Q&A with ARK Crystal and William Brown

Q&A with ARK Crystal and William Brown

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ARK Crystals: Well today we're going to be going over some questions that were sent in and if we can keep up with them some of the questions that are in the chat, but thank you everybody for joining us for the ARK and William Brown question answer series. So, if you don't mind, William, I'm just gonna go ahead and start we get a lot of questions. From everybody on on a daily basis. And if we don't cover your question on this session, you could probably find the answer on our FAQ page and that will be ARKcrystals.com/faq. There are a ton of frequently asked questions that are in there and we get probably we get questions every day that are on that page.

So if you if you don't get an answer from either William or I today, you could probably check that section and you'll probably find an answer and if it's not in there, go to our blog. So, one of the questions I get all the time and I got it from Ann and Evelyn for this question is, "Does the ARK Crystal need to be recharged? Does the ARK Crystal ever wear out?", and the answer is no. It doesn't need to be recharged it's once it goes through with the HFR it's modulated forever. So that's pretty exciting. So but if you want to you can always put it with other crystals, or you can put it out under the moon if you want to. But to answer your question, it's always modulated at the at the frequency that HFR puts it through.

Right? William Brown: You know that's actually it's more of our own internal discussion on, you know, how do we describe the functionality of the ARK Crystal to be technically precise. We really wanted to avoid using it that term "charged". It's a good descriptor with a layman kind of, you know, just in relaxed everyday usage. You know, you can say the ARK Crystal was charged, but, you know, technically precise level you know, charge is something that can be disciplined. In fact, something is charged will dissipate that charge eventually. And so "charged" isn't exactly correct.

And that's why you were saying it's been modulated. ARK - Yeah, and that's why when I answer when William answers we say modulated and not charged, but when we are reading your question, that's why we read it that way. And that's why it's written that way in our FAQ section and on our blog series. WB - It's not really like energy has been transferred into the ARK Crystal now it's dissipating that energy into the water into your system. It's really that it's been modulated in such a way that it's acting as a coupling, a link, between the limitless energy source of space, what's technically called quantum vacuum, energy fluctuations and our macroscopic world, in our body, water, other materials. I think there's like a gateway for energy flux.

So it's not like a certain amount of charge. A certain amount of energy has been put in the crystal and now it's dissipating. It's kind of continually exchanging this energy.

ARK - Right, right. Thank you for explaining that. That better than than I did. So it's kind of like a doorway. Now versus say a bucket.

WB - Exactly. Exactly. Yeah. And, and that's kind of why, you know, it doesn't, it doesn't lose charge over time. As long as the ARK Crystal isn't put in a strongly decoherent environment and you know, from a physics perspective, strongly decoherent environment would be something like high temperature, ie, extreme radiation, you know, something that's going to disrupt it at the molecular level.

It'll keep doing its thing indefinitely, you know, acting as this intermediary, this exchange of energy, slash information. ARK - Great. Um, do you want to go ahead and read one of your questions? Yeah, sure. I gave William a set of questions that only he can answer. (laugh) WB - Definitely, if you see a question come in. You'd like to jump on let's let's do ARK - Yeah, I, I printed out the easier questions that I tended to do every day.

That way I know that I can answer them correctly. And I sent you all of the harder ones. WB - Oh, yes. So top of my list from Ashoka. After the crystals are made, they're exposed to a magnetic flux resonator.

Can you please explain what this does? ARK - He kind of touched on that a minute ago. WB - The modulation process. And again, in the interest of technical precision, you know, that's why they have me on here. Some of the technical precision some of that science of ARK Crystals. It's not a magnetic flux resonator.

Full name is the Harmonic Flux Resonator. And it's a electromagnetic resonance generator. So not just the magnetic component of the field, but the electrical as well. So electromagnetic resonance generator, and it's given that appellation, harmonic flux resonator, because we're talking about resonance and resonant modes. And so you know, in terms of resonance, I think one of the easiest analogies and the one we're probably all viscerally familiar with is like music. You know, so like, a guitar or a piano.

You know, you're planning to harmonies, harmonics, and when things are specific harmonics, a note B note C note. They sound good to get to know this all function of resonance determines these very specific frequencies and their harmonic relationships. And actually, this particular electromagnetic resonance generator, the harmonic flux resonator is engineered and built specifically for its obtaining specific resonances. specific frequencies are that are harmonics of each other.

It's actually a fractal harmonic system is set up. Now these frequencies that we're talking about, now it's got the typical electrical frequencies associated with running what are called solenoid coils. They're not exactly solenoid coils but I'm not an electrical engineer.

