Top 10 Reasons You’re Wrong About Everything

Top 10 Reasons You’re Wrong About Everything

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Hello I'm Simon Wesley you're watching top 10s Nessen in the video today the top 10 reasons you're wrong about everything. No matter how thoughtful intelligent, well-informed, or, open-minded. You think you are you're. Wrong even if you are humble enough to admit what you don't know odds are you are still falling, victim to a major, cognitive. Fallacy, that keeps you from having an accurate, impression, of, reality. Cognitive, fallacies, are so common, they are almost synonymous, with. Thinking, and like a chicken-and-egg puzzle, they make it exhausting, to try and think your way out of them so whether you want to shatter the illusion of, your false humility or, can't wait to leave a comment at the bottom of this video explaining, how you are actually never wrong about anything this, video should give you plenty, to think about in your own fundamentally. Flawed and biased. Way. Number. 10 your lizard, brain it, turns out size does matter but mostly because of how you use, it or more precisely how. It can be used different, areas of the brain have different, functions, so it isn't the total size that matters so much as the relative, size of different areas which support, different, cognitive processes. And this isn't an endorsement of phrenology it is a question, of capacity. Which may or may, not actually be utilized human, brains are like evolutionary. Onions, they have developed, several layers and each layer adds, both, mass and the capacity, for higher functions, because, we are all superficial, we tend to heap attention, on the last, outer layer, the cerebral. Cortex that, is capable of complex, thought reasoning, and many, of the features we think of as defining, intelligence, or humanity, but superficiality. Is stupid, and we tend to give less credit to the relatively, more important, less evolved, layers namely, the lizard, brain that secretly controls, everything, reptilian. Conspiracy theorists. Rejoice, apparently. You were right all along at, the core of all, brain, activity, is a small combination. Of brain parts found in all vertebrates, that serve mostly, to help keep you alive they, regulate, heart rate breathing equilibrium. Etc. Surrounding, this is the limbic system also, known as the lizard brain because, that's about all, there is inside the average lizards head it interacts, with the central, core to process sensory information generate.

Basic, Emotions, and manage, decision-making, at its most rudimentary, level in short, this bit of the brain is where instinct. Lives every, unconscious, habits or automatic, response jumping, when startled. Eating what tastes good or trying to make babies, originates. In that reptilian, core because, it is obsessed, with survival. Eating escaping, reproducing. The lizard brain has an uncanny ability to shout, over your higher reasoning brain, and take control rendering, the more evolved, lobes the ones that make you smarter, than the average ape impotence, right, when it counts since, it is embarrassing to admit how, often, our behavior, is driven by base animal impulses, we tend to employ the rest of our mammalian, brains to justify. Our behavior rather. Than control, it this is why rationalization. Is common to the point of it being unconscious, it takes a lot of mental effort and concentration to, perpetually. Silence, the lizard brain but, a lot less to delegate, decision-making, to it and select, the cerebral, cortex invent. Excuses to, make those decisions seem, rational like, so many MFA, graduates, you wind up writing generic, marketing copy to pay the rent our higher functions, squander, their talents by simply, dressing, up our primal, instincts, as deliberate, and thoughtful, actions human, evolution has essentially turned us into, artists, because it is easier to invent excuses for, our behavior than, to take active, control of us number, nine threats, perception, as a, species we like to pat ourselves on, the back for being aware of our own mortality as far as we can tell no other animals, on earth possess, this innate knowledge, of their inevitable, death which supposedly, gives us a powerful cognitive, and behavioral. Advantage, except. Our brains are still hardwired. Do you ignore long, term consequences, so that we can better enjoy, short-term, pleasures, just, as our lizard brains don't let our higher functions, waste time trying to reason us out of harm's way they tends not to less thoughtful, consideration, for, impending, disaster, get in the way of a good time the fight-or-flight response. Is really only applicable, in, dealing with an immediate threat when, the risk is more long-term, like obesity or, V robot apocalypse the, lizard, brain becomes, obsessed, with instant, gratification, outside. Of the fight-or-flight response. The lizard brain is basically laying a never-ending game of marry, or kill only, it isn't as interested, in monogamy, as it is in getting fed so the game actually, becomes eat, or kill even, when there isn't an immediate demand, for its services your lizard brain still, wants. Its voice heard and will always, drive you to choose short-term, pleasure over long term security, and when pleasure is involved, as opposed to fear, it makes your lizard brain feel like it's winning the game and it wants you to keep playing this is also known as addiction. It literally, happens in your brain and it is not nearly, as dependent, on the chemical properties of any, substances. Involved as you might think this is why behaviors, can become, just as addictive as anything, you can consume, that is also why treating addiction, takes more than just willpower. You have to physically change your brain to, develop new habits so while you can call upon all your knowledge and all your experience, is to make a decision about how to behave in a given situation you, are simultaneously, working, to suppress your instinct, to simply, do the easiest, most Kanaly satisfying, thing possible, and now. We get to the conclusion which is basically, why things, like Netflix cheaters, and porn, are quite so popular number, 8 Authority. You know that saying never, meet your heroes well that's because there is a gap between what, we expect, people to be and what, they actually are only, it isn't, just heroes, it's everyone. Pretty tall confidence, or even. Just carrying a bloody clipboard, there's a whole, cocktail, of fallacies, of play here but aside, from projecting. A false correlation, of authority, based purely on appearance, that is the timeless. Appeal to. That authority this, can manifest as anything, from a mean image, that uses a famous historical figure to make a quote sound profound when it is actually, nonsense, to using Rotten Tomatoes to, determine, what is or, is not a good movie it is easy to, come up with an opinion but simply having, more of them doesn't make them objective, or informed, even, credentialed. Experts, like doctors, are often operating, more on in formed opinions, than cut and dry facts, and that's assuming the subject in question is actually, within the area of expertise, if a nurse and a doctor disagreed, over the best way to deliver a baby for example people tend to assume that the doctor is the superior, authority. On the matter of course if the nurse was a certified, nurse midwife, a maternity, specialist trained in women's health and pregnancy issues and the doctor was a colorectal, surgeon.

