The Death of Stephen - Episode 204

The Death of Stephen - Episode 204

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Boo hello what's going on everyone it's Steve Larsen from sales for a radio and today I'm gonna teach you guys about the death of Steve, Larson. I've. Spent the last four years learning, from the most brilliant, marketers, today and now, I've left my nine-to-five to, take the plunge and build my million-dollar business the. Real question is how will I do it without VC, funding or debt completely, from scratch this. Podcast, is here to give you the answer join, me and follow along as I learn apply, and share marketing, strategies, to grow my online business using. Only today's, best internet sales funnels my, name is Steve Larson and welcome, to sales funnel radio. What's. Up guys hey I'm excited for today and walk you through this, episode, I've. Actually been looking forward, to doing, this one for quite a while I was. Sitting down and and every single year before. Faunal. Hacking live I like, to do a little mastermind, with James smiley, and we're doing with Rachel Peterson this next time and anyway so the day right before funnel. Hacking live we're doing a mastermind. Where you guys can come on in and you. Know it's a lot of fun last year we had a ton of fun with it we said we keep doing it again so, I guess this is only the second year we've done it but anyway what I wanted to do real quick for this episode is I wanted to teach you guys how. I. Wrote, a really fast sales, letter slash story to, promote said. Mastermind, okay if you're not coming okay sure but like what. I want to what I want to bring attention to is that you did not see me just blast, an email out to everybody and say hey you got this mastermind, you want to come click the link right that's, like the easiest way to promote like an idiot right that's, the way that's the way to to, be annoying and that's a way for people to you. Know. Not. Be entertained right, this is much of show business as it is anything else and so what I want to do real quick just wanted to show you guys this. Is the sales letter that I wrote, three. Pages I. Went. Through it took me about an hour because I would just write and write and write and then delete stuff and mash stuff together and go back and forth back and forth and I thought that I would read it now, it's a true story this is a you, know calls the death the death of Stephen and I. Want, it to be able to share with you guys how. How. I did this okay. There is an in in, every single webinar, script I love loving our scripts I use those I use that script for pretty much all kinds of selling but. There is a crucial part right at the beginning of. That. Webinar script, now there are always, two, introductions, to pretty.