So my technical precision on all the names of the components and gizmos itself is somewhat limited. But a solenoid is basically a coiled wire. And if you pass electrical current through it, especially varying electrical current, it'll generate a magnetic field and you can actually generate an electromagnetic field in this way. The harmonic flux resonator has that going on but also, it has a number of these coils placed along two hemispheres the top answer and the bottom hemisphere.

And so you can get a frequency going on firing those sequentially around the hemispheres of the harmonic flux resonator and you can generate a circular rotational frequency. Like the moon has a specific orbital frequency around the Earth, the Earth has a specific orbital frequency around the sun and for example, the moon's orbital frequency is a harmonic ratio with its rotational frequency. So you know, we ever see one face right there, there's a resonance locking there. We can generate this circularly polarized electromagnetic field with the harmonic flux resonator.

So a circular electromagnetic field that is rotating with very specific frequency and because we're talking about electromagnetics or light, this can have a very, very high frequency light moves very fast. So this is where it gets into some of the ideas of the quantum vacuum energy. What space is made out of the fabric of space? What we know from advanced physics is that space is substantive. There's a energy to space. Now, I see him and his colleagues like Dr. Olivier Alirol, have gone even further and described the quantum nature of that energy of space, the vacuum energy, and they have described it as a plasma, a plasma state.

And one of the things about a plasma is that it responds to electromagnetic fields. So when a harmonic flux resonator is spinning, this electromagnetic field at a very specific frequency with specific harmonics, harmonic ratios, it's building up a resonance with the Plank plasma. This Plank plasma of the quantum vacuum and this resonant coupling is going to cause the field to begin to spin with the harmonic flux resonator. So the energetic structure of space is going to begin to spin. Now I should say the property of spin is ubiquitous.

So actually, what largely determines whether we experience something as solid or physical or empty in space happens to do with the coherency of the stream of space, both have almost the same energetic content, empty space and when you have matter, because space has near infinite energy in it. But when there is a coherent structure, a coherent spin, in the space, we actually experienced that as a particle, it's something physical, because the spin generates a boundary condition, event horizon. And all the Plank plasma, harmonic oscillators in that region are all going to be correlated in their action by either all experiencing the same toward the same angular momentum. So you have a high coherence region of space.

A harmonic flux resonator is one of the first technologies with the capability to induce this state in the field of technology. So with future generations future iterations of the technology, it should be possible to do some really phenomenal things with this resonant coupling to the energetic structure in space. Because you can do things like energy generation, producing, actually pulling energy from that nearly limitless energy space. If you can do that, you can also do things like changing the curvature of space, that's gravity control gravitational modulation.

Now, so our harmonic flux resonator is creating this highly coherent region of space. And the ARK Crystal has been specifically engineered to be at a dimensionality that is the size of the ARK Crystal is a harmonic ratio of this frequency that the harmonic pushes resonators generate. Are generating.

So the intrinsic resonances of an object any object has to do with its material properties. But if it's a crystal, like the ARK Crystal, it has to do with its size. So a lot of engineering put into a specific dimensions of the crystal and getting a high level of precision on the geometry of ARK Crystal, because that is going to determine its intrinsic resonances.

And so, in that way, it could be engineered on how strongly the ARK Crystal, ARK Crystal can couple to this highly coherent field that has been generated by the harmonic flux resonator. So you have these intrinsic resonances of the ARK Crystal when they're placed in that field of the harmonic flux resonator is going to set those notes like plucking the string on a guitar. The resonances are very specifically set and the harmonic flux resonator has the right frequency the right resonances, to plot those notes.

And in very real sense, the crystalline lattice, so we're talking about at the atomic molecular level of the material of the crystal is going to oscillate. It's going to resonate, vibrate. And now the ARK Crystal is a particularly special material, when it comes to the properties of the things that we interact with. And that you know, the organization of material that we call crystalline, a crystal, is not a trivial matter.

You know that this is a significant arrangement of matter if you were to consider it compared to a non crystalline material, where the molecular organization is more random, it's actually symmetrical, because everything is randomly oriented, more or less. And so actually, it's mostly symmetrical. You know, there's no like, one direction because if one module is pointing this way, another one's pointing this way, this way, this way, this way, or this way, and it's kind of all cancels out.

