Secret Space UFOs: Rise of The TR3B (Full Movie) - Tyler Glockner.

Secret Space UFOs: Rise of The TR3B (Full Movie) - Tyler Glockner.

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TYLER: Hey, what's up, guys? Tyler here with Secure Team. Something has been discovered down on the moon. [POP MUSIC PLAYING] [MUSIC STOPS] [UPBEAT SONG PLAYING] So throughout history, UFOs have been sighted by astronauts, astronomers and civilians in outer space, as well as here on the ground.

MAN: What about all the sightings that have occurred on land? I think there has always been this social stigma that's been attached to people who have been able to record UFOs and actually believe in what they have recorded as something potentially unnatural or not of this earth. MAN: Tell me about the first time you noticed something strange in the sky above Dunedoo. Well, I came out here in like 2012, in August and pretty much the second night that I was staying here. I noticed a strange ball of light moving across the house in the backyard, on the property behind us and it was moving very slow over the rooftops and it was actually illuminating the rooftops underneath it as it was moving. This thing is phenomenal. It's just highly unusual.

And this was around 11:00 p.m. in the evening. And, um, in this town here, there's not many people are up at night. There's not many street lights. The town, um, it prides itself on being the astronomy capital of Australia because of the fact they have not much light pollution like in the city. So, yeah, the second night I was here, I saw a very strange, large, spherical ball, which is half the size of the house hovering above the house, then heading north.

The direction north was very unusual. So, um, and it just continued since then, um, unabated, the sightings, It's been a lot of people have seen it now, you know, people have come up here and seen it from all around Australia and, um, it's just getting bigger and bigger in number. Um, the actual eye witnesses to what's going on. How long do you think it's gonna take till people accept these things are real? How do you mean? Accept at what level the population becomes, when it becomes a sociological... Sociologically, real? I don't know. When does it reach a level like that to what happened in Australia? That's what really scares me, because what we're interested in is technically not normal.

As Damien told you, he almost attracted a psychiatric label for filming what he's seeing, so they're implying it was a hallucination. But he's filming it. To me, you're attracting a decent case of medication if you think I can film my hallucination. But a doctor can suggest that with a straight face.

That to me is really scary. because this, this is aberrant. I never believed that we're on the fringe of society.

This is an outlier belief system. This is insane what we're talking about. MAN: But tell me what is sane? Well sane is, being a robot taking your brain out and just going to work and doing it and never thinking outside the box.

That's how they classify sanity. Never, actually... But none of us are running around like headless chooks. We're all holding down jobs and mortgages and blah, blah. So we're not completely nuts.

But our belief system is not nutty enough that you look up into the sky and Damien's made it even more dangerous because he's filming something that's not supposed to exist. While it's been widely discussed that UFOs are of an alien nature, we're starting to realize that many of these may also be man-made. TYLER: What is Secret Space theory, and what are your findings on the topic? When you talk about secret space theories or secret space ideas, you're really talking about two different things here and they're both valuable. They're both important. But we're really talking about conventional secret space operations and unconventional secret space operations.

So let's... The conventional first Look at it from a military point of view and that of, particularly, of the United States military, which looks at space as a necessary Theater of Operation, a necessary platform that must be dominated by them. If they're going to dominate any theaters of operation on the surface of Earth, they must control space. It's absolutely essential.

All those smart bombs, smart missiles, weapons systems that are highly technological rely on satellite information being fed to them, providing them with all kinds of data, maps and telemetry information, and so forth. And so, you must have dominance in space if you're gonna have dominance on the surface of this planet. Every military power on this globe knows this fact. I think it's important to have serious historians like Richard Dolan, who can really look into the UFO phenomenon and the history behind it, and we're going to look into some of that history today, TYLER: The YB-49 nine was the first vector shaped, jet-engine-equipped aircraft to successfully fly our airspace in 1947. MAN: [ON RADIO] YB-49, a huge 100-ton dreadnought packs 32,000 horsepower in its eight jet engines.

At the controls during the initial flight, Our veteran test pilot, Max Stanley, center, and a crew of two, theirs is a big job. And like a giant boomerang, the mammoth craft picks up speed. Trailing streams of smoke from its jets, Uncle Sam's latest ace of the Atom Age passes its test with flying colors. TYLER: The YB-49. It was a successor to the YB-35 which used propellers to navigate the skies and a precursor to the B2 stealth bomber.

The Convair Kingfish reconnaissance aircraft design was the ultimate result of a series of proposals designed as a replacement for the Lockheed U2. The Kingfish competed with the Lockheed A12 for the Project Oxcart mission and lost to that design in 1959. The Lockheed Have Blue was the code name for Lockheed's proof-of-concept demonstrator for a stealth bomber. Have Blue was designed by Lockheed's Skunk Works division and tested at Groom Lake, Nevada. The Have Blue was the first fixed-wing aircraft whose external shape was defined by radar engineering rather than by aerospace engineering.

