Schumann Resonance ISOLATING Frequencies -The Technological Effect Explained

Schumann Resonance ISOLATING Frequencies  -The Technological Effect Explained

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hello friends how are you today uh well today  i want to discuss with you a fascinating image   on the on the human resonance chart which is the  technological effect which happened to show up   on february 22 2022 which is which is o222022 so  people are calling it the a gateway an energetic   gateway and sure i do think that that applies  here i want to show you it's interesting because   this image here that showed on the chart does look  a bit like a gate or a bridge um reminds me of the   golden gate bridge a little bit but i wouldn't  explain what um i feel that this is about from   an energetic standpoint i also had a vision of  this image before it occurred in the chart so   that's an that's more of an esoteric story so i  discuss i will discuss that at the end in the um   main part of this video i want to explain to  you how the energy works here as i perceive it there's a couple other key things that i wanted  to show you on the chart before we do that   and oh if you could like the  video subscribe to my channel   and share it if it these things resonate with  you that would be wonderful thank you very much i also want to let you know i have my energy class  starting up next week it i'm just checking all the   participants right now to see that everybody can  do the time and i may have one or two openings   i'm not sure so if you are interested in taking  the energy class and please send me an email   because um i will know in the next day or  day or two if i have openings okay great   um i'll put a link below to email me okay  so there's a couple other things i want to   point out in the chart which is there have  been these warps and flexes in the chart   i went back and looked and it's really been  before since before february 11th it really became   visible on the 11th although it started a few  days before that but the flexes weren't as obvious   and by that what i mean is see how the lines  just kind of go down and up and squiggly almost   like something like warped or interfered  with the shape of the wave of the signal   okay that's being transmitted here in the moment  so i thought that was really interesting and it's   been happening like i said since february 11th now  what i did was i looked at the astrology to see   what might be behind this from an energetic  perspective from a larger perspective and   there are two astrological major features that  have been occurring here now the first one   is the pluto return of the usa and that  occur occurred two days ago on february 20th   and as i mentioned um in a recent video china  and russia signed a major cooperation agreement   that also has the same pluto degree 27 degrees um  which i thought was a very interesting coincidence   um so it could be that the pluto return because  the pluto return ignites um a desire for freedom   um for kind of with the founding principles  of the united states of america is about so   which affects the hearts of people  which i believe can show on the chart   now the second thing that has happened is that  uranus and jupiter went sextile exact and that   was on february 18th which was three days ago the  reason that i thought i'd look at uranus as well   is because uranus is all about electricity and  even though it's way far away it's about um it's   about that on earth as we human beings experience  it so it can also be about new technologies and   sudden changes and all sorts of things it's  uncontainable energy you know unpredictable as   well and so um that also went uh into an exact  sextile and at the same time that it went into   an exact sextile around the same time it wasn't  it wasn't to the minute that this happened but   as it was exactly sextile the moon went exactly  opposite um pisces and formed a really cool kite   geometry on the chart so um anyway i don't know if  that these things could have something to do with   it because uranus with the flexing i thought that  might be something now here's another interesting   coincidence which has been more recent that we've  been having storms or disturbances just before   this happens and then sure enough look what  happened the technological effect came not only   was there a disturbance but there was a storm  so this went for six hours instead of three   and i wonder if the tech effect had been building  here okay because you kind of you see this here   then you see this you see um well you don't you  don't see much here except for a line that does   go to 40 hertz okay and then this warp in the  chart so i wonder um sometimes i've talked about   that i feel that the chart is freed up from time  and if you want to hear me talk about that in the   beginner playlist i talk about the dynamics of  a wave i think it's a two or three minute video   and i explain how anyway that was a  really that's a really cool explanation of   why i feel that time is at times not fully  connected that that so so anyway so these uh   frequencies okay these resonances are in our hertz  level where it's known that these can go they can   travel great distances and in fact potentially  go around the planet okay multiple times so it's   almost like we had a precursor event here and  here until we get the full technological