But when you're a periodic organization, atomic ordering like they would call, you know, that the state that we call crystal, as you get very, you make non trivial properties, material properties of matter. And the ARK Crystal, for instance, has a property is produced by this crystal and arrangement called piezoelectricity. It has a electromechanical axis that has to do with the symmetry breaking of the atomic order. And so, when a crystalline lattice starts to oscillate, starts to vibrate, sort of start to have these acoustic modes. Remember, we're talking about plucking a guitar string here, hitting a note on a piano key.

It's getting a very specific frequency of vibration, very specific resonance that mechanical oscillation acoustic oscillation actually starts to generate electrical currents. And if we can modulate or alternate, these vibrations of the crystalline lattice which the harmonic flux resonance achieves, how you can generate varying electrodynamics fields of field in the crystalline lattice is going to generate a very pattern specific electromagnetic field of the ARK Crystal. And so this is, now we're getting into the theory of how the ARK Crystal works. Scientifically speaking. ARK - I think everyone appreciates your explanation of what it is that the harmonic flux resonator that's to the ARK Crystal and how it does it's really complicated but at the same time you you're able to break it down quite well. So that we, so that the rest of us can understand.

WB - I mean, probably one of the few fully, fully understand understands what is happening is the inventor, Nassim Haramein. So, you know, for me, you know, a lot of it is more theoretical. You know, I mean, we have done testing and experimentation. I've been involved with with a good degree of his characterization. So, you know, we have tested some of these ideas to see that okay, this is what we believe is happening and we we have seen indications that that is indeed correct.

So, you know, again, even, my explanation probably isn't as precise as what we can get from what the inventor but still, I think close enough the force can understand how the harmonic flux resonator is working and how we're modulating ARK Crystals. ARK - Right, right. Well, thank you. Thank you. Now I'm going to answer one of the questions. We've gone from quantum, quantum vacuum to magnets.

So I was asked I want to see "Hello I'm" (this is from Connie) "Hello. I'm planning on buying an ARK Crystal and Pendant. Will I be able to charge my water while the crystal is still in the pendant or should I remove it?" So Connie, I chose your question because I get this all the time. It's actually very helpful for me. That's why I'm not wearing the crystal right now. I wanted to show you this.

So when I structure the water like we were saying. We don't like to use the word charge because it's not sending. We're not like taking energy from one place and moving it into or emptying it into another place where we're as a doorway moving through.

So when I structure water, I tend to keep it in my pendant like you were asking so the ARK Crystal fits inside the pendant that we have here. And if you want to take the ARK Crystal out you just press right here on the top and the ARK Crystal pops out. There are magnets around, this is the saddle the metal saddle that surrounds the ARK Crystal which is which is this right here.

And there are magnets inside the pendant as well. And so that's how the ARK Crystal goes in and out of the pendant. So if you're going to structure water, you could do it either way. You could either put the ARK Crystal by itself underneath your container water with the arrows pointing up within six centimeters of the liquid that you are influencing.

But I like to keep it in my pendant because I tend to knock things off of my counter. And having it in the pendant makes it more difficult to move the crystal around so the crystal or the pendant is heavier than the crystal by itself. And it's more substantial so that if I go looking for my crystal, I can see it easier. And when it's when it's in the pendant, it's less likely that I'm going to lose it.

So it's not going to change how the water is structured if you're leaving it in your pendant. Some people just like to take it out. I like to leave it in. So that's what it is now so helps answer the question.

It's six centimeters from the ARK Crystal that is directly influenced by the ARK Crystal. So I hope hope that helps, Connie, and everybody else they asked as what's the what's the resonance area of the ARK Crystal is six centimeters. So that's two questions in one. I hope that helps and that's also why I wasn't wearing my personal at the beginning because I wanted to be able to show you how to put it in. We do have a little video on YouTube on how to remove the ARK from your pendant and how to put it back in if you ever. If you ever wonder how to do that again.

That's how you do it. You simply push it and sometimes it needs a little extra umph. But don't worry, it'll move that was completely different from your question. We went from from the quantum vacuum to magnets. So it's a little different but it's useful.

WB - It's all connected. You can draw some connections directly from the quantum vacuum, what the magnets doing with the ARK Crystal technology. ARK - Those are actually two questions. Those are two questions I get a lot and it's so funny because I probably get them about the same amount of time is "What does the HFR do?" And "Can I take the ARK Crystal out of the pendant?" and so it's good that we're actually answering questions on all sorts of different different levels for everybody. Okay, well, I am now that I answered questions about the field the field, of influence with our crystal and and you did HFR you get to do another another fun one.

