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Senators Want Access to

Show Video #NeedToKnow Hey everybody and welcome to the latest episode of  Need to Know. I'm Bryce zabel and I am on the road! I started I think last week in Roswell for the  Roswell Festival. I'm now road tripping through   Las Vegas and I'm on my way back to Los Angeles. Probably we'll be there by the time you folks get   around to watching this but in any case I wanted  to not only welcome my partner in crime here Ross   Coulthart but to congratulate him. Ross I gotta  tell you man I just got back from Roswell and   a little podcast named what was it?... oh yeah... "Need to Know"... it won "Best Web Series" at the Roswell Film  

Festival. So congratulations! That's great to hear, mate, congratulations back to you. Another one for   the Man Cave! Fantastic! Then I will put it on the  wall absolutely well I do I actually do have your   um you know your little uh trophy or whatever I'm  afraid to send it to you knowing what the mail   cost between our two countries but I'll give it to  you in person when you're next here anyway it was   uh it was a lovely festival and and I have to say  not only is it hot in Roswell but it's interesting   in Roswell because here is a place that's 76  or 77 years ago had the Roswell crash happen   there and for years uh the people at Roswell have  been having the parades and the the little green   costumes and all that kind of stuff and they  still do that don't get me wrong but there's a   nuisance in Roswell that actually they don't have  to sort of pretend or apologize or cover up they   actually are the place where this thing happened  and it did happen with a non-human intelligence   and we know that Ross because in your exclusive  interview with Dave grush he basically said so   sure he did yeah I mean I think there's a a real  possibility now that Roswell needs to be properly   investigated by the Congressional oversight  committees and I guess that's what we should   make our Focus about very much today Bryce is the  the possibilities the speculation that there's   going to be some kind of congressional hearing or  hearings but before I go any further Mater I've   just got to ask you are you in a house is that a  casino entrance or something I'm in Las Vegas you   are perpetuating the mythology that I grew up  with watching 90210 that gorgeous what was the   name Jenny Garth and it always seems to me that  every house in America was always gigantic and   and we mere mortals done in the antipodes would  look on in ore these gigantic American houses   well this is a large house it kind of looks like  I'm in a hotel lobby uh right now the way I've   got it framed I will say this Ross I could tell  you that all American houses look like this but   you know better so I'm very lucky to be here  and I'm going back to my own smaller house soon   so let's talk about this I mean since you and  I last spoke obviously there's the ongoing   ramifications of the David grush interview  that I did with David and Leslie Kane and   Ralph Blumenthal did with David and it's  well over a month now since David gave his   interview and we know that there's been really  no significant attempt at all by the Pentagon   to lay any serious love on his credibility as a  witness and I think the the public a fast coming   to the realization that there's something  here uh I think perhaps let's start with the   extraordinary comments made by Senator Marco  Rubio and I I think the the interview he did   with news Nation on the 24th of June is probably  going to go down as a historical Turning Point   basically when he was asked about the allegations  of David grush he said look most importantly more   importantly the Inspector General and he means  of the intelligence Community has referred it   to Congress so they got they go to the Inspector  General of the intelligence community and they   have an obligation if they found it if they find  it to be an urgent concern a credible and Urgent   concern their job is to refer it that's Mr grush's  allegations to Congress and they have done so   um and then he goes on it's really interesting  is that the gist of any whistleblower testimony   is that the intelligence agencies are doing  something wrong and in his case and this has   been publicly reported the argument is that what  they're doing wrong is they're not appropriately   disclosing to Congress money that has been  spent on programs and the like now I want to   caution everybody that under the law you have  to have first-hand knowledge that doesn't mean   the person isn't telling the truth but it simply  means technically as a technicality if you don't   have first-hand knowledge of what you're claiming  so I can say that someone told me something did   something wrong and I have good reason to believe  it because I've heard it from a lot of different   people and they're saying the same thing but  unless you have first-hand knowledge of it   sometimes you can get caught in a technicality  and that doesn't mean the things he's saying   are not useful to the Congress sure but either  what he's saying is partially true or entirely   true or we have some really smart educated people  with high clearances and very important positions   in our government who are crazy and leading us  on a goose chase you know one of these things is   true the the Rubio interview I've seen all of the  interviews that Marco Rubio has done and this one   really was a A Cut Above in addition to everything  that you just said I wrote down a couple of things   that he mentioned that really stood out to me you  were talking about the fact that there are other   whistleblowers which he confirmed not only did  he say that Dave grush sounded pretty uh pretty   authentic but he said that there were other people  some of whom had first-hand experience