R/PettyRevenge: Exposing My Two-Faced Colleague To Our Boss And Getting Her Fired | ZULA Answers

R/PettyRevenge: Exposing My Two-Faced Colleague To Our Boss And Getting Her Fired | ZULA Answers

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When you say washing area, the first image on my mind is to wash some stuff, not wash yourself. Why do you wash yourself like that down there? - Because when you say washing area- - Why not like that? That's not- That's showering, man What the?! Hi, guys. Welcome back to another episode of ZULA Answers. - I'm Brenda. - And I'm Bolin.

And, you know, previously when I got Covid, you and Leah talked about a Reddit thread regarding 'Am I the Asshole?'. -All right. AKA the AITA - AITA, correct. So I was a bit jealous.

-A bit on it? - A bit jealous. Jealous because she's hosting this, then you cannot host or-? No, I'm jealous because you got to host with Leah. But I didn't. So you want to host with Leah? Yeah. She's like the superstar. Then when I get covid, I'll let you know Okay. But anyway, I was a bit jealous so this time the producers created a list about petty revenge situations. And they are all from Reddit. Yes. And apparently, the situations are going to be pretty funny, pretty exciting. So-

I thought you were trying to say pretty petty. All right, the first Reddit submission, the title is Karen on a plane. A lot of Karen nowadays ah. I love watching those TikTok videos about Karen on aeroplanes. I fucking love.

Oh no, That's so dangerous. What? Oh my God, I love it. - This captain is amazing. - What the? Okay? You know, I really love it when I watch this kind of Karen situations in videos and then the captain actually steps up and does something, and it's not like they're doing something good, you know? They're just doing something to put that person into place.

Are you the ones that when the plane- the seat belt and (the plane) land already, wait for everything to engage already, and you hear the *dong* which is the seat belt sign off. Are you the one that would straight away stand up? - No, I'm always one of the last. My mother very can't chill. So I say, "Mom chill. You stand up now, everybody is going to stand up now. We cannot even get out.

When everyone get out, we can slowly walk out." Me and my brother (are) always damn chill for the last. - You go out, right? - Yeah - Yah, What's the point? - You still have to all queue. So, if you ask me how I will react to a Karen like this, right. I just don't care.

Same. Actually, I don't care. I will just think to myself, that is damn freaking dangerous. The plane's still landing, how did she balance? I tell you, I tried before. Because- Okay, let me explain. I'm not a- I'm just saying first, okay.

The time I went to take a plane, I'm already on a plane. I want to take a piss because very urgent. You know why it's very urgent? Because last time, when I'm young I take the plane, I (was) stupid. I go and buy cheap water from Vietnam. I thought I can bring home because cheap. Right? One, two, three liter but how to bring up? (I) cannot bring up so I have to finish. I haven't go in customs I cannot because of the heavy water.

So I drink everything. I don't want to waste. Then I go up (the airplane), I want to pee. So I go to the toilet. [Flight attendant: No, we are flying and we lift off already] I cannot. We lift off, my (pee) also lift off. I need to go in and lift off.

So I literally, when the plane, you know how it goes in the runway? Like that? Then, I was peeing halfway. How?! Then, my pee fly off. Legit. You got clean? I got clean. Your sure, you got it cleaned? What year is this? A long time ago.

If you are the store who had to clean his pee, now you know who he is. I got clean. - Are you sure? - I got clean. Yeah, I got. It's everywhere. Yeah. So children, this is the reason why when we are taking off or landing, just sit down. Ever since the incident, I tell myself whoever I'm with at a plane or whatever I tell them please don't stand.

- You cannot handle it. - Yeah. And I feel like Karens always think they know better than everyone else. And the thing is, the matter of the fact is that all these cabin crew, they were trained to handle situations like this so they know best. In the end, the punchline was quite sick.

As he announce the seat, 42c. I love the captain. I love funny guys. You should have told us what is the airline, from what flight to where, or the captain's name. -Then next time we will choose the airline. - Yeah, I want to see their performance - Then next time we will choose the airline.

