Question Period — Christopher Garnier, Trans Mountain pipeline, CRA phone scam - September 21, 2018

Question Period — Christopher Garnier, Trans Mountain pipeline, CRA phone scam -  September 21, 2018

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Helps many, people, in my, writing. You. Are a precious resource. For. Those suffering, in their families, and a source of comfort. So. Thank you to the Alzheimer Society of, Laval and all organizations. Across the country for your assistance. People. Cannot, access, the federal services. They need to live in dignity, seniors. People with disabilities, living, with poverty, new, Canadians, are frustrated. And flooding, my Nanaimo Ladysmith office, with desperate, calls, for help whether, they're seniors waiting for pensions that they need to get by worry, taxpayers, trying, to reach Canada, Revenue Agency. Or families, seeking critical, information. From Immigration, Canada they. Face, deeply. Frustrating. Obstacles, this government, has failed to fix. Government. Phone lines are jammed websites. Don't work processing. Backlogs, cost wait times to stretch, from days to weeks to months to years, workers. Are frustrated, true - I know, Canadians. Deserve, better treatment so. Let's undo, the damaging, cuts that the Conservatives, made. Let's rehire. Frontline, staff let's reopen regional. Offices, and let's invest, properly, in our vital public services. The. Promise. To summer Affairs means Canadians, have fewer jobs less opportunities. And on certain futures, part, of this failure is due to the steel and aluminium tariffs across the Canadian US border initially, Canada was exempt as the president indicated would continue to be the case if our Prime Minister ended China's use of Canada as a route to dump steel into the u.s. his, reluctance, to do so drew what he had to know what was coming, export, tariffs the only card he had import. Tariffs the Prime Minister failed to put Canadian jobs and Families ahead of his desire to impress China rather, than work with our largest trading partner, one, of my steel manufacturers, that requested, a remission of surtax, said they were told decisions, will be subject, to consideration. By interdepartmental, committee, potential. Consultation, with other interested, parties and require a decision, by the governor in Council, take effect they have no available domestic. Supply for raw material, and are not interested in downsizing. Or laying off their employees, the strategic, Innovation Fund won't, offset, the impact and overseas, purchases, aren't viable on behalf of the economic, drivers in my riding mr. Prime Minister we, cannot, afford your, failures. Bathurst. Thank You mr. speaker, I have. Been anxiously, awaiting the return of the house so I can publicly, congratulate, madame de montebello, from can I get in my running abakada Bathurst, Madame. Du Bois was awarded the national title of, winner, of small, business in the category, retail. Business for, her entrepreneurial, excellence within, the francophone community, she founded the her. Business singer Liberal, vacuum. Cleaners with her late husband, Elmo. Over 45 years ago in the heart of the Acadian, Peninsula. She. Sells installs, and services sewing machines vacuum, cleaners at centre-back system the. Existence, the. Key. To success she says is customer, service and top quality products. We. Are all very proud of you Madame, LeBlanc and Kabul. For this acknowledgement.

Of Your extraordinary work in, your, community, thank you. Oral, questions, the Honourable, member for Durham. Yesterday. The Minister of Veterans Affairs said he was uncomfortable, funding. PTSD. Treatment for someone who never served a day in uniform, and is, in prison for the cold-blooded murder of a, woman who, did wear a uniform. What makes veterans. Uncomfortable. Mr Speaker is watching, a Minister that acts like a tourist, in his, own department he doesn't read reports, he, doesn't keep his promises, he's, impotent, to, act when. Will the Minister apologize. To veterans, and the, family, of Constable. Katherine Campbell, and revoke. Veteran, benefits from, this murderer. Secretary. To mr. Brewster Thank, You mr. speaker. My. Colleague opposite, and colleagues here know that we stand, alongside to the Campbell family for. Reasons of confidentiality, as the minister said yesterday, it is impossible, to comment on the details of this specific case however. The minister with the department, has an asked for an investigation, to, better understand, how the decision, was made and that is what we will do mr. speaker Durham mr., speaker that is a failure of leadership for, the Campbell family. That. I know veterans benefits, quite well as a veteran, and former minister there, are absolutely, no, programs, or benefits, where, a non dependent, non veteran, would qualify for Veterans, Affairs funding, the, killers father said, the PTSD, came from, the murder the killers lawyer told the court the PTSD. Came, from the murder how, can the Prime Minister and that member stand in this house and defend, a decision, that is both profoundly. Wrong and morally. Reprehensible. The. Honorable parliamentary, secretary, this. Is what is that. Mr.. Speaker in this specific, case we know full well that Canada. Is, grieving. Miss. Campbell this. Is an exceptional, situation it should not have occurred my member the member opposite, also knows full well that contrary. To the Conservatives, we understand, that when a veteran serves, the. Family also serves, that. Is what we. Have heard and that's not here, we are going to be dealing with this specific case it will be dealt, with. It. Mr.. Speaker the Minister, for Veterans Affairs, misled. Veterans. Regarding. The lifetime, pension, publicly. Attacked in, the newspaper, one. Of the defenders, and, is, going to meetings, with veterans, without having, to read. To having read to briefing notes and now the minister, is unable, to acknowledge. That a murderer, is abusing, our system, when, will, the Minister apologize. Said, to veterans. Don't. Vote parliamentary, secretary, to the Minister of Veterans Affairs mr.. Speaker what we can do today is. To, express our sympathy. And, acknowledge, the. Horrific act. What. Happened to officer. Campbell, as the minister said yesterday, for reasons of confidentiality, we, cannot address. A specific, case the. Decision was made and we are currently investigating. Why. That decision was made what. I can say today is that we understand, that when a veteran serves. The. Family serves as well char bows down before a liberal Sanjaya mr..