That's A doctor, by the way then, deferring to the doctor suddenly, seems a little misguided but, the natural inclination we, all feel is to simply look for an authority, without, first qualifying, what makes that person an authority, in the first place, number, seven binary, thinking sports. The popular narrative holds, that youth sports, create, character, teach leadership teach, cooperation. And all other sorts, of valuable, life lessons, now all of that may be true but they also train, participants, and spectators alike to view everything as a tribal, contest, between good and bad, between. Right, and wrong I mean us and them, this is why team sports are so eternally. Popular, they reflect, the, way that we think even. Though our brains evolve tolerating. Process, complexity, these new developmental, expansion. Drives take extra, processing, power so we subconsciously simplify. Whenever, is possible and it turns out that it's always possible because there are very few circumstances that, can't be fallaciously, boiled, down to an a/b. Option, just like opposing. Sports teams facing off in a competition, this, is the essence, of binary. Thinking a's and b's ones, and zeroes us and them surviving. As a, tribe requires, cooperation which. Is greatly aided by the perception, of a shared, threat a competing, tribe an opposing, team if you will because, this kind of cooperative, competition worldview. Has been so famously, helpful, in human survival, we project it's simplistic, calculus. On to damn near everything. Else so, that we can make better decisions we can forge alliances and. Elect. The right, candidate, for president no, matter how much you holler about how party membership is a representation. Of ideological, cohesion. Millions. Of year. Of evolution. Make a compelling, counter, arguments, that yet actually, just picked a team and you, want to see them win even, when it comes to what we eat we can't tolerate the dietary, complexity, of the omnivore, instead, we make wild. Extrapolations. Low and fast must also mean low in anything else that might kill us non GMO means, healthy, reduced sodium means, vitamin, enriched our selection. Process for food is, overwhelmed. By creative, labels that speak directly to, our monkey minds looking for the team that, we perceive as healthy. Number. Six the internet believing, your opinions, are valid and correct is like thinking, you know which way is up in an MC Escher drawing it, only works if you limit your focus and deliberately. Ignore, all contradictory. Evidence and, well. There's, this thing and it's called the Internet and it's a near-perfect tool. For doing just that the Internet is won on its way to bringing, the sum total, of human knowledge within, reach of anyone, who connects, to us we have never had more access to information or, more user-friendly platforms. For consuming. And disseminating. Data following. The patterns established by, the advent, of written scripts or the printing press we should be seeing an explosion of. Intelligence, we should be seeing progress, and intellectual. Transformation. But, we aren't what, we are seeing instead, is that people are more interested. In being right than, being informs in making, obnoxious, punchline, comments, than advancing. Discourse, in rickrolling. Earnest, youtubers than, in providing, a video entertainment, experience. Rather, than an escalator. To the pinnacle of, human achievement the. Internet is really just, a utility, for, feeding confirmation, bias confirmation, bias, is the human tendency to agree, with people who say, things that, we also think, say things we also feel, this, gives us a great surge of confidence online. You can find someone arguing for or agreeing. With virtually. Anything this, means no matter how, objectively. Wrong you are you can find someone, else on your, side now, through the power of binary, thinking which we mentioned before you can boldly. Assume infallibility. By association. After, all if people, agree with you than the real problem, isn't with your ideas, it is with the people who disagree, with your ideas the Internet in combination.