Alright. So, in the conclusion, this is what I did with Leah. In the AITA, the 'Am I the Asshole?'. For that, we rated the number of assholes. - For this one, how good that petty revenge is? - Okay Honestly, I will rate this a 4.5 out of 5. Because no one was harmed in the process of this.

- Like, 4.5 patties? - Yeah. 4.5 out of 5 For how good it was. I would give it a straight 5. 5 patties, like the hamburger patty.

I tell you, if this happened in real life, and I got ba geh (missing teeth), like I got hole here, I would laugh at them. I would just laugh, "HA-HA!" AH, FUCK YOU! I will really say that. I love it.

Love it! 5 out of 5. Yes, moving on. The next submission is titled, 'She Kept Stealing my Washing Powder so I Gave Her Dye'.

I love this already. I love it. Wow, I think this is... This is a little.. I would say it's evil.

- But it works. - Yeah. It works. It works. I like it. I also like it.

Actually, deep down, I feel I'm a bit sadistic. As long as it doesn't harm the other person's life. Maybe this person has already tolerated damn long already and this was really the final stroke to make her friend wake up. You know that, right? I get it because that's why I like the way that she deal with this because for me right, I don't like people to touch my stuff.

If you touch my stuff, you let me know. Same, yeah. So I get that frustration but I'm also quite logical, in a sense that I let him know or her. If you use my stuff, put it back. I think this issue all boils down to accountability.

Yeah. It's a lesson learned. I think these friend really need one time to wake up.

For this kind of thing, you need to suddenly become Sherlock Holmes. So back in my army days, some of the guys are Really, let me do a quick one You know, we go in the army with a helmet that we always wear. That helmet actually has a wrapping, like a camo (camouflage) wrapping.

You can take the wrapping and wash. But the helmet itself, you cannot. How we wash the helmet is we just take water, rinse, or spray alcohol. Then you go and sun-dry You know who you are, 2013 SCS Charlie, you motherfucking cheebye, I tell you. Washing machine Because of the motherfucker, he want to wash the helmet.

He put the whole helmet in the washing machine. Then one night, [washing machine sound] What the fuck's happening? Them I suddenly hear people run. He's smart, he faster run take out. Then next day morning the whole washing machine spoil! Oh shit. Then we one week cannot wash.

Then from that day on, from that week on, I really say "Fuck this shit, I'm just going to bring home my smelly clothes bring home and wash." So that's why from that day on, I'm like, Fuck this shit, I'm never gonna share anything with anyone." So all in all, just be a responsible roommate. To conclude this, I think that all my experiences are very normal.

All my friends are responsible one. Which is great. It's a good thing. The only friend who steal my toothpaste is Lery from Eatbook.

But okay lah this kind is like very close (with me) already so I don't care, you take whatever you want. But if we're not close, only roommates, then just replace your stuff. I would rate this revenge, - Out of 5 patties. - Yeah. Out of 5. Maybe a 3.5 out of 5 because I'm not very into ruining other people's stuff for revenge.

Yes, you? I'll give a 4. Because I quite like this kind. You suddenly change character? No! I like, but I wouldn't do it. Oh, you like.. A bit sadistic. That's why I like to watch those murder documentaries.

The next confession- Alright, so the next submission is titled 'My Petty Revenges Against My Abusive Mother'. This one I prefer to, when I hear the title I want to give 6 out of 5 already. This kind of abusive people deserve the harshest kind of punishment. Listen first. Maybe they also have a bad past. - Yah. - Let's do it, let's go. Wah, it's like a show.

- Oh dear. - I wish she rephrased the... It's very visual. -That's a bit dangerous. -Wah, mess with the car a bit dangerous.

[awkward silence] (PD) The mother Oh... Alright, sorry, I'm a bit slow. Huh? It's the mother. She's giving her mother names. So oven 'cause it's like she had been in the oven for very long (time) then she also come out a kid.

