stocks also because he knows he, compared, crypto, to pot, stocks and then, you know Peter, Schiff he gets a big kick out of this. And. He. Says he's he's glad that Alex Jones went in uh wouldn't. Promote, them that's good and he. Actually says the pot stocks are better than in, crypto currency and then crypt, you know crypto is a Ponzi and. Well. Anyway the. Whole exchange shows. That Alex Jones doesn't know very much about Bitcoin, and then, Alex Jones who's, been kicked off of edits everything we've been censored, by everything should, be the one guy who's embracing. Bitcoin, the, wit but instead he. Oh he. Brags he's, like. At one point I was you know I saw it once hot, so high and then. He's like now it's it's all it's going all the way down and he's confidently. Saying, that he's proud, that, he did not tell his, audience to buy Bitcoin he's. Proud of that he's, proud that he didn't tell him to buy Bitcoin but the review of other people were saying the bye-bye Bitcoin but he didn't he didn't get on that bandwagon hand. Tell dude. This video is not gonna this. This sucks this part, when they're talking about Bitcoin, that you can link to it's, not going to age very well it's, not gonna age very well. He's. Uh he. Said he's proud alle but he didn't tell people it's. A very short-term approach to life it's very short yeah, so what's gone down Alex, yeah, so, it's ever so. Any, wouldn't a helped you because he starts saying you know it was two years ago that people started coming to me and talking me about Bitcoin well it's very, interesting there two, years ago Bitcoin in terms of fiat was worth a lot less than it is now so have you told your frickin audience about it a lot, of them would be better shape but you know they like their doom. They. Like buying your other products, that you think are very great I mean Alex. Jones is a he's. Got a standard, a products, on his show I mean, for real yes. I would ever do anything with Bitcoin again. I am sure there were some really, sketchy things, that. Contacted. Alex Jones but they weren't I mean the ICO is our big point he's conflating, them he's confusing them but. At the same time he's very confused. Does. This all matter no, not at all it. Doesn't really matter but I'm putting this out there to show that, Alex Jones is he's. Got no one to blame but himself for, the predicament that he's in, okay. He's got to take some personal responsibility, he's. He's, blasting Bitcoin, he's telling people he's proud you. Know bitcoin could save his butt right now it really could.

But, He got himself into this boat and that's, I mean that's one of the things that I preach personal responsibilities, a new counterculture, he's out there you know you know blaming. The Illuminati, or whatever defending, Trump doing this doing that do whatever you, know why, why did for you to take me down why did this the first day when I got these all the this. Was all I mean this is all very predictable, stuff dude and had, you gotten into cryptocurrency when Molyneux, did. You. Probably would even have to have a show anymore and. You wouldn't have to be you know I'm. Sal Malin. Hansen's products, or whatever whatever, he does on I don't know what he I know I don't see how expose anymore is the first time I'd seen it because you, know he's, that on the youtubes anymore I don't know woody you know no no no really I know there was a big fan he's. Good on the Second Amendment. But. Yeah, he's a little, bit of a he's an interesting predicament right now and had, he had. He told his viewers, to buy a Bitcoin had he learned about Bitcoin. And then someone told me that uh Mac Max Keiser game 1000 bitcoins or something I don't, even know if that's I don't or. Heat Alex Jones said that Max Keiser game 1000 big don't. Know the validity of that one but. Uh yeah. Alex Jones would be embracing Bitcoin. Astrid. The. The. Other people, who are going to get kicked off of youtube and, patreon. And all that so. But. Again maybe Alex Jones just likes playing the victim card all the time maybe that that's just history I mean he gets a lot he's got a lot of people a lot, of fellow victims, out there watching him oh it's. X Y Z who is a kid's it's a cover in this against this is all the how can we overcome them oh they're. Against us they're against us you know blaming, blaming blaming blaming when there's no one to blame but himself for. Not getting in the big all right. Reuters, speaking. About you know taking, a short-term approach here's. A Reuters, article that's. About the dollar and, you know the dollar might mean that obviously the dollars being inflated away but. But the wheels have come off that, investor. Bandwagon, in recent, years as big. Bets have misfired, on Bitcoin. Tech, and the dollar which. Markets, have heavily, bet against, in late 2017, okay. So so my point even just saying that line is uh, that. This. Is not going to age very well either what they just said that you know bitcoin is a. Missing. No people have not misfired, on their Bitcoin bets, okay, it, long-term, thinking, dudes long again they they're all about the short term they're.

