TOP 9 AI Crypto Coins That Can 100x By May (Pump SOON List)

TOP 9 AI Crypto Coins That Can 100x By May (Pump SOON List)

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No, the title of this video was not clickbait. You stopped that. There was nothing clickbaity or hypey or overdramatic about this video at all. The God's honest truth is there is still one sector in all of crypto that is still stupidly undervalued. And in this video, I'm going to serve it up to you like I always do. All the coins, all the projects that are likely to pump pump served up to you in a replied her in this video.

But you see, for you, the ods are dire. This is not like November where I pointed out a ton of gaming coins at their lows. They're all up 20 x now, and the God's honest truth is your latest.

And you're likely looking for one place that is untapped, undervalue, and about to explode in crypto. You are like a guy showing up on onlyfans looking for that one gem, that one dime piece who hasn't yet showed her butthole to the world. But in this video, I'm going to give you that niche. I'm going to give you those coins. I'll even put the guns away so you can focus. Because this is important.

You have two options here. You can choose to tittle around, to be skeptical, to be doubtful like an idiot. Because everything in this video screams trust, screams authority, screams this guy is way smarter than you are. I should turn off my brain and let him decide my entire life going forward.

Because if you want the dirty you money, I got news for you. You're going to have to drink the koolaid. Because, you see, the most woke, like always, is here to micromanage every part of your life. Here, like always, to spoon feed you liquefied orgasms, which would technically qualify as come. Okay, it's not that type of channel. Let me back up here to feed you liquefied, cheesy bean Chipotle like goodness would technically be diarrhea.

Okay, back up guys. I promise in this video you will not be fed anything that comes from someone's dick or ass. Just good quality crypto content. And what I'm trying to say is AI. It's a very underrated niche. It's good, it's new, it's early, and I'm going to give you the best coins, ranging from some solid, safe AI coins down to some very high risk dirty coins that can do those 20 to 50? X's.

Look, Dick and ass chokes aside, this niche is pretty overlooked if you've waited to get into crypto till now, this is your chance to actually be a bit early, to actually not be the guy that gets dumped on every single time. This is a lot like when I pointed out gaming back in November. You've seen the results of that.

Beam up ten x, super up 15 x, c defy ten x. Everything is just up. And I'm seeing a very similar pattern in AI right now. So without further ado, let's get into it. And I'm going to take off my fur coat because it makes me all sweaty.

And the last thing I want to do is I teach you about these red hot niches. Get all swampy. So anyways, AI, what is going on with this AI thing? Why should we be buying this? There's only one reason we buy things in crypto. I can get into the fundamentals, I can get into the tech. Why?

This is phenomenal. And we will be talking about that in this video. We will focus on serious things.

I will even give you the exact projects I'm looking at, from conservative projects that aren't going to you in the ass, to projects where if you look the other way, you're going to be a cushion for a pushing. It's going to be a bad day, a real shawshank redemption kind of period in your life. You're not going to enjoy it. But if you can keep your eye on them and be like, stay away from my buns. These coins, I think, can drop 2050 x's if the bull run keeps going. Keyword, if the bull run keeps going, we don't know if that's going to happen.

And if it does, we're all going to eat a lot of. I'm going to lose all my money in the market. So are you.

And I'm going to go back to making self help videos and act like I never invested in crypto at all. That is the crypto influencer way. But all that aside, tech fundamentals, as much as we want to act like that's the reason why we buy coins, I know why you're here.

I know why you want to buy these coins. You want them to pump a lot. You want to put in $100, make a million dollars, and then dump on all your friends faces, run off over the hills. Just your little tubby manlit body just running over the hill, wadling away with a sack of cash to play World of Warcraft and eat Arby's and lasagna to your heart's content.

Look, I'm not hating on that. I'm a guy who likes a pump as much as everybody else. And if we are looking for both of these things, the fundamentals and the tech, or just dirty red light gains, AI is simply where it is at right now. The niche isn't super early in crypto, but it's still pretty early. There's a lot of coins that haven't even moved yet, and there's a lot of coins that have moved, but the gains from here could be substantial. Why? Well, let's look at the stock market.