With Social media feeds, a similar, but different problem. And that's selection. Bias this is where we tend to seek out opinions, that match ours and ignore, those that, don't the fact that you can block Facebook friends from your feet seems like, a feature but it is really just proof of how the Internet is an automated, cognitive. Fallacy, multiply, your friends network by the news, channels you watch the papers, you read the people you talk to the movies you see the restaurants, you patronize, in the house of worship you, attends and you can see how we aren't really looking for truth which is looking to avoid conflict, a possible, defense against, the overwhelming, human, tendency, to indulge these biases, has cropped up in the form of big, data a massive, automated algorithmic. Assessment, of raw data through various, query based lenses, President, Obama even established, the Office of data science, in an effort to bring some measure of scientific, and mathematical objectivity. To the direction, of US federal policy, either that or even, the White House is losing ground in the fight against. Artificial intelligence, number. 5 distorted. Memories memories. Are less like images etched into granite and more like soft play-doh we accidentally, step on and mixed together until everything, is a gross gray color in less metaphorical, terms memories, are never, complete as we learn make new memories experience. New emotions, and find ourselves in new contacts, trying, to remember something all this, new mental baggage lands, directly, on the memories we are trying to recall when, we remember something we aren't simply recalling, us like a photo in an album we are interacting. With it projecting, new memories new knowledge, and biases. Onto the old memory sometimes, we construct. Memories, through some combination of, suggestion. And desire, or perhaps fear for, example if you are about to go on a date you might find yourself visualizing. Disaster, scenarios, and the, date ends in, lonely, tears the, emotionally, jarring, imagery might even compel you to picture, the disaster, over and over again until, the repetition. Emblazoned. The whole scene on your memory as though. Actually happens alternatively. You might find the experience of that hot date so sensual, that you expedited. Storage, straight to long-term memory, unfortunately. You can have efficiency, or you, can have accuracy but, you can't have both, in order, to make memories easier, to recall our brains take shortcuts, and then fill in the gaps whenever, we call on them this sort of adaptive, memory relies, on your present-day, intellectual, context, and capacity, to make up for what you didn't actively, connect, a memory it's sort of like saving your finished novel as a Word document and then opening, it back up I need to find a 900-page. Mad Libs epic except that you doesn't even realize that you are filling in random nouns and adjectives, to complete the story it is also highly, suggestible, which is why I witness, testimony, is basically. Worthless, if they are gently, nudged towards thinking something, they retro, actively convince themselves that, that is what they actually saw. Outside of the occasional trauma or joy that is the stuff of dynamic, memory there, is the unassuming, everyday, drudgery, that makes up the bulk of our lives like the commute, to work while the layout of your home this is the background scenery, that seems so, unchanging that. Our brains actually stop noticing, it and just assume, it is there a cognitive, function which is known as habituation, our brains are much more engaged by novelty. Than familiarity. So when stimulation, becomes a routine it stops penetrating, all the way through to every layer of the brain and starts getting filtered out there, simply noise number. Four ageing, getting. Old is bad, for your brain if you've ever met an old person you might already be familiar with the telltale signs of cognitive decline forgetfulness. Their reflexes impaired, judgments, etc. Of course there is no set age at which one becomes olds and their brains start getting unreliable, Alzheimer's.

