THÂM QUYẾN sau 40 năm|người Việt ko được qua HK bằng đường bộ

THÂM QUYẾN sau 40 năm|người Việt ko được qua HK bằng đường bộ

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And now I'm in Shenzhen. You sign it! Now I'm at the international airport. The airport here is awfully wide, I'm running near death! I just bounced off, my God, go into terminal 2. Run near death through here! 3-4 kilometers! It's a long train ride! It's almost miss the flight This is the flight crew of our trip.

I just arrived at Bao'an Airport. Located in Bao An district, 35km from the center If you want to go through Hongkong or Macau Then there's a ferry here! Do you think this airport is beautiful? I flew domestic from Chongqing to Shenzhen. Today, we will visit this city together. Then I'll try to take a road trip through Hong Kong! People like the feeling of pulling luggage to the airport. I'm about to fly to a new city.

Especially to go abroad is even more exciting. It is said that Know the history of China thousand years come to Beijing - Xi'an Know the hundred-year history - come to shanghai Know how China has evolved over the past decade then go to Shenzhen And when I came to Shenzhen here Indeed, this is a beautiful city. Tech enthusiasts will choose this city And it will be interesting to travel to Shenzhen Now go to Shenzhen Bay! Up front is that new city. Today we are going to travel by flycam To get a whole view of the city The city is so big that there are so many attractions.

On the other side is Hongkong From Shenzhen Bay you can see HongKong in the distance This is the bridge between mainland and Hongkong From Shenzhen you can see Hongkong But from Hong Kong, tourists can't quite see Shenzhen Because on the other side of HongKong is not a tourist destination But the house is also very sparse This is the bridge between Hong Kong and mainland The bridge is 5km long Mostly used to transport goods Because the HK government had to lease a port in Shenzhen Some citizens of Southeast Asian countries such as Thai, Phil, Indo, Malay, Brunei, Sing They can easily cross this bridge to to Hong Kong without having to authentice a visa Unfortunately, Vietnamese people are not in visa exemption list to cross this bridge easily Even mainlanders need to apply for a Hong Kong Visa except citizens of 50 major Mainland cities just need a local endorsement is passable this bridge to go to Hong Kong to travel And if you are Vietnamese and have visas both mainland and Hong Kong then you can easily cross this bridge because there are now tourist buses for visitors Shenzhen is located at the lower end of the Pearl River located in an area called a large bay including famous cities such as Macau, Zhuhai, Foshan and Hong Kong In which Shenzhen is the leading special economic zone And the brother of the whole region. so in the future, this Gulf of Shenzhen will develop much more modern & spacious Shenzhen Bay in particular also a brackish water nature reserve so there's a very good ecosystem here. fresh air So the storks come here to live a lot. It's rare to see a city with nature as good as it is here Storks fly too much here When the water recedes, storks, seagulls, mallards come here to feed in a very large herd And if you're going to travel here. remember Shenzhen Bay Here you can go for a cool walk.

Go up a little along Shenzhen Bay. everyone reach to the talent park here is a new district of Shenzhen with a very large park lush greenery that color the eyes located next to the Bay so it's very airy And when I came to Shenzhen it's just celebrating its 40th anniversary. establishment of such special economic zones Shenzhen's economy ranks 3rd in mainland After Beijing and Shanghai only And according to the report, Even if it's just a city.

but the total economic output more than a few countries such as Vietnam, Portugal or Iceland The per capita income here is $10,000 per year that is, about 230 million VND for a population of 15 million compared to the people of Saigon is about 80 million VND / year for a population of 9 million Forty years ago, it was completely empty. There's no one, used to be fishing village all land without houses But now it's flourishing like this. There's a multifunctional sports center nearby. beautifully designed Named Spring Cocoon This is where RoboMaster is held.

every year in Shenzhen The capacity here is about 15,000 people This is considered a work Shenzhen's iconic Total construction area 250,000 m2 Includes stadium, arena and swimming pool Placed under 1 mesh steel structure huge white is very beautiful The name Cocoon makes sense This is where the athletes are going to break through. burrow out of cocoons to become butterflies And rushed out into the world. Face a new vitality And if you've visited Shenzhen Bay, everyone remembers to stop by Seaworld. Aquarium Park There's water music show here.

performed around 7 p.m. every day You'll see a very big ship. it's a hotel called Minghua This ship is about 60 years old.

based in France and then sold to China Used as a yacht to get to Australia and Japan before the 80s Ship has been sent to Vietnam to be able to evacuate Chinese refugees in June 1978 but failed Because the location and time of arrival cannot be approved After 1983, the ship has been docking here. become a tourist attraction Night in Shenzhen Bay is the best You have to spend whole day in this district. named Nam Son to visit all the destinations Here, there are many entertainment areas for you In terms of area, Shenzhen is on par with Saigon But there are only eight counties here. In terms of planning, the city is at its peak and have infrastructure on the list of cities with the most buildings in the world Futien district alone has seen a lot of brilliance. At night, the municipality is located next to the bay there are many trees, so it is very cool It's like Shenzhen is trying to shine.

to show your weight compared to Hongkong on the other side At night, buildings & stadiums light up too much eye-catching That night although not stay in luxury hotels in those high-rise buildings But my feelings kept going on, feeling as if traveling into the city of the future. in sci-fi movies. Suddenly a desire was overwhelming. I wish... Let's have a good night's sleep, go on a tour in next morning. We're going to visit another district this morning.

