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(dramatic music) (tense music) (siren wailing) (blades whirring) (leaves rustling) (electronic beeping) (electronic beeping) - [Woman] This can be disastrous for our plan. Head office is coming any minute. Let me see her.

- [Man] This the best programmer we have. She's doing a scan right now. I don't know. This has never happened before, so we're just-- - Is this it? If this isn't sorted out by the time my phone rings, we are pulling our investments.

- Scan's done. No anomalies in the aid code. It wasn't a program misfire. - See? Now can I please see Addy? - Hang in there, CC. This is just so, our nannies aren't violent.

It couldn't have been her fault. - You mean your fault? - I was protecting Addy! - These things record footage, yeah? - Yeah. (computer beeping) - Earlier, I need to see the lead up.

Stop! Start there. ♪ Darkness cannot get here fast enough ♪ ♪ La luna ♪ ♪ My moon-a ♪ ♪ Come down, come down ♪ ♪ My moon ♪ (soft music) - I love you, CC. - I love you too, my little one. Night night.

(steps thumping) (electronic whirring) (door closing) (glasses clinking) (water running) (Lena sighing) - Lena, please keep the noise down. - [Lena] Shit! - Addy's sleeping. - Sorry, I. She's asleep already? I wanted to give her a kiss goodnight. - Her bedtime's 7:30. - Well, it's just past.

I'll pop in quick. - Lena. Addy needs her sleep. And you've been drinking. It's best if you don't go in.

- I've had a rough. Okay, just show me the highlights then, please. - Of course. (somber music) (water running) (electronic beeping) (soft music) Good morning. (laughing) You can't sleep.

Are you okay? What happened today? - I got fired. Replaced by an AID. - Oh. I'm sorry, Lena. I know how hard you were working. - Fuck them, I was keeping up.

- [CC] Your favorite, isn't it? - [Addy] Thank you. (speaking foreign language) - [CC] Good. (both laughing) Who's that in the picture? - [Addy] Me and you.

- [CC] That's me and you? Wow! Good job! There's nothing more you could have done. AID workers are better suited to some jobs, and when they are, it's just best to let them take over. ♪ My moon-a ♪ ♪ Come down, come down ♪ ♪ My moon ♪ - I love you, CC. (dramatic music) - I love you too, my little one. Night night. (electronic beeping) (knife chopping) - Is that Adelaide's snack for tomorrow? I'll do that.

- No need, I know how she likes them. - It's carrots, I can do it. - I'm quicker too. You get some sleep. You need your rest.

- No, it's fine, just let me do it. - They're already done. - You bought Prosper juice? That's way too expensive. - Prosper's the best. Addy deserves the best.

- Well she'll survive on something cheaper. - Lena, is this about you losing your job? There's no need to sacrifice Addy's wellbeing. - I am not! Just no more Prosper juice. Okay? - Lena, please put down the knife. You're not in a stable frame-- - I'm fine! (somber music) - Yes, why? - What? Well I have more free time, so I can look after Adelaide myself. - No, you can't.

- Excuse me? - Addy needs me. - I may not be the best mom, but I'm okay. She'll be fine without you.

- Are you sure? Do you know what she's most afraid of? - The dark. - Jellyfish. But it's not the sting she's most afraid of. It's the slime.

I remember everything she's every said. I have knowledge that would take you lifetimes to learn. I can identify a sickness and stop it in its tracks. If she runs out in front of a car, are you quick enough to get to her in time? Strong enough to keep it from crushing her? Okay is not good enough.

Not when Addy can have the best. I know how to keep Addy happy, healthy, and safe. You don't even know the best juice to buy. - I'm her mom. She's my child, and I know what's best for my child. - Where are you going? - To kiss my daughter goodnight.

- I can't let you do that. (hand thumping) Lena. Lena, please try to calm down. (Lena struggling) - Call Clover Hill Nanny Agency! - I can't let you do this to Addy. (ominous music) - This is Lena Howard.