of this   technology it's a pretty radical thing to say and  uh he was trying to protect some of these people   who are coming forward Under The Whistleblower  protection act and one thing he said in particular   that this one I did write down he said some of  these people still work in the government and   frankly many of them are fearful fearful of their  jobs fearful for their clearances and uh fearful   at harm coming to them I mean the this is getting  very very serious and it does corroborate as you   say it's corroborating what David Rush told me  which is absolutely Witnesses who fear for their   lives their lives are being threatened right that  interviewed people that that interview you did uh   not only did it Ricochet around the world that  nearly the speed of light I will tell you this I   went to Roswell as we just said to give a speech  and my speech I started two months earlier was   called Close Encounters of the Hollywood kind well  frankly uh you threw a bomb into the middle of my   speech too because by the time I got to Roswell  I realized nobody wanted to hear that speech so I   ended up talking about David grush uh the entire  time and taking questions and people are really   intrigued by him they believe him by and large I  didn't see anybody there I thought that was overly   critical and they know that more is coming and uh  boy I we'll get into this more as we go forward   today but I don't think in my lifetime there has  ever been a time where things feel as imminent as   they do now now I realize there are people that  say all the time well they put it back in the   Box before let's not get ahead of ourselves they  might do it again but nothing has ever looked on   the political and social and cultural landscape  the way this thing does right now the issue of   UFO UAP reality is while not on everybody's Minds  it's on the minds of a lot of people who are very   important and have very important positions and  these other people are coming forward to talk   and it is a great time to be alive I agree  with you I mean it's not just Senator Rubio   who's making comments you've got people from  both sides of the house Rubio of course is a   Florida Republican but obviously Senator Kirsten  gillibrand has come forward in her own way she's   she's come up with this proposed legislation  a bill which would toughen up the reporting   requirements on particularly private aerospace  companies that may or may not be holding some   kind of anomalous technology and in the fiscal  year 2024 intelligence authorization act she's   proposing legislation which would require any  person currently or formally under contract   with the federal government that has in their  possession material or information provided by   or derived from the federal government relating  to unidentified anomalous phenomena that formally   or currently is protected by any form of special  access or restricted access to notify the director   of the all domain anomaly resolution office Arrow  within 60 days of enactment and to provide within   180 days that's six months quote a comprehensive  list of and this is this is just so cool and for   all non-earth origin or exotic unidentified  anomalous phenomena material possessed and to   make it available to the arrow director for  assessment analysis and inspection that is   proposed legislation being put before the Congress  in the intelligence authorization act as a bill   for passing and moreover it has been unanimously  supported by every member of the Senate Select   Committee for intelligence I also understand the  same language will be endorsed or has already been   endorsed by the house um Services committee and  I'm told that in the next few days this coming   week the um uh Senate Services committee will also  endorse the same language so you will have three   of the most powerful oversight committees in the  Congress endorsing legislation that in blacker   and white is talking about non-earth origin or  exotic unidentified anomalous phenomena material   and bringing it out into public view astonishing  let's just take a moment here folks and consider   this there is legislation that is coming out of  the U.S Congress that talks about technology of   non-earth origin I mean wow uh we've gone from  the government telling us there's nothing to see   here to the government demanding to know what  people know and I I just uh want to put one   thing out there Ross I just want to highlight the  two things that really jump out at me okay first   you basically have to disclose what you've got if  you've got something in 60 days that's a two-month   clock on somebody and then you basically have to  show your cards within 180 days in half a year   so we are talking about a I guess what I would  call it an indirect disclosure that is currently   on Rails and it does shock and amaze and yet it  is happening folks it's happening right now and   as to whether this legislation will pass  I know you could always argue uh well we   don't know if it'll make it out that language  that you're reading is likely to be passed as   is or almost as is it'll be passed by the Senate  and the house and it will be signed by Joe Biden   and what it also means is that that's when the  clock starts from the moment that Biden takes   a pen and signs something then the clock starts  on on the companies that might have information   about this non-earth technology to come forward  I'm still I'm in shock this broke when I was at   the Roswell festival and man people are talking  um a couple of other things that I'd love to   point people to in this proposed legislation  it would actually require as soon as a company   comes forward with this information and reveals to  arrow that it is in possession of such technology   um he would the arrow director and then of course  is Dr Sean Kirkpatrick