Tesla Tech's Tensor Technologies Unveiled

Tesla Tech's Tensor Technologies Unveiled

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You. You. Our next speaker for. Our Saturday morning session. We. Have Brian, vesco brian. Has, a nice, little tent. Out in the middle of the exhibit. Area out, front, and he said got these beautiful, material. Artifacts, the, spirals. They're. Kind of I. Don't. Know silver, remind me of hula hoops I've seen these things around for years and years and he's got a pretty well. Thought. Out and, implemented. Way. To make, these things and so, that's some, good credibility, right there Brian is from Buffalo, Gap South Dakota, in the Black Hills it's a little, town of about 134. People where, he does a lot of workshops he's a Reiki Master and ordained, minister and he's, a self-taught, geo dowser because. There really are no schools for that he. Got into this work. Partly, through analyzing. The. Shape the. Triskelion. Which is an ancient Celtic motif. And, has. Always had a lot of power archaeologists. Have known about this for a long time and known, about the respect, that Celtic, people had for this shape, and that, it would have, some kind of implications. Technologically. But nobody knew what they were Brian. Is starting to figure that out he's, also worked a lot with us slim, Sperling, who provided. A lot of the information on, making these tensor. Rings they're. Really, just copper mostly recycled wire, with bronze brazing. And they. Are, really nice to have around I've handled. Some of these things made, by other people in the, past and they work very, well in unexpected. Ways he's. Worked. With frequencies. Based on pyramid, measurements, he's, in the process, of slowly quitting, his day jobs, and now. Is working with energy healers, and clairvoyants, getting, feedback on how, his, tools are working let's, welcome brian, Vesco. Thank. You Mike. All. Right well it is an, honor to be here today with everybody I, appreciate, you guys all for, showing up here this morning and. As Mike was talking about the, the true scale, its. It. Is an ancient symbol and. As we're going to speak on water energetics, I'll just touch on the Triskelion, here for a moment. It's. In, a Celtic tradition they have different true scallions and usually they have a central. Point and then three legs that spiral out where. This guy as you see on the screen it has the. One central point with the two spirals, on it. People. Have been drawing, this thing since they were kids a lot of people have a tattooed, on their body, fishermen. On the East Coast been making them for decades and putting him there holding, tanks keep their fish alive longer, so. Everybody, knew that this, symbol, had something to do with water. Through. Our own. Askings. We found. Out that this is actually a symbol, of the water elemental. Is what. We call it we call it headache ax, with. The gals who wrote, the dancing, with water book the new science of water this is a great book I'll keep referring to it they. Called me up one day and said well we call it H or scallion and everything. That you guys are putting out on what. You believe this does with water we. Have all the scientific evidence on that so. Basically what. The headach are Triskelion does is it puts out of vortices. Piezoelectric. That, work with water you, can take just. The single headache. Our Triskelion, without this entire water coaster and you.

Can Put your glass of water on top of it and it. Will neutralize. The ph out. Of very acidic water within 24, to 48 hours, it. Also energizes, the, water and it's. A great. Because if you you. Know if you're not sensitive, to subtle energies, or anything you, can actually use, these trask aliens, and. Tell. The difference by setting your water on there and overnight you'll be able to taste and feel, a difference in the water that you drink. And. From. There we're just going to start talking about the tensor rings the. Tensor rings were discovered, by slim Sperling, in, 1996. Him. And his partner bill Reid who's still in Colorado. Discovered. The Rings. Slim. Went and, he. Had just. Taken a, piece. Of wire and. He. Was familiar with the. Idea. Of qubit. Lengths qubit. Lengths the, one that we're using and that he discovered works, in a tensor ring is the. Royal. Qubit, it's found above the King's Chamber, and in. The Pyramid of Giza and so, this royal, qubit the twenty point six inches is. Something. That he would cut a single wire to. Now. With. This whole. Theory of how. These things work is that, a, straight. Line a solid, object contains. A polarity, so, you have on one, end of or tech's of energy that comes in and you have energy that flows through in, a vortex of energy that goes out now. You can find this in trees you can find it in a wooden dowel. There's, actually tribes that knew about this and when they built their. Dwellings. They would actually use specific, lengths of trees and always, bud them up so you had a circular, flow so you were creating a tensor field. So. What. Gives that that power then is that flow of energy now, when slim went and he cut, it off to the specific, length and he put it together what. He found was that this was creating a vortex that, was a one-way vortex, at one side in one way out the other side and they found, just through playing around with it that one side of this produced. A healthful beneficial, energy for, for. The human while, the other side did not we. Know and they played around with you. Know fungus. And plants, and everything with this and, they. Had an. Incident, that led him to believe that these that one side was no longer healthful and beneficial, so, what slim, figured out was, you take that piece of wire and you fold, it in half and then, you do the twisting, on it, when. You twist, the wire and you bring it together I'll show you here on this, slide. Up here is, that. Where, this comes together you. Have both, ends of your wire that. Come, back on themselves so. What this is basically doing is this, is creating, an energy, flow from one of the wires that. Goes around the loop and comes back onto itself and creates, that continuous, flow the. Other wire which has the flow in the opposite direction it, flows around this way and creates continuous, flow so what this is doing is creating a counter rotating, vortex that. Comes out of here now. This. Guy here the Royal, qubit that slum discovered it produces 144. Mega Hertz frequency, and. Again, you cut this wire off at any other length and it's just a piece of twisted copper, wire copper. Is a pretty special, element because it is a crystalline, structure. But. It doesn't produce. That frequency so. Slim. Sperling took the. Royal cubit that they found and they took, it to Hannes Becker in. His private lab and. Hannes. Discovered, another frequency, and he was actually able to put. This on his machines and I really wish I knew exactly what, it was that he measures the frequency, with I actually need to find that out because we have discovered three new qubit links. But. So, he discovered that this was 144, mega Hertz the Becker qubits 177. Mega Hertz and again. These both produce that counter. Rotating vortex it, produces, it in a column, so this is at just a column of energy that goes out of both sides. So. I don't claim to be a quantum. Theorists. Store or, if physicist, or anything of that nature I consider myself to be a master, tool builder and. So. This, is what I do and the reason that I came here to the conference, to. Speak today is because, I would like somebody to play. With this technology. Because these things produce an infinite amount of energy and, it's. Just trying to figure out how to pull this energy out of here this tensor field energy. They. Did do some research, too.

