Rajkumari Aur Naukrani - Dhruv Tara - Samay Sadi Se Pare - Ep 12 - Full Episode - 11 Mar 2023

Rajkumari Aur Naukrani - Dhruv Tara - Samay Sadi Se Pare - Ep 12 - Full Episode - 11 Mar 2023

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I agree with living in this house like a maid. We are blessed. What did you say your name is? - Dhruv. - Tara.

Dhruv Tara. It feels so good to listen to that together. Amazing. How did this fire begin without woods? It's even real. Probably this is the flambeau of the modern age.

Amazing. - Hey, girl. - Yes. Girl, what are you staring at like this? Have you never seen a gas stove before? We don't have such facilities at my place. Huh? You people are so lucky.

Mom, I feel she is from a very undeveloped village. You go. I will explain the work. Explain her, child.

You don't look like a maid from your face. Looks are given by Lord Krishna. Anyway, let me be on point. How do you know Dhruv?

As soon as I reached here, I met him first. And look at the irony. I was looking for a doctor for my brother's treatment.

But I did not know that the person standing in front of me is himself, a doctor. As soon as I got to know, I have been searching for him. Do you want to meet Dr Dhruv, for your brother's treatment? Yes.

You are not lying. Right? Not at all. I am speaking 100 per cent truth. If you want Dr Dhruv to treat your brother it will cost you a lot of money.

So put all your attention on earning money and working. Don't try to be smart. Because all my attention and my eyes are on you. Understood? Yes. Hello. Were you introduced to my sister-in-law? Yes? Myself Prince.

I am the prince of here. Prince? I am the great businessman prince. Mom, you let it be. Son, sit here. Mom, what happened? See, son, handsome and talented men like you are always chased by some girls using magic and witchcraft. Mom, what are you talking about? You swear on me that you will remain away from her.

See, son, I am scared that she will take you away from me. Oh, Lord Krishna, it is your mercy and blessing that as soon as I came in this age, I found the doctor who can treat my brother. I will choose the right girl for you. I will search for her.

The one who will keep the family together. Someone who doesn't vanish with you alone. Mom, this magic and witchcraft, you believe in this, but I don't. I am a doctor, not a duffer. And mom, no girl is taking me away from you. Neither can anyone because I love you.

Son, listen, I have lost my husband. Now you are my everything. I can't lose you.

There is a permanent fear in my heart. If you go away from me then I will be away from life, son. I will have to take Dr Dhruv away. Away from this age for my brother's treatment.

Just help me, Lord Krishna. No, mom, no. I will never leave you.

Never. You don't know how to wash utensils. Right? Can you tell me how they are washed? See sister, I have to become a big businessman. I don't even abuse anyone for free. I will tell you how they are washed.

You tell me what will you give me in return. In return? What can I give you in return? I don't have... I can tell you interesting stories every day. Will you listen to them? Are you selling me your stories? Okay, I will buy them. One has to take risks in business.

This is water and this is soapy water. Now you have to soak these utensils in this water, then this water and wash it here. Hmm? - With this machine? - What? Yes, with this. This white tap. Okay? - But. - Let but be. First, sit.

I will sit here. Now tell me a story. First, I will begin my work. Then, I'll tell you.

Now you are talking business. Yes? Hey, that is a cooker. First, pick up the small utensils. Okay.

- Now? - Now put it inside. Hey sister, you have... - I am sorry. - See, like this. Now hold it like this - and then like this. Okay? - Yes.

Now soap. Take this. Now tell me a story. Now, which story should I tell you? So, once upon a time, there was a princess. She loved her brother a lot. And her brother also loved her more than his life.

Then? Brother! Then her brother became very sick. It feels like there is a knot in the prince's brain. He can't be treated until the brain is opened to take out the knot. Brother, I won't let anything happens to you.

I promise you. And for his treatment - that princess left. - For where? To search for a good doctor, to a faraway place, beyond the era of time. There are doctors in that era Tara who can treat a human after opening their brains.

The way to go in that era goes through Navrang Van. Tell me one thing. Are you that princess? I can be that.

Oh, there are blisters on your hand? Can you bring turmeric for me? If I apply a paste of turmeric, it will get well. Oh, sister, why have I struggled and educated Dhruv to become a doctor? You go to him. He will apply the medicine. I will also talk about my brother's treatment with this excuse.

Congratulations Dhruv. Canada's Johnson College's dean is a very good friend of mine. I sent him your research.

He liked it. He is very impressed. Thank you so much, sir. How is this possible? I had heard about the djinn of the lamp, but this, there is a person inside this machine who is speaking. Prince! You aren't much aware of the technology. Which village are you from? This is the miracle of science.

With the help of this, you can talk with anyone from anywhere. - With anyone? - Yes. But. Wait, I will give you a demo. Come, come. This is called mobile.

Mo-bile. Yes, mobile. You can talk with anyone from anywhere using this.

From anywhere, with anyone. With anyone? Yes. Isn't it amazing? America, Canada, London, across the seven seas. Across the seven seas? How lucky are the people of this era.

They are close even though they are far. I wish I also had such a machine or some trick, so I would have talked with my brother sitting here. Prince. Somebody is calling me from across one ocean. Bye. Coming.

Wonderful. How lucky are the people of this era. If I could also use this device to talk with my brother, if I could see him here. Brother.

Do you know, brother? We are not connected through this machine but our relationship is stronger than the ties of era and time. It has kept us both connected. Science has progressed a lot and the motive for which I came, I am very near it. Yes. I found the doctor, brother.

I have found him. Quite soon. I will bring him back to our era for your treatment. I will come soon, brother. This is my pledge, as well as my promise.

Brother. Prince, what happened to you? - Is your head again paining? - No. I felt like, like Tara remembers me. She said something in my ears in her sweet voice. Wherever my Tara is, she is safe.

She is safe. That means even the Prince is not aware about the whereabouts of Princess Tarapriya. Nobody saw her going out of the city. The soldiers have looked for her at every other place. She wasn't found anywhere.

So she has only one place to hide. Navrang Van. Great.

Very good, Princess. I am fine here, Tara. Just take care of yourself wherever you are. Lots of love to you. What? Yes, Dhruv. Canada's best medical facilities are there. You have been selected for their exchange programme.

Son, your career will get a big push here, and there is good money. You can continue your research and experiments there. There are amazing facilities there. Thank you so much, sir. This is a big opportunity for me.

I have mortgaged the house. I will get that back too. All loans, all problems will be solved. I will be away from Jay and Ayesha for three years so they will also get close to each other. - So are you ready to go? - Yes, sir, I am ready. Where is he going? Ask your family once, especially your mother.

You have to go overseas for three years. Will she let you go? I will go, sir. I will talk with my mother and family. And this opportunity will change our lives, sir.

- I can't miss it. - Good. You have 30 days. Get ready. - 30 days. - Yes, sir. Thirty days? 30 days. Thirty days, meaning one month.

Dr Dhruv is going somewhere in one month. That means I have only one month to convince him. But But in one month, how will I convince him in one month that I have come from a different era? Even if he believes it, will he agree to go back in time with me? What if he says no? What if I am not able to convince him? All my efforts will go to waste. No, Lord Krishna. How will I manage such a big task in such less time?

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