effect   which might be a reason why i saw a vision of it  before it happened let's look at the day before okay so that was that was on the  chart okay so well the day before   this chart we had we had this technological effect  at that time and then prior to that at the same   time we had this line to 40 hertz uh but that was  later okay because we this is about the area where   we're looking at where there was an occurrence  let's see let's see what it looked like before   that let's do this together it's kind of exciting  all right so extended peak quality okay so the   green peaked here around just before this time  okay and we had this other green um vertical   semi okay it's like an imprint that occurred  at this time let's see here's the other one um   the the previous day on the 15th and then that  led to a bunch of images here all right so it looks like it's been like an  ongoing i want to say like a pulse okay   and it's if you could imagine like a drum beating   but but the drum beats every 24 hours and maybe  sometimes when it beats there's an extra rattle   i don't know what it means yet um  or if i will know what it means but   it seems like there was an effect building and the  technological effect has occurred at the same time   as this possibly natural effect has been building  or was the technological effect affecting the   natural frequencies because i have said before  i'm not sure if the technological effect is   natural i mean who knows maybe it's an energy  from the cosmos that looks weird and squiggly   but um i've said before that i don't think it  looks natural now here's why let me show you this   is so cool okay so you can see it here um here's the break where it stopped  okay so now see there that's flattish   that's flatish actually so it's  flat right there um this one is   it's only flat for a short short period of time  there uh not sure what this is because it looks   like almost like there might have been two bars so  i don't know what the up and down thing is there   but the yellow is where it was really affected  you'll see this in the next chart too see how the   yellow is peaking here prior and then in the white  the activity is really in the yellow and the white   okay so let's look at this one you see a um  flattening here in the green a straight line   so i'm saying that doesn't look natural you see  that dramatically here in the in the yellow and   these are the amplitudes okay and in the white  so the yellow and the white responded most uh more than the green and the red did you  can especially see that here on the quality   chart look at this look how the quality is  really pulled up here in the yellow okay so   does it matter if it touches the white it does not  but because people have made that into something   it then becomes something so then um i  don't track that but for those of you who do   good for you you know more power to you to  you okay so so but you can see here that   that's really pulled up  relative to where it was before   and you can see as we said that  there's a minimal effect here   in the red that's affected but it's more minimal  now let's talk about the yellow and the white the   yellow and the white what do they represent the  white more expanded presence more expanded energy   celestial energy that's why i interpret that the  yellow i interpret this as being the astral the   energy that's non-physical that's closest  to the human form in fact i'm going to put an article that i wrote on the fourth  dimension let me just make this   an article i wrote on the fourth dimension where  i explain what i think the fourth dimension is   and i feel that the yellow represents  its frequencies and that it's it's the   non-physical closest to the human you could also  call it the astral i think that's another name   for the fourth dimension the quality what does  it mean when it rises it means it gets closer   to the truth of what it truly is okay so it has  less distortion it's another easy way to say it   wow i finally figured out how to say that easier  now this is what i want to talk to you about what was this technological effect about and how  did it build up you can see here it appeared like   it was building up here you see that for  several hours ahead of time it clearly was   having an effect possibly even just somewhere  in here but that's a little less obvious   so it's almost like it turned on or it started  emitting or came into the atmosphere who knows   how it happened or it started emitting within  people um until it really amped up ramped up   in amplitude so it so as you can see here  at 10 that's where the amplitudes peaked   okay yellow peak just slightly no actually yeah um  it occurred between yeah nine and ten right here um that's where the let's see here yeah that's  where the majority of the effect occurred okay um   so to me what this says is that technological  effect was really aimed at or intended   to effect the non-physical closest  to the human okay with support from   expanded energies like a celestial god i don't  know um higher dimensional states um you know   the aligning with the highest good white hats  i don't know you know the forces of light you   know i don't know it could be a number of things  i just don't know but you see here that the the   red is just barely moving right and the green  is um really just staying in its range okay now   let's talk about isolating