Speaker I think once, again we can see that the liberal some. Are a failure, continues. This is a specific case Chris, Carney was Rick was convicted. Of murder murdering, a female police officer, he's, receiving benefits. For, PTSD. For. Having. Killed that woman except, that he never served in the Canadian Forces if the, Prime Minister doesn't realize, that the head of government that, he doesn't need to wait for the permission of an official to make. A decision well then we've got a real problem here this. Is an injustice and an ins for the family well. The situation be resolved, now. The. Honourable parliamentary secretary, Thank, You mr. Speaker I think that my colleague, opposite, will join us. With. All in the house to. Grieve alongside. This family it's very. Unfortunate, to hear, small. Politics, being played on serious. Dramas and cruel ha dramas like this one. We. Find. This. Situation. Horrific, for. Reasons of confidentiality, we, cannot comment on the matter before the house but. When a veteran serves, the. Family serves as well sorry, but was I don't remember first of all shout let's. Not talk about compassion, mr. speaker we thought - compassion for the victim yes so that's why we're here today that's. Exactly why we're here today Chris. Carney is a criminal a murderer and he's the one receiving the benefits for, PTSD he's, never served in the Canadian Forces all, metrans wait nine months for the foreign assessment, and wait, even longer for, benefits, and now we've got this criminal who's never served receiving money this, isn't a confidential. Issue it's an injustice when is this situation going to be fixed. One. Vote parliamentary, secretary. Thank. You mr. speaker, once. Again our. Heart. Goes out to the. Family of miss, Campbell. We. Have great compassion for the family. We. Find cases like this very onerous we, understand, that when a veteran. Serves, the, family serves, as well that is what I want. Others. Office, on the side opposite, to understand. We will always be there, for the families Wow. Yun remember you for. Celebrity. Serve what mr., speaker the Liberals keep repeating that their most important relationship, is the one with indigenous people always the same old song however, today the Minister of Natural Resources said, that he would be going ahead with trans mountain, without. Announcing anything, about consultations, with indigenous peoples, we're, talking about a constitutional, obligation, to, consult, and accommodate. How. Dare, the Liberals say that they contain, you will. Continue to say that this is their most important relationship, when clearly their priority, is to build this, pipeline. Indigenous. Peoples can't, simply be an afterthought.

Parliamentary. Secretary, to the Minister, of Natural Resources Thank. You mr. speaker and I'd like to thank the member opposite for her question it's, clear mr. speaker that we want to move. Ahead in, the right way on the trends Mountain project, that means we need to hold consultations, with the indigenous, peoples. If we continue the way things have already been done by ignoring, indigenous, peoples that's. Not what we want to do we want to proceed differently, we want to ensure that. We. Are consulting. On how, we can move ahead together, that is what, we. Are doing and we will have more to announce in the days to come, this. Morning to Liberal cabinet ministers, announced a new and improved plan, to proceed with the trans mountain pipeline, in. The last election, the Prime Minister came to my riding in Victoria and promised to redo, the Conservatives, failed approval, process, instead, he used it now he's using the same process, again and, expecting. A different result the, courts just told the Liberals if their consultation. Plan with indigenous peoples. Was insufficient. And now we're supposed to give the Liberals a do-over, mr., speaker how can they expect to use the same game, plan and get a different result and now that they own the pipeline, how can First Nations possibly. Believe it'll be fair this time. Our. Government remains committed to find the best path forward, following. The decision of the Federal Court of Appeals and in consultation. With indigenous, groups I'm disappointed. With the question from the member opposite because at the end of the day they, expect, us to continue in, the same fashion that has been done forever, we, want to proceed in a different way we, are asking, the First Nations how, we can make, sure that we work together to create that to make sure that we have that right path forward as we work together in that direction, Messimer soup is done for Vic imagine. Mr. speaker you pick up your phone only to hear the government say yo the money that would certainly give me a scare in fact, 60,000. Canadians have received scam calls from India masquerading. As the CRA. These calls especially put new Canadians, and vulnerable, seniors in danger, I think, this would prompt the Liberals to act well you'd be wrong mr. speaker the Indian police commissioner, said and I quote nobody. Contacted us, from Canada it doesn't seem right well, we agree can, the Public Safety Minister, explain, why Canadians, have to depend on the CBC, to unearth the scam, and protect. Canadians. Mr.. Speaker the, the. Issue with respect to, telephone. Fraud and scams, has. Been in the public domain for quite some time it didn't just burst on the scene, last. Evening and, the government has made it very clear that. Revenue. Canada does, not approach. Its clients, by, telephone, it. Deals in the appropriate, manner with. The collection, issues it does not conduct. Its business over. The telephone and as the RCMP, noted, last night the, best, way to, head off this problem, is by, education. And prevention. Rather, than trying to enforce. The. The provisions. After the. What. It's. Even more absurd. How. Come they haven't taken any action some 60,000. Citizens from across the country have complained, about a telephone, scam, where. Fraudsters. Were masquerading, as members, of the CRA, new. Arriver new, immigrants. Are easy. Targets, for this type of fraud how is it that a CBC investigation. Has uncovered the, source of this fraud, what. Did the Minister of Public Safety, do to protect to citizens if he was aware of this unison. Ah the Honorable Minister our. Government. Expresses, sympathy, to Canadians, who have. Disclosed. Personal. Information, to have fraudsters or given money. The. CRA, has provided detailed, information, in order to help Canadians, to detect, emails. Fraudulent. Calls and to protect them from this type of fraud never, mr. speaker, this. Applies to. All. Canadians. And for all infirm, never. Does the Canadian. Revenue Agency.