From Nanshan I will go to Louho district Here it borders the mainland of HongKong. On the right is Shenzhen - on the left is HongKong In the old days, Louho was the center But now it's a very old county. Establishment of special economic zones is to confront the HK special zone on the other side The Qing court had to give land to the British Empire. after the First Opium War - 1842 Make HK become an island in 2 systems of gorvernment until 1997 that it was returned to the mainland. China has always wanted to remove this border barrier.

From here is to the center of HongKong Tsim Sha Tsui or Victoria Harbour you have to travel another 35km Louho border gate immigration control place Most people will pass through this port. to travel back and forth to Hong Kong & mainland Before 97, this border gate very strictly controlled It's like from one country to another. HongKong's transfer to England considered a stain deep cut into the imperial robe of the Qin court at the time Now the situation seems getting better. This is the door to get through Hong Kong. It's the place to do that immigration check-in.

Stores sell all the things that you need to be able to go through Hong Kong Like currency exchange or buy a phone sim But for Vietnamese people, we have to keep in mind that one thing even if you have a Hong Kong visa it is also not allowed to enter to Hongkong by road. Because on the visa sticker on the passport when you are issued a Hong Kong visa clearly stated that only allowed to enter at airport As for other countries, I don't know how. Even if I have a Hong Kong visa I can't pass through the immigration upstairs. This is Huaqiangbei Square. Here you can find all kinds of components as well as technological equipment As far as we know.

more than 90% of technology devices and especially electronic microchip all originated in Shenzhen Well, as you know, Iphone is a very famous brand in the world an American brand chose Shenzhen as the site of the assembly plant for saving cost Because most microchipes / devices inside the phone majority from Shenzhen This place is called Huaqiangbei. And this is a tech paradise. and the largest electronics market in the world If you know about Guangzhou is the fashion paradise of clothing You have to know that Shenzhen is a paradise of electronic toy items This place of course if you buy wholesale, the price is more bargain And retailing is fine. the price is also good, cheaper up to a few million VND They say if a phone goes around. through the hands of a lot of people when returning to Huaqiangbei It's become a new phone. and can wear any brand as you like and you can see it's here.

there are a lot of malls like this up to 5-6 floors are selling technology items. and the company established around this area All those tech big companies. Come on in here. Now let's go inside. this place sells laptop Here items also divide by each zone This place sells electrical equipment. This place is very wide sometimes It's take time to go each shop And carry a bunch of money.

to enjoy shopping This place sells headphones. phone accessories Now people know where to buy cheap tech stuff. Just come over here once and collect the goods. Merchants all over the world flock here to be able to buy technology Because there's a lot of toys here.

from children's toys Technology in the medical industry is also lots Machine only speak Chinese don't understand anything There's music, too. It's just a corner of the market. there's so much more to discover because I don't have much time Now find the way to go out. And Shenzhen is also homeland of Technology giants of China I remember one time I went to America's Silicon Valley. and would love to go to the headquarters of Google & FB But because it's too far, I did not go. So today I'm going to make up for Chinese companies.

First, we have to mention about Huawei. has a headquarter in Shenzhen is the largest telecommunications corporation in the Mainland and a phone manufacturer world's largest telecommunication equipment producer The company used to be the hegemon in the field of smartphone manufacturing before U.S. sanctions Because of political issues and trade wars Although mobile phone sales account for about 37% profit but that Huawei is alive thanks to the provision of equipment and network services while the world struggles to upgrade to 5G then in the Mainland people are about to upgrade to 6G this company also built telecommunications milestones highest in the world at Mount Everest On the mainland, stores experience Huawei Very beautiful, spacious & modern design Generally enjoyed this isn't an ad. so don't make mistakes Because it's in Shenzhen, the subject It's just about technology and its modernity. I used to use a Korean brand phone. but then switched to Huawei Also I'm not used to using iOS operating system too in Vietnam, I see product experience centers Huawei's is also disappearing and electronics stores also sell fewer Huawei products So later who wants to buy this smartphone brand I guess you have to order it from abroad.

