The Bottom Line - Episode 2

The Bottom Line  - Episode 2

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folks this is the uh second ever podcast slash blog knight this ought to be a blockbuster because it is the one of the greatest opportunities in the history of the planet and that goes way back to where it was on fire um to pour out how absolutely um crazy and uh devious and just downright silly the damn democrats can be when i say democrats that's his word that's interchangeable in the communists these days i'm talking about the january 6th so-called investigation now starting right now an investigation is something that you're trying to find the truth about something would you say in the olden days that would be what it could be in the modern day everything is totally from the democrats everything is totally 100 percent political meaning that they have one chance for survival and that's to take donald j trump alex because he has proven he's the only politician pretty much the only child politician has ever proven that he can do something he said i'm gonna make america great again my god he didn't if you don't know that then you probably need to listen to somebody else's podcast maybe from a communist standpoint but it'll make you feel good i'm not gonna make your own stupid-ass field thing i will make you think and if you really want to be an american a real american then stick with me and i'll teach you how to do one all right that is essence of it right there is that you do not hire a hollywood film producer to do an investigation why would you need that if you're trying to do a show and you're trying to convince people of alive and you better get pretty clever and like i did they got so clever that i thought oh it counts some of my people might be moved by this horseshit i found myself a little bit depressed and it's hard to make me feel depressed here they came boy i thought i thought i could see jesus standing over in the wings there giving them hand signals and you know helping them out with everything that's just how serious uh wonderful this whole thing was supposed to have been i mean you had your uh you had your chairman read my head by the way you had your chairman now he didn't get hardly at all in his intro before he had to tell you that he came from about two feet on the left-hand center line of slavery at all times now what that had to do with trying to bring down trump and trying to find um this criminal venus act of walking in the building and walking back out i don't know these son of a [ __ ] will put that in there if they're telling you how to get to the restroom you know or how to get to the next town they will put some racial crap in there they will tell you it's just down there where the cotton patch used to be where the black people used to just slave and sweat and hot sun and if you turn they'll trap past that point they just cannot stop themselves so that's the way the whole thing got cranked up and you got this training which has got to be a satanic [ __ ] of this century i mean can you think well there's so much dumber than her but they're not any that's more dubious lies anymore of course that's a hundred percent so all the top democrats are 100 percent lighter so you really can't put one ahead of the other one in the group so here we go you know he goes as far as he can go running out of gas there and he turns it over to her and she starts barbecuing everybody that ever was supposed to be on trump's side and by the way folks if trump ever made a mistake it would be not firing every son of a [ __ ] that hated his guts now he thought he could run the country surrounded by people that hated his guts i don't know but he did it my god he did it he is so incredible he can do it with any amount of handicaps that's i can't say enough about how cruel that is but it would be cooler if he would just walked in there and said you people you 18 people over there used to be never trumpered i don't think you've changed so you're out of here i'm not giving you a referral for your next job because you don't deserve it yours you're posing as my friends and my helpers and my staff and you hate my guts now that requires no respect for me whatsoever because you're showing me no respect u.s obese okay so here's here's where we started out we had a chairman and a mass chairman both of which are just so serious trump haters that he'll be like a real good preacher when he thinks of satan that's that's about the depth of where they hated trump now let's look at this the whole object of what they're doing is to put trump out of business so uh let me get this little clipping sheet of paper here to quit clipping this is kind of a brand new blog area here so work with me a little bit give you a break sometimes you didn't go to the bathroom or something i'll give you a permission just hold your hand up i'm not gonna give you any breakfast mark no no you can't you're smart all i i'd like somebody smart off to that i just happen to think i can where were we here we were we were talking about how we've got a commission here you know they're not part of bipartisan thank you bipartisan my book you got was it two republicans that are both trump haters or particulars they can go now and the object of this commission is to kill trump politically that is the number one thing they're trying to do which doesn't sound like a function of a uh congressional hearing does it i mean that is 100 partisan and it is 100 percent a lie to call it by bipartisan because uh i'm sorry this training was never republican now i'm sure hasn't even been able to convince very many probably people real republicans in the last few years that she ever was one and certainly