Would you buy it? Santa Cruz is Unveiled and it's the New Hyundai Pickup Tuck!

Would you buy it?  Santa Cruz is Unveiled and it's the New Hyundai Pickup Tuck!

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hyundai has finally unveiled its very first truck  and we are so happy to report that it came out   beautifully hyundai once again did a great job  in delivering an outstanding production car when   some people may have written it off seeing some  pre-production photos boy are we ever surprised   how nice this truck is hyundai santa cruz is based  on the popular crossover hyundai tucson and will   share many attributes with a compact suv first  since it's based on a crossover platform it will   be a unibody truck instead of being a traditional  body on frame truck although unibody underpins   most of the modern vehicles with its weight  to strength ratio and its versatility it's not   the preferred choice for heavy-duty trucks that  have to endure heavy loads and rough usage on or   off-road this limitation imposed by its inherent  design coupled with a smallish truck bed is the   reason why hyundai does not call the new santa  cruz a truck but rather a sports adventure vehicle   analogous to its suv route the tucson routes are  very evident in its styling first of all santa   cruz shares the same sensuous sportiness design  identity of tucson represented by sharp body lines   and creases incorporating parametric dynamics  themed headlamp that disappears when turned off   the result is a strikingly good-looking vehicle  but it looks more like a tucson with a truck bed   instead of looking like the original santa cruz  concept from 2015 that stole the hearts of the   general public which eventually led to the  management's decision to produce the truck   even the interior seems like it's taken right out  of tucson featuring a futuristic flowing design   and the same pair of 10.25 inch lcd screens  used for both the drivers information cluster   and the infotainment hyundai did add  the traditional level shifter instead of   tucson's button shifter to give it that  old-school feeling but that's about it   it's pretty much all tucson inside except  the cramped rear passenger space but that's   understandable due to the fact that the  compact body also has to house a truck bed   at least the rear seats fold away to create more  loading space when needed which is another great   truck feature true to its truck nature the bed  seems durable and offers many conveniences but   as expected not quite big enough tries they may  hyundai will not be able to stop the public from   comparing santa cruz to other unibody truck  competitors such as honda ridgeline and the   upcoming ford maverick compact truck for this  hyundai has some tricks up its sleeve just in case   for example the width of the santa cruz is as wide  as the midsize hyundai santa fe suv to allow for a   wider truck bed also in addition to the naturally  aspirated 2.5 liter gasoline engine with 190   horsepower and 182 pounds foot of torque mated to  an 8-speed automatic transmission lifted from the   platform sharing tucson hyundai will bestow  upon the compact sav a generous gift of 2.5   liter turbocharged engine rated at 275 horsepower  and 310-pound foot of torque mated to 8-speed dct   this power plant will make santa cruz a  class-leading vehicle in terms of brawnyness santa   cruz will be as powerful if not more as mid-sized  truck honda ridgeline with 280 horsepower 3.5   liter v6 that makes 262 pounds foot of torque  as well as ford maverick compact truck with   181 horsepower 1.5 liter gasoline engine or 245  horsepower 2.0 liter engine when equipped with the  

turbo engine and all-wheel drive the compact santa  cruz is capable of towing up to an impressive 5000   pound which matches honda ridgelines furthermore  there could be a possibility that hyundai may   even offer hybrid and plug-in hybrid engines from  tucson at a later date which would be a fantastic   competitive advantage and a selling feature  for the people looking for an electrified truck   also a pure electric version seems appropriate  given the timing check out our feature on santa   cruz to find out more by clicking the link above  specialty niche market vehicles such as santa cruz   never did well in terms of sale in the past as  it was the case for suv turned trucks like subaru   baja chevy avalanche and ford explorer sport track  but could hyundai pull it off now with its first   pseudo truck designed in california and built-in  hyundai's montgomery alabama plant hyundai santa   cruz will go on sale starting the summer of 2021  at the estimated price of 25 000 and now for the   moment of truth would you buy the new hyundai  santa cruz after enjoying the following world   premiere presentation please vote and have your  say by clicking the link in the comment section   thank you for watching auto vision your best  source for the fastest korean car news and rumors   your support by commenting liking subscribing and  turning on the bell would be greatly appreciated a warm welcome to our viewers from around the  world we are glad you could join us for our   latest exciting new product announcements as the  war makes progress toward ending the coronavirus   pandemic we wish all of you good health and new  beginnings the global mission of hyundai motor   group is progress for humanity and we gear all  our efforts to that purpose hyundai exists to   do the right thing for humanity as part of  that mission hyundai is transforming itself   from an auto manufacturer into a provider