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A, technology. And engineering Emmy, award is given by the National, Academy of Television Arts, and Sciences, Natas. For, outstanding, achievement, in technical, or engineering development. An, award. Can be presented to an individual, a company, or to a scientific, or technical organization. For developments, and or standardization. Involved. In engineering technologies. Which either represents. Our extensive, and improvement, on existing methods or a sir innovative, in nature that they materially, have affected the transmission, recording, or reception, of television, the. Award is determined, by a special, panel composed of highly qualified experienced. Engineers, in the television, industry. Topic. 2017. Awards, the 69th, annual, technology, and engineering Emmy, Awards, were as follows. Contextual. Voice navigation for, discovering, and interacting, with TV, content, Comcast, Universal. Electronics, Inc uei Apple, TV nuance dragon TV low latency, remote controlled, airborne video platforms, non-military. For television, John McGraw pick 2 Vision Inc, aerial. Mob LLC, Astraeus, aerial flying camming. Vortex. Aerial. Hellah. Video productions, LLC. Snap. Roll Media LLC. DJI. Pioneering. And product ization of supporting, digital video, using, SDI over fiber optic. Blue, Bell British. Telecom. Pioneering. Development of a computerized. Hard disk storage based digital nonlinear. Multi-stream. Multi-camera. System. Avid. Technology. Heavy. Works edit, share. Pioneering. Development, of a portable battery-powered, audio, video test signal, generator. Multi. Dyne. Integrated. Consumer, video conferencing. Service, into broadcast, production environments. And workflows. Skype. Microsoft. Video. Identification. Technology, to protect content, value, in copyright. Audible. Magic. Civil. Ushion, ena. Friend. MTS. Mobile. YouTube. Expanding. Side television. Production, mobile, units. CBS. Television, network the. Gersten. Slater company, a. Three-dimensional. Doppler radar system, to track and display fast-moving. Pitched, and hit balls. Trachmann. MLB. Advanced, media. Siren. Hey go corporation. Topic. 2016. Awards, the 68th, annual, technology and engineering Emmy, Awards, were as follows. Live. Production, technology, beyond HD, to achieve non interpolated, video, for instant replay. Evitts. EVs. For. A, concept. Of optoelectronic. Transduction. Tell. Alcatel-lucent, submarine. Networks. Society. Of telegraph, engineers, institution. Of Engineering and, Technology. Siemens. Development. And standardization. Of media object, server masts, protocol. Media. Object, server masks, group. System. For executing, targeted, household, advertising. On linear television, in. Vide technologies. Visible. World. Pioneering. Invention, and deployment of fiber optic, cable. Corning. Bell. Labs Western, Electric, ofs. Pioneering. Technology, to, automate, the digital, online assembly, of broadcast, content. IBM. Corporation. Laser. Pacific, SCA a Technicolor.

Topic. 2015. Awards. One. Pioneering. Optimization. Of advertising, placement, in single channel linear television programs. Bcs, imagine, communications. To, standardization. And pioneering, development of, non live broadband, captioning. Netflix. Home. Box office, HBO. Telestream. SMPTE. W3c. Three open, modular platform for, broadcast, and production, distribution and, conversion, equipment. Ross. Video for development. And standardization. Of HD Bessette connectivity. Technology for, commercial, and residential HDMI. DVI, installations. Valence. Semiconductor. Five phonetic, indexing, and timing. Necks, eg rink, six. Steganographic. Technologies. For audio-video. Nielsen. Civil. Yishun, digi. Mark variants. Seven. Pre-production. Visualization. System. Autodesk. Cast. Soft a no. Vent of software. Robert. Able 8 the concept, of scanning for image transmission. Alexander. Bane 9 pioneering. Development of, data-driven traffic, systems, for multi-channel, environments. MSA. Turner. 10, development, of enabling, technology, for high-density. Video switching, and routing solutions. Ma. C om 11 closed-loop, statistical. Multiplexing. Of geographically. Distributed encoders. DirecTV. EchoStar. Erickson. Harmonic. Topic. 