Terraforming A New Universe Starts With The Earth, Mars and moons / Thwart Malevolent Alien Presence

Terraforming A New Universe Starts With The Earth, Mars and moons / Thwart Malevolent Alien Presence

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Terraforming A New Universe Starts With The Earth then Mars / Thwart Transpiring Alien Chicanery Now The united, green super force can terraform a new multiverse. The key is plants. Don’t ever underestimate the power of plants. All life depends on them for their survival.

Animals will come after. There are many types of microorganisms, bacteria and even cyanobacteria that can create miracles in space. Meat from bacteria is already in development.

There are bacteria that can erode plastic waste and turn it into proteins. This is proof that there is a wide variety of species that can help in re-terraforming the Earth, Mars then many new alien worlds. There are alien collectives coming from depleted, desert worlds. Some of them have been colonized with technology, not with organic lifeforms. The alien worlds can be terraformed to become Earth-like if the Earth is preserved and Mars is transformed to a habitable sphere.

The future is here, and it’s going to be difficult, yet there is great promise for humanity. Humanity can become one of the most advanced in the universe through re-terraformation of the Earth, then the universe. Only a few advanced civilizations have been adept on terraforming new worlds because they were able to safeguard their home world. The technologies and collective solutions to climate change can rapidly transform the Earth and protect it from coming cataclysms. Burning of anything should be prohibited, nonetheless the world is burning down.

People are touching green cover that must be preserved for net-zero goals and eco-balance. The planet is slowly turning into Mars, the largest rainforests started emitting carbon partially. Carbon is the most abundant element on Earth, too much of it through burning has been warming up the planet. Greenhouse gases just like plastic waste take years and years to break down. In order to become a very advanced and disaster-proof society, carbon emissions should be regulated and the excess carbon in the atmosphere must be withdrawn.

Carbon can be the main element for every industry, so it can be exploited and stored in products, materials, natural productions, manufacturing and so on. Most industrial nations have been more polluted and carbon levels are so high in the air. Thus, with a new industrial revolution, they can start extracting greenhouse gases, carbon dioxide and carbon in its pure form to make new things in a circular system.

Everything has to be more circular as of now to halt pollution and waste. The industries that emit the most greenhouse gases can also capture and filter them into new raw materials over and over again. A lot of companies are realizing all kinds of waste is actually a treasure. People throw things totally in good condition. E-recycling facilities collect electronics waste from all over the world and repurpose devices in perfect condition. Terraforming new worlds starts with the Earth, everything that people do has to change.

Reckless consumption and exploitation has to end. That can only happen when a fully circular and environmentally beneficial economic system is in operation. Aliens want this world for their own and humanity as their workforce. They will promise everything to deceive the people in power and influence, so they can gain control of the masses. The problem is that people have been misusing and overusing a planet wanted by others for centuries.

Somehow they had to initiate their planetary acquisition schemes that worked and tested elsewhere in space. They mostly carry out the same procedures that have been proven to be effective. Human society isn’t much different from other newly developing ones, they’ve mostly made the same mistakes in the past. Then the aliens came and took everything away from them. Everything regarding humans has to change for the betterment of the planet’s eco-balance and growth.

A new world is on the horizon, aliens are already here on Earth. That’s one thing a lot of people didn’t know about. Since the aliens are here or have been here, we live on a totally new world. It’s also a world in danger, that’s why they want to secure this sphere for their own benefit.

People get amazed by technology, especially alien technologies. Technology will not solve all the problems, particularly climate instability. Nature is actually the oldest and most evolved biological technology, including human species. No technology will be able to replace humans and what they can do creatively. There is a creative force in every human being, it’s not coming from a processor with artificial intelligence.

A lot of people warn about the dangers of artificial intelligence, it may be related to the aliens themselves. Perhaps, it’s actually alien intelligence trying to gain control of the world by stupefying people. Human intelligence is being outshone by artificial intelligence, probably alien in origin. Most of the events including abductions related to the aliens were negative and harmful for human beings.

Human beings are more spiritually advanced compared to the alien beings that come to Earth. Humans can overcome the adverse events and outperform alien organizations if they can keep their spirituality in unison with each other and with nature. Nature comprises many creatures with souls, and they enrich the environment and ecosystems. Humans can do the same thing rather than taking away from it and plunder all life that exist here. There’s a great deception about the aliens, they’ve been literally invading with their secret schemes and procedures. A lot of people in power and commerce have been deceived to obey the alien agenda.

This is a very dangerous phenomenon, this planet and all its lifeforms are wanted by many alien collectives comprising several alien races. They operate in a pirate manner also try to beguile most powerful individuals to carry out their plans. Humans are a remarkable species that can become the saviors of Planet Earth. This planet has the power to continuously rejuvenate itself and terraform many aliens worlds in proximity to Earth.

Aliens may or may not help with this. They’d rather take it for their own benefit. Some aliens worlds have been colonized with technology that humans don’t have yet. You probably don’t need much technology to terraform a planet, either. Since developing advanced technologies and excessive manufacturing will only deplete any planet in the universe.

This is what’s happening to Earth now, it’s losing its self-regeneration. People are consuming it faster than anything can replenish itself. Economic, industrial growth and expansion is a very dangerous path to becoming an advanced civilization. People don’t need that many electronics, gadgets, things, junk to survive nor live a fulfilling life.

There is so much junk out there that only give short term happiness and satisfaction. Nobody is worried about the long term goals and planetary protection. Creator only grants one world for a civilization to live and evolve.