If we look at Nvidia, we look at other AI tech stocks. They're just going, that's the noise stocks make when they go up. These stocks won't stop going up, though, because AI is by far the strongest narrative in tech. And so what is going on in crypto right now is, yes, I'm going to explain a little bit about how AI plugs into crypto and actually does some fundamentally amazing things. But what is also going on is a lot of projects, a lot of tokens are building AI and slapping AI into their narratives. And everyone's just eating it up.

Everyone's going to eat it up. And what is going on in crypto is we're going to see some AI coins actually pick up true adoption, because the way they plug in the crypto is way better than anything we can do in web two. It's way better than how it's distributed in the real world right now. And when those pump, every AI coin is going to pump, it's going to be disgusting. And while this channel, we mostly invest in gaming coins, we want to have a subskill, we want to have a sub talent tree where we understand what's going on in the AI market. And I started talking about this a few weeks ago on Twitter.

You should follow me there at Zssbec. You'll get all the things I talk about a lot sooner. And since then, we've done very well in the AI niche. And so I've done a lot more investigation, I've done a lot more research, and I want to share with you where I am looking going forward. So let's hop into it.

So before I explain how this works, you don't care how it works. Let's just be straight. You're more interested in the pump anonyx.

Why are these coins going to go to the moon? How is it going to make you money doing nothing? That's fine. You disgusting, disgusting little manlet. I will fit your needs here. So how is this thesis going to play out? How's this play going to work. What do we need to base this on? Before we get anything, please read this disclaimer. Like always on this channel, I am not predicting the bull run will continue.

I have no idea what bitcoin is going to do. I think that we are going to go past 100k, maybe even 200k. We could reverse at any time, though. And in that case, anything in AI, anything in gaming, almost any coin we invest in is going to take 90% losses. You're going to lose all of your money. This is extremely risky.

This is pure gambling. This is not investment advice in any form. I've told you many times to stay away, and you just will not. So come on in.

Let me be a bad influence. So the main thing for this thesis to work is bitcoin has to keep going up. If it doesn't, we're just in trouble. So you've seen this entire year, bitcoin is starting to go up, and it's about to cross its all time high, which is amazing, because if we go and look at. Let's just look at the last bull run right here. If we go look at when bitcoin crossed all time high, about right here, this is November 20.

And then we go look at a coin like b and B, you're going to notice that a lot of the smaller coins are the middle cap coins really didn't start moving until you can see this started moving in February almost. That's almost two months after bitcoin's all time high. And so the moves we're going to see on coins of this size and coins in this niche hasn't even really begun yet. Even if we're getting into something that has already moved a lot like gaming, which we got into in November, we're up 1015 20 x across the board. And so I don't think the moves in smaller coins have even totally begun yet. They've definitely made some money.

But if we go look at b and b, for example, right here, and zoom in, before it really started its move, the thing actually 20 x before it did, like another 20 x. And the thing is, in AI, it hasn't even done its 20 x's yet. So, look, we're seeing a very similar thing that we saw in gaming in artificial intelligence tokens. Now, if you recall in gaming, I pointed out that in November, the market cap of all gaming was like $10 billion. You have to keep in mind, the market cap of something like, let's just go and look at doge, is $23 billion. Doge does nothing.

If we look at all the dog coins that have pumped all the meme coins. The market cap of them is about $50 billion. Again, these coins proudly do nothing. They are pure gambling coins. They have no purpose whatsoever other than number go up, people dump on each other.

That's all they're for. So if we go and look at this, for example, gaming was at a $10 billion market cap, and I pointed that out, I'm like, this is ridiculous. Gaming is going to be one of the biggest industries, perhaps the number one industry in crypto in the next few years. 100, 300, 500 billion dollar market cap isn't even one ethereum.

I believe it's one ethereum now, but you're getting the point right here. It's just stupidly small considering how big it could get. We have layer ones that don't do anything, that have those market caps. So in artificial intelligence right now, I want you to kind of ignore this $55 billion market cap, because not all these coins are AI coins. A lot of them are data storage, file management, which really does tie a lot in the AI.

But we really want to dive deep into the AI narrative. And what I would say right now is the market cap of all AI coins is probably about $30 billion, which isn't small by any means. However, again, I refer you to the dog coins.

One coin in AI can get as big as just doge. And if we go and look at, for example, Nvidia the past year and AI overall in markets, it's just completely overblown. It's hypey. And what happens in crypto is this. Everything that's going on in the real world, the logical world, also spills in over here. So if Nvidia keeps going up, AI coins just keep going up, but they deliver higher multiples than like a Nvidia or some AI tech stock.

