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How would you like it if you could get more free traffic from YouTube by using 100% automation. Today I'm reviewing a brand new product which is called TubePal that allows you to do. So it's allowing you to set up automation that will give you more traffic to your Youtube channel. So what I'm going to do today is I'm going to do a full review full walkthrough through this software so you know exactly what it is, but before I do so I want to mention that there is a link in the description of this video.

It will redirect you to my website where you can find more information also about the pricing. When you click on these tabs you can see exactly what's included in the front end. And also there is a bundle deal that will give you this whole funnel all these up cells for a discounted price. So you can check that out here as well. Also if you decide to pick up TubePal through my link, you're going to get access to all these bonuses for free as well.

Simply click on one of the buttons on my page and then choose for the sales page or the special bundle deal page and all these bonuses will be emailed to you automatically. Alright, let's dive into this and let me show you what TubePal is all about. So right now I'm logged into TubePal, let me go to the dashboard and the dashboard will give you an overview of your accounts that are connected to TubePal now? Right now it's pretty empty because I just connected these accounts today. I actually connected two accounts to TubePal but every information will be shown here in the dashboard. Now first you need to connect your social accounts here. You can do that here at the left menu and by the way here at the left side you can access all automation tools and all the tools that you need.

So when you click on social accounts, you can connect your youtube channels. And as you can see here, I connected to channels. So this is one channel, it's called Tim riddle this season. Older channel of me and hear no copyright music for creators. Now first let me explain what Cipel allows you to do, which in my opinion is powerful to get more traffic. Uh, it has a few features.

Um, when you go to the channel manager here and I go through them step by step, you have a few options. And I think one of the most powerful here features is like in common campaigns where you, we'll be able to automatically reply to people that reply to your videos, but also you can out to reply to your competitor videos. So not not reply, you can post comments to your competitor videos so that people will click on your profile and they will notice your channel, especially if you have a good channel name and I'm going to show you my channel name, which I think is useful if you comment on other um other channels so that people will see your comments and then they click on you and they check out your channel and they can subscribe to your channel and that's how you're going to get more traffic. Also here there's a subscription campaign where you can subscribe to similar channels and also there is a lingual option in here as well that allows you to link your videos so that your videos also will rank higher for certain keywords etcetera. But let's just go from the top and then let's go down.

So when you connect your social accounts here you will notice here that there is a button which is called video Manager. Now when we click on this you will be able to see all the videos on your channel. So this is one of my channels and you can see here that I uploaded nine videos to this channel now from this test sports you can do a lot of things already.

So let's say I want to automate things in here. You can see that there's a little arrow in here. When you click on this, you have extra options. So here you have a sub menu where you can out to reply to comments on your channel. You can also see your reports.

You can edit your videos, you can add rank tracking so that you can see the ranking of your videos, rank, tracking, reports, analytics etcetera. Everything can be accessed from here. Now I already set up this video. So when I click on edit out to reply here, you can see that I've set up an outer reply for this specific video.

Now you can do a few things here. So at the top here you can see offensive keywords. So when somebody is using offensive keywords, you can automatically delete those comments on your Youtube channel on your Youtube videos. And as you can see here I did these words are not going to mention them here, but you can see them when people use these keywords, their comments will be deleted.

Now you can add these replies in here. So when somebody replies to my video or in the reply, there is a word nice. So let's say they say hey tim nice video. It recognizes the word nice. And then I'm going to reply automatically thanks ma'am. Or when somebody says love, hey tim love your videos. Then I'm going to reply thank you so much.

And when somebody say best like, hey this is the best video I've seen on Youtube. Then I'm going to say, wow, thanks man. So as you can see I have specific filters all my video and this is a template that you can configure here at the left side in the template manager. So I already created this template and when somebody doesn't use any of these words, it will always say thanks.

So when you go to this video, for example, should be doing something wrong here. Um let me see, can I access this video when I click on this video? Yes, So let's let's just visit this video. Let me open this in a new window.

I reply to this video here. When I scroll down here, you can see my reply to this video. So I said here to this video, hey, I love this music. And here this reply was put automatically baichu pal. Hey, thank you so much. And this is what we added here. Thank you so much. Remember, love.

So when we edit this, Love this video, do you see this? Love this video. It automatically replies, thank you so much. So This becomes a lot easier to reply to comments on your channel here. Thank you so much. You see it automatically replied for me.

And it did that, let's say it was 59 minutes ago that it replaced that. I placed this comment and then it was three minutes later, 65, 50, 56 minutes ago that the reply was added here. So it It took about three minutes to get that reply on that video. So that can be managed from here.