If they destabilize it, then nobody will come and save it. The ones that do come from space would only save it for themselves by subjugating the native inhabitants of coveted worlds. You need to play your cards smartly from now on.

There is a need for planet-saving energy sources and green innovation. One way to minimize pollution and greenhouse gas emissions is to switch all industries into plant-based in sustainable system. In the past, most people were farmers and emissions were little. Humans have discovered fire a long time ago, they still burn fossil fuels and wood as energy sources. During these catastrophic times, a switch to green energy is imperative, yet green energy isn’t potent to power the world.

In order to stabilize climate and the environment, new green energy sources are needed to be able to ditch burning things for energy. There is already a tremendous amount of greenhouse gases floating in the atmosphere. Without removing them, the planet will only get warmer every year.

Some people think planting trillions of trees can halt climate change, but that’s not true. People mostly plant the wrong kind of trees anyway. You have to protect the existent forests, minimize emissions globally, prevent pollution, capture carbon dioxide then plant the right species in right places. Analysis shows that protecting current forests would remove more carbon dioxide than planting new trees. The largest forests continuously grow and expand without human interference, yet they’re being cleared exponentially.

A circular economy relies on sustainable harvests that mostly appear seasonally. Fossil fuels have engendered industrial revolutions that bring so many useful products quickly to the global market. Plants were never as reliable and dynamic as fossil fuels.

Back in the day, it was okay to pump out tons of gases, nature used to absorb it substantially. Things have changed, aliens calculated that humans would destroy the planet, so they had to initiate their planetary acquisition agendas. The planet may get warmer and drier to eventually wind up mostly infertile. Some nations are testing artificial rain over their cities and farmland. Desalination is being reevaluated to be more effective and cleaner every year. It dumps toxic brine back into the oceans and seawater.

Technologies like these may be life-saving in the future. Water scarcity has already been a devastating issue for many nations. Water is getting more scarce for the cities, for agriculture and manufacturing. That’s why climate change is the main issue to be concentrated upon. Switching to green energy and green solutions to climate change will be more profitable than polluting industries.

Innovation increases during times of crisis. Although we’re amid mass extinction events, a new period of reformation and restoration is in progress. It’s probable that new green energy technologies will be able to outmatch alien technologies in the shortest time possible. Everything is energy in the universe, a developing civilization needs more energy to evolve and even to be self-sufficient.

In a depleting world, energy is the main concern. Aliens would easily overtake a weakening society as a result of climate change, conflicts, shortages and disasters. It may be impossible to halt climate change and global warming, which aren’t the same thing.

Some countries believe green hydrogen will revolutionize the energy sector, hydrogen is a very abundant element. It can be stored, transported and used to provide energy for any sector. Polluting industries are mandated to be adjusted to benefit the environment, secure natural resources and mitigate the impact of warming and fluctuations.

In some parts, it rains so much, in other parts, rising temperatures are creating new deserts worldwide. Eventually, the entire globe will be a scorching desert, similar to Mars and other alien worlds. There was a secret program to transport a selected few to a planet where the aliens reside.

It was a very arid sphere with little or no vegetation, water and high levels or radiation. It would be unbearable for human beings to live in environments controlled by the aliens. You can feel the effects of this now, since there is a subtle alien invasion worldwide.

This is one of the most dangerous events ever occurred, and it’s interrelated to people’s reckless exploitation of the environment, its fragile resources and lifeforms. Aliens believe they would utilize this biological storehouse better than humans, but it would be unimaginably pernicious for the human beings. No administration or corporation would be able to survive the coming cataclysms and the alien interference because there won’t be enough resources to supply them in the future. The problem is global, so solutions of climate change and resource depletion must be executed in every continent and every country with equality. Overconsumption will always emit tons of greenhouse gases, produce waste, regardless if it’s fueled by green energy or not.

Aliens are scavenger organizations that have been conquering coveted planetary systems with technology, deceit and mind manipulation. This is the field they have mastery on that humans have no competence yet. Every habitat, forest and natural resource must be preserved for later use and regrowth. Humans will live on this planet for thousands of years, even if they expel alien invasions projected by multiple groups. Cataclysmic events induced by rising temperatures and instability will weaken human society to the point of obedience to extraterrestrial offerings and orders.

At first, people assumed alien offerings would be beneficial for them and the world, but the gifts were intelligently designed to control and subjugate the masses. You can see how alien technology affects humans now, people are so addicted to technology. A lot of people invest all their time and money into new gadgets and devices, hoping that they will improve their lives and grant happiness.

In fact, this is not true, it’s just brainwashing. Aliens will start using all kinds of tech to gain control of society. For this reason, technology and its manufacturing must be restricted for the benefit of the environment and society.

Electronics waste is not much different from plastics waste. So much unrecoverable alloys, plastics, rare earth metals are ending up in landfills and being burned down. Even the wealthiest countries are experiencing the most severe droughts, floods and water shortages. Without water, no nation, community and industry can operate by any means. Aliens have been studying every aspect and outcome of human society for centuries.

They finally started invading the Earth by manipulating the most powerful individuals around the world. These people serve the planetary acquisition plan of the aliens. When it’s completed, they will be replaced by alien-human hybrids that will overrule the globe oppressively.

No administration, elite or corporation is immune to planetary collapse and depletion. Money will be useless after a century or so, paper bills won’t matter in an impoverished sphere. Every river and lake are shrinking as a result of rising temperatures and drought conditions. There are predictions signifying that ocean and sea levels will rise over 100feet all across the globe. People presumed the world would end in 2012, the real date was the beginning of 2020. Disastrous events are only intensifying every year, there is no means to stop them now.

