You Gotta See THIS Tech! Baglietto Dom 133' Luxury SuperYacht "Lee" Tour

You Gotta See THIS Tech! Baglietto Dom 133' Luxury SuperYacht

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- Today we are going to be dreaming on board. (upbeat music) Welcome aboard Baglietto Dome 133. Let's do the tour.

- [Rico] So we have a very large swim platform actually on this vessel. - In this case we have a nice little layout area here and this is really cool, I like this design of this passerelle. - [Victoria] I have not seen that yet. - [Rico] Yeah, actually it tucks into this cavity here. You have the ability to extend, of course the passerelle extends out, but then it falls into this space and this falls down and actually becomes the stairs equally to the port side. So if you look over here- - [Victoria] let's do it.

- [Rico] Once the passerelle is folded in, both sides of the vessel actually from the stern, look exactly the same. - I think it's a brilliant solution because you really don't break up the exterior design of the vessel. - [Rico] Correct. - Ah, fantastic little brilliant solution. - [Rico] Quick connect shower. - Speaking of brilliant solutions, somebody came up with that.

Love it. - [Rico] So let's go up on top here. - Yes, coming up. Well first of all, let's talk about this elephant in the room. - [Rico] Very nice.

So these are removable, the carbon fiber poles here and the spectral line. I like it. It keeps it nice and light and still safe.

- And this plunge pool actually can become one solid surface. - [Rico] Correct. - [Victoria] So it comes up and flat space, beautiful. - [Rico] So this is actually decked on the floor there and it exactly comes up. So the water gets drained, gets drained into a holding tank actually. And then it can be recycled and pumped back into when you lower the floor down and you want to actually use it.

- Such a beautiful design. - [Rico] Great. - All right, let's check out the cockpit real quick. This boat is super busy. There's a lot of people that wanna see it, so we got it for 30 seconds to show it to you guys. So we do have, again, loose furniture.

You can rearrange it any way you want. I love that whole industry's kind of going that way. It's just nice to be able to convert the space into something else.

Beautiful pops of colors everywhere. On this side is something very cool. I should close it or what? It's already open.

- [Rico] It's already open on the shot. - [Victoria] Okay, fine. - [Rico] So we have this on both sides and you have actually access here to the engine room and the technical space. You also have some storage for camera bag, for example, in our case. - Wait, so do you have access on both sides? No. - [Rico] You have an access also on this side, on the port side.

I believe it's to the lazarette. - Oh, interesting. - [Rico] Yes. - Okay, very cool. Let's go and show you the bow real quick.

Entrance to the engine room. We're gonna see a little bit later. - [Rico] I love this. - A lot of people touched it. - [Rico] Oh yeah, yeah. - I keep wanna like- - [Rico] Yeah, yeah, yeah.

- Clean it up. - [Rico] So yeah, we're gonna check that out later. Entrance to the engine room - Going forward. We have our side entrance right here.

- [Rico] This leads us to the main staircase. - Yes, so we can go all the way down. We can go to the owner's suite from here. Very simple, simple entrance.

It's also quite nice from the owner's suite. If you wanna just pop in, go to the bow, go back, you don't need to go through the salon. You can just come up right here.

All right, let's go up. No, peeking into the bridge. We will see that in a moment. - [Rico] Okay.

- Keep focused, we gotta go forward. - [Rico] So we got a wing station right here. There we go and it pulls out. - [Victoria] Oh, you can just pull out. Put it right here. - [Rico] Yep.

- [Victoria] Oh, I like that. It's always out of the elements. You don't have to deal with some of the covers sometimes that you don't know where to put. - [Rico] Agreed. - Very simple. - [Rico] And then of course we are like, you know, nicely extended over a nice good wing station.

If I walk back, of course we can see anything right now because of these massive blow up fenders. - All right, welcome to the bow. It is huge. I guess we're gonna have to put a number on this. - [Rico] Oh boy.

- What do you think? - [Rico] It's a easy layout for? - Okay, that's five, so that's six. - [Rico] I want to say 12, 15. - 12? - [Rico] Yeah. - I will never spend that much time laying out with 12 people. - [Rico] I know, right.

- So it's very comfortable for eight. - [Rico] And very large straight windows. - Look at the size of these windshield wipers. - [Rico] I know and they're nicely hidden and tucked away on top.

Actually put into the, into the cavities there, so you don't really see 'em - [Victoria] Very stylish. - [Rico] Really nice. - [Victoria] Okay, so- - [Rico] All right. - We're gonna do this relatively fast. It's a big boat. So let's keep going.

I like how you and I keep walking through things that nobody usually cares about and we're like, these are really nice, these mechanisms and these, we should have these on our boat. - [Rico] Yeah, I like it. It's just very simple. Just with the spectral line and the balls. And then you have the tightener here, but the tightener and the line, actually there's a hole in here so it gets tucked in.

It looks very, very clean. There's nothing you need to tie up. You just stuff it into the hole and done.

- Yeah, these are good, I like these. Okay, so going forward we have our working bow. It does feel like this comes real close and tight to it. There's a reason for that. - [Rico] There's a reason exactly, because there is a garage behind this.

- Huh. - [Rico] Actually underneath this is, this whole thing opens up. So here on the working foredeck, we have big large bollards for the dock lines on this case actually the mooring lines.

And then we have two stainless steel windlass with a big chain going through here. Of course the anchors are in the pockets right now because we're not using the anchors. We're using actually moorings here in Monaco Harbor. But yeah, manual break, winch handle on top to loosen it up if you want to have it just free fall. Everything the way it's supposed to be. And then here is the hatch for the anchor locker.

And of course Victoria's favorite bell, which I am pretty sure she's going to ring in a second. - [Victoria] Okay, I found somebody to open us the garage. Ooh bell. (bell dings) - [Rico] Ooh, that's loud. (Rico laughs) - I had to do it - [Rico] Here we do have storage with a crane for the emergency tender.