With With water which is what you, know the main topic here today is about water energy. There. Was actually they, took a two beakers water they put them on a balance beam and then, they put one of the beakers of water within this column of light it actually gets measurably lighter the, reason for that is this contains, the highest, piezoelectric, properties. Out of anything that. That. Has been tested, in, this, one lab and that's, the gentleman who coined, the term Ormus is the. One who did the testing on these things so. With. That it's a you know I depend is dependent upon the, the salts. And the other minerals that are in the water and you know if anybody knows much about the Ormus on creating. Those to spin to actually create that water to be lighter in weight, and. Again these things just like the, Triskelion. They, will take acidic water and change it to pH with int or to a neutral pH within 24, to 48 hours. So. Here. Recently we actually discovered, three. New qubit links and, the. Qubit links that we've discovered are through, dowsing now. It's. It's tough when we do not have the the scientific evidence to say okay this one's 188, megahertz frequency, this one's 333. This. One is 764. But. That's. The thing is that there is no real tools that can show you the way the energy flows or what these things are doing but, we can do it by experience, all, because. Mostly rings and things rings. And subsequent tools are used, in. Healing, practices, is what, a lot of people are using these rings. For there's, been a lot, of reports, since. 1996. Slim. Sperling's, Widow she has lifelike technologies, and they. Have done. Extensive research, mainly. Well Slim was alive and. And. I'm not sure what they've done since 2007. Once them passed but. I actually have never had. That privilege to actually meet. The wonderful, Slim Sperling in person I've worked with a lot of people who have. And. It is he's. Pretty. Pretty fascinating, and gentleman. Again. He was a self-taught, geo dowser just, like I was before I ran into the tools. So. With. That we're. Finding that these things work with electromagnetics. He. Used these all. The different tools in the qubit links. Especially. In Denver he would go around in Denver and find all these magnetic, lines the hartman grid lines any. Other geo Pathak stress lines and he, would take certain cubit lengths usually the twenty point six inches and he, would staple it into the ground. Make. It kinda like an L like a dowsing rod he was staple it into the ground and like, the Hartman grid lines when they come into a building they'll, actually hit, this staple, and they'll bounce up and over because. Not, only did, slim believe it but there's a lot of German, doctors who believe that if you spend too much time underneath. Of the, intersecting. Of those grid. Lines, it. Can be detrimental to your, health this. Is the GD v imaging, the gaseous discharge, visualization. Of, the. Head oka and this, just shows how the energy, moves in it we've. Also done the research with, the with a edica for water energizing, where we. Set a glass of water on top of it for ten minutes and then we do it before and after the water droplets, and, the. After is just it, that little water droplet is just electrified, and you can see the video is actually on my website of the water. Droplets, that we've we've, done the cacistis shade discharge, visualization. With as well. The. The other gdb imaging that we did if. You could show the the next video this. Is showing, a. Tensor. Ring now, the imaging. On this the camera lens is only about three inches so this is a really small tensor ring and. It. Just kind of shows the, the field that's going within it there. Because. Again that field is pretty much contained within, the center of the ring and that column that goes out and, this. Is a magnet, and again this is just a small refrigerator magnet, and it's, just kind of showing how the the magnetic lines are flowing on this. The. Reason that I wanted, to do try, to show this is, that, I. Would. Like to show that this is producing, Meissner effect, which is pulling. Out the magnetic lines and adding. It to the tensor ring oh. Thank. You so. Within. Within. The tensor ring you see that it's actually pulling the the magnetic lines out and its are come over on to the copper so this is not because of a magnetic principle, because you, know koppers phnom a isn't, accept magnetism so.

I. Don't know if we can actually prove that this is a room-temperature, superconductor. But that is what, everybody. Has always said about these things because. They do negate. Magnetic, lines and again, we're Slim was doing the state plane into the earth. We're. Finding that these things will restructure, electromagnetics. And geomagnetic. And so. Where. These produce a column of light. I've, made these other structures, that are it's, actually, the genetic, crystal it's discovered, by a doctor Langerman in the 1940s, a plant geneticist and so. He. Discovered this this structure, that he used in, his, work for plant, genetics. And. Basically. Where, this will create a column, of light when. It is out like this it creates more of a sunshine effect, so, again. This is stuff that we're, only like, slim Sperling again we, use a lot of clairvoyance, a lot of dowsing muscle, testing to, show how, the energy flows on this so, people are seeing that the energy flows on this thing about, 3, to 4 miles wide. Altogether, and that it just shines out in a sunshine now, if you're, sensitive, you. Can feel. It when you put like a crystal. Or, any. Other type of object inside. Of these sphere. That, it also acts as a broadcaster. So, this thing is broadcasting. Out the. Information on a crystal, within, that 3 mile or four mile bubble as well. So. It does act like a broadcaster. With a beautiful thing about the tensor energy is that, these. Things are transmuter, zuv energy, they. Change a lower vibration, energy into a higher vibration you can see that on people. Who work in Crystal shops, especially. If they are in, - crystal, energy where they can, see where a crystal, is a you. Know kind of a darker, holding, a lot of, energy. That's. That's. Not beneficial they. Can put that either inside of the the tensor field of the ring or inside. Of the sphere and they. Notice that their crystals, become clean and cleared so. It's. Mainly been people who are doing, energy healing and other types of energy work that have been traditionally using these tools. Could. You pass out some of these rings for me these. Are. If. You guys would like to just play around with these because I'd love for you to try, to get a feel off, go ahead I'll. Go ahead love. For you to try to get a feel on the, the tensor rings these, are three different frequencies.

