Spring 2022 Commencement: 1:30 p.m., Saturday, May 14

Spring 2022 Commencement: 1:30 p.m., Saturday, May 14

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>> Good afternoon everyone. My name is Michael Reed. It is my privilege to serve as the vice president for academic affairs and provost of Penn College. I welcome you to this spring commencement ceremony which begins with the entrance of the candidates for graduation from the School of Engineering Technologies in the divisions of construction and architectural technologies and industrial and computing technologies. Please join me now in welcoming our candidates for graduation. [ Applause ] ♪ >> Love the energy. Entering

next are the Pennsylvania College of technology faculty and administration led by the school deans and our platform party will complete the processional. ♪ ... >> The national anthem will be sung today by Ms. Loni Kline, Penn College's vice president for college relations. Please stand if you are able, and gentlemen, please remove your caps.

♪ O say can you see By the dawn's early light ♪ What so proudly we hailed At the twilight's last gleaming Whose broad stripes and bright stars Through the perilous fight O'er the ramparts we watched Were so gallantly streaming And the rockets red glare The bombs bursting in air Gave proof through the night That our flag was still there O say does that star spangled Banner yet wave O'er the land of the free And the home brave >> Thank you, Ms. Kline, and please be seated. Joining us today are family and friends who have in many different ways, supported these candidates to reach the goal of graduation. On

the platform are the college faculty and staff who have motivated, encouraged, and inspired our students as they completed their collegiate journey. Before us are the candidates for graduation who have become good friends, mentors, and colleagues. Developing relationships that will serve them well as they move into the future together. We join them as members of an extended support network to celebrate with our candidates and to witness your accomplishments. That celebration now begins. And now

it is my honor to introduce the President of Pennsylvania College of Technology, Dr. Davie Jane Gilmour, who will preside over this spring commencement ceremony. Please welcome Dr. Gilmour. [ Applause ] >> Thank you. Good afternoon. Seriously? We can do better.

Good afternoon. That's better. I want to welcome you all to this ceremony honoring the accomplishments of the spring 2022 graduating class from the Pennsylvania College of Technology. Those who know me well, know I can't miss up an opportunity to use a quote to talk about my feelings. The experiences you've had as students for the last few years has been nothing short of extraordinary. You have endured extraordinary things. This particular quote is from Benjamin Disraeli, a 19th century prime minister of the United Kingdom. Who said

this, "there is no education like adversity". If you believe that to be true and I certainly do, then you and your peers and all college campuses across the country have received more education in the past few years than you have ever bargained for. Together we surmounted the unique challenges posed by the pandemic. You kept your focus,

you did the work, you satisfied the requirements for your degrees and certificates. You rose above the clamor in relentless pursuit of your career dreams and aspirations. And today we pay tribute to the perseverance you demonstrated as we celebrate your successes. As

you prepare to embark on professional and personal journeys, I trust that you will build upon these skills and life lessons you learned here to make your mark on the world. Your Penn college degrees and certificates provide the foundation for lifelong success as essential, indispensable employees in business, industry, and the public sphere. You, as well as your family, friends, and supporters, those who are here today and those who are unable to be with us, can and should be justifiably proud. This ceremony today is a milestone memory and I hope you cherish it forever. As college president, acknowledging students one last time before they embark on rewarding careers and life passages is a privilege that I have never taken for granted. And as you make your

way into the world of work and service, I know that you will make us Penn College proud. Now if you were graduating anywhere else today, most likely, you would be told this is a serious, solemn ceremony, and we want you to give it the dignity it deserves. This is a pretty cool ceremony, I would like you to remain as dignified as possible, but this is not the place to turn off your phones and get stuffy. We are the Pennsylvania College of Technology. I don't

want to hear the theme from "Top Gun". But I do want you to take pictures, I do want you to post them at #PCTGrad and I do want you to have a good time so I am taking the first picture this afternoon. [ Applause ] Thank you. >> It's now my pleasure to introduce Mr. Elliot Strickland, vice president for student affairs. Mr. Str

Mr. Strickland.$$TRANSMIT President Gilmour, Senator Yaw, Provost Reed, distinguished faculty and staff, family, frie the May 2022 graduatinclass. It Student Commencement Speak. Befo e remiss if I didn't te a moment t 4 years as president a 45 years a u e e individuly, d each is anchored n commencent saker, reflecti Dr. l studts suld be at the nter of a . t g . t u eake are incredibl imprsive you e yeerda Franchesca Ybra i Weing is morning, an thi afteoon PridenGilmour is a trailazer he portities our studts have had u cadeof leadership.

