This $1600 Amazon Mystery Tech is WILD

This $1600 Amazon Mystery Tech is WILD

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- Welcome to "Mystery Tech"! (bells dinging) ♪ Ba-da-da-dun-dun, ba-da-da-da-dun ♪ That is a chungus if I've ever seen one. So I don't know what this is, but I see it says "astro" with the Amazon little smile on it. I've no idea what Amazon Astro is. - [Ken] Oh, is this, oh! - [Matt] Yeah, baby! - [Ken] Oh, I know what this is. Oh, can you open it, open it.

Open it. - I will. - [Ken] Open it. - That's the point of this show. - Austin, unbox it, come on. (Austin sneezing) - [Ken] (laughing) Oh my God.

- [Matt] Oh crap. - Whoo! - [Matt] This got so, it took a second turn. - [Ken] He's gonna be the one replaced by this thing. - Ah, now there's some stuff going on here. So it says "astro". - [Matt] Wait, do you really not know what this is? - Absolutely no idea. What is it?

- They're like, what if Alexa could be even more annoying and follow you around the house? - Oh, this stupid sh- - [Ken] Yeah. - Okay. Oh my God. (team laughing) - It's- - [Ken] It's Professor Xavier, but with a screen.

- It's some Wall-E ass little dude. All right. All right. Let's do this. (team vocalizing) - [Austin] Start here. Open me first. Charger inside. Plug in the charger, wake Astro, and follow the onscreen steps. Is this like a little security camera? Basically, he like roams around trying to make sure that the bad guys don't "Home Alone" their way into your house? - [Ken] I actually think that's part of it.

I think that's part, that was like part of the pitch was that like, when you're not home, it'll just kind of navigate around and like, surveillance the house while you're gone. - Look, man. - He a little thick, but that's okay. - [Matt] This looks like a Pixar mom.

- [Ken] This is like what the kids call "gyat". (team laughing) - [Matt] No. - Astro is ready. So let's welcome him home and take a few steps back. I'm gonna stand right in front of it and see what happens. - [Matt] What? - Oh, he's got eyes.

Okay. A couple steps back. (down tempo music) (Astro beeping and making robot sounds) It is so loud. - [Matt] Like it fills up the entire room with power. - I'm docking.

Oh, get outta the way. Okay. All right. That's enough. You can stop. That's enough.

Okay. Okay. Okay. All right. All right. All right. - Hello. - [Matt] Oh, it's assimilating our language. (Astro making robot sounds) - [Austin] Hi. Let's try a few things. Okay. Astro, dance.

Dance, boy, dance. (Astro making whooping sounds and playing music) (team laughing) - [Astro] Whoo! - [Matt] I like the way his little antenna comes up. - Teach Astro to recognize you. A visual idea allows you to, oh, good Lord. So basically, they gotta take a bunch of pictures of me so they can process and figure out who I am.

Oh. 'cause I have to be looking down at it. - [Matt] Yeah. Tilt your head up. - My chin? I don't like this at all.

Okay. He's gonna start exploring now. So before we get to fully experience Astro, he needs to learn the space and learn the pros and cons. Oh God. Here he goes. Okay. All right. He's learning now. Whoa. Okay. Look how fast this dude is.

Dude, he's way too fast. I don't like the fact that he's fast. No, I just don't wanna- Oh, oh- - Oh my God. Let cables let, - Oh God. - Astro, raise the Periscope.

Oh, that's creepy. - [Ken] Okay. That's not, oh, Jesus. - [Austin] Wow. Astro, take a picture. (shutter clicks) Look at that. That's what you gonna, neat. It's uploading to the cloud.

- Amazon photos. - [Austin] Oh, good Lord. Nothing ever goes to Amazon Photos. "Finding Austin". It's gonna look for me. So I told it to look for me.

So let's see if it can find me. Oh, he's looking. Oh, he can't find his own- Op, there you go. Oh. Oh, no. Okay.

Daddy. (laughs) I solved it. - [Astro] Just asked me to play.

- Just tell him to play Cocomelon and follow your kid around. You're done. Jeffy B, this is worth it. I dunno if this replaces me or my child. Maybe both of us.

Maybe humans are overrated and Wall-E is real. How much was Astro? $1600? - [Matt] Like 1, 6, 0, 0. - [Ken] Astro, who is Austin Evans? - [Astro] On various numbers that is not new... (indistinct) (team laughing) Well, it's like 80% correct. (Astro burps loudly) - [Ken] Whoa.