he would be obliged to   notify the designated congressional committees  and leaders within 30 days after receiving such   notifications information or exotic materials  and the intelligence legislation also includes   what might be called a safe harbor provision  providing that if such a person complies with   the notification and make available deadlines no  criminal or civil action May lie or be maintained   in any federal or state court against any person  for receiving UAP related material or information   now what that well the implications of that are  enormous it's already sounded like a lawyer for   a moment but it suggests implicitly that if  they don't come forward with this information   there could very well be criminal or civil action  taken against private aerospace companies that   don't honor their statutory obligation under this  proposed bill so it's essentially the Congress   turning up the heat in quite a dramatic way and  yet again my friend I have to say I wonder whether   the Congress knows something we know that David  grush has given evidence in camera we know that   other Witnesses from within the Legacy program  have allegedly also given evidence in camera   both to the Congress and also to the inspectors  General and so there's joint corroboration both   before the inspectors General and the Congress  from people who corroborate allegedly what Mr   grush is saying and the Congress knows this and I  think this is why we're seeing a very clear signal   from people such as Senator Marco Rubio senator  Kirsten gillibrand all of a sudden there's been   a change of temperature that Congress is turning  up the heat I I don't actually wonder if Congress   knows something I believe strongly that they do  and that's what's uh causing them to hit the gas   pedal even Rubio uh in that interview we started  talking about said some of these claims are beyond   the realm of anything we've ever dealt with  in other words he's admitting these are pretty   crazy things but they hear them from uh they're  hearing them from other people and what he said   when talking about the people who would back up  what David grush said and this is a quote he said   what incentive would so many people with that  kind of qualification have to come forward and   make something up so I think the lights are coming  on and people are demanding information I wanted   to just clear up one thing sometimes we use the  acronyms here and we don't explain them so I do   you know when we talk about arrow and the reason  I'm doing this by the way Ross is that we have so   many new viewers now because of the uh the grush  situation that I want to welcome them to the show   and and tell them that when we talk about Arrow  we are talking about a new government group called   The all domain anomaly resolution office and that  is the one that he was talking about run by Sean   Kirkpatrick and um I you know this legislation  by the way to jump back to that really feels like   good cop bad cop to me the the good message is hey  if you tell us what you know then we'll go easy on   you and things will be okay and if you don't then  the hammer is going to come down and that is let's   face it that's what prosecutors do to get people  to talk and and it looks like our Congress has   the same idea so wow uh here we go there is more  there is more in this in this proposed Bill the   the Jilla brand Amendment also has a sweeping  prohibition on any future direct or indirect   funding for any special access program activity  related to unidentified anomalous phenomena um as that term is broadly defined in the  law and that includes interestingly enough   transmedium objects unless the program has been  formally officially explicitly and specifically   described explained and Justified to the  appropriate Committees of Congress Congressional   leadership and the director of Arrow now this  is important because it's absolutely explicit   in the interview that I did with Mr grush and  it's explicit in allegations that go back many   decades that there are allegedly secret crash  retrieval reverse engineering programs that   are operating largely in private Aerospace but  with the knowledge of key individuals in the   defense and intelligence community that have not  been properly disclosed to Congress and I can't   begin to speculate about why if this is true such  programs have been kept confidential but what's   interesting is the Congress as a result of this  legislation is turning off the tap imagine that   imagine if you're a private Aerospace company and  you've been funded secretly by a black program   for I don't know 50 60 years to try and reverse  engineer technology that was gifted to you by the   the federal government way back when and all of a  sudden you're told no more funding guys all your   Security will no longer be paid for all of the  buildings everything the electricity the gas bill   it's all being turned off until you fess up and  admit that you have possession of this technology   what it implies explicitly is that the Congress  is aware of a strong suspicion possibility that   this might just be true and this is where I'm just  still incredulous Bryce and I'm sorry I sound like   a scratchy record on this I'm still incredulous  that this is not yet attracting the interest of   the front pages of major newspapers because  it is momentous this is this is legislation   that that is basically damning private companies  that are hiding information that ought properly   to be within the purview of the Congress now  the one thing I do caution is I'm told by my   sources in Congress it's going to take a while I  know a lot of people are hopeful that we'll see   hearings in the next few weeks but really there's  only about two weeks left in the current settings   of the Congress before they all go away on  holiday for