Much Every single script that's out there first of all we need to introduce, the. Subject and then we need to introduce you, the speaker right, and pretty much every single sales script has two introductions, they're not always right at the beginning they're not always together they're, not always in that order but, you're gonna introduce yourself, at some point hey this is who I am and sometimes it's the protagonist, of the main story somehow. You're gonna get introduced, second, of all though the second introduction is the introduction of the topic itself if people. Everyone, someone I've seen scripts where people combine those two and they make them the same thing that's great it's really fine but, you still have to introduce those two things who's speaking and the topic itself and, so as after, you do that though. There. Is this awesome, awesome method, I love using inside of sales scripts it's. A method called a then and a now okay, meaning, I'm gonna talk about how things, were back then and I'm gonna compare, to, what it is now, right and it's one of my favorite, themes inside of any sales scripts well my favorite themes inside any script in general, and it's actually one of my favorite ways to tell story and so, as I was sitting there and I was talking with James, smiley, one of my good buddies and and. Rachel, Peterson writer, total, rock star social, media rockstar, and I. Was. Thinking through how I would, come, up with some kind of script to, promote the mastermind, okay, we had a whole bunch of people we already have 50 seats sold for it that's as we, looked at the debt this, morning it's super late in the night it's like 12:30 at. Night right now huh my family's all sleep and I was like I gotta catch up with some sales for a radio episode that was so excited to do this one in particular I'm, tired but like honestly I'm super excited to share with you guys this stuff because it's, been awesome but but, as like as of this morning we had 50/50, tickets already sold so. Anyway. And and with the lag time inside of like my my, content, team right, I'm my lead time this. Won't get out to you for about three more weeks so anyway. This, is chance you won't really come but I just want to walk through this here real quick that's not a scare CD play I'm just saying I was wanting to know like I know this works it's been working we've been doing it and. The. Script that I wrote here, is following. The, then, and now theme. Inside. Of script, writing okay, and so what I started doing is I started thinking through like when if you guys like are in a pinch and you have to write a script really really fast like I did, write this script took me about two hours okay. And which. Is pretty standard if you're like really gonna get into and stuff like that and honestly there's some things I would change the side of us still but like it's, good enough and it's good enough because. I'm using the epiphany Bridge script. You tell the, then and now game, so, you'll see it inside here what I want to do is read it and I'm gonna read it here and I know I don't know if something you guys are like okay you know we're, like three years old gonna so we're gonna read to us anyways but what I want to do is I just wanted to see what I'm doing inside of it and very. Clearly, you're gonna see me call out like I was like this then and now I'm like this now right and I call it the death of Stephen and. I'm. The birth of Steve and what. I thought it'd be cool is to go to this real quick as you guys can see this is not like a movie memory party but I want you to see how, I wrote this really really quickly when I have very limited time to toss it out there and put it up this. Again this is you, guys remember the episode I just did about affiliates, right how I win affiliate contest for so quickly this is like very similar to how actually do it okay I'm just being straight up with you guys so you understand how I do it okay, this. Is very very much how I do that how I pull it all off, so, anyway. Okay. Check this out alright, sorry for little chops there in the camera okay, but okay check this out so what. I did is right if I'm gonna put this on social media now my strategy is always to I was do two things with this the first thing I do is I go in and I the strategy, I'm using is I all right this just massive. Post guys, huge, huge. Post, on. On Facebook, and that. Does a lot for virality, that is a lot that proves to the Facebook algorithm that is actually worth something and, people are gonna have some opinions probably so it they'll work a little harder to share it and so I write this massive, post and then what I do is that once I write the post and I've got a cool like feature image what I'll do is I'll take that, post and actually, turn it into an email with.

The Exact same call-to-action, the exact same stuff I don't push them to Facebook, I just push them right to the same call-to-action and so you're just gonna see this as I walk through this here I even take these little tiny like you, can see on the camera they're like all these little no Jesus stuff like that down the side. And. And I actually put them in email that clickfunnels. Actually. Lets. You use all kinds of emojis and stuff like that now actually in the emails that it sends out which is really cool so anyway, I'm gonna read this real quick here okay so the first thing I need to do if you're if you're scrolling, through Facebook and you're trying to get some dopamine, and distract yourself okay. You. Want a distraction so, I I'm gonna do a serious. Injustice to, my, if I don't let you be, distracted, so I'm gonna do that so right from the get-go I wrote. Something at the top that says I am the least likely, success, story okay. That's, the very first opening headline I am the least likely. Success. Story okay, not only is that true it's the first thing you're gonna see and then there's skull and crossbones, right next to a little little, emoji right there right and it says this is the death of Steve and the this, is the death of Steven and the birth of Steve okay. The. Death of Steven, and the birth of Steve was pretty dramatic this is not a pity party post, okay, but, I want to help you, reinvent, you at my, next mastermind, go. To Steve, Jay Larson comm, and right. Up at the top there it says mastermind, you click right there it'll bring you straight there. Anyway. We're capping a hundred people I'm, just telling you okay so it's half-full at the time of me filling this up I haven't even done the second email drop yet so I don't know might make it my not but I'm just telling you okay so, so. It says but uh but, I want to help you reinvent, you my next mastermind and, then it's a says, click right here go Steve Jay Larson comm click mastermind, at the very top okay. Now. Watch this I'm gonna go paint in some vents, okay way, back way back win wait like this is what I was doing not, even ten years ago my voice would audibly get high soft, and sore when, I spoke to someone else because I was so nervous my confidence, was non-existent this is all true stuff I don't know something doesn't notice about me okay, this, is all true stuff I was once very overweight I was thirty five percent body fat no joke had a double chin was working on a triple okay, it's true not, even five years ago I was more broke than the US government ha I failed, my first semester of college and, got straight FS and was asked to leave okay.

