USEFUL TIPS for health. Viral infections, and #oronavirus. Prevention. Doctor Konstantin Zabolotnyi.

USEFUL TIPS for health. Viral infections, and #oronavirus. Prevention. Doctor Konstantin Zabolotnyi.

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In the fourth meeting with Konstantin Zabolotnyi we will look at the topic of acute respiratory viral infection. In particular, the #oronavirus or #ovid-19. Hello dear listeners. We continue our classes in health technologies. My name is Konstantin Zabolotnyi. I will briefly remind you of what we talked about in the last, third program, so that if someone connected to us today, he did not lose his thoughts narration. We found out that modern man how the physical body has, in this physical body, one single weak system. She will be weak with the very birth and until your death, because that this mechanism was inherited by you and it is this weak system that will react to everything unfavorable moments around and specifically your physical body. No matter how you feel about it, no matter how you convince yourself that everything is fine.

The system will always suffer. The only reaction a weak system, it becomes even weaker for any adverse effects. And this system will create such a vector in the body when the body will have to activate to compensate for the problem healthy systems. Healthy systems will be time to balance the process, but if they weaken in the future, the body will get sick.

And around this paradigm we have built a certain technological line which allows you to find a weak electrical system way. Point this to a specific person and turn our philosophy into real work system. That is, in the individual recommendation system, recovery and wellness program for a specific person. Therefore, today's our we devote our lesson to contemporary challenges that happen with you outside the window. All we live with you in the same reality. IN reality of new viral infections. Let's call this reality not by the type of virus, but we will consider it old good medical directions. This is a system of sharp

respiratory viral infections. It is called a common word - ARVI. So the first viruses, fish viruses. They don't even typed. These are just some viruses that do not cause serious infections, but neither less every year our unfortunate body is attacked. The only virus that was isolated before before 2019, it was the flu virus. The flu virus is a very dangerous respiratory infection. It persists in East Asia and there constantly mutates. And every year we get

a new mutation that spreads across the planet. And accordingly, for more than a hundred years we get into annual flu infections like me would be rocks, pandemics. If in modern language, then all the rest are viral infections are not typed. This is a whole group of rhinoviruses. Of various synterstitial viruses, as they used to be called - influenza. The classic influenza virus is volatile respiratory virus, which was also called - infection or acute respiratory viral infections. Once again in the nineteenth year we received a new respiratory viral an infection that suddenly showed a large pathogenicity compared to others. She of course, she did not get to the flu infection. And want will calm you all, my friends, that before the flu

#orona infections with viruses are still very, very far away. The statistics on influenza infection are 1.5 times higher or even more 10 times. In both mortality and morbidity, influenza is higher than corona viruses. All specialists know about it. I am like a person who has a classic medical education completed in 1996 in Leningrad Pediatric Medical Institute and, of course, as a classical doctor, I tell you that that #orona viral infections, according to their statistics, are up to standard influenza infection is still very, very far away. And if we are talking about a flu pandemic such as flu of the Spanish flu in the early 20th century, and in general, how they say she is in some 20-30 place. But here we do comma and now we start talking about

"#rown viral" nfection in terms of technology health. As we understand with you, any viral infection is just that external circumstance, which will weaken our primary weak system. Like stress, for example. Stress can be applied to every person, but we understand that 10 different people were caught in the same a stressful situation, they will get into problems completely different for each individual person. One will have an ulcer, the second will have an exacerbation of chronic pancreatitis, the third will have a worsening kidney function. The man will start swell and he will have various troubles with blood vessels, bones and joints. And the one who weak lungs, such as tuberculosis or for example he has bronchial asthma, he fall into a state of deterioration in respiratory function.

Well, and accordingly, they will all receive their own inhalation pulmonary exacerbations, just like stress, which manifests its own disease mechanisms in everyone. Crown viral just starts to weaken our primary systems. In a family of five caught in the crown a viral infection, each of the members of this family will give a weakening of his weak mechanism. If a you belong to a minority of people who know this, you will know exactly which system cover up and you will know exactly how to act in this situation.

