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hello hello guys meet again with me mister Windy this video I want to talk about the latest update in terms of crystals in terms of technology crystals, where yesterday was the KPK yesterday there was a slight change where there were you, and here at the KPK this time there was also a little, yes, a little update, both in nature and in technology, what has become of it So you watch in detail from start to finish so you get everything and you can choose to decide How you will build your crystal technology in a rich cafe so it's as we know it guys, let's just start right away, as we know cafe qta for the new KPK KPK, for those of you who enter the new KPK, the new KPK KPK after this update, you guys will get Hi crystal and technology updates. It's time, because I think I know that this karaoke has changed quite a bit, I think the changes are quite significant when I was arrowed earlier yes guys when we blame the content level So if karaoke is like that I usually answer who I will discuss briefly When you reach the Chronicle , when Chronicle, for example, after this analogue we will bring up the content level Uwak then it will appear again when ah closes it opens When we were close to Century after Century , we got it right away, right, if the normal acne level is opened again, then it will be opened again later at the current level. Well, when Abhisheva opens, after 7 opens, it means that Kingsland can be built, after 7 opens Heart, then after kill after passing 80 turns out after Kings before fainting there is one open And after Kingsland there is another open another one goes up mer there will be more later after the ziggurat at the very end that's hell usually this can be said to be a little point but season to or help the playstore a little but there are a lot of season coins. So what's more or less like that, if it ends up

being our time kill carwax we can call from level 1 to 30 where each reward level is different if at the KPK In the past when we experienced completing the permit level we got almost three million crystals , almost three million in total Yes, but now it's only about 700 thousand, how come it's reduced So sir, it's decreased by a lot, 2 million is reduced, so it's almost three million. E2 millions or not millions are reduced. Now because now the system is different Hi, so when you adjust the level 1 to 30 karuak, which is the content level, we're talking about polije, you don't get the crystal break right away, but you are there Here's a gene crystal , so this is like a crystal playing your crystal mine, a crystal mine that you're climbing on, yes, this one where you have to keep waving, so you'll get it every hour, every minute, the action is the same, guys, it's more or less the same, yes, you'll get crystals every hour starting of When you complete level 10 you get t an additional 1000 pistols per hour , where you can collect, you have to collect, now the teal collection and this crystal lasts early here for up to 24 hours. So you have to make sure every day, hey, he claims, well at the initial 10 level you get 1000 when you finish level 20 you get an additional 250, so 1250 when you finish level 30, yes, it's an additional 1500. 250, how come here it becomes 2340. So, this is the connection with technology. Now, let's talk about it from a technology perspective, so it just so happened that my account was on the first day of the KPK. buy stubborn pop-ups, just buy stubborn pop-ups, if the conquerors will do

n't buy them, just buy stubborn pop-ups for every pop-up headband, both from buildings and from research. Now, let's talk about the technology side. Okay, this technology can also hi , what kind of trap is Batman, there are a lot of traps here, as we know, so the technology is actually almost the same as the KPK, the KPK, right? before, it was just that there were a few sequences with different requirements, different sequences and requirements, for example, here, for example , let's just say Hop Lander, yes, planner, as we know, previously for Tahar, now no, now it's rough if it used to go through gara -because we increase the plan from being able to reach around 60,000 crystals Every time we kill Kahar but here Tahar becomes the 45 thousandth auto So you no longer need to wait for technology without being full Oh technology to the previous planner until Max you just kill the dissenters You don't need to be free to complete Kahar at any time, because it's fixed for Rp. 45,000. There is no influence from technology at all . Flanders, the current status is when you kill a Barbarian or Barbarian Fort, you will get additional crystals.