- Yeah. - [Rico] Emergency/crew tender. Right now it's used for storage. Primarily doing the boat shows.

We have have some bicycles in here, some long boards in here. You see the hydraulic crane. Behind the hydraulic crane, I don't know if you can see that. Actually you gotta come to the other side. - Oh yeah, right here.

- [Rico] We do have another. - [Victoria] I see already. - [Rico] Top loading freezer. There we go.

- [Victoria] Oh, that's awesome to have. - [Rico] Yeah, very cool. Actually, it's really big. It goes really deep in there. Good storage on the bow with a crane. So it comes in handy.

You could put a jet ski in there. - Great use the space. - [Rico] Yep. - Thank you so much. We can close it up. - [Rico] All right shall we head back? - And just like that it's gone and you don't even know it's there.

- [Rico] It's clean. - Yes, love it. Okay, so- - [Rico] I went through everything. - Oh, you did? - [Rico] Yeah.

- Oh, I missed all of it. I did get to ring the bell though. - [Rico] You did. - Thank you so much, appreciate it.

Okay, where are we going next? - [Rico] Off to the pilot house. - Okay, let's do it. - We do have equal staircases on both sides. - [Rico] Yes. - So we can go all the way back to our- - [Rico] Main deck. - Cockpit, main deck.

And we are entering the pilot house, the wheelhouse, the- - [Rico] Pilot house. - What else? The bridge. - [Rico] The bridge. - I knew there's a few names. All right, welcome.

- [Rico] Welcome to the bridge. - Did you give people fair warning about the sound system on this boat? - [Rico] No, not yet, not yet, not yet. - I've yet to see that specific system on a yacht because I'm just used to seeing it when Rico played like big clubs, big festivals, they use this system. It's pretty crazy to see it here.

- [Rico] Yeah. - And the owner of this vessel obviously wanted to show it off because it's not even really trying to be hidden. It's like it's there, you know it's there. - [Rico] On the bridge here we have FURUNO VHF radio's.

Actually three here behind. We have a captain's chair offset to the side. Actually in this case, port side. - Interesting. - [Rico] Yeah and then just a leaning post at the helm.

- It's very interesting. So I kind of feel like this supports Alexei's theory that hey, you could have that, but this is just way more professional. - [Rico] Well also this pilot house is not as deep. So of course with having the dash come out from the side to the center, extending out further because of all the equipment we have on the dashboard, it made sense.

If you would've put a captain's chair in the center, you would've had a really hard time walking through. So this way, the way they laid it out, makes 100% sense. You have the clear walkway through to the port site or from port to starboard and just have the leaning post in the center. We have a data helm here. We are gonna have the same on our boat.

- [Victoria] Yes, and are you excited about that? - [Rico] We have the backup joystick here. So you can use the joystick as well. Shift and throttle controls. Yacht management system. This case it's Burning. The horn.

Everything's nicely labeled with the presets for the basic maneuvering. So you can just press it and it does the three blasts. For example, if you go a stern by itself, stabilizers, windlass, dual windlass of course, intercom between the different areas of the boat. We get the bow thruster right here. Emergency stop button for the main engines. FURUNO remote control right here.

Windshield wiper controls we have quite a bit actually. We have another FURUNO electronics here. Multifunction display, so you can pick and choose where you would like to have your information displayed. So this case we have the chart plotter with the AIS information. CCTV, same again, chart plotter, the radar on standby, which is over here on the starboard side. And we get the gyro compress actually overhead built into the ceiling.

Everything is nicely blacked out so there's no glare of any sorts. Straight windows help a little bit with that as well. I love the carbon fiber look here on the outside.

- [Victoria] The inlay looks really slick. - [Rico] Really nice. And then here we have the door to the captain's quarters. - Which we are gonna respect the privacy and not show it to you guys in the tour. Apologies for that. But as you can imagine on this deck, captain has a pretty nice view.

Real quick. - [Rico] Yes. - What's the name of this horn thing again? - [Rico] Kahlenerg. - [Victoria] Not sponsored at all. I feel like they get such a huge shout out in every video, we might as well be sponsored.

Listen Kahlen- - [Rico] Kahlenberg. - Kahlenberg, please reach out and sponsor us because Rico is obsessed with your beautifully organized horns, okay? - [Rico] It's the brand to go with, it's just what it is. - He's obsessed.

So we have a seating here, I mean, for one. Just to be able to sit down and you know, have another spot to sit. They actually added another chair here. And then we are gonna go aft.

- [Rico] Yes. - Oh, and all of these are storage. - [Rico] Storage, yeah, storage and- - I don't think there's breakers everywhere. - [Rico] Breakers of course.

Yeah, also have some breakers there. - Okay, so then we go in aft. This staircase is gonna take us all the way down to our crew area, the galley, and then down to the crew mess. Interesting how they build in this exposed storage here. - [Rico] Yep.

- Pretty interesting, I've never seen that before. And then right here we do have our stews pantry. We have a coffee machine, ice maker.

They also have these water spout. I'm so excited that this whole industry is starting to go that way. The large yachts, especially charter oriented boats are going this route.

Look, they have steel, sparkling cold, chilled. - [Rico] Steel too? Aluminum as well? - No steel- - [Rico] Still? - Still, still. Still, sparkling, chilled, room temp. Such a nice feature. It gets rid of so- What is this face? (both laugh) - [Rico] All right, keep going.

- His face was doing this behind the camera. Anyway, I'm talking about something really important here. Environmental stuff. - [Rico] Yeah. - Just gets rid of lots of plastic.

It is so fantastic. Less trash. There's just, there's literally no downside. Only benefits. So it's just a little machine thing underneath that's doing the water and has the CO2- - [Rico] For the carbonation.

- Cartridge, yeah. Drink fridge. - [Rico] So going back into the guest area. - What do you mean back into, we haven't been to it yet.