So WB - Right on, so this is from Susan. And this was a fun one because we're going to be talking about water now. So it's a good parallel to what you were just describing. ARK - They go hand in hand. We're always asked about water when it comes to the ARK. WB - "Besides structuring water in and out of the body, what else can the Ark Crystals serve with health and well being?" And so the effects that ARK Crystal has on water is one of the most prominent and significant effects.

It's also one of the easiest to understand and also actually to test in characterize experimentally. You know, you can put the ARK Crystal with water, give the water to grow with plants. Compare that to control and getting more and more water even tap water. And pretty easily see the difference in the effect. But the effect isn't just limited to what is occurring in the water because what's occurring in the water. That's a specific example of the general effect of the ARK Crystal.

Probably the most most simple way to explain that is the increased coherence that the ARK Crystal imparts to materials brought into its sphere of influence. So it's like the harmonic flux resonator that is generating high coherent domain in the field. Highly coherent, dynamic structure in the field. The ARK Crystal carry a little piece of that harmonic flux resonator, that highly coherent organization of the field. They become like little fractal, holofractal part, holographic, holofractal part of that dynamic. And now they're carrying it with them.

And like a chain of influence, when you bring materials into now the ARK Crystal's coherent domain within the field, it'll begin to import that coherence to those materials especially if they are responsive to these kind of electro dynamic activity, this, you know, responsive to energy and informational exchanges, especially via the electromagnetic field. Water is a perfect example of a material that is responsive to this kind of exchange. So when water is brought into that field of influence of ARK Crystal, coherent field, the molecules of the water begin to align, begin to align in a very specific ordering organization organizational pattern, it becomes liquid crystalline. That non-trivial organization of matter. You know, when matter is organized are beginning to organize in a crystalline fashion it has significant properties, especially in terms of we're thinking about it from a physics and energetic type perspective. But so since this isn't an effect that is specific only to the ARK Crystal's interaction water, we believe that this effect is much more general.

So there are probably a great number of different kinds of materials that can benefit from being brought into the field of interaction with the ARK Crystal. Now, the body has many molecules, biomacromolecular assemblies, that it's comprised of that are remarkably responsive to this kind of field, of this coherent field produced by the ARK Crystal. So the molecular arrangements that comprise the cell, the regiments of the cells that comprise the tissues that make up a body. These are all involved in this constitutive continuous exchange of energy and information. This exchange that's occurring at the molecular level of the cell is to a large degree being done via resonances, electromagnetic resonance, so, many of the molecules involved in this energy exchange within the cell have what are called dipole moments. Now, this is what makes water so responsive to the ARK Crystal it has a constitutive partial dipole moment.

So like, you know if you have h2o, you got that oxygen, two protons, two hydrogen molecules, those hydrogen molecules of oxygen, they're not attached like linear to that central oxygen, actually offset in forms like it's 104.5 degree angle, something around there. And so actually, the water molecule has a tetrahedral geometry, just like the ARK Crystal, but that slight that angle of the bonding that oxygen hydrogen bonding pair gives water a portable dipole moment. So that dipole just was able to form a resonant interaction. And so, the same thing occurs and many biomolecules within the cell. They have these dipole moments that allow them to interact very strongly with water. This is one of the reasons why the state of the water in the body is so important, because it acts as an intermediary and many of these resonate interactions, this coupling of orchestration at the molecular level within the cell.

But so, the ARK Crystal can augment and boost this effect as well. So, the resonances that are involved in the energy and information exchanges at the cellular level can be boosted, facilitated by the coherent field of ARK Crystal. This is one of the things that we believe is occurring.

So, a result of that kind of interaction would be greater flow of vital energy in the body. So you can use the ARK Crystals to enhance or facilitate the channels, the conduits of bio energy exchange and flow within the body. Some of these conduits, some of these channels, are quite pronounced and distinct, and they form like the meridians of the acupuncture. ARK - Right? We actually we discussed that in our in our eBook about Meridian therapy using the ARK Crystal on specific meridian points. WB - So, besides structuring water, what else can the ARK Crystal serve with health and well being? You know, I believe that a very potentially significant use of the ARK Crystal is in enhancing the flow of this bio-energy throughout the body, and where the bio-energy is flowing, where you're having the highest degree of this exchange of bio-energy, that is a healthy state of body.

