There’s Advanced Technology in the Clouds at Popocatepetl Volcano and it could be Borg-like

There’s Advanced Technology in the Clouds at  Popocatepetl Volcano and it could be Borg-like

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morning so there is advanced technology  in the clouds at papacado volcano   and you may think Gina there's no you  watch too many movies I don't watch movies   I went to the papacado why live webcam and they've  got good graphics now it was on the webcam cat see   and it's fueled by starlink see it's viewed by  starlink they got a starlink webcam good morning   I was watching the clouds go by not just these  but this pavocado is always it's got all these   clouds and let me let me show you what I'm talking  about right here for one thing that is not a cloud   right here this is not a cloud but I was watching  as a bunch of clouds went by they were like gray   clouds with some white in them and there was all  these things like coming from the clouds they were   they were these things were um on the edges of  the clouds and they were dropping going toward   the volcano itself as the clouds went in formation  and I thought no wait a minute they're only on   the edges of the clouds and it is it Ash because  it couldn't have been Ash because as the clouds   moved so did these things move good morning you  are this is serious this is advanced technology   that is as the clouds are going over the volcano  area they're leaving the cloud and they're going   down toward the volcano and they are cube-like  they're different different shapes of Cubes   good morning so I was I was watching it last night  and I took this screenshot right here this is not   that's not a normal cloud look at  that this is like look how it is   it's like I got a cylinder-like  head on it a cylinder-like um   cap or something but then look at the rest of  this look at the rest of it so um let me I'm   sorry I'm using my laptop I am but I wanted to  um I wanted to look at this uh I wanted to look   at the um the papacado volcano last night you  are this is no joke good morning Apple Brooks um and I was thinking I don't I don't think it's drones well it  could be drones and if it is like some type   of AI drone it is literally advanced technology  in those clouds cloaked um this is what I was   looking at to begin with uh is this what it was  looking like I was thinking you know it's always   it's not a lot of cloud there's always a  lot of cloud cover at Papa and there is   um and this was some of it I know this may look  like pixels you are but this is not pixels it was   things like this on the edges of the clouds they  were coming out of the clouds and they were just   they were going down to papacado volcano they wore  this is their shapes like this rectangles this way   rectangles that way little squares little black  squares little white squares and they were going   down the volcano right toward it they were just  dropping at this this is not Ash and it wasn't Ash see look at this shape right here I've seen a lot  of these shapes right here is like outline squares   and then other things in them and  I'm going to tell you right now   the cloud the stars that I zoom up on  you know how some of this times the star   it has all these different shapes in it this is  me looking at it right now if you've looked at   any of the videos you are that where we zoomed up  they have like these symbols in them also a little   different things and now I'm thinking is the  Stars are the stars advanced technology also   are they some type of Technology and I don't  want to say that we live in a simulated world   I don't I don't like the thought of it but  these were literally coming out of the clouds   and this is a cube it's black on the top and white  on the bottom as the clouds went across papacado   a volcano see they were all on the edges and they  were coming out and going down toward the volcano   now I heard that you know we  do have advanced technology   and that there's beings inside the Earth  but if there's beings inside the Earth   what type of beings are they are they good  beings or are they bad beings okay are they   um you let me show you this this is what it  looked like as these groups of clouds moved   this is where they would exit right  here they would come off the cloud tips   and if you watched that video  Last Night the live video   um we saw like cubes I was talking about  the cubes and the square of the Sun the Borg   but these right here you can go to the live  webcam they got good graphics now you can get   HD one 1080 and it's powered by starlink but  this is in the clouds uh and you can see up   here they're in the clouds but what are they  and um where do they come from you may say   all I see is a bunch of smoke woman it's just  pixels no I'm not no it's much more than pixels   it's so much more they want us to think that  all this pixelation these cubes and stuff these   anomalies that we're seeing in the sky that's all  it is it's just effects of poor quality cameras uh   position no matter where they're at but that's not  the case it's not the case something in the clouds   um and they're coming out of the clouds if you  know how to get to the webcam taxi go there   and um you can go to areas of interest and just  click volcanoes and um go to papacado and look   uh because this is not again that was  this is kind of alarming to me personally because normally you know you can just see them  in the clouds but no they were they were coming   out of the tips of the clouds as the clouds went  by you can see them they're black and they remind   me of the the whole crew of them when the sun  had that solar eruption it was massive and NASA   deemed it a particle event there was all these  little black cubes and white cubes that came out   of the Sun and they called it a particle event and  they were super intelligent they had the ability   to line themselves up and they look like these  there was a big batch of black ones they could   line themselves up one two three one two three  four five six and big long strings and connect   and there was a bunch of white ones too I've  done videos on that also came out of the solar   flare out