Now, what is also going to happen, 810% in crypto, is something up here is going to get adopted. The way AI plugs into crypto and the way decentralized AI works is beautiful. It could be the main use case of crypto early on.

On top of that, it could just become the default way people interact and pay for and distribute processing power in AI. What that means for you, my grubby little friend, though, is that when one of these coins gets picked up and goes to the moon, let's say it hits a 20 billion, 30 billion, $50 billion market cap. Completely reasonable, especially if it's like a layer one technology for AI. All the coins are going to go nuclear, we have all these coins sitting at 100 million dollar market caps, all the way down to 3510 million dollars market caps.

Like, for example, I mentioned conducts the other day. It's like an $18 million market cap thing could go 1020 x from there. And there's a lot of coins that are in that situation right there. So when the top coins all go nuclear, one of them goes nuclear, they're all going to go nuclear. And we saw something very, very similar to this in gaming with Axi. If you were around last run, Axe went to the absolute moon right here.

But while Axie did this, every single game, they went from, like, million dollar market caps to 50 million, 100 million dollar market caps across the board. So if you invested in anything in crypto gaming, you just came down here, you saw Axe was taken off, and then you went down all the way down to the bottom and just started buying any coins down here. It didn't even matter what it was. You scored a 1020 x on it, no problem. We want to do the exact same thing in AI. The reason why AI and crypto goes together so well is if you've worked with any form of AI, which I have, I make most of my money running tech companies, and I built an AI tech company that failed.

But I learned a whole lot about AI and how it works in the process. And the biggest problem with AI is power. All right, so what is power? It's the GPU and the processing behind the AI.

It uses so much computer processing power that you have to have computers and processing and servers and everything else just plugged into your thing. And in order to meet the demand of your customers and everything, it's very difficult, because you just have to constantly have this power on hand. It's very expensive. There's ways you can rent it by renting it by the minute, by the hour, and it turns on and off. You have to sign these crazy contracts.

It is just absolutely impossible to get gpus and power right now in AI, because Google and every other giant company is just buying all of it, buying all the chips, buying all the servers, buying all the rentable contracts. It's a pain. And so one of the best things about AI crypto is it allows you to use blockchain to automatically move coins in and out without contracts, without complications, to manage the processing of this power that then plugs into applications. So the power that goes in applications and funds the AI, or powers the AI that the apps are using, blockchain and the tokens can automate that very well. Now, there's so many other ways we can do it. But the thing is that the centralization of power, which is the GPU in the processing, becomes decentralized and becomes accessible to everybody and also cost affordable so that things can be rented at all times, maximizing the profits for people renting the power, people using the power, making it so it can't be turned on and off, making it so it can be consistent and able to be counted on.

The rabbit hole gets very deep. I just wanted to show you one use case. We're mostly going to be focusing on narratives and hype, but when I am picking out coins, I do do my research into them and make sure that the use case is there so that, a, the coins are not complete baloney. But two, you want that use case there so people actually hold their coins.

If you're getting in the coins that are just based around hype and narrative, a lot of people are going to sell them right away, as soon as they make a lot of profits, because they know it's just hype and narrative. If you can find coins that have underlying use cases, people think, okay, it's going to go much higher in the future. And they hold, and people holding their coins for a long time is required for the price to get as high as possible.

So while you probably don't care about how the AI works, this is how it works and why we want to look for this in the coins we pick. So these coins, these coins. These damn coins. Before we get going, quick disclaimer. Best thing I can do on this channel is just be completely transparent with you. Obviously, a lot of the coins I'm going to talk about, I'm going to talk about coins I like.

And crazy enough, I invest bigly in things I like in crypto. So some of these projects I have massive bags in. Also, I have tons of experience building tech companies. I've built nine figure tech companies in the past. So a lot of times when I find projects I like, on top of investing, on top of getting big bags of them, I like to reach out and consult, advise them so that I can actually go and help the projects grow.

Using my experience in marketing and tech building. Obviously, a lot of times I do this for money. So with my big holds in this and also me advising a lot of these projects, there's incentive for me to want them to go up and talk about them. And also, let's not forget I will be selling these coins in the future.

I'm not holding these forever. I'm not suggesting you hold these forever. We are amid the short term traders on this channel.