I would like to shut down my AID. Yes, I'm sure. Her registration number? It's um, AID, (Lena grunting) AIDCC280. (Lena gasping) - Addy will be better off with me. - [Addy] CC? - Addy, honey.

We have to go now. (somber music) (phone ringing) - What did I just see? - She's programmed to make the best choice for the child. She thought she was the best choice. - We all know that the best can be programmed and reprogrammed.

A shortsighted mistake in programming doesn't have to cost us. Does it? You can fix this, right? - Yeah. - No, it, it wasn't a mistake! - The mother? - Well, if she survives, we can offer her compensation to keep her quiet.

And we can always turn this thing on her if we have to. - You found what you needed! I get to see Addy now! Please! You promised! Let me see Addy. - Oliver, showing emotion is just a tool for her. She'll be fine. (mouse clicking) (electronic beeping) (soft music) - Where's CC? - Hey, Adelaide! Don't worry, I'm gonna be okay. We're gonna be okay.

(light music) ♪ Luna ♪ ♪ My luna ♪ ♪ I'll stay asleep til dawn ♪ ♪ My luna ♪ ♪ My luna ♪ ♪ Darkness cannot get here fast enough ♪ ♪ La luna ♪ ♪ My moon-a ♪ ♪ I'll stay asleep til dawn ♪ (dramatic music) (heavy music) - You are being watched. But if you're not doing anything wrong, doesn't matter, does it? I know your face. You must have done something, and I will find you. That's what I do. (gentle music) (earth rumbling) (singing in foreign language) (mouse clicking) - [Computer] Match identified. Please enter location code.

(keyboard clacking) (electronic beeping) Location code accepted. (ominous music) - [Agent Williams] Where is that? - It's in east direction. - [Agent Williams] Is it in the webs? - Pretty sure, yeah. Oh, cheers.

- Did you see the new high priorities today? - Yeah, got 'em. - So we're gonna be concentrating very hard, aren't we? - Idle hands. What did they do? - What? - What did they do to get on the high priority list or whatever? - Nothing specific yet. - Oh.

- So, get back to it, then, yeah? - But, I mean, some of these people don't look very. Look how old this dude is. He's old. - Well, this guy's a serious threat to national security, otherwise he wouldn't be on there. Trust me. - Okay, but then, who gets to decide he, bye.

(electronic buzzing) (birds chirping) (ominous music) (lighter flicking) (foreboding music) - [Computer] Rest time exceeded. Please continue. Rest time exceeded. Please continue. Rest time exceeded.

Please continue. Rest time. (earth rumbling) - What are you doing? - Don't worry. She's not on the list.

- Then why is she on the screens? Oh, you've got to be kidding. - [Scott] I draw lots of people. - Yeah, and who else have you missed? - Haven't missed anybody. - Well, now you've got to watch the last 24 hours.

That puts us a full two days behind. - I haven't missed anybody. Stop it, can you stop it? - Do you not understand how important this is? - No, not really. You don't tell me anything. - Okay, well, you need to stop asking questions. - Look, it would really help me just to know that I'm not sending people to some sort of concentration camp.

- Well, if you keep this up, you'll be going somewhere much worse. - What, worse than a concentration camp? - I'm not joking. - Yeah, I know, you never do. - Scott. - Can I have a cigarette, please, just a really quick one? - No, I've got a really important meeting in five minutes, and you better hope that you don't come up because you are on thin ice right now. - Oh, really, really? Sorry.

Oh, sorry, what was my facial rec score again? 90%? Maybe you need me more than I need this job. - Is that right? - Yeah, maybe. - Well, that's really interesting. - Yeah, it is, actually. (earth rumbling) (electronic buzzing) (mouse clicking) (computer beeping) - Match identified.

Please enter location code. Please enter location code. (keyboard clacking) (electronic beeping) Sorry, I didn't get that.