Ask, For, payments, to be made over the phone I would encourage all victims, of fraud to, make. A complaint, with Public Safety mr.. Speaker there's a new that's Canada, drop-in Support Center just blocks from Parliament, veterans, have access to immediate support, food, and gas cards bus tickets, support from Social Services veteran. Volunteers and, much much more in its, first two months this charitable, organization. Received, 65, emergency. Veteran referrals, from back case, managers, so, why does it convicted, incarcerated. Criminal, who Mord it murdered a policewoman receive back funding, while BET's Canada, is fearful of losing its funding in the next few months. Metro. Secretary. Is. That with it Thank, You mr. speaker for reasons of confidentiality, as, you know we cannot comment on this specific case our. Hearts go out to the, family of officer, Campbell. We. Are currently, conducting. An investigation to, determine how, this decision was made Melville. Mr.. Speaker yesterday the Minister of Veterans Affairs said veterans just need to raise their hands and they will receive treatment, veterans. Suffering, from ethylene, poisoning, have had their hands up for years, while, doing everything they can to, care for their wounded and comfort. Those who have lost their sons and daughters in dismay, because the Liberal government refuses. To, do the right thing the, murder of a. Officer. Campbell, got. The ear of Veterans Affairs why. Can't, they. Mr.. Speaker. We. Express our sympathy. For. This incident and we take very seriously our, responsibility, to. Perfect, the. Privacy, of veterans and their families however, we all know that the Department has, requested. An investigation, in, order to look into this specific case the unremember. For Bowe Polamalu. For. A year i sat, on the Veterans Affairs Committee mr., speaker and I met with the. Veterans. Who are disappointed. And in. Despair, in fact because, it takes so long for replies, their. Claims. Are refused, based on far-fetched region's reasons. The. Minister is a minister, and it, has, can, includes, discretionary. Power when will the minister take, some action and reverse this, disgusting. Decision. Tree, secretary. Thank, you mr. speaker, we, are all grieving. Because. Of this tragedy, and what I can say is that. We have opened a center of excellence at, for PTSD there. Is a suicide. Prevention, strategy we've, reopened offices, across the country that had been closed, by the Conservatives, and have. A, treatment. Plan set for people suffering from PTSD Thank, You mr. speaker. The. Honourable, member for. Leo. Mr. speaker it's unacceptable. Chris, Carney was, found guilty, of murder, and desecration. Of a body, in.