On Thursday en e e volvent - was renad the Dr. Davr seice the student experience. Pg . [ Applause Trailblar is also a great wo to e Marshall bause I don't think thn llege that she hasn' experienced. was a star from day on A Dean's Center. Her passion r constructd labs. She was a four-year member of the Construction Management Association serving as both Academic Chair and President during her time. She was a

member of the BCM Advisory Board Committee for two years and was inducted into Sigma Lambda Chi: Construction Management Honor Society. You're probably wondering how she accomplished all this, but I haven't even started telling you about her involvement outside of her major. Charlee was a member of the Wildcat Women's Soccer Team for two years, And if you know Charlee, it's not a surprise to learn that she was a goalie.

And when she had to step away from her playing days, she volunteered as an Assistant Coach for the remaining two seasons. She was also inducted in Chi Alpha Sigma - National Athletic Honor Society. She was incredibly involved in Residence Life, working as an RA for one year and then serving as a Senior RA for two additional years. She was a board member for the Student Government Association and coordinated their 2021 Silent Auction which raised funds for the Student Leader Legacy Scholarship fund. She also didn't take her breaks off, completing two summer construction internships. All of

this has culminated in her acceptance of a position with Hensel Phelps in Washington, DC. So Founded in 1937, they are one of the largest general contractors and construction managers in the United States. Thursday night, at the Excellence in Student Leadership and Service Awards Ceremony, Charlee was awarded the newly renamed Dr. Davie Jane Gilmour

Award for Leadership & Service Today she graduates Magna Cum Laude with her Bachelor of Science in Construction Management. It gives me great pleasure to introduce your Student Commencement Speaker, Ms. Charlee Marshall. . [ Applause ] >> Good afternoon everyone. Thank you Mr. Strickland for

that wonderful introduction. Before I begin, I would like to thank all of the faculty and staff that I have interacted with over these past four years. Specifically each of my instructors in my major for all that they have taught me. I would also like to thank my family and friends I have here today. Especially all of my parents for supporting and encouraging me throughout my time here at Penn College.

Growing up, there were a lot of career paths I aspired to travel down. I wanted to be a ballerina, a princess, a veterinarian, a ninja, and most often a combination of all four. When it came to my senior year in high school, I still couldn't pin down a single career I wanted for my future. In fact when it came down for me to begin making decisions about my college education, I had no desire to be a student at Penn College. We can all see how well that worked out for me. After a few visits to campus, it became clear what I wanted to do with my life and where I wanted to start the next chapter of my education. When I came to Penn

College four years ago, I would never have been able to guess that I would have the honor of standing on this stage speaking to all of you. I could never imagine the opportunities and memories I had waiting for me during my time here. From being an athlete to a resident assistant, from being a club president to a friend, I will be forever grateful for the memories I have made. A little known fact about my choice to attend Penn College was actually through the influence of my mom. I was exploring degree options at various schools, and my mom found the construction management degree here. I

brushed it off at first. But as I started to learn more about it on my own, the more I became interested. When I walked into class on my first day of school, I was confident that I knew absolutely nothing about construction. While it took time for me to learn and understand the industry I was about to enter, it did not take time for me to befriend my classmates. So those of you from my major that I am graduating with today, I am grateful for the relationships I have been able to build with all of you. I hope we are able to continue our interactions in our field and that our friendships in the past can bring benevolence in our futures.

Within five years, you probably won't remember who spoke at graduation today, I hope at least one thing I share will resonate with each of you. I ask all of the graduates here to take a moment to reflect on the experiences you've had during your schooling. A second to reminisce about your friends, your memories, and the opportunities you've had here.