That He's passing out there's the Royal Cuba the 144. Megahertz, there's, the Becker cubit the 177. There's. The 188 megahertz, and the 333. Now. When. You put them the. Tensor rings in two different forms. Let's. Say could you cue up the. Overhead. Again. When. You put the Rings. Into different forms such as the, spheres the energy flows differently we, also put them into these coils when. You put them into a coil the energy actually flows, in. One end in the other end it mixes the energy together and it flows back out both ends so, what this is doing is this is actually creating, a large, Troy, oil field and the. Toroidal field out, of these. Coils are, we're. Seeing them as going out up. To, a half a mile and so it creates almost a 1-mile Troy, oil field and this, tube torus. Again. Is the, the tensor field energy. We. Like to claim that all. This. Tensor field energy that goes out into the environment is restructuring, electromagnetics. NGO Pathak and again. The only evidence that we have on that are people who are sensitive to, EMFs. To cellphone. Towers and such they can have, one of these in their proximity, and it. Clears it everything up. And then again, in just the clairvoyance, that we have that can see how the energy flows in these and, I'd like to pass these coils. Out to because these. Coils. I can actually hardly hold on to them because they buzz. My fingers up so much. Thank. You. Let's. See and I don't know if anybody had a chance to to read the article that was in the extraordinary. Technology magazine. Here recently it, was an article that I wrote with the assistance, of a couple. Really wonderful, people and that is the, folks from Dancing, with water. MJ. And Melanie because they've done all the scientific research and worked with all the scientists on on all, the tools for water energizing, but, also uh Valerie. Solheim. She's in Colorado, she's a beekeeper, and she's, done extensive research on all these tools with beekeeping, and has, had just fantastic. Phenomenal results. On on. The. Production of honey and and, the hives wintering, over so. She. Calls them energy transfer tools and. She's. She. Works with Bill read a lot, bill, Reed does a lot of work still in the, Colorado. Area for, geo Pathak and also, the tools he's getting ready to retire. Qubit. Links I just want to talk to you real quick about qubit links. The. Different qubits that are out there we've only found these, five cubits that work, in. A. Tensor ring there's other qubits that work in straight lines these again are lines, that are lengths, that come out of the Great Pyramid, this. Longest one here this 25 inches is called. The black qubit there's. Another one. There's. A Riemann qubit there's actually six cubits that are eight in the King's Chamber and they, all produce a frequency. This. Black cubit this 25, inches it actually, contains. The. Frequency, of hydrogen, within, it now the Frug receive hydrogen, is 8.3 inches, and so, it actually holds, that frequency within here so, this. Symbol. It's actually again another ancient symbol. This. Thing actually will help to remediate. Electromagnetics. And geo Pathak as well. This. Is actually based on, pre. Pre. Egyptian. L'amour. E'en LAN teen whatever you'd want to call it it is the very old old traditions, that, came, up the measurements came, up with all of the sacred geometry and, we're, trying to base all our tools on it. So. Let's. See. So. We're trying to make the claim again that the. Rings produce, not. An electric nor a magnetic, field that they produce a tensor field they're, worth tensor came from is John. Archibald wheeler he's the one that coined the term black hole he helped to create nuclear. Fission. So. Dr.. Wheeler. Played. Around with the. Mathematics. Of this and he called it for, for tensor mathematics, and in, 50s he was playing with closed loop coils trying to create tensor fields and so.

Slim. Afterwards. After he discovered, all this he found out about John Wheeler and, you. Know he did even more research on that. So. That's where if we get the name tensor and you. Know all these fields that we work with we have so many of these different energy fields and we don't really have the. Names or can grasp them you know maybe it's Chi maybe it's life force maybe a zero point you. Know nobody, really, can say, what any of this stuff is and I look. Forward to the day when we have the equipment to where we can reach. Everybody who is not sensitive, to the subtle energies or could see them for. The rest of us, I'm, slowly become a sensitive to them though so. I'd. Like to talk just a little bit about, the, Meissner effect and, and. Superconductors. So. The, the, hyper physics lab. In Georgia. They. Talk about the, zero resistance and, and something that creates a superconductor, well. We're, really shown that within. These tensor rings that is always creating. A, field. In there that you always have that energy flowing around because it's that energy that's created from those straight lines from that wire so, it's always, have an encounter rotating, vortex so, it is always energized, and. As. Far as pulling that energy out there's, somebody that actually has a may. Have a clue on how to do that and that is to. Take. A ring and you know the frequency, that it is resonating. At and you take a wire and you bring it up close and you bring this wire to that same resonant, frequency, and you, put a amperage. Into this wire that comes in and the, theory is is that it will arc over and start, to pull, pull. It out and amperage, and so. I just wanted to bring that up in case anybody, is really interested. In trying that out and seeing if you can create. You. Know pull the energy out of this thing. None. Of the stuff is proprietary, it, is. What's. Not anymore I, have. Came along and created videos for free on YouTube how, to make all the tensor rings how to make the spheres, and, given, the qubit links that we knew at that time and. If anybody is interested in the qubit links I. Have. Them right, here the two new qubit links I'll, give you two of those it. Is for, the. 188. Mega her train which is the one that I wear on my neck people, use this thing for. It. Increases, blood flow to the brain it also resonates to the pineal gland when you bring that down rates, even, with your pineal is decalcifying, your pineal gland and that's, what we were seeing and playing with and I notice a huge difference on on just my awareness when I'm wearing this ring so. The, measurement, of this ring in inches is twenty-eight point. Eight five seven. Four eight now. We get really specific on the. Measurement of these rings and I realize that you probably will, not be able to get that specific when you are cutting these things but. Its, intention, is huge and all this stuff when, I first started making the Rings and was given the information on, how. To make the Rings I was just given the information, how. To make them. You know in the physical plane and that is just, to create, it cut it to a specific length put it back together. We. Found out that some of the Rings weren't actually working until. I realized, the power of intention, and, the. Knowledge that copper. Was a crystalline, structure that, accepts, intention, energy, and will release that, so. That's. What I did, is I started working with these things with intention, when we teach our workshop once a month up in South Dakota on the creation the tensor rings I always, time it so that everybody gets a Reiki Master certificate. At. That, time so we do a half a day where we give everybody their Reiki masters, so, that way people realize. The the potential, of your own energy that you're using and we have that infused in the tools. Because. That is really a huge thing as intention so you don't really have anything out there without intentions.