- [Matt] Whoa. - [Matt] Why did he get right up in your face on that one? (everyone laughing) That was personal. - [Austin] This is one of the weirdest things we've ever looked at, but I just cannot wrap my head around the idea that this ever was an actual product and that they are with a straight face selling it for $1600. Like, I get it. There's a lot of robotic tech in here.

It's really neat, but like, it feels like they came up with this idea, they decided, "We're gonna sell this robot" and then they just tried to add features to it later. But like, what does this solve besides being an expensive Cocomelon delivery device? And my answer to that is it doesn't. Thank you to the sponsor of this video, Bitdefender. Bitdefender is consistently rated as one of the best cybersecurity companies in the industry. Tons of the largest companies in the world even use their technology as the core of their security.

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You can customize your protection, so you can be as lean as you want and add more protection when you need it. Best of all, GravityZone is super simple. And for an exclusive 50% off discount, definitely be sure to go check out Bitdefender at the link in the description. And a huge thank you to Bitdefender for sponsoring this video. What the heck is- ? Wow, that's a lightweight box. Cool.

And another one? Sure. Why not? This was shipped on September 22nd, 2023. Yeah. What year is it anyways? Is it still 2024? Hopefully. - [Ken] Oh, that's around the time of my birthday.

- Well, happy birthday Ken. - [Joanna] Happy birthday. (Ken clapping) Oh, it's a whole thing. We've got the covert, oh, this is Genki.

Not to be confused with Denki. (bubble pops) (laughing) I'm sorry, I didn't mean to do that. But Genki have a number of Switch accessories.

So I looked at these, oh man, it's probably a couple years ago at this point, on "Mystery Tech". It looks like they've got a whole new set. So this is the Covert Dock 2.

I like the Covert Dock 1 a lot. Essentially, it is a single little power brick that also has like your HDMI, USB, like everything you would need to run the Switch. So that's very cool. Oh, there's a handwritten note. "Hey Austin, thanks for being an awesome Genki fan. Please ignore any typos in the placeholder packaging.

We are in a rush to get these out and the final packaging will look different." You know, you didn't need to be in a rush. Evidently, I don't get these things (Ken laughing) until months and months later. So if there's a typo, I'll not hold it against you. Well, there's also the ShadowCast 2 Pro, which is a game cap, which is 4K, and it is compact, instant setup.

So this is actually cool. - [Alex] Before you actually open that. - Yeah. - [Alex] There's one more thing that they sent us. It has been so long. They sent us a nice Christmas card.

- "Hi Austin. The entire team at Genki would like to wish you a happy, happy holidays." (both laughing) "As a special thank you, here's a hundred dollar gift code for you or anyone else to use it." There you go. If that code still works, happy holidays.

2024. Great holiday season. Hey, thanks, friends at Genki. I'm also looking forward to the year of 2024. I'm sure it's gonna be great. So let's start out with the game cap, which, oh, interesting.

It's got like sort of like this sort of clear, translucent plastic on the top. So on the back here, we've got HDMI, in and out, AUX and line, and as well as USB-C. What I'm really excited to try is this. So the Covert Dock 2 is a really clever idea. Now this is designed largely, I would say for the Switch, but it should work with almost anything that uses USB-C and HDMI.

So it's a, actually, how many watts is it? 40? - [Ken] 45. - 45 watts. So. - [Ken] It says it right on the top. The big "45 W". - [Austin] That? That bit? Oh, got it. (Ken laughing) The idea here is that instead of carrying a separate USB C dock around with you, this functions not only as the charger for your laptop, your Steam Deck, your Switch, whatever the case is, but also look at that.

Look how tiny that is. I mean, it's a little bit bigger than a normal dock, but you've got not only USB A, so it functions as a USB A port, but also a full 4K 60 HDMI 2.0. I also like the fact that it's a little bit translucent too, so you can kind of see it's got like some character to it. This thing is sick.

It also comes with the adapter. So if you close the, oh, look at, it's actually kind of neat. So it's got like the US plug on it, but if I close that up and then I take the adapter, it actually slides onto the plug and then you've got it. So technically what you could do is you actually could use this as a travel adapter.