These memories aren't about the long nights of studying or stressing about exams, but all of the fun and joyous instances you've had over these past few years. Oftentimes we are told that we don't regret the things we have done, but we regret the things that we have not done. I hope each of you is able to leave here today without any regrets because you were able to experience every opportunity you were given, whether it was extracurricular, educational, or social. When I look at all of you sitting before me, I see my peers, ones who have put in a substantial amount of time and hard work into their education. Not only did this class have to face hours of homework and studying, but a new challenge of navigating a global pandemic while still maintaining good grades and some semblance of a social life. I'm honored to be graduating with these students today. A little fun fact for all

of you graduates, less than 45% of college students across the nation actually graduate from a college or university. Today you are among that 45%. What you have achieved here is not something short of astounding. Each of you has accomplished something that the majority of this country has not. While today is meant to celebrate your achievements, do not be afraid of failure. Do not be hesitant to experience what the majority of us have already encountered.

We consistently learn more from our failures than we do from our successes. While your formal education may be over, I hope you all have more learning opportunities during your career. You have built the foundation of your future and now it's time for you to begin constructing the rest of your life. Your futures are finally

waiting for you. Congratulations and thank you. [ Applause ] Penn College student Ashley D.

Gentile-Wing, of New Kensington, Westmoreland County, died tragically in an automobile accident in March. Ashley, who was 22, was pursuing both a bachelor's degree in Residential Construction Technology & Management and an associate degree in Architecture. As Ashley had completed a substantial portion of the required coursework, and had met all of the other academic requirements to earn her degrees. Today, we posthumously award her a Bachelor of Science in Residential Construction Technology & Management and an Associate of Applied Science in Architecture. A Dean's List student, Ashley was also a member of the Beta Epsilon Upsilon Chapter of the Phi Theta Kappa International Honor Society at Penn College. Please join me now in welcoming Ashley's mother, Diana Gentile, who will accept the diplomas on behalf of her daughter.

[ Applause ] >> As many of you know, the legal corporate body of the Pennsylvania College of Technology is its board of directors. This is the body that, by our charter, is given final responsibility for the governance, welfare, and all other interests pertaining to the college. Though some responsibilities are delegated, ultimate authority rests with the board. At this time, I would like to call upon Senator Gene Yaw, chair of the board of directors, to authorize the conferring of degrees at this ceremony. Senator Yaw. [ Applause ] >> At this point in the ceremony, I congratulate the family and friends that have helped all of you get to this position today. I will do that

in a minute. But first I want to exercise at least some prerogative as Chairman of the Board of Directors for a personal comment. Graduation is an event where you are focused on the future, you're excited about jobs, new living arrangements, meeting new friends. It's also a time when

you look back on old friends, good times, and frankly past experiences which can never be repeated. So in that regard, graduation is a bittersweet experience. Today is such a day for me so I share many of your feelings. As you know and you've heard Dr. Gilmour is retiring. We've had graduation ceremonies over the last two days, and this is the final one. Remember I

said that some experiences can never be repeated. What most people don't know is Dr. Gilmour and I have worked together in various aspects of Penn College for almost 40 years. That's a once in a lifetime experience and indeed it's something that will probably never be repeated. And it is a truly bittersweet experience to me. Frankly I will miss my friend in this capacity.

Now, on to my official duties. This is a very special occasion, as I said, for all of you. The degrees being awarded have come from hard work, from the guidance and wisdom of the faculty, and from strong support from your family and friends. On behalf of the Board of Directors, I extend to all of the graduates our congratulations and best wishes. And to all of the supporting family members, the faculty, and friends, I extend our thanks for your support. Now I turn to my official duty. Dr. Gilmour, upon

recommendation I ask you to confer upon these candidates the degree earned. [ Applause ] >> Will the candidates for the Bachelor of Science degree please rise. >> You have a black robe on. It's okay, we had to remind the morning as well.

>> Dr. Gilmour, upon recommendation of the faculty, I am pleased to inform you that these candidates have satisfactorily completed the requirements for the Bachelor of Science degree. >> Thank you. By virtue of the authority vested in me by the Board of Director of the Pennsylvania College of Technology, I do hereby confer upon you the Bachelor of Science degrees you have earned with all of the rights and privileges and with congratulations from the Board of Director, administration, and faculty.