- (PD) I think so, I think it's the mother. - That's the vibe, I think. Then egg donor, you know, because she gave birth. Got it. Why are we clapping? Good job. You know, because he said 'I hope you enjoy' and 'Thank you for reading' Oh.

It's like watching a series of TikTok videos. I don't know how to feel towards this because.. I don't know the extent of the abuse and whether the mother really truly deserves to be treated this way. Especially since some of the things the daughter is doing is actually pretty dangerous like putting a rock in the engine of the car. It may seem funny at the start but what if it messes something in the system inside (the car) and one day she gets into an accident, things like that. It's quite scary.

If she's still doing trivial things now, at this point it might escalate because no one is telling her it's wrong. No one is telling her the correct way to seek help but everyone's egging her on to take revenge. So I'm really conflicted.

I know she doesn't deserve to be abused, but at the same time, does the mother really deserve to be treated this way? That's how I feel. You got any experiences? Like what you said just now, I feel we really need to see how bad the abuse is. because she mentioned it's both physical and mental abuse, am I right? This is not the.. Although the revenge they are all solid, I kind of like it. Actually, I did a few of what she did before. Okay, which one? So there was this m*therf*cker who keep irritating me back in secondary school days.

So I took his... I don't know how this happened, I took his toothbrush. And also the same thing, I dunked it into the toilet. I think it's primary school.

Oh my god. - Actually, I think back, - Is it correct? Of course not. But it's fun. It's a good petty revenge.

I feel that right now, at the age of 30, I think back, especially when I see the first one, sabotaged toothbrush, and pee on the loofer, or whatever. - loofah - loofah Whatever. You pee on the whatever. Loofah, loofah. I think the toothbrush one is actually quite dangerous.

Because did you know that a dirty toothbrush can actually kill you? Oh, is it? and the 2nd dangerous one is actually a human bite. Do you know a human bite is actually very lethal? How? Because of the amount of germs inside a human mouth. When you bite, and it goes into the bloodstream, it could kill you. And then, the car engine one. Because one, if the rock chips, and it snaps the belt, the belt will slash the engine, and the engine will open.

then the whole car will jam. This happened once with my dad's car. (He was) driving in the city, driving halfway, the belt snapped. It slashed the engine, and the engine suddenly stopped. Then, the car stopped? The whole car jammed. It was still moving, but the car jammed. It just died.

- Oh shit, then how? - You cannot shift, or turn. -cannot step on the break, nothing, because the belt jammed the whole thing. Then how did your dad- ? He slammed on the side. He used the side to slow down. It's actually very dangerous. - Oh my god, it's so dangerous. - That one was really unfortunate accident. But this one was on purpose.

So, it's a very good revenge, - Damn dangerous. - but unless your revenge includes gonna go die, then better not do this. The matter of the fact is that you're putting your mom's life in danger. And if that is your goal, to kill her, You just kill her No, wait, shit. No! No. Then you definitely need help, man.

- You really need. -You need external help. - You really need. -You need external help. Not help from the people around you because now the people around you are enabling your actions.

- Which is not nice. - Which is the whole town, basically. To wrap things up, one thing that I learned from playing your so-called innocent prank, Sometimes, certain things you think that is just a prank, or just a petty revenge will turn out to be a gruesome revenge. Yeah, before you execute any revenge, think twice, and ask yourself 'would you want this to be done to you?' Don't do unto others what you don't want people to do unto you. That's right.

So with that said, those are still very good revenge. Honestly. That's quite sick of a revenge. So honestly, as much as I don't encourage violence, or those breech safety, I would still give a 4.5 out of 5.

I will give a 1. Why? The quality of the revenge. Yeah, I know. The quality of the revenge is good. It's really with the thought of taking revenge, it's not just momentary, this one is planned. But I minus 4 because it's putting someone's life at risk. - Oh. - Yeah.

