WealthMills views on Market on Money9#Itsector#autos#KranthiBathini#SakshiBatra

WealthMills views on Market on Money9#Itsector#autos#KranthiBathini#SakshiBatra

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Hello and welcome. You're watching Money 9 nine. I'm Sakshi Batra and on the show, we discuss all about me fundamentals which we are the market's really headed from here even though we have already seen the Nifty and the Sensex hitting all-time high levels in today's in day trading session as well. Joining in to help me understand more about Markets is a very special guest. I'm joined by mister Kranthi Bathini from Wealth Build Securities on this edition of MarketMeter Good afternoon. Thank you very

much for taking all the time. It's a good day for the kids. We've seen both in dices after a long haul of consolidation yet again, seeing all time high levels. The Nifty also inching closer to what uh 15940 and this also hitting all-time high levels. Your take on the

markets Sakshi that we have been talking about the range of nature of the market was in a range of 300 points from past couple of weeks time. Right now, the one thing that happened to the markets today is Nifty trusted and stayed about a crucial resistance level for Nifty at 15 thousand 850 that gives a lot of momentum and positivity into the market and again, it's bringing the buying interest to back in the market but you know, it's just need to do slightly cautious at this point of time. Uh they can be in this arrangement trade that we have been discussing on our show. These are very good for daily basis. Trader to play a range

of trade in these markets but one thing we need to uh uh here at this is of the season is very good. It's not disappointing. So far IT companies have been giving better guidance better than expected and also uh the fears of the third way is not sufficient to thank god for that and also the rain guards have been very kind to the nation. The monsoon has been progressing very well in past uh couple of weeks. So that's bringing back again the positivity and we are at all time high again today. Uh So, a

whole lot of factors working in favor of the markets and the trajectory going forward. The traders need to be cautious at the same time. The markets are definitely higher on the back of positive earnings and the macro factors such as monsoons and other factors too. Now, let's talk about a little bit more on the earnings front as well. We have seen the TCS came

out with the earnings last week. Emphasis has come up with a good set of numbers. There's a big beat on the top line. The profits have been up higher as well as just a minor miss on the margins run but again, they have raised the F Twenty-two guidance as well. Uh what is your part here on the emphasis numbers and you know, what are you advising investors to do It's uh hope uh our viewers are remembered uh from past four 5 months. We have been educating

investors on your show especially uh for the investors to be in IQ space and uh the multiplayer can be in the mid cap space. That's how we have been with the on in line with our expectation. The numbers are at with the guidance. So

what we can expect from IT companies in line with our expectations. So, the same rally can continue and the positivity can be continued. Next couple of quotas He is the best and sweet spot to be in and the mistress with a good risk appetite, high risk appetite. I can say they can be in the mid IT space. We have witnessed a fabulous rally in the recent listings especially in IT space like happiest minds that we have a couple of times but I'll give you 100% returns.

Uh surprising note and that's right now and the liquidity is coming towards uh IT because of the visibility of the and visibility of the business. so IT is the sweet spot. The investors can come in and uh stay invested in the IT at present okay, so IT is the place to be invested in even at this current juncture, we have been seeing the results are getting rewarded. The stocks are getting rewarded and the multiplier effect just like how pointed out is going to be seen in the mid cap space and rightly you pointed out that you know, we have been seeing the entire mid cap. I really buzzing in it. Whether we talk

about happiest minds like you pointed out, you also recommended CX in our show at a very early stage and it actually became a bag for all our investors also and the viewers who are watching our show back in February when we had recommended this stuff. Apart from this, you've also discussed talks like the technology. So, a lot of these IT space talks have run up quite frankly. I also wanted to bring uh one another's stock in front of you and that is the LNT Technology and LT for in fact uh you know, these talks are also getting a lot of attraction we've seen coming at an all-time. High levels too. So, uh you know, most of these stocks are actually coming at record high levels. There is a

push but what else? Uh you know, apart from the IT is that you feel that is something that investors can definitely keep on their radar right now right now, Sakshi, as we have been discussing for quite a long time, apart from IT, investors can look into hotels. So, if we observe the numbers, numbers are in and guidance has been going up on a higher note and a positive note. So, investors can look for opportunity, investment opportunities, serious investment opportunities in the IT Apart from IT, they can look into autos especially auto ancillary sector is poised to do well stocks which are supplying wheels supplying ans. They can be in a better spot and the margin of safety is very much high with respect to and the receptors are concerned. So, if

it's just apart from IT, they can look. Uh I uh ancillary sector and stocks. Uh they need to look and stocks with high margin of safety. They can enter probably in the next coming shows We can discuss with respect to stocks this week. in right. so IT and and ancillary. That's when you need

to keep your focus on Apart from this, the other sector that has been gaining traction of is the royalty space. Help us understand what is really happening here. You have been discussing a whole lot with us in our previous shows too. Uh you recommended a few stocks from the uh you know space as well uh and in kind of a space also has been buzzing off. Um