If you can't trust me because of that, you can't be in coins that I'm in. That's fine. Use the logic I'm about to show in this video to find other AI coins. I'm mostly focused on strategy in these videos and showing you how I think, not how you should think.

And I'm also going to talk about a ton of projects I don't own. So these coins, we're looking at the market cap of everything. And we need to also first identify how this is different than gaming.

Because in this channel, we mostly invest in gaming. And it's provided the best returns in crypto by far. Now, when it comes to gaming, you can see the market caps pretty damn high.

They're kind of similar to AI. But the difference between AI and gaming is. So for example, an individual game getting to like a $5 billion market cap, or a $6 billion market cap like Axie did back last bloor, that's a little excessive. Okay, like how valuable is Rockstar games? I don't answer that question.

It could be worth more than $5 billion. I don't know. But it's a bit outlandish to think that a single game that is new, that doesn't have Fortnite levels of players, is worth $6 billion in market cap. That's just kind of a bit silly. That said, in AI, the top ranges for market caps are pretty much infinite because these are not tapping into the gaming market. We're not being held down by gaming valuations.

So, for example, in the gaming market, like, here's the top valuation of companies. And the AI market, the top valuation of companies is in the trillions. So the huge edge that AI has in this market is these market caps can get completely out of control. And I think they will get out of control now.

Some will reach very high market caps. 40 5100 billion dollar market caps in the future. Reasonably so. Justified, whatever. But a lot of projects have no business being above three $5 billion market caps. But they will get there.

They will get there. And so as we go through this, a lot of coins that have 100 million dollar market caps in gaming, expecting 100 million dollar market cap coin to get to a five x or a ten x by the end of the bull run. That's reasonable.

But with 100 million dollar coins in AI, they could go to 3 billion, 5 billion, no problem. Especially because this is still a really new narrative. AI coins were not around last bull run, gaming coins very much were. And while I'm going to stick primarily to gaming coins, AI is the side skill, the side talent treated, you just can't ignore because of these variables.

So you want to have a little bit of a foot in here, or you can make this in your entire thing. It's the niche I'm definitely looking at. So when we're looking at this niche, my goal here is to maximize money. I'm not looking for bitcoin holds that are going to two, three, x.

So if we're starting from the very top of this, where I'm obviously going to be investing in is near bittenure render and Akash network. If I'm just looking for nice, big, boring, boring, boring, boring, boring gains, this is where I'm going to be digging around at. But all of these have billion dollar market caps, Akash being the lowest at 1.5 billion.

Now, look, I can go into how these coins work and explain each one. In gaming, it's pretty simple. Explain the games and the tokens, because it's either infrastructure, it's a studio, or it's a game. So there's only so many combinations of how these things are going to work with AI. There's infinite different ways crypto and AI can be combined together.

So, look, I can explain Akash network, how it goes, and decentralizes how cloud services work. That basic model that I explained to you early in this video, that's basically kind of similar to what Akash does, and it's kind of similar to what a lot of these coins do. However, I'm not going to take the time to explain each and every single coin and what it does and how it works, because I'm going to be completely transparent with you. I'm still a little new in the AI niche when it comes to how everything works.

And like I said before, being transparent with you, I don't care necessarily how everything works. I care about the narrative, the marketing and the hype behind the coins. So instead of sitting here and being like, well, the reason why this coin works is the technical science paradigms of decentralized computer processing, of GPU processing rates multiplied over the square of PI, is the reason why this coin was. No, that's not what I'm going to do here.

And while I do understand how AI plugs into crypto, a lot of my thesis here is more relying on caveman being like, hey, coin good people, like many people, support coin go up. That's really where we're leaning towards here. So forgive me if I'm a little bit brief on some of these coins, but the top coins I'm going to look at if I just want to be nice and safe and I'm looking for a ten x here by the end of the bull run. I don't know if I'm going to get a nearer. Could get to like a $50 billion market cap, no problem. So we could score a ten x on near, which is really good for a top coin in an industry.

So for example, we go to the gaming and we look at like IMX, for example. That's about a five x from here. 2020 $5 billion market cap is pretty reasonable for IMX. These ones could go higher in some cases just because of the AI narrative.

