Skoda ENYAQ iV - Fragen & Antworten zu Update auf ME3, neue Funktionen, Ablauf, Termin, Ausblick

Skoda ENYAQ iV - Fragen & Antworten zu Update auf ME3, neue Funktionen, Ablauf, Termin, Ausblick

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hello friends of the cultivated charging fun and welcome to speichers electrified information. my name is Mathias and as you can already tell from the slightly changed intro i have a new format and it is all about information about electromobility from skoda and in this video we talk about what is probably the hottest topic of the year: the update 3.0 for the existing ENYAQs i brought you lots of answers to your questions. let's go! a few things before we get started: first of all i only have an improvised news studio here. I record in my home office and tried to get as much of the reverberation out of the room as possible but I didn’t quite succeed here. for example, there is simply a

bed sheet hanging here at the side. in front of me a blanket is hanging to help with that. It will gradually get better in the next videos. Second: In my home office it is - thanks to the heat wave we have right now - boiling hot so sorry if I'm sweating a bit. but hey, that fits the hot update topic. :) and thirdly that is particularly important to me: i also said that in my road trip video. i will link this again up here. when i was at skoda in mladá boleslav then i had the opportunity to record the interviews for the film or to take the camera away to make personal audio notes and to listen "off record" to what they might tell me.

i decided on the latter, that's why i have to reproduce these videos at home now. why did i do it? the reason is quite simple, they said to me if you're filming, then we'll be very be reserved then we'll pay close attention to what we say we won't be able to say a lot of things at all because that possibly will go live. on the other side if you listen to us then we can delve much deeper into the matter then we can also pass on a lot more things but then we can also say exactly what you are allowed to say and what you are not allowed to say. now you can argue about whether that is fair or something else that i can't shout out everything now. why can't one just always communicate everything openly? think about it, which manufacturer does it? do that the other electric car manufacturers do that? no. does the other car manufacturers do it? does apple, google or microsoft do it? no. as a big

company this is of course about trade secrets. this is about the protection of technologies. this is about competitive advantages and as long as we still have a capitalist-oriented economy that will not change. we just have to live with it. nonetheless we have this one contact to Skoda now and that's why there is the information that is available today in this video. and i hope that you like it and that it also helps you, even if it's not always 100 percent to the point as usual on this channel and sometimes just a bit vague.

enough of that talk. let's start with all the topics related to the update and about functionalities to come (or not to come). which functions will be included in for our existing ENYAQs with the update that's a long list and it's no use just rattling down a list here. that's why i made a video about it and compare the most important and also some smaller things of the ME3 with the 0795 in my own ENYAQ. if the link is not up there yet then it is because you watched this video before this comparison video came on my channel. if that is the case don't worry it will come in a few days! (please also check the description for the link) There you can take a close look. i'll go into the really important features and show you. what i can't show you because it's summer these are the improvements to the thermal management. especially for the winter they have done huge improvements. We need to test it in the winter.

There's a lot to talk about but it's useless now to do so. in the summer you won't notice much of it. of course many interesting is if in the future the battery will be pre-tempered by our ENYAQ if you specify a charging station as your destination. this is particularly important in winter so that you can immediately achieve fast charging performance i.e. high charging power. There are also videos here on the channel about it where it wasn’t that case. Yes, preheating the battery when a charging station is selected in the navigation will come, but not with the ME3 Update. I know that kind of shocking to some but the improved thermal management coming with ME3 will help us in wintertime to charge faster at DC Stations. The battery will not only be heated more efficient but also a lot faster.

And therefore we should not have slow charging speeds as we had last winter. In this context the question often occurs whether there will be a manual preheating option where you could activate preheating yourself. I have talked about that with the people from Skoda but as of now i'm not able to give you an answer to that. Sorry :( in this context it’s much more important what existing ENYAQs do not get what the newly built ENYAQs (since 02/22) have. the list is surprisingly short! on it there are all the functions that are related to the additional sensors on the side. we

simply do not have those and accordingly also not the associated functions. that is on the one hand the parking assistant so that you could drive past a parking space and the ENYAQs recognizes it, then you can set the turn signal there and then having it parked automatically. things that we will also know from the octavia or superb etc. This is not possible without the side sensors. the automated, taught-in parking

is the new feature where the ENYAQ can remember a path over up to 70 meters and then automated drives it to park. It needs these sensors, so we won’t get that either, and we won’t get the automatic lane change on the highway either, which is only available if you have the sensors on the side and that’s the end of the list as far as these sensors are concerned. i know that some are now saying hey that's unfair i'm falling behind technologically. i see it more differentiated now and you can omit the whole thing even with a currently ordered ENYAQ. that's more like an optional package. My test ENYAQ Coupe for example did not had the side sensors. That was planned because it makes the comparison easier. so instead of saying i'm

lagging behind technologically just see it like that: your ENYAQ simply lacks a package, an equipment option and that's exactly how i would argue it when selling the car. On of the big new things of software ME3 is swarm data. This is data that the ENYAQ and other MEB cars like ID4 upload to the cloud an share with each other, e.g. data about road markings so the lane assist can follow along.