Please enter location code. (electronic beeping) Sorry, system override. Case escalated to supervisor. (tense music) - Fuck this. Agent Williams! (hands pounding) (computer beeping) - IT department, please. - I wanna get out! (ominous music) What? (Scott panting) (computer beeping) - Seems to be working all right.

- Well, check him again. His recognition rate dropped this week. (earth rumbling) - Might be one of the soft ones. They tend to drop off a cliff after a while. (ominous music) (computer beeping) - What? What? What, I don't, I don't understand.

I don't understand, I don't understand. (tense music) - Well, I haven't seen that before. - Well, he can't wake himself up, right? - No. No, don't think so. - Wake up.

Agent Williams! Agent Williams! No, no. (discordant music) (Scott screaming) - [Computer] System error. System error. System error.

- Fix it! - System error. System error. - Yeah, I know what to do. - Make it stop! Please! - What are you doing? - I'm gonna force a reboot. - Oh my God, that is your answer for everything.

- System error. (plug snapping) (plug clicking) (machinery humming) - Is that it? (button clicking) (electronic beeping) - Yeah, he'll be all right. (gentle music) - [Scott] You're being watched. I know your face now. I think they're watching me too.

But I will find you, right after I find myself. (singing in foreign language) (dramatic music) - [M.A.R.C] T-Minus 15 seconds and counting. (electronic beeping) Guidance is internal. Ignition sequence starts. - [Lilian] 10 away. Let's go home. (soft music)

- [M.A.R.C] Five, four, three, two, one. Boosters ignited, we have lift-off. - [Lilian] Control, this is Bravo 2. All engines look good. Begin. What's that? Diagnosis, now! Main engine failing, diagnosis.

- [M.A.R.C] Manual override engaged. - [Lilian] We need to eject. Eject now! (rocket exploding) (wind gusting) - [M.A.R.C] Lilian?

Your breathing is irregular. Lilian, do you copy? - Call Alpha, update them. - [M.A.R.C] Lilian, are you feeling okay? - What do you think? Update Alpha. - [M.A.R.C] Alpha isn't reachable.

- What do you mean? - [M.A.R.C] The data-link in your shuttle isn't responding. (Lilian grunting) - The departure failed. - [M.A.R.C] I'm afraid so. There was an electrical malfunction with the boosters.

Is there anything I can do? - Where's the ship? - [M.A.R.C] Looks like the crash is located a quarter mile southeast. - Quarter mile, okay. (eerie music) Oh, God. Oh, my arm.

- [M.A.R.C] Are you okay? - Well, it feels disconnected. Is it broken? [M.A.R.C]- With communications down,

your medical module is limited. - And my samples? Do you think they could still be intact? - [M.A.R.C] I'm sorry, I don't know. - Right. Southeast? - [M.A.R.C] Yes, looks like 90 degrees clockwise. Your three. (eerie music) - Okay.

(wind howling) - [M.A.R.C] Lilian? - Yes? - [M.A.R.C] There is a problem with your oxygen. - Are you able to diagnose it? - [M.A.R.C] There is a rupture in the tank. Movement is only going to irritate the breach. - Well how much oxygen do I have left? There's probably no hope of communication until we reach the ship.

- [M.A.R.C] 33 minutes standing still. With movement, less than 30% of that. - Fuck! - [M.A.R.C] Talking reduces oxygen capacity. - Okay. (sand crunching) (discordant music) - [M.A.R.C] 150 meters.

- The samples? - You should find fresh oxygen first. - Where are the goddamn samples? - [M.A.R.C] The mission package is located at the near side of the main wreckage. (electronic beeping) - Now fresh oxygen. - [M.A.R.C] I can't see it. Oxygen located, five meters ahead.

Near the wreckage to your right. It's obscured. - Fuck. - [M.A.R.C] Monitor your breathing. - There should be another spare on board right? - [M.A.R.C] Yes, to your left, another three meters. It's wedged behind the engine.

Careful. (earth rumbling) (air hissing) Lilian. (Lilian grunting) - How much time? - [M.A.R.C] Just under four minutes. - Then there's nothing. - [M.A.R.C] Try to conserve your oxygen.