- [Rico] We're going into the guest area. - We did do a little sneak peek, you guys. - [Rico] Here's the main staircase leading you all the way down to the main deck and the guest cabins. - Okay, and then on this side we do have our day head. Little small, compact sink. I like this.

This is what I'm talking about for our cabin to put that in the toilet area. We totally have the space for it. - [Rico] Yeah.

- It's fantastic. Put your contacts in, brush your teeth, just an extra sink. It's nice to have when you're sharing a cabin with your spouse. - [Rico] Welcome to the Sky Lounge. - Sky lounge.

Love these sofas. They are so plush and comfy. Just wanna sit on them. What's going on? You're reading the brand? - [Rico] Yeah. - They're really cool. What's the brand? - [Rico] They're Casina.

- Casina. - [Rico] Beautiful. - Really, I really, I like literally wanna sit on them. - [Rico] Yeah. - They're so plush.

- [Rico] I know. This is very, very inviting for a movie night for, you know, family evening, you have the big TV behind the mirror right there. - Look at the windows. And it's very interesting, the shape of this deck, right? Like the windows the way they're- - [Rico] You almost feel like you're in a house with a slanted ceiling already, right? - Yeah, it's almost like an attic feel, right? - [Rico] Yes.

- Like that cozy space that you just wanna spend time in. I'm positive there's a giant TV right here. - [Rico] Of course there is. - Hidden, just nicely tucked away. - [Rico] And then a little sneak peek. - Sneak peek what's to come.

- [Rico] What's to come. And this is the company called Function One. Played on these actually a lot in nightclubs all the time. I haven't heard it here on the boat, but I'm really, really- - Just wait- - [Rico] There's more. - Until we get up to the sun deck.

So if you guys will notice this shape here, it's gonna repeat itself throughout the whole boat. Like this concept. - [Rico] Round shapes. - This design, but it's not just right, it's exactly this shape that carries through all sorts of cabinetry. It's really nice.

Like if you just look right there, it's everywhere. - [Rico] Yep, it is everywhere. - Love it.

It's just sort of a theme for the design. Okay, so this is our service bar. Can you imagine like you hanging out with your friends? It's such a nice space.

- [Rico] It is a very generous bar actually. What do we have here? - Very heavy. Very heavy.

Tons of storage. And there's no drink fridge or anything here because obviously it's two (indiscernible) right there. So if you need ice, if you anything, you can just grab it from right here.

And this is just a really nice service bar. You can set up your bottles. - [Rico] Beautiful. - You can do some good cocktails.

Alright, let's go out to our- - [Rico] Bridge deck aft. - Bridge deck aft like that. - [Rico] Yep, opens automatically. - Don't have to do it anything.

Okay, let's do this quickly. This boat's getting so busy. - [Rico] So flush deck. - [Victoria] So many people wanna see it.

- [Rico] Beautiful, no threshold at all. - Wow, look at all this teak decking throughout. Your favorite round table. - [Rico] Love round tables. - Very nice touch and this is a lazy Susan. - [Rico] Oh no, look at that.

- Look at that. Yeah, I think just for, you know, socializing, having a nice meal together, a round table, everybody can talk to everybody. - Yeah, if you have a space for it, it's a must, I agree. - [Rico] It's great.

I love round tables. - Nicely done. If you already guys saw the preview in the cockpit of this floating staircase with glass railings, I mean it is beautiful. - [Rico] They just have the stainless steel on one side and then the other one is just glass and then just the glass support.

It looks very open. - I'm a fan of these pieces here. This table, this cocktail table. I mean clearly it's custom, beautiful design, love the colors that kind of picks up the sun.

It's really pretty. - [Rico] Agreed. - Very, very cozy space.

And I like how they went with just loose furniture. They can completely rearrange it. You can see like that little settee could be here. You could have a really cool comfy space together.

- [Rico] Yes, it's the way to go, loose furniture, everybody's doing it. - Also find it interesting that, you know, usually we see this kind of a triangular sails, like three or four, right? - [Rico] Yeah. - Or just this one big massive one, but this is an interesting solution. How if you take the two side ones off, you still have this one that you can easily use. - [Rico] 100%.

- Yeah, and then if you want to add it on, then you can do the side pieces, but you technically don't have to. - [Rico] Well also underway for example. - Yeah. - [Rico] You know, you might want to take the side ones off just to- - Exactly. - [Rico] If the wind picks up. You can probably leave the center one on.

- But this one does keep a nice sturdy shade. It's not like a triangles where you have half shade, half- - [Rico] No, no, very well. - Half sun.

Yeah, nicely done. - [Nikki] Oh my gosh, it's my favorite YouTuber. I love your channel.

- [Rico] Oh! - [Victoria] We'll call you when we done. (Rico laughs) Do we know you? - [Nikki] I'm your biggest fan. - [Victoria] How did you get into the show? - [Nikki] Shh.

(Rico laughs) That was Nikki. Nikki Wynn. Obviously giving her a hard time. And what did you do with Jason? - [Nikki] He's working. - [Victoria] Did they not let him in? Figures. See ya.

Okay, we are on the Baglietto, back to Baglietto Dome 133. All right, let's go all the way up to our sun deck. - [Rico] Ooh.

- No. - [Rico] What is going on? - Keep Walking. Let's go all the way forward. - [Rico] And it keeps going. - Stop it.

Let's go forward. - [Rico] Okay, okay, okay. Where are we going? - All the way forward. - [Rico] We're missing all the interesting stuff.

- You will get back there. You can spend time on it. - [Rico] Oh man.

- Okay, welcome to our sun deck. This is interesting. They left the sides open.

- [Rico] Yes. - There is no glass. They just did the glass forward. I do like that. First of all, I'm sure crew is very happy. It's way less glass to clean.

- [Rico] Yeah. - Second of all, this is primarily where your windage is coming from. So you really don't need more than that. - [Rico] Correct. Just quickly, visibility here underway.