Existing ENYAQs which are updated from software before ME3 (like0792 or 0795) will not get swarm data functionality. This is the same as with the older ID4 from Volkswagen. There reason therefore is a change in the hardware. All ENYAQs who were delivered directly with ME3 have different hardware and so the have swarm data. Retrofit for older ENYAQs is not possible.

after the software functions we come to the hardware. the question has been floating around for ages: will the 12 volt battery be replaced! yes the 12 volt battery will be exchanged. whether additional hardware is to be exchanged or not depends on the specific ENYAQ model but in most cases no additional hardware is exchanged, so the built- in control units remain. In individual cases, it may be necessary to exchange control units. when and where this is the case we have to see. There is no general answer

to this. For most of the ENYAQs out there, there is no hardware replacement. That one top topic next to the thermal management is of course the navigation or charging planning within the navigation which has gotten much better with the ME3. and of course it has the correct basic data for calculation. Will there be filter options on the map according to the power of the charging stations? Yes, there will be three steps, all, larger than 50 kilowatts, larger than 100 kilowatts. The other frequently asked question because we have it in the third party apps is: can i set

with how much remaining range or with how much remaining capacity I reach an interim charging destination my final destination? The answer is yes. It is not a capacity in percent but kilometers. So with how many kilometers do you want to get to the charging stop or with how many kilometers do you want to get to our final destination. and the third question: Will more charging providers be supported? Not with the payment method settings. it is still what we used to know from our ENYAQs pre ME3.

With filtering on the map, however, there is a new option that we do not have yet in the older ENYAQs. you can really choose all providers, IONITY and Powerpass. and especially the IONITY option it is enormously important on long-haul routes because i think we can now be relatively certain that long-distance fast charging network in europe is largely shaped by IONITY. the question about the upgrade kits comes very often on my channel and the the answer from skoda is clearly no, that is not planned as of today and there are several reasons for that: the main reason is that demand for it is rather small and i believe that. please don't see your personal desire for it as what everyone wants. the majority of ENYAQ drivers would never buy or order such an upgrade kit. especially here on the channel we have of course

very technical oriented people and also many ENYAQ drivers who would do that but we are just our little bubble here. the other thing that can of course be is that one or the other workshop would do some kind of retrofit of newer hardware - as it is already done with the crystal face - like the side sensors or canton sound system. that is not officially supported in any form by skoda but if you find a workshop that does that then you can have it done. but official upgrade kits are not provided. more users or profiles - pre ME3 we only have the "hello driver" - will come with the ME3. here again the reference to the video where I give you a little insight. yes we get profiles and there will be a guest user. there will be a main user and we are able to add more users. what you can do there and configure is part of a separate

video. everything that is saved to the individual users or profiles we dig into that in another video in detail. but with the ME3 we get these profiles as a separate menu item one pedal driving, another hot topic. Again, what does "real" One pedal driving means? It means that you can drive with the acceleration pedal only. That's what the ENYAQ mostly does in mode B, however, real one pedal driving would mean that the car also stops completely. that doesn't do any MEB car as of now (like ID4). The ENYAQ still drives at the end with about 5 kilometers will real one panel driving for the ENYAQ be available? the answer is yes. that is a software update all ENYAQs will get , so also the existing vehicles, which are now still pre ME3 and it is planned to be rolled out next year via OTA. (NOT PART OF UPCOMING ME3 UPDATE)

further operational modes or the frequently asked question will there be something like a dog mode i.e. that the vehicle will be air-conditioned if a dog stays inside and it's warm outside and you're not in the car. or the famous camping mode which I also wish for myself so much? yes there will be other modes that's a discussion that's going on at Skoda. which ones and when they are coming is still completely open. of course, they also take feedback from the community here, from the drivers. however it is a topic that they discuss quite intensively. since we are only talking about software updates here, too, these are software functions, the chance is high that if they do it all ENYAQs will get it.

with the traffic signs some are not that happy. i know that. all too often we get phantom messages and the ENYAQ also reacts quite fast to it with hard braking or hard acceleration. it is improved continuously but you have to divide it into two areas: one is what the camera captures - in the middle-top of the windshield of our ENYAQ - and how well it captures it and what the system is ignoring. here the algorithm must be continuously improved (and is).

the much bigger and more frequent thing why we have these errors is the navigation data. that means on the map there is information for the ENYAQ like "here should be 120km/h now even if it is 80km/h or somewhere there used to be 30km/h and now there is 50km/h". this database comes from an external supplier. Skoda can send messages to them to adjust the errors but it just takes time to finish and update. but you can in principle report to skoda if there is an error detection in the map so that the data can be corrected. but in practice not many does so of course. not many drivers do it. unfortunately it is a bit cumbersome. why did it take so long with the update? skoda is not happy with it themself and they also understand that some customers are upset to angry and they can understand that .and they really wish they would have get the update out faster. It was simply not possible to be faster.