The. Death of officer. Katherine, Campbell he's, receiving, benefits. From the Department of Veterans Affairs for. PTSD treatment when. He, never, served. Never. Served, in the Armed Forces. In. Answers. The Liberals provided, yesterday no, one mentioned, the. Police officer, who was a victim of this barbaric attack. Can. The Liberal government review. The, this, absurdity, and for, once stand. Alongside, victims, instead of criminals. Well. Parliamentary secretary. Mr.. Speaker all. Members, in this house grieve. Alongside. The, Campbell family I think, I've said mentioned. The Campbell, family name several times today but, we, need to maintain confidentiality, here, and that is what we will do on this side of the house mr. speaker. Mr.. Speaker it's a sad situation in, this country when the Prime Minister and these liberals, are saying the Canada's, veterans, need to have need, to stand behind, a, convicted. Murderer in order. To get benefits. I'm. Asking, the parliamentary, secretary to put down the, talking, points do. What's. Right, what's, right for constable Campbell's, family, what's, right for Canada's, veterans, and cancel. These, benefits. Today. The. Honourable parliamentary, secretary. Mr.. Speaker, I don't. Need notes to say that we express our sympathy to the Campbell family this. Was a horrible incident, what, I can say today however is that we, respect the fact that what if veteran, serves in the family the family serves as well. And. We. Will continue to serve all who are members. Of the department, canada's, veterans, are quite frankly outraged, by this and so is the family, of constable Campbell in fact her aunt Mandy rocky, wrote on Facebook, that garnier has twisted the system, and she, is sickened. By this. Liberal. Leader, in Nova Scotia the premiere of that province Stephen McNeil said, he was initially stunned. And shocked. By, Gagne receiving. These benefits if. A. Veteran. Who, murders, somebody who, is serving, in Canada's, military commits. That murder they, lose all their, benefits, and so do, their family, garnier, should do the same stand, up and do what's right. Mr.. Speaker our. Hearts go out to the Campbell family for, reasons of confidentiality, and, I know that, the colleague opposite would like me to say more about this specific case but it is not possible, to say or provide any additional information on this, specific, case we need to respect the confidentiality, for. The victim the family and all. People. In all of their loved ones no Ladysmith. Last. Week yet another boat was wrecked off the Sunshine, Coast storm. Season has hit but, coastal communities are being asked, to wait again. Despite dangerous, abandoned vessels polluting, our oceans, the, Liberals program, will remove, just. 23. Abandoned, vessels this year across the entire country, and, we just learned that the promised inventory, of wreck vessels, hasn't, even started, and won't be ready before July how. Can the Liberals justify, the coastal. Communities that, at this rate it will take more than 40, years to, deal with this pollution. Mr., speaker our government is implementing, a comprehensive plan, that is addressing abandoned. Derelict, and wrecked vessels, and Canadian waters and includes new legislation. That puts this responsibility, and liability on vessel, owners to properly, remove and dispose, of these, vessels this, also includes funding for the removal and disposal of high-priority, abandoned, erected small boats including, in the writing of Nanaimo Ladysmith we are moving significantly, beyond the complacency, of the Harper Conservatives on, this issue because we realize it makes a difference in the lives of Canadians. Remember. For South Okanagan. West Kootenai, mr.. Speaker two years ago a huge rock fall destroyed, the South Okanagan, irrigation. Canal that is essential, to the orchards, and vineyards that, are the backbone of the local economy, the. BC, government has stepped up with a pledge of five million dollars to help fix this but, we need the federal government to match, that amount unfortunately. Doesn't, fit in with the domestic water works, that are funded, by infrastructure. Or the innovations. That are funded by agriculture. So, will the ministers, of infrastructure, and agriculture pledge today to meet with me to, find a way to, get, this project. Out of the bureaucratic, crack that it is fallen into. The. Member for South Okanagan, was quit me for whom I have a lot of respect absolutely, I'll be meeting with him and my. Office, mr. speaker it allows me the, chance to talk about our historic, investment, in infrastructure, in this country more than 187.

Billion Over 12 years which, will see our government invest across their country and in great infrastructure. And public transit and social. Infrastructure, in rural northern, communities, we're going to be the, cities of tomorrow's we're going to improve the lives of Canadians, from coast to coast to coast mr. speaker. Sarnia-lambton. Mr.. Speaker with cannabis legalization, only. 26, days away police, forces, across the country, are holding off on ordering, the THC saliva. Tester, the dräger 5000. That the Liberals have endorsed, they're, stalling, because there's no science, linking, THC, in saliva to impairment and there are reported, problems with the functioning, of the device in cold weather like Canadian winter, the. Police have said that they're not ready so, what is the Liberals plan to actually protect, Canadians, from drug impaired drivers. Let's. Talk facts just, for a few minutes again first. Of all the, approval of this device was. Based on the advice that we received from the scientific, community the Canadian Society forensic scientists, drugs, and driving committee the, device that was approved was thoroughly tested, by that committee and was, subjected to significant, testing by, the Canadian. Researcher National Research Council, the, RCMP the, OPP, the, Senate 82 Quebec the large municipal police services, and small municipal police services across the country have, begun to use this test it's been field tested in Canadian circumstances. This, is precisely what Canadian police chiefs, asked, us to provide they. Were met with indifference by the opposition, when they asked but we listened. The, Honourable, member for kitchen area Conestoga. Mr., speaker sadly, in less than a month, recreational. Marijuana will, be legal across, Canada, while, the Liberals rush ahead with this irresponsible plan. These. Services, across Canada, are saying they're not ready, I personally. Spoken, with a number of police officers, who very serious, concerns, about this reckless, plan why. Is this government willing to rush ahead to, risk the safety of Canadians, just to fulfill a campaign promise, mr. speaker the, Honorable Minister for security. Mr.. Speaker I actually, prefer to allow the police leaders of this country to speak for themselves and so I went to the Canadian Association of Chiefs of Police I asked, them about their state of readiness and yes, there are some individual. Chiefs who, express them that anxiety because. They're absolutely. Dedicated, to keeping their community safe but mr. speaker we provided, them with the resources the, authorities, the technology, and the training that they said they needed to be ready and I have every, confidence in, their continued, ability to, keep our communities, safe. Mr.. Speaker the Prime Minister's summer of failure is costing, my constituents. Dearly First, Nations and my riding including, Alexander and Enoch First Nations are poised, to reap major benefits, from trans mountain yet this Liberal government and Prime Minister have failed them today, the Liberals amounts half-measures. And we still don't know when or even if the trans mountain pipeline will be built when, will the Prime Minister stop, failing and set out a complete, plan to actually, ensure this critical, pipeline, gets built. The. Speaker the trans Mountain project is an investment in Canada's future our, government, continues have every confidence in this project we are going to move forward in the right way the, cord has provided a clear path forward and we, intend to take it when we will take make sure that we take the time to get it right and not rush like the conspirators, would do in the past today's. Announcement, is an important first step towards. Addressing is the issues identified by the court while continuing to deliver the, highest levels of marine protection that Canadians expect, of our government, for.