Short What's going on in the short term you know bitcoin looks bad now but some people paid 20,000. Eine teen thousand dollars for it oh it's bad it was clearly a bad event no, dudes learned rather 20/20, having an investment. Where. The wheels have come off the investor bandwidth yeah you're all about yesBut, bandwagon, yeah exactly it's it if, you're if you're a bandwagon person. You. You you don't you're not gonna like Bitcoin but you're only gonna be on the things that are hot all the time or you're, all something is hot then you're gonna jump off of it the second it gets mildly, cold okay. Logged. Real investing, is about the long run, okay. The long race and, in. The long run this. Is uh this, is changing the world dudes this, isn't just some pot stock okay. But. Hey you know personal responsibility, if you want to just jump on every trend and jump off of it and again the route writers is like encouraging, this type of behavior, here just. These all these short-term reactions. Think. Long term defer. Gratification are, a coin base. Point. Base has a. They. Sent an email to me and I, linked to the. Annual. Privacy, notice, and user agreement. Update, they. Straight up say coin. Basis, responds to any material operating. Change is. Subject. To its sole discretion and. Includes. Deciding, not to support. Any new, digital currency. Fork. Or other, actions, so. This. Is part of a larger paragraph no, they don't have to give you your be gold basically, they're saying I, don't. Have to support, its, it's out there again, so, if you want your a crypt of dividends, if. You. Don't want to play by their rules here, and they've got it's a long. It's. A long privacy. Agreement, notice whatever. User Agreement thing, that you get into with them, if. You want to do there is no User Agreement when you control. Your own private key how about that pound pound on that like button but now then they specifically, say Forks. You're. Not and, again you can't even get they don't have to say airdrop, because an airdrop, you. Sign up for well okay. They. Don't mention let's. Yeah, you don't, worry about that. The. Point of me even bringing that up is if you got your you've got your coins at coinbase if you get your big pointy Columbia so you're not getting anything you're, not getting anything but what they say you're getting okay you might not even get your your Bitcoin back in the long run but. No you're not getting any sort of crypto dividend over there unless. They feel like it one day it took them a while to give you that many cash and they will eventually give the be gold I think was I think they're gonna list be gold one day but who knows when that's gonna be 2020 I don't know again. You'd have your be gold already if you were keeping it on if you kept your Bitcoin, treszura in freaking October, of 2017, you would have had your be gold you wouldn't be able to turn it into Bitcoin back in the day all.

Right Reminder, be and. Some of this stuff isn't linked below yet because, I got a I was in a rush to get this thing off, hoping. To beat the power outage, which thank. Hashem I have, join. Us at the Bitcoin 10th anniversary. Blowout, party here, in Tel Aviv January, 3rd you can wash it here on this very channel if all goes well the. Links are below and, again, I tomorrow's. Sunday, and I. Will be at the Tel Aviv Bitcoin embassy if you're in town and you want to hang out I'm there every Sunday. Night. Around, 8:00 p.m. and. Uh. Is. Yanni watching, this show Yanni you'll be meeting the big party sometimes he's in the chat what's, up Yanni, young. Exhausting crypto potato dude. If. You know what that is. Crypto. Potato that's. What Yanni always wants me to say ah. You. Got a flag there man and remember, on bit backer on Bitcoin, Meister and I can answer questions there, now people ask me some questions and, I answered them there's, like a little I say I can answer questions here so post free question they're free if you if you post them under where I said I answer questions I, mentioned. The Z cache the positive thing for the dude or maybe musique - alright. So I mentioned. How on Thursday night the internet. Wasn't working here and it, was raining and. It. Was I was, frustrated. Because I couldn't do my show live here so I take and I knew and I don't have any notes for, a proper one big coin show but I had the notes for. What the, show I would have done tonight the beyond Bitcoin show so I've recorded a be on Bitcoin show I went over to the bit will walked over to the Bitcoin embassy, and someone. Was there one, person was there it was nighttime and he let me in there very graciously, and he. Let me upload the video and that's why you guys got to see, beyond. Bitcoin on Thursday but I want to tell you about this guy. I was. It was a very interesting, story, and it just shows the people you meet, when. You when you travel around the world or. When. You're going to Bitcoin events when you go when you're meeting real Bitcoin people. Which I do encourage people, you gotta be social you know you don't have to be social but it's night you can help some people it can make people but, in, the Bitcoin world people are very kind, the the hardcore people who really are they.

Really Love it and are in it for the tech entering. It for the money those two sometimes they, can be very kind well anyway this guy. He. Was asking about my channel and I was I was so I said you know how do you get in the Bitcoin. And. He said that when. He was in he's a very smart guy very smart young guy in I. Guess he was I didn't, know I don't know if you went to college eventually, he probably been a math major in college has he had he attended college but. He's doing, well with his brain anyway but he went to boarding school United States Exeter. And. He. Heard about Bitcoin, in. February. Of 2010. Okay. In, February. Of 2010, as a high school student. He. Was interested, in some. Of the mathematical. Aspects, of Bitcoin he said that's how his mind is wired I have, never met a person who, was, in the Bitcoin that early because remember people the parties, January, 3rd this. Is ten year anniversary January. 3rd 2010. No. Shoes me well issue. With Jerry. So, he was in super it was jammer32. On ok mm I so he was in a year, in I haven't met I haven't met someone that was in that or got, confused there sorry. It's. Not 2010, yet the. Big, boy starting January 2009, he was in, like. 13. Months later 13, months later he was in February, 2010. I believe I hope, I'm not totally butchering aim I've never met anybody that was in that darn early okay, I may be later but not not not that that, early and he, he. Had some regret I you. Know I tell people not to have any regrets. He. Sort of had some regrets because he had the chance back then to like mine. It for free and he. Was a little bit, cloudy. On if he, had set, up. Something. That might have been mining it and unfortunately. He left the computer, back. In 2010, at Exeter he left Exeter and that's it so. I found the story to be fascinating, and it's just it's an. Example, of. The. Kind of people you meet out there in, terms of Bitcoin so maybe. He's but I'm not gonna say his name or anything like that hope I hope to see him at the party on and, maybe. I can clarify that story a little bit more. The. Exact, exact date February, 20 it was February was 2010, it was very good 2010 for a second I thought was favorite 2009, that would be even uh that'd, be even crazier but, still that that's really does anybody do, any do any of you out there know someone who like, have met a real person, just a random do not wanted not one of the people you read on Twitter or whatever but like met some not famous dude that was in it in 2009, that would be very impressive that this was very present to you that did a high school kid it found the bad found out about it in February, of 2010, all right there bang that Bell button. Subscribe. To the channel click on. The squares that you see at the end of the show I'm. Adam I should become a nicer disrupt meister down that like button i'll see, you in.

The Chat right now and, i'll have a show on Sunday. See. You later bye.

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