It’s probably impossible to remove all the greenhouse gases from the atmosphere, it would take centuries for them to break down. Forest cover is supposed to increase annually to inhale carbon dioxide and break down gases, yet it’s being destroyed at an exponential rate. Luckily, there is a small possibility of global recovery by implementing green energy and natural solutions in every place across the world without inequity.

Green energy is being more innovative than any other industry to tackle climate change. New energy sources can foster sustainable and organic manufacturing, green projects, reforestation, carbon sequestration and build many new climate positive cities around the world. This is the power of green energy, and it will be the biggest sector as of now. Green energy technologies can be fully recyclable as well. Most of them last only about 20-25 years or so, they will be more durable and get recycled to continue their lifespan.

Every product can be redesigned to get recycled and reused so many times. It’s better to make products to last a lifetime instead of single-use like most plastic packaging. Some companies are making edible and compostable packaging to replace single-use plastics, polluting the planet. There are a couple of cities that will be powered by green hydrogen and renewable energy soon. They will be the example for the world, they also incorporate eco-friendly and renewable manufacturing. When green energy is in full operation worldwide, it will be easy to capture the congested greenhouse gases with new technologies and solutions.

Natural solutions tend to be better. It’s also proven that preserving current forests can capture more carbon than planting many trees. Most of the tree planting proposals are monoculture similar to agriculture practices and this is actually destructive for the environment.

These schemes can adapt to native biodiversity of every region to preserve ecological balance and sequester carbon naturally. Forests and oceans absorb tons of carbon dioxide, exhale oxygen and nurture lifeforms. It’s better to prevent the destruction of them first then engineer new forest, coral, marine and native ecosystems. Aliens are very worried about the Earth’s environment, comprising countless species that they need for experimentation and other uses. They’ve been coming to Earth to gather essential species and resources for a long time.

The groups that are trying to establish themselves now are totally distinct from the ones that came to Earth during biblical times. Their intentions are different, they’re only here to gain control of this native society and everything that exist here on Earth. Some resources like forests aren’t needed by them, so they will discard them and let them burn out by humans. This will weaken human society and exhaust the planet furthermore. A lot of companies in the world are already being seized by the aliens with the promise of advanced tech and planetary domination.

After some time, everybody in charge will be replaced with hybrids which are genetically engineered, human-looking beings serving the alien agenda. You have to protect your planet and all that exist here from extinction, destruction and depletion at all costs. You can see that some people who work for the alien agenda have been burning down forested areas across the globe, blaming climate change. The reality is totally different. Although climate change and disastrous events may be irreversible, humanity can still unite and cooperate to protect human civilization and make it as green and resilient as possible. During times of crisis, cooperation is the only way out.

Oceans can be farmed to capture carbon. Solar farms on the water are more feasible, and water keeps solar panels cooler than desert temperatures. Green energy is so powerful that modular nuclear reactors will be able to power cities, spacecraft and probably space colonies in the future. Green energy and climate technologies have the chance to surpass alien technologies. Recovered spacecraft have been powered by advanced reactors. New types of reactors can power human civilization and advanced transportation systems.

Solar won’t be able to power space colonies, so modular nuclear is the only technology that can take humans to other planets and sustain colonies. Space colonization is a complicated undertaking, the desire for terraforming other planets is irresistible. No matter how much it costs, if it’s practical, a sustainable human world can pursue this marvelous mission. Nothing has been sustainable until now, the environmental and product awareness are growing now.

People need better education and better guidance about the real problems of modern civilization. Renewable resources must be shared equally with the world, so they can utilize them to rejuvenate the lands, cities and revise their industries. Some countries started launching artificial rain over cities and agriculture, and this is a good thing.

This can be replicated by other nations to precipitate to cover their water needs. Water is more valuable than gold, precious metals aren’t as significant as water. The planet is drying out because it’s been losing its forest cover that creates rainfall and freshwater sources. This planet has to be the greenest, most sustainable in the universe, and this magnificence will spread to other planetary systems through terraforming. From the air quality, you can assess a metropolitan area's sustainability. The more carbon and greenhouse gas emissions plus pollution, the less sustainable a metropolis and country will ever be.

A lot of people have been leaving the world’s biggest cities, they’re too expensive and too stressful. Quality of life won’t be as good in congested megacities as in spacey, beautiful, thriving cities. Densely forested park space can be introduced to many new places and hopefully these gardens can clear air pollution in urban centers also exhibit a diversity of botanic.

Most people get astonished by the beauty of botanical species. Some companies have been renovating their headquarters and office space to display a botanical paradise right in urban areas. Many buildings will be retrofitted as a clean energy powerhouse to generate more than enough energy to power themselves and support the grid.

Things have to change completely in a depleting world threaten by existential crises and mass extinctions. Human activity has altered the environment to a point of no return. That’s why aliens had to start invading with secret procedures to gain control of human society as soon as possible.

There hasn’t been any resistance until now, but people are recognizing who they are, what they’re up to and what’s been going on. Humans possess spiritual intelligence that the aliens have forgotten a long time ago. This intelligence can solve all the problems of our time and resist alien deception and manipulation.

Spiritual beings are more advanced than technologically oppressive societies arriving at Earth. Technology is just a tool to get things done, it will never solve most of the problems. Matter of fact, it usually creates more than it solves.

Humans have to unify spiritually as a society and renounce all differences. A united and cooperative world will be able to resolve predicaments and instability. Every industry can be reformed to be green, recyclable and beneficial for the environment and all living beings rather than plundering resources. There are renewable resources that can supply most industries when they’re managed properly.