So let's just go through the left menu here and then show show you the things that are included in £2. So, first of all, let's let's discuss this one later. The terminal creator. Um let's

first discuss the automation part. So here in the channel manager here when we click on this, you can like and comment on specific campaigns and this is very powerful. Let's take a look at this one first. So here you can see already did this. But let's create a new one, create a new campaign.

And first you need to select the channel that you want to do this for. So in this case, I want to use my channel. No copyright music for creators.

So what I want to do here is here you can see targeted keywords. So let's say on videos with copyright free music when these videos are being seen or being found by chapel. I want to use this template reply or my comments on someone else related channel video. So I want to reply automatically with TubePal to another channel that is about copyright free music. And you can say per day I want to have this imax activity of five or 10, for example, Just choose what you think will be will be a good number.

But you need to be aware and I want to be totally open about this that I'm not sure if this is 100% white hat or gray or whatever. I connected my channels. I Didn't got any problems by connecting my channels but I think if you're really going to spam, let's put it this way. I don't think you will ever get problems by by using TubePal except if you're going to do hundreds and hundreds of comments per day. So or thousands per day. So when you have this set at a

max of 10, you will never get problems. Right. So it's always uses wisely. So you can say on videos that have keywords would copyright free music and I want to do this till let's say the coming three days. I want to use this template. Sorry, this template here. My

comments on someone else related video channel. Use this template. So copyright free music comments. So when I create this campaign, it will now automatically start commenting on other videos that are about no copyright or copyright free music, royalty free music. And at the beginning of this video, I said, hey, you need to be wise with your channel name. If you want to grow your channel, look at this channel, this is my channel name. My channel name is no copyright music for creators.

So imagine this when I reply with this channel on another channel that's about royalty free music and people are going through the comments and that's what people do. They go through the comments. They see me replying, hey, great channel or hey, great video and they say, hey, no copyright music for creators, they're going to click on this name and they will see my channel with my videos in here and they think, hey, this is cool, this is also a channel with copyright free music and they will subscribe to your channel, they will watch your videos. And this is how you can get more traffic with a couple or one of the options to get more traffic with TubePal. So that's why I've used this name. This is a wise name.

No copyright, uh, no copyright music for creators. So this is how you can automatically like that was also an option here. So when I added this template, you can also out to enable like, so that automatically like that video as well. So youtube will also recognize when you like similar channels in your niche and your keywords that your channel is also about those keywords.

It's always good to like other channels as well for your own youtube rankings. So you can do this. And then also in the same screen here, when you see this eyeball here, you can click on this eyeball and then you can also see the data that comes becomes available. Once you set up this campaign, once Youtube pal is going to start liking and commenting on other people's videos, you can see the data in here and I just set up this account. I just fuel this suffer for for 1.5 hour just dived into this and I've added my account. So unfortunately I cannot show you the data, but I can tell you how it works.

So this is how you can add out of like out of comments. This is most one of the most powerful features in my opinion. Together without reply to your own channel subscription campaign is exactly the same here. The subscription campaign, you can automatically subscribe to other channels as well.

So when I click on create campaign, you can again choose your channel here and then keywords. So you can subscribe to certain Channels that have certain keywords and then you can automatically subscribe to those channels. And also you can say, Okay, I want to have channels last 30 days, this month, last month for those keywords and then you can create this campaign. You will ultimately start subscribing to the other channels. Let's go back to the Channel Manager and then we have the Video Manager in here, the the third one and already showed you that at the beginning.

So when you go to your social accounts, you can also access this video manager. And this is what we saw at the beginning where you can see all of your videos in here. So here you can see the videos and again you can access them and you can out reply to these videos, you can set these templates etcetera. Now, maybe you're wondering? Okay, what is TubePal going to answer to the other videos and two comments on my channel and that's why you have the template manager in here.

When I click on this template manager, you can create these templates in here. So the auto reply template and the auto common template. Let me quickly show you that.

So the auto reply template here is a reply on comments on my videos. So here you can add this and you can create multiple campaigns and this is what I showed you at the beginning. You know those keywords, offensive keywords, filter them out and delete those comments. And here you can set up a template. So when somebody replies nice, you're going to say thanks ma'am. When somebody responds with love love your videos, you're going to respond thank you so much.

So you can add more fields. So if you'd like to add another filter, if you say cool, when somebody says cool, hey thanks man, I'm cool. You know, smiley. Just some silly answer. But you got the I. D. And then at the bottom you say, okay, I'm going to respond this if no of these keywords match and then you can click on add a template and now you've added this filter.