of a coronal hoe it was a big Square  hoe that opened up inside the sun is what it was   and even if you look down here these aren't normal  clouds there's something else down there at the   base of the papacado papacado I think is more than  a volcano I really do if you're just tuning in   good morning everyone it's raining  where I'm at I wanted to um show this if you have the patience to look at it really   but I just I took this image last night because  of you know the tips of the clouds I saw the   black I can use my pointer I saw the black at the  tip of the clouds and then the white solid base   that's what I was focusing on but as  I opened up my laptop this morning   um this is what I've seen over here now see look  these are like some kind of a ship in the clouds   they are they're like cube-like structures there's  the black and white I've seen these personally   through a webcam I think in Argentina in the sky  black at the top and white at the bottom you can   see them this isn't just whatever these clouds  are loaded with uh Tech on some type of Technology   that is not of this Earth but the well they  probably are of this Earth they're in the clouds   look as we zoom up right here this is not  normal Cloud structure but I came over to here   um and then this great big massive thing is  in the clouds cloaked in the clouds it looked   like a great big old cylinder-like ship part  of a cylinder ship cloaked in the clouds and   that's not a cloud but this is the papacado  and this is sticking out like a sore thumb good morning you all I debated whether I was going  to come on here and um say anything about this   as I was looking at the um so I was looking  at the the little black ones and the white   ones but then I went to that picture and  then no that's massive that's massive   um it is you all it's it's very it's massive  can you imagine what the rest of this looks like   Behind these clouds what the rest of  it must look like and when I had my um   I had a second shift job I worked second shift  it was back in I resigned from that job in 2020.   and I remember taking an image with my  cell phone of the clouds and there were   mechanical advanced technology in the clouds it  was a white one I've got a video on it in the   clouds but I've never seen whoopsie never seen  a great big massive black one right here it's   perfect it really is it is perfect ly cloaked and  why are they um coming toward the papacado volcano   and hovering around it really why are they  and where or who do they belong to who   who runs this technology who owns  this technology that's in our skies   and it's watching it's watching everything we  do you uh if it's that advanced to be in the sky   traveling in the clouds it is much  more advanced than we are technically   um it is and it may not be human it may not well  it's not it is controlled these these objects   these things that are dropping out of the clouds  they're not human they're not Little Ships either   there's something different they really are  um I could try to go to the webcam taxi but um it's uh it's wild you will we've  been made to think that this world   see we got our eyes focused on things  like this we do and things like this   but what if they are all like one and  the same what if they all go together   like um that's the center of the Sun and no if  we zoom up on it look at the inside of that sun If This Were Like a simulator the inside of the  simulator isn't doing this and this has the black   lines in it too you are if that's Sun if that's  Sun is a great big borg-like structure up there   and they're hiding it from us and there's  things coming and going off of this sun   we're in trouble and we we have no control over  what this is we don't there's nothing we can do to   stop it personally there isn't there's nothing  we can do and um why is it looking like that   because it looks like the what's dropped  out of the sky around the papacado volcano   it does uh you can see that's beaver dam  beaver dam beaver Beaver Colorado and NASA has   the stereo UV 304 it does the stereo UV 304 is the  cube-like Sun and when you put all of the frames   together 20 frames per second or whatever they're  constantly moving in like a tetris-like movement   is what they're doing and thank you for your  comments I I know I'm not looking at them I'm   trying to focus on it really I'm trying to focus  on what I'm saying these were some of other things um of the Sun that I was um looking  at and sometimes you know you can see   it kind of looks like an angle here I don't  know where this is at there's the pope we're not   looking at him anymore um see look at this this  is what we've been looking at things like that but is it much more than that you  are is it really is it much more than   the red Nibiru the sun is um is that species is  it um well it's they're supposed to be advanced   but are they so Advanced that they laid  in the clouds with their technology   and they go to the volcanoes and  the technology leaves the clouds   and goes into the volcanoes because it sounds  kind of wild it really does really wild Dr Dao is that this is there a metaphor in  here of an Alan Parsons Project Eye in the Sky   um now see we've got this someone once  referred yesterday I heard someone refer   as to this as some great big a i that is literally  uh creating circumstances or doing something   and that it wasn't what we thought that's what  someone referred to it as when you come to these   live webcams and you see the Blurred out areas  like that be suspicious because there's something   in the Blurred out areas and it's not um see look  at the Sun someone said well Gina it's not a it's   not a diamond shaped sun it's a cube like okay  well what if it is a bunch of cubes in that sun   what if it is there's nothing we can  do about it I mean we can um we can   raise awareness and this is this is something  else I saw what's that what on Earth is that this is what is being reflected as that sun  goes down at this place right here I saw it   the other night but I didn't want to get  on here and do another video what is that because that don't look normal either you  are it doesn't that don't look normal and   