I'd, Like to give you the length for the 333. Cubit ring if you're interested, it is in, inches again it is thirty nine point. Three one, three. One five. Six eight and, again. That's a quite, a quite specific, length but with. Your intentions, you, can, get. It very very, close and still, have a working ring. So. Anyway, there's a there's, those rings. The 188 333. Ring is one, that we use, to. Amplify sound, the, 333, ring is used to amplify other. Subtle energy tools you, can put it around your harmonizer, if you have one from slim Sperling or any of the tools that I create, and it will actually amplify, that out radionics. Is really, big and using all these tools for their, for. Their antennas, for, their amplifiers so, if you talk to somebody in radionics they're really, going to know about the Rings in the Harmonizers, and they're, starting to get to know my tools as well with. This 333, ring. My. Sister does healing with bowls. She does healing with sound I mean we've she's had people with pancreatic cancer, sent home to die they, come there for sound breath color therapy three 20-minute sessions, and there's no cancer cells left in the body. Just, from sound, breath and color healing it's a very self empowering technique because the the the person, that is receiving the. The, sound does all the visualizations, with it but. What her a neither client, and other people who are using sound healing especially. Crystal bowls are finding is that when you use these rings around them even their clients are not sensitive to the energies notice. A huge change in the in, the bowls power, people. Who see sound as color can. See that a bowl be purple in that it will have color. That comes out in varying. Shades and when, you put the 333 ringing around that the color bands actually get whiter and brighter. Again. I would love to be able to see something like that you know like a lot of people do but I just, take what I feel because I feel a change in the sound. The. Next qubit that we. Were given is the 764. Mega her Tring. And. With the tensor rings they, all have that counter rotating vortex that comes out of both sides but, it always starts, right here in the center plane of the ring and that's, the zero point where they all start to go out both sides, with. This ring right here actually you can feel that the that. Zero point is right. Here it's out, from the ring one. Side has. Instead. Of a column it has more of a tornado effect. The. Other side has, an absence, of energy and you can feel that it's like a black hole right through here and so. We really, do not know what is going on with this ring but, you can change the, direction again, with intention, with your intention you can change the flow of which side that vortex is on which side that's going out. The. Applications, of these things, plants. This. Ring right here really, does, wonders with plants it brings them back to health I actually. Had a severe. Blight in my, greenhouse, at one time we couldn't get rid of it actually moved into the outdoors so, you, know I tried all the chemicals I tried everything organic, we could not get rid of this blight and what. I did is I created a very, large tensor, field generator and I, put it around a whole grouping, of plants, within the greenhouse and after. About three months. These plants, were finally, back to perfect health while, everything else around them still had the blight, so. That was huge, proof to me and on. What, these things do with plants and they've. And again, if you look. At the book. Slim's universe cal. Garrison, and did interviews with slim Sperling and they. Have a lot of experience, will data in there on what they did with plants and fungus, they. Also worked with weather you, always heard. Of people lassoing. Tornadoes. With slims big rings or calming, rain clouds, and. So. There's been a lot of people that have met that come up and talk to me and tell me their stories about pointing these things at tornadoes, and they tornadoes, diminished, and such. I've, been looking for a tornado to try that but I still haven't found one yet so I'll, let you know if I ever do. So. Let's see some. Of the other, observations. By. Hans Becker. He's. A he's. A physicist, an astrophysicist. What. Hans Becker said was, when. He analyzed the the structure of water that, a tensor, ring had been around. He. Said that the the, energy field of the ring. Created. Some, aspects in the water he said that he used a, spectrophotometer. And found, that the Rings altered, the optical, transmission, of the water they, allowed more light to pass through and they charged the waters absorption, of photons, and these.

Are Indicators, of changes, of molecular, structure. And, he also goes on to say that they organize the space they, create coherency. Within. Their energetic column, and so, this creating the coherency, is part of why Bill Reid the co-creator, these things calls this an antigravity field, is because. It, is creating, coherency, and that is part of, the. Whole theory of gravity, is that you. Create coherency, and you, lessen. The gravity gravitational, field and. That's. Basically what healers. Are doing with these things is that they are putting these underneath the tables, your healing tables that do energy work and where, you're doing bodywork. You're. Working, on the physical body put through energy and so what this is doing is it's it's. Just raising, the vibration of all the cells in your body so, that the energy healing, takes better and so, all the healers that I know that have used these things are are. Very, they. Have a lot of great things to say about them they feel that they really help. The. Physical body take the healing better. So. Let's. See so enhances, plant growth and vitality, you, put this ring, around water and 2 to 3 hours it's. A it. Reduces, the the smell of the chlorine in your glass, and. Again it just improves the water taste when you when, you're drinking that water so you can definitely tell that there's something going on there and, the the very acidic changes, to a neutral pH 24, to 48 hours again. People. Use these for calming, nerves whether it's on shoulders, or wrists, actually. Where I'm around my wrist because of all the plier work that I do it's, I can tell when I don't wear them, you. Know a lot of people have attributed that to copper, throughout the years because, copper is a pretty phenomenal, metal, but, it's the tensor. Rings so everybody has comes up to me and say so how cool copper bracelets, yeah my grandpa used to wear those all the time you know they'd always do great things. So, it's. It's. A tough. To try to explain some of the stuff that sometimes. Lets, see and so as far as the, electromagnetics. Go. We. Also make the cell phone rings now. There's a lot of people who are very sensitive cell phones that you know they need to wear a earbud. That goes from your cell phone up to your ear and. So. We have not done, anything, besides, muscle, testing and dowsing, and, clairvoyant. To what we know that these cell phone rings are actually removing, the radiation, and transmuting, it but, so we don't have any actual evidence other. Than again. Observation. And feeling because those who have to wear the earbuds when, they're listening to their telephone they can actually use their telephones, now and put, them up to their ears carry them on their person and they, they, have no effect, so. In, how we make the cell. Phone rings yes, I'll just sit here on this whiteboard. Is that. Where. You have a normal. Tensor, ring it creates a column of lights. Could. You put me on the whiteboard and. When. You flatten a ring. You. Actually flatten. The ring and it creates more of a wall. More. Of a sheet so. If you come up here with your dowsing rods you can find that too this little ring instead. Of not finding any energy, on the sides you'll, find that the energy comes out about a foot out of the sides of the rings. So. As far as a flattening. The copper it seems to to, change again the way the energy flows out of the tensor rings. And. We, make, you. Know all the way down to the fine jewelry like slim Sperling noise made the harmonizer, and we. Make this little guy. Just. A tiny little tensor field generator and this little guy here we're finding goes out and puts about a 3/4, of a mile bubble, out around you and. The. Nice thing about any. Of the tensor field generators, is that you can actually put in a stone. Or a crystal, or whatever type. Of energetic. Tool that you use and it transmits that energy all. This stuff is used. All. This stuff that comes out of here again is healthful and beneficial, because this transmutes, everything. That goes through it so that's why I really truly feel that this stuff this technology, cannot be weaponized, because. It. Only allows beneficial. Intentions, to go through there and that's been our experience perhaps. If you constructed these, in the correct way that are in an incorrect way you could use them for kind, of some kind of a weapon ization and. That's what. Bill. Reads really scared of you know he keeps really low-key because. You. Know he's scared. Of all this free energy stuff, where you. Know in the past people. Have ran into issues of trying, to release this information.