Most of them are plant-based and derived from the world’s richest forests. Densely packed plantations and jungles grow faster and richer than traditional methods of reforestation and agriculture. Administrations must prevent industries from despoiling the planet’s finite and fragile assets, plus deposits. After some time, there won’t be enough to supply the human population, and most products go to waste in the short run. Everything made can get rectified and refashioned to continuously recover and improve the natural world instead of taking away from it.

Now is the only time to recover the planet and make it extremely sustainable and regenerative before it’s too late. Cities, manufacturing and industrial designs are the focal points to initiate a super green and circular economic system where nothing goes to waste, everything is either recycled or composted. Aliens waste nothing, they’ve been collecting everything and using them intensely. Millions of people have been abducted and most have never returned. Aliens have collecting everything, all lifeforms that exist here, especially human beings as a resource.

They designated human beings as specimens. They’ve been taking and using them like how people use farm animals. Furthermore, they want to procure this planet as their newest farmhouse, nobody can get out of this regardless of their status. The people in power have been offered so many gifts and promises, but they didn’t know that they will have no power while the planet is depleting rapidly. Aliens know that they will eventually replace every administration and company across the world. That’s why there are millions of hybrids placed here.

This new breed and alien minions serve their overlords, monitoring everything off space. Since humans had too many wars, used nuclear weapons and have been destroying the planet at an exponential rate, aliens had to incur. This planet wanted by many alien races, many more will come in the future. Some of them are already here, some are watching every action. They don’t regard humans as virtuous species living on a beautiful and rich world.

This planet has been bestowed upon the human race for them to be the saviors and evolve into the future. Many intelligent civilizations have assumed that technological and industrial growth was the aspiration, yet this is totally wrong for any civilization in the universe. You cannot plunder and consume everything that exists here to develop technologies, grow the economy, manufacture junk and destroy natural resources. Most of the lifeforms and things that exist here don’t exist elsewhere in space.

Humans have to protect and preserve a living, biological storehouse orbiting in this part of the universe. There are others like this, and they’re very well protected and concealed from any type of alien interference, as well as destruction and misuse. An ever-growing population will probably destroy its home world or get overtaken by aliens to stop that. This is the threshold in space, humans are supposed to either shield this planet from cataclysms and alien invasions or suffer the consequences. Unfortunately, no nation, administration or corporation is immune to what’s been happening or will happen in the future. They will be the first ones to fall under grave consequences.

Climate change is the test that humans have created to either save their only home world or slowly fall under alien domination that will subjugate humans into extinction. Humans will be the next species going extinct, you can see this happening now. Everyone, every company, is required to modify their lifestyle and business outlines to recover the planet and enrich its life-balance as much as they can. Of course, this isn’t easy, but it will advance human civilization into its next stage in evolution and stewardship. Terraforming begins here on Earth, not on another planet or in space. This is the thing scientists and a lot of people didn’t know about until now.

Without developing technologies and organisms that will assist in universal terraformation here, it’s only a dream to do anything out there. All innovation starts in human mind. Human mind is the home of human spirit, embodying creativity and intelligence unlike anywhere else in the universe. Aliens that come here aren’t spiritual, they’re pirate organizations. They know climate change and rising temperatures will impoverish the globe and make humans weaker to deal with the aliens. An Independence Day scenario has been played out for decades secretly.

Most of the population presume aliens will offer tech, guidance, teachings, spirituality and so much more, the reality is totally the opposite. Luckily, a lot of companies are taking climate change and pollution very serious. Some companies are turning plastic waste into lumber to make many durable products. Most plastic waste isn’t recyclable, but they can be converted into lumber, which has a wider use. Construction which emits some of the highest greenhouse gas emissions has to be more sustainable than in the past.

Concrete can store tons of carbon dioxide, or it can be swapped with plant-based or recycled plastic building blocks. Plants can do pretty much anything. The materials made of plants can be cultivated in poly cultures that sequester carbon dioxide and emit oxygen. Bamboo is one of the best building materials across the globe, it’s more durable and eco-friendly than concrete.

These new plantations to produce tons of industrial materials sustainably can enrich the environment and remove carbon dioxide from the atmosphere instead of any emissions. The regions that include the richest diversity are the most resilient and aid in tackling climate change. Although climate change and its negative effects can be irreversible, being creative and innovative to tackle climate change will advance civilization and make it more consolidated.

When people are united worldwide, they can accomplish anything. Tackling climate change and preventing alien invasions will be the biggest challenged of our time. Microbes and bacteria can trigger a new industrial revolution. They can convert and recycle many chemicals and waste into new materials and products. Scientists are working on microbial and bacterial reactions to clear out waste and make sustainable products.

Microorganisms and bacteria are the oldest organisms, they’re determined to make miracles out of waste and pollutants. Pools of microorganisms can be the new way of farming and producing industrial feedstock. Inter-cropping of versatile species can unravel the most sustainable productions ever existed. Plant technologies that are being discovered by scientists, engineers and companies can become some of the most advanced and facilitate universal terraforming as of now. A new era in civilization is being revealed by the innovative minds of like Tesla.

Tesla has invented the modern society years ago. Green innovation will create many new inventors and pioneers to reshape civilization and redeem a society and planet in grave danger. Newest technologies can be fully plant-based, they don’t have to be made of metals, circuits and transistors. When you examine nature, you can see that organic technologies sustain the largest ecosystems and biodiversity.