The aircraft's faceted shape was designed to deflect electromagnetic waves in directions other than that of the originating radar emitter, greatly reducing its radar cross-section, keeping it secret in space, a precursor design to the F-117. Over the years, as the United States' technological progress advanced so, too, did their military arsenal. This arsenal has been tested in the field of battle, like the Vietnam War, and, of course, in the Middle East, from the 80s up until recently. REPORTER: The skies over Baghdad have been illuminated. TYLER: Not every citizen of the public is exposed to the modernization of our military craft. But there are those who have worked inside our military who have watched firsthand the development of incredible secret aerospace technologies evolve over time.

One such individual who has first-hand witnessed the feats of our own technology is a man by the name of Jim Goodall, former Air Force man, spooky airplane researcher and friend of former director of Lockheed Skunk Works Ben Rich. Jim is an extremely experienced individual when it comes to the hidden history of secret aircraft. He blew the lid on Area 51, and as a photographer, he's uncovered the hidden history of test aircraft before they were public knowledge. This is the shape of the F-117. It's an arrowhead. Well, if it's being lit up for whatever, and this was given to me by F-117 crew chief.

This is the actual RAM, Radar Absorbant Material, used on the F-117. I said, "Can I go to jail for that?" They said, "No, no, the technology has changed so much." This is 40 years old. It's old technology, And that's the other thing you got to take in consideration when you see programs that are being declassified or talked about.

We're talking about stuff that may have flown and program came to an end, all the tooling destroyed 20 or 30 years ago, and we're just finding out about it today. I'm a historian. That's probably why I do what I do. I'm a historian, I'm an Aviation historian. I'm a military historian. And I figure, as an American taxpayer, you're spending my money on our defense, which is the proper thing to do. But I should have... But if I ask a question of my government, I expect an honest answer.

I don't expect to get a run around. If it's not classified or if the part I'm asking about is not classified, then damn it, I expect an answer. I don't expect a runaround. I worked on the A-12 early in the program, which is the predecessor to the SR-71.

It's the single-place CIA-funded-and-operated Blackbird. They were flight-tested and based out of Area 51, but they were operationally... They flew out of Kadena Air Base, Okinawa. That's the same place the SR-71s operated after the A-12s were replaced by the SR. I worked in the assets, but primarily telemetry.

So that's the primary reason I was at Edwards, and one of the reasons I flew into Area 51 is to install some additional telemetry equipment. The stuff I was working on wasn't classified. The programs that we're monitoring were. There would be flight testing for the XB-70 the C-141 Starlifter and, of course, the Blackbird. And on May 30, 1967, Mele Vojvodich flew the first A-12 from Area 51 air-refueled twice, and flew from Area 51 in central Nevada to Kadena, Okinawa, in 5 hours and 29 minutes. If you're going to take a commercial airliner today, it'll take you 17 or 18 hours for that same flight.

Uh, Mele was the first guy to fly an operational mission, and that was on May 30, 1967. TYLER: When was the last flight? [JIM LAUGHS] The last flight was on the June 21, 1968, and it wasn't until the fall or early winter of 1988, 20 years after it was retired, that they admitted to the existence of the single-place CIA version of the Blackbird referred to as the A-12. So if we go back to the early history of aeronautics and we look at some of the craft that have been created and built by the military-industrial contractors over the years, many of them have taken on the shape of a boomerang, a V, or dare I say, a triangle. DOLAN: You're going to have a militarization of space, and you're absolutely going to have a kind of natural escalation of weapons, like an arms race in space. And that's going to require a significant classified component of that militarized space.

And so that's, that is a secret space program. And there is no argument against this whatsoever. Like everyone knows that this is the case. we got the NRO, the National Reconnaissance Office, for example, which has been operational since 1960, and they have had a significant, uh, presence in space. It's almost completely...

Not almost, is completely classified. We have essentially zero, uh, real, tangible information about what the NRO is doing, or the most bare-bones stuff, that's all. And, you know, you've got the Navy, the Air Force, all of which, both of which have classified space elements, and now with a unified space force that's all going to be reorganized and... But you're gonna have massive, classified components to all of this. So that's a conventional way to look at a secret space program. And that will incorporate, uh, you know, probably some very interesting technology in the satellites in terms of optics, maybe in terms of even their ability to maintain orbit for long periods of time.

Uh, you know, I mean, you've got the X-37B which is kind of a militarized version of the space shuttle, and all of those missions are highly classified. We know a little bit about what the X-37B does, is capable of, but we don't really know what the missions are. We're not really informed of that. So there's a lot of elements of a secret space program that are no great shakes, at least from... They're not going to transform our world view. But then there's the other element of the secret space program that people often really want to know about it, which involves, let us say, unconventional and unacknowledged activities and science that are not supposed to exist.