of smart  mobility solutions we are researching developing   and investing in the latest technologies that  will transform the ways people interact with   transportation elevating the quality of life  humanity's future mobility needs demand smart   clean connected technologies along with integrated  solutions that are sustainable from the ground up   this requires a bold broad vision to imagine what  the future mobility will look like and hyundai   has that vision along with the creativity  resources and will to make it a reality   last year we elaborated on our vision for future  cities including urban air mobility solutions   corpus built vehicles for ground transport and the  centralized hub which seamlessly connects people   to their destinations we are advancing our  robotics agenda to fuel progress in smart   factories and autonomous vehicles including  the tiger x1 an unmanned transport that   could help humans in hostile environments  over many different kinds of terrain   with regard to our efforts in electrification  we continue to improve internal combustion   engine technology but we are deeply committed to  maintaining leadership in electrified vehicles   and hyundai motor group is well on its way toward  achieving its goal of producing 1 million evs by   2025 to support this vision we have introduced the  new ioniq sub brand the brand employs hyundai's   exciting electrified global modular platform to  deliver a 300 mile range and ultra fast charging   along with innovative new interior designs our  first model from the ionic show brand is the ionic   5 subcompact suv that will arrive in showrooms  this fall we will introduce the ionic 6 sedan   next year and the ioniq 7 3-row mid-size suv in  2024 by the year 2040 we will fully electrify   hyundai's vehicle lineup and produce between 8  and 10 of the automobiles for the global eb market   at the same time hyundai is accelerating its  hydrogen ecosystem initiative today we offer the   nexo hydrogen fuel cell suv that delivers up to  380 miles on a single tank can be fueled in five   minutes and has zero emissions to further showcase  the unlimited scalability of hydrogen the axion   heavy duty truck will be sold in the united states  in the near future we are further advancing our   fuel cell technology and even expanding fuel cell  applications beyond vehicles such as ships trains   forklifts and aircraft hydrogen technology  shows tremendous promise to revolutionize   mobility and help humanity solve its  most pressing environmental challenges at hyundai we have sought progress and defied  convention since the beginning in our products   as well as our approach to the market all  in the service of our customers they guide   all our efforts and they judge our success so  i'm pleased to introduce you to a new vehicle   that is built precisely to appeal to today's busy  always connected customers not surprisingly it   is a vehicle that completely shatters convention  design in california and proudly building america   at our plant in montgomery alabama the santa  cruz is something entirely new in the market   a vehicle that creates a whole new automobile  category the sport adventure vehicle ladies   and gentlemen let's meet the first ever hyundai  santa cruz and the customers we design it for is let's go good and the first ever hyundai santa cruz  is a whole new way to get around   a vehicle constructed by contrast to meet the  needs of today's busy hyper-connected customers   it's neither a truck nor an suv as jose said it's  an entirely new category of vehicle santa cruz is   the world's first sport adventure vehicle ready to  tackle the outdoors but beautifully designed for   life in the city the category defining santa cruz  is based on the new tucson platform and brings a   unique personality to an already diverse hyundai  lineup the exterior combines muscular volumes   with precision cut edges to establish a striking  aesthetic that sets it apart from anything else   in the marketplace we created a bold front end for  santa cruz anchored by our iconic cascade grille   we hid hyundai's signature daytime running  lights within the grills parametric jewels   only visible when lit the drls create a presence  all their own from the side santa cruz is sportier   than any open bed vehicle on the road by  increasing the width of the platform we were   able to establish robust fender volumes that  plant the vehicle on its 20-inch alloy wheels   to enhance its style and road dynamics in the back  we use horizontal t-shaped tail lights to define   and accentuate the open bed we embossed the lamps  with design in california our team's statement of   pride in this groundbreaking new concept our young  california-based team of designers was passionate   about creating a vehicle to meet the needs of  busy connected customers a super diverse group of   innovators and thrill seekers just like us we want  to explore new places and gather new experiences   customers like us want a multi-purpose vehicle  that can do it all without compromise want   versatility for sure but we also want comfort and  roominess santa cruz delivers on both counts it's   big enough for your friends or family and all  their stuff it's nimble and quick to negotiate   city traffic but compact enough to fit into a  garage grab a parking space that's way too tight   for a typical truck or sneak into a perfectly  secluded campsite way off the beaten path   santa cruz is the sport adventure vehicle that's  rugged yet refined ready for work and play   for life in the city and trips out of town  