Congratulations. [ Applause ] >> You may be seated. Will the candidates for all associate degrees and certificates please rise? [ Applause ] Dr. Gilmour, upon recommendation

of the faculty, I am pleased to inform you that these candidates have satisfactorily completed the requirements for their respective associate degrees and their certificates. >> Thank you. By virtue of the authority vested in me by the board of directors of the Pennsylvania College of Technology, I do hereby confer upon you the associate degrees and certificates that you have earned with all of their rights and privileges. And with congratulations from the board of directors, the faculty, and the administration. Congratulations. [ Applause ] Would you remain standing, and would the baccalaureate graduates please rise as well.

You processed into this theater as candidates with the degrees and certificates that it was my honor to confer upon you. As a symbol of your entry into the educated world of women and men, I'm going to ask that you turn the tassel on your cap as I do so for Charlee. This will symbolize to the world that you are in fact now a graduate of the Pennsylvania College of Technology. Congratulations. [ Applause ] You may be seated. As individuals and institutions, we all pass through clear stages of development, points in time where we grow into new roles and new responsibilities. This

ceremony is a transition event for all graduates. Today we will recognize individuals with academic honors. Outstanding academic achievement will be recognized for all students. The gold, silver or white cords worn by students, white for honors, silver for high honors, and gold for highest honors will identify those students. Blue cords will

signify academic achievement. We are pleased to recognize two honor societies, the Phi Theta kappa society, and the Alpha Chi Honor Society. I would now ask all of the veterans who have served in active duty or are currently serving to please rise. You know who you are. Thank you.

[ Applause ] And if you'd remain standing for just a moment, I'd like to tell you about the veterans at Penn College. We have nearly 250 veterans on campus. Two have a bronze star, two have a purple heart, 19 have Iraq campaign medals, and 11 have Afghanistan campaign medals. We are very,

very proud of our veteran students. Congratulations. [ Applause ] You may be seated. During today's ceremony, we will also acknowledge commencement awards. The graduates who have earned recognition by the faculty and staff for distinguished academic performance, leadership, and service, and strong character.

Awards will be announced by Dr. Strickland and be presented by Provost Reed and some assistance on this end of the stage. There's no greater honor for a college president than to mark a well earned degree or certificate by shaking your hand. We are mostly maskless today unless you choose to mask by choice. So we are offering hand shakes, I am offering hand shakes. If you choose to do an elbow bump or a fist bump, we simply ask that right at about in front of, she won't be there.

When you get to Charlee, you should give me a little hint of what we're doing because if you want to do an elbow and I stick my hand out to shake your hand, we will not have a good picture. This is my last one, I really don't want to mess it up. So the other thing I want to remind you is, we're going to announce your name over here. You're going to

walk over to where I'll be standing right over here. I'm going to hand you your diploma, the photographer is going to be standing sort of right behind where that camera is. She or he is going to take our picture. Senator Yaw is going to be standing in this black pad and he's going to hand me the diploma, and then you can shake his hand too. Then you can go to

see Dr. Reed, and then it's time to walk off the stage. You're first. No pressure. If you get

it right, the whole day goes better. Are you game? Yeah, right. Okay. Now one last note before we go, parents, family, and friends, we know you want to come down and take pictures, photographs, whatever, video, you're welcome to do that, we simply ask that you let the area in front of the official photographer and the college photographers that are running back and forth, if you let them get their work done, that will be fine. But you are welcome to come down and take the pictures you want. Are you ready? Are

you ready? Then let's be begin.$$TRANSMIT >> President Gilmour, I present the graduates of building science and sustainable design, architectural technology, and architecture from the School of Engineering Technologies. Austin Lee Ayres Adam W. Breckinridge

Megan A. Bugbee Danielle M. Clawson Trent E. Donley Declan Wallace Gatchell Marcie M. Harman

Gavin R. Hoffman Jason R. Hollenbach David T. Hornak Alejandro Franco Huaman Austin J. Kohl

Nathon Donald Kurtz Roland M. McGee Kaleb K. Minton Katie Rose Polkus Rachael M. Rutkoski

Grant William Schaeffer Kory Michael Smith Colyn Stangl-Meddaugh Derek S. Eckman Matthew William Rine Thomas C. Roberts Julius Frans Govers Nicholas Joseph Malis Sadie Sari Elizabeth Niedermyer Kambria R. Raymond >> President Gilmour, I present the graduates in construction management in concrete science technology from the School of Engineering and Science Technologies.