frequencies okay  so i want to explain how i think this works and to do that let me tell you i'll just  tell you about the vision that i had but   i'm not going to go into the esoteric until the  end okay so the the vision that i had it was   either the night before this happened my time  or i was taking a nap and i saw it in a vision suddenly i perceived a strange vibration quote  in my field end quote because it could be it um   it was not actually in my field it was outside of  my field but from within my field i perceived it   now sometimes when something is emitting outside  your energy field and you can perceive it   one needs to go through a process of discernment  discerning is this from within my body from when   my energy field from within my spiritual guidance  team is this from outside myself what is it   um so i have a practice and a way  of doing this so i pretty quickly   saw what it was that was outside my field  and i could even see what it looked like   and when i saw it it looked like  a little being with extremely long antenna or horns okay extremely long and thin   which is what this image here looks like  okay these two long thin aspects on either   side mostly filled with white resonance more  with red here okay so what does this mean   in my vision what i saw was that this um entity  whether it's a whatever it was it was emanating   a transmission and how the transmission  feels felt in my human energy field was   like an aggravation type feeling like it's at  that level of um energy in the non-physical like   from an emotional standpoint it would  have been like a base level of aggravation   like that but not super low okay and i think  that's why in fact you can see it in the yellow   because it's it's it's um astral four dimensional   emotional energy close to the body or even mental  energy close to the body human energy field   um around the body can pick this up but it wasn't  like super angry it wasn't super sad it wasn't   you know something that would be very dense  where it would be in the red as i interpret it so what i did was i um it already does not have  permission to enter my field but i just repeated   this since i perceived it now what's really  interesting okay is that i have been going   through i've mentioned on my recent videos i've  been going through this amazing process where   of of um field management in  my own energy field where i've just had some like stunning insights  and so i have a clarity that i didn't   have before and i think that's why i could  perceive this so clearly this time around so how does this work i want to explain  it in terms that everybody can understand   i believe that this version of the technological  effect is doing something that i call isolating   frequencies i've talked about it before that the  technological effect appears in different shapes   let me show you the um other shape it appeared  in recently all right do you see how this looks   very different from the image in today's chart  okay it's very clean between these vertical lines   now here it is not clean okay but this is because  you had a natural transmission at the same time as   a technological effect and i do believe that the  technological flat fact is doing some interaction   with that energy or it's offering something  i'm not really sure i don't want to go into   this because i want to focus on today's  chart um but then now look at today's chart that's interesting the sirens i'm just saying a prayer here and i'm setting it  in tension in alignment with the divinity that   i you know that i am um asking god asking my own  soul to take to take care of the first responders   in alignment with the highest good and to take  care of the people affected by whatever they're   responding to in alignment with the highest  good and to bring the light of love to whatever   you know medical situation  is going on there as well   because a lot of times our people here  respond to medical emergencies more than fires okay wow so it's interesting we have the  the alarm while this is going on it almost   it almost gives a sense of urgency  right to the discussion of this   energy okay so what i feel that this particular  tech effect is doing is it is it um interacting   with the natural frequencies um yes but it's  different what i feel is that it it emitted this   and this okay now it's possible it was timed at  the same time there was a white resonance but see   how see how this white resonance is in a really  pretty clear line right so that's interesting   so i don't know if that was emitted by  the tech effect or not but but what it did   um is it is in my view this is my intuitive  impression and also just looking at what these   energies are doing here you can see even down here  it's pretty fascinating you can see that it looks   like there's like an interplay between these  two lines right it looks like stuff is moving   to the right line okay to the right vertical line  and you have all these shapes in here that look   like numbers that look like letters you know  i don't know what the meaning could be and you   have all this here it looks like alien writing of  some kind i don't really know i'm just joking um   and then you have this box down here in the you  know high 30s in the hurts range okay so let's   go back up here and i want to talk about what is  isolating frequencies so i think what's happening   is there's a