the long summer in America I am   beginning to think that it might be decided that  it would be better to put all the possibilities   of hearings off until September and I'd be I'd be  very surprised if we're going to see substantive   hearings before September I know uh Congressman  Tim burchett from Tennessee was hopeful that they   might be able to have a public hearing before then  and that might happen it might happen in the house   oversight committee but just to explain and this  is no disrespect to Congressman representative   burchett the problem with the oversight committee  is it just doesn't have the membership who have   the credentials the security clearances that are  high enough even in their own staffers to allow   them to hear a lot of the evidence that people  like Mr grush would like to give there are only   certain key committees in the Congress mainly  the armed services and intelligence committees   that have the security clearances both in their  membership and in their staff that allow them to   hear highly classified information particularly  very classified special access programs so I'm   beginning to wager I mean we don't know yet for  sure but I'm I'm wagering that this is going to   take a while and it might be a few months  yet before we start seeing some answers   I I completely agree and the truth is Ross I can  live without public hearings right now because I I   want them to get a little more wound up and ready  to have them because the last two have been the   one in on May 17th of 2022 uh and then the most  recent one um to me they were kind of people call   them nothing Burgers they were a little more  than that but obviously the Congress has one   idea about what people can talk to them about uh  behind closed doors where everybody's classified   and under oath and another where they're going to  be public hearings so I'd like them to get their   act together Bridget by the way was one of the  speakers at Roswell and uh you know he clearly is   chomping at the bit to talk about this but you  are correct there is a security issue between   um his committee and the Intel committees  um I I I will just say this and and you know   you're talking about sounding like a scratchy  record I'm afraid I'm gonna do this too but   I just think the horse is out of the barn on  this issue now not everybody knows this yet but   um I remember writing A.D after disclosure with  Richard Dolan and this was like a decade ago  

and we kicked around the idea of well how is  this actually all going to happen and we were   we were always sort of hung up on the idea  and as we put it that disclosure of UFO UAP   reality was impossible and yet at the same time  it was inevitable and I personally think we are   wrapping up the impossible part of this for  a number of people it's becoming very clear   that this is all true or at least enough of it is  true that it's mind-boggling and I think we are   in the inevitable stage we we haven't had the  disclosure that we're you know no one's given   us as I say terabytes of hard drives uh with  with all the evidence on it but I don't need   that I want confirmation and I think honestly  we're pretty close to official confirmation and   and in terms of disclosure I mean come on the  the reason that the the Senators and and the   the Congress people are talking the way they're  talking is because they have heard things they   have heard about this reality and what they're out  to do right now is to find the way to tell that   story uh they want to know the details as well  they should because a lot of them are super angry   right now they're super angry that it is starting  to emerge that Congress uh the representatives of   the people of the United States of America have  been kept in the dark just like everybody else for   many many many decades and they're not going to  have it anymore and frankly I'm thrilled because   I reached that conclusion about two decades ago  myself I'm just not going to have this anymore you're mad as hell and I'm not going to take it  anymore I think I mean come on I mean listen Russ   it's like okay look we have to pay lip service to  the idea that well you know we got to wait for all   the evidence to come in and we have to check  things out but let's face it David grush for   one was well vetted you vetted him uh very well I  saw you do it I know the work you put into it also   Leslie Kane Ralph Blumenthal did the same thing  we know that David grush as you said nobody has   really laid a glove on the guy when it comes to  tarnishing who he is or why he was qualified so   then you have to look at what he's saying and what  he is saying is again crash wreckage intact craft   bodies and reverse engineering largely through  aerospace companies and let's face it there are   10 or 12 or 15 or God knows how many people behind  him because there is a a sense among not everybody   on the inside but enough people on the inside  that this simply can't continue any longer and   the question I think is no longer whether it's  true or not at least to me but are we going to   rip the Band-Aid off all at once and just kind of  soak in whatever the reality is or are we going   to try to meter out that reality because that  seems to be what's going on right now people are   confirming by degrees that we are dealing with  as Dave grush put it a non-human intelligence   and probably more than one well well let's get on  with that man yeah you know it's it's funny though   Bryce because whilst I think you're right I think  it's true that the Congress will eventually get   to learn the truth about these allegations because  they already have the truth sitting in transcripts   of witness depositions that have already been  given there's still a big question in my mind   as to whether or not the people presiding in  the various congressional