is it time to really focus. I mean, like, there is hope that perhaps the demand revival is happening after the lockdown. Is that the case and that should be something that investors should look at for the long term perspective. Now, Sakshi uh with respect to reality is concerned they were in pasture uh 18 months. Uh we have not seen uh the stocks performing uh because of various reasons. One is uh uh

the lockdown is a big way to um reality is but if we check Stocks, specific actions with respect to reality Stocks, it is a reasonable specific structures which are in the vest like a and uh they are because of the reduction in scam duty and also uh uh incentives a couple of only government have announced redevelopment incentives for the builders. So, these are the positive factors that have been reading the ITPA especially Stocks which are uh with respect to located in Maharashtra and uh especially in the Maharashtra and uh who is concerned and also we can see if the national level as a reality space is concerned as once the economy comes into the positive territory. One of the sectors that are going to get benefited is a reality. Indians always tend to have their investments in tend to take real estate as the one of the best investments. So, uh writer and one more, One more. One

need to observe is right now. people from the city center next to the have been moving and towards the uh the suburb areas. So, there is much activities happening in the suburbs than the financial centers are the middle of the city centers Absolutely. So, this space is also going to be keeping to in and you should definitely have it on the top of my vineyard. Yeah, yeah. This week, we discussed uh yeah, I can hear it with respect to stocks is concern and reality. We advise on to

the investor 200 220. The stock has been inching up higher. Absolutely. So, that's stock. also you can definitely keep on your radar uh apart from all of the secondary market space and the sectors that we have been discussing which should definitely be uh you know the preferred sectors that investors should keep an eye out on. I also wanted to take your view on the primary market space and that is the Zuma to IPO which has been uh the talk of the town of late and uh have seen the investor frenzy around this IPO. the kind of numbers that came in phenomenal numbers from the anchor book. Uh the

retail portion got over subscribed. you know, just within a few hours of opening on day one and the other portions are also getting increasingly subscribed right now. Uh you know, your take on zuma IPO and what should investors really do here if they're still in double minds as to whether they should go for it or not because two more days still remain for the IPO to be opened and remember the I portion is already fully subscribed. So, even now, if somebody wants to invest, is it the right way or should they only wait for the listing time? What would you advise It's with respect. Tomato is concerned. Of course, there is a big buzz around the corner in the financial markets across the globe. people have been talking about to IPO but as we have witnessed a handsome response, a humongous response from the anchoring was just nearly 184 investors subscribing for uh IPO with nearly 1.5000000000000

rupees one lap 50 thousand Crows is uh astonishing numbers uh uh with respect to IPA is concerned but apart from interest what it reflects in the market is of attraction is attracting uh with respect to Indian consumption. Story is concerned. It's a clear indication for Indian Markets. It's a very positive thing Apart from the business model, it is a digital play and uh it's attracting the money and business interest of buying interest from all corners of the world. So, for investors

and of course many voices we have been listening from the all the Uh Uh since it's not a it's not a cash making company. Cash bonding company. Yeah. Yeah. So, all these are there but one thing we need to watch is the buying interest is humongous at this point of time. So, investors with high risk appetite, they can definitely subscribe for IPA is cancer but for a proposition, probably we can wait for listing. There will be a pull

up for the stock and we can see one two quarters performance financial performance They're going to be as cash to in the initial orders of the listing. we need to see and then we can make serious decisions with the retail investors are concerned as a portfolio manager. Okay, I'll look into investing in IPO after seeing a couple of quarters performance with respect is concerned. One of the things we need to think about is the entry. barriers are very less in this country because I can Uh spoil their sweet earnings at any point of time. That is the only concern we need to wait. Indians are

very price conscious people. If some other operators giving better discount, if someone enters into the market, they want to buy more cash in terms of the uh attracting investors and uh uh attracting the consumers by offering more discounts. Uh the uh these are the companies are expelled are these are companies are poised to destruction in the space is concerned. Alright? So, taking

that point as well. So, long-term investors, serious investors, you can also wait uh up until the listing point and then see a few quarters performance and see how the company is really uh you know, coming back into the positive as far as uh the books are concerned and once those indications get clear, then you can definitely take a decision to step in for the long term investment as well. on to your specific recommendations. Of course, you've been giving some very good recommendations on our uh you know platform and the investors have actually made a whole lot of money by investing in your recommended stocks too. Uh let's talk about

the top picks first and then we'll come to a new recommendation as well for today. Um here are two stocks have actually given returns in the past that you had recommended. One is from again the mid cap IT technologies and the other one is Schneider Electric. Both of these have actually given stupendous returns in this time period as well. So, congratulations to

you on that and help us understand all those viewers who have invested after your advice. What should they do now? with respect to uh we are concerned as we have been discussing the number of PC sales have been going up and technologies as a uh antivirus and cybersecurity uh uh space is concerned. Quick technology is one of the top leader. So we have been even though despite of many voices are coming with respiratory is concerned, we were strong in advocating for technologies. So, the stock has

uh delivered 90% of returns to the investors who invested after our car and who are hacking to our wives. So, uh they can stay with probably at uh uh 325. this kind of flowers. They can take some small profit from the table. Uh these are the very good business models so they can stay in investor at any deep. Uh the market gives during this kind of uh uh Market times if the market is giving a all time high if the market is giving some kind of uh uh some kind of small corrections they can buy.