Can Begin to develop in patients, as young as 40 and well 40, is the new 30 so, no one's really immune but. Even, if you reach your golden years in peak physical fitness that still means, you've spent a lifetime recalling. Old memories, which as you're recall is not a passive process by, then your long-term memory will, be a mess, of reconstruction. Adaptation. Suggestion. And pure, invention that, is hardly, recognizable as, an accounts of what you, experienced, in your life and, when you start preparing yourself to face the grim specter, of death you'll, likely want to believe that you lived a good life which means you're subjectively, recall, memories, through a very, thick lattice of nostalgia, the future may be uncertain, but you'll always have the good old days to reflect on because, you, are probably making, them up as a compensating, mechanism for, the lack of true and reliable. Memories and you'll, likely be spending, a lot more time wrapped, up in your comfort blanket if your imaginary past because, your brain's ability to perceive, sensory, information is also, going to decline as you age sugar. Literally. Is going to taste less sweet and all of your favorite foods will become less, appetizing. You'll, remember everything is tasting better back in the day because in the current day you barn really fully capable of experiencing. The same simple, pleasures of life bearing. That in mind maybe, the next time the grumpig easy you run across will seem less like a curmudgeon and more, like another example of the quiet, tragedy, of the human experience, number. Three groupthink, if, American. Anti-drug. Advertising, is to be believed peer pressure's, primary, function is to get kids to take drugs in a desperate bid to seem cool it is easily countered by the forceful, repetition, of no to any offer, that involves, social conformity in, reality, peer pressure is one of the key evolutionary. Advantages, that helps humans survive, and thrive adopting. A cooperative, strategy, might allow hunters to take down a mammoth and enjoy more, spoils, than they would have if they hunted individually, toddlers, learned most of their early lessons like how to talk or when to laugh by trying, to imitate the people around them the military indoctrinate. Soldiers, to follow orders and work as a units because everyone, having their own idea, about how to behave in combat, is a, solid way to get everyone killed but, our tendency, to crowdsource our, decisions, isn't limited to learning, and survival, tactics, similar, to that appeal to Authority we mentioned, earlier group think functions, as an individual, default, to the apparent will of the crowd, it isn't just high schoolers who want to be part of the in-crowd and that's why angry mobs bandwagons.

And The wave are all such standard. Features of people, assembling, it's, also why your opinion on a single issue can, be extrapolate. To an entire, political, platform when, you find a group who agrees with you you naturally, want to continue, agreeing, with them by, extension even when we find ourselves disagreeing. With the group we all self police that disunity, and silence. Dissent so as not to injure our membership, this in combination, with deference to Authority is how humans are able to come together and produce such, hallmark, events as, a genocide, much, as we celebrate, the illusionary notions, of individuality, this, tendency, to try to blend in mirror behavior and offload, thinking to a group as almost, impossible, to prevent once enough people start, mingling it is unconsciously. Activated, by socialization. And the only defense goes against instinct, and popular, opinion and being. Unpopular really. Is for us quite, the worst number two conditioning. What, is free will that's, a trick question, you have no idea because most of what you perceive as deliberate, behavior is actually, a conditioned, response from. Your minor daily habits to your entire, sense, of identity, you are overwhelmingly. The product of conditioning. Other one is known as training. This is the exact same way you get pets and babies do defecate. With more precision if you aren't a pet owner you've still more than likely heard of the experiments, of Pavlov, particularly, the part about when the dog began salivating, upon hearing the ringing of a bell well culture, is to people what ringing, Bell is to the dog except, in society, the people holding the bell may not realize what they are doing so both the trainer and the trainee are participating, in the conditioning, process unawares. This is basically our superstitions, aborn by failing to differentiate. Between correlation. And causation, we find ourselves augmenting. Behavior purely out of a perceived association. With the desired outcome, plus memory distortions, can actively, feed conditioning, we remember, certain key features, of what appears, to be a cause and effects and then link the two without, reconsidering, the basis, for that connection we simply, remember, it since proceed to act honest as though, it is a fact whether, it starts as an effort to avoid pain embarrassment. Public shaming loneliness. Or the pursuit of pleasure friends, laughter, comfort, social acceptance, your life soon becomes one long chain of conditioned. Responses, there's only seem like choices because of the stories, you tell yourself, about them in fact number, one its, narrative thinking, most people think of empathy.