If you belong to the majority who are not knows which system is weak, you will inevitably get a complication on this system. What do we see according to statistics? The virus that came to us in March nineteenth to November nineteenth year gave such a mild degree, it leaves. People died from three complications: the first is a thickening blood, thrombosis and deterioration of cardiovascular diseases; the second one was viral pneumonia, hypoxia, dyspnea damage the respiratory surface of the lung and people died from hypoxic complications. That is, impossibilities breathe. Well and the third cause of death is the so-called multi-organ failure in seriously ill, elderly people who have many different exchange diseases and therefore people of this group died from multiple organ syndrome failure. And accordingly, this was the first wave of diseases. So - thrombosis of the cardiovascular system, hypoxia, pneumonia and multiple organ

insufficiency in diabetics, oncological sick and all other seriously ill people. In November 1919, the virus mutated like and all respiratory viruses, and you and I know that and the flu virus mutates every year. But at the crown virus mutation rate faster and scientists now, studying this new virus, they say that it has a mutation rate of about once every 4-6 months. That is, the frequency of mutations within the genome itself the virus is twice as fast as that of the influenza virus. So new mutations, new strain we got in November of the twentieth year, and accordingly, since November 22, the so-called British a strain that gives a high degree of complications and not only older people are already beginning to get sick groups, but already representatives of the middle generation, 38-45-year-old citizens who in terms of health technologies are no longer healthy. They don't have yet

serious diseases, they are not yet registered doctor, but the person already feels unhealthy. We call this a borderline state. The first state is health. The second state is disease, and the third state is the so-called state of uncertainty. Not healthy, not sick, or, just like him

called the doctors, primordus. This is when even before the illness doctor no diseases in this are to find cannot, but the person is no longer healthy. And in this condition, the primary system begins to weaken. Healthy systems are active, the body is trying to correct this imbalance and just the tension healthy systems gives a person a state of not illness, but he is no longer healthy, because the primary his system is weaker, much weaker than this was originally. And in this third, borderline state, we can not from the point medical opinion say, well, the doctor is the same, whether the person gets sick or not. And the doctor says you are practically healthy, but you have #oronavirus and we do not know than you will get sick. And here is a health technologist who knows which system is initially weak, he knows where the complication will go and here is the first the conclusion that we will draw in today's lesson.

A health technologist, as a person who is more early sees the process of weakness of the physical body, can predict where will this person's complications from the #oronavirus infection go. And not only #oronavirus, but also influenza virus, and herpes, in any chronic a viral infection that this person will get sick. Considering that immunity as a system protects us from almost all external infectious factors and the immune system will work with it. She will deal with these problems to the extent quickly, as far as you know how to support it. But everyone will get complications in their weak system. And now let's move on to statistics.

What the statistics tell us on the new British strain. And the fact that most people die from kidney failure. It is complications on the kidneys, a sharp weakening of excretory and concentration function of the kidneys, give a person a fatal complication and a person from this renal failure does not come out. Yes, they stay the same and cores that die from blood clots. Although the system has already coped with it. There are new treatment protocols that necessarily include blood thinners. Yes remains viral pneumonia, which of course needs to be dealt with, and which, of course, impairs lung function, but given that that failure of kidney function is generally in the population the most frequent mechanism of weakness of our systems, we go over as once to those comrades who have weak kidneys, and most importantly, you don't know about these weak kidneys, but in terms of health technologies, I will describe this group of people so that you understand that if you are in it you get it, then you have weak kidneys. Kidney it system for removing water-soluble toxins. That is, we have two detoxification systems. This is the liver which dissolves toxins in fats and kidney,

which dissolves all toxic compounds in water. That is, all groups of chemicals are divided into fat-soluble and water soluble. So are vitamins. Actually there are water-soluble vitamins and fat-soluble vitamins. And here are all the toxins that dissolve and are removed with water, they come out through the kidneys, and all toxins that dissolve in fats excreted through the liver by bile. And they go to the feces. Given that most toxins are water-soluble, namely the kidney system removes more than 80 percent of all toxic connections. And given that modern human life

this is an almost constant injection of some kind of toxins with food, all sorts of carcinogens, dyes, all sorts of preservatives with water, because we understand that there is less and less pure water on the planet, and now, instead of water, a person begins to drink some solutions and a huge number of people do not use clean water, and some teas, coffee, herbal teas, tinctures, alcoholic drinks and it all loads the kidneys. Weakens them. And if this kidney is initially weak, then the person with insufficient excretory and concentration renal function will have the concept of toxicosis.