committees will take   the view that the public the American public and  indeed the rest of the world should be told what   they know and and I think eventually if as this  law this proposed Law requires the director of   Arrow has to notify the congressional committees  and Leadership eventually of course it will leak   from within the Congress but I just want to  draw your attention to a provision that's in   this proposed legislation that I think goes to  the heart it's very much a statement of intent   by certain Senator gillibrand and the members  of the Senate Select Committee for intelligence   it's called the sense of Congress subsection and  it sets out if you like the motivations for why   the committee and indeed now three committees if  I'm right are taking this View and turning up the   heat to try and get to the truth they assert  that quote due to the increasing potential   for technology surprise from foreign adversaries  and to ensure sufficient integration across the   United States industrial base and avoid technology  and security stove pipes the federal government   must expand awareness about any historical exotic  technology antecedents previously provided by the   federal government for research and development  purposes so there are implications behind this my   friend it suggests implicitly that the federal  government has lost track of historical exotic   technology antecedents that were previously  provided by it to somebody in private Aerospace   I actually suspect the left hand doesn't know  what the right hand is doing and is the government   is Joe Biden as president is he aware of the  implications behind this legislation because   frankly it makes him and his leadership look  ridiculous you've got a government are they in   charge who's in charge I mean the Congress if it's  not careful will make a political Mountain out of   this it's why Senator Rubio's jumped on this I'm  sure he can see political capital in the fact that   the government is being less than honest with its  electorate clearly the Congress has already become   aware of something and clearly both sides of the  house decide now both in the um in the chamber   sorry in the house and also in the Senate they've  clearly decided to take a bipartisan view on this   and this is what's being missed I I really  don't get why uh both the political leadership   the executive leadership in America the president  and his some security advisors aren't seizing the   ball by the horns and saying you know what we've  got to get out ahead of this because otherwise   this is going to become a political game and  people will exploit it for political advantage   I don't care if Congress decides that they maybe  shouldn't tell the public because if they don't   we're going to tell ourselves what's going on and  we'll vote the whole lot of them out of office if   they don't cooperate um so I'm not as worried  about that I do think though um it's it's easy   and it's tempting because God knows we need some  bipartisan cooperation in this world and every   time we see something that might be labeled as  bipartisan it feels good it makes me happy when I   see people on both sides of the aisle cooperating  and it is true for every Marco Rubio there's   a Kirsten gillibrand and for every Timber Chet  there's an Andre Carson on the other hand though   I don't hear as many Democrats speaking out about  this as I do Republicans and I certainly don't see   um the media that you might expect to be uh  you know looked at is something supporting   blue States Or democrats speaking out as much as  I've seen some of the uh the the more conservative   media so I I hope it does become completely  bipartisan because God knows if there's any   issue in the entire universe that ought to bring  people together it ought to be that the fact that   we realize we're not alone and there are other  non-human intelligences not out there someplace   but right here on Earth so whatever but I do have  a question for you uh Ross as you've read this   astonishing language and and honestly I I feel  like both of us and everyone else I'm talking   to these days we sort of have to pinch ourselves  and say is this is this actually happening right   now as fast as it appears to be happening anyway  you read that astonishing language and that when   I started asking myself is who actually wrote  that language and I know that there's been   people talking about well maybe melon did maybe  Elizondo maybe grush but I feel like my friend   uh an investigator Ross goldthart might actually  know who who had a hand in it what do you think   oh look I know it's come of course from Senator  gillibrand and the uh the Senate Select Committee   for intelligence and I'm told that it's a  unanimous piece of Bill a legislation proposed by   the ssci and it's extraordinarily significant that  the house armed services committee and I'm told   pretty soon the Senate armed services committee  three of the most powerful committees in Congress   are going to get behind it there's there's one  other bit of legislation proposed though mate   which I love it but I think it's got Buckley's  chance as we say in Australia of getting up okay   and it's an amendment proposed by Tim burchett  God bless him and he put up an amendment which   requested that no later than 180 days after the  enactment of this act the Secretary of Defense   should declassify any documents and other records  in the position of the Department of Defense   relating to publicly known sightings of UAP period  good on you Tim I'm all for it but I think there's   Buckley's chance ever that kind of legislation  passing can you imagine how much data they must   have oh well I agree with non-uap that doesn't  sound likely but you know I always sold your feet   to the fire not on your UFO speculations but on  your your