Trio Rust but we have 40000 hours...

Trio Rust but we have 40000 hours...

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Alright, another beautiful day in the world in the Rust An old European men are going to join us Trausi and Maikelele Hopefully there's a lot of people  raiding, pvping, straight to up as we go. "oh wait we gotta go to Outpost" "oh oh man"  "hello?" "hello? come on man, I got AK"   "no, you don't" "let me invite you look at this"  "yo yo man we'll do guys from calendar"  "horros" "it's horror's, horror's armor"  "what?" "yeah"  "recycle this" "I'm getting a whip"  "oh Fu*k" "hit once" "WT...dude" "do you have any wood on you? do you have 200 wood?"  "yeah" "I'm gonna make a tier one make a nail then"  "it's all my wood" "it's a game,.."  "what...!!" 

"oh it was Snowball, give me  the Salvage Cleaver I can.."  "use your words man" "okay"  "I think..." "I didn't make that?"  'wait bro am I stupid? I can't" "oh you can't make it?"  "I might tricked" "yes Mike"  "bro how did he get up here?" "Crazy jumping"  "same as dark and darker like played yesterday"  "well I'm coming soon hJune" "okay well I still have to make base, let's go meet up with Trausi" "yeah, you guys can try to go and junkyard, this puncher a guy with the ball controlling through now" "yup that's me" "the puncher guy is controlling now" Thank you to rise of Kingdoms  for sponsoring today's video.  Rise of Kingdoms is a history based strategy  game with 13 civilizations fighting for power. 

With over a hundred million downloads  is a huge popular game and they also release the official free version for PC. Combined with smooth gameplay and classic RTS controls, Rise of Kingdoms offer the best cross-platform gaming experience. In Rise of Kingdoms, you can experience the technology tree based on real world logic and choose your own path to make your team stronger.

You can unlock elite soldiers like the British longbows or the German Teutonic Knights you can crush your enemies with ease with the right people. Upgrade your soldiers by getting better equipment or upgrade certain skills like the stirrups to let your soldiers ride horses easily for a strong Cavalry. It's important to guard your land so having powerful allies gives you the ability to fight off Invaders.

Choose your civilization like the powerful Rome Vikings Korea and so on and when your team battles across the seamless world map to grow your troops. Try rise of Kingdoms today by using my link in the description below or use a QR code on the screen and use the promo code to earn extra rewards. Thank you for supporting the channel I appreciate you all for watching and on with a video. "someone is using refinery in the tunnel  next to me" "in water treats the one by recycling that you have to go down the ladder" "can you just show me where the ladder is" "600 film" "oh" "he did the diesel thing I guess" "there's nothing but a fu*king punch over"  "I see a guy coming 120" "let's check this sh*t man, dead "  "like I was NorthEast behind.. he's in angle" "yeah, he's coming" "oh sh*t he sucks" "yeah"  "I mean he's.. hit him" " missed"  "this is the guy there's a  guy somewhere in water trees"  "yes I just couldn't imagine" "on the wood though" "same it was on the road"  "yeah he don't want the smoke man" "yeah after here we can build all right"  "yeah" "we make a tower through satellite"  "is it two by,, two by two with no door" "wait so guess it's free base unlock this hero"  "oh lee" "oh even extra crosses and sh*t" "augers" "let's go sets like this"  "wait there's this uh base here if we take the  TC we take three furnaces wait is this open?"  "but it's actually open" "yeah"  "wait there's stuff here" "there's two guys coming this way now"  'I got a ribbon" "hiding the kid base maybe yeah they   can watch that they're coming from south" "they're gonna be here like 10, 15?" "I'm sorry about Depot that's" "even by that one calendar"  "what?" "bro we need to go deep for this" "coming West"  "one is dead, the one is loaded with full gear" "I didn't grab my gun I'm low please" "hit once more" "dead" "nice" "oh oh my God bro you need to loot this body here" "oh my God bro yeah oh my God oh my God"  "wait actually he's actually oh my God bro" 'dude he actually had like 3000 metal on him" " making some doors" "I'm paying my guys bro, you're paying them good" "what are you doing? what is this sh*t" "what do you mean man" "so cozy! look at that" "we're gonna sleep here we have camp, we have these furnaces" "We see each other naked in the middle of the night" "uh???" "ewww "  "someone in my chat said today, why does Trousi sound like he's dying of old age" "Oh Two hazmat, going up the hill 100" "that's funny bro look here"  "dead, got him, there's two more two more"  "I see them on the road" "full dead, i'm getting hit" i'm getting hit, i'm low, i'm bandaging" "he might be helping his friend because   we're only down here right? "yeah no he's picking" "I have Six Bullets but Megan's gonna break another one"  "I have I have stuff for you" "It's okay he's fine he's gonna break   if he's behind the camera I just shot at it" "I don't know I have left side of it" "Is he dead? is he dead?" "he didn't loot the first hazi right hJune?"  "I didn't loot the first hazi but I  loot the first guy that we killed"  "oh I will loot him" "he didn't have bullets okay we need to   go Depot like this guy has so much sh*t" "I have,,,"  "I don't know what the hell they were doing here" "Jackhammer though so I'm just finding it"  "so I play Trio or duo?" "you make sure you gotta   keep this camera on me we're gonna  play Duo for the rest of the day" "what do you mean dude you're gonna play solo,  what do you mean Michael is gonna be AFK"  "a real good luck"  "great buildup hJune thank you so much" "yeah this is a build up right here"  "what do you mean" "oh my God"  "guys you guys need to relax man take this game too seriously and that's why Rust is dying"  "please man good job guys, that was too easy man" "so you got a jackhammer huh?" "no not on me" "just found"  "Ya Jackhammer right" "someone take the AK I'm gonna go for farm"  " we're going Arctic mate  nobody's going to fuc*ing Farm"  "stop ruining my fun man" "not everyone plays the PVP   like you toxic PVP Rust streamers okay" "some people like to farm"  "you can Farm but not on server like this dude this guy have zero points"  "huh? getting bullied into not farming man WTF" "do you think that's fu*ked up Maikelele?"  "I would love to see you farm more man" "like I don't tell Trousi what not to do right?"  "true" "shut up Trausi"  "I would like to spider house man" "hahahaha" "hey yo" "hey yo, stop it man" "21 and you do something for me " "oh?" "yeah they're actually" " can you give me two walls?" "yeah" "thank you so much   "fun Arctic I'm like 95% sure he was  looking a little so enjoy getting sprayed"  "at me" "yeah he hasn't looking at us" "1 dead" "Omg" "I hit four times AK that is inside on that.." "Dead, dead killed AK" 