That's Crazy. Many. Years ago I had a very negative relationship, with God okay I needed someone to blame or hate and. Anyway. That's crazy. The. Question of what am I good at played, like, straight up plagued my mind since fifth grade I remember forever guys and obviously I'm gonna be raw with you guys in this episode and, tell, you like man I would go home and. Wonder. Like what the heck am I good at and a lot of entrepreneurs I've learned I actually haven't struggled that question what, am I good at why, is nobody following, me or or or what's, my talent, what's my skill and a lot of times I've noticed because US entrepreneurs were very good at orchestrating. And putting teams together we're good at we're good at leading out and organizing. People. That's a hard talent, to play on the playground with in fifth grade you know what I mean and a lot of you guys have experienced that kind of thing it's a gamete challenging, growing up or even into early. Adulthood trying, to figure what the heck you're good at oh, I find, a lot entrepreneurs, actually that way it's just you know you're not alone um anyways. I was once lazy I was a weak piece of crap in my teens anyway then, when I do a break okay and I put a whole bunch of asterixis. Whole. Bunch of stars in a row across the top says, I'm no longer those things contrary. To my beliefs the real barriers to my success was not a strategy, a lack of opportunity, or more hours at work it was me I sucked. At life there, was nothing wrong with admitting, it to myself but, it was true until I stopped lying and got, brutally honest about where I was and where I was not, until. I until I learned to love where I was instead, of Envy constantly, where I wasn't, until. I quit apologizing. To myself for, my goals I stayed. Broken. Stephen. Was all of those things, Steve. Is none. Of them, okay. That, literally is a thin and now statement, okay Stephen. Was all those things but. Steve so. Sorry Stephen, was all those things but Steve is none. Of them okay. So I'm gonna do that now Steve. Larson is a freaking animal okay, you guys understand, like there's, some people they don't reach out be like Steven you have to go speed onstage are you nervous of course I'm freaking nervous come, on okay, I'll get nervous I. Will but I don't like you. Have to understand like I've created Steve. Okay. It's a separate persona, that I totally step into I'm not always in ATS persona, but, I've learned, that persona, okay, I the, attractive, character, of my business is me but, it was not a natural attractive. Character that's the whole point is episode guys I'm sorry you understand that like you, can craft your own attractive, character the attractive, character, is not something you need to step into the business already knowing in fact, most the time that's, never the case I know I almost never see that I always. Am brought an entrepreneur, who's not the attractive character yet who still sucks at talking who is does, not know how to lead who has no pulley is afraid to show real opinions, Hey, and this oppressive point is episode okay, as I'm showing yet I wrote a script about it but I'm also helping his understand like you can develop a new you gave. And that's the point anyway okay. Steve, Larson and so right, here's a whole bunch of thins like oh I was I saw it right which is true it did okay, and now let's compare that to now so now it now is that Steve Larson is a freaking animal Steve. Breaks, stages. And explodes, microphones, Steve, will wreck the competition, and lay waste to his goals Steve, is a lover and the most delicious, fighter okay, Steve, is a freak of nature who's uncommon, amongst uncommon, people, okay. That flying actually goes through my head a lot Steve. Almost welcomes the haters in their mud so you can laugh on their face stare in their eyes and steal their soul, that's. True like, I uh it man, they used to bother me like oh crap another hater I got to go deal with them it's not true at all anymore though and Steve, almost welcomes the haters and their mud so he can laugh in their face stare, in their eyes and steal, their soul okay, I love David Goggins he swears like a freaking animal gay if you're offended by swearing do not listen, to him but like he talks about that concept a lot steal. The soul okay. Steve's, on a mission Steve, will outwork is in his competition. To the nth degree to, ensure success Steve. Loves the process, as much. As the, prize okay. A lot, of people are not, that way and they get too freakin impatient, when, when, someone asks me the average time it takes they can expect to take to build a funnel I don't even want to work with them I do not want to work with that individual, Steve how long does it take you on average to build this stuff okay well first of all I have built literally, well.