Where you have blockages or places where the bio-energy is not able to flow as efficiently as effectively that's where you start to get diseased state of the body, injured a state of the body, those kinds of conditions that we don't want to have our body experiencing. So there's that aspect of the effects of the ARK Crystals that I think are really exciting and great utilization of the technology. A larger outcome of that kind of increasing the resonant coupling of molecular interactions, in the cellular environment, the whole system is operating in a more coherent manner at a higher level. So, things that need to happen at a specific place at a specific time within the cell within the cellular organizational tissues and with our body it's the orchestration of those events are going to take place with a lot more optimal frequency. So this is almost like, for me that's nearly synonymous with anti-aging effect. If you can maintain optimal coherence of the body the energy and information exchange is at the molecular and cellular level.

ARK - Right and, you know, we had a human study, a pilot human study, done a little while ago, and if anybody is interested in learning more about the effects of people that wore the ARK Crystal and drank structured water for 42 days, versus placebo, you can read all about that and the human study ebook as well. So it wasn't just working with water, like we normally say, but people were actually wearing the ARK Crystal throughout the day and then they were drinking the structure of water in the morning. So if you're interested in learning more about that, you can download that ebook as well. So there's ebooks on the meridian therapy, but there's also an e book about the study, the human study of people wearing their crystal and drinking the structured water throughout the day. If you're interested.

It helps show some of the positive effects of of what happens when when you integrate this into your daily life. WB - The effects with water I think they're just kind of the easiest and most direct to understand. And you know it's a real physical effects. But I really believe that there are many maybe perhaps more subtle effects that accompany that.

That are as important as you know, what kind of effects we've seen and documented with water you know many, let's say subtle energy type effects. ARK - I liken it to the effects of the wind you don't see the wind itself but you get to see how the wind affects everything around it. Okay, well, thank you for that one. Did you want to go ahead and answer another question, William? Mine are our primary answered.

Oh, yeah. Like I said, and the more sample questions are always on our FAQ page, so if you go to ARKcrystals.com/faq you should be able to find to find what you're looking for there. Let me let me answer a quick a quick question real quick.

I did talk to our engineers this morning before when I was setting up for everything because I wanted to be able to address some questions that I get on a daily basis about new pendants and is anything going on with that? So because everybody keeps asking about, you know, is a new pendant coming out, you know, you feel like yes, it was a while ago now you saw William and I wearing some other pendants. If you go back to our Wellness Week interview, where we also talked about coupling and vacuum and being able to speak without making phone calls and so if you're interested in that, go ahead and watch that video from from Wellness Week earlier this year. But he and I are wearing other pendants other than the ones that we're wearing right now and they're they're a little lighter.

And I got word today that those should be available, I would say September. That's what we're aiming for. But if you're part of the newsletter, you guess we'll we'll announce it there first but because people have been asking about the new lighter pendants and other products coming out, that should be coming out I would say September at the earliest. So but if you're part of the newsletter you will be one of the first to find out about it. I love the the lighter pendant I like this one too.

Like I said I tend to knock things around and and having the larger pendant makes it easier for me to keep things where they belong. But the new pendant should be coming out, coming out probably around September. Also we have a sleeve that will be available for the for the water bottle. And hopefully they'll be coming out at the end of summer, the beginning of fall. So not too long, but they were letting me know. I asked I asked if I could speak about them today on the phone call.

And they said that it'd be okay to mention both of those. So hopefully, I'm shooting for September. But like I said, they'll be notified in the newsletter first when they're when they're available. So if you want to be the first to know please sign up for the newsletter and everything will be announced there first. WB - That's fantastic news.

ARK - I was very excited. I was kind of hopping around my room I was like no no really let me know for sure if I can talk about this, like yes, you can actually talk about these. And we are working on something else that everybody has been asking about, kind of in the field of the tetrahelix.

So please stay tuned for that. I can't let too much out of the bag about it. But it's related to the tetrahelix and and that's all I'm going to say about that. But as we get closer and closer to it, I'll be able to speak more on it.

Got a teaser there for you. So you have to keep coming back for it. WB - More in the works though. ARK - Yes, we do. We are active on a myriad of things.

We want to share everything with everybody. But the truth is some things work out in some things don't and we never want people to be, you know, disappointed or upset because something didn't come to market. So that's why we we can't tell you everything that we're working on because sometimes it just doesn't work out. WB - Just for folks who might not be entirely familiar the tetrahelix is a very specific geometry, that the ARK Crystal, tetrahedron, the tetrahedral geometry the ARK Crystal can adopt. It has the ARK Crystal a tetrahedron has several higher order geometrical configurations when you bring more and more things together.