"okay I got the right, I have the door" "watch out they might have bugs and  spawn under my tummy and kill you" "if you need to Depot go into  the two by two by two East"  "we can go depo then?" "yeah go east he's done like hundreds from the wooden base of the door" "it's one more further section" "I'm not even gonna shoot him because  I don't have too much bullets"  "I'm adding another door I'm gonna bag uh trausi" "don't worry the guy that run up the   mountain is fine" " I don't know "  "there's still stuff on your body by the way" "i didn't loot everything" "there's a lot of stuff here" "you have extra gummy or no?"  "there's extra guns in here" "100 meters picking" "I can open it for you"  "it's like yeah he's straight East" "yeah I see him should I go I can flank here" "oh I'm dead" "hit him again" "There is one more" "who? the naked?" "did they get close I cannot jump in now I'm gonna get watered" "I'm in "  "as well guys it's the dumbest player" "all right let's let's   take the sh*t and go I guess" " guy's coming so we better fuc*ing.."  "hurry up" "here comes, I'm going out" "i'm dead, what!?" "i'm dead too" "um I might have dead if there's two some voltage" "I think he died" "yeah can you hold it" "that's fine" "one more coming i think" "I'm here now" "ok" "uh.. naked on the left" "FU*K!" "what what what?" "just to leave I think potentially" "you have smokes bro?"  " bro, this guy does not miss he's the best roof camper I've ever seen bro"  "no they just don't know the moves I really want to open child and fuc*ing send them in the message, friendly message" "what are you gonna say?"   "like GG? or you guys played well" "yes good fight actually i'm gonna do that " "all right guys, time to upgrade  after a play you upgrade" "oh someone's making a rape base bro" "is that you guys building?" "BOOM" "look at that guys, look at that" "I'm the only one in this household that cares about furnaces man"   that's messed up dude" "can you get some wood" "thank you so much" "all right um" "you can go launcher I guess " "okay man that's fu*king awesome"  "oh yeah" "let's go dude"  "you guys stop trolling please I'm serious" "I''m gonna be really upset if I lose my loot" "yep same" "oh dude I'm gonna do I have a perfect spot"  "holy sh*t" "this guy's actually loaded"  "I got the tank" "what!!"  "are you dead maybe, he's not saying anything" "I'm fly hacked man" "ready in training guys" "what???? I'm looted"  "oh you never said where you are so" "if you were actually looted"  "Mike drop me a drop me a hazi bro"  "we're gonna get counter AK again" "he probably went to Depot"  "it's okay" "nice they are the most insane loot ever"  "let me get started" "insane Bradley insane Bradley" "oh AK" "Yo that guys has AK"  "he's dead" "Mother fu*ker"  "yeah I don't know you're so  confident I will kill him?"  "yeah" "right there" "yeah I killed him" [speaking in POLISH]  "I don't speak uh polish I  don't know if you know that"  "you don't speak English, apparently   you're like AH, uh, ah" "hahahaha" "oh stop!" "let's start" "stop it"  "yeah you don't have a gear from the guy?" "no not yet this guy was trying to..." 