one now so you've got this set up here produced by a hollywood film director and a bunch of the lioness democrats they could find i mean when you say lying is democrat you're acting like maybe there's one that's less lying and that is a stretch right there but anyway they got the worst ones they could find the best ones in their opinion here they go so they put it on a friday so you'd have all weekend to say god what are are they going to find any more i'll predict that they won't find hardly anything else that they didn't throw in on friday they shot their wand i think and from here on it's just going to be trying to remind you that they've got some marvelous things coming without really finding much of them pressing i'm thinking adult so i want to caution all my people and i call you my people i love you because you're the last chance i have to live in freedom now we uh we have one chance to live in freedom and that's to throw the communists out you can't live in a communist country without freedom i mean i try to say things that cannot be cannot be debated how can you see it any other way everybody from middle management up is for sure looks to be communist half the people in our damn party is communist everybody in the other party is communist i seem like every lawyer on the face of the earth goddamn communists they're supposed to be smart to get through all that stuff but how they wind up communists tell me by the way i would like to invite some really good lawyers and i think there might be some good ones out there i see them on tv at least and here's my proposal i'm poor as hell but i might have something to say and you're asked as a communist right now and you probably don't know it right now you're probably just totally happy that something has happened that you think you like but you don't you won't so uh you need to uh be ready to come help me because if i do i don't do any good then i'm wasting my time and i'll be disappointed but if i do start doing some good and people start tuning in and people started listening to me and learning how to think and learning how to react to this um horse crowd that we call the current administration they're going to come after me because they can hell they stole the election on network tv it did not get a single feedback from it if you if you know of one tell me and i'll feel a little bit better i don't think they questioned anybody and it's certainly got enough video on it to uh go around the world so i would like for some of you uh uh lawyers i mean governments to pledge to me that you will help me free and that you'll give these son of a [ __ ] more than they ever thought they would hear from when they come afterward it's time we show some powder it's time we pound some powder i am so fed up and tired of being screwed blind by these bastards and have i had anything else so far i'm just trying to think of a win somewhere along the way there's got to be some but by and large i see failures and i see vote losses so i would like for some of you guys to be ready maybe to give our side one win and uh you know you it ain't going to hurt you to have a little sideline case here it ain't going to break your bank it'll break mind if i have to do any responsibility because i'm just a very poor guy i'm on social security and uh don't really have any income so i've dedicated the rest of my life to helping some people along with myself to figure out how to handle these belligerent criminal un-american communist people so let's get back to this so-called permission now i was heartened when i tuned in i believe it was newsmax you see you we used to have one american news a magnificent network they constantly talked about the fellow election and things that were relevant to us things we're going to have to solve to ever have in america again also america right now people talk about the wonderful incredible america i say go to hell you don't know what's going on you wouldn't have ever said that sure we love america we love the america that we used to have but america right now is not that american and it doesn't look like there will be again so let's see here we are um we're talking about a commission that is different from any commission it ever came along but they know that they can just do it because it's been so long since anything was done that had anything to do with common sense or normalcy or any of the things that you would expect to see when you put out a term like investigation so they just loaded that thing right by a boy like i said it was a sweet sex and then of course when it got through they wanted to make sure that you knew how slick it was and you know another couple hours just in case you are too dumb to see 100 correctness of the whole thing let me go back to the first event a couple of news people occasionally they'll come up with something that you can tell their brain is still functioning and it's a real amazing thing to find that out because you could go through days and not expect that they have a functioning brain oh a couple of them were talking to each other and they said you know it looks like you're trying to reach somebody with this now that doesn't sound like it the truth does it that sounds like pro again and that's exactly what it is instead of them just going ahead and saying they want to tell the american public that donald trump would never be in office again it's just as intolerable and unacceptable and in a way maybe they kind of said that a couple of times during the evening but they started right out with that even even the so-called news so you know it looks like you're kind of trying to reach somebody with it and i thought yeah donald trump supporters so and then they mentioned