2014. Awards. One, pioneering. Development of, second-screen, navigable. Mosaic, for direct programmer, offerings, to consumers, via the internet, home. Box office HBO. Netflix. - development. Of low latency, video streaming live captioning, systems. EEG. X. Orbit three television. Enhancement, devices. Apple. Inc. Roku. Microsoft. Sony. TiVo. For non live large-scale. Online video systems. Netflix. Five personalized. Recommendation. Engines for video discovery, prev. D4. MVPDs. Genie. Search engine. Think. Analytics. Digital. Smiths. Comcast. Six, standardization. And product ization of. Jpeg2000. J2k. Interoperability. Video. Services, forum inc. Media. Links. Nevian. DV. Blink inc. Harris. Broadcast, corporation, imagine. Communications. Ericsson. Bartel video systems, inc, Barco, Silex, in. Topic, 7 innovation, in improving engagement around, television. In social, media. Twitter. Spread. Fast formally, mass relevance, 8 secure, accelerated, file movement, over IP including. The internet. Espera. And IBM, company. Data. Expedition. Inc. Cygnet. Unlimited. 9 pioneering. Delivery, of pay-tv linear, video to consumer. Owned and managed devices over, a high-speed, data connection. Major. League Baseball Advanced Media Time. Warner Cable asterisk, NBC, Universal. Topic. 2013. Awards. One. Development. Standardization. And productization, of the high definition serial. Digital interface. SMPTE. Sony. Yamashita. Engineering. Manufacturing for. A to personalized. Recommendation. Engines for video discovery. John. Hay Adobe. Netflix. TiVo. Inc. YouTube. Google, Amazon. Three, in-camera, electronic. Compensation for. Lateral chromatic aberrations. In external lenses. Panasonic. For inexpensive. Small rugged, HD, camcorders. GoPro. 5 pioneering. Wearable, camera stabilizer, platforms. Garrett. Brown 6 pioneering. Analog, video reposition. Ur, Steven. Rut. Robert. A, diamond. 7 gesture, control systems, for video and games non-touchscreen. Microsoft. Nintendo. Of America, Nintendo's. North American, subsidiary. S, ony eight pioneering. Work in implementation. And deployment of, Network DVR. Time. Warner Cable. Cable. Vision, thirdspace. Velocity. Alcatel-lucent, nine, pioneering, development of video on-demand VOD. Dynamic. Advertising. Insertion. Time. Warner Cable end, to.

Broadband, Ericsson television, 10 development. And standardization. Of the mpeg-2, transport stream. Iso/iec. JTC, 1/sc. 29. WG. 11 moving picture experts group. Topic. 2012. Awards. One. Ecosystem. For real-time presentation. Of TV content, to mobile devices, without, the use of specialized, television, hardware. Apple. Inc - the development. And commercialization of. Analog local, cable video, ad insertion. Cable. Vision systems. Channel. Matic. HBO. MTV. Networks. Star. Net Tech's. Can MSI Inc. Vega. No.3 the development, and commercialization of. Cable interconnects, for local video ad insertion. Time. Warner Cable. NCC. Media for the development, and commercialization for. Digital, infrastructure, for local cable ad insertion. Dec. Harmonic. Inc. Motorola. Cisco. Sea-change. International. Sky. Connect five pioneering. On-screen, interactive, program, guides. In. Site now Rovi, corporation six, pioneering, development, of event-driven, control, room automation, systems, for production, of live television shows, which encompasses full, control, of robotic, cameras, audio graphics. And video sources. Parka. Vision Grass Valley seven. Pioneering, development and, deployment of aspect, ratio, control, technologies, and systems for, letterbox images, within consumer, devices. Warner. Brothers. Sam. Ronco eight development. Of electronic, mastering, system, for large-scale content. Customization. Transcoding. And distribution. Warner. Brothers. CBS. Worldwide, distribution, 9, pioneering. Development of, multi room DVR. Time. Warner Cable. Cisco. 10 ir ND filter, technology for, digital, motion picture cameras. The. Tiffin company. Dropped extinct 11 improvements. To large format, CMOS, images, for use in high-definition broadcast. Video cameras. Arnold. And Richter seen a technic, Arri, Canon, USA Inc, red studios, Sony Electronics 12. Lifetime, achievement, award Manolo. Romero managing, director Olympic, broadcasting. Services. Topic. 2011. Awards. One. Local. Cable ad insertion technology. Cable, digital, standards, for local cable advertising. SMPTE. SCT, e to the system, for automated, migration of, media assets. Summer, front porch digital, three pioneering, development of large venue, large screen direct, view color video displays. Mitsubishi. Electric, Power Products, Inc diamond, vision systems. Shuji. Nakamura professor. University. Of California, Santa Barbara for, pioneering, development and, deployment of active format description and. Aspect ratio, control, technologies. And systems. ATSC. SMPTE. DTG. Digital, TV, group. DVB. NBCUniversal. Ericsson. Ericsson, television. Miranda.