- Mm-hmm. - It's a space, it's a spot to be, right? [Victoria] Yeah, I mean imagine you're here just cruising. Come on. I don't wanna touch anything. - [Rico] Don't, don't do it.Don't do it. Rule number one, don't touch the stainless when you are at the boat show.

- [Rico] So very generous layout pad again. Then we have the plunge pool. - Beautiful. - [Rico] Which is really big too. I mean this is comfortable easily for- - Eight. - [Rico] Eight, yeah.

- Yeah. - [Rico] Maybe 10. - Very, very comfortable. - [Rico] Yeah. - Nicely built in, nicely done. This has gotta be our access for the hot tub.

- [Rico] Yeah. - And then on this side we have our sink, which you can also close it up. Oh look, this is kind of cool. You can just slide it. I love that.

- [Rico] Oh nice. - It's so easy, so simple. And then ice maker, some storage.

A big drink fridge. - [Rico] Oh wow look, this thing's so tall. - Yeah. Some more storage.

And some more storage. - [Rico] Can you open this one more time? Okay, that's where all the speaker cables are. Okay, cool. - Ah, okay, got it. He found speaker cables.

- [Rico] So got a power outlet right here. - Nicely protected. So we have a really nice service bar here.

Check this out. - [Rico] Retractable sun shade. - [Victoria] Ah! - [Rico] On the forward part and the aft part.

Okay, you gotta hold the camera for a second. - Go all the way. - You guys see this. Okay, this is, of course it's removable. We have a stand here. - You finally found Rico in two of his elements.

He's on board of a boat with a crazy sound system. - So we have a Funktion One tops here. - [Victoria] Yes.

- One, two, three, four, five, six Funktion One tops, two monitors, and two 18 inch subwoofers. And of course nicely protected from the elements. So nicely covered.

Of course you can, you know, point them whichever way you want to. - [Victoria] Okay, but is this permanently here or how does this work? - No, you can remove it. It's a stand.

It's just the receptacle there. It has a brace here to the railing. And then this of course you can adjust as well and remove it, leave it, change it. It's the way it looks, I think they probably leave it out most of the time.

- [Victoria] Unless it's really bad weather. - The unless it's really bad weather, yeah. - [Victoria] And like the dual crossing or something. - So you get two monitors. I guess if it would be me, I would have my setup right here. Like right here.

Have the monitors left and right of me and then moving aft- - [Rico] Oh yeah, you know what? Do you think this boat belongs to a DJ? - Maybe, who knows? We don't know. - [Victoria] Who knows? - We don't. Oh, we forgot one thing.

- [Victoria] We did? - Yes. We have a quick connect here - [Victoria] Why do you always say we forgot? ...for a shower. So you can also have a shower. Here's the drain right here. So you gotta have a deck shower here as well. - [Victoria] Nice shoes, nice shoes. - [Rico] Like my shoes? - [Victoria] Turn around.

Uh-huh. - [Rico] Yep. Rocking the Baglietto shoes.

And then we have two of these 18 inch subwoofers. - [Victoria] Insane. - Yeah and of course you can move them around wherever you need them. I would probably place them somewhere on the side facing back wherever the party is going. So back to the tour.

- Back to the boring stuff. Can I just say that I am very happy that we went with K-ARRAY, which has an ability to hide all this crazy sound. Put it away, you can hear it, it's there, but it's not in your face. - [Rico] Yes. - As much as this is fun, I would not want these giant boxes in the boat.

I'm sorry. It's still gonna sound so, so good. - [Rico] For sure, 100%. - So for me that's a big plus.

- [Rico] We have the ability, if we think for some reason our subwoofers are not enough, we can always plug in external ones. - What is this new conversation? We don't need to plug in external. We have four subwoofers on the top. - [Rico] If we are one of the stages in the festival, for example- - Stop, stop. In a festival? - [Rico] A water based festival. - Okay, back to reality.

- [Rico] Back to the tour. - Back to reality. - [Rico] Got some workout equipment. - Yes. - [Rico] Laying right there.

- Yes, and the gym sort of continues that way, but you know I'm just noticing like this is also modular furniture. - [Rico] Yes. - And you could tell like if it's really, if it's needed, you could just carry these down or lower them with a crane or something.

You can actually move them deck to deck to rearrange if needed. Let's say you wanna have a huge party up here and you don't want all this furniture, you want just one open space. - [Rico] Yeah. - You could easily do that.

- [Rico] So this davit or this crane, it's a manual crane is removable, but it definitely comes in handy for moving equipment up and down just to have it up here. - Just moving some more speakers up and down. - [Rico] Yep.

(Victoria chuckles) - Anyways, we do have a gym right here, which we can of course also move whenever needed to. I love the details on this furniture pieces, very cool. We have three large- - [Rico] Oh check this out. - [Victoria] Yes.

- [Rico] Check this out. You didn't even realize. You do this- - [Victoria] Convertible right? - [Rico] And you can take it off.

- [Victoria] That's what I said. - [Rico] That is really cool. - You didn't realize. - [Rico] Really cool. - Yeah, so you can just take it off.

Like I said, it's modular so you can really change it up. We have three sun loungers right here, which you can also change and move them around. All this furniture, love it. Check out these domes. - [Rico] Yep, you got the satellite domes here and the main mast with the open array raiders, the horn, courtesy flag, navigation lights, VHF antennas, search light and so- - Two more speaker stands. - [Rico] Yep, well you gotta have proper sound, right? - Can you guys please put it in the comments, if you would build a boat of this size, would you take a system like we have the K-ARRAY and tuck it away, hide it so it's really not visible.

And then you turn it on and it just blasts like whatever you want and it's beautiful sound. Or would you rather display it this way and have it all visible like in your face. Check out my sound system. What do you guys think? Put in the comments. I'm very curious which route you would go.

Okay, let's do it. Where are we going? - [Rico] We are going down one deck to the bridge deck inside through the sky lounge. - We're going through the sky lounge. - [Rico] Through the sky lounge. - Okay.