So this is the template and this is the template that you can choose every single time and the same thing is here for the other one out a common template. If you comment on other people's videos, you can do this as well. My comments on someone else related channel, you can add these comments here, great video. You can use this template on those channels. So you can set that all up here in the template manager.

So let's go back here to the Channel Manager. I just wanted to show you quickly how those templates, how you can make that work. So you also have and this is a playlist manager where you can add playlist to your channel. So you can also do this in Youtube, but TubePal simply contains everything inside 12. So if you want to add a playlist, you can say royalty and let's say royalty free music and then you can say description and then select public and here the text. So you could say also royalty free music and create playlists.

And now your playlist has been created and this is the playlist. And then in here you can add videos. So you can search videos on Youtube or you can also add your own videos.

When you click on own videos, your videos will show here, you can select those videos and then you can say, okay, I want to add those videos. Those are all about royalty free music. I'm going to add those to this playlist here. And now those videos has been added to the playlist here, you see. Boom.

Now we created a playlist on our Youtube channel about royalty free music. And now this playlist, people can also find this playlist on Youtube when they search for royalty free music. So that's another option inside of the channel Manager.

And then there's also an upload video where you will be able to upload and schedule your videos. So when I click on, upload new video here, you can decide here at the left side. Ok, which channel do I want to upload my video to if I want to upload it to tim riddle. They used to like tim for now. If you want to upload it to no copyright music, select that channel. And in here, select the title of the video description, the tax and then select your category if you want to make this public and then the time zone and upload your video in here.

And then simply click on create campaign. Or you can schedule it in here as well. So let's say you want to schedule this one at the 17 at eight o'clock at night, simply click on create campaign and none. Then that video will go live at this specific time.

So you can schedule multiple videos in here inside of TubePal as well and that's all inside of the cello manager. Now, then there is the next section here which is called search tools. And this is also a powerful feature because you can search for powerful videos. So when I click on video in here, I think the video is is the most powerful.

Let's say we want to see channels that perform really well on royalty free music. Uh then we're gonna do here royalty free music and I always liked not to search and relevance here, but I want to see the view count. The the view count in ear how many views I want to see the videos that got most views for royalty free music. Right. And then in here you can also select other options. So radius is not important but this could be important for if you're having a local business for example.

So you can see how local businesses are performing within 10 km, 25 km or you know, I think this can also be a mouse. Not sure. Uh but you get the idea, you can select this for local businesses and they're more filters in here. So do you want to see live videos that were live or episodes or movies or duration long or medium or short dimension two D. Or three D. Videos definition eight D. Videos or not licensed

Creative common or standard. Youtube simply click on search and now it will give you the search results of the most viewed videos. So here you can see This video has 2.9 million views. So I want to know why this video get so many views. And there is here again these three dots. When you click on

them you can copy the U. R. L. So you can visit this specific video or you can click on text keyword And this is a nice feature. When you click on this you can see exactly what tax have been used by this specific video. So here you can see this. No copyright music but also NCS

My Heart My Heart. NCS no copyright sounds. So you can also when you upload the video about copyright free music, you can also add these texts because people are searching for that N. C. S. My Heart. You know, no copyright sounds music has seen. And that this is this is another language the richest. The

outer. Not sure how to pronounce that. Electronic music media again gender. General gender. Yeah electronic dance music. So you can see all those Tax. So you can use those texting your videos as well so that your videos will show up for users, users that are not only searching for royalty free music but also for the other tax.

And then your your videos will be exposed more through those other people. You also got recommended videos. You know when you're in Youtube, you always get your home screen with recommended videos. And if you use those titles or those tags, your videos have more chance also to pop up on other people's screens. So that's very powerful when you use the video search tool so that you can search those tax the same thing is here for channel. You can search for channels. It works exactly the same. And for playlists you can also search for a specific playlist and also video tack finder.

So if you have a video I. D. So let's say this is my video I. D. So let's say I'm going to open this video. What you can do here at the top. You can see this probably in my recording. But the youtube URL Always says youtube dot com slash watch questionmark v= And then you get a code, you can copy that code.

So I'm going to do that right now and you can paste that code inside of £2. And you can search for this specific video here and now you're going to get the text for this video. So let's say you're browsing on Youtube and you see a video and think hey I want to see the text for this video. You can simply copy this and you can paste it in tupelo and you can get the information also for this video.

And you can download these texts as well. And in here also you can copy the U. R. L. As well. So that's the video tag finder. Then the last part here is the reporting part where you can see the reporting for your outer replies. So I've sort of won out reply.

And you can see in here when you click on this you can see on this specific video there were no offensive words in here. Do you see that? And the comments have been completed. So TubePal has replied to those comments and you can see that in here as well. So here for example this it was my comment and my comment was hey I love this music, remember.