Over 500. Sales funnels, I am a bad person to compare yourself to this is your first time doing it stop looking at me okay, stop, watching the clock put, your head down do it okay, Steve. Loves the process, as much as the prize everybody. Wants to be a beast until. It's time to do a beast do hunt, Steve, is a hunter, beau, that's freakin awesome man I want to put that on my ceiling I put. A lot of my quotes on the ceiling now cuz I ran out of wall space and I need it for other stuff so there's, quotes all over my also I'll show the camera that there sometime, what. Kind of nuts as Steve's killed, Steven at his own request. Steve. You're psycho, what are you talking about I get it this is not a normal post I had to create Steve, Larson we're friends, finally okay. I want you to feel progress towards your goal but out of love I'm telling you you may not qualify. For your goal yet that's okay just change my friends, life is change, and my question is are you changing, okay. I hate, pop culture, songs now that. Sing about how like you know like. It's a pity party I loved, you and then you changed, right and that's like the lyrics say I'm like that is a stupidest, song I've ever heard of my entire life of course. They changed after you fell in love with the individual, it's changed. Like if that's not how it was supposed to be we'd all be wearing diapers still, drinking, out of a bottle you understand life, is change, don't, don't fight, it in fact, most of time when I find someone feels a lack of progression, in their life is literally because they are halting, and doing everything I can to keep themselves from changing, because, they're afraid of what's gonna happen next I don't know what's gonna happen next my life yeah duh duh. All right life is change and what's. Cool is the person who wins the, person who's leans into that change and steps, forward and says you know what I'm totally, cool I don't know how to build a funnel I don't, know how to actually podcast, I don't know how to be the attractive character but I'm willing to suck I'm, willing. To be okay at it that. Is, the person I love to work with okay. My. Friends life has changed and my. Question is are you changing, right, I am actively, trying to change okay, there, was a moment in college when it all started changing for me I think I was experiencing, business failure number five and an extra dose of the blues I can't. Tell you a specific thing that flipped the switch. But. I can't say I was so tired of my life I was sick of feeling I got like a failure, constantly. Okay. I would I would I would physically, rend, at the air okay. I was. Guys is. Intense, right, as my, dad taught me son. You. Can be humble, or get. Humbled. What. Will you choose so.