If I minus all the risky stuff, I'll give a 3.5 Because the wonky table one. - That one funny. - Bloody hell ah. You still go and plan because my oven don't like, - The one leg shorter than the other. - The biggest pet peeve, you still go and plan.

- That one, I love it. - We love it. Wow, so far so sick. So far, so sick, indeed. Alright, let's move on to the next one. Alright. Okay, so the title of the next submission is 'Tried To Get Me Fired - Reverse Uno'.

Woo. Oh shit, this sounds exciting. Oh my god, this bitch. - This one... - Wow. I love this.

I really hate it when people join a company then they don't do shit, but they claim they do shit. It's just that I generally hate it when people take credit for work that you have done. Like- ugh. Doesn't mean that (if) you are my supervisor or your status is higher in the company, means that you can take me for granted and treat me like shit.

Honestly, no matter where you go, if you are like this, you have a very short life span. Correct. For sure, because at one point you will be exposed. How long do you want to be a snake for? No matter how many times you shed your skin, now you're still a snake. Why do I feel there's someone you want to CC? I hate it when there are snakes at work that just think that no one knows that they are a snake. But yes, I'm talking to you. Everyone knows you're a snake.

Wah... This is the kind of revenge that is like the plane one. It feels very good and it's actually quite harmless. Honestly, I feel this is something I would have done.

or something I would say, because it doesn't involve you like bitching about the person or hurting the person in any way. You are just stating facts. I think this is also quite short and sweet. Yeah. Honestly, this is my favourite. Actually, for me, I'm usually not very into this kind of thing. I like the revenge part.

I like but if you didn't do anything and you claim that you did something, I want you to feel the embarrassment. I want everyone to watch this like a fucking TikTok video. That's the kind of revenge that I love. Yeah, I would say out of five, This is a good solid four.

Why is it five for me? Really? Because number one, she does things the correct way like black and white. - Number two, it doesn't harm anyone in any way. - True And you know why give four? Because this kind of revenge rate is not satisfying enough. It's not as satisfying as the plane one, like mass embarrassment.

Like a standing ovation. Oh yeah, you are the stupid idiot. I want that. I want to see more action. Okay, okay. But of course, I always feel that this kind of thing, if can have no drama, the better. Like overall, although all these revenges are pretty sick, I personally won't do it. Yeah, like what you just said, I prefer to just solve the problem amicably.

I think I also got no time. I got no time to go and think that okay, today I'm going to put your toothbrush into the toilet bowl. You? Ah, just 30 seconds take the toothbrush, then put back. - Very fast. - What?!

You would do that? I never. I'm just thinking. No, that action was so muscle memory. You all saw, right? Your head, never do before okay. Revenge can be a lot of things but you chose to put a toothbrush and scrub there. - Yes. - Out of all the submissions today, which revenge was your favorite?

- Honestly, - Oh my god, you're gonna say the mother one. Honestly, yeah, I want to choose that one. You know why? Because it's not just one, it's a lot. I can't wait to go and read further because it can be more, right. But of course I don't encourage dangerous revenges. They are not very good.

But all in all, they are all very good. Yeah. It's very well thought out. My favourite was the Karen On a Plane one. Alrighty. With that said, that's all the submissions we have for today. Right.

If you guys have any confessions about anything and you want us to react to them you can leave them in the Google forms in the description box below. That's right. And as usual, if you saw some really interesting topics on Reddit or on whatever platform, I think Reddit is the best place to source all these.

please share the link with us so that we can read more and see more, be it Karen, Kevin, the plane, the revenge, not too crazy one but even if actually quite crazy, also quite nice, we will just react to it. Yeah. And if you have done any petty revenges yourself, you can share them in the comments below. - Yes. - I would like to read about them. We will read and then if it's too bad and we will scold you ah.

Yes, correct. And as always don't forget to like, share and subscribe and we will see you in the next episode. - Goodbye! - Bye.

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