Bow River Thank You mr. speaker last week I was in my riding and stopped by locally, owned operating, oil drilling, operation, there, aren't nearly as many of those as there used to be many. Skilled, tradespeople, are out of work now, the Liberals, failure, to get trans mount expansion, built is even. More costly, to the jobs in my riding, today's announcement does, nothing, to get Albertans back to work my, constituents, just want to know where's. The full planned. More. Than ever we need to diversify our, markets, with even comes to our energy resources and that's what we plan to do we must do so in the right way today, we have decided to do three. Things first we, have instructed, the National Energy Board to reconsider, its recommendations. Taking. Into account the effects of project related marine shipping second. We, will present a present. The anyb recent, government actions to protect the southern resident killer whale and to implement the oceans protection plan and third, we, intend to appoint a special marine technical advisor to the NAB we are committed to ensuring that the enemy has the expertise, and Kapow. To deliver the best advice to this government we look forward to having more to say in the short, of choice for, des nothing missing at the Churchill River. Have. Been fighting, for safe and affordable public, transportation. When, the provincial, government, cut funding to the STC, I asked, if this government would step up the. Liberals chose to answer no this, government, simply does not understand. That public transportation. Is necessary. Service, for, many in the north to see their doctors, have, surgery, or to welcome a new baby why, does this government continue. To lay down the. Question. In, fact mr. speaker we're investing, across Canada, our plan for infrastructure, is more than 187, billion which, we'll see obviously investment, in northern and rural communities and, public transport I can assure you on this side of the aisle mr. speaker we are committed to delivering, 21st. Century infrastructure, for Canadians which are modern Brazilian and, green Thank You mr. speaker remember first Saskatoon, west. Of. The, STC many women fearing, domestic violence have had to hitchhike or, turn to kijiji to get a ride to a shelter it's, unconscionable. For a so-called feminist, government, to know this and do nothing last. January, the minister of innovation, told this house that his government would work with me to. Look for a meaningful solution to this crisis, to this day I have heard absolutely nothing. So. Maybe I can ask the lone Saskatchewan, Minister this time what, will he do to ensure that people in Saskatchewan.