And that involved what we would call the UFOs, all right. So that's where it gets a little more interesting, perhaps. GOODALL: A dear friend just passed away. He is a retired SR-71 pilot named Dave Fruehauf.

And Dave retired as a Lieutenant-Colonel. I'm talking with Dave and I said, "Dave, you believe in UFOs?" He said, "Absolutely, positively, they do exist." He said. "I was flying a night training mission in an SR-71 "out of Kadena, Okinawa. "I was in the far Western Pacific. "We're at 78,000 feet, 77,000 feet, "at Mach 2.7.

"We're going straight. It's 11 o'clock at night "and we're sort of heading our way back towards Kadena. "It was a three-quarter moon, and all of a sudden," uh, Dave said he got a glint of something metallic five or six miles off to his right and maybe 4,000 or 5,000 feet above him.

So he contacts Kadena on secure voice, said, "Do we have another bird up?" They said, "You'd know if we did, you were at the briefing. "No, you're the only one up there." He said "No, I'm not. I'm gonna go take a closer look." His back-seater said. "Hey, Dave, we have company." He said, "Yeah, I'm gonna see who it is." So he moved, pushed, the advances, the throttles about a ten-degree bank and he's climbing, and he's heading towards this object.

He's still getting glints off of the edges. It's not circular shaped. It has sharp edges, and he's getting glints, and it's metallic, or it's shining. He figured when he was about a mile or two away from this object, and it's still a couple of thousand feet below it, it accelerated at about a 30-degree angle of attack and left him in the dust. About 85,000 feet to 180,000 feet. I mean, boom.

I mean, it was like he was heading in the opposite direction, He figured it's going at least 8,000-10,000 miles an hour. NARRATOR: In 1978, cosmonaut Pavel Popovich claimed he saw a sparkling white object in the shape of an equilateral triangle flying at about 10,000 meters above Earth. I think it's amazing the way that NASA and other aeronautics industries have been able to hide this strange alien or UFO phenomenon from the general public for so many years. And on that side of it, what I would say is that, you know, we don't have... We don't have firm, authenticated proof.

We don't have an admission from the government, from the military from any of those people, that says, "Yes, there are UFOs out there" or, "We have constructed a element of our space program "to deal with UFOs that are out there." However, what we can say is that there are enough pieces of testimony and evidence and anomalies that have been recorded in Earth orbit, that, or beyond, frankly, that strongly indicate to a rational observer, that's something really odd is going on out there. That is not supposed to be happening by any standard of understanding or science that we have. So that's, that's where you start getting into.

Is there a secret space program that is connected with the UFO phenomenon? And I personally think that the answer to that is there absolutely is. And the real question is... How far does it go? What are the real contours and parameters of this presumably very secret, classified space program? And that's where, you know... I don't know anyone who actually knows

the full dimensions of how far it goes. In other words, do we have black triangles that can go beyond Earth orbit to a nearby planet or the moon or something like that? I mean, there are people who make this claim. Or do we have replicated alien tech? Um, in terms of, you know, like, the legendary ARV. The Alien Reproduction Vehicle. Did we actually make that? And does that go? Has that gone throughout the solar system? We don't, we don't have proof of these things, but we have our stories.

Some of them are pretty darn interesting, and some of them are maybe believable to those of us who have looked into it. But we're in an area of what I would say, making informed speculation based on genuine knowledge that we have. But we don't have the full picture. So we get some information and at least at this point makes some inferences, and maybe put together some interesting hypotheses about what's going on. TYLER: As you watch, notice all of the different signs of triangle or TR-3B like objects in all of the mission patches and NASA imagery.

[TYLER READING] This is NASA's official seal, which was also designed back in the late 1950s at the same time as the meatball insignia. [TYLER READING] [CONTINUES READING] [CONTINUES READING] [CONTINUES READING] [CONTINUES READING] German Aerospace... Turkey... [CONTINUES READING] Are you starting to see the pattern? [CONTINUES READING] The official patch for Russia's old space station. This is the official insignia for NASA's famed Apollo lunar landing program.

For example, the official insignia of NASA's STS space shuttle program is comprised of more than one representation of subtle vector symbology. [CONTINUES READING] [CONTINUES READING] [CONTINUES READING] [CONTINUES READING] [CONTINUES READING] Notice the strange and mysterious vector-shaped UFO reflected in the astronaut's visor. We leave you much that is undone.

There are great ideas undiscovered. Breakthroughs available to those who can remove one of truths protective layers. My name is Alara. Um, I kind of woke up to the ET presence and I would say, got activated in late 2017 when I had a close encounter with a spacecraft that was about fifty feet in front of me, that de-cloaked in front of me.

After that happened to me, I started going to UFO events and conferences and so forth, trying to seek out other experiencers and begin to get some understanding of what happened to me and what the truth was about this planet, what was going on here. So in 2019, I went to Contact in the Desert in Indian Wells, California, and when I was a that event, I decided to go to the CE-5. I think it was on a Friday night.