it's a pity that the additional crystal turns out to be at level 5 planner one is only five percent base is only five percent okay, let's check directly with the planner two, yes player2 When you reach level 10 only 20% means that in total you only get an additional 25% from Barbarian now but I've taken the test this example I want Chen Barbarian to be for example Nikita kills level 43 can knock 400 because there is a tag, for example, we have maxtek planner one and the prayer pander we get an additional 25% This means we get an additional 100 pistols for every Barbarian Is it worth refusing Uti once how much because why did I say it's not worth it Because like this guys you guys are kebaya Not every addition when you are Maxim makhpela under18 both of them are only 25% 100 tal every Barbarian one Barbarian uses up more or less we assume 7070 APEC means that we have killed 5000 Barbarian it has spent 350,000 HP and did you know that with you both maximizing one of the teclados To get additional 25% crystals How many extra guns do you have? you only get 500,000 from killing 5000 Barbarians using 350,000 HP, so I think 500,000 hasn't even been deducted, let's increase the text. So in my opinion it's not worth it, except for this what I'm discussing is hi when I was still in zone 4 where the Barbarian was The epic points are small, yes, the crystals are still small. The under points are also small. Well, this technology, which is planner one and planner two, maybe maybe it will be worth it, when you reach zone 6 and above , yes, Jona 6 or kingsland with zone 6 I think the status of the zone before Kingsland might be worth it where there you can first burn if you get more crystals, you can get more resources, more materials, more speed ups, you get more hunner points, but only then can you raise planner one and plandon two this is Thunder 1 and blender 2 is to be maximized and you can use Your cellphone, if you really don't intend to catch up in Merauke Hi, your cellphone to find God r-point Speed ​​Up research freestyle before Kingsland opens Okay, it's still worth it, it's worth it, it's also quite worth it, it's worth it.

Why did I increase this because there are requirements the need to be increased, yes, for other technology systems, okay, we are in terms of planners. Well, what I said earlier, as I said earlier. Now, this is an addition of 2300 out of 1500 from 2340. It's from technology. Well, this is the technology whose name I will discuss the whole technology Well I got it from Kara I bit it Okay because this quiff is also a new technology where By increasing this technology it will increase the number of crystals you get every hour later I'll Okay Dik my direction, let me know Karo Hi nah How much because I'm hif-1 add it 30 5% then the git2 character if you are Max it adds 60% so the total adds this 100% I think it's really worth it if this is likened to your passive income without your sipinggan, so this is what I want, it's very worth it, but there are some obstacles, because when you want to upgrade your karep, this is the requirement that Mayangkara participate in, I bite the two requirements, it's big enough for this to be Parahu bother to level 5 and when you want to increase the Duo karepe, bother level 5 marking order-1 must be level 5 as well, yes, even if it's a fact that when you increase your level 5 later, he will record the back, you must also go up, OK. Here I am starting. So, there are two technologies that I think are Hmm, it's quite changed, it's changed. Try blending when Lander and gif characters. Usually there is one technology Hi which I think is crazy technology, namely Surprise Eggs after expanded formacion two okay Islam is the latest cuttings survey which increases d-max to rally and garrison as much as Maktec that's ten percent Okay so this is super maxtek yeah that's what I said when you guys for example before entering the island, you can use a planner to chase the gun from the Barbarian, maybe you can , right, surprise or not, I don't know how to use some crystals, so we used a total of how many crystals, but in my opinion, this is really complicated forcing Fender standards to spend again quickly. Hurry up, increase the support for the Strike survey, so when the spa opens, hastily it's

already working or not, for example before Kingsland, it's already open when 7 opens, usually before. Anyway, before you faint, you can finish cuttings so you can Swarm Swarm Swarm , OK? for severe hi-standard hi and really before me, yes. Overall, we can see, yes, this is the same, whether we increase the attack by 5%, right, then Swiss marcing for Mar speed critique . Which ones are prioritized to be raised first, then yes, Jerk er, here you can be a guide, j Also, if you want to enter before you enter the cafe, you can see what the car looks like. Well, for example, for example, if you want an example like this, yes, I have raised it to level 5, Ilfull Operation, now the need for Launcher camp is level 3, level 3, then you can upgrade skills. full Operation level 5 Now that you can see in my lifetime before this video, yes, I have lighting around it, it's almost clear , the first day wasn't vk21 70, there I increased my skill . What do you need the requirements for, okay ? It's a Barbarian, it's a hassle to upgrade DMS skills to Barbarian karakuri. The pot here is sturdy. I don't really need the Flander road, I don't need it because I need it to be good, right ? The second start is adding a speed tag like Petruk then Adamar Speed ​​is free again, cultural exchanges again Martin order Jala n then Barbarian bothers again, second profession skill and so on, call to Arms, so I want to buy all stubborn muscle pops up without buying conquerors will, that's more or less special medicine, facial medicine, one can already open 6 Mars but this is difficult, it seems like switching these three V5s has to be cut like level 7, I think the skills behind it also have to be full but I think it should be easier when Pas4 is open to get gold it seems really easy so it's already markings order 2 but to raise a call to Arms requires Marching rodgers 2 of level 3 to increase morale, it requires Martin order 2 of level 5 for fashion medicine Marching order 2 level 3 So , the requirements are more or less like that, Steve Martin, I need level 7 okay, then if for to increase the skill for oppression 2 level 7, it takes Martin first order level 7, so what order do I raise So the first is the most what 's important is the skill photo skill, full office Operation, yes, So you have to chase after you, open 1111 tattoos or according to requirement one or according to requirements until skillful fashion runs out, you are Kim Singapore Operation one, yes, but come back, I bought this because it had to be adjusted to the conditions Your KPK , for example, I said, if you meet your opponent when Pas4 opens, you have to estimate to increase the technology of War technology, Arian's work technology. Yes, but if you turn out to be flanked by