I Started looking around and noticing that others were being successful, in what, I was, to do many, were that's. When it all hit me Steven. You are the variable here if others, are doing it and you are not it is your fault and no one else's, okay. This is a true story this is like conversations, going on my head I think it's stupid we make fun of people talk to themselves that's dumb okay, I talk, to myself all the time okay, I've now coached thousands, literally of entrepreneurs, through this funnel building process every, time success. Has required, their, rebirth. Okay. Let, that sink in. Okay. Every, time success. Has required, their. Rebirth, this. True statement, my friends you listening or watching this right now or reading a blog off of it wherever platform, you reaching us on okay, that's. A huge deal I'm even saying you read it again I thought, I always thought I'd be coaching, people on marketing tactics, I always. Thought it would be we all did when I started the - comical coaching. Program as. The coach there, but. I don't get much of a chance really to teach marketing anymore. Okay. Every. Time I need to help somebody rebuild, their brain and the, relationship, with themselves as I, look back on my old mentality, frankly. I was embarrassed but that turned into supreme, gratitude. Okay. I'm grateful, for how I used to think because. I've learned that the further I am from, gaining a goal the more sweet, the reward but. Only if I'm willing to feel a little pain, right. I look. Forward to obstacles. In that way I want, the opposition, now I do, lots. Of it I can't you know have a threshold but, I want the opposition, now that's kind of where I'm with it make, it hard coach is, what I used to tell Russell Brunson every morning when he would dish out tasks for the day it's. True i 100%. Know that is one of the major reasons why I'm standing in front of the camera right here filming, this for you okay it's because of my mentality, when I walked in was very much like dude, Russell. Give me your hardest thing your, hardest thing what it what is your hardest, thing today give. It to me and I, remember the first few times I said that every day to him and I think it was kind of awkward for him at first because that's not a normal mentality, like employers, the employees, do not ask their employers, that question right, dude give me a hardest stuff you'd, be like Oh. And I like I'm actually serious man look what's the thing you are least looking forward to today and he. Would look through his list of tasks, and you would hand me his hardest thing that day and that. Meant out of the the possibility, of failure and and which it, that. Happened a few times, but. Bands. Like such a better way to approach life my gosh so. If you're like still working for somebody else like don't be you know no pity party on you instead, like sit back be like hey you start asking your employers like give me the hardest thing you've got right, just for the sake of the growth okay, and, there's what I said right I dare, you to create a new you I dare. You to feel a little pain I dare. You to do something, you wouldn't normally write. Ironically. The only way to know, thyself is, to. Sculpt, thyself, it's. A good line right there I thought. In the shower. Straight. Brandy here we go okay, okay. Ironically, the only way to know thyself is to sculpt, thyself. Only. Then you, can qualify to, deliver your message, to the market okay, why don't you just don't qualify yet to deliver the thing you're trying to do meaning. The markets not gonna believe you you haven't sculpted, enough you haven't created yourself enough, and as, soon as you get real and Rob this like this like real talk with Steve Larson okay we should call that episode that okay as soon as you get like real on that though and like hey I am, willing to suck. Or I'm willing, to feel the growth or I'm willing to take on a new challenge that I don't quite understand how to do yet okay, when you say yes to that kind of stuff there, is an emboldened there, is a broadening. There is a building, that happens to you inside of your soul your, mind expands. You, become a new you you become more of who you already were it's, very fun it's really cool I love watching it's one of my reasons why I do what I do still. Um, this. Morning I was listening to the, book high-performance, habits by Brendon Burchard and it said something really, cool it's.

About Me rising, to serve a mission not, the mission bowing, down to match my limited strengths, my. Friends life is change. If you, are the, least likely sit if, you are the least likely success, story also then. You're also positioned, for the most growth okay. That's I have no pity on you if you feel that way okay to speak up the sculpting, the, biggest trick I found is to control, my environment and, get, in places that make me feel uncomfortable. Okay. I just got asked to do another, project I'm not allowed to talk about it yet it is, freaking, awesome but, I have to admit like on camera I'm gonna tell you I'm a little bit stressed out about it I don't totally see how to pull it off and. It, stresses me out just a little bit I'm not just to beat well it's due in three weeks. And. I don't actually know, how I'm gonna pull it off I know I will I know. I will and I just haven't wrap my brain around enough yet but like when, things like that pop up right. There's things you can say yes to that are straight distraction, but there's a few things that I know when they pop of them like oh that would make me grow, yes. Another, one happened today a huge. Huge, huge multi, hundred, thousand, like, multi hundred millionaire. Reached. Out and asked me to do some stuff today and, and. And, I was I've been expecting the call and I've been working, the relationship, and I knew is coming up and I knew I needed to say yes and I did say yes but like I'm. Not gonna lie like I'm. Not actually equipped to do some of the things that he was asking right as far as like in house so I gotta go build the team I got to build the people, that put the people together and build an internal I'm building like an internal little funnel agency, to, build to my own projects, I'm trying to answer the question how can I increase my speed right, now I don't know the answer to that right, and now I'm okay with that you guys that's like that's the gate welcome to entrepreneurship, okay.