- [Rico] All the way down to the guest state rooms. - Hello door. Let me in. Okay, let's do it. Seems like we've got a little bit of a break.

Let's head all the way down to our state rooms. One more down. Which way do we go? Let's go all the way aft here. Well, not all the way, but- - [Rico] Going aft. - Well look at these. Wow.

- [Rico] Yep, that's your watertight door, bulk heads. - Water tight bulk heads. So look at these. Just that, that gives you some sense of security. You know? - [Rico] Yes, here's the door locking into place.

- If you're in the middle of the ocean, no one's there to help you, that gives you a sense of security that at least you have a chance. Okay, walking into our first state rooms. - [Rico] Starboard. - Starboard, thank you.

Speakers everywhere - [Rico] Yup, nicely built in to the ceiling. - Yeah, so that's what I'm talking about. - [Rico] A mirror TV right across the bed.

- Queen size bed. - [Rico] Yes. - I like these nightstands.

Look, they're floating. The way they shaped it, it's very cool. - [Rico] Oh, beautiful but the built-in light actually, the indirect light from underneath which bounces back. It looks really nice probably at nighttime. - Alright, we're walking into our head.

Right here we have our hanging lockers. - [Rico] Yep. - Then we have a pocket door walking in, wow. This is a surprise. I didn't expect it at all. It's actually very bold marble colors.

Really cool. Check this out. - [Rico] It is beautiful really. - Wow, so different. - [Rico] Even in the shower.

- This is also interesting. You know, the way they went with this sort of a- - [Rico] Like a glass insert? - Yeah, but like a milky glass. - [Rico] No, it's not milky.

- Oh, what is it? - [Rico] No, it's just a tinted glass or like a back. Like color glass. - It's got like a smokey is what I was trying to say.

Not milky, but like a smoky glass. Okay, should I go into this shower? - [Rico] Sure. - It is really pretty. Wow. Where do you even find marble like this? This is absolutely stunning.

Huge rain shower. Yeah, interesting color choices on all the fixtures. I think we need to watch some of Enas's videos to, to know all the colors and names. Right? We gotta brush up. - All right, let's check out the port cabin. - Alright, let's do it.

Escape hatch and mirror image, same cabin. Same here. We have a hanging locker right here. Same exact layout, but it's a different color marble. So when you in that cabin, you know, okay, that's my cabin.

Mine is blue. It looks completely different. Yeah, very cool. - [Rico] It's definitely more neutral, right? - Yes. - [Rico] This marble choice.

- Yes. See the shapes I was talking about? - [Rico] Yeah. - Yeah, very cute and they kind of repeat themselves throughout the design. Very pretty. Okay now we going- - [Rico] Forward port. - Forward to port, fine.

We should have started with this cabin. cuz technically it's our smaller cabin. It's a double cabin, but we also have a nicely hidden Pullman in here. - [Rico] And the same theme continues even on the Pullman.

- Yes, great job. And then right here we have our hanging locker. TV behind here. And I'm walking into our head. Yeah, this one's different.

Check it out. These are so cute. I like the design. Nice amount of countertop here. Two people sharing a cabin.

It's pretty, pretty great. And then here we have our- - [Rico] Like one person. - A good size, one person shower.

Yes, very nice. - [Rico] But still rain shower overhead and then the handheld as well. - Huge rain shower. Wow. I'm feeling like the rain shower head game is going hand in hand with the TV size game. Like at what point is it enough? When do we stop? Like what did we just recently tour? One of the production boats, right? - [Rico] Mm-hm.

- And the rain, the size of a- It was like a 60 footer and the size of the rain shower heads was just, it was the size of the shower. Walking into our VIP, this room is set up kind of like a turn down service. - [Rico] Nicely dimmed already. - Mood lighting, yeah.

These are really cool. Look at that lamp there. - [Rico] Oh yeah. - Okay, you're gonna have to open up that.

- [Rico] No. - Oh really, fine. Doesn't wanna work at all today. Look, check this out. Our hanging lockers.

These are cool. - [Rico] Mm-hm. - Like that. Nice storage bins, very nice. And then nice design features like wooden sled.

We've got our table/vanity mirror right here. And of course we can have a little poof here. This looks like storage.

Let's open one up. Perfect. - [Rico] And then of course again, a mirror TV. - And coming into our head, it's very similar.

It's a different layout. We actually have more countertop space in that double, double cabin there, which is kind of nice because usually in the double cabin you're gonna have people that are not probably married or you know, so like they have their own space. I like that.

And so, and the same size shower as well. And here's the same marble throughout that we saw over there. And we have another closet right here. - [Rico] Got it. - Where do we go next? - [Rico] Up to the main salon and the owner suite. - All right, and we're walking into our salon.

I propose we started the way it was intended as Carla told us we gotta start proper. - [Rico] From the cockpits. - Yes. - [Rico] All right, that's what we're gonna do. - Let's pretend that we just walked from our cockpit.

Walked right in. Actually you can walk right in. Look at that the door's open and everything.

Ah. - [Rico] There we go. - Okay, here we go. Proper.

Walking in so you guys can appreciate all the little details. Look at the size of these windows. I love this. This is unique. You don't see this every day. - [Rico] Actually some real plants.

- Yes and this is a complete glass, right? So you guys are kind of wondering how this gets serviced. Like how do you put, you know, how do you water these plants? - [Rico] Very nice. - We actually have a glass door that opens from the exterior so you can actually have access to them. - [Rico] Yes. - Pretty cool.

So again, really interesting choices of furniture. The whole design is just floating. This is cool. I haven't seen this on any of boats yet. - [Rico] Yep. - Very cool.

How they just curved. - [Rico] That looks really, really nice. We have again a mirror TV for the salon.

I don't know how big it is, but it must be massive. - [Rico] And you mentioned the furniture, doesn't it remind you of something? I mean not the color, but- - Yeah, the shapes, yes. - [Rico] The shapes and the- - I thought you said not the Carla. - [Rico] Not the- (laughs) And the touch of color with the little chairs, which we are gonna have on our boat as well. - Shout out to our Carla.