As The capacity, to put oneself in someone, else's shoes if you could imagine what something feels like that, must mean you understand, how someone is actually feeling right, the key here is that in order to relate to something you need to see yourself in that, person's shoes everything, we perceive or, think about we, convert to a first-person. Perspective our, minds are inherently. Self-centered. This is the essence, of narrative. Thinking all of existence is, a story, and we, think that we have a main character not, only is this the bridge connecting, us to our fellow humans, it is one of the primary, ways we make decisions, big or small intrinsic. Or even relative, value matter much less to us when expressing, preference, for, a particular musician, brands, lifestyle, religion or hair color the value they add to our lives starts, as the story we tell ourselves about, them and how, they enrich, our own sense of ourselves is, the leading player we, tell stories to explain everything. Even our everyday speech is riddled with metaphors but, nothing more so than, our own behavior, narrative, thinking is how we persistently. Ignore, the bundle of instinct, and emotion, regulating, our behavior and turn it all into a blends of destiny. And deliberation. It is how we take perfectly, good memories, and sensory, perception, and muddle, them into whatever, we want them to be our brains even, tell stories, subconsciously. Filling, in perceptual, gaps to make sense of stimuli, otherwise, known as illusions. So. I really, hope you enjoyed that video and don't forget to subscribe to this channel for brand new videos every, single day also I've got a podcast it's called brain food and it's educational entertaining. Content just like this it's, a bit longer form and it goes into a lot more depth, on a specific, subject, really, getting into all of those fascinating, little details you can check it out through the link in the description, below or just by searching your favorite podcast, app for brain, foods and if you like this YouTube channel you are sure to love that podcast but, if you want to watch something else right now why not check out a related video from the top tens archives, over there on the right and as always thank. You for watching.

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Ever since I learned it was possible for a blind person to believe they weren't blind and that they could see just fine, I've stopped relying on my brain and memory to tell me the truth about the world. I nearly always look for evidence and ask for verification via at least one other person (the more people the better) when I'm trying to recall something fairly important. I have OCD (and a myriad of other issues). The way I think of my compulsions has changed drastically ever since I learned what I mentioned above (blind ppl that think they see) and heard about one of those people having an interaction with her Dr that basically went: "I'm not blind, I see fine" "Can you see me right now?" "Yes, of course I can" "Ok, describe me. What am I wearing? What do I look like? Is there anything in my hands?" "You're wearing a lab coat with a stethoscope around your neck and pens in the pocket, you're wearing thick framed eye-glasses, have short brown hair and you're holding a clipboard and pen" "None of that is correct" "Well, I'm really tired right now so I just said whatever came to mind - my eyes are fine though - I just don't care to be doubted and tested like this. Its offensive. I can see just fine." Hopefully its obvious that I'm paraphasing and not actually quoting verbatim. The gist of the story is correct though. Her brain, reluctant to accept that her mental image was exactly that and not actually the signals sent via her eyes, provided a rationalization and ready made excuse in an effort to get around the fact that she was wrong on all counts. This ties into OCD because it helped me realize that the reasons my brain supplies for my compulsions are exactly like this blind womans rationalizations: stuff my brain is making up after the fact when asked to explain why I feel the need to do X, Y, & Z. ie) I need to have everything put away in just the right way and all objects positioned just right. Why? Because if things aren't put away like that then *everything* will be mass chaos and I will never be able to find anything ever again. I'm a rational, logical, intelligent person. I know that's not actually true. I know it's irrational to think that one can of soup being turned to the side slightly isn't going to cause mass chaos in my house, let alone the entire world. And yet, my body still feels the need to put everything in its place, make sure it's in exactly the right position and my brain still tells me that not doing so will cause mass chaos in the world. Yet, when I realize I'm doing something irrational that isn't related to an OCD compulsion I have no problem whatsoever changing or stopping what I'm doing. I suppose my point is: sometimes our brains can trick us and lie to us about the world. As anyone that's ever seen an optical illusion can attest. Be vigilant and try not to fall into the traps the brain sometimes lays.

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[Insert Annoying Punchline Comment Here]

This would be true if you were not all figments of my imagination. Now quite a figment you are bothering my delusions.

This is one of your best videos, great job! Btw, as far as no.6 goes, I doubt we are not seeing an intellectual transformation. In any case, I would argue that even if this transformation, or a general intelligence revolution, will happen in the next generations. We might not live to see it, but it is inevitable. We are witnessing the baby steps of the Internet. We are in the very beginning of the Information Age. The first steps will be awkward and will be plagued by problems that will eventually be surpassed, just as has happened before with the printing press, the scientific revolution, the industrial revolution etc.

No I'm not!

Also this is a fantastic video! An excellent introduction to social psychology, such interesting topics!

Well that's certainly a downer.

Great video!

Everything I just saw was wrong. So was this statement.