phrases like Buckley's chance you've got   to run that past me who's Buckley and why does he  give a chance about this oh my god I've forgotten   who Buckley was it's an Australian saying and I've  I've got no idea I'm gonna have to look it up I'm   sure some of our Australian viewers will be able  to elucidate us listen there's one other bit of   um legislation that is coming up by June next year  I think by June next year if this legislation is   enacted if this goes if this bill goes into the  intelligence uh laws uh at the end of this year   um it does mean that June 2024 is very much  going to be a D-Day because also in June 2024   don't forget that the ndaa the National Defense  authorization Act is also requiring Arrow the all   domain anomaly resolution office to provide by the  20 the end of June 2024 a comprehensive report to   Congress on government involvement in UFO matters  go going back to January 1 1945. the report is to   include among other things any program or activity  that was protected by restricted access that   has not been explicitly and clearly reported to  Congress and any efforts to obfuscate manipulate   public opinion hide or otherwise provide  incorrect unclassified or classified information   about unidentified anomalous phenomena or related  activities that report is due at the end of June   2024 it requires the Comptroller General who heads  the Gio the governmental Accounting Office an arm   of Congress to monitor the progress of the study  and to periodically verbally brief designated   lawmakers and my thanks to Dean Johnson for the  comprehensive analysis that he's done on the   implications of Senator gillibrand's legislation  proposed legis legislation this legislation if   it goes through in combank in conjunction with  the ndaa requirements for a report it means that   June next year this time next year is going to  be a momentous period in history because we will   by law by order of the Congress no hopefully or  at least the Congress will know what it is that   the Pentagon and intelligence Community knows I  I expect that to be damn fine reading and I'll be   picking it up as soon as possible but folks if you  wanted some good reading on that topic before then   as I said I just came back from Roswell where  I met Graham Rendell who's a an author and a   researcher on this and he's just written this book  which is called dawn of the flying saucers aerial   aerial UFO encounters and official investigations  1946-1949 and it's fascinating because Ross as we   try to put in perspective again for our new  viewers this may sound new and old ones may   have heard this before but you got to look at  this thing in context it didn't start in 2004   with the Nimitz Tic Tac it goes all the way back  which is why the Congress demanding that report   be written uh is is so important and you start to  look through this and one thing becomes very clear   what was going on in the UFO field uh going  back to 1945 where that report is supposed to   be written about what was going on then was  behind the scenes in other words people were   seeing things and maybe they got to talk about it  but boy if a pilot saw it or somebody else saw it   it got they you know they grabbed the stuff they  classified it and they studied it privately the   only reason we know about half of what's in here  is because of Freedom of Information Act requests   so to me Ross that's the big difference we're  having right now right now we've got the same kind   of activity but we have an alarmed constituency  of congressmen and women and senators and and   frankly high level whistleblowers people within  the government who want to talk about it in a way   that just completely dwarfs uh what was happening  in those years that this report's coming out about   and I got to tell you if the government puts  out a report after all the time they had that   is less well laid out than gram rendell's book I'm  going to be really ticked off because they've had   the time and they actually have the ability to  go get some of that information because it was   their information they found in the first place  so yeah and and just to ikai one of the concerns   I know from Arrow has been to be fair to Dr Sean  Kirkpatrick its director that it hasn't been   properly resourced it didn't have the full funding  it needed to do the investigations it was required   to do particularly this exhaustive report which  frankly could be an enormous document but I'm told   now Senator Kirsten gillibrand to her great credit  and let's give the senator a gold star for this   Monumental achievement she's been able to secure  full funding for Arrow so Arrow can no longer   bleat or complain that it doesn't have the money  it needs to do its job there is one conspicuous   issue that isn't being discussed in the apparently  you know broad support inside the Congress for   this legislation to be backed my friend and you  know what it is it's the so-called hipsy the house   um uh permanent Select Committee for intelligence  and the hipsy is dominated by Congressman Michael   Turner a republican from Ohio and Jim Himes a  Democrat from Connecticut they're the chairman   and the ranking minority member on the house  permanent select committee on intelligence   and both of those men have made remarkably  dismissive comments about the possibility   that the government possesses secret alien  technology well I'm telling you my friend they   haven't even read I'm told the transcripts  of the evidence that has been given to them   in evidence by Witnesses both men made public  comments that were remarkably ill in informed   and I have to question why did the two ranking  senior members of the hipsy choose to make public   comments that were so dismissive when I understand  they hadn't even apprised themselves of the   information and the veracity