Benjamin Michael Guaragno Jack L. Hausle Brandon Tyler Hostetlar Nathan R. Hugo John Thomas Lang Stephen Thomas Lang Scott R. Martin Tucker D. Phillippe-Johansson

Joshua David Sima Mark S. Wagner, Austin T. Wilcox, Brady Todd Wolfe, Javier Enrique Woods, Tim C. Yesalavage,

Samuel Wilson Zeigler, Daniel M. Cassel, Naaman Thomas Conoway, Brigette M. Davis, Karson Jared Felty, Christopher Matthew Fink, Carlo Vincent Forgione, Alex A. Jaworski, Matthew Johnson, Samuel Kang, Ryan James Koubek, Keegan James McNeal, Pilar Paige Pastusic, Isaiah S. Robinson, Liam Ryan, Liam is the award winner for outstanding communication and commitment to the residential building industry.

Cody Bryant Seidel, Brett Cooper Sherkel, Blake S. Truax, Daun Marie Williamson, Jaymz M. McClelland, >> It's my honor to present the graduates in the School of Construction Engineer Technologies. Dylan Michael Apple, Nestor Y. Ayala,

John Francis Burns III, Jacob Lynn Caputo, Cameron Brady Coble, Garret T. Fitzgerald, Thomas Andrew Grates VI, Thomas is the recipient of the construction management faculty award for exceptional leadership, professionalism, perseverance, participation, work ethic, and commitment to the field. And the north Central PA Chapter excellence in construction award in construction management for excellence, professionalism, and integrity in and commitment to the construction industry. Nicholas R. Kline, Brendan Selar Konsevitch, David M. McGregor Jr., William F. Pegler Jr.,

Richard Denis Poillon III, Rudy C. Shadle, Rudy is the recipient of the north central PA chapter construction specifications institute excellence in construction award for construction management for excellence, professionalism, and integrity in and commitment to the construction industry. And the Dr. Davie Jane Gilmour award

for exemplifies Dr. Gilmour's legacy of outstanding leadership and contributions to the student experience. Nathan Isaiah Tabon, Troy M. Torello,

Gino Joseph Tucci III, Haydn D. Watkins, >> President Gilmour, I present the graduates of heating, ventilation, and air-conditioning design technology, heating ventilation and air-conditioning design technology from the School of Engineering. Joseph Vincent Gullace, Gregory E. Kuhn,

Alan M. Renninger, Vaughan S. Ault, Christie Regina Baldwin, Zachary Adam Bruyn, William P. Deem, Ryan P. Eash, Doyle L. Ebersole,

Cameron J. Fritz, Conor Patrick Fry, Trevor M. Grassel, Garret J. Gregori, Gino P. Gregori, Jonah M. Hartman, Derrik T. Holton,

William R. Hugar, Seth L. Ingraham, Ian Harrison Kohlermann, Logan J. McElrath, Kyle Adam Ripa, Matthew Theodore Santore, Tallon Strausser, Owen A. Tomczak, >> President Gilmour, I present the graduates of building automation engineering technology, building automation technology, electrical construction, electrical technology, and mechantronics technology, all from the fabulous school of Engineering Technologies. Daniel R. Hess,

Dominic E. Kulina, John Otto Larson, Kolin Robert Limburg, Richard M. Loomis, Jonathan Andrew McFall, Sean P. McNamara,

Christian Marco Morano, Hunter D. Price, Vincent A. Travascio, Aaron Matthew Bower, Cameron T. Brandt, Brayden Lee Cooper, Brayden is the recipient of the electrical award for outstanding capabilities within the electrical field. Ethan James Diven, David George Jr., Jonathon A. Good,

Destiny M. Miller, Steven A. Nahay, Jack Thomas Spencer, Carl Stephen Watkins, Carl is the recipient of the electrical faculty award for outstanding ability and achievement in the electrical field.