friends, you could say that instead of you, it's better, so when KVA had time to bring you together, you weren't there. war, it's better for you to have full tattoos, the economic technology, namely Reti, seems like a cultural exchange server operations planner, since I'm Givi, then you're critical of cultural exchanges again. To reach level 10, you have to be at level 10 each, yes , this is still a long way off, if it used to be like you could go straight to 10 now you can't use it, you can directly 10 this island, Facebook should be really far away, I think, go to Carefour iPod , which is technology. It's good if you kill for Operation 2, you can also reach 10 if you are flanked by friends, but if not, you have to share your crystal, usually when I'm the first day I will increase the economy the next day until the Pas4 password is unlocked, I'll go after it, work explore, usually I'm like that. Well, the order was for the full option

1 pill, up to level 5, then 10, it's already skillful. Operation 1 to level 5 is open at most 111111111, yes. Later you have to Manchester is basically skillful option 2 and skill for oppression 2 to level 6 okay, when it's level 6, let alone being chased by stress, one critical guy, one cultural exchange, I think 55 Okay, then my way, I also think level 5 this nation is really worth it, level 5 already Then after that, the drops are dripping, both of you are stuck with cultural exchanges, but if you are for example free-to-play or respond er, you don't need to go up to 10, you don't need to go up to 10, when you get stuck there are difficult requirements that use more than 100,000 crystals, I don't think you can increase it first, let's go to other Ledgers, for example, if you can raise the gif to level 2, it'll be the same again if you meet the requirements it's hard to use more than 100,000 crystals, better moussa first. So you slowly increase skillful oppression 2, yes. Then the planner is also not necessary, you don't have to rush into it, you can harvest one if for example you are fit up or November is enough to get here In the past, the technology already existed, then you slowly increase the war technology, yes, this color technology can also be increased and one more note when you open Pas4 if you are for example the Oppo equipment foreman, it's good, only in the Infantry and Archers that you raise, you focus on choosing one first, for example . Personally, I play a lot of Andi infaq

, cold equipment, sir, comment In the battery infaq, just let me know first and the info first until it's stuck, then I 'll take it to Archer, I've coupled it with the marsitutu notes, it's very important. Mar speed, Damar speed , in my opinion, is very important because so that you can have to go to the KPK, it's not a problem like this in cafe technology Yes, there is no technology that makes you stronger, yes, what is there is that you are made more and more sick with dementia, the brain is getting louder Okay, that means you will meet an opponent whose brain is much faster but defense is actually the same as what I want to say and your comments are just as good as anything, if you are attacked by 5-10 5-10 people whose text is already okay, let's say it's okay , it doesn't have to be good, you're still pounding, you want to be, no matter how good you are, what's the solution? is that you have to play hit-and-run when you attack, don't look for the offside when you are for example attacked, you immediately pulled the troops back and that's lucky now Europe VCD updates because it's easier, it's easier, it should be easier if you don't like Inter depending on the internet, so it's like that guys, you have to back off when you're attacked . If you say you were beaten by 10, it's definitely typhus pong, your name has to be withdrawn by ITB, that's why I think Mars with is very important in a rich cafe, especially in the open field . So if you want to attack someone who is offside, it's easy because you can fool the passengers. You want to run away when you are targeted. It's also easy. So, I feel anxious. The main gate is also one of the main things compared to the main gate. It's useless for you to be big but you