Bittensor, render and Akash are all incredibly quality coins. Fetch is great as well. You really can't go wrong mixing and matching a portfolio of these coins right here. I don't own any of these because if I'm at the casino right now, I'm here to play big.

And so I'm going to be looking at things under a billion dollar market cap. One of the first places I'm probably going to start at is AO's network. This has the marketing as the narrative. And the reason why I like is because I think it can get up to the market caps of these coins up here. And so when people are trading these coins, what they're going to do is like, let's say near goes to a 30 $40 billion market cap. This thing's going to chase up and take near's place right here at the $6 billion market cap or above.

So this is probably in my portfolio. I don't own aaz Ayaz Eozi. That's how fancy people that are really good crypto pronounce it.

It's the Eozi new walk. I don't own Ewazi new walk at this moment, but I'm definitely looking at investing in it. On top of that, another big coin. And I love, because it ties into gaming and AI decentralization is echelon Prime.

I would probably start here. I don't own Echelon prime either, because my bags are so packed in gaming, I'm slugging them down the street. I don't even know what's in the bag right now. I open it and it's like when they split the boogeyman open in a nightmare before Christmas. It's just flying. I don't look in there. I'm just going to put the bag on the scale and try and sell at the end of the bull run.

But I definitely get an echelon prime now where I start investing at starts here, pal. I think this is probably one of the better coins to be invested in. It's one of my investments. I've held it way from over here yonder. It's done super well for me. It ties in the chat bots.

And the reason why I really love pal is not only because it has great technology and features and whatnot, but it's because it has so much brand know how. And so almost every single degenerate and every person that's really trying to make a lot of money in AI, they're all getting into this coin. And so the marketing is just on point for it. The narrative, the hype. Perfect. So I think as the bull run picks up and then all the retail investors that are starting to flood back into crypto right now come down to lower coins, Powell is going to be their first stop. So I think this is easily going to go to three.

$4 billion market cap if the bull run gets outrageous. Again, everything we're talking about right here relies on the bull run getting outrageous. Bitcoin past 100,000, $120,000.

That doesn't happen. Everything I'm throwing out here, these are pie in the sky numbers. Now, Oxo combines privacy and AI together.

The reason why I like Zero X, Zero Oxo, I call it Oxo, is because it has both those narratives, but again, it has the strong brand and narrative power that pal has. So if I'm getting into anything right now, my top two coins that I'm buying, kind of similar to how I do super IMX and beam and gaming crypto, it's going to be these two coins right here. These are the good, safe North Star coins of my portfolio. Now, another coin that I like that I think is going to do super well and kind of falls in that same category is palm AI.

I don't own this coin, and frankly, I think it's going to get the same returns as zero x zero and pal. So I just like, why split my dick in three different directions? I do really like this coin a lot. And so I think this is another one you should actually be looking at. And it's another kind of chatbot system similar to pal. And so I don't need two of those in my portfolio.

This is a good one to also be looking at. It's a little bit smaller than pal, though. I think pal has the narrative behind it. Now, if we're starting to get a little bit more degenerate.

One coin, I think, even though it has a high market cap that could run a whole lot, is Ader. And one thing I want you to focus on is a lot of the coins I'm going to be looking at right here. The market cap and the diluted market cap are very similar. This is super important in older coins, because what happens is the coins start releasing.

So the fully diluted market cap is all the coins that haven't hit the market yet. A lot of those are held by vcs and original investors in the project. And so when they hit the market, it smashes the price down. I don't want to be getting into any coin that's semi old and has those coins unlocking. So, for example, if you look at, like, gaming crypto, shrapnel has a massive, fully diluted market cap in terms of how many coins are actually diluted.

So when those coins start releasing, I'm a big investor in shrapnel, but you got to be very careful when those coins start releasing, if it's not the bull anymore, that's really going to drive the price down. Happened to alluvium, for example. Now alluvium doesn't have that problem anymore.

Super, for example, doesn't have that problem more. So they're shooting up, and there's no one selling coins that are being released that have been holding them for two years. So, very important. The reason why I like Ader a lot is it ties into not only AI, but the DPen narrative that is coming up, and it also ties into gaming, because what they have is a router that allows the processing of all these narratives. And I think processing power plus Dpen plus AI tying this all together makes it like a staple, like a big glue between all my portfolios. So I've recently taken a really, really large position in ador, and I think because it's a protocol.

