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Hi Guys, here we are again. I'm Warface and welcome to a new vlog Like I said: ''it's been a while''. With the exception of last weeks vlog. Last weeks vlog has supposed to be online a couple of weeks ago. The reason of uploading last week was because of the sitiuation about Ryan (Delete). It didn't felt good for me to uploading vlogs in that period of time Especially not a vlog full of amazing moments and happiness I've been stuck for a certain time on the feeling of should I ever upload a vlog again? Do I still want this? But I received so many messages from all of you About the fact that you understand me about the decision.

but You guys would like to see my vlogs again when I'm ready for it To be honest, I didn't quit filming. So I have some footage about a couple of gigs from the last couple of weeks That's why this vlog is a little bit longer then usual. I take you guys with me to some gigs in and outside the Netherlands from the last couple of weeks. but to come back to the fact that I quitted the vlogs for a certain time The entire situation about Ryan (Delete) touched me a lot Just like al; the other collegues like artists, promotors and agents. It took some time to process it. The pain will be always there but I really want to thank all of you Especially for the support at Dance4Liberation It helped me a lot to process it.

I realised again how beautifull our scene is. A real eye-opener for me Besides that moment at Dance4Liberation I want to look back at Intents Festival Intents Festival reached out to me If I wanted to make the Delete tribute set for the Saturday with all of Ryan his hits. To be honest. That moment when I was watching the set was so hard to witness. I never saw a packed Intents Mainstage at that timeslot. The energy, crowd reaction and emotions were so unreal during that set.

Nobody knew That I made the pre-mix and that's also not important at all. The biggest compliment what End of Line and I received was that people really had the feeling that Delete was performing. That's why we did it. To go back to the Delete vibe at a festival and go completely nuts on his music. I can't thank you enough for the support. At Dance4Liberation and Intents Festival. I hope we will never forget him.

and upport him and his family in every possible way Keep on streaming his music and play it on the events. That's the only thing we can do right now. I also want to close with that.

I want to go further with this vlog. I'll take you back to a couple of weeks ago. Different events and studio sessions Enjoy and I hope to see you next week again! It's wednesday and we're going to.. !? Supersized ! Welcome to the Warface vlog I sink into the ground This forest is cursed I don't care but I will puke tonight No you don't have to puke. Stop, enough enough!

Stop it! There are no spots left. You have to park here. Hi boy Happy kingsday everybody We came with the van Nice van! How are you doing? fine! Fine fine Kingdance Zwolle? Yeah, I have to play there next week at Dance4Liberation Hi Marco! Prima! Remco is doing the tax authorities joke* No I paid them! We paid the Taxes. My girlfriend is a tax advisor and she says we have to pay True story bro That you pay or that she''s a tax advisor? I always pay! Thats why I have electricity at my home You're chained to the government. Hi Vlogger is the mic on? It's on. He checks it first. You should learn from him. Pop that bottle Dominic The Office That's what she said Dunder Miflin That's the sh*t This is EZG. Shout-out to Warface

Thanks for the invite F*ck the Tax Authorities We're not going to pay it anymore! ♪ BRENNAN HEART & WARFACE FT. MAX P - SACRIFICE ♪ ♪ D-BLOCK & S-TEFAN & HIGH VOLTAGE - SHIVERZ ♪ Yo Youri Am I in focus? Youri am I in focus goddamn?! We are here! Marco Prima Michael Prima Go away with that camera Stan is nervous I will break your camera if you don't stop. He's nervous I'm going crazy! I have to puke! Where are we? We're going for gold! Mayday! Hi how are you? Hi Youri Are you excited? Always! Gonna be great Are you going to do something special? No Just doing my own thing.

I tried some different stuff last wednesday at kingsday Not everybody liked that What did you do? I played some classics in my sets I heard some crickets when I played them. I'm serious Some of the comments were like : It was good, but.... People only want the new stuff Most of the people don't care as much about the classics.

And I knew that because I never believed In fact to play older stuff nowadays in my sets. And this was again a confirmation for me. I only play the recent music. ♪ WARFACE - WE ARE BACK INTRO ♪ ♪ SICKMODE & ROOLER - TOO COLD ♪ ♪ DA TWEEKAZ & WARFACE - INTENTS HIGHSCORE ♪ ♪ DITHER X DEADLY GUNS X WARFACE - WE ALWAYS RISE ♪ We only have 30 minutes and then the pick up will be there.