I went to that CE-5 event, and a lot of kind of unusual things happened that night that I was not expecting to happen. During that CE-5 event. I did see a couple of ships phase in and phase out in the distance.

Uh, lots of, like, activity like that. But what was very interesting was that there was a very heavy military presence there throughout the entire evening. And I kind of was puzzled as to why.

Because I didn't see that much activity to justify that kind of military presence. There was one really unusual event that happened that night while I was at that CE-5. There was these two...

There was these two, I don't how to describe them, except they looked like butterflies that were on fire. They were very unusual. And I've never seen or experienced anything like this. They sort of phased in and phased out probably three times.

And when they phased in, they would dance, and they were kind of... They had the whole crowd in awe, and the crowd was just tripping on these butterfly UFOs. And they were dancing and then they would phase out, anyway, it was a pretty intense experience. And at one point, I kind of felt a lot of different energies over that field. I sensed what I believe were cloaked ships above that field. But I didn't... Of course, I didn't see anything like that,

so I ended up leaving the event. I think it was around 11 o'clock at night. I left by myself. Got my car. Was staying at a hotel about two miles away that night. When I was driving to the hotel, I notice this really bright white light in the rear-view mirror, so I was about a mile away from the hotel at the time, I drove to the hotel parking lot, I parked my car and I got out my phone and I started taping this white light.

And it was a ship, and it was sitting above that field, at the CE5 that I just left where there was nothing going on. I remember thinking, "I wonder if anybody at the field "can see what I'm taping right now." Because it was really bright and it was very significant. So I was taping that for about 30-35 minutes.

It was there for quite a while, just sitting above that field, And at a point, I ended up going back into my room and playing the footage back. When I played the footage back, I noticed there was a TR-3B be sitting there cloaked, above that ship, above the field the entire time. [OBJECT CLATTERING] Uh, and that kind of blew my mind actually.

Uh, what I thought was really significant about that was, number one, that my phone picked this up, but I didn't see it with my naked eye. I thought that was interesting. I also thought it was interesting that here, if you really look closely at the footage, it looks like there's more than one, although one stands out far more than the other.

So, um, I thought it was significant also that there was a TR-3B craft, whether there was one or two sitting above the field of a CE-5 event at a major UFO conference. I thought, that's kind of spoke volumes about what's going on here. And so, if you ask me, I think that there... I think that we've back engineered alien technology. I think our secret space programs have really super-advanced stuff that they back engineered, and I think they're hiding it from the population.

And I think they're able to do this because all of these craft can cloak to our naked eye. Also, it occurred to me later that those two butterfly UFO's that were on fire, that perhaps those... That I was right about my intuitive hit on those and maybe those were a projection coming from one of those cloaked ships above the field. TYLER: Here we have a clip from a man named Eric that was filmed on September 7, 2021, of an obvious triangular TR-3B shaped object with three distinct lights on each corner.

He says that it was captured in northwest Pennsylvania. He said that the object looked longer than others and was very low, and has a very low, deep tone that is obvious when the object was going over, because of how different it was and sounded, compared to other aircraft. JOE: What is that? MAN: Where? TYLER: Here, we have an almost identical object to the clip that you just saw with white glowing lights on each corner, forming a triangle that seems to be moving steadily and silently as it passes above and finally fades off into the darkness.

The man who recorded this, Joe Wall, from New Hampshire said, "I made a little compilation where the original video plays first, "then with it zoomed in and slowed. "I thought it was pretty insane. "That whole town kept losing power that night as well.

"It would go off and back on. "Couldn't even use my debit card at the gas station. "I stayed at a hotel right there."

[STATIC] Here's a clip from a man named Mark Kline that was filmed above his home, where he was doing some sky watching and filming in infrared recording the stars, and seeing what he could capture. At first, we see a satellite as indicated in the video, and then, as indicated with the arrow, We then see a distinct triangular pattern of lights, this time emitting more of a blue tinge but nonetheless flying in a perfect triangular formation. silently passing overhead with the trees in the foreground. And some of you may be asking, "Well, why is it that if these are "solid triangular craft, are we able to sometimes see stars through them?" One of the main theories regarding some of the technology used within these vehicles is a cloaking ability that essentially puts a mirrored image around the object of everything that is surrounding it, hence giving you a view as if you are looking straight through the object. In this amazing clip, we have another object that is extremely similar to one of the earlier clips we showed of another one of these triangular formations of lights moving in a perfect synchronized fashion, as if the lights are locked in with one another.

The man who captured this, Michael Serrata, said, "I captured footage of a huge triangle formation "or possibly a single object, two months ago. "I have since filmed other triangular UFOs similar to this object, but are different triangle-shaped formations. And as the clip starts, we see a few objects moving through space, and we can see laser pointers being used to attract the attention of whatever these unknown objects are.