transmission here okay it shakes up  the environment and here like flies to fly paper   um frequencies are isolated on the right side  and maybe they're removed maybe they're just   identified you see how much thicker this  right line is all the way across the board   now how would this work it's like in the vision  okay i had the vision of this little being transmitting but what it wanted to do  was it wanted to engage with me and my   energy field it wanted something from me at  that level of um transmission to match it   now because of the work that i've recently done i  didn't have anything to match it okay at this time   and um i think that's why i could see it more  clearly so that's a blessing and it's so cool   because then i could share something new with  you let me explain how this works in the human   world isolating frequencies what that really means  it's really about alignment and dissonance okay   so what this is doing is it's calling forth  frequencies that are in alignment with what it is   gathering them together here okay  that's that's what's happening so   let's say that those frequencies aren't aligned  with this other stuff on the chart okay with with   this other stuff on this side okay see how clear  that is or whatever it is um i'm going to show   you another chart to show you the difference um  between the old chart and the new chart okay we'll   show that you that in a second so it's  emitting it's gathering up frequencies   that are in alignment with this emission but  dissonant from the rest of the resonances   or perhaps that have been um intertwined within  the resonances but now it's time for them to be   removed it's time for them to get out i call these  rider frequencies and i've seen it many times in   the non-physical especially in channelings now  i'm not i don't want to be critical of anyone   the channelings i'm referring to are  specific where i was an individual working   with another individual and there was channeling  happening okay not for me from the other person   and so i was assessing the quality of the energy  and what i've noticed is a rider frequency   can come in if a person has not fine-tuned their  energetic parameters when they're doing something   like channeling and you can feel that when you  listen to someone whether it feels completely   resonant with all of who you are with the whole  of who you are if there's a dissonance then for   you there's frequencies that are not an alignment  and and then those people i usually don't listen   to anymore um but then i listen to the people  where there's a there's you know mostly in   alignment we're all different people so we're  gonna have different styles and stuff like that   so there's a difference between having  different styles and a rider frequency   is something that's kind of in a subterfuge  way attempting to hide as something else   so i feel like what this is doing is it's  isolating this now this could be a positive   or it could be a negative okay because it could be  from let's say a negative standpoint for most of   us would be that it's attempting to like in my  vision okay it was emanating this entity or or   transmission technology or entity or whatever  it was was attempting to emit okay in a way   that would either cause aggravation within me  or access the aggravation i already had and ostensibly if i had agreed to that which i did  not then it could access that within my field   i.e hack me okay violet flame over that i  do not consent spay i'm not gonna declare   face of sacred discharge back to the beginning  of the video because i'm just talking   in a neutral space i'm not creating anything but  this is how people's energy fields get hacked   or this is one way they can get hacked  all right so that's the negative now in   the positive what could this what could  this be it could be what i just said   that frequencies that are negative okay same  thing same thing with that entity emitting   something that um asks the any aggravation or you  know similar frequency in my field calls it forth   it could be used i could use that to remove that  from my energy field oh i've just now identified   it oh see that aggravation okay now i can choose  to clear this okay choose to clear it if it's   excess energy or not mine i can choose to address  it bring the light to it within me and heal myself   transmuting those energies back to a state of  neutral or unconditional love for my own self technically how does the transmission work i  want to give you a couple of real world examples one time when i was in a big group of people  meditating i've told i've told this story before   but i don't know what video it's in i was in a big  group of people meditating and it was being led by   a tibetan monk who had come over from i don't  know if he came over from tibet or india nepal   but a kid come over from that part of the world  with a group of monks and they were doing a tour   and in the non-physical and this wasn't a huge big  deal it was just you know it was a local place a   local um space that has these kinds of visitors so  there's probably about a hundred of us in the room   and um this uh in the non-physical i received  a healing and that's when i realized i had been   a monk before a buddhist monk before okay so what  happened was after you know uh the the whole event   everybody would always mill about and have tea  and just talk and then the