And in health technology, the concept of toxicosis is one of the key mechanisms of health impairment. I will give an example of pregnant women. Many who have children in the same way, middle-aged and older women remember that sometimes during pregnancy, obstetricians put them a state of toxicosis. And normally there is physiologically proceeding pregnancy, but there is toxic pregnancy and this toxicosis for some reason proceeds in the early stages. First trimester of pregnancy. Another embryo is the size of a pinhead, another the child's body itself is small, but for some reason women suffer from toxicosis and she cannot normally remove toxins. This is what happens to those women have insufficient function of one or both kidneys. And she cannot properly remove toxins. This toxicosis is accompanied by very simple symptoms,

since these toxins circulate in the blood all the time, and the kidney cannot remove them one hundred percent. In humans, the state of toxicosis causes three main problems. The first is hypotension. That is, blood pressure does not reach to normal and are in numbers below 120 to 80. These are people with chronic hypotension. How do they not measure, pressure they always have a low. Anything below 120, for example 100 by 70 or 100 to 60. If the degree of toxicosis is neglected, then the poor woman and it cannot reach 100. For example, 90 to 55, and some even lower. Well, and accordingly, the lower the blood pressure

the worse is the blood supply to the brain and accordingly, these people are in a horizontal position still somehow understand, but as soon as they sit down or stand up, low pressure can't get through to the brain and these people are practically as if they live with their brains turned off. Second. The phenomenon of toxicosis is a low body temperature or a state of hypothermia. If in the morning right after sleep they measure their body temperature with a mercury thermometer, as expected five minutes under the armpit, then temperatures 36 and 6 they will not see. These are all people, for example, half a degree colder than everyone else. Their temperature averages 36 degrees. Somewhere like that. For some, even in advanced cases, and below 36. I have seen a huge number of people

уwhich temperature is 35 and 8, or 35 and 9. And just now, when they began to measure the temperature totally, then identify many people with low temperature. These are the hypothermics. They have,instead of 36 and 6, barely, barely 35. And now they walk with such a temperature in January. The device is not mistaken. He measured you on and just exactly now detectability is of these toxic people showed us that statistics show that, that every fourth person whose temperature is measured walks with low body temperature. And, accordingly, low blood pressure. And to this man it is very difficult to get into the rhythm of life in the morning because

that he woke up, and the metabolism is low, the pressure is not enough, the temperature is not enough and it is up to lunch can not swing. That is, these are all people at which in the morning with chronic fatigue syndrome. They seem to have slept for 8 hours and should get up vigorous and fresh. Immediately jump into life. But they only swing until lunchtime. And only in the afternoon they start themselves feel more or less. Only after raising the body temperature and raise the pressure like snakes bask in the sun warm up and begin to stir. Also these people should move, drink coffee, smoke, that is, to do some kind of action that stimulates them. These are all people who depend on a few cups of strong coffee. Their favorite phrase is that until he drinks coffee and strong tea, they cannot live at all.

They have to do some kind of physical activity because physical activity just activates them. A little bit of blood flow, here I begin, as it were, a little bit pressure figure to rise. Well, for women it is very important, the third mechanism is the mechanism of anemia. This is when they have low hemoglobin and red blood cells, and in general, like such a medical report - anemia. Very poor very poor oxygen-carrying blood fraction. Red blood cells and hemoglobin are cells and proteins that bind oxygen and carbon dioxide and carry oxygen to escapes and carry away carbon dioxide from fabrics. And just in a state of toxicosis,

when toxins circulate in the blood all the time, these cells - erythrocytes, which also circulate in the blood all the time, they collapse very quickly and these women all their lives walk with low hemoglobin and erythrocyte counts. And of course they suffer from anemia. They drink iron, but everything is useless. Nothing helps. Here they are: anemia, hypothermia and hypotension. Here is this triad of toxicosis, and accordingly, as we have already said in health technology, this leads them to a violation of the excretory and concentration the function of the kidneys and their kidneys cannot eliminate all toxins. Further, these women have skin problems because the skin tries to detoxify they start to sweat, they have all sorts of toxicoderma, hair falls, nails break and in the future, already when toxicosis is 20-30 years old, all these salts begin deposited in joints, bones. They begin, as they say, to suffer from all sorts of arthrosis, arthritis, osteoporosis, because, that instead of calcium and phosphorus go to bone tissue these are already salt oxalates, uraniums, phosphates.