But. I. Actually, have. Released information on YouTube, about the. Federal, Reserve Note where actually, has, a vortex, that comes out of the Federal Reserve notes on your dollar bills and that, you can actually run. Your dollar bill through, a tensor ring and then, it changes the direction the vortex, on your. US. Treasury seal and. Because. The, vortex that's coming out is sending out information, and energy and if, you hold a pendulum up there or find someone that has one ask, them to hold that above that US Treasury seal and see which way the direction flows, and, ask them to check and see if it's a healthful and beneficial, energy and it won't be so. You run it through a tensor ring and it. Changes. The direction flow of that, vortex. And so, then you can have somebody hold their pendulum up there and it's go on the opposite direction which it's pulling energy in instead, of pushing it out because, with energy any kind of energy that goes out you have information, that goes on that and. That's part of how. We make. This. Coaster work is. You. See the black specks that are in the coaster. Again. This is for charging water is it's, young white and if, any guys are familiar with Chung gate it's the. Fourth carbon it's found, in the village of shunga in Russia and. The. Gentlemen got the Nobel Peace Prize in 96, for discovering fullerenes, bucky, balls if any guys know of what the bucky balls are it's just full rings full rings are found in lightning strikes and in this carbon. The. Gals from Dancing, with water have had four independent lab results showing that when. You drop. This. Carbon, into, your water directly it, transmutes. The fluoride, out of your water. But. The thing is is that it still absorbs, the fluoride so they'll, last for a while and then you can't get the fluoride out of there but, the thing is is that these things work with the water energetically. And so. When. You have a tensor. Ring you. Create this column of energy within, this energy column goes, information. And, the. Etica. Within here that energy gets sent out that information but, also the fullerenes. So the fullerenes in this thing, in theory, should, work energetically, with your water now, I've tried a lab result after 48 hours and it had not removed the fluoride. From the water but. That was naturally, occurring fluoride that we have in the Black Hills and so, it did not remove that fluoride. So. Again we just need more test results, done with all this stuff I'd, love to be able to go meet dr. Emoto and get some, test results done he, went $6,000, for a photograph, though so unless. Somebody would like to, send. Me to Japan with a pocket, full of money to get testing done it's probably not going to happen anytime soon. And I. Keep sending him materials, to test but it hasn't quite got there yet but. So that's the theory that within. That column just. Like when you put a crystal inside of a sphere, that it transmits, that energy out we. Feel less what it's doing with anything, that you sit inside of that column so it should take that shunga energy that fullerenes. Put that into your water. Let's. See, so, also. Valery. Solheim who who wrote the The Beehive effect, that's. What. She's. She's. Doing is to take in. What. She has done is she's taking the tensor ring and she's using this transfer, energy that's why she called some energy transfer tools and the. Energy that she's transferring, as she's done, all. These CDs that, are the. Beehive CDs, that she's, putting a microphone inside of a hive and she, calls it bees healing bees and bees healing beans and they're, healing CDs and not only for humans but also for bees so, instead. Of sitting out there on our beehive and trying to find something that plays this music over and over again what, she's discovered, is that she can take a CD. Put. It within this column and it transmits, the, energy from. That CD out now. When you buy a harmonizer, from, slim, or from life light they, always send you a CD that you play into the harmonizer, that, is the frequency of a rain cloud and this is supposed to amplify, the harmonizer, and send. Broadcast, all this out, you. Can do the same by just sitting it on top of the CD and actually.

Valerie Talks about it book to that you can actually just use a quartz, crystal as your transmitter, instead of a tensor ring so, on top of the CD and it transmits that information, out. How. Do you prove that well. Yeah. That's. That's, another one so. A lot, of this stuff is just so. Much, about the. Feeling of it that. We. Need to find, a way that, everybody, can understand, what this technology is doing and accepted. As a valid technology. Because it, truly is a valid, and powerful, tool. And it's so simple and easy to make and again, there's instructions on my website on how to make all the Rings there's. The first two lengths and if. You, call me I'll even give you the length to the big ring. I've. Been kind of hesitant on putting out as public knowledge but. I'll, certainly, share it to somebody who I feel. Compelled. To. Because. We really don't know what this ring is doing yet but. I'm. Happy to what's. That. This. Size oh. The. Website the website is twisted, sage calm. And. I'll put. The card up here so you can see. And, it's, a and. On that website you know it kind of shows all the other fun. Stuff we do like. While. I've been here I've been night lighting. Doing. The macabre, activations, and the. Merkava. Again. It's the human light body is found around the body in a microwave range frequency, and it, does. Everything the tools do protects, you from electromagnetic, frequencies. Like. The coils the coils. Actually. People are finding that the coils assist. In astral, travel dream work sleeping. They. Aid in communication. They, do a lot of really fantastic things. Everything. That your Makabe, can do, anyway. If anybody is interested we're doing a merkava activation, tonight to the last one and last one in Albuquerque. The. Awesome thing about the coils though the coils are great, for water energetics, we're getting ready to actually start electroplating. Just, for the purpose of the coils because, you put this coil inside. Of a water line and. Where. I can feel the the energy of the coil when, you, run. Water directly, through it you can feel the same energy in the glass if you can feel the coil so you'll feel that energy in the water so, that energy. In that water that tensor energy is transferred, almost instantly, when, you run water through this coil and so.

It's. It's. Really a fantastic thing and. So, we're going to start plating them and being, able to get them out in the market and the. Thing is being. A water operator, and playing around with. Water. Is all the different pipe fittings, so, we discovered, that the, the. The. Same pipe. Always goes up to your sink which is that half-inch FIP so, we just make a little copper tube that you can put up underneath your sink that way it is universal. For everybody you don't have to get special fittings you can just screw it up in there and then, every time you pull water out of your tap you. Get the energized water. So. That's a great. Trade secret for anybody who works in water energetics, is to make them that half-inch FIP because, then it's universal. So yeah hope to share information hi, I am more than happy to share eating this information, openly with everybody because again. I just feel that somebody's. Got to be able to have the passion and the drive, and the motivation to and. The, tools to, be able to test the stuff to, be able to further it. You. Know because there was sixty-four qubits known to man and out. Of the six out of the King's Chamber again we only have one that works so. There's. All these other qubit, links out there and I've, tried about. 18 of them to put them into rings the, interesting thing is the 333. Ring actually, works in a straight line and, in. A ring, so, that is a very interesting thing and, what. The frequency, is in the straight line I don't know if it's the same frequency, as a hoop I would, kind of doubt it but. So. It's a let's. See try, and think if there's anything else to cover but I think, I probably just like to open it up for questions, and discussion. For. Everybody if anybody has any, any. Feedback, or questions on, on. The, tensor rings or the. Head of cos or any, of the stuff that we do. Yes. Folks. If we can come up with to the square and ask the questions oh thank you thank you. When. You use the vertical coil, does. Is there a difference, when the waters run over it and collected, versus, just immersing, the, coil in the glass of water after it's come out of the tap. That's. A good question I've never set. A coil in the water, because. Through our own muscle, testing is that you, know you have copper water lines and that's, water that comes to there is always beneficial but. When you put like a headache eye in the water or any. Of the tensor. Tools in the water it's, beneficial, at first but it's not beneficial over a period of time because you're ingesting too much of the copper so, I've never tried to sit it in in. There because I haven't electroplated, yet and so. Actually when I get, home I'll actually have time to start electroplating, and experiment, a little bit with that and, and. Again if anybody is interested in experimenting, with the. Coils in water I'm, happy to work with you on that yeah. Without knowing some kind of target. Of what the structured. Water would, do in the differential, situations. It's kind of tough to predict but, I know with a lot of the flow forms especially this Steiner talked about and, in biodynamic, things like that there's, quite a bit of difference between that and like, homeopathic. Materials. Being impressed, into the structure of water so. Anyway. That's what I was groping for okay. Okay yeah, and that's what I like about you. Know the. Coasters, is that you're getting the energy of three, different sources, of energetics. There. Thank. You you. Mentioned that the energy, Godse a half a mile how is that measured and. Again we only use clairvoyance. Muscle testing and dowsing is the, only way that we can tell how. The energy flows or how far out it goes and I. Really. Wish that there was a, instrument. That could measure that field.