that doesn't look normal this sky has so many  secrets so many mysterious things in it it does   and I'm not just saying it hello I'm not just  saying it it is it's wild it's so wild plasma   okay so we got the normal looking  stuff like that we do normal looking   see look at this look at that this is  the reflection of something up there   is what it is the reflection of something  up there and it's not just the camera   it's not and there's something at the core  right there and then you've got a red object   something at the core and it does look like  a great big eyeball great big eyeball um you can see it and it looks like this  converges depending on the distance of the Sun there's something in it and it's picked it picks it up it picks it up  but we're supposed to get back over here to   um I know I took a lot of images of it I was  trying to see what I could see and I was seeing   like ships up here also great big long ships with  Windows um let me put this back to me you all but this at the papacado and get back to the  papacado I'm not going to keep you much longer   I just watched these clouds  as they went across the sky   and these started coming out  of all the edges of the clouds   and they would they would come out and I think  they would go down into the volcano they would   and you really have to ask yourself do all the  volcanoes have to have cloud cover on them all the   time great big massive clouds that settle on the  top of them not all of them but a lot of them do   and they've named these clouds even though  they look like great big old flying disc   layered on top of volcanoes they gave them a  name as some sort of a cloud when they're not   some sort of a cloud they're UFOs they're higher  dimensional ships advanced technology built ships   plasma whatever you want to call it you are but  there's something in the clouds there's Advanced   Technologies and these aren't spheres this is  something much different these are not the discs   there's something much different they're  borg-like there are they're artificial   intelligence but they're intelligent they  are real and they're coming out of the clouds   advanced technology squares  different types of squares   different rectangles and cubes coming out  of the clouds as they get near the papacado   and they're going down to the base they're  probably going inside the papacado is what   they're probably doing look at this you are this  is this is cube-like this is borg-like it is   um and before you say woman you've done Lots  go look for yourself take the time to go to   the papacado volcano make sure you're looking  at it in 1080 slow it down because they have   the settings where you can slow it down to 0.25  take some screenshots before you try to dismiss   um do your own investigation look into it there's  something going on and I would venture to say   that it's in the clouds all around the world  I don't think it's just here you are I don't   I think it's worldwide we're being watched we're  already if there were a so-called Invasion well   they're already here they're already here  in the clouds and when I would document   plasma at Dublin in Ireland I documented  some of these coming out of the clouds   they flew right out flying cubes flying cubes um  whatever and whoever this technology belongs to when I did the Dublin Ireland with the  plasma those cubes were already in the clouds   that's before our world got turned upside down   and when the sun had that coronal flare massive  coronal eruption where the square opened up in   the Sun and all of these little black cubes and  stuff came out they just said it's just particles   just little particles and debris no that's not  debris you just missing alien technology as debris   no you can't do that well I guess you could  if you wanted you could dismiss it as debris   but these they popped out of the clouds at the  papacado um they did they popped out other clouds   went down to wherever they went down and  then you got a big canister ship part of a   ship this probably ain't even 1 8 of the ship  not even 1 16 of what's behind these clouds and this really does this looks like it would be  round because it looks like it's at a certain View   and then there's the rest of it it's curved  and it goes that way it goes that way you   uh I'm not gonna go to the webcam because  that requires me to be multitasking and um look at that is well according to something that I listened  to yesterday there is like a regular like   Intelligence on this Earth that's always been  there you know forever and ever but this invading   intelligence advanced technology it has invaded is what it is that's how  it was being described more or less I'm   trying to put it in my terms it invaded  our world our skies our universe it came in   and it's trying to take over  is what it was described as um is that what it is inside these um clouds is it because it's up there you can see it right up here   you can see them if you go to the products and  the square shapes these are artificial clouds   yet they have the technology to do whatever they  do technology to do I don't know what it is that   they do but they've got it and see here's  papacado again I didn't know I had this image   of how they they go to the public  auto is what they do and um they do their thing look at the shape  of this glad you well look at it   it looks like it is consistent  it is made up of different shapes forming our clouds and the clouds do look big if  you zoom up on them They look fake look at that it doesn't look normal to me right there   um at all it doesn't and I think I've probably  done enough I have I've done ran my mouth enough um so to me if these are in the clouds   and if somebody wants to cry well  we're having a fake alien invasion this don't look fake to me at all it  doesn't it does not look fake one bit   this looks very real and it is real um and you  can see what's in these clouds it's not fake   it's not fake and they would have you to  believe that would be something else look   at these they're cubes they're Borg Borg  cubes advanced technology in our skies   right there little cubes flying  around but they're not so little   um yeah they're