And so, as they were focusing their laser pointer on the one object towards the center of the screen, they completely miss what comes next. What appears to be nearly identical to the earlier clip where we have, this time, three fiery red glowing lights to the right of the screen, moving upwards to the northwest, where you can almost make out the the angle of the way the object is being viewed by the distance and the way the lights look, from the brightest light being closest to the camera and the furthest and smallest light, a little more hard to see in the background, as if the object is tilted. Here, you're seeing an enhanced version of the formation of fiery red lights that once again could be a formation, or could simply be a solid craft using some sort of cloaking technology. Here is a recent clip taken above Shanghai, China, in June of 2021, where bystanders on the ground were shocked to see this solid, sharp-edged black triangle sitting silently in the sky, moving slowly through the clouds of Shanghai. [INDISTINCT MURMURING IN MANDARIN] MAN: Got a weird, little thing. Looks like another stingray-type thing.

TYLER: Here, we have what the viewer called a stingray-like triangle object. It was captured in the skies over England on August 16, 2021. In 2004, the United States Navy applied for a patent to produce a triangular craft that looks a lot like the TR-3B, and its propulsion system could be something completely different than what the original TR-3B supposedly operated on. My name is Edgar Rothschild Fouche.

I'm here to speak about secret government technology, reverse engineering of alien artifacts and the Top Secret MJ-12 committee, Before I'm through, you'll know exactly what the flying triangle is, the one that's been sighted around the world. It's the most exotic and classified aerospace vehicle that's ever been built. And may be stealthily hovering over Phoenix, Belgium, or your city. The company in question was involved in developing the TR-3B gravity disruption device called a magnetic field disruptor, which is the circular accelerator, part of the TR-3B, which I'll go into more detail in a minute. So I'd first learned about Ed Fouche back in 2004, while I was just doing some research on anti-gravity, and I found an old presentation called 'the case for anti-gravity' and, uh, right towards the end of that, they had mentioned Ed Fouche and quasi-crystals and meta-materials, um, which I started looking into. Found, you know, Ed Fouche's, you know, original presentations from IUFOC in 1998.

This idea of rotating mercury plasma engine. And so I started making a couple of videos on the physics ideas behind this anti-gravity, mercury-spinning, mercury-centrifuge engine and that whole gem theory thing. And that caught the attention of someone who knew Ed Fouche, a guy named Ella McCoy, who had a YouTube channel on back in the day. But he put me in touch with Ed Fouche. The rest of this video, although not complete, is a list of man-made advanced propulsion, or as those of us in the know like to call them, Alien Reproduction Vehicles. I'm going to go over a few known examples of these, and how to differentiate between them and actual alien vehicles, those produced and flown by extraterrestrial entities.

The first on our list is the TR-3B Flying Triangle, which is the craft we see in the first ever episode of X-Files. This craft was the first ever prototype ARV to use the superfluid antigravity centrifuge engine. It looks like they built the engine first and then came up with the aircraft design to build around it, to make it fly. If you notice, the fluid is rotated inside of a small semi-spherical container located at the center of the craft.

Since theTR-3B uses an accelerator with a small radius, it only succeeds in eliminating 85% of the total weight of the craft. Thus the rest of the lift is provided by three thrusters at each corner of the triangle, similar to the PV-704's use in the Avrocar propulsion drive. Only these run on liquid oxy-hydrogen. These served to stabilize and control the flight of the craft as well as a portion of the lift.

Stabilization and direction is a key design problem with craft that utilize a superfluid, super-ferro fluid in the gravity engine. Note the three stabilizer units mounted on the underside of these other craft. These air most likely some sort of specialized gyroscopes. But they also could be some sort of wave amplifiers as Bob Lazar suggests. Either way, their function is more or less the same, stabilization and direction.

You can tell by the fact that there are three of them. It appears that they also double as tripod landing gear. Brad Sorenson produced this drawing of an ARV or Alien Reproduction Vehicle. Here are some other photographs of similar craft which, in my opinion, are all man-made products of the secret government. To me, the most fascinating vehicle from the Aurora program has been the TR-3B.

It's a triangular-shaped vehicle that uses a circular accelerator, if you imagine a circle within a triangle, that rotates a mercury-based plasma at 60,000 revolutions per minute, pressurized at 250,000 atmospheres and super-cooled to 150 degrees Kelvin. I absolutely that all the triangular-shaped vehicles that have been spotted belong to the US Government. RYS: He does come from a background of, you know, Intelligence. And he did teach me a lot about, you know, about how the intelligence works in the military, and how these special access programs, and how all the funding and the contracting and all that stuff really works.