This might look like a lot of cables, but essentially, what this is, is the actual Genki covert dock, which not only powering our Steam Deck, but also providing the USB and the HDMI. The HDMI is going from this dock into our game capture, which is being sent over to OBS to be recorded and is spitting out a 1440P, 144 hertz signal. It might be a lot of jargon, but essentially, not only could you use this to stream and to record, but importantly, you're doing it with essentially no penalty. A 1440P, 144 signal coming to a monitor is very, very impressive. So all that being said, let's play Ken's Steam Deck. Woo. That looks really nice.

I don't actually have an FPS counter up, but it certainly is a nice clean and very low latency pass through. I liked the first Covert Dock. It was very cool. The fact that this one now does 4K and has that sick design and everything, and plus has power on two ports. Man, good job y'all. Sorry it took a large number of months for me to actually look at it, but I'm real happy with it now! Hit me.

- [Ken] Really? - No, don't actually hit me. Like throw the thing to me. What is it? What? What is this? McDonald's Crocs.

What the Croc? Am I loving it? So these are officially branded, McDonald's themed Crocs. (foot thuds) - I'm going to do it again. - [Ken] Oh, Jesus. How did you already have the? - You know, I've learned to kick my shoe off, whip my leg out, and drop it right on the table with a moment's notice.

- [Ken] I'm getting cramps looking at that. Yeah. That's what I'm concerned about. - Let's see, I got, I got this. - [Matt] It was y our wife that donated these. - Oh no.

- [Matt] She says that it's very important that you wear these. - Why does she say that it's important for me to wear McDonald's Crocs? - [Matt] That's what I'm worried about. - So we got the charms, which are actually, no, no, no, they're not built in. So they're just pre-applied. So we got ourselves the fries, the arches, a Big Mac, nugs, little fries, and a Coke.

I'm gonna take my sock off now. - [Team] Oh, oh God. (team groaning) - You think I'm going to. - [Matt] Oh, get better socks, man. - [Ken] Yeah, this little- - [Matt] It looks like you got the black plague on your feet every time you take off your shoes. (Austin laughs) Don't wipe it on the table.

- [Alex] Oh my God. (Austin blowing) - [Matt] We eat off of that. (Austin jumping on table) (team laughing) - [Ken] Jesus. I've never, okay. - Hello down there.

- [Ken] Oh Jesus. - I... am actually happy. I, you don't say A-Cam is maybe not the most flattering angle. - [Matt] You're the only person in this room who's happy.

- Well, I'm loving it. So, I'd like to model you my Crocs. So you see, I got my, my gibbits, my, my giblets, my gubbins. Well, this is the position I'm in if I have too much McDonald's. (laughs)

- Ah. Where's the squatty potty collab? - [Alex] So these are $70. - [Austin] Okay. - [Ken] They have a sport mode. They have a sport. You're in sport mode.

- [Matt] All Crocs have sport mode. - [Ken] These are in sport mode. - [Alex] Well, they are very textured on the bottom.

It looks like you can kind of run in them. - I think it's pretty clear. You can buy yourself three Big Macs, a Sprite, and two cookies or $70 worth of Crocs. - [Ken] No, I think you mean two number nines, a number nine large, a number six with extra dip, number seven, two number 45s, one with cheese, and a large soda. - Ah, here we go again.

(camera whooshing) (box falling) - [Matt] Ah. - So you know what, I can always tell if a "Mystery Tech" item is expensive. Either it is displayed with white gloves or yeeted across the table. Matt, you realize that you're just basically asking to have a shot pot contest. Oh good lord. That's de-monetizable.

You can't pull out weapons like that on a YouTube video. - You guys even got a free ticket to the gun show. - Anyway, let's see what's inside, shall we? Newspaper? - [Ken] Wow. Is that? That looks like a gigantic AirPod.

- So, 3D printed. It does have like a hinge on the top. It's got a hole, which looks vaguely like USB C ish or something. Is there any context to what this is? - [Matt] Well, I thought you were gonna try and guess it. - [Austin] A Mac mini? - [Matt] Yeah. - [Ken] There you go.

- [Matt] Look at him learning. - Okay, got it. What? But, but what, what is this part for? Is this like? - [Matt] Remember, remember the GameCube adapter? - Are you trying to tell me you can put like an iPhone or an iPad on top of your Mac Mini? - [Matt] Yeah. - Oh, because you can do an iPad as the display.

So you can turn your Mac mini into a lapt-. I get it. I think I get it. So this is said Mac mini. This looks like, is it our M2 Pro Mac Mini? - [Matt] Yeah. - Okay. All right. So these pivot out and then I put it like this.

So I can take an iPad mini and just line it up here. And that actually seems to work pretty well. What is that? Oh, what the, we've got a display up and running. (team laughing) It's a little bit small.