can't hit, but it's useless. You can, but it's better if you go to the mosque, even though the effect is small. Believe it. So, you can chase Dimas speed. Yudha and back again Mars are all types of trucks Yes all t What type of truck are you guys, basically, like what I said earlier, if it's small, it's installment, that is, when your Pas4 opens a comment, first you maximize the status of the map in one brain technology Commander, namely in one comment, 21 Commander, one type of truck, for example, Infantry first, if there were more, it meant more to you Can you add me Archer or not, yes and the last one which in my opinion is the most important, apart from the March promo, my brain is actually that number. Ferdi is important. First , the economy is first. Young people. Hi, smartspeed, first, smartspeed, then the most important thing is special medicine. I think this is very important. Why because when you, especially if you can maximize it, you can maximize it before the big wars, namely defenders, imagine if for example you need il1b, you need Resort 1B to represent it, you can get a 15% discount, which means you can save 150000000 F150 million I think it's pretty good really not to mention the special medicine these two can add 25% so 40%, so if you replace 1B, you only have to pay 600 million, you can get a discount of 100 million in my opinion, this is very, very good. Especially

when you want a big war, so don't forget the Special Edition, but they are adjusted again if you are Sultan, the resource is approx. It 's a lot of fertilizer, yes, and unlimited, we're talking about no need to increase it, better improve morale right away. Tan 10 prayers, second capacity than Eh, this is a special edition, okay, so it's more or less like that, if you have expanded formation, I think when your status is your brain, your speed is not good there's a special medicine, then we'll take the Extended formation, if I personally like that, rather than you guys, there are a lot of trucks but it can't be lost, there's a lot of Pasmar, but you guys don't admit that in the end it's useless, guys, and it's better to play and play effectively unless you come back again by sultans who are clearly different.

So it's more or less like ice, if more or less I'm here now I'm at the technological level like this with stubborn pop bacups, buy stubborn pop-ups without buying conquerors will, so it's more or less like this OK, I'll give you a level 4 gif, this shouldn't have to go to level 4, this one doesn't need to be raised to level 3, it should be 1 and 3 as above, it should be like that, that's enough, right? Well, it's more or less, okay, there's a new addition , Des, a little new addition is Bastion Bastion, even though we used to do research every time we finished, for example, we wanted this donut Oh Morissette I People, I think, right or not, we want to research this one. If we used to do research once, we did our research right away, we waited 10 minutes, if this doesn't work, we can rig the research directly up to three times, for example, one and a half Surgery Khan, this is a good result. again, this set of 8 is still good. Research chest, right, until we get diamonds, it's okay, let's check the road first and refresh , what's the research? It's trifles, so up to a maximum of five times, you will do batik for about fifty minutes. You can immediately research five times. Hey, this is not Perbakin, but the whole

Bastion . Okay, overall Bastion . Don't forget to poke the event, it's the same and don't forget that for those of you who bought lu sense pollution, er, this means Crystal Palace, this is a Quest crystal . My advice is that every day, Charles, he must complete the daily one, the weekly one must also be completed, why not let you do that getting additional crystals is also pretty good, here there is no change, there is no change, so it's more or less like that, guys, about technology, so back again, the important thing is that you make sure to adjust it to your conditions, do you want to off have your Spartans who have your text, your warteg who has good when pas4 to Oka or do you want the color later it's only in kingsland , at the beginning, you only open the economic one, so it's different, adjust to the KPK and your respective conditions, your hype, your comments, your equipment, OK, so that's more or less the latest update on technology research at the KPK. Yes, for those of you who want to ask, don't hesitate to ask in the comments because 95% of the comments on the mystery channel are answered Okay don't forget to subscribe like comments and share with your friends your rock group friends your group in the right Let them also know the info they have a picture of what the new tag will look like but let me know what it's going to be Okay, more or less like that See you in the next content and lifetime See you next

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