It was not possible simply and decisively because of COVID. the corona crisis made the whole test procedure significantly longer and difficult and therefore more and more and more and more delay occured. and if we now think back to the year 2020 and 2021 with all the different restrictions in all the different countries and then staying at home and not travel there and not this and not that...then you can easily imagine

how severe that can be with such a global manufacturer and network as is the case at skoda. then there is a delay of three days and then five days, then sometimes that doesn't work there and not that here and -bam- you simply have a big problem in keeping deadline. the big question what version do we get now with the update of our ENYAQs in the workshop? the simple answer is ME3... i know that's not enough for you... we get the ME3.0 so 3.0.0 which also makes our entire vehicle over the air update (OTA) capable so that in the future we won't have to go to the workshop for such updates. now i can see it in your face...

you now want to know what happens after that? the ME3.1 is completely an OTA update and it's scheduled for this year, for 2022. so this year we will not only get one update, but very likely two and by the end of the year we will be up to 3.1. that is very likely. it is not 100 percent certain. Unbelievable but true: The question whether all ENYAQ iV get the update or not is still anwsered misleading to. Skoda itself already said that all ENYAQ iV will get the Update to ME3. And i can confirm that again.

All ENYAQ iV regardless their model year or configuration will get the software update to version ME3. Of course not all ENYAQs geht all functions as i already mentioned before. This depends on the built in hardware. This is the reason - due to missing side sensors - that we do not get park assist, trained parking or automatic lane change. and due to hardware incompatibilites no swarm data.

But all ENYAQ iV will get the update to software version ME3 . the question of all questions: when is the update ready to go... when will this update take place? Let me put it this way: the update will come way before winter 2022...soon! I see it again

that's not precise enough for you. I will get a little more precisely: the update will come before the end of summer...very soon! I can't tell you the exact date but it's very soon. if that's not enough for you and now you say hey that's just rambling about... wait for it. skoda will publish that soon and then you can either call me a liar about what I said here or you will notice that although I didn't name a date, I was pretty precise with the information given. time will tell. the course of the update...well let's divide it into a few steps. the whole

thing will start with you getting a letter from Skoda. there you will be informed. there will be a country organization specific website as well so Skoda Germany, Skoda Switzerland, Skoda norway, czech republic and so on...will have their own website where they will also inform you. and your dealer will inform and contact you then. now it can of course still happen that despite all this the dealer does not contact you. as soon as Skoda publishes when it starts you can of course also

go to the dealer at any time and ask for an appointment. especially if you are in a hurry. IMPORTANT: The update to ME3 will be organized from by the different country specific Skoda organisations. So in countries with less sold ENYAQs i might be done using "first come - first serve" so everyone gets invited the same time. Regarding countries huge volumes of ENYAQ it might be organized different and may be done in waves.

What will apply to each country you might live in i cannot tell you. As a small YouTuber running the channel in my spare time i simply cannot ask every country organisation of Skoda how they do it. So i can not give you an answer to the procedure for your specific country. But hey we all know the big "ENYAQ-Countries" so each of you might imagine where it will be done in waves and where not. How those waves are grouped, e.g. oldest ENYAQs first or lowest VIN first etc, is also country specific so i can't tell you either. for most of you it really doesn't matter for another two or three weeks now. so we'll all be driving on ME3 this year don't stress yourself!

if you are really in a hurry, then wait until now you will be contacted by Skoda with the letter or until it has been officially published by Skoda online and contact the dealer you trust directly. but don't forget these workshops need capacity for all the cars. if such a giant rush takes place in some big "ENYAQ metropolis" then it can just be that you have to wait some time for an appointment.

I see that the question is now when is the press release from Skoda? I can just tell you...very very soon. now we have "soon (before Winter)", "very soon (before end of summer)" and "very very soon" (now do your own math). there will be a video, there will be a press release, there will be a few pictures and from there you know it starts. that should be it for this first information video! if you liked this video then please give me a thumbs up and if you don't want to miss any more information like this in the future then do please subscribe to this channel. only about 20 or 21 percent of my viewers have a subscription to the channel. the subscription is completely free for you and it just helps me that my videos are better listed on YouTube so that they are seen more and that it will also reach more people. if your support is even a bit bigger because this video really helped you or gave back a little bit of trust or whatever then I would be happy about a donation via paypal. the link is below in the description

or use the "Thanks" that is the heart with the dollar sign under the video from youtube. I would appreciate that but i'm also happy about a subscription, about the thumbs up or simply that you just watched my video and gave me your time. and then we'll see each other in the next video and until then stay full of energy

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