And that's actually really an exciting and interesting way to experience ARK Crystal is getting many of them together and putting them into its higher order geometrical configurations. And one of those is called a tetrahelix or Coxeter helix and that's actually if you begin to align the tetrahedron face to face in a linear sequence, it actually starts to form a helix. ARK - Like half of the DNA a spiral. WB - Well it's interesting because the ratio of the number of units to achieve or full nearly a complete 360 degree spiral, it's not completed something like 356.5 degrees because you actually have to go a long ways before you get like a full 360 degree turn if I'm remembering that correctly, but the number of units to the turn of the tetrahelix is the same as that of the DNA. So actually, in both those instances, is a phi ratio, golden ratio.

So it's very interesting geometry geometrical aspects of this configuration. One of the technologies that we've been engineering and then experimented with the ARK Crystal in this this a helical arrangement, geometry. ARK - Because what it does is water goes around it and as through like an aggregate for especially for agriculture, like it'd be forced over these ARK Crystals in order to structure water at a higher rate. And so it's something that we were looking at for like whole house and or agricultural uses. WB - Yeah, and the part of the reason behind that is just that when you get these higher order geometrical configurations, the effects are nonlinear. You know, it's not purely additive.

So it's like if one ARK- It's not one plus one WB - It's geometrical. Yeah. So it's like, it's not like two plus two, it's like to raise to like, a power, like three or four.

Yeah, like an exponential increase in the effect. So, if you have a tetrahelix, there's a good possibility that, you know, when you're treating water, you could treat the water in your entire house. ARK - Right, right. So we're working on something that works on a smaller scale, but like I said, we we want to tell you all about it, and we will eventually, but I just wanted to let you know that is something that we're working on. WB - Just that clamp, it's really exciting.

It's finally going to be made available. I really love that particular way to wear the ARK C rystal just because the to me, the ARK Crystal itself is so beautiful. You know, I kind of want to show it off no pendant or anything just ARK - Right. So, what he is talking about is the new pendant and it's ultra light and it's just this little, little clasp like this little hand that holds on to the top of it.

And so you just get to see the beauty of the ARK Crystal basically kind of floating there. And so, like I said, if you go to our video from Wellness Week earlier this year, William and I are both wearing prototypes that led to what's being crafted as we speak. So that will be available soon and it is beautiful. And I had a lot of a lot of questions regarding that one and I kept saying when it's ready, I'll let you know.

We were literally wearing a prototype just to make sure it didn't fall off in the middle of the day. So that's why you'll see us wearing pendants that aren't quite ready for like they aren't on the website yet. It's because a lot of times we're the guinea pigs that get to... WB - we're doing the beta testing. ARK - We're doing the beta testing for every day.

So so that you get the best quality product. So you're not wearing it one day and it just kind of falls off. We don't want. Ok William, it's your turn.

I let you answer the great question about what the tetra helix is. WB - Next question I have talking about these higher order geometrical configurations. And actually, I think I saw a person in the chat somebody was asking... ARK - About how to find out how to make them. Yeah.

Yeah, if you can, we have a couple things. There's if you just go on the product section of the ARK Crystal it actually shows some of the different arrangements. We have the single, and the five, and then there's the eight, and the 20, and the 64. So you can see those and they all have links to videos, but also if you go to the blog, I know that we have the five and the eight and there's one about the 512 as well WB- Some of the information on some of the higher order geometrical configurations there's really no limit to how many ARK Crystals you can bring together to larger and larger geometries, but definitely some of the most accessible and popular or like the what I call 8 matrix figuration so that's bringing together 8 ARK Crystals and it forms a new geometry when you bring them together like this, because we started with a tetrahedral geometry and now we have cube octahedral, cube octahedron here and this is what is called gravitated orientation. Because there's some chirality to how the ARK Crystals in these hard ordered geometrical configurations can be arranged. You know, it's not just in one particular configuration.

This could also be you can also bring 8 of them together and a more radiative configuration. So here are the vertices are pointing away from the center of the matrix. And I gotta be a little bit more careful handling this one because it doesn't have the chasing set the frame. I have fun with it: the star tetrahedron. I'm not sure where he got off to. But so eight ARK Crystals brought together and now we have a star tetrahedron.