In the same way, sustainability can augment and organisms can create new networks of manufacturing and production. There are millions of species unique to Earth. Aliens have been collecting most of them for many uses. Humans didn’t discover how to fully utilize many species derived from nature as reproductive processing. Companies design products every day, they never considered organic reproduction and sustainability that much.

Every product can be organic like it was grown in an orchard. Tree sapping has proven to produce metals, rubber, substances to make many products and eventually technologies. This is where many breakthroughs will be made from now on. Nature is unstoppable. People must stop destroying this magnificent creation and learn how to reproduce it for their own benefit also to boost productivity in every region. Green energy will power and embellish novel bio-fabrications that are assembled to be the new manufacturing powerhouses.

Buildings will generate more than enough energy to power their capacity and work rate. Most industries will eventually become autonomous and biologically reproductive, and people will just ornament the globe and other planets. Deliveries and take out will be fully compostable or packaging will get fully recycled. People will want to either grow more or design new bio-fabrication startups and businesses in their garages, rooftops, backyards and other spaces. Biological synthesis is the new form of manufacturing and design.

Most versatile and productive species are very procreative, they proliferate faster than others. Fastest growing and reproducing microorganisms, fungi, botanical can be used for mass-manufacturing of many products as well as tech components. Most of the metals, sand, mineral deposits will dissipate due to overuse and wastefulness. Renewable minerals can be harvested with various species rather than mined and extracted from the ground.

Bio-engineering is the most significant field demanding attention and research to adapt most important species to weather fluctuations, heat, drought and other issues. The species that are bio-engineered to survive Mars-like environments here on Earth can be efficient during space colonization. Scientists are working on boosting the production, growth rate, resilience and strength of most crucial species that can help during catastrophic events and space colonization.

Plant production rate must be faster, richer, easier than natural growth. When numerous species are bio-engineered to be increasingly generative, they can assist in tackling climate change, environmental decline and space ventures. Plant life make up the natural environment, yet microorganisms and animals carry out bio-cycles for greater growth. Without them, the planet turns into arid rapidly.

That’s why creating ecosystems and preserving remaining ones is substantial. If the world is depleted, it will be easy for the aliens to gain control and subdue the human population regardless of their status, wealth and position. Aliens have done this to so many worlds, they only execute the procedures that are tested and worked well. From all the data gathered, it’s obvious the universe is a very harsh and difficult space. Humans must oppose any type of extraterrestrial encroachment. Humans are the only species that can save and protect their only home world, which is way more beautiful and abundant than so many alien worlds out in space.

If the aliens knew how to safeguard and regenerate their home worlds, they wouldn’t be here. They would enhance their living domain and prosperity consistently. Since there are many alien organizations here literally strive to take over this world, the world population must unite as one a global super force to protect the planet, their freedom and the future. Aliens need humans as a workforce to farm the planet, they cannot do this with technology or only on their own. They aren’t strong physically, they cannot live on the surface of this planet. That’s why they’ve genetically engineered a new breed of human being called the hybrids to overrule the human society.

They’re already advising people in power at this time. Humans can be a remarkable race if they can stop conflicts and concentrate on protecting humanity and preserving the natural environment. There are many existential crises occurring simultaneously, and the public doesn’t even know about it. They don’t want people to know what’s being done behind the scenes. More aliens will come to Earth because humans are still destroying and depleting the planet and climate change is making things worse than it is. Perhaps, unifying human society would be the best bet against the climatic and environmental disasters as well as alien invasions carried out by multiple extraterrestrial corporates.

There are corporates that administer the economy, regulations, productions and the public in so many ways. Alien groups operate similarly, but they’re way more oppressive than anything ever seen on Earth. Even the powerful individuals who support and assist alien domination are being used and subdued.

Without protecting the planet’s natural environment that give life to all living beings including humans, dealing with the aliens would be impracticable. Transforming civilization to a very sustainable, ecological, green energy utopia can resolve most of the complications and boost resilience and productivity in every continent. Some entrepreneurs are testing desalination farming in very dry zones in various continents, and it works well.

Corrugated cardboards desalinate water and blow it to greenhouses with wind in order to grow crops with little or no clean water. New green inventions and procedures will rejuvenate many dry and arid regions, eventually re-green them. More carbon storing and capturing areas are required around the globe. Some nations are trying to turn their deserts into farmland or forest that can even sustain vibrant cities, mostly powered by clean energy and innovation. Without plants and trees, the planet cannot sustain any life. All life depends on plants and numerous microorganisms.

Every species play a role in a large network of lifeforms. Nature surrounds the universe in all its diversification and complexity. What’s transpiring in nature is also taking place in the universe analogously.

Most of the intelligent civilizations are similar to a hive mind that’s identical to beehives, ant colonies and other creatures. Most communities possess advanced technology, so technology isn’t the prominence. It’s easy to acquire technology in space trade. Natural resources including biological lifeforms and biodiverse habitats akin to the Earth are way more valuable. One day, everyone will have to work for a green job arranged to preserve and enrich the environment, sustainability and biodiversity that pretty much present everything to human beings. There are already talks about orchestrating a global green economy that’s endowed with potent clean energies, regenerative industries, circular systems, green cities and so on.

Opportunities are endless in a self-regenerative and eco-rich societal and financial structure like this. Human beings don’t know how to deal with the aliens and how to recover their home world yet, they’re slowly figuring it out. Aliens only offered trinkets, so-called advanced technologies to fool many people in power and commerce. These gimmicks were only devised to control and manipulate the masses. That’s why alien technologies are treacherous to human society in a number of forms. Humans are intelligent enough to develop many green technologies that will surpass all alien technologies that come here and in proximity.