Their bones become clogged with these salts. These are all the people who start to watch advertisements - and what is there with these joints to do? They are smeared with these ointments, they walk for all sorts of orthopedists, osteopaths and others specialists who are not able to help because that the problem is not bones. This is a lack of excretion of salt toxins by the kidney. And these toxicosis, of course, if we have this mutated strain and an increase in the already infectious toxicosis, will help to understand that with #oronavirus infections, when you get sick, your body gets into additional infectious toxicosis. Their baseline renal toxicosis increases and naturally the kidneys can not stand it because no one with these the kidneys are not engaged, and all these people smoothly begins to move away from disorders of the excretory a construction function or state, medical language, renal failure. And this kidney failure, it doesn't come from the sky, it is taken precisely because of their primary weakness kidneys, which they certainly don't know about. therefore to all comrades who walk with a low temperature,

low blood pressure, anemia, had toxicosis during pregnancy and in general, something like this, I can tell right away, as a health technologist with 20 years of experience, what you need faster deal with your kidneys, How? This is another question. We will have time to sort it out today. I can relate you to different information resources on which you can look about kidney function, but what is important is that you must understand that it is on the kidneys that a complication of #oronavirus infection will fly. Those who have weak lungs and the person is in a state hypoxia, this is just a state when a person he cannot breathe normally and is impaired breathing capacity of the lungs, these are all people who are on low-fat diets, vegetarians of various kinds, comrades who all the time, there is something at cleanse themselves with something that do not eat fats, butter and eggs, and in general, somehow have a negative attitude to fats, these are all comrades who suffer from surfactant lung function. A surfactant is a fat that helps us carry oxygen through the alveoli. And now all these comrades have #oronavirus

infections will be lingering chronic pneumonia, which may not heal for months. Not the fact that you have had them. A healthy person recovers quickly and after two he is healthy for weeks. But people with a fat deficiency are will be sick with this pneumonia for weeks and months, and in further, and for years. And of course it doesn't matter, the crown is influenza virus, herpes or any respiratory virus, which will come. He will beat one more time on these weak viral lungs, and a person sooner or will die late from the first, second, third or fourth viral pneumonia.

Because he does not consume fats in food. Had a lot of doctors who are over 30 years old these fats are discrediting. But we understand that no fat, no second nutritional factor, always proteins and fats and carbohydrates, because the degree biological significance, everything is distributed very fair. The most valuable product is protein for our protein body. In second place is fat for our breath, cell membranes. And only in third place carbohydrates as providing energy

functions of our body. Therefore, all fat is deficient. individuals will fall into hypoxia and viral pneumonia. And here is the most important complication for us. Half lungs, half a kidney, but the third again these are toxicosis patients who have in their blood all the time toxins circulate. Of course they will die from thickening of blood because if the blood is so 30 years with toxins, then and additional viral тoxins will thicken it even more. And they just the vascular mechanism is realized, as when cascading blood cells called platelets, that is those that form a blood clot, they are already in the vascular bed, they begin to stick together and clog up small vessels. And of course these

people die from thrombosis. This is natural, but in health technologies they again belong to the category toxicosis. So, accordingly, today, we ourselves we introduce this simple concept - chronic toxicosis. But remember that it can be renal, it can be hepatic, can be colon, when the colon does not work well. That is, does not regularly empty the contents intestines and does not remove waste products. This can be all sorts of already nuanced forms of toxicosis, but for this, a person must learn a little, to sort out certain concepts throughout the field of problems. we we can only briefly tell only that #oronavirus infection, like any other respiratory viral infection will always aggravate and destroy your weak organ. Therefore, all those who wants to be in time faster, given that if in November at

we have had another mutation, then we think - December, January, February, March, that is, in March-April 2021 according to statistics, the following mutation will occur #oronavirus and, accordingly, the next mutation may be even more pathogenic, and, accordingly, the question is not that you do something run with the virus, the question is not about the virus. Tomorrow may come seasonal flu and you will die from the flu. It does not matter what the name of this virus is, it is important that the virus. If you understand this today, then you have still have a few months to start act and begin to strengthen and restore its initially weak system. In this case, you will approach the next #oronavirus mutation already on individual health programs, support your weak system and you will improve chances of survival in absolutely any pandemic. No matter how it is called. No matter how the doctors call her, so that they do not offer you how people think you understand,

that medical methods are already the last line defense. It is advisable to start defending not near Moscow itself, when already 28 kilometers are left to the red square, but it is advisable to start defending already at the border, when the invaders are just coming to us. Therefore, to all those who wants to, think to start acting in advance. And I am as a health technologist with a higher medical education and 20 years of experience I recommend starting to deal with your weak system, at least for toxicosis patients, start working with their kidneys.