This is an almost unassailable case for living a life of hedonism, completely centered on avoiding discomfort and experiencing pleasure, regardless of the consequences or effects upon other people. Or it is an almost unassailable case for living a life of Buddhist-style detachment from the world, desiring nothing, going with the flow, and spending every second that possibly can be in deep meditation. One or the other, I'm not sure which. Of course there are probably other options suggested by this video, but, you know, binary thinking and all that. My inner lizard says go have a smoke 'n drink now.

you're wrong. pavlov never used a bell.

"your brain is not the boss" -- the firesign theater

You're wrong about me being wrong.

I am always wrong according to my husband hahaha! So i must be wrong according to this.

Fascinating! Loved it!

As someone who is always right, I found that very interesting!

This is accurate up to date information gained from modern neuroscience. Logical fallacies and more.

But babies come out of the butt so clearly the doctor is the better option.

Why's everyone ask if the chicken or the egg came first? Eggs came first, if we're not being specific about species. If we're talking about chicken eggs, then that came first too. Whatever evolved into the almost-chicken laid an egg that had a chicken in it. Thanks for coming to my TED talk.

Hello, Simon. This is the most inteligent topic ever aproached anywhere whenever we talk about people. And you achieved it in the most excelent way. This is the universal fundamental truth about our lives as far as we know and only few had an insight on it. This confirms many of my suspicions on the human way of being and it's natural, scientific, philosophical and religeous nature. No wonder, people always pretend and lie to themselves. Congratulations.

very interesting, and very depressing :-P

Another point about memory is that it is based on emotional impact in the first place. Memory is emotional, and the future is imaginary. There is only now - but who wants to limit themselves to that?

Yup, got me thinking!

I don't seem to have much of a "lizard" brain according to this. That makes me happy.

I think you’re mom gay haha

If really want to make sure your memories are correct, I suggest you start keeping a diary. Diaries and daily journals really help in improving the accuracy of your memories. So if you want an accurate memory, write it down.

I'd rather be right by accepting I'm wrong then insisting I'm right

My lizard brain told me to put this video on pause to get some chips. I could not disagree. They were yummy.



wow that was hard to digest I had to watch the video multiple times so thumbs up and pls keep tortureing me with those videos

I'm wrong thinking/saying I'm wrong.

So you are saying that are wrong everything and that no one one are right about anything? Right?

I have never been wrong. Once I thought I was wrong, but it turns out I was mistaken.

Well they must have been right when I was a kid and they said I was "socially maladjusted", because I don't see any of those things in myself, granted I haven't got to the old age bit yet lol. It can not possibly be that every single person alive experiences all these things.

This is like being back at church being told I'm sinful and incapable of being anywhere near perfect. Pls my self image ;_;

Very rarely I am pushed to reevaluate my opinions based on other points of view expressed on the net. I agree with you that many people including myself make choices based on confirmation bias.

Best video you've done IMHO.

... or why team sports are so eternally boring and stupid!

"Superficiality is... stupid" love that!

I wonder if some awareness about these cognitive traps could help us reduce the outrage in public discourse... But most likely it would all be intercepted by people with the means to apply them to full effect. And for the first time ever, right?

This should be taught in schools !

This is a remarkable edition of a truly awesome series of videos. Long-time viewers, accept Simon's sometimes odd pronounciations as part of his charm, & marvel at his ability to read a teleprompters as if it's right off the top of his head. The more you watch the more impressed you're likely to be.

Another way of saying all this is: Global decisions made by us such as political beliefs, values, justifications, are all preceded by sub conscious factors that range from our genetics to our conditioning. We defend our beliefs with facts, examples, common sense, but in reality that which exhorts us to being a democrat or republican like or not Trump, etc, is all based on predetermined issues that, if not considered in one's assaying of reality, can trick us into thinking we possess the truth about reality. The beauty in this video's revelations is that you can now accept this information in modifying your manner of truth seeking. It's beautiful!

Believing that your opinions are valid is an opinion itself. If we took the same amount and kind of interest in real life human beings as some people do in making A.I. a viable thing, I can only imagine the amount of positive change that could be achieved in this world of ours. Even that we have the ability to want such things , as A.I., means that we have too much and take all that we have for granted and in doing so, feel a false sense of emptiness. If you have too much, you care for too little. We are social animals, like wolves, we need our pack. That an infant can fail to thrive without skin to skin contact, teaches us a simple but powerful lesson about the ways in which we are most content and how essential it is to have strong, emotional bonds that involve physical contact in our lives in order to fully function and grow. I have always thought that sympathy was putting yourself in another person's shoes to understand what they are going through and that empathy was having the same or similar experience that makes what the other person went through closely relatable.

wow, that was an awful lot to take in, that was one big info bite. You just touched on everything.