He did teach me an incredible amount about, you know, how that stuff really functions behind the scenes, but it also helped me, you know, verify a lot of what he was saying. First off, we asked TD Barnes if Bob Lazar ever worked out of Area 51 and his answer was straight out, "No." He was former special projects manager out at Area 51 for almost a decade When I asked him if Ed Fouche, if he could, you know, ask around and tell me if Ed Fouche worked out there, his response back was, "I can neither confirm nor deny whether Ed Fouche worked out of Area 51". And that kind of, you know, confirmed it for me, you know, when TD Barnes said he can't confirm nor deny whether Ed worked out there. That was like, "Well, that means he worked out there," TYLER: What was it about his explanation of the physics of the supposed TR-3B that piqued your interest and made you think, "Hmm, maybe there's something here." The thing that interested me first was that there was a couple different sources talking about this rotating, you know, rotating superconductors, research was just coming out.

A lot of that research was being done at NASA at the time, and was coming out through American anti-gravity around the same time. So we're learning about NASA's research with rotating super conductors, the Russian Podkletnov and his rotating superconductor experiment. And so I I thought that there might be some sort of connection between, you know, rotating superconductor anti-gravity research and this idea of a rotating mercury-based plasma. And so I began investigating that connection first. That's what drew me, initially, to the the propulsion technology side of it.

But then, the mention of quasicrystals and meta-materials and all that interesting scientific literature I started finding when I began researching those topics made me instantly realize that, you know, this was, you know, meta-materials are used for invisibility technology and that then I started realizing you know, realizing all the technology that, you know, all the research that has been done on Area 51, Project Rainbow and all this other stuff, and I was able to confirm that a lot of those, uh, these materials were, in fact, you know, something special, and that, you know, some ordinary staff sergeant from the military knowing about these things, there was something, you know, maybe something more there. 'Cause it wasn't something that your average person talked about in 1998. No, it was virtually unheard of, in fact.

A lot of that physics literature, you can't find a lot of meta-materials. You can't find a lot of stuff in the literature on meta-materials or quasicrystals before, in 2002. And then Fouche was talking about these things in 1998 nearly four years earlier.

So that sort of, you know, really made me say, "Wow, this is something you should be paying attention to "and looking deeper into." When I started researching quasicrystals, you know, I realized that the guy who discovered quasicrystals, Dan Shechtman, did his Post-Doc after receiving his materials degree in Material Science from Technion University in Israel, he went and did his Post Doc at Wright Patterson at the Wright State Materiels Command, which is the exact place where, you know, you'd expect these sort of alien materials to be, you know, to be present and being analyzed. So I thought that was a very interesting connection that the scientist who discovered quasicrystals did some work connected to Wright Patterson Materiel Command on icosahedral phase crystals and stuff. So It was quite interesting to learn about that.

Then, of course, if you research all the history of metamaterials, you'll find that these were developed pretty much at Area 51, was a lot of the pioneering research into meta-materials and nuclear magnetic resonance and EMF response. Those technologies were pioneered at Area 51. Again meta-material is an interesting word. It's basically... Meta-material, for the layman, is a material that gains its resonant or response properties through its structure. Not through its composition or what it's made of, but by just the natural structuring of the actual material.

So it was discovered that grids, for example, had a different response, or, um, the things with sharp edges had a different response than smooth edges and rounded edges, which is why you see all those sharp edges on the F-117 stealth fighter versus you know, the round edges on the fuselage than the quasicrystals, because that was some deep insight into some interesting information, and how he knew about that and how he was aware of those technologies... Um, you know, I'm still trying to figure that out, and I, you know, I think it might have been... He might've knew Harold Puthoff and might have gotten the information through Harold Puthoff. There was one contact I know that he had because he talked about Hal Puthoff and actually had his email and put me in touch with Hal Puthoff years ago at one point, So I know that he had some of these contacts who are into this black world physics stuff.

So a quasicrystal is is a periodic crystal. It has a different phase. It has recurring symmetries, but it doesn't have innate symmetry at the basic level. It has a more complex symmetry shape.

So they were originally thought not to exist. In fact, one of the most famous scientists of the day, Linus Pauling, you know, once famously claimed there's no such thing as quasicrystals, only quasi-scientists, making a, you know, a direct jab at Daniel Shechtman, who is, of course, the scientist that made this discovery and won the Nobel Prize for the discovery of quasicrystals, Also, quasicrystals have very amazing optical properties, which is one of the main things that I took note of and started researching when I first found out about them. For instance, a researcher from Princeton, New Jersey, Eric Quinones showed that you could bend fiber optic signals at 90-degree angles without losing signal quality. So basically, you can basi... You can build photonic computers out of quasicrystals and meta-materials and build wave-guides that would use light in photonics, in a type of advanced circuitry. So that was what I first saw and started learning about when I first researched these things back in 2004 and I immediately, you know, realized that, you know, we're dealing with something very close to alien technology.