Have Safe reliable. Public. Transportation. For. The question I can, assure her that I'm working with my Saskatchewan. Colleagues we want to deliver for the people of Saskatchewan, I think that the good news coming but, I can assure her that she can come see me or the, Minister of Public Safety, and my colleagues we will always be there for the people of Saskatchewan, we will deliver the infrastructure, they need and will work with the province to make that work. Offending. Canada. Will soon become the official co-chair. Of the, open government /, and, next, May in that capacity we, will host a summit of this important, international, organization, our, approach, to open government data. Is being, internationally. Recognized, can, the minister of digital government update. This house on Canada's. Global. Ranking. The. Honourable president, of the Treasury Board the, Sheila crazy don't you ever miss mr., speaker I'd like to thank the member for Ottawa venue, for her question as. We have made real progress on. Open government I'm proud that yesterday, the open data barometer. Has ranked Canada, number, one in, the world saying, that our rivers are raising. The bar and now consistent. Political, backing has been one of the keys to, our success since. Taking office we've, unmuzzled, government, scientists, we've made ministerial. Mandate letters public, and we've, reinstated. The long-form, census, we will continue, to, make government more open transparent. To. Canadians. Mr.. Speaker it truly, has been a summer, of failure, the, border is a mess the deficit, is growing, we are losing jobs the, middle class is paying more and more tax and Canada. Is losing status, internationally. And the. Prime Minister spent. 4.5. Billion, dollars, of taxpayer. Money to, buy a pipeline, he, can't, build, Trans. Mountain would create jobs and help our East emulator, economy. Will the Prime Minister tell Canadians, what the full plan is to get shovels, in the ground and, build, this expansion. At. A time when 99 percent of our energy exports, are to one market or market or lower the United States can ad realize that we need to expand, our markets and that's why we, have confidence in this project we what we move we must move forward in the right way we must take the time to properly assess all our obligations, to move this project in a right way we will not take lessons, from the Conservatives who still to this day believe that consulting digis people is a suggestion, and not a legal obligation mr. speaker the. Majority of that caucus still feels like lemon tree doesn't. Even exist, to this day. Everything. Trade. To taxes, to pipelines, business, investment, in Canada is down taxes. Are up and trans. Mountain remains in limbo Ontario. Manufacturers. Are now looking south of the border to invest because this Liberal government cannot, get its act together the, piecemeal, approach announced. Today to. Build Trans Mountain isn't, inspiring, confidence in anyone, mr., speaker when will this government, stop failing Ontarians, and finally. Get trans, mount and bill. Speaker. For 10 years the Conservatives could not get one inch of pipeline built to new markets, we, have to have a plan that addresses, the concerns raised by the, Court of Appeal we, need to be sure that they're the the issues that have been raised or properly, addressed we will think the time and put the resources in place to make sure that we get this right, the. Honourable member for Lake Glen's Conservatives. For new pipelines, were built and two of them gave access to the Asia Pacific into, the Gulf Coast today the Liberals utterly failed to deliver a comprehensive concrete. Plan to, get the Trans Mountain expansion.

Built And it's been two years since the approval and three weeks since the Federal Court of Appeal said the Liberals failed on their own consultations. With indigenous people on the Trans Mountain expansion. And today they proved how little they actually, care about building pipelines and, getting energy workers on their jobs in Canada, they provided, no certainty, for Canadians who want to get back to work and they've said all of this before the pipeline will be bill there will be time line as he promised shovels in the ground and today they said absolutely knocking, about when construction will start or, when it will be completed where is the plan. The, crews expected to use their same old ways and expect a different result the court has been clear and we will follow the courts path, toward that they have provided, us we, need to make sure that we couldn't. So many people consult, with the, First Nations and as well you know what ensure. That the the, oceans, marine, for protection plan has probably put in place address, with the enemy all of us were coming and move forward, remember. For Lake plans they, promised that plan two years ago and they failed failed, and failed and the Liberals inherited, three applications, for major oil pipelines, to international, markets companies. Invested, millions to plan their multi-billion, dollar proposals, because, they were confident, a Conservative government would give certainty. To get, so that they could build them but the Liberals filled Northern Gateway then, they killed energy East with, red tape and today they gave no details about, the trans mountain expansion. And when construction will start and be complete today today they failed hundreds, of thousands, of Canadian, oil and gas workers so, simply, where is the plan and why on earth should Canadians, trust a single word they say. Let's. Talk about ten years of inaction under the previous government by, failing to build new pipelines, we service cuts zero today resorts to new markets costly, contain billions of dollars, a year at, a time when 99%, of our energy exports are going through one market we need to expand, our markets. The previous, government failed our burdens failed indigenous, peoples came, to protect their environment and they failed to get a resource of your market we will not be taking their advice mr. speaker. Mr.. Speaker every Party leader in Quebec, supports. The idea of a high-frequency train, and is anxiously, awaiting for it to be funded the, only person, who isn't in. Agreement is the Minister of Transport, he. Has 11 million dollars worth of studies sitting on his desk but, he still can't make a decision, the. Time has come to take action, citizens, are tired of waiting the, economy, environment, and development, of our region's depend, on it mr.. Speaker will we have to wait for the next election campaign. For an announcement about this. Taking. The best approach to delivering in, safe and reliable passenger. Rail service in Canada, well the Harper Conservatives left, via rail with ageing train cars we are replacing vias cars and locomotives for, use in the Windsor Quebec City corridor, ensuring, that they remain safe and comfortable and generate, fewer gas, emissions, on top of this we are doing our homework with regards to ridership and are actively, working on the biet with Via Rail to fully evaluate our options when it comes to high-frequency rail. Jimmy's. Command, mr.. Speaker for, years, I've been calling on the government to create a strategy for cell phones in rural areas but every time I ask a question they. Answer, by talking about in the Internet as though it's the same thing access. To a high quality cell, network is an. Issue of security, and, okona. Economics. And it's part of our daily lives even the government of Quebec is tired of waiting it paid, the federal government's share of two, cell, tower projects, in IBT BTS command and lakhs Nizam is that the Liberals strategy wait, for the provinces to do their job for them.