- This is why we're here. They may be able to retrieve the case, if I could ensure its safety. (electronic beeping) (soft music) It's beautiful, isn't it M.A.R.C? - [M.A.R.C] It sounds like you genuinely think so.

- What can you tell me? - [M.A.R.C] Two minutes. - God. - [M.A.R.C] What? - Can you read me a poem? Maybe sing me a song? - [M.A.R.C] What sort of song would you like me to sing? - Nothing.

- [M.A.R.C] Battery critically low. - What's going on? - [M.A.R.C] I'll have to shut down soon. - I understand. (alarm beeping) It's green and red.

How can it be green and red at the same time? - [M.A.R.C] Conserve oxygen. - I just, I just wish, M.A.R.C? I can't stop thinking.

I feel like I should be able to stop now. And you know all I can think about is gardening with my mother. And that's. Can you help me? I'm so tired. I feel like I just wanna close my eyes, but I won't.

I will keep, I will keep on. You know, for a long time, for my whole life really, I was happy. And proud of who I, or what I was. And then one day, I, it wasn't one day, but it felt like one day, It just changed. And that day I just, I knew that I could only live in my work. And all my relationships, I'd just neglect.

Somehow, I became cold. And I realized maybe that everybody feels this way, but I don't even remember how it felt. How do I feel, what do I feel? Sometimes, I feel separated. If you touch me, you won't know what you have done to me, all of it. (Lilian crying) I'm sorry.

(wind howling) (somber music) (dramatic music) (soft music) (snow crunching) - [Robotic Voice] This is a test. This is a man from another dimension. (foreboding music) He is looking for something.

He is looking for it. (eerie music) (hand pulsing) (crow cawing) (suspenseful music) An answer will set him free. I got him with the hand. (traffic rumbling) But he does not like to listen.

(sirens wailing) He thinks it isn't pain. It isn't. (hand pulsing) (suspenseful music) (soft music) He's stuck. His friends know the answer. He loves them very much.

(phone ringing) I have something to tell him. (suspenseful music) (waves crashing) It manifests. But he does not understand. (hand pulsing) (shoe crashing) (gulls squawking) (light music) He cannot speak, but he can sing. ♪ Whisper from that lonely secret ♪ ♪ Creeping through the floor ♪ ♪ The happiest I've ever felt ♪ ♪ Was right behind a door ♪ ♪ Little Russian chairs and tables ♪ ♪ Affected me for more ♪ ♪ I know I've been here years ago ♪ ♪ I've seen this place before ♪ (crow cawing) He thinks it is what he leaves behind.

He is wrong. (thunder rumbling) It's right in front of him (light music) Love. ♪ Message from myself ♪ ♪ Is waiting far beyond the stars ♪ ♪ He hums a little melody ♪ ♪ And plays with his toy cars ♪ ♪ A memory he's hardly felt ♪ ♪ An echo from afar ♪ ♪ And falling from from the darkened sky ♪ ♪ He hands me his guitar ♪ ♪ I can't bear to think of it any more ♪ ♪ Why is it always such a goddamn chore ♪ ♪ I can't bear to open up that door ♪ (door knocking) - [Landlord] Hey man. Someone told me that you're getting pets in the apartment. It's against the policy, man.

Just try to figure it out by the weekend. Please. (soft music) - [Robotic Voice] Some choices are hard. But that's what it is.

That's what he is. I know what is best for him. I used to be him. (hand pulsing) Listen to me. (hand pulsing) (glass shattering) (light music) Someday he will realize that it's not in the rainbows.

(uplifting music) (crow cawing) He doesn't understand it lies. It is time. Show me what you've found. (happy music) Nobody is going to look at those. It is right in front of you.

He gets another chance. (telephone ringing) He wants the call to mean something. (door knocking) He won't find the first time ever.

Maybe if he went away. This is a test. - Hello? (dramatic music)

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