Welcome. To growth welcome. To customized, growth that, is so customized, it's quite personal, and it's so personal, it changes, your person, right, I mean that's like huge that's why I love the game so much also okay. So, each we haven't made it yet so I'm going back to the script here so if you haven't made it yet ask yourself what, am i becoming, and am, i creating a new me on purpose, I want, to help you I. Want to welcome you to the to the mastermind, I'm doing a James smiley and Rachel Peterson right before funnel hacking live an hour before 10x secrets so. You can get an environment, to experience, some raw growth okay, I love, my community I love you guys I protect, you like crazy there's a lot of people who always want to get in and start dropping promos, and stuff like that's not the purpose of this group that's not the purpose of this podcast okay. But I protect you like anyway. Anyway. As I care about you okay. Where, is it happening it's gonna be February 18th Nashville, Tennessee click. Here for more info, Steve Jay Larson comm, click, on mastermind, right there at the top and there's the link game, here's to new you and I said comment, hashtag, a new me if you're joining us and all these people commented. Hash, tag a new me just Bam Bam Bam Bam Bam Bam Bam Bam Bam now I know it's kind of a long episode as well and I'll stop here in just a moment but I just wanted to walk through and just read this. Script, ok. Know what did I not do well, first of all you're gonna hear from these speakers, and then these are the hours that it's happening and this, is the this is what the event room looks like and this is right that, stuff matters like, way, down the road ok instead what I did first of all is I got raw with you guys Kay I got real and I'm helping there stand like man, I'm Rotem, the HAR like I really am the least likely success, story if I come at you though from another angle and I'm like yeah. Come learn from me you know they like you don't have seen you, guys know what I'm saying right. There. Is an audience that appreciates, that and wants that what I found that most people though who are just starting out or if I had success in the game yet they don't want that that actually stresses the crap out of them freaks them out and and, frankly, it's not my personality anyway so anyways. It's way cool when you do it then in a now based.

Around You, okay. As, the script to sell stuff so I will definitely go write another script you, don't have to be tomorrow just, late but, I'm psyched about it I'm talking about it this, is a good foundation for, me to go write the next script on and I. Think, I know what it is I'm not quite sure yeah I have an idea of what it'll be but, it'll be another script because I want people that come to the mastermind, but, I also want to do it in a way where I'm not like just come just come just come here's the link just by here's the click click click click like that I hate that I hate that crap anytime, I see that from anybody else I don't want to buy anything, I don't see that from somebody it makes me wanna buy without even knowing what it is ok because they like get it okay, tell. Stories, tell. Stories I get asked all the time Steven, what's the one thing people could focus on to be a good funnel builder storytelling. They'd be like no no no funnel, building I'm like yeah storytelling. No no like, I'm talking about like editor stuff I'm like yeah, I'm telling you right now like the editor so freakin easy if you can't figure the editor out you probably shouldn't be on the internet right, the clickfunnels editor so simple, right, that's, not where people struggle, right. Take it from the dude that's coach thousands, of people on this okay personally, okay people. Don't struggle with funnels because of click funnels people, struggle as funnels because they have no idea to sell and they, have no idea what makes sales happen, and so that's why I like when when stuff like this pops up every, once in a while I'll drop something like hey here's the thing just go buy right, and I'm scooping up a hop audience, I want to make sure it happens but I don't have time to be like a full fledged campaign, this. In this kit in this scenario stat, I'm what I want to do those I want to build a story. And build. And craft an emotion, and help you realize like look if you, want like I'm just a few steps ahead a lot of people on this journey what you want to come to the mastermind, right or would you want to come to this but I understand. Where. People are, on the path and I anyway, and I build, that connection that build about rapport well in this script, and I thought it'd be kind of cool to read it. To. Show you guys what I was doing I used so, you understand there's a lot of there's, a lot of script themes there's a lot of angles you can use as stories a lot of expert and dimed secrets talks a lot about those different angles and stories you can talk and use in, your attractive character, and your story lines well. In this one I used the then and now script, and I, did it in a way, to. Still tell some of my back so I'm still the protagonist, of the story it's, a thin and and now and I, am the Crusader. Attractive. Character type and if you have no idea what I'm talking about you got to go read common exper secrets Kay you. Know you'll know what I'm talking about as. Far as script writing style I would not say I'm like. A pro. Sales. Letter writer but, I know enough of what makes things sell that, it that's what let me do all the stuff so quickly. So and so seamlessly. The past a year especially so. Anyways guys I just want to thank you guys for being in this I appreciate, you guys watching this, episode sorry, my voice is starting to go up and doing a lot of film the day but.