Their technologies aren’t that advanced, they’re useless on Earth. Mass-manufacturing technologies will only deplete any planet and weaken a society to fall under alien command. Green industries and technologies designed to rejuvenate the planet’s natural environment and boost its self-regeneration in so many ways are what’s needed for the future, not tricky space tech. People were planning to plant billions of trees, and some contractors have been planting trees in millions.

This probably won’t save the world, planting trees is a good thing anyway. Most people plant the wrong trees in wrong places. Tree plantations better replicate animated ecosystems that capture the most carbon dioxide and produce the most output. People plant like they’re trying to start a monoculture farm, and that’s not how it works in nature. Nature is a self-regenerating eco-cycle. Renewable energies cannot supply the energy needs of the world yet, but they’re getting there slowly.

In order to minimize emissions so global forests and oceans can absorb them, fossil fuels must be replaced with zero-emission alternatives. Even concrete emits a tremendous amount of carbon dioxide. All businesses, all factories, everything people do emits enormous quantities of greenhouse gases. That’s why reaching net-zero will be one of the biggest challenges of the modern era. Since people are destroying a beautiful and rich world rapidly, aliens had to infringe into human domain and affairs.

When the world population starts protesting what’s been done by the aliens, they will have to leave. They’re being overseen by space trade regulators, they will remove them out of the solar system when people confront them. There are so many rules and regulations in space, it’s a well established environment that people don’t know anything about. One thing that people nor the aliens know much about is that the Earth contains terraform technologies that exist only in a very few planets in the universe.

That’s why the Earth has to be fortified by its native inhabitants, so it can regenerate itself and begin terraforming suitable spheres in the universe. Humanity can become a very advanced and spiritually sophisticated civilization if it can accomplish this unique mission. There are only a few planets have been chosen to comprise myriads of biological lifeforms and species, unlike the universe packed with barren worlds. Some of these arid, alien worlds can be terraformed or revitalized with the help of humans. People must grow up and start doing the right things to recover the planet and unify society under a higher purpose.

Green energy can light up the entire globe, for it to be one of the most sustainable and bio-rich in the cosmic creation. Spiritual intelligence arising in human civilization, thus humans can communicate, cooperate and improve the globe into its most viable state. Plant-based industries can regenerate the environment, capture carbon and protect forests when they’re devised properly.

Aliens cannot save the world because they don’t have the means to do it. It’s up to humans to preserve and regenerate their home world through green innovation, energy and biodiverse, plant productions as in natural solutions. Nature provides everything that people need to survive and evolve for thousands of years if it’s fostered with the participation of billions.

If everyone continuously plants and drives an electric car, the climate problem is solved at the outset. More people equal more greenhouse gas emissions that will take centuries to breakdown and will boil up the planet. People have to go back to their roots and start living more naturally, like they’ve done for thousands of years. Gardening can make anyone in harmony with nature.

If a collective action is proposed to transform the entire globe into a diverse rainforest that will supply every need of human civilization and stabilize climate, wouldn’t you go after it? It’s obvious everything can be plant-based and can be grown out of plants and trees without harming the environment. Of course, monocultures should be prohibited. Many new ecosystems as bio-farms can be created, existent ones can be conserved.

We need biological changes in the industrial designs that generate the products to the world community. There are aliens everywhere, there are many alien bases in remote locations near populated areas. Most people don’t know what the aliens are really up to. More of them are coming to this solar system from their star systems every year.

There are millions of hybrids placed in many nations to overrule humanity soon. Human beings can become a remarkable society if they can protect the natural environment, increase its resilience to benefit biodiversity and human population. An ever-growing population will demand more resources that will be scarcer due to climate change and environmental decadence. Humans are only a component in a living biological system encircling the Earth.

For this reason, the more they grow divergently, the richer and more prolific the environment will get in every region. Temperate zones are shifting due to rising temperatures and fluctuations. Tropical zones will grow bigger when climate is hotter in larger areas, then new zones can be reconditioned as tropical rainforests for greater yields, biodiversity and carbon capture. Every forest and rainforest ecosystem was expanding until humans started cutting and burning them down for various destructive industries. Industry is vital to civilization, and it can be adjusted to grow more, replenish more and utilize renewables. Battery technology is improving every year.

A company has found how to make graphite anode alternative from lignin extracted from trees. This is proof that batteries and other technologies can be made with plant and tree-based materials and through phythomining. Phythomining is the method to extract metals from plants grown over mining sites. The Earth’s crust is rich with metals and minerals, yet mining devastates vast habitats. Phythomining doesn’t dig into the ground, plants absorb metals and minerals with their roots. There are plants that outstretch into deep ground with their roots to assimilate various minerals.

Through a process, metals are filtered from these plants. This may be how most of the metals are extracted for manufacturing in the future. The Earth’s environment should be as pristine as possible, so it can regenerate, capture more carbon dioxide also break down other greenhouse gases. Although people love technology and feel like they can’t live without it, miscellaneous plant productions, green technologies will exceed all technologies, especially the ones alien in origin. Alien technologies aren’t sustainable, that’s why alien worlds have been depleted into extinction.

The Earth has to be conserved as the biological storehouse in this part of the universe to grow richer and terraform dying or depleted planetary systems. There are some moons that can be colonized and terraformed as Earth-like here in this solar system. They may be more suitable for terraforming than Mars, they’re just farther out.