You. Know because otherwise and, I. Don't take just one person's. Viewpoint on this is that I when, I make a tool I send it out to various. People and then. They don't have communication, with each other and their various either master. Dowsers, or clairvoyance. And, they. All send me back the information on the specific tool what it's doing how far out it goes how the energy moves and I. Compile that and take everything that they say the same and that is what I base my truth on. With. This stuff and so it's really hard to share, what my truth, is and expect anybody else to accept, that you know because that is the only way that we can measure it so. I. Deal. With the Royal write frequency generator, and some of the frequencies, you mentioned, is in, my book and I'm, wondering what the correlation of that is a high, due to. Wow. Have. You done any work with her voice on using, silver plating, and gold plating, or combinations, of precious metals on these coils yet I have. Not yet I know slim, did a lot of work with with clairvoyance, on that and for my understanding is it it. Amplified, and just, kind of changed the whole energy of them, and. Slim. Also he, would put. The beads on all, of his tools as well, and. The only ones that I put the beads on are and, could you could. You put the white board up for me. The, only ones that I put beads on are these really, small guys that. I created specifically, as the money changers that you run your dollar bills through, but. We have found through you, know our own devices is that these. Two beads on here actually increase the potency. Of this ring by three times and I. Know a lot of people who who. Use these beads and the. Gold plating and silver plating and to just change the subtle energies of the Rings so there's a lot of things that you can do with. The Rings to to just you, know upgrade, them to change them. Two. Little. Questions, the, first one I didn't understand, when you were showing us the videos and the, energy emitting what what. Were you showing us how are you getting that. You mean for for, the tensor ring in the magnet yeah you have a screen a couple of videos here the magnet in the tensor ring yeah okay, so. With the magnet and the tensor ring what, I was trying to show was that, that. There's a little bit of the energy within the tensor ring and this one here I was trying to show you a before and after of the magnet well, what, do you how. Are you getting this film like what are you doing to get that okay this is a gaseous, discharge, visualization. It's a step above Kirlian, photography, they. Use GDB imaging, in like. In russia they use it in all their hospitals, there's a lot of hospitals. Around the world except, for the US that, rely on the, the feedback, that you get from gaseous discharge visualization, for the human body and. I believe that there might be somebody, here that's doing gdv imaging that gives a biofeedback, and, so. Basically I couldn't. Tell you exactly what, what, this is showing it's. Showing some form of energy and the movement of it okay. Can, you do that GV, filling. Gdv, sorry with. With you, know on a larger scale with some of the other things, on. One. Of the what's like the larger rings, that oh and. See, his lens is only a 3-inch lens and and, so and, these cameras are super expensive and so I'm. Unsure if he's able to get a larger, lens on that he's, actually in the process the, gentleman that's. Down in Corpus, Christi and he's, in the process of doing. The water experiments with me like he did with the headache ax and we. Didn't get them done, in time before I came here because I would love to been able to show, you. Know how it takes with drop of water and changes it energetically like we did with the headache ax but. I'd. Like to see that too. Second, one is short question, I noticed on the cell phone rings. You had you'd flatten them and you they, were there were two of them and the place in particular places, but actually. They're um, actually. There the first one was an experiment, - just to see how long it would stay on there and so, it stayed on there for quite a while for about four months and I'm pretty tough on my phones. But. Basically what what, we're finding, out of a muscle testing, kinesiology. Is that when, you put one of these rings anywhere like on your laptop computer it can be on the screen it can be anywhere, on your computer that is making. The computer no longer harmful to your body and, that's what we're getting out of muscle testing and that's what we're finding on the. Cell phones is that you can put them anywhere on your cell phone and. Again. I would really like to do. The gdv photo imaging, the biofeedback to show you, know with and without the Rings so, again, there's.

A Lot of evidence that we need to gather on this stuff and which is really why I'm asking. Anybody, who has any, you. Know any. And clean of desire to to work on this stuff I would love to work with you on getting you some of the tools to do, those experiments with so. Because. This. Whole thing for me it's about. This. Whole thing for me it's about. Bringing. This to to everybody to, be helpful and beneficial to, the entire world and, yes. I still do sell the tools and I, do, not, charge an outrageous, price considering. The the work that goes into the tools so. I try to keep the price down so that everybody, can utilize. Them and play, with them, so. Now since we put the video out about two years ago about a year and a half ago there's. People all over the world that are making tensor, rings and, just. Playing around with different forms. And configurations, of the Rings so it's, really, great to get everybody's, feedback all over the world on what, they're doing with this stuff. So. That's what I'm here to do is just to encourage that you. Mention, something about using a CD, and, a ring to modify. Whether. It's just like the Wilhelm, Reich. Cloudbuster. Type machine, or what's. On the CD sounds. Of rain or what it's. They. They somehow it took the frequency. Out of a rain cloud, so whatever, the. Machines they did that with when you hear it and audibly it's just a really high-pitched, frequency. Recording. Frequency, of the raindrops. So, my. Understanding is whatever. Instrument. They were using they aimed it at the rain cloud and then, they took the, the, middle, frequency, there and then, they. Replicated. That and recorded, it audio Li so, that you would play that into, the harmonizer so whenever, you buy one the Harmonizers, from LifeFlight technologies, you. Should get a CD, with it that rain cloud frequency. CD okay, so you're not actually play, the CD you're just taking the CD, and, project, in the energy image. Actually. They, suggest, to play the CD into, the harmonizer put like headphones on your harmonizer and play the CD into it. But. What. We're finding in what Valerie sold how found, was that you. Can just pull that information off, the CD with a large crystal, or a tensor, ring and then. It's just pulling that information off and broadcasting, it and she. Firmly believes that and through our own you know muscle, testing and divination we've, found, the same results, has it been effective. I. Haven't. Really actually played around that much but Valerie, who works, with the bees and she works with several other people with their hives. She. Really, believes in it and, she's. Uh she's. A pretty qualified. Beekeeper. And author and. Your. Intent I guess would be pretty powerful, and, many. People rather than just one. Yes. Okay. Thank, you you've, had. Are. There. Any further questions. Ladies. Gentlemen Brian vesko. You. You.