Once, my phone dropped broken screen terrify that I have the opportunity to go to Shenzhen then also go to the experience to try it I asked them to change the screen and very fast in less than 2 hours I'm going to go around and it's done. and prices less than 2 million VND And the service is also very good Now I'm going to rent a bike around the city. and go to the headquarters of a next company this company is also very well known Here i am Make a selfie for memory check-in Wow, pretty tall! You know what company this is. who loves video games Might know Tencent. an empire of online platform the world's largest game production company Wechat's owner - company rivals Alibaba It is the most valuable company in Asia Tencent Seafront Towers building is very high This company is a twin tower with a height of 194m and has 41 floors Situated at the intersection of Binhai and Nanhai Boulevards When I was at work, I had a dream.

is to work for multinational corporations like this but it doesn't matter if it's big or small, it doesn't matter. It is important that our values are created at work the company that designed this building also design offices for other companies Alibaba, Amazon, Google & Samsung This place must be close to Shenzhen University. Wechat, Weibo and Tik Tok are 3 major Chinese social networks has been banned in India and also almost banned in the US under Mr. Trump considering the technology set is also a trick in that diplomatic relationship ByteDance is the parent company of TikTok will also open its headquarters in Shenzhen in the future Tencent boss named Ponyma sounds a lot like Jackma.

Alibaba's boss, right? Tencent operates in many fields Tencent is also involved in popular games Tencent is also very strongly contributing to invest in e-commerce sites including Singaporean companies This company owns many famous applications in Vietnam Tencent is also the owner of Film Company You can see this is a very big corporation. If you weigh Tencent with Google or Alibaba Not sure who it is stronger! regardless of failure Behind me is DJI's store. also a technology tycoon based in Shenzhen we often think of DJI as an American company But Dji is a completely established company in China The founder is a Chinese For those who are passionate about technology when thinking of flying equipment immediately will immediately think of DJI Actually, there are a lot of companies in China making drones camera mounted for footage shooting from the air is very particular Like Xiaomi or Karma But DJI is still the highest rated worldwide now we go into the store DJI in Shenzhen Let's see what equipment they sell inside. These are products sold in DJI store The price here is a little cheaper than in Vietnam DJI also has Ronnin gimbal & Osmo camera I'm also a DJI fan. But it's very costly! Also - afraid of falling drone, lost signal & in fear of penalties Once, I was touched by the Italian police.

flying drone in the Colosseum Generally speaking, people have to be very careful. not only lost money but also was guilty Look! the drone tech users are gathering here. you can see Here hundreds of drones waiting to take off most of drones here are DJI's.

I've never seen so many flycams. This technology does not sure if Vietnam has the drones performance in the herd is very impressive people will sync all the drone device into a common control panel form a system and an interesting performance Every weekend, there are performances for guests to see Drone performances like this applied at the opening of the last Olympics in Tokyo but it's not unfamiliar to mainland audiences. currently, companies specialize in this kind of show are Damoda or High Great Headquarters based in Shenzhen in the future, it is possible that Vietnam will also apply performances like this in major events The price for 500 drones flying in haft hour is about 3-5 billion VND Slightly chatty price Depending on the drone quality and shape requirements This is seen as China's Silicon Valley the cradle of many technological super products not only of China but also of the world For me, the mainland is still a very different world Compared to the places I've been and leave the most impress up to now no one can deny their level of development I'm in the heart of Futien district the most beautiful and modern area in Shenzhen Here you can observe PingAn Finance Center Building 600m high The building belongs to Pingan Insurance Company Tallest building in the city 2nd highest in China and 4th highest in the world You can buy tickets to the Observatory desk there are many high-rise office buildings nearby including ZTE, Wal-mart, One Plus to get to the center, you just need to catch the subway to Civic center come here, you will feel like straying into a forest of a new era Shenzhen is China's first special economic zone is one of the 5 very important special economic zones here there will be a lot of skyscrapers in Shenzhen, they say every day will sprout a building and every 3 days, a boulevard will be finished Now it's summer temperatures are quite hot Range 38 - 40 degrees Most take the subway because it's cold down there. In a little while, there will be a light show.

I'll wait and see surely will be very nice Remember to be here before 7 p.m. to be able to watch the light show very special daily in the financial center Be sure to bring water and food with you If you have no trouble, you can climb the hill named Liehuashan This is a sweeping observatory of the city To be serious, this is the best location to be able to watch the Light Show About 100m high There's also a statue up here by former President Deng Xiaoping At the sunset, people come up here a lot. All activities at the center connected to each other and wireless networks to form a sync system for easy control of which there are about 40 buildings in the center assigned design rights to the company of the name the company is headquartered in Shenzhen And was assigned a lot of LED decoration works in mainland cities Here the company used led coating system is about 800,000 pixels C1-plus create giant screen This is a very costly decoration Because it has to be installed as well as maintained In the evening, people gathered in the very crowded to ready to watch an impressive performance Fahoka is practicing martial arts after it still hurts the uterus into the palace no one accepted him as a eunuch end up here practice the power of martial art Training for the stronger uterus :D This dome is so big Remember to pee before the show begins Not much to ignore It's so nice! Mama! brilliant.

Unexpectedly Yay It's too surprising. Oh, waiting is a happiness now everyone's waiting merits about to be compensated At exactly 7 p.m. all central buildings all the lights up simultaneously brilliant led lighting in the admiration of those waiting Now the show's starting Now let's count down together.

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