What I believe alien technology would look like, you know, describe, as we think of it, engineered down to the atomic level, WILLFRIED: A rotating, pulsating red light in the middle. We also talk about an object, that had vertical development, Those who could see it from the side, saw a dome, dome on the top of it, And in these domes, there are windows. My opinion, uh, it didn't have any influence at all on all the witness reports, which were done before. So it has no influence, in fact, on the Belgian wave. But it's very unfortunate that we have shown this photograph as being the brand of the Belgian wave of being the object that has been operating above Belgium. RYS: So what kind of aircraft were being developed in the late 1980s that could explain that Belgian wave of UFO sightings? Because I've had a number of people that have watched my videos on the TR-3B and came and said, "Listen, I had a sighting.

"I saw this craft, and there's nothing else that looks like it "except this TR-3B thing that you're talking about. "Nothing else that can describe accurately what I saw." Um... So there is a lot of research that's being done in ufology, into what kind of craft were being developed during that time. Could they explain this, or was it, you know, a wave of visitors from outer space that were responsible? Um, you know, what are the origins of that craft that people were seeing in those sightings? So we did look back to, you know, Northrop-Grumman and that 1991 Popular Mechanics article on the TR-3A, because we have aTR-3A. It's a real... Apparently there's blueprints on it. There's a whole, there's a contractor, Northrop Grumman, that developed a TR-3A.

So that led us to thinking, "Oh, well, TR-3B has got to be another Northrop Grumman craft" because, you know, it's just one letter off. But then I talked to Ed Fouche, and he said, no, he didn't think that Northrop Grumman was the contractor, that they had used the TR-3A and change the letter to make it, you know, similar, so that it would throw people off. You know, another layer here of secrecy, to throw people off.

So it's hard to say, we have never found, you know, blueprints or, you know, a contractor or anyone come forward that said they've worked on these massive space platforms. Apparently these platforms were developed for a secret space program, specifically, as you know, transport vehicles to shuttle, you know, men and cargo to and from space to secret space platforms and locations. Of course, you know, again, the evidence for this is -is where we we, um... -TYLER: We're lacking.

We're lacking a definitive proof to show that, you know, this is what's really going on. But these are some of the stories that, you know, have come out of this. Typically, aircraft lettering is, you know, the letter stands for what its purpose is. Like, F is for fighter, B is bomber, So TR, Tactical Reconnaissance would follow that, you know, nomenclature, Certainly, but again, this is where Ed Fouche says that we step outside the normal zone into the Twilight Zone. Things are a little different in the black world. But again, this speculation is just speculation because we don't have military classifications.

We have some... we know that, you know, physicists were working on nuclear-powered aircraft as early as the 1960s. In fact, Stan Friedman apparently worked on on some of these nuclear-powered aircraft as well.

You know, famous UFO researcher Stanton Friedman, which I thought was interesting. And I sent you that info on that other nuclear-powered aircraft that they were thinking about and conceptualizing back in the '70s. But of course, treaties outlawed the use of nuclear weapons in space and on airplanes.

So, um, you know, if research continued with nuclear powered aircraft, they would have had to be done in a complete black world where, well, it would never, you know, see the light of day because that of course would violate international treaties. And, you know, the TR-3B is basically like an illegal craft, and if it does exist, or ever did exist, then chances of it being declassified are almost zero because it isn't, because it violates you know, international treaties for nukes and airplanes. So it's kind of like this dilemma craft It's not like the SR-71 or the A-12 or the F-117, where, you know, after a couple of years of being out there, it's going to turn from a, you know, black world craft to, you know, where they have to admit to it and show it off. I don't think we're ever gonna get that day where they roll one of these TR-3Bs out of the hangar and show it off to the public. I don't think that that would ever happen

even if it were the case. GOODDALL: The person who founded and created the Lockheed Skunk works was Kelly Johnson. His right-hand man was Ben R. Rich. Ben was an aeronautical engineer. he was a thermodynamist.

He's... I think he was originally from England. Think I met him at a conference and talked to him and asked him, "You know, could I call you?" And he was, you know, he was very obliging, And we just started up a conversation. And it grew to the point over 25 years, that we spoke approximately once a quarter. If I didn't call him, he called me. According to Ben Rich, we have the ability today to take ET home.

Which means we have the hardware. We're flying the stuff. It's very possible some of the UFOs that are seen are man-made. Now, John Andrews in June of '86, John Andrews was with Testor Corporation.

They make model airplanes and cars and stuff, And he was a pen-pal with Ben. Ben adored John Andrews and he adored me because we had a passion for what he had a passion for. And John wrote a letter to Ben Rich, and he said, "Ben, I have to ask you a question. "Do you believe in UFOs?" Now, there are two categories. Both man-made and extraterrestrial.

and Ben came back on his own letterhead as president of the Lockheed Skunk Works. He said, "Both Kelly and I are firm believers in both categories. "We refer to ours as Un-Funded Opportunities" and he underlines the U, the F and the O. He said, "But beware, there are people "who will lead you astray and possibly do you harm." Ben told us that "we refer to ours as unfunded opportunities."