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You can use me as a test subject.....I had a bad car accident that left me with back pain and tons of other issues.....heal me and I'll tell the world!!!!!!!!!!!

understand we are in a sea of energy .. . these are antennas that focuses radiant energy CAPTURE DEFLECT REDIRECTED SLOWED down energy. when you bend the copper ect you are twisting the fields and focusing to your will Faraday cage . theN they ARE GETTING amplified. then you can hit objects with focused controlled field patterns. .. the energy is absorb or deflected passes through solid objects pushing all the atoms as it passes through. this will affect the patterns of you molecules/atom distance and speed from one another to move there alignment/frequencies of movement .. and the closer a thing is to its easiest OPERATING FREQ THE BETTER OFF IT IS .. ENERGY IS CONSTANTLY BANGING INTO EACH OTHER GOING THROUGH EACH OTHER NO WOUNDER NOTHINGS REALLY SOLID ITS ALWAYS BEING BOMBARDED WITH OTHER ENERGY SMALLER SO MUCH SO IT CAN NEVER COME INTO A RESTING STATE. at the atomic level. WE CAN MAGNETICALLY ALIGN MOLECULES/ATOMS BY FORCING THEM INTO A MORE UNIFORM PATTERN TO WHERE THEY ARE STRONGER.after TIME SO MUCH OTHER ENERGY BANGS into IT smashes THROUGH IT. the atoms start to move in more chaotic patterns. moving from more uniform north south pole oscillation. so if you adjust energy to it best operating freq then you will make its state much stronger not to mention we need certain energies to survive for fuel.

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This is a theory based on Laws. The Earth has a magnetic field. It has a north and south pole. Just like a magnet. So this would make them relative in some way. Your can create magnetic fields with electricity. Faraday's Law states that when a magnetic field is locked in a closed circuit. It flips and holds the charge of the magnetic field that made it. With a magnet you can do this with a metal ring. If you stack 3 washers on top of each other , on top of a speaker magnet , that is laying on its' side. You will notice they seem to oppose each other. This is Faraday's Law. So my theory is , if a magnet can do it , so can gravity. We just have to lock it in a closed circuit. This would flip the charge of the gravity from which it came . The force came from under you , from the Earths' Gravitational Field. So the flipped Gravitational Field is exactly the opposite of the Gravitational field under you. The two Gravitational Fields would oppose each other. Since the Earth is so much bigger then the smaller object, you should be able to FLY. Creating Anti Gravity :) By: Joshua Franklin Allen

Subjective new-age psycho-babble. Output some power from one of your coils that can be measured, V, I & F. People actually make a living in CA talking about this stuff and a lot more warm-&-fuzzy feel-good sh!t. It's not technology unless it can actually do something against a control.

Science based technology. references to scientific data can be found at twistedsage.com "what's in a tensor ring" page.

The royal rife frequency guy seemed a little offended that you both shared knowledge of certain frequencies. The attitude made his question very awkward.

The LM4 Experimental Life Energy Meter can be seen at work in several YouTube videos providing a visual demonstration that water, plant based oils, plants, animals, and humans do in fact contain a detectable and measureable energy on an atomic, molecular and / or, on a cellular level that has been referred to as 'Chi' energy by the Ancient Chinese, also known as 'Prana' energy as referred to by the Ancient people of India, and was named 'Orgone' energy as referred to by Dr. Wilhelm Reich, and is referred to as 'Life Force' energy currently here in America.  Scientists / physicists have concluded that the source of this energy comes from what is called a scalar wave field which is everywhere in the known universe and has fractal, quantum mechanical properties.  Scientists say that the scalar wave field of the universe is created from the inside of stars, but this is debatable; scalar waves may come from the intense gravitational field of black holes.  For certain, it is known that scalar wave field energy can and does pass through solid matter such as the Earth and all other planets, but in doing so, moves through the known universe unimpeded (without stopping, without slowing down, without weakening).  Some scientists / physicists say that this scalar wave field of the known universe travels faster than the speed of light and currently has no detectable frequency, but is an electromagnetic type subtle energy field.  Scalar wave accumulators and products have been shown on various YouTube videos to have the ability to transmute (change) unwanted, harmful electromagnetic field radiation created by electronic circuit boards, A.C. electrical power, electrical appliances, electrical / electronic systems in automobiles, etc., and wireless communication device radiation from cell phones, etc., into beneficial negative ions.  Thus far, there is no electronic device, invention or product, that can directly detect and / or  measure scalar wave field energy, but the LM4 Life Energy Meter can detect and / or measure the 'Chi' energy, 'Prana' energy, 'Orgone' energy, 'Life Force' energy of water, plant based oils, plants, animals, and humans that absorb and depend on scalar wave field sublte energy.

There are a few different types of electronic meters that have been used to prove that 'Chi' energy (Ancient Chinese term) / also known as  'Prana' energy (Ancient Hindu term) / A.K.A.  'Orgone' energy (Wilhelm Reich's term) / A.K.A.  'Life force' energy (modern day American), is real and can be measured and compared to the energy level of different things that contain hydrogen or water, including plant based oils, animal cells, tissues, different parts of the human body, and plants, fruits, vegetables, etc.  One such electronic meter is called the LM4 Life Energy Meter which has been used in various YouTube videos to provide a visual demonstration that such energy exists and can be detected and measured with the LM4 Life Energy Meter.  The LM4 LIfe Energy Meter has also proven that the source of this bioenergy or 'Life Force energy' / 'Prana' energy / 'Chi' energy / Orgone energy, comes from scalar wave field subtle energy which has fractal, quantum mechanical properties, and can pass through the earth and stars unimpeded, without slowing down or weakening.

integrating the human perception and the laws of the universe is often described by mystics. Vedic astrology harmonic varga charts indicate expression of vibrational energies in life similar to that practiced by the radionics practitioner although dynamic degree relationships of the harmonically advanced planets show a full story in application as well as personal affinity. Circular indication tell tales, dials, degrees, angles, structures, patterns, spheres, resonances and inspired variation. Radial motion ceremonies of sound, movement, syncopation and a enjoined listening allow journeys by flooding light codes into the aura. Angelic loci return to such locations. spinning space time inwardly collapsing as your gentle reminders help us center into the soul. thank you.