We love you. Okay, beautiful shapes here. Check this out. So we have this console right here. - [Rico] Which is pretty nice because it gives you a little bit of a separation between the salon area and the formal dining, but also extra storage space. - Yes, exactly.

So the custom table here is worth mentioning cuz it is stunning. The stone, heavy. It's definitely a statement piece. And then it's set up for 10. - [Rico] Yes, right now it's set up for 10 and then of course forward of that we have more storage.

- This is beautiful and can we talk about the puffer fish. - [Rico] The puffer fish? We have two puffer fish. - So cute.

- [Rico] Two fishes. - [Victoria] So cute. - [Rico] Alright. - No, I think it would be, it's the same species. So it has to be, it will be one fish.

- [Rico] I know. - Yeah puffer fish, but if there were two different species, I just recently learned that, I don't know if you guys knew that, that you can actually say fishes, which I didn't think is allowed. - [Rico] And then again, it actually put the Funktion One built into the ceiling here facing downwards, also very interesting.

- Bunkers. - [Rico] Yep. - Okay, where do we go? Forward and show you the owner suite. - [Rico] Correct. Okay.

Oh, this is our escape hatch. - [Rico] That is one of the escape hatch, yeah. - [Victoria] From the cabin on the starboard side. - [Rico] That's right.

- Okay, so as we are going forward, remember the staircase that we mentioned from the exterior. So you have this kind of a private access. There's a pocket door right here. - [Rico] You remember the side door Victoria, actually meant not staircase. This is the door. Yes.

So that's your side entrance door to the main staircase landing area. - Two weeks of bochos, oh my god. - [Rico] So we have a day head here.

- Yes day head. Very cute. Wait, this feels like a deja vu.

- [Rico] Yep, because we had one which looked almost exactly the same on the bridge deck. - Yeah, same sink and everything. - Okay so- - [Rico] Walking forward. So would these be our, oh there it is.

- [Rico] We got quite some AV equipment here. Lots of them actually. - Oh my god. - [Rico] And that's probably where the amplifiers are. - Wow. This is one thing we don't have space for on our boat to have it like this.

- [Rico] Yeah, this is pretty incredible actually. They got the big amplifiers here for the Funktion One system and then more receivers for the entertainment system. - Wow, that was unexpected.

- [Rico] More? No storage. - [Victoria] It's more, - [Rico] More, yep. - [Victoria] Wow. - [Rico] Wow, that's a lot of audio/visual equipment.

- Where are you putting all of this on our boat? I don't even wanna know. Okay. Going forward to our owner's suite. This is interesting.

They almost have like a foyer before you enter the actual state room. - [Rico] Yes. - So you have your desk here, your table if you wanna work. If you don't wanna work, you have a beautiful piece of art. There's a really nice settee right here. Also nice just to, you know what, if you are in a morning and your spouse is still sleeping and you actually wanna do some work here, you can close this door, it's a pocket door and you could have this space a bit private.

- [Rico] Also with having the chance of two doors you can close, you can make it really, really quiet if you wanna sleep in. The crew and the guests can already- - Sure. - Be, you know, do their stuff. Have breakfast in the salon, whatever it might be. - Good point. - And you actually have it very quiet.

- All right, we asked for some assistance to show you guys this detail. Check it out. (bright music) No way. - [Rico] That is incredible. - And that's what I call an engineering marvel, okay? Nuts. - [Rico] So now you need to go on top.

- Safe to go? - What? This is amazing. I'll just stay here. You do the rest of the tour. - [Rico] Yeah. - Wow.

Yeah, why wouldn't you have your coffee here every morning? - [Rico] Right. - Wow, that was impressive. That was so cool. We needed assistance, but push of a button.

If you think about it, you're an owner, you don't need to ask for crew, you can literally just get up in the morning, push the button. - [Rico] And it's actually not that complicated. Open balcony, close balcony. - Yeah, so I'm sure that they kept that in mind.

They wanted it this way. They wanted to have this privacy to be able to just do that. I mean, if you bring a date home, right? If you're a bachelor owning this yacht, you bring a date home and you just push a button, that's impressive.

- [Rico] Private balcony in the morning. - That is pretty cool. All right, especially if you don't expect it at all.

If you just, you know, wake up in the morning and ta da. - [Rico] So we have a California King here. - Yes. - [Rico] Massive, massive bed. - Incredible.

- [Rico] So then- - What? - [Rico] What do we have over here? - This is my space. This is our walk-in closet. My walk-in closet. I like how they did this. They really kept the shapes, left it open. They didn't do any doors or anything.

Why? It's a walk-in closet and nicely rounded. Beautiful. There's some, there's a safe in there. And, okay, walk into our head.

Oh they went with Onyx here. It's actually a beautiful contrast and kind of nice. You don't expect it at all.

- [Rico] Dual vanity, yeah. - Yes, of course. How cool is that? These are so fun. Let's check out that shower first. - [Rico] Yep. - Definitely a four person shower.

Wow, this is a huge space. - [Rico] Yeah, big rain head overhead. - Really nice. Look at the mirror too. Here on both sides. Oh you have what look, look, look.

- [Rico] Infinity. - Infinity. That looks so cool. Oh this would actually make me waste water. I don't know if you- - [Rico] Spend too much time in the shower.

- Have to have a good water maker for this, because that infinity mirror is kind of addicting. So if we go on this side, we have our bidet and the toilet and the same thing. Infinity mirror.

I'm not sure if this is a great idea. You're just gonna be like mesmerized here. Like oh, love it. Okay, where are we going next? - [Rico] We are going to check out the galley and the crew quarters. - Oh that's right, the galley. Let's do it.

(bright music) Gonna go all the way around. All the way around. This is cool. You have our side entrance right here. Great for bringing in provisioning. - [Rico] Another pocket door right here.