of the witnesses  who've actually come forward with evidence   why is the member from Ohio which just by the  way happens to include the Wright-Patterson   Air Force Base within its precincts why would  the member from Ohio Michael Turner choose to   make such dismissive comments and not in any  way overtly support this important piece of   legislation if there's nothing to hide if there's  nothing being concealed in secret bases somewhere   if there's not a private Aerospace that has got  a flying saucer or whatever it is hidden in its   basement that was gifted to it by the government  50 or 60 years ago what have Congressman Michael   Turner the Republican from Ohio and Jim Himes  the Democrat from Connecticut got to hide by   not endorsing this legislation wouldn't you  if you were a committed member of the Congress   who after all is on an intelligence oversight  committee that wants to hold the intelligence   community's feet to the fire to make sure that  public money is properly expended we want you as   a responsible Congressman want to make sure that  the Public's money is being properly expended   wouldn't you want to rule out the possibility  that there has been some kind of improper use of   public money and perhaps criminal or illegal  activities used to conceal this activity   I I mean it's negligence I I I I have heard both  of those gentlemen interviewed on other topics   where they seem fairly forthcoming and able to put  string together important sentences and sound like   they're in the know and then I heard them talk  about the UAP issue and I was very disappointed   for the all the reasons you just laid out it does  call into question uh exactly how the thing is   going to lay down behind the scenes because you do  have people like gillibrand and Rubio who we talk   about all the time who are very upfront about it  and very transparent as much as they can be given   the secrecy surrounding the subject and then you  have those two folks uh the congressman who just   cannot be as dumb as they sound on this topic  and if they are as dumb as they sound well they   wouldn't be as dumb they might be as uninformed as  they sound in which case I'd have to say why are   you allowing that to happen you have the ability  to end ended and you know as long as we're talking   about all the stuff that they should be boning  up on I mean not only this report that goes back   to 1945 and is coming out and is going to lay  out sort of a history of of UFOs they could be   doing that right now and remember uh this whole  thing got started uh currently uh with the 2017   New York Times uh reporting uh that sort of laid  out uh what Harry Reid had done he'd gotten some   22 million dollars to start investigations  working with a couple of other senators and   so the government was investigating UFOs even  while it was saying it wasn't and the name of   the program it was the advanced Aerospace weapon  system applications program which is awesome you   know just something worth putting out there I  believe there were 50 full-time investigators   and researchers at one time or another employed  by ASAP and according to our friend George Knapp   who wrote the um um the forward to this book I'm  reading they covered some 200 000 cases and that   those are recent cases so listen as I said I'm  done with pretending this isn't happening it's   happening okay there's been enough cases going  back these 80 90 years to for me to believe   that that this is happening and it's legit the  question we're now trying to debate is how are   we going to tell ourselves about it and one of the  re and I say that Russ only to try to answer your   question about those two congressmen and how sort  of negative they were maybe they're trying to slow   things down maybe uh maybe a fast reveal has been  discussed as being not to the best interest of   the United States for various reasons uh and and  maybe that's their opinion uh but but clearly uh   it is possible since what we know is that the  phenomena is real we may not know exactly what   the details behind it are and maybe they're  incredibly unpleasant or incredibly damaging to   the status quo which wouldn't surprise me at all  and maybe that's why they're mum I don't know what   do you think well I I'll tell you you mentioned  earlier the Senator Rubio comments where he was   talking about the fact that Mr grush is backed by  allegedly first-hand Witnesses and I just want to   read some of the comments that Senator Rubio made  specifically because they are very very important   um he said I will say that there are people that  have come forward to share information with our   committee that's the Senate Select Committee  for intelligence over the last couple of years   I would imagine some of them are potentially some  of the same people that perhaps he that's Mr grush   is referring to I want to be very protective  of these people a lot of these people came   to us even before these protections were in the  law for whistleblowers to come forward and then   news Nation interrupted and said what people who  have had first-hand knowledge who claim to have   first-hand knowledge of seeing this type of thing  and that's in the context of Crash retrievals and   reverse engineering programs and Senator Rubio  answers or have first-hand knowledge or first-hand   claims of certain things some are public figures  you know and you've heard from them in the past   others you know have not shared publicly and so  we're trying to gather as much of that information   as we can and the reason why I'm being cautious  I'm not trying to be evasive but I'm trying to   be protective of these people some of these  people still will work in the government and   frankly a lot of them are very fearful fearful  of their jobs of the clearances of their career   and some frankly are fearful of