Thank you for the information Bradley! I know the GDV imaging shows some fraction of the Tensor Fields, though there was a point in which I no longer sought scientific validation. There is no way to measure the enormity of these tools with our limited consciousness, as they exist on more planes than most care to acknowledge... Though I look forward to seeing higher consciousness science showing ALL kinds of wonderful things!!!!

Todays date: Saturday, March 27th, 2016:  Like you, I'm not a physicist, but am curious about what test meters exist for detecting and / or measuring invisible things such as scalar wave field energy which I suspect is the source of nature that supplies the source of energy called 'Chi'  or  'Prana'  energy of living things, but has also been proven to exist in water, plants, essential oils, insects, animals, and humans.  The LM4 Experimental Life Energy Meter has been used on few YouTube videos to provide a visual demonstration and proof that ogrone energy, Chi energy, Prana energy, Life force energy not only exists, but that the LM4 Experimental Life Energy Meter detects and measures it.  However, the LM4 Life Energy Meter is not designed to detect or measure scalar wave field energy directly, only things such as water, plants, insects, animals, and humans that absorb and need a supply of scalar wave field subtle energy to maintain health and life.  Another type of meter that I do not know much about, is called the Vibrascan 1100.  The Vibrascan 1100 has been used on YouTube to provide a test of energy therapy wands such as the wand brand called the iyashi source wand by Innovative Ionizing Technologies Inc.  (www.iyashisource.com).  But, I do not think the Vibrascan 1100 which cost $10,000.00 to buy, is capable of detecting scalar wave field subtle energy.  Perhaps it is capable of detecting / measuring 'Chi' energy, also called 'Prana' energy or 'Life Force' energy which comes from scalar wave field subtle energy.  The VibraScan1100 may be a type of spectrum analyzer.  There are small, lightweight spectrum analyzer meters which provide a digital display of detecting and measuring a full range of frequencies and / or a specific frequency being emitted by any device such as a tensor ring, a Schumann resonance generator, Solfeggio frequency generator, etc.  If you want to reply to my post, my email address is:  bradleyslyons5@gmail.com

Very helpful info I would not have known otherwise, thanks! My main interest in these life force energies (orgone/chi/prana/scalar waves) or what I like to simply call "the force" is application for powering devices. I have had this gut feeling for a long time that there is a least 1 or more types of energy that are similar to electricity in application but are discovered/utilized/stored/ transferred/ and can be connected to devices that need a supply of power- anything from motors to fridgerators. and successfully power them without electricity. William Reich is said to have been able to store orgoone energy and power devices with it as well, and it seems pretty legit athough the government destroyed this informationl Do you know of any successful ways of storing these life energies and/or powering devices with the energy? I'd reaalllllly love to hear your thoughts. Thanks!!

thank you brian for this great video

Thank you for sharing this Brian! Your work has been an inspiration.

I always like to try my hand at these new technologies but in the end I find how much work goes into them so I order from the pros like Nick Edwards (Rest in eternal bliss) so soon be expecting an order from me even though I will continue to practice building and sharing tensor rings / pyramid power/ dancing with water etc. and all the other great tools ( radionics not to be excluded). PS sry about the accidental post I deleted. not meant for this video.love to goto one if your workshops if you are ever in SF bay area. Thrive forever.

not as easy to make as it looks. trust me I make my own and these guys are pro IMHO


Are they cylinders coming off the rings or are they conical?

At 29:13 I think the ring is sensitive to what haarp is using to project onto the earth

i miss slim. i spent some days with him and his German wife in there little corn field cottage

Oh yea. U got balls. That audience must of been tough. Not one sound .i would hope u made a few believers. Again Thanx

Great presentation. In depth. Thiught i knew a few things about this subject. Thankyou for filling in the blanks. Going to your site ASAP

must use a sealed box with colored gas and oxygen [have to figure out ratio]to see the field. The oxygen will be the magnetic component so use a light frequency accordingly. Think like smoke in daylight.

Thank you for the armor.

Thank You for the work your doing myself I would love to learn more you have spiked my interest so I'm going to try some applications now as I am very sensitive to emf's and the negative effects they can cause I would like to experience the positive side of emf's and their benefits I'm glad I came across you and your video I'll be looking for more of them and going to visit twistedsage too Thanks again Ron

Resonance Ring.

Has anyone tried out the fibonacci number system, for the measurements of the lengths of coils ?

Noticed the tensor rings almost looks like gears ! Idea anyone

Is there a way to magnified this energy by using your attention or giving it a command or doubling the coils on top of each other. The other that came to mind, how about creating an EMF with a 29 volt 5amp on each end - + using transformer and magnets in between the coils to amplify it's energy not exposing the magnet but by covering it with the coils with copper almost forgot to mention use a relay or a flasher to avoid buring the transformer . Maybe will be enough to knock off any nano particulates in our system while we added.. or maybe making it spin free energy so it can distribute the energy like a windmill..Just me crazy thinking. I was staring at my bicycle wheel came up with that idea..while texting .. Thought a share since we are in this together .. Great work by the way.

Oh and, thank you for your work, your scholarship, and your willingness to share it with others.

It appears that the ankh has been refashioned into the tensor. On the bright side, modern research and application make the abilities and potential purposes a little more clearer.

"a little more clear"

Thank you for the info brian, very grateful

i've just build a ring and the form aparented to a triskel you show for water. Iv' put theim under and around a bottle of water with shungite and quartz crystal in the bottle. The water is amazing, it makes the energy flow in me ans my mind is clearer. I see you've made a tuto, i'll look at it. Thank you for what you do


Thank you

@Twistedsage.com hello I have a question for you

Is the tensior ring working good?

You just need to think about levity and cones

The earth could be flat however

@Twistedsage.com hey man I bought one of your goldfire rings

Spoken like a true sheeple. Keep watching your Tele-lie-vision, and believing anything you learned in school was useable information

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