that some of these people that you know were asking for pardons and all some of them said that they weren't asking the pardons but they may have done some lives i figured he might have done this without a whole lot of blatant knives but they're just so easy to treat but anyway they uh they uh came out with um these ideas that uh that uh we're trying to reach somebody and it would have to be somebody connected with trump well that's what this whole 100 percent thing is about they have to get rid of trump because he has already shown he can fix the world i mean if if you said the second coming of jesus you would not have a better candidate he might have sinned a couple of times where jesus didn't but what could he have done except fire all those bastards that hated him that he didn't do he fixed america and he fixed the world and if he was in there right now we wouldn't say we had a thousand problems they looked pretty good pretty damn good it's getting better so uh i have to say i don't want to be the dead horse but is there anything else we need to say and think about on this so-called commission but it is not a commission well hell the watergate thing was not much of a commission either it was a common communist democrat hack uh show place this thing is uh what do you say several times worse than that they're not even trying to look like they uh care about fairness or anything of a kind so this is the first time our second vlog first time i've used one subject all the way through and i'll do this when there's really a serious situation and this is serious you see what the uh this is about what is this this is it let me get the wrong month you'll think i'm joe biden but anyway it's uh two or three months november three four months before the election right so uh they can run this thing out that long make sure it's okay and if it's sticking they're throwing it against the wall and it's sticking there they will have this thing going wide open election day you can bet your blood on it and they'll still be coming up yourself by that child they could lie they could outright lie because we won't have time to prove this now right now they've got to start out with things like his daughter you know didn't believe in him you gotta go with that goddamn bar yeah you know we can come out with that deal it might be the truth but you know every family's got a couple of communists in it some of them are all comments you know i don't think trump had got a couple of people somewhere in his family that did not you know they drank that kool-aid but i was just thinking how easy would it be if she went off and married some down flaming liberal communists and you know he'd been feeding the kool-aid ever since i don't know if that's true or not but i showed you how easy something can happen it doesn't look reasonable because i think by and large trump's family supports him they love him they know who he is and he knows who they are and it's just a magnificent example of a family so there's going to be a lot of things in that deal that really though they really made it look bad sticking them together until they would stick you know without any glue and uh then they're gonna take and uh stick some [ __ ] between them so they look even fatter bigger and that's what the next months or years is gonna be about and you can remember from the uh peaceman hearings from the from the uh russia they don't need anything to drag it out for months they just need the news media to swear that so from here on oh yeah you owe me you damn well owe me because i watched cnn for two hours you know how hard that is for a person with a functioning brain even as good as mine that is rough that is hard to do the same thing and i thought boy i got to tell my people that i am actually a hard work and i am i am going to go the 400 yards so i did that for you and i could say it was so slick it was thicker than i thought it would be because i didn't really realize how deep the uh the uh hollywood directors you know were into this thing but they've got unlimited funds and there's enough communists in the world that they could just click their fingers kind of like i was trying to do with the lawyers which all over the world and boy just come around and say hey yeah man i would love to help you make sure america saves communists and never sees the light of day on a democratic society again so uh that's where we're at today folks i might have left out a couple things the commission is not a commission is a sideshow and i don't think i have to tell very many of you that but just watch them and uh do not watch them on purpose but they will stuff it down your throat it'll be on blocks box will be back in them you know you do know that fox went coming and they've got to have some semblance of fairness because they've got sean hannity and some people that's making them kill it so they can't just be outright communists like cnn because i'm hoping that sean hannity would have the character to start his own thing until i'm going to go to hell he hasn't got so i don't know how far they'd have pushed you to make him do that but anyway that's uh that's where we stand today we've got a communist conspiracy and it's called a um investigation you watch these sunday [ __ ] and uh it is your chance to see how far a democrat will go and call it his sacred duty to protect your country all right vlog number two over and out god bless one yeah i've got to figure out how to turn it off the worst thing about the modern world you've got to figure out how to handle a black box yeah i'm sure if i'd have been making a mistake it wouldn't ask me if i was sure but it just clicked it off

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