Technologies. CEA. V development. Of integrated, deployable, systems. For live reporting, from remote environments. David. Bloom. NBC. Mountain. Satellite, communications. 6 standardization. Of loudness metering, for use in broadcast, audio. ITU. Our study group six International. Telecommunication. Union itu. Dolby. Laboratories Inc. Communications. Research Center. Dr.. Gilbert. Solo Dre, Prague. Tod 7 development, of professional tapeless. Portable, acquisition, systems, using, affordable media. Sony. Corporation 8, pioneering, development, of removable, solid-state, media, for video camera, recorders, camcorders. Panasonic. Corporation. Topic. 2010. Awards. Lifetime. Achievement Award. In technology. And engineering. Sir. Howard Stringer chairman, and CEO of Sony Corporation, one, for. Development, and production of, portable, tapeless acquisition. Avid. Technology Inc. Ikegami. Co Ltd -. The, belt pack distributed. Amplifier, systems, in live production. Stan. Huh blur doh, Leighton, Bob. Cohen. Charlie. Button. RTS. Systems, Inc. Clear. Calm HM e3. Development. Of wireless intercom. Hm, e perm Electronics, Inc. RTS. Systems, Inc for. Development. Of audio metadata, process, for conforming, audio the atsc. Digital TV. Standard. Dolby. Laboratories Inc. Linear. Acoustic, Inc v, enabling. Standards, for the delivery of television. Via broadband, data systems. Cable. Labs 6. HD. Super, motion, systems, for acquisition, recording, and playback for, broadcast, entertainment. And Sports productions. NAC. Image, technology Inc. EVs. Broadcast, equipment Inc. Vision. Research anime, tech company. Grass. Valley group. Sony. Corporation 7. Blue. Laser optical, systems, for consumer, playback. Sony. Corporation. Royal. Philips, electronics. Panasonic. Corporation. TDK. Corporation. Topic. 2009. Awards. For, its audience measurement, technology. System. Nielsen. Corporation. Tron for its pioneering development. In electronic, prompting. P. Orta PR o MPT. Compu. Calls prompt for its pioneering development.

Of M/s DC high-power, amplifiers. L3, for its pioneering efforts, in development, implementation. Of network distribution. Workflows, for ATSC. DTV development. Fox. Transmission. Operations, Center. PBS. The Public Broadcasting Service. For, the development, of NTSC. Television. The. Federal Communications. Commission. CEA. Radio, Manufacturers. Association. The. NTS cfor pioneering, development of, automatic, transmitter. Identification. For satellite, television, communications. HBO. Home box office. Elma, masa. Topic. 2008. Awards, Lifetime Achievement, Award. In technology, and engineering ivan, g Seidenberg, chairman. And chief executive officer, of Verizon, Communications Inc. Serial, interface, and protocols, for server VTR, control Harris Corporation Sony. Delivery, confirmation systems. Eggs orbits grips networks development. And standardization. Of file formats, for video and audio Society. Of motion picture and, television engineers. SMPTE. Thomson, Grass Valley pioneering. Development, of mpeg-4, AVC systems. For HDTV. Tandberg, television, directv pioneering, RF, combiners, for adjacent channels, on common antenna systems, Harris Corporation micro. Communications. Inc, MCI. Radio. Frequency. Systems, RF s on. Going live global, HD, cinema, casting. Metropolitan. Opera Association. Developing. HDMI. Silicon. Image. Thomson. Multimedia. Toshiba. Sony. Matte, easter, hitachi. Philips. Mullux. Japan. Aviation, electronics, j. Intel. Standardization. Of the atsc. Digital system. Advisory. Committee on advanced, television, service. Advanced. Television system, committee. Advanced. Television test, centre, advanced. Television evaluation. Laboratory. Mpeg-4. AVC standard. Video. Coding, experts, group vceg. Moving. Picture experts group. MPEG. Topic. 2007. Awards the Emmy Awards, for ATSC. Broadcast, transmission. System, RF filters, Electronics. Research Inc dielectric. Communications, Harris broadcast, micro Communications. Inc the Emmy Awards for development, of interactive. Video on-demand infrastructure. And signaling leading, to large-scale VOD. Implementations. Time Warner Cable scientific, atlanta and, to broadband, Tandberg, television, the Emmy Award for coaxial. Cable technology Aten. Tthe, Emmy Award for pioneering, development of a fully monitored, fiber-optic, based digital network, at shared use sports venues, vyv, X services, femi award for development, and implementation of, an integrated, and portable, IP based live edit, and store-and-forward digital. News gathering system, CN, n th e Emmy, Awards, for monitoring, for compliance standards, for ATSC. And dvb transport, streams, rohde & schwarz, Tektronix. Thomson pixel metrics corpora, and the advanced, media technology, winners for science engineering. And technology for, broadband, and personal, television the awards, for outstanding achievement. In