Improve their excretory and concentration functions. Start removing toxins and increasing your resources. Those who are on low-fat diets or God forbid vegetarian, remember that you need to quickly restore fat deficiency and accordingly start eating fat-rich foods. Restore your respiratory function and improve your oxygen exchange. Women with anemia begin to deal with their anemia or, at least take care of this in the near future. That is, prepare to the March-April mutation of the #oronavirus, which is still

will increase its pathogenicity more, and, accordingly, be more ready for new challenges. Now a question about vaccinations. He is very often asked and, as it were, everyone, in what way, it is clear that medicine has nothing but vaccinations because that we understand that no antibiotics act on the virus, nor chemotherapeutic agents. The virus is such a small pathogenic creature, that in biology it does not even belong to the living.

I.e. if we look at the world of wildlife at all, and we have inanimate nature and wildlife. There are three kingdoms in living nature: plants, animals and mushrooms. And now the virus is just, it is a borderline creature, which has hereditary information in the form of dna or rna, protein capsid, that is, the shell in which it hereditary information lies, and nothing else he has. It has no organelles, no cell membrane, nothing. He must get into a living cage and using her tools and organelles start producing itself. Therefore, any virus as not a living being, it is important to get into a living and, accordingly, whatever the virus flies, without a live cells, he can not do anything, and accordingly it is important for a person to understand that if a virus did not enter a living cell, he did nothing himself can not. If we managed to eliminate it, withdraw

until the moment he penetrated the cell shell, infection, damage will not occur. In order for our shell to be strong, was dense, I will give a good old example, or Japanese membrane strengthening technology, about which we spoke in the subject when the Japanese were atomic bombs were dropped. That is, we remember that penetrating radiation damages cell membranes and now a virus, which penetrates cell membranes, also use the same entrance gate and also must penetrate the cell membrane. If a it is weakened, if the membrane is loose, the virus

will penetrate very quickly within a matter of hours. If the membrane is tight, it is difficult to penetrate through it. The virus will penetrate for a day, or even weeks, or even it will not penetrate at all, and accordingly you will not get sick. Membrane technology, let me remind you once again, this an increase in fat in the diet, and accordingly those fat-deficient individuals that were formed for 30 years of discrediting fats, we must understand that without fat you will not be alive, and as we remember with you, during the whole traditional system when it gets cold and the risks of getting sick increase, a person should eat fatty foods. Butter, fry in ghee, egg yolks, bacon. If we are talking about our tradition of health, then there is nothing better than lard. When that lard gets cold, and this is pure cholesterol, it strengthens the cell membrane and impairs penetration virus inside our body. Next, Japanese technology to strengthen the membranes, let me remind you that these are

the leaves of ginkgobiloba. Any complex, any drug, any biological active food supplement, which contains gingkobiloba leaf extract on an empty stomach, as a water-soluble component, it can be used to stabilize membrane strengthening cells. Doctors have glucocorticoid hormones which have the same effect. All prednisolones, dexamethasones and so on, they, just from the point of view of our body, have a membrane-stabilizing effect and improve the whole body. That is, glucocorticoids improve cerebral membranes, respiratory, vascular. Here ginkobiloba has exactly the same effect, but unlike glucocorticoid hormones, has no side effects.

Therefore, ginkgo biloba before meals and fats after. These are all products which are the structural components of membranes. In the Soviet Union, we remember, everyone drank fish oil. If someone remembers kindergartens and schools, then the first thing in the month of November was shoved a spoonful of fish oil. Because fish oil is the cheapest and most effective preparation for membrane stabilization. Therefore, we recall fish oil, we recall lecithin, egg yolks and everyone remembers that the better the egg, the more yellow its yolk.

And just the yolk gives such a phospholipid as lecithin. This lecithin is nothing more than a membrane shell. lungs and brain. And viruses will be introduced we have through the membranes of the lungs and damage our vessels brain. Therefore, fish oil, lecithin, all that

what is available to you, all fat-soluble vitamins, A, D, E, K, those that dissolve in fats. But many people do not understand that if they eat fat-soluble vitamins they should eat fat because if vitamin has nowhere to dissolve, it just does not act will be. Therefore, you can add to your fats and the same fat soluble vitamins Coenzyme Q10, Ubiquinone, is a new substance which, as the Japanese found out, formed in fish swimming in cold seas. Ubiquinone is a very complex phospholipid that also helps to properly nourish and supply blood our myocardium, our smooth muscle structures. In general, whatever you find, you can use after meals and, most importantly, understand that the dosage here is a very conditional thing. If a in medicine for pharmaceuticals, the dose is key moment, then for biologically active additives to food and naturopathic remedies, dosages this is a conditional thing. How much you want to be alive so use ginkgo and fats after meals.