General, Parliamentary, secretary. Mr.. Speaker our. Government promised. Canadians they would improve. Telecommunications. Infrastructure, and telecommunications, prices, regardless of where they live we, started, by, looking. At. The competition, and we, invested in broadband, to. Connect. Up many. Far-flung, and rural areas we also invested, in, 5g. Technology. Mr.. Speaker we, will continue, to invest in. Telecommunications. For. Our rural areas, and, as. I'm, sure we'll see mr. speaker, this. Will be, necessary. For them data levy the, Honourable member liviou Devine yeah, mr.. Speaker the former Minister of Fisheries was. Very. Cavalier, about his ministerial responsibilities. When, he was found to be in conflict of interest he, should have done the honorable thing and recused. Himself from, the selection process for, awarding fishing, licences but. The. Minister certainly, can't plead ignorance, mr.. Speaker Rutten no one is above the laws and, regulations set. By the ethics, commissioner. When. Will we see real, consequences. For the Liberals total lack of ethics. Vulnerable parliamentary, secretary. To. The minister of intergovernmental, affairs. And. I think my honourable colleague already, knows that the commissioners, report have said that there has been no benefit, or preferential, treatment, that has been given Mr. Speaker we will definitely, not take lessons, on ethics, from the Conservatives, the opposite, we, all remember, the issues, around deen dayal mass growth and a, situation that has happened there but Mr Speaker I want, you to take a good look at the Conservatives, former Minister of Public Works who, was found guilty of actually. Giving preferential, treatment. When he was in a cabinet, position to. Advance his own friends. Private sector, business, we, do not need to take lessons and ethics from, the. Honourable, member for, Caribou Prince George all mr. speaker let me let me correct, the record because the Ethics Commission actually found, this. Minister, the minister the former Minister of Fisheries guilty. Of providing. A contract. That would benefit. His family. Now. Mr Speaker I can understand if the honourable colleagues have been put, up to actually, talk and talk, on this and they haven't read the report but. Mr Speaker they, are continuing. In absolutely. Deceiving, Canadians, mr., speaker why does this Minister and me and his colleagues, continue. To, deceive. Canadians. Thank. You mr. speaker and I have, to reiterate once, again first, of all we have all looked at this report and we've looked at it thoroughly because, as, honorable, members of this house we always want to do what's right we always want to make the right decision. And Mr Speaker the Commissioner, has, looked into detail. Into, this particular, situation, and a report, has been very clear, and that is that there was no preferential. Treatment. Given in this particular, case and, I want to make sure that the member understands. That fully and that, the process, that was undertaken, by the ethics, commissioner, was a full and thorough process member. For caribou, Prince George mr., speaker guilty. Guilty. Guilty. Guilty. Of breaking Canadians, trust guilty, or further in his family's. Interest. Guilty, of liberal entitlement. Guilty. Of breaking, ethics, laws her first prime minister in the history, of our country to, finally, found guilty, of breaking, ethics, laws when, will the Prime Minister start holding his guilty ministers to account so everyday Canadians, are no longer built out, of their money and their, jobs.

Thank You mr. speaker, and what a lecture, that is you want to talk about being, guilty, let's, talk about being guilty, mr. speaker, and let me. When. They featured members. Mr.. Speaker. The. Honorable parliamentary. Secretary is just, that my right and I'm having quite, the difficulty, hearing, what she has to say and I'm, sure that other members would, be interested to hear that as well so, we'll try and keep the noise down, here a little bit and we'll go back to the Honourable parliamentary, secretary to the minister of intergovernmental. Affairs Thank. You mr. speaker and I really appreciate, your intervention, but, Mr Speaker I want to remind the members opposite, who stand today with these questions, about, their time in government, I want, to remind him about a member of their caucus that was taken out in leg irons mr. speaker two former, parliamentary, secretary, to Prime Minister Harper, who actually served, time in prison for, violating. The elections, Act and you can stand today and give us lessons at. The. Honourable member for Glengarry, Prescott. Russell, she's. Done cinema, mr.. Speaker today we're celebrating world Alzheimer's day an, annual event where people all around the world come together to raise awareness about. Alzheimer's. Disease and other forms of dementia dementia. Including. The Alzheimer's disease affects more than 400,000 canadians aged 65, and over two-thirds. Of whom are women. With. Canadians, living longer lives than ever this number will likely go up can. The Minister of Health tell, this house what the government is doing to, help, people with Alzheimer's, disease. General. Minister thank, you very much mr. speaker I'd like to thank my colleague and friend from Glengarry Prescott Russell for his important question as, a. Social. Worker and as a daughter I have seen the effects of Alzheimer's disease and, dementia, and. Alzheimerís is an absolute, priority for, our government and that's the reason why that we invested in additional 20 million dollars in budget 2018. We, also launched, the ministerial, advisory group on dementia, together, we will continue to work to make a difference in the lives of those living with dementia and, including their families Thank You mr. speaker. Comfort. Mr. speaker the liberal, summer of failure, in addressing, the concerns of small-business owners is causing. Serious harm and driving, out investment. From this country raising. Taxes, on passive investment, limiting. Sharing, of business, income raising, CPP, premiums, in 2019. And hiking, AI premiums. By 3% plus, a carbon, tax on everything mr.. Speaker when, will the finance minister stop failing small. Business or does he believe like the Prime Minister that they're nothing but tax, cheats. Small. Business and export, promotion. This. Is exactly why, we lowered, the small business tax rate to 9 percent to. Allow business. Owners to, save thousands. Every year and to reinvest in their, businesses. To create better middle-class. Jobs small. Businesses, represent. Large. Share of all businesses, and, most. Jobs are created in the private sector and drive our economy we. Promise small businesses that we would help them and that's what we're doing we will never stop working for them Thank You mr. speaker. Mr.. Speaker today marks the one-year anniversary of, the signing of the Canada the European Union, comprehensive. Economic and trade agreement, Sita can. The minister of international trade and diversification informed, this house of the, benefits that this agreement has provided to Canadian consumers and businesses, Thank, You mr. speaker the Honourable, Minister of, pardon. Me. Diversification. Of international, trade. Also. I'd like to thank my colleague, from Vaughan Woodbridge, for his timely question since. EDA came into effect one, year ago today, Canadian. Exports have increased by, 1.1. Billion, dollars, over the year prior to Sita, that's, trade flowing on everything, from chocolate to, lumber, to, services, by. Putting the interests, of the middle class, first more, Canadian, companies, are benefiting, from unprecedented. Access to. Half a billion, consumers. This is the type of trade diversification. To new markets, that will position Canada. For success for, decades, to come. Thank, You mr. speaker after. The Liberals summer of failure while. The government at least helped our Canadian businesses, in Polynesia Kelsey business. Owners are ready to invest to, create a, cooperative. Of foreign workers which. Would fill an urgent, need for labor and allow. Them to pursue their operations, I call, the Minister of Labour to find a solution for this project which. Requires no, government, investment, and would, help, remedy, our urgent. Lack of workers. Honourable. Parliamentary, secretary, to.