Garrett M. Arnold, Zakery L. Bowes, Nicholas Michael Falls, Kieran Marshal McMullin, Frank A. Orzehoski, Kaleb Harold Snook, Jesse Allen Stump, Brandon R. Weirman, Brian S. Collingwood,

Joshua Bentley Horner, Kollin G. Kisner, Tyler J. Leonard, Gregory D. Macalus, Gabriel Felipe Sánchez, Lane Parker Stimely, Lane is the recipient of the Larry A. Award for outstanding

achievement and ability in the mechatronics field. Asher Elliot Sutton, >> President Gilmour, I present the graduates of applied technology studies, automation engineering technology mechatronics, automation engineering technology, robotics and automation, electronics and computer engineering technology, electronics and computer engineering technology robotics and automation emphasis from the School of Technologies. Katressa Ann Baker, Jeremy Robert Bell, Sean Brenan Haines, Madison L. Kistler, Kurt Matthew Maly, Crew Conner Haefner, Crew is the recipient of the automation engineering technology faculty award for achieving a high GPA in automation engineering technologies. Aleah Marie Emlet, Aleah was commissioned yesterday as a second lieutenant in the United States Army branch quarter master in the Army Reserve. Michael E. Highland II,

Michael is the recipient of the Davie Jane Gilmour award for exemplified Dr. Gilmour's legacy of excellent leadership and contribution to the student experience. Dru B. Kline, Colton M. Long, Amir E. Thompson,

Devin S. Watson, Devin is the recipient of the electronics and computer engineering faculty award for achieving a high GPA in electronics and computer engineering technology and the Dr. Davie Jane Gilmour award for service and leadership to Penn College for exemplifying Dr. Gilmour's legacy of excellent leadership and contribution to the student experience at Penn College. Destin R. Fedder,

Ian Nicholas Murray, Paul Simko, Angus Strohecker, Anthony J. Williams, >> President Gilmour, I am proud to present the graduates of engineering design technology, engineering CAD technology, industrial design from the school of engineering technologies. Caleb J. Barackman, Dennis M. Barton III, Stephen C. Brodecki,

William Logan Buck, David James Cadden, Sydney M. Camut, Matheu A. Davenport, Tucker J. Engler, Dylan C. Godinez,

Aidan K. Healy, Justin Bruce Jay, Wesley Scott McCray, Wesley is the recipient of the engineering design technology faculty award for scholastic achievement, interest in the field, and the potential for success in the future. And the Lewis H. Barta memorial award for your helpfulness to others, friendliness, and high ideals.

Kevin James McFarland, Jack Paul Ralston, Kyle A. Shilling, Jeremy Peter Suszczynski, Benson Paul Weaver, Brandon Z. Williams, Daniel Thomas Wright, Daniel is the recipient of the engineering design technology faculty award for scholastic achievement, interest in the field, and potential for success in the future. Graham E. Burnett, Bruce Robert Fagan, Andrew J. Goth,

Andrew is the recipient of the industrial design faculty award for scholastic achievement, interest in the field and potential for success in the future. Tyler C. James, Miranda Lee Phelan, Annika Marie Zielewicz, Jason Allen Delker, Jason is the recipient of the engineering CAD technology faculty award for scholastic achievement, interest in the field, and potential for success in the future.

Andrew J. Serres, >> President Gilmour, I present the graduates of simulation programming, information assurance in cyber security, information technology network specialist, information technology sciences game and simulation, network administration in engineering technology, software development information management, information technology network user support, from the School of Engineering Technologies. Nicholas Joseph Nemeth, Tyler Anthony Perneta, Daniel J. Bauer, Anthony Q. Cleary,

Anthony is the recipient of the information technology faculty award for scholastic achievement, work ethic, character, and contribution to the department and fellow students. Kevin A. Garner, Isaac Kevin Good, Dylan Andrew Harvey, McKinley Hoover, Isaac D. Kline, Tanner Jasen Layne, Andy Lin, Ryan T. Mahoney,

Carson Daniel Seese, Carson is the recipient of the Dean Solomon memorial award for demonstrating a desire for a profession in mathematics and/or computer science, good character, an affable personality, and concern for fellow human beings, and achieving a cumulative GPA of a 3.0 or higher. And also the information technology faculty award for scholastic achievement, work ethic, character, and contribution to the department and fellow students. Michael Alexander Simonelli, Adam M. Solecki, Jason Matthew Strauss, Ethan Connor Stump, Angela Rochelle Thompson, Angela is the recipient of the UPMC program award for information technology for strong leadership and teamwork skills, excellence, professionalism, and commitment to the healthcare profession.