"oh MTF" "he's head hot"  "guys down" "Man Rust is so hard"  "no they were baiting the body  that sargai was right at the mound"  "no he wasn't" "no he was, and honestly like   you were like moaning I couldn't focus" "that's yeah what you were doing bro"  "no that's what you doing" "sorry about you cannot handle" "I can't handle it I can't handle"  "it see so don't start" "what a great experience"  "this is great you want to,," " yeah"  "all right should we go Depot then?" "let's go"  "oh we're loaded now and we're  controlling launch I think"  "yo it's just a kid this place guys" "I'm going, I'm going"  "oh my God oh my God it's loaded"  "what if I geez" "oh wait what?"  "wait what the hell was that actually in there?" "probably she's" from even yesterday "on this new base?" "yeah I do"  "Loot loot loot loot" "Loot quick!!"  "get the base get the base"  "everyone shooting their eyes so  everyone knows we're so happy" "I'm so happy right now" "oh sh*t" "oh fu*k you know he doesn't run out right" "ah another" "huh bro" "he's freaking insane" "oh Sh*T" "almost got highlighted" "I'm helping"  [boy: Hey guys, do you guys have ...] "ha.."  "he has a weapon!!!" "he has a weapon!!" "he's trying to kill us" [boy: uh? you guys want to be friend] "he's camping our base" "i don't know if he wants to try to kill us"  "ask him" "Dang"  "invite on the team so we won't kill them" "leave your team so I invite you to team" [boy: you can invite me now]  "yeah" [boy: thank you]  [boy:that is my teammate over there]  "yeah okay okay come come join team" [boy: I'm sorry I'll kill you bro]  "you give them something else" [boy: thank you thank you guys] "see you later" [boy: thank you thank you] "they're not here like.." "no you did you did I heard it oh I   see him in the left on the left by the base on the  base you can't base on the right yeah right side" "uh there's a Hazmat on me come on" "because I don't know"  " they're running away  they're running away kind of" "hit him twice" " you see that? that's another guy" "I know it's a guy"  "I double double body hatch on him, I  don't know no no he was down the hill 80"  "I'm not sure that's the guy.." "oh wait what? is that you?" "I don't know" "it's very nice it was very little Clueless" "those guys are pretty Clueless"  "where does our friends live?  he's like right next to me"  "yeah he's the best food right there bro " "hey man you guys good?"  "you guys good?" [boy: oh it's guys over there at the base,   do you guys want to push them?] "you go first you go first"  "they said there's guys by the  base and they're gonna push him" "Chad's bro they might go red soon" "guys on me"  "three guys three guys I'm alive" "you're flashing" "I'm good"  "I killed one" "it was three yeah" "dead, come and   loot!! "loot guns" "ah Hazmat" "I don't think we're cheating" "I hit three headshots three headshot   three headshot go over there" [boy: okay very nice guys]  "Guys, when Adam and asked, you  would not team with me okay?"  "stop that bro" [bro: thank you for your effort]  "no problem" "you started laughing again bro" "I know I couldn't"  "that was too cute bro" "what's wrong with you hJune" "yeah we just need to play with new  players and it will just run into people"  "I'm playing with you" "hey man you should go help bottom,   your friend is farming in your PVP" [bro: Yes but there is a guy at 300] "pretty good" "bro" "this guys took Locker bro  he's ammo and all loaded" "you need to tell him to farm  it, no PVP for an hour okay?"  "I'll make more sandbox around the  base so they can respond more times"  "no you gotta teach him to Farm Trausi, you gotta  teach them young okay? not more PVP tactics you   need to teach them you need to farm" "is that going to school man" "so I asked me if I'm a sigma bro" "Puhahaha" "you wanna be like posty PVP?" [boy: yayaya]  "no no no don't be like posty, he never farm"  "remember what I told you you need to farm" [boy: okay] "we make the future   generation better one person at a time" " it's like what this guy's talking about" "they're farming Bros I told you man" "we need more hJune in the world bro"  "not this PVPers"  "look at him I'm proud of him man  that guy's got to be a fine farmer" "man   friend's logged off man" "all right well we helped   two kids get their start in Rust I  don't know if that's a good thing or   a bad thing but honestly it wasn't  it wasn't too bad of a server." 

"more fun than I expected to be  honest for what the server is"

2023-01-05 13:24

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