advanced, media technology, for best use of commercial, advertising on personal, computer, the l word in second life, Showtime, networks, Electric. Sheep companies. Awards for outstanding, achieve, in advanced, media technology, for best use for creation, and distribution of, interactive, commercial, advertising, delivered, through digital set-top boxes. Ax boost your ESP. Interactive. Channel experience bright, line ITV, Unilever, the awards for outstanding achievement. In advanced, media technology. For synchronous, enhancement. Of original, television content, for interactive, use to screen environment, TV PC or TV, mobile, device, March, Madness on demand CBS. CBS. Sports they awards for outstanding achievement. In advanced, media technology, for creation, of non traditional programs. Or platforms, MTV's. Virtua, Laguna, Beach MTV. Networks Awards. For outstanding, achievement, in advanced media technology, for best use of personal media display, and presentation, technology, PSP, cell phone personal, media player mobile, devices, Bravo, to go Bravo, Awards for outstanding achievement, in advanced, media technology, for best use of on-demand consumers. Scheduled, or programmed, technology. Over broadband, networks, for active lean-forward viewing. MLB, mosaic, n sequence, MLB. TV. T-h-e, Awards for outstanding, achievement, in advanced, media technology, for best use of on demand for passive lean backward, viewing switched digital video, revolutionizing, TV.

Time Warner Cable big band networks following, are the winners for engineering, and technology, for creation, and implementation of, video games and platforms, the awards for game controller, innovation, Nintendo, DS Nintendo, Wii. Nintendo Awards. For handheld game device display, screen innovation, football, and auto race Mattel, electronics Atari. Lynx Atari, corporation, Nintendo. DS Nintendo, Awards. For user-generated content. Game, modification. Pinball, Construction. Set Bill bergeon Electronic, Arts quake John Carmack indeed software Second Life Philip, Rosedale and, Linden Lab they award for physics engines, have with awards for development, of massively multiplayer, online graphical. Role-playing, games. MMORPG. Neverwinter. Nights don, daglow in storm front studios, AOL, Time Warner Wizards. Of the coast, EverQuest Sony, Online Entertainment World, of Warcraft. Mike Morhaime Ian Blizzard Entertainment, their awards for visual digital, content, creation tools, in their impact maya autodesk. 3d, studio max, Autodesk, Source National, Academy, of Television Arts, and Sciences. Topic. 2006. Awards. Pioneering. Development, of on-screen display, OSD, for setup control, and configuration. Of consumer, television, equipment. RCA. Streaming, media architectures. And components. Microsoft. Adobe. Systems Inc. RealNetworks. Apple. Pioneering, development, for combining multiple transport. Streams which are already encoded using rate, shaping, and statistical, re multiplexing. Teri. On communication. Systems Inc development. And implementation of, automatically. Assembled, dynamic, customized, TV, advertising. Visible. World, The. Weather Channel technology. Advances, in serial, digital interface, solutions enabling. Over 20 years of seamless, studio, and broadcast, infrastructure. Migration. Genom. Corporation, privately, owned and operated international. Satellite company, primarily for, international, video services. Renae. Anselmo, Pan Am SOT advanced, media technology. For the synchronous, enhancement. Of original, television, content. Direct. TV interactive, sports, director, advanced, media technology, for the non synchronous enhancement. Of original, television content. The. - ENCOM, video mixer, then advanced, media technology, for the creation of non traditional programs. Or platforms. The. Sling box sling media advanced, media technology, for the best use of personal, media display, and presentation. Technology. Xros. Is media bar Sony, Computer Entertainment. Advanced, media technology. For the best use of on-demand. Technology. Over private closed networks. Time. Warner Cable's start over Time Warner Cable. Concurrent. Computer, Corp, big. Band networks. Harmonic, Inc. Scientific-atlanta. Advanced. Media technology. For the best use of on-demand technology. Over the public open, Internet. Stem. TV, n power advanced, media technology, for best use by commercials, in creation, and use in non-traditional platforms. And technologies. TiVo. Interactive, advertising. Platform, tivoing, peripheral, development, and technological impact, of video game controllers. Nintendo. For the d-pad innovation. On the Ness Famicom, controller. Sony. Computer Entertainment. America for, the Dual Shock analog, controller. Development. Of 3d software engines. John. Carmack. Its. Software, pioneering, work in near and real-time fully programmable shading, via modern, graphics, processes.