This is so much better than just a MacBook where you know, it has a keyboard and track pad and everything you need. - So while you build that up, I'm gonna be logical and say this probably isn't meant to be a laptop per se. - [Austin] Yeah.

- But like I just, this is a secondary display to a regular display that you'd have on your desk. - [Ken] Yeah. - See look, Mac OS now shows up. Okay, so now I'm gonna plug my iPad mini back in and turn on Sidecar. So apparently even when you're connected via USB C, you still can't do it unless you're connected to the same iCloud account. After a very brief and simple setup, it definitely didn't take me like 20 minutes, I can now use my iPad on the Mac Mini as a display.

- [Matt] Look at it, so cute. - But I see this and I think, well, clearly I should use this with only the iPad display, right? So I'm just gonna unplug our monitor and it turns off the iPad and apparently my mom texted me. Huh? So I unplugged the monitor and it doesn't work anymore. So you have to use it as a secondary display and it doesn't work as a primary.

- [Matt] Wait, I have something to test it with. - This is... Hello? What you got there? Oh, like a headless HDMI dongle. - [Matt] Try plugging in USB C with the dongle to trick it into thinking that there's a monitor. - Right, right. Yeah, I understand that. But watch, as soon

as I unplug this, it does not work. Right. So it just shuts off. Okay, I plug this in. Oh. Oh, well I should- (team laughing) - [Matt] Close the lid. (circus music) - [Ken] Holy it's a laptop. (Mac Mini shuts)

What? Did you break the thing? - [Matt] It came like that? - [Ken] Now, you did. - What happened to Roboraptor? What happened to this box? It's like been absolutely sat on. Also is this Baby Raptor and he also has a Radio Shack thing on his butt. Hold on, hold on. It's a Mini Roboraptor from 2005? Oh my God. And it says Radio Shack right here. So this is, okay, you gotta gimme some backstory here.

You tracked down an an original Mini Roboraptor from 2005? - [Matt] Yeah. - [Ken] Yeah. - How much did you pay for Mini Roboraptor from 2005? - [Alex] It was, it was around 40 bucks. - [Matt] 40 bucks. - [Austin] Oh, that's not bad. So as I'm sure you're all aware, the real mascot of the series is Robo T Raptor.

He's been here since episode two or three. All I know is we're about to join the Roboraptor Revolution, a fusion of technology and personality. I like the fact that you were able to find this 'cause I did not know that there was ever a Mini Roboraptor. All right, so I'm gonna gently unbox this item, which is nearly 20 years old now. Let us free our little buddy who is real grimy looking. Something's up with this guy. Oh my God.

His leg is detached. - [Matt] No! - So he is got a leg here, but this does not look like, yeah, that's not gonna go like back on. I don't understand what happened. Also, I don't understand how he's been broken when he has been sitting in a box for 19 years. Gents, should we bury him, put 'em back into the earth where we found him? (gentle music) Thank you for joining us today to pay our final respects to Roboraptor Mini. He didn't have long on this earth, but we're going to celebrate him the best that we can.

Ken, would you be so kind? - Roboraptor Mini. More than a robotic dinosaur. (Matt crying) I know. - It's okay. It's okay.

- Take your time. - It's okay. - Roboraptor Mini, more than a robotic dinosaur, was bound to be a true member of the family.

Since rolling off the assembly line at WowWee, we never got to see the curious and playful character he could have been. We couldn't explore, we couldn't cuddle, laugh together, hear his first tech tip. His life was cut short by a tragic accident.

We ought not to dwell on the sadness of his death, but celebrate the joy of his short, short life. (Matt crying) Roboraptor Mini, we will miss you. We'll never forget you and we'll always hold you in our hearts.

Rest in peace, our dear friend, our dinosaur, Roboraptor Mini. - [Matt] ♪ Oh, Dino Boy, the wires are crossed. ♪ ♪ From Roar to roar and something, lyrics, sad. ♪

I- Sorry. I can't, I can't. - It's okay. - I can't. - It's okay. It's okay. Come on.

(Matt sniffs and cries) - [Austin] Goodbye. And may you find peace. Thank you very much for watching this episode of "Mystery Tech". This took a turn that none of us expected, but we will be back once we gather ourselves back up and hit that review table one more time. Roboraptor will stay strong and Roboraptor Mini will hopefully find peace. (sighs) (Matt cries) (dramatic music)

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