People need some level of technology, specifically the ones that can regenerate and enrich the Earth also utilized for terraforming. Green technologies can perform these one day, nevertheless we aren’t talking about greenwashing commercialized by large corporations and companies. Global green economy will get bigger, more profitable than any other financial systems and sector. Carbon captured from carbon captured facilities can be exploited to conjure very strong glass to make photovoltaics. This new carbon glass is stronger and more durable than other materials.

It can be used for any industry over and over again. It’s also made with captured carbon from the atmosphere, which reduces carbon dioxide levels slowly. Glass can be fully renewable when it’s made from carbon, like diamonds. A lot of sectors consume a tremendous amount of sand to make glass and concrete. Sand is getting scarcer every year. Captured carbon can be used to manufacture tons of new products, packaging and renewable carbon glass.

This can be used for packaging and bottling in a circular system that’s absent of single-use plastics. Carbon is the most abundant element, and it can be used for anything. Carbon usually increases performance of many technologies and industrial materials. That’s why it’s better to make many things out of captured carbon instead of non-renewable, pollutant substances. Carbon glass is revolutionary, it’s very durable and versatile. Many new types of green technologies will be discovered by scientists, researchers and engineers.

There is no end to green innovation, everything relies on flora and fauna. Organic bio-cycles are continuous because they recycle every element over and over again to conceive new organisms and lifeforms. Now, tech is made of metals molded into circuits.

In the future, they can be genetically engineered as intelligent, organic mixtures that execute necessary tasks and computation. The technologies and sustainable productions that can be created here on Earth are unmatched by the aliens. Humans will transcend the extraterrestrial organizations and the ones that exist in proximity of this solar system.

Sustainability is always the main goal for every country and industry. Biodiverse growth and expansion corresponds to global green and sustainable growth. Biodiversity is the main factor that vitalizes and rejuvenates every acre of the Earth.

Without biodiversity, every nation and territory would dry out in a short period. The most biodiverse regions like densely packed rainforests create their own rainfall, food sources, resources, biome without needing any help from the outside world. This is the power of biodiversity, it can be utilized in green industries and productions here on out. Everything has to replicate biodiverse rainforests as a prolific output. Every species add up to the living, biological system. Most valuable resources are always biological, and the aliens know about this.

They don’t care much about other things anymore, they still try to acquire minerals and metals as well. Humans are barely discovering the power of biodiversity. Most productions and industries have always been monocultures or oil-based in the past. Biodiverse productions easily excel any industrial revolution and contemporary sector. The richer and denser in biodiversity in an open system will always yield greater than other harvests.

Biodiversity consistently grows, get richer, denser and more resilient every year without human interference. Thus, humans can use this new power to rectify every business sector around the world. Many new green technologies and sustainable productions are under development. Nothing has exceeded fossil fuels in terms of energy capacity and usefulness, but green energy, tech and innovation will rapidly outperform fossil fuels to set a new economic and societal structure in motion. An extremely green and sustainable civilization with a stable climate will outmatch all alien races that come here and will come in the future. Of course, the solar system is supposed to be protected from any kind of alien intrusion.

There may be a fake alien invasion and second coming soon. They’re both planned to deceive and take advantage of the masses. Alien invasions have been executed by multiple extraterrestrial races and groups for decades. They’ve been in competition with each other over coveted resources and territories. This is one of the most dangerous events occurring at this time.

The aliens have noticed that humans have been destroying a beautiful and rich world that they could exploit for their own benefits. Humans have to become the saviors of Planet Earth as soon as possible before it’s impossible to redeem it. Individual and collective action both work efficiently. An individual can invent and figure out new ways to change the world for the better. Humans have so much potential, way more than any alien races out there. The ones that are here now are just scavenger syndicates that work for alien overlords that never come to Earth, but watching everything from afar.

The space is a very dangerous and bitter expanse, it would be overwhelming for any human being to attempt to live in any extraterrestrial collective or society. Everything that people love and enjoy doesn’t exist in space. That’s why the only way to rescue the universe is through terraforming of many new Earth-like worlds that can embody life and spread it generously. The aliens don’t have the means to get this done, humans can.

Then human civilization will humbly emerge as an advanced, united and life-giving, eco-rich community into the multiverse. Many new multiverses will be created by the consolidated exertion and work people have done. This is a totally new era in human civilization, humans will either undermine their home world or recover and enrich it continually.

A green lantern is being projected upon the Earth to awaken the masses and call them for a unique mission of planetary bio-revival. For instance, there are many invasive plants and weeds that can be turned into clean energy. Not every plant is useful for human beings, yet they can be useful when they’re turned into feedstock or biofuels.

You can grow pretty much everything from pits. Every household can grow a forest farm from the pits saved of the fresh produce they consume every year. Don’t throw the seeds and pits, just plant them somewhere even in the woods, they will eventually sprout and grow in the forest. There is no end to what you can do when you work with nature, most of it is totally renewable when you don’t cut or burn it. A lot of people have been leaving populated urban areas after the pandemic.

Many people also started homesteads in suburban and rural areas. Crisis actually forces people to do the right things for themselves and the planet. Most of the planet must be left out as wilderness so forests and biodiversity can grow richer. There is an estimation that planting at least a few trillion, trees in a diverse setting emulating jungles can turn human civilization pollution-free and carbon-negative in a few decades. Of course, everyone would be planting thousands or more trees and grow as much vegetation and plants as they can.

There is no end to botanic and biological progress here in this world and out in space. Alien beings are still a part of the universal, natural world, regardless how they’re detached from it. That’s why they cannot stay on the surface of the Earth for too long. Microbial contamination can infect the entire crew, bases and home planets.