Microsoft. AMD. Nvidia. Corporation. Topic. 2005. Awards. Our CA. Tte, for, pioneering, development, of on-screen display OSD, for setup control, and configuration. Of consumer, television, equipment. Microsoft. Adobe, Systems, real, networks and Apple, Computer, Inc for streaming media architectures. And components. Teri, on communication. Systems Inc for pioneering, development for, combining, multiple run, sports streams which already encoded, using rate, shaping, and statistical. Re multiplexing. Visible. World and the Weather Channel for, development, and implementation of, automatically, assembled, dynamic, customized, TV, advertising. Genom. Corp for technology, advances, in serial, digital interface, solutions, enabling. Over 20 years of seamless studio, and broadcast, infrastructure. Migration. The. - ENCOM, a website, associated with, the N television, channel for outstanding, achievement, in advanced, media technology, for the non synchronous enhancement. Of original, television, programming, for the video masa. Topic. 2004. Awards, Ampex and ABC, for slow motion color recording, and playback for, broadcast, ABC. PBS and, Consumer. Electronics, Association for. Closed caption, standardization. The WB, and IBM, for pioneering, development, of locally, integrated, and branded content using, IP store-and-forward. Technology. Canon USA Inc fujinon, and Thales and genie x4 lens technology, developments. For solid-state images, cameras in High Definition formats. AT&T. For the first intercontinental. Satellite, TV transmission. Topic. 2003. Awards. Sharp. For development, of direct view liquid crystal display screens. Philips, for development, of UHP, lamps. Len. Rifle, for pioneering, efforts, in the invention, of the telescope. SAR. And Direct TV for, pioneering, efforts, in the development, of spot beam satellites for, distribution of, local broadcast, channels, directly to, home receivers. Ncube. Concurrent, and see change for development, product, ization and, commercialization. Of video server technology. Leading to large-scale VOD. Implementations. Topic. 2002. Awards Turner networks, for pioneering, efforts, in the development, of automated server-based, closed, captioning, systems. Development. Was performed, by x orbit also awarded. Fails, broadcast. And multimedia. For pioneering, development, of digital modulator. Adaptive, pre correction, for ATSC, 8vsb, digital. Transmitter, systems, thomson broadcast, and media solutions, for development, and application of, sub-pixel imaging, devices for television, cameras, Dolby Laboratories Jim, Fosgate, and Peter Scheiber for development, of surround sound for television, Texas, Instruments, DLP products. For pioneering, development of, mass-produced. Digital, reflective, imaging technology, for consumer, rear projection television. Dr, keesom. Inc for coding technology for, optical recording formats. Pinnacle, systems montage, and Thompson broadcast, and media solutions, for technology, to simultaneously. Encode, multiple video qualities, and the corresponding. Metadata. Topic. 2001. Awards. Plasma. Display, by Donald Bitzer this, revolutionized. The television. Final. Cut Pro by, Apple Inc a one, application. Any format, editing, system. Buju. Automated. Camera tracker by 2 D 3 limited this.

Innovation, Provides, automatic, shot, tracking, in a fraction, of the usual time. A. Reflex. Cameras, by Arri, Inc a lifetime. Achievement, award goes, to this organization. For 50 years of technological, contributions. To the industry. Trademark. Systems, for, their language translation. Dubbing and subtitling system. Proximity. Corporation. For software for managing graphical. Assets for broadcast. Topic. 2000. Awards digital, up converter by BBC, for, Roger Leach and ye M, personal. Video recorder by. TiVo, and replay. Sfq. Transmitter, by rohde & schwarz. Consumer. Camcorders, by Sony JVC. Hitachi, mater stirrin kodak 24. P by Sony laser Pacific, and Kodak, flat, screen CRT. By Sony and Zenith shared. Video, data storage, system, by leach ASC. Sea-change, Thomson, Philips & pinnacle. Digital. Asset management for, television, news by kgo-tv. CNN. ITN, and quant l. Topic. 1960. Presentation. Radio. Corporation of, America, Marconi's, wireless Telegraph, Company, an English Electric valve company for the independent, development, of the four one-half inch image orthicon tube, and camera.

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