If you didn't fund it, if you didn't have to pay for it, if it was given to you, or it crashed and you recovered it, that's an unfunded opportunity. And in 1996, it was a graduate student gathering or convention of aeronautical engineers from UCLA. And their keynote speaker was Ben Rich, and Ben had been retired as President of Skunk Works.

And he's out there talking about what he did for the 40 years, you know, he worked with Kelly Johnson. And one of the last things he said. and you can search it on Google or Bing or whatever, it's, it's there. Ben Rich told this audience in 1996, "We have the ability to take ET home" But the government won't declassify the information. When Ben Rich was referring to the fact that we had the ability to take ET home, that means we can travel across the universe. I believe he said it because we have recovered crashed UFOs.

We have been given UFOs, and we have found abandoned UFOs. Now one question has been raised repeatedly when you talk about issues about disclosure, all right, UFO disclosure. And there's a very significant argument that the admission of something else out there can easily be used, let's say, by the military to justify, you know, further ballooning of the already massive military budget. We hear this a lot, and some people will talk about this in a totally pejorative way.

They'll say, "Well, they're creating an alien threat where there isn't one "just to scare the public and justify all this extra money being spent "to either take your rights away "or to just spend a lot of money on military." There's another way to look at it, which is that they might play it that way because there is a genuine threat. Like, a lot of the folks who complain about the possibility of, like a false flag or some kind of deception about an alien threat, they're working off the assumption that the aliens are definitely not afraid, or definitely beneficial. And, you know, where I stand on that is, I think that's never been a rock-solid assumption.

There are people who believe that. I've just never been fully persuaded by the evidence that that's true. My opinion is that, it's based on the behaviors that we have recorded, okay...

[CLEARS THROAT] that I actually think that there are multiple groups and there's more than one. And from the information that we are getting, there's at least reason to think that one of those groups does not have our best interests at heart and may actually be hostile to us. And you... I've heard this again and again and again. And indeed, when you look at the long history of military engagements with these things, they're not usually initiating overt hostilities, although there have been pilot deaths in connection with UFOs. And some of the engagements do actually seem like they're being hostile.

But generally, uh, they're just being provocative in one way or another. So, at the at the least, you can say there's some kind of trouble out there in paradise, between us and at least one group of them. And if you're a military person, you know, look, your job in the military is to defend your nation.

That's your job. And if you've got even a potential threat in these other things, you have to, by your duty, you have to recognize that threat, and you have to at least have a plan for dealing with it. That's just the reality.

So does that mean they're gonna go false-flagging us? Or they're gonna be legit? Look, I don't know. I don't have every answer here, either. But, uh, it's not illegitimate. At least, you know our priority is, on the face of it, it's not illegitimate to at least explore the possibility of threat. That's my position.

TYLER: What attracted you to physics? I started teaching, taught physics and astronomy here at Nebraska, Omaha, for 34 years, And during that time, I also taught for 17 summers, and for a number of times during the year at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory in Livermore, California, I had a security clearance, and I studied the effects of nuclear weapons. I studied electromagnetic theory, and nuclear theory, a bunch of different things and atmospheric physics. And I did that for 17 summers. That was a big part of my research. I also got a grant to work for NASA. NARRATOR: STS-48, September 13, 1991.

It appears there is something coming from the Earth's surface in response to an object entering the atmosphere. Soon after this footage was shot, Dr. Kasher wrote a full scientific analysis of the events. He submitted his findings to NASA and the public.

I don't know what this thing is, but it's really a very interesting object too. Depending on how far away from the shuttle they were was an extraordinary thing. To the extent that if they were ten miles or farther from the shuttle, they behaved in ways that were vastly beyond anything that we can do on the Earth.

Four NASA employees were given this to offer their opinion. They just watched the video. They did no analysis of it, and what they came up with was reasonable, that it had to be ice particles, and that's as far as they took it. They did not say a single thing about, there were two streaks that went up through there, like you might expect from a missile. I was able to rule out at least five times, five different proofs that they were not ice particles.

And if they weren't, the only other viable option is some kind of spacecraft. And the way it behaved... Again, I can't prove how far away it was from the shuttle. If it is a mile away, that's unbelievably close.

It's dangerous. If it's ten miles away, it accelerated in a fashion that was beyond anything that humans could stand, 100Gs it would be, which would, you know, destroy a human being, And then, if you start going out beyond ten miles. then we're talking about quantum leaps in technology beyond what we have. And so, to me, the logical conclusion is that these were spacecraft from somewhere else out in space away from the shuttle.

And it's hard to explain those two streaks that went through there, unless it is in terms of... One good explanation might be that they were missiles, that we might be firing at them. And that's a scary thing too. Dr. Jack Kasher is another perfect example of a NASA employee blowing the whistle on UFOs. NARRATOR: As we continue into modern space exploration, NASA became more sophisticated in their approach at hiding what they were recording, above and beyond.


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