- Pocket door right here for the crew. You have another stews pantry on this level. Have a big wine fridge here. Dishwasher, great.

Some storage. Looks like a fridge, which I'm sure is getting used primarily for drinks, for service. And then here we have a bit more storage. All right, so this is very convenient.

And then of course it takes us to our galley. - [Rico] Yeah, it is pretty cool. - Very Star Trek.

Okay, walking into the galley. This is different the way they laid this out. I'm actually gonna say I've never seen a layout like this.

So they sort of split this space and put a big amount of prep space right there. Which I think is also nice if you have a chef and a sous chef working. - And you can also tuck nicely things away in this corner here. - This is a great corner for some appliances.

- [Rico] Right. I would say too, there's an outlet there as well, so it makes total sense. - Yeah, let's start right here.

So we do have, looks like our- - [Rico] I wanna say deep fryer, yes. - Aha, somebody was just frying something. - [Rico] Deep fryer. We have a commercial hood. - Of course.

A six burner induction cook top. Big size oven. - [Rico] Which I'm very envious about. - [Victoria] I know.

- Because in US sadly, we don't have the 36 inch oven. We only have the 30 inch oven option. - Well we have the 36, but it's the one that's freestanding. - [Rico] Correct, not as a module. - You are not a fan of.

- [Rico] Yep. - Okay, so we have microwave oven, we have a oven right here. - [Rico] That's a steamer. - Ah, that's the steamer.

Great, something we are gonna have on our boat as well. - [Rico] I think it's a steamer, right? - Steam oven. And then on this side we have a large sink, Miele professional dishwasher.

Ooh it even says marine on it. And then as we come around this way, of course we have all this storage, chef's on board so and I'm gonna open everything. Just gonna open the fridge to give you guys an idea. We have a fridge here. - [Rico] Freezer. - Freezer and a freezer.

- [Rico] Wow. - Wow. That's a good amount of freezer space. And this connects us directly to our, well technically not ours, their's- - [Rico] Crew area. - Crew area. So this will take us straight to our pilot house.

Actually stews pantry. Upper stews pantry. - [Rico] That's right.

- And then as we go down here, walking into our crew mess. This is Thomas. - [Rico] Hi Thomas.

- Our engineer we met earlier. - We did and I've been watching your videos. - It's always a success when you have a crew member watching videos cuz I kind of feel like at least you guys take it somewhat serious, you know? - Absolutely and they're authentic. - Oh thank you. - [Rico] Oh I appreciate it.

- Appreciate it. - [Rico] We got a lot of crap actually from people saying, ah, these two have no idea what they're talking about. And I'm like, okay, well maybe- - When we have superyacht crew watching our channel.

Yes! That's a score. Appreciate it. So what do you got here? Show us around.

- So in here we have- - [Victoria] I know this is not your domain. Your domain is in the engine room, which we'll see in a moment. - So basically this is the crew mess. - Yep. - With the crew mess fridge.

- You guys are nine? - We are eight, with crew plus the captain. So yeah, this boat has nine crew. - [Victoria] Okay. But your shifts, so it's not- - We do that.

- Rarely is everybody in this space. - We do do shifts in here, yes. - We've got the laundry over here.

- Uh-huh. There's a big TV, there's a monitor screen right there. - Microwave. - Oh, so okay, sink, same thing. Look, they've got that.

So excited about this. I'm really excited about this. - [Rico] The water fountain? - Yes. - And then of course they have dual washer and dryer, a laundry space right here.

It's definitely on the compact size, but it's nice that it's open so you can actually get in and out and it's not super hot in there. So we'll close, I mean you have the door but you have an ability to keep it open. Okay and then we have a crew cabin to show you. - [Rico] Let's switch. - Okay, we've got one crew cabin to show you. Yes.

- [Rico] Cool crew cabin. - Okay. One of the cabins, they're kind of all the same, right? - They are.

- Okay, in layout. - I'll move out the way and let you get a tour. - Okay, so we have a bunk. - [Rico] Yeah, you got the privacy curtains.

- Walk-in shower. Oh look at this door. - [Rico] Yeah.

- Ah, that works. - [Rico] Accordion door. - Actually a nice, nice one and a half person shower I would say. Great, great cabin. Whoever has this cabin is very clean and tidy.

- [Rico] Yes. - Thanks for letting us show it. You guys really appreciate it.

Okay, ready? Alright Thomas, we'll follow you. - Okay, thank you. (bright music) - Okay, so we have a tender, we have a jet ski right here. What's your domain? Walk us through. - Okay, my domain is the engine room. - Ah, okay.

- [Rico] Oh hang on, hang on, we're not finished. So is that the one which is normally stored on the bow? - So we have a jet ski stored on the bow that is currently stored on the bow and is lifted in and out with the crane. This one here is taken in and out with this crane.

And the small tender that you see there is more or less used for sort of cleaning purposes and in tight marinas. We also have a big 40 foot tender that we tow. - That you tow, okay. Yeah, that's our plan. We are gonna tow. That's the way to do it.

Then you're gonna have a proper tender. - [Rico] And it looks like a lot of hydraulics going on here. - Yeah, we do have a lot of hydraulics cuz we've got an aft pool that has a floor that raises and lowers. Also the hydraulics that you need for this crane here. - [Rico] Yeah. - As well.

So we do have a power pack at the back and a lot of hydraulic lines and control circuitry. - [Rico] A fueling station. - [Victoria] Ah-Huh. - We do have a fueling station here that delivers diesel when you need it. But that's primarily, we use petrol or gasoline on all of our tender toys.

So that's more for servicing purposes. - [Rico] Got it. - And we servicing the engines. - [Rico] Sounds good. - Cool.

- [Rico] All right. - We'll follow you into the engine room. - Thank you. - Thanks for showing us around.

- [Thomas] No worries. - Oh wait, what about this? - [Rico] Emergency tiller. - Emergency tiller. - Yeah, that's the steering power pack and the emergency tiller if you obviously if you lose the hydraulics. Yeah.