Hence, they need to deceive and control human beings to carry out necessary tasks. They want to eventually subjugate the whole human population under one order, this would be very harmful for human society. Saving the environment to preserve its self-abundance can provide the means for human society to defy alien occupation. Alien technologies were never sustainable by any means, technological civilization have outstripped their planet’s abundance and turned out to be very oppressive. Aliens don’t have the means to save the world nor humanity.

Therefore, humans everything they need to save themselves and their magnificent home world thriving with life. Humans are definitely destined to transcend technological, commercial and hierarchical collectives in every aspect of life and evolution if they can regenerate and safeguard natural abundance. Of course, climate change ecological collapse are major concerns now.

They can impoverish human society into extinction and debilitate every individual onto their knees to comply with extraterrestrial orders. There are many solutions to climate change, but most of them aren’t as profitable and competent to run the economy. Luckily, green hydrogen and natural solutions can integrate into a more potent and safe economic system that can continuously vitalize and replenish every region, habitat and life form that exist here. Unfortunately, so-called green technologies may not be green after all. They require a tremendous amount of rare earth metals to be manufactured to supply the energy and tech needs of the world.

Rare earth metals mining devastate acres of land and generate toxic waste. This waste also pollute the water streams, groundwater and other natural systems that people and all living beings depend on. For this reason, perhaps no technology will ever be fully green if it’s not made from plants sustainably. Eventually, all kinds of manufacturing must utilize plant harvests without harming or exhausting natural resources. Rare earth metals are difficult to mine and separate into individual elements for processing. There are many alien races who are after rare metal deposits that remain in Earth’s crust.

Some of these are very rare, and many alien races want to procure them for their own benefit. People don’t need too many devices to have fulfilling lifestyles. Most households are packed with gadgets and electronics that are mostly discarded when new ones come out. Electronics waste is as detrimental as plastic waste that threaten marine life, pollute the oceans, rivers and habitats. Every type of useful electronics must be redesigned to be fully recyclable in advance, so they don’t get thrown away every few years.

The broken or slowing electronics can be repaired with new parts and chips. There are companies who’ve been trying to make modular electronics that can be repaired and upgraded with new modules anytime. That way, companies can make more from modules and parts and cut e-waste significantly. Electronics, devices and smartphones all are made of rare earth metals.

Mining pollutes and devastates the planet exponentially. Companies must look into making electronics from renewable resources other than a bunch of metals. The most intelligent organism is humans. Humans are a type of biological technology, everything a human body does demonstrates a high level of bio-technology that’s been evolving on itself also altered genetically by higher intelligence. One day, when bio-technology is fully developed, electronic devices can be made from organic materials instead of metals without harming the environment. This is going to be the next stage in development of human society.

It’s best to restrict and regulate the overuse and overconsumption of technology at every level of society. People assume tech is the best thing ever, and they cannot stop staring and swiping on their smartphones all day. Education and expertise are more important than technology itself. People can work on more significant matters than technology. Of course, green energy is necessary to minimize greenhouse gas emissions, but it still requires a tremendous quantity of rare earth metals.

Mining them excessively will only contribute to environmental pollution and destruction that are both major issues of modern society. Aliens have been watching all human activity for a long time. Humans have been misusing a beautiful and abundant world that the aliens could use for their own benefit, so they had to infiltrate. People have to stop destroying all that exists here on Earth to secure their future. Otherwise, the planet will deplete into extinction and become a hot desert. Then the aliens will be able to exploit the masses like farm animals.

This is how they see humans at this time, humans have to unite to protect everything unique to Earth and unite as the saviors of this beautiful and lively jewel. Some indigenous communities didn’t have any technology, but they were living in the richest rainforests that provided that everything for hundreds of years. People have to stop polluting and overusing the planet and start growing many new forests to nurture themselves and all other beings. After some time, these dense jungle farms will produce materials, foods and organics increasingly without anything in return.

People will always need more energy to have a level of comfort. Perhaps, carbon-negative biofuels, oils and feedstock can supersede fossil fuels in every sector. Most plants are very versatile, so many things are made out of them. Biofuels made of divergent plants can be cleaner and greener than fossil fuels also sequester tons of carbon. Another thing is that, there is so much provocation towards conflicts between countries and corporations, whereas everybody wants the same thing in life. Remaining resources natural, metal, organic or other types must be managed carefully to stop ecological deterioration and resource depletion.

It seems like everything is dissipating extremely fast that after a hundred years or so, there won’t be anything left. A hundred years isn’t a long time, either, for a civilization. People will always need everything that exist here for thousands of years.

Consuming everything to grow the economy, heat up the planet, generate pollution and waste isn’t the best path for advancement. Aliens might be inciting conflicts, since they plan to take advantage of every mistake and dissociation. Every kind of animosity and conflict can be settled before they weaken the world community, furthermore. Conflicts won’t ever solve the real problems that the aliens examine to benefit from with the help of selected individuals in power and commerce.

In order to preserve the planet’s natural abundance, humans are supposed to cooperate innovatively and unite as a super-green force. Supply chains of every industry are fundamental to every industry and country across the globe. Some countries produce and distribute most of the resources and products, as well as control supply chains. The problem is most of the supply chains will never be sustainable no matter how green and eco-friendly they’re labeled. Metal deposits are very valuable.

To establish a greener and zero-carbon economy, every nation needs a tremendous amount of metals, especially rare earths. It seems like val

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