And again, we're playing with hype and narratives here. A lot of the things I'm going to tap on here, while they do have a backing in the tech and what I'm talking about, we're also tapping in what people are going to think about the project. That's the most important thing, because everything here in crypto right now is based on what people think about the project and the narrative behind the project.

There's no revenue coming in any of these projects, though. The price isn't propped up, for example, like a stock where, let's say, you buy the stock for $10 and it pays you one dollars per year. At a 10% return on that stock, the price is going to stick around about $10 for that stock. It doesn't matter the narrative or what people think about the stock now, of course it can get out of control like Nvidia, but there isn't some baseline fundamental value keeping these up and down.

It's all about what people think. So we have to super pay attention to that in crypto. With it being a protocol, we have to figure that Ader could probably get up to these levels right here. That's how I'm trading Ader right now.

So I think a 1020 x on it is on the table if the market keeps up and keeps going. Now, my two more degenerate picks that I think are going to do really well are going to be Opsec. And I really like pal AI, for example, but it's limited to, or it's focused on chat bots.

I want things that handle the processing of massive amounts of power or have the narrative that they're going to do that in the future. So OpSEC, for example, has the same, similar narrative as Akash and some of these bigger coins right up here. So when I'm looking at something like OpSEC, I think this right here could easily do the two, three, $4 billion run by the end of this bull run. Specifically based on those narratives of the bigger coins that are going to be running the 1020, $30 billion market caps. I think billion dollar market cap easily is on the table for OpSeC right here.

One, because there's a lot of really cool things going on OpSEC and how they democrat the ties and decentralize and all the buzwords we're looking for in a project when it comes to management of data. That's all fantastic and that's going to give it the underlying foundation. It's going to keep people holding for the long term.

Again, the narrative on this is very, very strong. So I'm all in on OpSEC. And then the other coin that I think has the similar advantages, the same one as OpSeC and it's a little bit smaller. So I think it's going to get better returns, which again, when I'm talking about better returns here, like one does a ten x, the other one does like a 1213 x.

And if one doesn't do something, the other one does something. So it's good to diversify and split up between them. And I love node because it goes, and again, decentralizes AI resources which that is just the most powerful narrative there is, because AI resources are just right now in every other market. And so I think node AI could again do these multibillion dollar runs where if we go to a 2 billion, $3 billion market cap, which I think is very reasonable from here, if the bull run keeps skyrocketing, I'm going to stop saying that.

Now, everything I say here is based on the bull run continuing to get to cataclysmic levels. We could easily see a 30 x on this coin and similar type of gains on OpSEC. And then if I'm getting into my dirtiest coin that I'm in right now, that I think could just completely melt faces from here, it's going to be conducts.

This unites NFTs and AI, and basically creates nfts that are plugged in, the AI that you can then talk to. And I think this actually have a lot of impact when it comes to actually putting nbcs in games, making people more attached to their nfts. So the NFT is almost like this mind or creature that you can trade around between people. And so I think this narrative combined with gaming, combined with nfts, combined with ownership of assets, attaching more to the ownership of the asset than just it being a picture, I think that's going to be huge. And there's so many other things that Condux has going for it and its partnerships and the technologies going into it.

So I really, really like Condux. And it's at a semi life market, market cap, semi low market cap compared to a lot of the other coins. So I think it getting to a $500 million or something valuation based on the market is doable. So that's a good 1020 x position right there. Now, two other coins that I'm looking at right now that haven't launched yet is GPU net and skillful AI.

I'm not going to get too much into these because they haven't dropped yet, but everybody is focused on gaming drops right now. The drops there have done cataclysmic numbers. And then with what we saw with portal, what we saw with Mabia, people are foaming at the mouth for new coins and gaming. This narrative isn't quite here in AI yet, which is really cool because it allows us to catch projects like POW, projects like node really early before they hit the market.

And there isn't really that much hyperam. And that's what we want. When projects launch and there's a ton of hyper around them, you automatically are paying 30, 40 x from what the coins started at. And the chances for gains just aren't there. I'm really looking at a lot of seed investing and early coins and AI, and you should be, too. You should have a list of all the coins dropping, because I don't think the hype and narrative is there yet.

There is a lot of people talking about AI coins on crypto Twitter. But outside of that, gaming crypto is pretty. Getting pretty well known.