- That always freaks me out. Like if someone's gonna tell me something on the radio and I am in the complete dark, gonna be doing, I just, I don't know. I know it works, but conceptually it's really scary.

- [Rico] So walk us through. - Okay, so we have- - Where do we start? - I think we'll start with the engines. - Yeah. - [Rico] Perfect. - So on this vessel being a 2023, we have the twin Caterpillar C32. So these are V8 twin turbo 1600 horsepower each.

And at sort of 1800 knots you could expect 10, 10 to 12 knots, sorry, 1800 revs and a burn rate of about 200 liters an hour. These also have in the exhaust system urea, which is forced into the exhaust system under forced air. So this boat's set up for the Caribbean and America, which the urea lowers the emissions. - [Rico] Yep, yep. So it's the same like the- You also have to have the DEF liquid for that? - You do, yeah. We store that in a tank.

- Yep, yep. - It's stored in the tank. - Interesting. I'm driving a Cummins powered truck and it's the same thing.

You have the DEF, you just gotta fill it up and yeah- - That's right. - And it does a burn off frequently. - Yes. - Yep. Alright, what else? - Okay, so we've also got twin Caterpillar C4.4 generators. Each one of this has an output of a hundred kilowatts and is sufficient to power all the systems on board.

On this vessel we have an electric bow thruster and electric fin stabilizers. - Okay. The stern thruster is off the PTO from the engines. - Got it. - But one of these generators is more than powerful enough to power everything on the boat. - Use your bow thruster and you maneuvering, docking and so on, one generator is enough.

- One generator is enough, but it's probably about 70% of its capacity. So as a redundancy, I would always start the other generator. - Start the second one. - So if we lose one, then we've got the second one- - Makes sense. - And we'll parallel the loads.

- Makes sense, yeah, yeah. - We've got a ballast, a BIO-C ballast treatment works here. So on this vessel, because we have an aft pool that is 3.5 cubic meters,

this 3.5 tons, it seems to sit a little bit low on the stern. So we balance that up by filling two of the ballast tanks with the ballast treatment works.

- Wow. - [Victoria] Interesting. - Yeah. Over here we have the oily water separator.

So this is a bus oily water separator. So it's got three filters and that will filter all bilge water. And it will get it down to less than 15 parts per million. And under Marpole regulations is then sufficient to be discharged at sea when 12 miles offshore.

So you've got the three filters there. This is the OCM, the Oil Control Module. And what that does that monitors the final process. Once we're under 15, it will discharge on this. - Yeah, and then do you guys also have a blackwater treatment? - We do, yeah. So that's here.

I'm glad you mentioned that cuz that's here. So this is a Hammond from Germany. Compact 125.

So this will process 125 liters of black water an hour. - [Rico] That's a lot. It is, but the dilution is very important. So we have to transfer five to one ratio from the gray water into the black water tank to dilute it before it enters this. Initially it goes through saturator then this over here produces flocculent. And what the flocculent does, it mixes in this tank and makes mud, which is like a biological mud and then it pushes out of there and in the final part of the process it goes through this UV lamp and by then it's very, very clean.

And again, it can be discharged overboard at sea. - [Victoria] Very, very different from what we have. - [Rico] The chillers are pretty quiet, huh? - They are, they are, they are.

So over here we have two, we have two Indromar 9,000 series water makers reverse osmosis plants. Because we have two swimming pools, and sometime there's like up to 12 guests and nine crew. - It's a lot of fresh water you go through - Yeah and then the pool water you need to dump every two to three days, even though it's chlorinated.

So these units will produce 800 liters of water per hour. - [Rico] Wow. - And that's got a self dosing unit here that doses silver ions catted into the system to remineralize the water. And again, a UV system behind you for the final process of the filtration.

- [Victoria] I'm actually curious. What do you think your guys water consumption on average daily? - Sometimes we can do 10 tons, like 10,000 liters. - [Rico] 10,000 liters a day? - If you've got maybe 10 guests on board with the 10 crew, when you've got a lot of lot of children in the swimming pools with the suntan cream and the water goes green and we're dumping it on a daily basis. - [Victoria] Wow. - So that on its own is about six tons of water there. - [Rico] That's a lot.

- Yeah, high consumption. I'm forever changing the filters and back flushing. Super imperative that you keep this kit in tip top condition at all times. - [Victoria] Yeah, yeah.

- [Rico] Yeah. - [Victoria] That's one definitely one of the secrets to Watermaker is just constant maintenance. - Yes. - What's your guys theoretical range if you drop it down to like whatever, eight, nine knots or something for like some long deliveries, what do you think you guys can reach range wise? - I'd say we could probably reach about 5,000. - [Rico] Yeah? - Yeah.

Five or 6,000. - [Rico] So easily cross the Atlantic, no problem. - Yeah, you could on one tank. On that final passage, yeah probably from the Cape Verde Islands to maybe to St. Lucia or Barbados, Grenada you could do that quite easily.

- [Rico] It's only two chillers. - Yeah, so on here we have fridge MR two chiller inverters, high efficiency units and they'll easily power the 20 or so fan call units on board quite easily. We've also got the compressor unit with the filter dryer to push the forced air wherever it needs to go on the vessel. - [Rico] Yeah, yeah, and then at nighttime you can drop it down to one. - [Rico] You can? - But I don't tend to, I tend to keep them in parallel and then they both really reduce down. - [Rico] Got it.

- Yeah, to keep the hours the same. - [Rico] Yeah, makes sense, yeah. - Alrighty you guys, I hope you enjoyed this tour. Thank you so much Thomas, for showing us around. - Very welcome.

- Really appreciate it. Make sure you hit that like button, subscribe, do the share, all the important stuff. If you guys are looking for some more outtakes, join us on the Patreon and you get the owners to say enjoy the outtakes.

- Enjoy the outtakes. - Ciao! Enjoying the peace and quiet and you showed up. Let's do it I guess.

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