Derek P. August, Austin W. Clement, Logan D. Confair, Cory Scott Estes, Cory James Keller, Eliot Aaron Miller, Matthew V. Rinaldi, Dylan X. Rogerson,

Jordan Charles Utter, Anders Everett Vloedman, Michael Joseph Soto, Alexander S. Cassada, Steven James Easterbrook, Griffin Michael Atkinson, Trenten Riley Baylor, Alexander James Catherman, Alexander is the recipient of the Enemity Bank award for scholastic achievement and leadership. Westin G.R. Kantz, Alexander S. Wernicki

It's my pleasure to present the final student, Charlee Marshall. Recipient of the construction management advisory committee achievement award for professionalism, perseverance, positive attitude, and service to the program, and the Dr. Davie Jane Gilmour award for leadership and service to Penn College for exemplifying Dr. Gilmour's legacy for outstanding leadership and contribution to the student experience. [ Applause ] Thank you for your indulgence.

Charlee was the final graduate today. But it could have been any of you. Charlee represents the things that are some of the best things about Penn College.

She represents a student like many of you in this room who are student athletes, who are academically successful, who have been involved in campus activities. And when I think about the last diploma and the last handshake I make in my career, any of you could have been here. And I'm proud to have been here with you today. So the things to remember, are that this is not your last connection with Penn College. You are now a

member of our alumni association and we will be in touch with you to make sure that you stay in touch with us. It's important for a couple of reasons. One, we love to brag about what you're doing. Because what you're doing and the jobs you have and the opportunities you have are incredibly exciting and innovative and groundbreaking in some cases. So if you keep your information up to date with us that would be really helpful.

And the second reason is that in about six months, we're going to send you a survey and we're going to ask some questions about your Penn College education and about what you're doing and all of those kinds of things. And that's how we get to find the information that we brag about when we brag to you when you were thinking about coming to Penn College. We said we had a 96% placement rate, and here's the average salary for people in IT and construction in all of those things. So that

survey is really important as well and I would ask you to fill that out. This is the last time I get to talk to you before you get to go out into the work world. And this one is a little bit more special for me because it's the last time I get to talk to graduates. So for just two minutes, I know you're ready to go,but for just two minutes, just pretend it's just me and you. I had to find a quote that was fitting. Those of you who know me know I probably spent too much time on this and when in doubt you always Google. So I

found one by Tim Fargo who said who you are tomorrow begins with who you are today. I thought it was actually fitting for you and for me. You stand at an incredible opportunity, a new chapter in your life, one that you are absolutely qualified to do. One that the people behind me have had a great role in making a difference for you and believe me when I tell you you have made a difference for them. They will not forget you. I do

not forget the first class I taught in 1977. Sometimes students think we do this every year and therefore it becomes rote. No way. Every time we interact with a new group of students, we learn about ourselves, we learn about our teaching and our subject, and we learn about the human spirit because we hear your stories. We

hear where you're from, what you've been through and we watch you grow into incredible professionals. There is nothing more rewarding than for your faculty to see you walk across the stage. There probably have been days when you weren't really excited to talk to them. Maybe finals week. There have

been days when they are probably not excited to talk to you, late paper days. But I guarantee you, their lives are better for having been with you. My life is better for all of the students I've dealt with, interacted with, shook hands with for the last 24 years. So remember that who you are tomorrow begins with who you are today. I am so proud

of you and what you've done and I want you to remember one thing. If you make yourself proud every day, then we will be Penn College proud. And no matter where you go or what you do, you will always have a home at Penn College. Congratulations. [ Applause ] >> I invite those who are able to please stand for the singing of the Penn College alma mater.

And gentlemen, please remove your caps. ♪ >> Well thank you, and that was a little early. Ladies and gentlemen, this concludes Dr. Gilmour's 135th and final commencement ceremony as the president of the Pennsylvania College of Technology.

[ Applause ] Dr. Gilmour, thank you for your selfless, student-centered, transformational leadership, developing literally tens of thousands of tomorrow makers. Ladies and gentlemen, please join in one final round of applause as the platform party recesses for Dr. Davie Jane Gilmour. [ Applause ] ♪... >> Next the ushers will lead the graduates recessional out of the Community Arts Center. Family

and friends can follow the graduates processional. Congratulations, and please join me in giving one final round of applause to our graduates. [ Applause ] ......

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