uh with respiratory is concerned. They recently completed the back. It's a debt free company and it's it's a strong management. so we technologies can be a long term bet for the investors and in the mid cap IT IT space, Quick Hill is the better position to take the advantage as the number of PC have been going up due to the what home culture and also has the Absolutely. It's alright. So quick is the best. Talk to uh position for

the industry. Okay. Can we talk about your new as well? They're actually running out of time. So, we'll just move on to the new recommendation that you have for the day for us. Uh see this week, we have a stock by Ellen Financial Holdings. Uh

the main reason is uh we are you can say we are early birds. How we predicted autos and how we predicted uh earlier with respect to uh I T's concern. So LT for the main reason to uh finances because of the pedigree of the group of the company and also as the economy is strong in that we are witnessing a good monsoon monsoon, a finance the strong footprint of rural background.

They're going to get benefited with the optical and the rural economy. So, you can look accumulating uh finances at nine to five levels in the market offers. they can buy. Uh the stock can deliver a 25% returns in the next coming few quarters and uh because of the pedigree and also widespread balance sheet uh with respect to uh rural uh tractors, two wheels, and also rural economy is concerned LNT uh is in the best position to take the advantage in the uptick in the economy. Absolutely. Well,

finances. keep that on your radar. 25% Upside can actually be seen from the current levels of around 90.5 over the next

one, one and a half years. So, keep that in your mind before investing these topics to thank you very much. Mister Bathini. always a pleasure having you on our show and discussing market insights as well as your recommendations with our viewers. Thank you. Thank you sir. Pleasure is mine. Alright and then let's move on to see how the markets are really trading at you know, at this point in time, we have seen all time high levels being achieved. You can actually see the Sensex currently hovering around 53200 53232 328 points addition. . . .6 percent gain.

Look at the nifty fifty as well. It's uh currently trading at 15900 15938 levels. That's an Eighty-five point of an addition there and half a percent uptake. The Nifty Bank is also inching up high. In

fact, it is outperforming the benchmarks right now to ninety-one points at 35 thousand 959 and remember in our morning show in the first show we had discussed with technical experts and they had already recommended it had recommended to us that the markets are going to be seeing all high levels in today's training session and that is really happened both for the Nifty, the and the Nifty Bank too. He had clearly said that he doesn't believe that you know, 35700 will be crossed in today's trading session and Thirty-six 100 keep that in your mind because he believes 36 100 can also be the next target that the Nifty Bank will achieve. also with the broader market space. there is movement

up there but it's definitely a cat up when you compare it with the benchmarks. they are under performing the benchmarks but remember that they are both again trading at all high levels too. Let's move on to the second performance and see where is the really participation coming in from for the markets today. So, it's the stocks are like IT which are definitely at the forefront. again, you know, we're leading the rally from the last few training sessions, Financial services, a .8 percent private banks. Again,

the leading uh giant in today's trading session. half percent up for the metals as well. Uh what's not really performing is the autos. They are down a half

a percent. Pharma index is not really performing today CD's to negative and PSU, banks are also subdued today's training session but overall, the markets are reaching higher on the back of stocks. Stocks like from Banks financial space, It capital goods. These are the sectors that are really helping the markets to uh you know, stay at those all time high levels. Let's see how the Nifty gainers and losers are also placed at this point in time for the gains. Of course, there is no surprises there. All the

ID stock. it's at all time high levels for the 22.2 percent. It's apologies 5%. The targets also shared by Gwen in the morning show, he had given targets of ACL and you know, those targets have also been met as well. LNT from uh the infrastructure and HD FC Bank is inching up higher today.

These are the counters that are definitely on the top of the charts as far as nativity is concerned. Let's look at the losers and see where is the actions subdued. Today ONGC Aisha Motors call India and Asians down by about 1% to almost 4%. look at the action

ONG sit down to 3.25% Now, uh apart from this, if you see there are some participation from Autos from PSU and from consumer products as fed. So, these are the stocks that are actually not really contributing over The market is quite strong. They have aged up higher from the lows of the day. There's a very subdued

clutch to positive opening that we had but they built on to the case up on the half time. Remember, it's just two two and a half hours of three remaining at anything can happen. Remember, it's the weekly expiry as well. So, whether we'll stay at these levels in higher. I actually or See

booking taking place. We'll keep you posted on the market and the way experts are really seeing how the markets are going to be moving ahead for that, you need to like and subscribe to our channel at Bell Icon so that you can get notified whenever we add a new video and also stay connected with us through all our social media platforms and visit our website Money 9 Nine.com. Thanks for tuning in.

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