Ya im pissed now

Im not wrong i have fuking beliefs

I loved this one.

ever wonder why dieting is so hard? You have to overcome your body's survival mechanism. Think about it, you're slowly killing yourself and you only stop short once you reach your desired weight.

Chicken vs Egg is easy to solve. The Egg came first. What laid the egg? Ans: a bird very similar to, but not quite a chicken.

Something else I've noticed with selection bias, is how popular political block-lists exacerbate the issue by hiding thousands of opposing accounts at once from being visible in one's feed. To make things worse, these lists often comprise of false-flagged accounts out of spite or accounts who follow disfavored politicians or social activists. This ultimately leads to the user seeing mostly one-sided responses on current events or social issues. If the list is popular enough, it inadvertently results in the same situation for those who are blocked.

is this video a proof that all your other videos are wrong ?

You are bald. Your argument is invalid

I would be interested on a video explaining why (mostly young) people believe in the Mandela Effect. It is easily explained as false memories, and a top ten fallacy list would be interesting and useful. Those of us with an education, some years on us and basically a brain, see the fallacies quite easily.

Brain surgery in April has left me doubting my memory.

I am bald, and always correct! It is just part of who and what I am.

I enjoyed this video a lot. Well, I recall enjoying it but I could be wrong...

It was a journey. I went from easy going, to kinda seeing what biases do, to learning my brain is a little evil, to seeing what Simon is really up to. He’s slowly prepping us to become............ I don’t think his name is Simon for nothing, Simon Says. A few more of these videos and we’ll be saying in unison “My name is Locutis of the Bourg. Surrender to us, we will take the best of your species and assimilate it into our own..................................Resistance..... is...............futile.

Every one is always wrong and always right in the multiverse. Except the times you don't speak a word ever. What is the conclusion the world around us is to scary for me that I know I can disappear any second. So this makes me scared of nothing because it's a cartoon compared to the truth we will never know.

Everything you know is wrong. A song by Weird Al.

Smoking is totally gross

Hi! Toptenz! Simon here

I'm the only character

Interestingly, one of the most, if not the most profoundly needed discussion on critical thinking, yet with a lackluster viewership. Humans. :/

Simon goes through great lengths to make his excellent videos; the least we can do to show our appreciation is to hit the like button as well as subscribe.

In frame 19:17 Simon describe lighting three cigarettes as a spin off of the Orthodox habit of lighting three candles so why is he using Catholic depictions? If he know anything about Church history, the lighting of three candles symbolize the Holy Trinity. This is the second time I've caught Simon is a bit of anti-Catholicism; perhaps this is unintentional but shows his lack of correct knowledge in regards to liturgical matters. Simon, I'm a big fan but do educate yourself regarding the Church, okay?

Once the chicken evolved into what we would recognize as a modern chicken and mated with another 'evolved' chicken the egg came afterwords; simple question really, Alex.

Like Weird Al said , "Everything you now is wrong."

No, I did not enjoy this video. This kind of philosophy, which is full of holes, will ultimately lead those who believe it to a place of nihilistic depression. After all, if our choices, our memories, and all of our perceptions are invalid, then what is the point of carrying on? Every point this man makes here can be challenged. And no, not because I have a need to be right. The fact is that much of what is said here is oversimplification, half truth, or just plain incorrect.

Correction Sir : You are referencing the "Sub" Conscious not the "Un" Conscious - One is regarding base memory function and one is regarding being completely unaware of ones surrounding.

Only the memory one currently applies to me.

The lizard brain's signal to escape danger is hard-wired, which makes it that much more astounding that so many military personnel, first responders, etc, have been successfully trained to override that escape signal, and advance into the danger. Kudos.

Well, *that* was depressing.

Magi Mystik: Absolutely!

Great, excellent video. We all should know these facts and be at least a little more humble. We are not as great and as wonderful as we tend to think.Thank you!

Shrek reference lol

Maybe you should take a page from your own book. I have seen your previous videos.

I would love to meet you Simon

be careful he might disappoint you

And by the way when did you get your degree on psychology & brain function im guessing it's Google University right

Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs

Constructs of man

This channel deserves a more cerebral name than "Top Tenz". I know appealing to the lowest common denominator gets you more views, but man, have some self respect. You're better than that.

How about this, youre wrong about everything too

How right you are!

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