on a moment's notice plus a whole lot more   the santa cruz was designed to be a solid choice  for those who want versatility and adventure   along with the comfortable refined ride you get  with unibody construction but there's a lot more   inside let me show you the modern interior  draws you in and the dual cockpit design   wraps around you and puts you in full command  with a host of infotainment and connectivity   features to enhance your active lifestyle the  center stack has a standard 8-inch touchscreen   with wireless apple carplay and android auto  outstanding smartphone integration there is   even a larger 10 and a quarter inch cluster and  touch screen navigation that's available it is   the perfect way to negotiate city streets or get  you onto your next adventure while you're on that   road trip you're also equipped with a bose premium  sound system while your phone wirelessly charges   for extra convenience android smartphone owners  can use hyundai's digital key app to remotely lock   and unlock the santa cruz or start the  engine digital key will remember your   personalized settings so you're always ready  to go we want to make sure that you have   relevant technology we incorporate the right  features to help get you through your day and   onto your next experience you add all that to the  functionality of a bed you can toss things into   and you are ready for anything like one customer  said this vehicle makes me want to be active seek   adventure and just have healthy good for me fun  beyond all the adventure-ready conveniences we   built into the new santa cruz customers will find  a million uses for its multifunctional rear bed   it puts secure lockable storage right at hand  for things you don't want to leave in plain sight   with or without its lockable tonneau  cover santa cruz is the perfect hauler   for trips moving hobbies work entertainment  whatever this versatile open bed is the   perfect place to store tall stuff  valuable stuff dirty stuff anything no matter what you're hauling or where you're  headed whether you're grinding your way through   city streets or headed out of town for a little  self-care you will need a capable powertrain   santa cruz has two you have an efficient direct  injection engine coupled with a smooth shifting   8-speed automatic transmission it delivers over  190 horsepower and 180 pound-feet of torque   for fast acceleration and excellent fuel  economy or the 2.5 liter turbo we matched over   275 horsepower and 310 pound-feet of torque to  an eight-speed dual-clutch transmission with   paddle shifters for a truly engaging experience  behind the wheel both capable powertrains are   available with hyundai's h-track all-wheel  drive system to take you where you need to go   h-track all-wheel drive gives you three selectable  traction modes for confident control when the   roads get slick or the going gets tough h-track  all-wheel drive is also the perfect compliment for   customers who have things to tow around town or  on a road trip and in addition to that capability   we equipped santa cruz with hyundai's smart sense  safety suite to keep you and all road users out of   harm's way we want you on your adventure but we  also want you safe so we made forward collision   avoidance assist standard on santa cruz we added  rear cross traffic collision avoidance assist   to help you notice things lurking in your blind  spot we offer blind spot view monitor and a   surround view monitor to help you avoid close  encounters of a dangerous kind the santa cruz also   has a must-have for long trips highway driving  assist to help keep you in your lane at speed at a   safe following distance from traffic ahead as you  should be one of the most comprehensive suites of   safety and driver assist features available today  a suite usually available only on luxury vehicles   we are democratizing and prioritizing  safety for more people than ever before   we're super passionate about the new santa  cruz it was a huge thrill for our team to   bring it to our customers constructed by  contrast santa cruz is the perfect partner   for weekend adventures and everything  you do at home it's functional for work   and play big enough for you your friends and  all your stuff yet maneuverable to get you   wherever you need to go safely and in style  there's nothing else like it in the market   hyundai's first ever sport adventure vehicle  designed in california the new santa cruz   as you just saw the category defined in santa  cruz sets a whole new standard in adventure   proudly built in america our first ever sports  adventure vehicle is designed for active and   engaged people like those you met like the other  exciting new models we brought you in the last   six months models that defy convention and set  new standards in design engineering and value   santa cruz is a perfect example of a relentless  focus on customers we think those customers are   going to love the new santa cruz and we can't  wait to bring it to market it goes on sale   in showrooms and online this summer i want to  thank you for joining us for the global reveal   of the first ever santa cruz if you would like  more information about it or any product in   our growing lineup please visit hyundai.com  and be sure to keep checking back with us   we have more exciting new product announcements  coming up in the very near future until then   from all of us at hyundai we wish you good  health safe travels and a productive year   so so oh just as i remember always

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