Anyways, I'm psyched to have you guys that will be there and hopefully. As you guys are starting to as, you continue to sell your stuff hopefully, understand, that, that you, making money has nothing to do with how well you know the thing you're selling it has, everything to do with the. Script itself right, the actual sales message, that's, where you make the money I had, a cool opportunity to go and teach and pitch and speak, and and. Train the new speaker, team for clickfunnels and. Is. The day right after offer mine and I went into clickfunnels and I was able to teach them and it was really cool and that was the biggest thing I help them realize is like look you guys new. Speaker team you guys are gonna get all over brand, new stages, all over the world there's gonna be stages, all over the place Russell's, gonna send you to these cool places the thing that will screw you up is if. You, have in, your. Head the belief my. Success, will be dependent, on how well I know clickfunnels, and what it integrates, with and the features, and, all then the latest updates, and things like that like if. You if you want no sales believe, that your. And I helped. Him realize and we went through and we crap anyways it was really cool but like yeah our stands the same thing okay, okay, because, I didn't, talk in this script about who's, getting up first how long they're gonna talk here's the schedule here's the time for the event here's the exact location, I don't know but we're gonna meet and it'll be awesome okay alright because, that's not the sale happens, without, a lot of mention of the product every time. Every. Time and, if you are mentioning the product in your script a lot my, guess is that you're going feature-based and a lot of people when they hear it are coming back at you fighting, you on features okay, you are selling, the wrong person, you. Are selling with the wrong script. You're, probably not using a script and, I just want you to know that as you start thinking about what it is that you're doing with this game okay, do, you actually know, what causes the sale and can you craft something, that does that okay cuz I did not talk about the mastermind that much I know it'll be amazing last year is freaking awesome and I'm, a lot better this year and you. Know I'm super excited, but. Anyway. I'm pumped about it and. That's why I wrote it how I did so anyways that's I thought it'd be kind of cool little deep dive here as long kind of a long episode again here but anyway whatever I guess I'm apologizing, for that I like. Just to show you guys what I'm doing so anyways guys thanks so much again if you did enjoy this episode please go, review it on iTunes really means a lot to me and I love seeing them and I, will talk to you guys later thanks bye. Go. Home if you're just starting out you're probably studying a lot that's good you're, probably geeking, out on all the strategies, also right that's also good but. The hardest part is figuring out what the market wants to buy and how you, should sell it to them right that's, also what I struggled, with for a while until I learned the formula so, I created a special mastermind. Called, an offer mine to get you on track with the right offer and more importantly the right sales script to get it off the ground and sell it want. To come there small groups on throat let's like answer your direct questions in person for two straight days you. Can hold your spot by going to offer mine calm, again that's offer mind calm.

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Awesome. So true what you speak about. Very inspirational

Steve, my big depression point came in my junior year of college (spurred by a relationship) when I asked myself "what am I even good at?" Hearing you say that a lot of entrepreneurs who are good at orchestrating is a hard talent to express in the playground...really is a light-filled moment for me that is important for others to know...their talents are there...just can be hard to explain or even see yet. Keep publishing and being real with sharing your thoughts!

Truth! So much actionable stuf here! OFA + SFR is a game changer can’t wait to be in your crew at FHL!

I made a HUGE mistake watching this, STEVE. Was settling down to crash out for the night and started this vid. Now I'm WIDE AWAKE. You are a monster haunting my reality.

I am a little freaked out, I decided today that I need to create a new me. Almost deleting my old identity and start from scratch. I want to delete all my Facebook presence and start over with a new persona. Then I got your email and ended up here. OH no, I am alone,no one else is here

That’s why I hate when all these “gurus” are making softwares like CF and market it at “the 5 minute funnel” like bulllllll shit.

I definitely still struggle looking at what I’m good at lol

I can help you, Steve! I can't help Stephen :)

So good man! love the riff at 14min - 15min range.

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