And so, that is more of a radiative configuration stellate configuration because the vertices are pointing out whereas the cube octahedral, it makes configuration of the vertices are pointing to the center. So gravitated versus radiative. And again, this is another really cool way to experience the ARK Crystal. You can do experimentation or play with if you have 8 ARK Crystals with gravitative and radiative configurations, and that was one of the questions we got from Annie. "Could you explain the difference between the radiative and gravitative configurations?" ARK - And we have a brand new blog up on up on the blog section of the website. Basically everything that you've ever written me about what the difference is between gravitative versus radiative and I use the eight as the example because that's that's the one that that is more accessible most the time.

It's what I'm building when I do some of our social media posts and stuff. I'll do an eight versus doing the 64, so it's easy to explain. ARK - When talking about an 8 if you want to get more, more, more details about it, please go to ARKcrystals.com/blog. And it's like the second blog post. It's all about gravitated versus radiative, what's the difference? So, WB - I know I've written some good things about it.

ARK - Well, I feel like I took a lot of what you've said in all sorts of you know, whether it's kind of a metaphysical or whether it's energetic, you know, kind of explaining what the difference is between the in versus the out. So it's, it's very useful and you know, and when we do that, the same, you know, with, like, you were saying earlier when it comes to the meridian points, the person that wrote it, suggested sometimes having it be more outward versus inward like you having the arrows point in or out. So it kind of goes along the same, the same lines. WB - And so, the question also is, "Is one of the configurations better for charging water? Should you use that configuration?" And so, we've already kind of mentioned quite a bit about the difference between the two, I mean, certainly in terms of, you know, the geometry.

You know, if you look at your ARK Crystal, close up, you can see the triangle there, demarcating one of the vertices, and that's a very specific special orientation of the ARK Crystal. And they've got axis is the optical axis of the quartz crystal perpendicular to that. So if we think about is the Zed axis z axis, perpendicular to that let's say the x axis you have electromechanical feasible electric, active on the piezoelectrically active axis of the ARK Crystal so that's the axis you squeezed the ARK Crystal if you actually introduce oscillations to the crystalline lattice it generates an electrical current. That forms the basis of many technologies. Amplifying devices like microphones, speakers, even like the time logic eight and CPU central processing unit computer uses the electromechanical access of the ARK Crystal to run. Atomic clocks use the frequency of crystal and oscillations of quartz crystal to run, you know some of those are accurate within one second in 4 billion years.

Non-trivial. Non-trivial properties of crystalline materials. So you've got that optical axis demarcated with a triangle. And so, you know, if you have them all, all those pointing away from the center, you have that radiative configuration.

If you have all those optically active axis, pointing into the center, and you have your gravitative, and you can also, you know, wander during that orientation, align the electromechanical axis with the crystals so that they start to line up inside so now you can get a real synchronization or function of all the ARK Crystals. And, you know, just one of the key things about this is that, you know, we believe that this kind of configuration, higher order geometry of the ARK Crystal is going to have a large degree of synergy. Synergetic interaction. And that the whole is greater than the sum of the parts and we've touched on that a little bit. They're just not additive linearly, it's like raising it to an exponent it's exponential geometric, the increasing the effect. Now, so both configurations are going to structure the field, create coherence in the field.

They have the same underlying dynamic the way that they're interacting with those Plank plasma particles are the energetic harmonic oscillations of space, the structure of space itself. And so both of them, both orientations, can be used equally well for the coherence in the field that they're going to generate. But there is a division, a disparity in applications. In some literal senses.

Like, for instance, is one of the orientations better to potentially water than the other? You know, personally. What well I mean, even I guess from a technical standpoint, the radiative configuration is going to be better at projecting into a material. Into that coherent field. This is perhaps going to be a little bit more on the radiative side. That coherence, to the water. The energy exchange.

You know what both of them have the dynamic of energy flux, energy going out, energy going in. This is a little bit more on the radiative side of that flux dynamic. So I would expect it to have a slightly if anything more rapid onset of effect on water is not a greater effect. Now, let's say though, that I'm wanting to do a meditation with the 8 matrix, either in the room or maybe even holding it while doing a meditation. Probably the gravitative is going to be a better choice, a better configuration.

Because you can kind of think of it as okay in one instance, I'm trying to enhance their energy exchange from the field of quantum vacuum of this field that connects all things. Limitless energy and information, an info-dynamic field of trying to get an exchange from it into materials. But in some instances, you're trying to get an exchange into the field, you know, perhaps to get like optimal manifestation of intentions, or maybe in a more Buddhist sense, just to promote a general sense of well-being equanimity amongst all living beings, you know. ARK - More of a balancing versus turning the volume up. WB - So, the gravitating configuration is probably great for that.