people who had been   presenting would offer things for sale or show  their websites or their products or whatever they   were doing so as i'm just milling about suddenly  i hear a tone and i recognize this tone okay it's   now it wasn't this ball was a different bowl but  that is what it was and the monk was playing it   and he was getting that thing going i mean it was  loud okay and it called to my heart all right it   called in my heart and like a you know like  like a you know uh like a salmon returning to   the stream it was born in like just where is  that stream following its intuition and then   going up the stream i followed the tone and ended  up directly in front of the monk playing the bowl   and i looked up at him and i elected the monks  around him and i i couldn't bring myself to say   it out loud because i knew in that moment i had  been one of them but this was just like i just   i just i was i was overwhelmed i just i  just came to understand that that night   and i looked at him and i  said i want to buy that bowl   and in the non-physical i said to  them i remember i remember i remember so that's what i'm talking about  about isolating frequencies   it's about alignment and it's about  dissonance so i'm sure that when the   monk played the ball he programmed the sound  to call forth the person he had worked with   and it called before i answered right i i  aligned and then walked forth um and dissonance   that tone didn't match the energetics of the other  people in the room it was specifically sent out   to pull me in   or to actually not to pull me in because that  would be at a different frequency level it was an   offer to invite me to step forward and identify  myself okay so that's what's happening here   okay so here's the offer here's the offer for  some energy to step forward and identify itself   and look here it's already being answered right  right here um and all of this energy steps forward   and says yes that's me okay isn't that isn't  that awesome i also want to to mention it   from the standpoint of dissonance okay so if  you've ever gone to like a school orchestra or   as a kid played in orchestra and then listen to  the recordings after you know what dissonance is   right when you hear a bunch of young kids um you  know who who aren't the kind of kids who spend   every single day on their instrument right  just a just a big you know school orchestra   you hear that one clarinet that you know plays  out of tone or goes wacky in the sound you know   you hear the violins where two or three of them  are just totally on the wrong note you know   and so um if you emanate in aligned frequency everything that's not in perfect alignment  with that will pull itself out now this example   is like when you have a bowl of rice and you  shake it and the impurities come to the surface   or you have a sieve and you you know dip it into  sand or you know a riverbed and you shake it   and all the tiny rocks flow away and just the big  rocks are taken up by the net of the sieve okay   by the cross hatching of the sieve and then it  collects just like how this collected together   so i'm giving a few different examples here  because uh i'm not sure exactly which one of them   this is but i feel that all of them are applicable  um enough that it was worth talking about them and   because i just love explaining this to you so what  is the meaning of this for each of us personally   i think that it is a perfect time for us to look  within and be frank and honest with our own selves   what is an alignment and what is not now  in a weird way the outside world doesn't   matter except as it reflects its meaning back to  you i don't mean that you won't be participating   in the outside world because you may have your  different activities and you may see something   going on and say i'm gonna form a group or i'm  gonna be with that group and do these things   that that group is doing or whatever it is that  you do for work or whatever it is in the world   but what i'm saying is is those  things that cause you aggravation um are a blessing and this is where what  appears to be the forces of darkness   work ultimately to our benefit all right because  everything has turned to the highest good   sometimes i feel that the forces of darkness  are here to be the sandpaper that polishes   the diamond or you know the the the cloth  that removes stuck detritus to a beautiful gem because as humans it can be hard to change right where  the physical body has its ways our emotions   our our thoughts our history  are very present and sometimes contact with these forces are what present the opportunity for us to change  and it could come through another person okay it   could it could just be in the non-physical  emanating but it could also approach you   from another person in an or an event out in  the world that's what i was meaning how the   external world reflects to you where the event the  person the situation aggravates you and the truth   is there's there is something underneath  a diamond a part of your own soul that is   not resonant and it's attempting to come to the  surface right because if you can bring it to the   surface you'll be more in alignment with your  own truth and in my view that benefits our lives   right we use that to live in alignment with  our highest outcomes and our highest good you

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