And now if it's for months do, by the time the #coronavirus mutates you already prepare your membranes, minimize your toxicosis, strengthen the kidneys, restore excretory function and improve and excretion toxins. In this case, the system is activated and starting to recover, you will be less dependent from damage by viral toxicosis. Therefore for those who sit on the technology virus program becomes less dangerous. You kind of start

insure your body. Apply technology insurance in terms of risks. And in fact everything that frightens people now is just fear risks. Yes, you do not know what will happen to you. You don't know where the virus will hit. Let's all sit by houses. This is certainly good, but you understand that you should raise your depressive resistance and preparedness because man is a social being and, whatever one may say, we you are a herd animal, collective. We cannot live without the herd. If there is no herd around, we we begin to be afraid. And where are people like us?

And accordingly, we begin to understand that, let's say, alone you will not be happy. As my teacher says, friends remember that everything is good in its golden mean. I am as a health technologist I can teach you to be healthy. But I cannot tell you how do you personally live right. We remember that everyone has their own purpose in life, everyone fulfills their programs and everyone happy in its own way. Therefore, those people who raise the level their health, they must understand that if for their happiness and for the balance of its harmonization, it is important to be among people, among them, then you need to naturally use some kind of things, aromatic oils that kill perfectly virus in the environment. UFO lamp, remember that everywhere,

in all medical institutions they hang, and before even in kindergartens when children slept in the room where they played, included such ultraviolet lamps. Now all this is available. you can buy an ultraviolet lamp, put an aroma light bulb, drip there eucalyptus, lavender, rosemary, that is those oils that, when evaporated, begin to kill viruses. They are very effective and show their excellent efficiency now, in the corona period viral infection, and the most important thing to remember is that only your immunity to the virus gives you are guaranteed a chance to survive absolutely any infection. Here are my internal statistics among followers health technologies, which we are now on our database нmore than five thousand people were counted. These are the people that we have trained, work out such preventive programs and, how to say, accept health technologies as a tool for extending the duration and quality of life. For example, neither

in the first or second wave of any serious diseases in our followers are not. Yes, their friends, acquaintances, family members are ill. Those who are not engaged in health technologies, but among the people themselves which enhance the functionality of their primary weak system, there are no formidable complications. All overbalanced either asymptomatically or in mild degree. They recover very quickly, but also most importantly, today i will also give you a simple recipe advice.

So that you remember that everything is in nature already exists. We just successfully forgot about it. There is such a universal animal antibiotic which acts on absolutely all infectious agents, for viruses, bacteria, protozoa and on unicellular organisms. It is called propolis. We remember that bees, when they live in a hive, they too crowded together, they also have a lot of all kinds of infections, which they all get sick very quickly because that they live in a collective and there are many millions of bees years synthesizes such an animal antibiotic that called Propolis and which has absolutely unique effectiveness against all pathogens. This propolis can be found in apiaries, it can be bought from companies that sell biologically active food supplements.

Yes, here we have it in the store and most importantly that this propolis should be applied at the first symptoms of an incipient viral infection. Here as soon as you feel like you start get sick, here is the first sensation in the nose is tickling, now I began to feel myself somehow, now, something has changed, that's it on the first day of propolis on the mucous membranes. It starts working with any viruses. And the influenza virus, and the #orona virus, and with influenza, and with respiratory syncytial virus, and with any virus that appears tomorrow, and who will start to scare you. And here we have, for example throughout the year, almost all of our followers use propolis during the first day. They start to dissolve this one and they are very effectively help your body overcome infection.

I could tell a lot more to you about various technological things, but still considering our timing, which is always limited, for people who are watching us and who in general start looking for something for themselves and want to survive, want to technologically overcome the challenges of the Universe, Nature and Lord God who, as it were, punish humanity for certain wrong actions, here we are of course we can use them. Respectively I wish you all an immersion in health technology. Generally setting a task for yourself. How to be healthy? And most importantly, use simple and effective tools to support your physical body, help your primary weak system, strengthen your membranes and to increase their resistance to infectious agents. And the most important thing. Stay in number alive, healthy and fulfilling their life purpose

and the purpose of people. I wish you all the best. Until next time. Yours, Konstantin Zabolotny.

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