The Minister for labour mr., speaker I've been working on the temporary foreign worker file for five years now very, differing, opinions, from all the stakeholders one thing they can agree on though that. Jason, Kenney jigged this program, up so bad. It. Actually hurt Canadian, workers and Canadian, businesses, we are committed to making sure Canadians. Get first crack at the jobs we, are committed, to making sure we don't have downward, pressure on wages we. Want to make sure foreign, workers have, the same Health and Safety protections, as Canadian, workers but we want employers. To have access, to the jobs he, Jake get up we, will do our best to on jigger. The. Animal member floribandini. Yesterday. When, answering, a question the, secretary parameter, to the Minister of Natural Resources said, that the energy East pipeline could, rise from the ashes, if TransCanada. So decides worse. He, said that the government's decision-making, process. Would be exactly, the same as under. The Conservatives, so. No. Review by the BAP in Quebec no approval from the Quebec government no. Environmental assessment, as was, planned for under C 69, so. Mr. speaker will give the government another chance can. The parliamentary, secretary confirm. That, he will be used in the same process, as the Conservatives. And doesn't. Intend to respect Quebec sin vironment along. Venerable. Parliamentary, secretary to the Minister of Natural, Resources, Thank. You mr. speaker it's. Really interesting to hear the bloc québécois and the. NDP talking, about pipelines because they don't want to sleep on any pipelines built in this country. They. Don't. Care about their obligates about, consulting. For. Stations groups in. Terms of energies as I said the process is in place and it's up to TransCanada, to decide if they're going to withdraw their. Investment or not it's their decision it's, up to them Thank You mr. speaker. Remember. PL be about cleotasha. Mr.. Speaker, on. September 15th the, newspaper. Reported. That the Minister of the Environment issued. A ministerial, order about. The Port of Montreal in conflict, uh even. Though I'm sure that, the order was, issued, in, reaction, to legitimate concerns, I wouldn't, want Canada to use the straight course frog as an excuse to block the project. 750, million dollars in investments, and 15,000. Jobs for local families are at stake, I'd like some reassurance. Does the government believe in the expansion, of the Port of Montreal in cosmic a yes or no. Infrastructure. The Honorable and serve infrastructure. Thank Mike for the question obviously the. Port in Quantico, is an important, project for Montrealers, Quebec. And Canada I'm, confident that the Minister of the Environment will. Study this file. With great attention and will be able to answer a future question on the subject here in this house. Includes. Question period for today I have, notice, of a point, of order the, Honourable, member for Halliburton, Court O'Lakes Brock, Thank. You mr. speaker there have been consultations. Among the parties and I hope you'll find unanimous. Consents, of the house for the following motion that, notwithstanding. Any, standing, order or usual. Practices, of the House bill s 245. An act to declare trans mountain pipeline project, and related, works to be for the general advantage. Of Canada be deemed to have been read a second time and referred, to the Committee of the Whole deem. Can.

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