harm coming to  them and so I want to be very sure very sort of   you know respectful of that because I don't want  to discourage others from coming forward this is   from the the vice chair of the Senate Select  Committee for intelligence he's talking about   Witnesses who are first-hand witnesses to a crash  retrieval reverse engineering program and he's   admitting that some of them fear for their lives  now that's a story that's something that really   should be being covered by mainstream media it  really is getting quite suspicious now price the   circumstances under which with the exception of  news nation and a couple of other news networks   this is a largely ignored story in the mainstream  press I don't understand it because these are   dramatic allegations from Senator Rubio  that they go so much further than he or   anyone has ever gone before it's inordinately  significant and it needs to be investigated   it's it's inordinately significant is a good way  to put it and I would say the reason we're in this   reality that we're in right now is because they  did such a good job over these last eight nine   decades at creating the twin pillars uh of of the  cover-up which are denial and ridicule and so now   even now with all this new information coming  out there's still that stigma there's still that   sense that this isn't a serious topic you can't  really talk about aliens or non-human intelligence   because wow that that will make me look like I'm  buying into conspiracy theories and it's getting   old and uh it's going away it won't go away as  fast as I'd like it to go away or that you would   like it but it is by degrees being peeled off um  but it is still a powerful thing the stigma is so   powerful and I look for every opportunity uh when  I see news in the in the Legacy Media where they   don't play The X-Files theme and they don't talk  about Little Green Men and they don't mention tin   foil hats to complement those people for not doing  it it's time to move on to the actual issue which   is we're being visited folks we don't know a lot  about who it is uh we need to know more but uh   I am not one of those people who's going to buy  into the concept that we should be very careful   I'm not sure if people can really handle it  maybe we can't handle it but I'll tell you   what I really can't handle I can't handle being  lied to about it any longer and I think a lot of   people I talk to can't handle it either so uh  you know I know we're out of town I'm going to   close with this then rip the damn Band-Aid off  and let's see what's underneath that's my take   well I'm going to close by saying that people  should look at a fantastic interview that a   very admirable rear Admiral called Tim gallowday  a former United States Navy rear Admiral no less   gave to my good friend and colleague Matt Ford on  the good trouble show and I have to say I want to   take my hat off to former servicemen and serving  servicemen and women like rear Admiral Tim goliday   who's an extraordinarily senior former member  of the U.S Navy and in that interview with Matt   Ford I was left in absolutely no doubt that Tim  gulladay concedes the possibility that from what   he's seen during his secret work access to special  access programs inside the U.S Navy he's apprised   of information that makes him think that possibly  we are not alone and in the same interview he also   talked about The credibility of the Admiral Wilson  document it's a very important wouldn't interview   because one of the things with this story is it  can be formidably complicated it's very difficult   because there are faces there are there are names  there are issues that need to be explained and   that's why people should buy my book of course  and yours but um but the the simple fact is that I   really commend to people this excellent interview  that was done on the good trouble show with Matt   Ford with Tim galliday because this is a brave man  this is a guy who's a rear Admiral retired in the   U.S Navy coming forward to discuss what he knows  and what he believes as a result of the knowledge  

he's gained at a very high level he was the head  of the NOAA the National oceanographic Institute   and um it's amazing to me that the guy who's  been in charge of a key U.S government body is   willing to say the things that he's saying so  I'll just leave people with that thought today   that there's very good reason for optimism there's  a lot happening it's impossible to keep track of   it all at the moment and I apologize to anybody  viewing this who's tried to contact me in recent   weeks I am just overwhelmed absolutely overwhelmed  with people wanting me to talk to them wanting me   to engage with them I'm very very happy to talk  to you and I will get back to you when I can   but please understand the volume of inquiries  and messages I'm getting is just absolutely   overwhelming so I'm pretty sure that what Ross  is saying is if you were graphing his uh internet   email it's going like this and then suddenly rush  comes and now it's like as they say off the charts   well listen Ross you go ahead and answer all  those emails but just remember to answer mine   because we have a show to do all the time time  it's we're in an incredible time history is   changing before us uh I'm glad that we're here to  to Bear witness I think that's what we're doing we   are bearing witness right now to this incredible  change that is about to come to the world and   um you know you're you're part of doing that Ross  with your book first but with grush absolutely   amazing and and again for those of you um  who wonder I think both Ross and I are very   convinced that Dave crush is the real deal listen  to him all right I'm out of here see you next time [Music] [Applause] foreign [Applause]

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