In Vienna I thought I was got rid of this Here we go Dominic Intents weekend Yes a Intense weekend 2 days of Intents Festival and today Excalibur Hardcamp? Or is that not the name of the location? The village is not Excalibur Anyway Gonna be epic, I played there a several times. I'm killing a Cold Freddy right now How do I open this? nice car btw! No Warface no. This was so not right! ♪ WARFACE - P S Y C H O ♪ ♪ PAPA ROACH - LAST RESORT (LFT EDIT) ♪ We are in Austria In Excalibur Hardberg And I'm with Sonic Warfare Sonic Warface, my little brother Your little slut I didn't say that! It's the only word I know in German It's like the stupid cunt of Warface Was really dope yesterday I really enjoyed it Didn't expect that I mean. I expected that It was fun but I didn't expect such a good vibe. Because you never know that before. It's now almost 08.30 AM We're flying at 09.00 AM to Amsterdam Directly to Intents Festival! I saw some videos of yesterday and it looked insane! I can't wait to close down that Mainstage.

But first at 03.00 PM the Delete tribute. I really want to see that. *sings The Pink Panter song You take the Pink Panter smoothie? Yes! Okay I think I will take the Smooth Operator But it's with mint, i don't like that. *trying to make photos with Rebelion, Killshot & more people.. Let's talk about s*x baby ♪ We're talking about s*x ♪ WARFACE & CRYEX - FIGHTING FOR ♪ Hey Raymond how was it? It was sick! Where is Gary? Who? The trashy guy from Rebelion Who?? The trashy guy from Rebelion I always though you were the trashy guy Today Gary was f*cked up! I have a bad reputation but I'm sensible Sometimes you know! I was like what is happening? I was so confused because he took his t-shirt off And I saw you tapping me like.. What's he doing? and he did the helicopter thing with his t-shirt ♪ DA TWEEKAZ & WARFACE - INTENTS HIGHSCORE ♪ ♪ WARFACE - IN THE DARK ♪ ♪ BRENNAN HEART & WARFACE FT. MAX P - SACRIFICE

We are back at Schiphol airport We're going to Glasgow tonight I mean Falkirk! I did my first show in the UK there I guess in 2015 (I said 2014) The night before my first Hard Bass And now I'm back and I'm really excited and tomorrow we are playing in Freshtival, Enschede And the day after in Munich? It's in between Munich and Düsseldorf Ikarus Festival a big festival in Germany Mainstage is Techno Carl Cox, Adam beyer We are playing the second stage Let's go! Look him watching You can have 1 and it's gone! We are here Glasgow it's my 5th or 6th time already I stopped counting I played there in 2015 the first time (I said in the video 2014) Falkirk is the hometown of Rebelion btw Falkirk Yes Rebelion I''m exited. Sickmode is also playing but I didn't saw him on the flight I think he's there already We only have 15 minutes to make myself ready But I need a shower The airconditing was broken in the plane For the people who are watching. Imagine how Dominic smells right now.. I'm at my hotelroom I thought we had some time to fresh myself up. But we don't have it. So I only switched T-Shirt Did my hair and packed my bag real quick. I should not forget this It's a 45 minutes drive and we have exactly 45 minutes left until showtime! It's cold overhere ♪ SUB ZERO PROJECT & WARFACE - OBEY NO MORE ♪ Goodmorning I don't wanna talk Only had 3 hours sleep I'm f*cked I hope we don't have delay. I really want to sleep in the plane.

What a beatiful weather in Glasgow I can't wait to see the inside of my eyelids. ♪ WARFACE X MENTAL THEO - NOW YOU'RE GONE ♪ ♪ DEADLY GUNS - KILLER HEART ♪ How sick was Freshtival I'm now in Düsseldorf airport because we cancelled our flight from Amsterdam We didn't trust it overthere because of the struggles of Schiphol But we just heard that overhere it's also a mess with delayed and cancelled flights. Dominic is already here Our flight is leaving in 2 hours But we have already a 1 hour delay. We are going to Ikarus Festival They shutdown the festival during the day because of a heavy storm I hope we can make it to the show crazy weekend so far I booked after Freshtival a hotel near Schiphol Because I had the fly the next day from there and from my hometown the drive is really far.

I slept there but we didn't flew from Schiphol haha. Welcome in Germany Now I see how ugly you are. (BECAUSE THE FOCUS IS RIGHT NOW) We need to use the muzzle again. I need to buy one For real? I could bring you some. Also the FFP2 Masks

I hope we can do the show today *stupid joke haha Let's go The flight is cancelled It was also the last flight of the day We are going to drive now Its a 5,5 hour drive It's almost 08.00 pm and I need to play at 02.00 am. I hope we gonna make it. What a crazy weekend once again. Cocaine in a can! I love it Waiting on a sponsorship of Monster Energy Delicious WE made it! After 5 hours driving We have 45 minutes until showtime Amazing I'm really fit! You are so tired right? I hope the crowd is full of energy! ♪ WARFACE X MENTAL THEO - NOW YOU'RE GONE ♪ ONLY IN GERMANY XD ♪ ALMKLAUSIE - MAMA LAUDA (KILLSHOT / BLOODLUST EDIT) ♪ PAPA ROACH - LAST RESORT (LFT EDIT) ♪ this was worth the long drive! This was so amazing! It was also so dope that we actually played the mainstage!

2022-06-29 09:20

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