not little this ain't  fake don't be listening to the people   who wants to tell you the Govern the  government is the world is planning panning   planning a fake Alien Invasion that's  not fake we got some advanced technology   in the sky and the clouds around the world  and its Gathering data it's Gathering data   on every single person every single place  if it's that advanced to be up there   it's that advanced together intelligence and  data it knows exactly what it's doing exactly   um and it can organize itself and  make all kinds of structures it can but this is papacado they got really  good graphics now they didn't used to   but they got good graphics now see look at  that it's going down into the volcano is   what it's going to do it's going to go  down into the volcano right here and um   whatever they're going to do down there I don't  know what they're going to do look at this I guess I took it last night I did  I took it last night I'm supposed   to be getting off of here you  uh this is 1107 last night um you can see it's in the clouds and  they're going to the papacado and I don't know if they're going to  other volcanoes or other places of origin   I don't because I didn't study them I didn't this  is the only one that I went to and you know um you can see them you remind me of the cubes the  cubes that showed up in the wework building and   they were trying to take over build their own  reality maybe they are trying to build their own   world um they're terraforming our skies you ever  think about that they're terraforming our skies   uh to make their world and  they're scouting every single inch   is what they're doing and isn't that what the  the board had their eyes set on the Earth the   Borg did they were going to conquer the Earth  this is last night you uh um and maybe papocado   isn't isn't really what we think maybe that's  just imitation but they're going there they are maybe Papa was a big simulation uh maybe  it looks much different I don't know if   anybody's allowed to go there maybe these just  somehow go inside the mountain or something   I hope that these ships aren't my ships they  could be this is the ships that I documented   and well they have various shapes  but they're white and they can make   themselves different colors these look like  ancient stones and stuff like that you are   um this is what I documented and they were like  interdimensional they would appear when they   wanted to and disappear when they wanted  to and they look like massive structures   um they do and this is what they  look like in the inverted mode it's all a mystery it really is a mystery  this is kind of rounded at the top two I don't know all I know is um got a  massive structure now massive ship   and it's bound to be massive and  um I've done talked too much Gina   you talking for 30 minutes on here  you I'm sorry I really am but um The Edge detect that that wasn't no Edge  I didn't show any Edge detect at all on   these pictures this was the actual  um the actual picture of the ships   without the edge detect this was a more detail  brought into them with a sharpening of the image   for this right here um and  it did it brought it out   and this was the inverted mode of that  particular one this is their shape right here in the inverted mode so um I'm going to go I am   but before you are quick to dismiss that which  you personally have not examined and studied   go do it yourself go study It Go examine it  and try to dismiss what I'm saying by the   evidence that is clearly in the video  footage that is powered by starlink   okay try to dismiss it try to zoom up try to  study it and try to say there isn't something   coming out of those clouds or that there  isn't something in those clouds try to   you can do it and just flat out doing it and  make fun of it but you're not being scientific   in your study you're not you're not looking at  it from an analytical scientific point of view um at all our world has changed our skies have  changed there's advanced technology in the sky   and I hope that it is not a borg-like race that  is trying to terraform it's starting with the   skies and terraforming the clouds and stuff up  there because next after it gets done up there   it's going to come to the Earth  and terraform the people if it   if it if it's like the Star Trek and  stuff where they want to assimilate   the humans and make them all as one we are  Borg we are one then we're in trouble and   I don't think it's hypothetical I don't to  think like that they put it in the movies   they're already talking about simulation simulated  in Worlds and stuff like that the metaverse and   um the star link and the neural link starlink  neural link the neural link to neurot keep your   neural link thing hooked up to the star link with  the 5G all around the world powerful very powerful   starlink is and neural link is had a hidden agenda  do you think yeah and 5G powered drone technology   that can run risk contestants missions and stuff  and be retrofitted with things they admitted it   5G yeah all around the world it's like a great  big net so I am going to go you all but that's   pretty cool I just saw this this morning because  it was so late last night the papacado volcano I did to Holiday View um thank you  it is um you've got to be able to think and Einstein would tell you the also  you know you've got to be able to think   and um for yourself and analyze  and think outside the box   because there's so much more going on than what  meets the eye so I'm going to go thank you all so   much for tuning in I would have showed this last  night but I thought no I'm just gonna go to sleep   and today was the day we got advanced  technology in our skies in the clouds   and at papacado it's it's going off the tip  of the clouds there's something Underground   great big Mega structures and probably  a whole new civilization advanced also   so with that being said hello wherever  you are in any part of the world hello   from my heart to yours um love you  have a wonderful rest of your day so while they're watching us we're watching them  let's see we are we're watching them too love you

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