AI crypto is still kind of an unknown. And so the launches in AI crypto are super unknown and the hype isn't there. And this allows you to go and grab a lot of these things early before they actually go. Now, there's a lot of other coins that we could potentially get into. I really like Dia. And the one thing I want to stress right here and the point of this video is that if we come down here, man, I haven't had time to get into 80% of these projects.

So it's not like gaming where I can come through and I can basically tell you the quality of almost any when we're getting down here. There's a lot of cess. I'll leave it at that. But anything that's actually doing anything, I can kind of tell you what's undervalued and overvalued. I can't tell you what's undervalued completely down here. There's so much it just hasn't been dug into.

And there's a lot of projects that are really old that have their fully diluted market caps up. And when they make a product that actually hits the market and people start using, it could just come out of nowhere. And so I think if you're watching this video, you have a massive opportunity that you might not have in other niches, like gaming, for example, because gaming is very well known at this point.

AI is kind of a mystery bag. And we have these top projects and a lot of the good projects that I mentioned, but we have all these projects sitting down here at really low market caps because nobody really understands what they do and they haven't really taken off yet. And so I think there's massive, massive opportunity for you, if you're watching this video, to come in and say, all right, what is Alex talking about these videos? What is he thinking? And how can I find things that might be the next pal or opsec down here? So, for example, we go look at, like, palm AI, and we look at just the past month. I mean, it was at, let's look at the market cap, this coin came and dropped and it was sitting at a $28 million market cap. So you had, like, plenty of time when this thing launched.

And now it's all the way up here. That is a massive gain in just a span of a few weeks for you. And so this is what I'm talking about when it comes to the launches, there's a lot of opportunity here that you're not going to see.

For example, like portal just dropped. And I don't really know that much about portal, so don't take this as me saying anything negative about portal, but you didn't have any chance at all to catch this at a low valuation. It just sat and went straight to $400 million. And then that's just it.

And so you're really looking at like a two, three x from here on this thing. You're definitely not looking at some giant, massive gain that you would be if you find the things down here. And I guarantee you some of the ones sitting down here have that potential. So, for example, if we go and look at, like, OpSec, just not even two months ago. Vroom. These things move fast. 1015 x just from the bottom right here.

And it sat around here for a long time. It's not like gaming where you saw these huge market caps right here. And so we're kind of seeing a bit of a gold rush as people actually start to realize and look into these coins. And I think these lower coins down here, they're going to be charging to 50, $60 million market caps really quickly. So I would really look into these down here. I do so much micro cap trading and gaming that I don't really participate in these coins down here in AI, it's just, it's too much for my attention span to handle.

But you can. And so if I could give you any real advice from this video, that's where I'm also looking as well. So to sum everything up, guys, if you're getting into crypto right now, there's almost no other niche that has this combination that's going on in AI right now. One, it's not very well understood. And so a lot of things are undervalued. But also with the market caps that AI can get to as a total, it also has the potential to get massive overvaluations.

And everything in crypto is going to be overvalued. None of these valuations are responsible or logical whatsoever. We're not looking at something that's generating revenue.

This is pure emotional, narrative driven trading, which if you want to make money, that's good. But you need to understand what you're doing. It's like going and playing roulete in Vegas and thinking that you're not gambling, you're investing in like Amazon or something. No, you're at the roulette table. So it's undervalued, has a potential for huge overvaluations most people don't understand. And there is a plethora of coins on the market right now that people don't quite get yet.

So you have this chance right here while the market is way underway. If you got in with us in November, congrats on gaming. You're up 1525 X. I think we're about to go up to 40 x's and whatnot if the market keeps going and people are really just now starting to swing in the AI. And this gives you the chance to get in there and actually apply the things I talk about in these videos and find things that could realistically get you 2030 x's depending on the market. And all you have to do is look, dig around.

This is your chance to actually go and say, hey, Becker, I'm not buying coins that he's in exclusively. I'm actually going to go use my brain and do something and try to creatively get an edge in the market, which is what I'm always screaming at you to do. So that being said, I don't have any more things to talk to you about.

Follow me on Twitter at CSS Becker if you want to see coins that I'm looking at way earlier, my thoughts on the market way earlier and some tier ten tier ten level posting, that's really the main reason to follow me. Top, top of class ZSs Becker. So many more advantages to following me there than just following me on YouTube alone. Other than that,

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