And then the outer replied that was sent out by TubePal was thank you so much. And so this is the reporting that you see for each specific video. You can see that in here. You can see the whole reporting. Then there's another thing which is called rank tracking here at the left menu where you can track the ranks of your videos.

So you can see how well they are performing. So you can create a new campaign in here where you can say the keywords that you want to see your rankings for you give the name of this campaign and then the video I. D. So here you can say I want to see the keyword is royal. The free music for example uh royalty free music free music.

Let's say how do I rank for this keyword? Also going to give this the same name and then I'm gonna hit safe. It will give a report for this copyright free music. And you can click on these reports here when I click on this eyeball, you can search for the specific date how it's performing between those dates when you click on search and it will give you the rank here.

So unfortunately I'm not ranking with this video here. You can see the key word that we're trying to rank for no copyright background music. Uh And here you can see the rank and play not sure what plays. by the way. Maybe I can click on playing it will play the video. Yes. So that's so you can check the video.

But here you can get a good overview of the rankings of your video. And then the last part is the link will uh, where you can link videos. If I uh, I understand this correctly. When you click on create campaign, you can select your channel and then you can link those videos.

So I'm not sure how this works. I need to watch the tutorial, but I've seen link wills before, but basically what you should be able to do here is create a link will between those videos. So basically what you people will do is it will automatically add the urals of those videos to a money video.

So there's one video that's most important. And you're gonna say those four videos, for example, let's say those four videos need to link to this specific video so that this video will get more power. And I'm also doing this on my own channel. I always linked to my other videos to get the link jews running on my channel, so that my videos get linked from, from left and right, etcetera. And that's what you can do with this link will.

And then the last part here is the thumbnail creator where you will be able to create thumbnails for your youtube videos. So let's say here, you can use one of these samples or you can open your own photos. So let's say, I'm going to use this photo as an example. You

can start editing this uh, this photo. So you could do filters like you're seeing right here. So let's say you want to use this filter or this filter, you can also enable them. And let's say I like this one with the more bright colors in here, then you can do that and then you can click on apply here at the right top and now my filter has been applied. You can resize, you can crop this, you can draw on your on your on your image in here.

So let's say, I'm going to take the wide brush. You can draw on this, on this, on this photo. You can select the brush type. So the spray brush. If you'd like to spray on this thing, you

could say the size in here and if you're happy, you simply click on, apply and then you can add text. So you could say, okay, let's say I want to do royalty free music, royalty free music. I'm going to add that here at the top and then you can choose from the different funds here at the bottom and you can also again change the colors of these funds that want to have this white of course. So there's better visible. You could do gradient in here as

well for your fund college text colors, you can change the background as well. So let's say you want to have a background, you can do that, opacity and outline and shadow. You can add that all in here and you can move this the way you want to move this and then simply click on, apply. Once you're done, you can add shapes to it. So there are all different kinds of shapes that you can choose from here. So let's say we want to use this shape, then this shape will be added and you can also expand this if you like to do that, maybe I can also make it a bit smaller.

Well I can only do this, so you should be moving this and then at the bottom of this royalty free music but you get the idea right and simply every time click on apply, you can add stickers. So there are a bunch of stickers here at the bottom that you can choose from like doodles here, landmarks. You can choose different kind of bubbles that you can add to your videos or not your videos to your thumbnails.

Transportation Beach, simply choose them and then again apply if you want to add that to your video, you can add frames here. So if you'd like to add a frame to your thumbnail, you could do that as well, you can add this one, all different kinds of frames, you can add that to your term. I like this one. Simply click on, apply.

Um you can add corners here, radius on your, you know, you can really see this, but you can add that as well. It's a simple, nice editor, very easy. You can merge all those layers together.

Uh and then you got your image and you can download this to your computer and now you can open this on my computer and now I've got my thumbnail here that I can use for my video and that's the thumbnail editor. So let me see how I can get out of here. I'm not sure honestly, I just go to the other tap and I'm here back again. So that is what you palette is all about. It's an automation tool. The most powerful feature in my opinion, is to simply reply to other channels automatically by great videos that people go back to your channel.

Being able to reply to your own videos when people comment to your video channels. Um, the lingual rank tracking to get track of your rankings, I think did a good job. So for so far explaining you everything inside of TubePal. So again, if this is interesting to you, make sure to check out the link in the description of this video, uh, and if you have any questions, feel free to ask them in the comments below, I'll be more than happy to answer your questions and thank you so much for watching. Don't forget to subscribe to my Youtube channel and please hit the thumbs up if this review was useful and thank you so much for watching, and I hope to see you in my next video, cheers.

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