And, you know, I think for each person, it would be a fun way to to experience the ARK Crystals, you know, so just seeing when I potentiate water with the gravitative configuration, you know, what experience do I have with that water under those conditions? And, you know, since we're each unique, some of our responses are going to be mimicked in our constitution, you might find that gravitated configuration effects you like much more than radiative, like in terms of potentiating water. ARK - Right. And just because and that's a good point. That's a good good statement as well, because just because it's not pointing the arrows aren't pointing at wherever whatever it is, doesn't mean that the field is not affecting something. So that's that's good to remember, too, is that just because the arrows aren't direct may not be direct towards something there is still a field of experience that is around it.

WB - You can get some like collimated type beam like effect from larger crystals, but even under those conditions, it's still generating a volume of space by increasing the coherence in that volume. Even if there is like a collimated beam. I imagine a flashing of pulsars out in space because even black holes, because you know, they'll have like an accretion disk along the equator. So there they have the sphere of influence. Then at the poles they also have these like collimated beams. So even if you are getting some of that like beam like activity, also it is also generating a coherent, coherent space ARK - Toroidal as well.

So, there's direct but there's also the all around. WB - If you look at some of the spacetime diagrams for how this polarized flow of the Plank plasma is occurring, that Nassim Haramein and his colleagues have generated, you know, they've got like a Double Torus Dynamic, which is like two tori, forming two hemispheres. This is exactly how the harmonic flux resonator is oriented. Then like along the equator, you have energy outflow from that singularity point at the nexus of those two tori and you've got poles with energy coming in like collimated beams.

ARK - it's super simple. But when you explain it, it makes it it's just two toris. But yeah, it's constant and it's all flowing and it's all around and it is pretty interesting to try it out in different directions on whether you're holding it or you put it on something or you put it near your water.

So it's something that we always suggest that everybody kind of finds their own rhythm. WB - I really think that many of the experiences the effects of Ark crystals have a high degree of variability specificity to each person. It's one of those technologies where the effects are very specific to the particular person and how they're using it and what intentions and everything.

ARK - Yeah, I get emails all the time from people asking me if it's normal for them to have certain experiences and the truth is with every every person and even a different time in your life, it can it can influence you differently. So yeah, so if you're having a hard time like when you first get it, it's kind of overwhelming. Just wear it for a little while and then drink the water. And, you know, then sometimes maybe later on, you know, you can wear it for longer periods or you know, it can always come back around, too. So just just listen to your body and your experiences and and kind of just go with it.

Yeah, don't force anything. WB - That was very much my experience when I first started using them. I was in need of some realignment, energetically. So actually, you know, I needed to do kind of like a gradual exposure to them. So that you know, the the correct entergy flows were occurring more gradually at a pace that was very harmonic with my body. ARK - Yeah, me too.

When I when I first started wearing it, it was it was overwhelming and I got a really bad headache and, and I also started putting it in my pocket when I wasn't wearing it, because, you know, it sits right over, you know, certain chakra points and I was like I can't. So I would just put it in my pocket just to kind of have it with me. And then when it wasn't in my pocket, I'd haven't structuring water throughout the day, just so that I could get used to even having it near me. And I was also sitting right next to, you know, the room that housed all of the ARK Crystals all the time. So when I first became, you know, exposed ARK Crystals, it was all of them all at once.

So it was a little overwhelming. So having another one placed directly on my body just kind of I think sent everything over the edge. Because like, Okay, I'm in the room next to 1000 of them. I think I can just handle the water for a little bit.

So, so like we were saying, you know, like your experience with the ARK Crystal, and the directions that you wear it, and how long you wear t, is very unique to you. So just listen to your body and don't force it. So if it's uncomfortable, realize that it's uncomfortable, and kind of work with it. So William, do you have any other questions because you know, we can probably do 29 more. WB - Probably keep going all day. I just want to address one that is on the chat.

Just make a comment on it just um, sitting in the room with the harmonic flux resonator. So I have had the fantastic opportunity to experience this on more than a couple of occasions and it is just a visceral experience is what I experienced. I could tangibly feel the energy in the room, like the crown on my head, the top of my head starts like vibrating. Along those kind of lines of tangible physical experiences. And, you know, it was just asked, you know, to get direct effects of its resonance on crystalline structures in the body and it was pointed out like the pineal gland has a little micro crystals along it which are undoubtedly involved in resonances, energetic resonances and information exchange that's occurring with the brain and pineal gland.

You know, I was just gonna make a comment that you know, many structures in the body many of the molecules to biomolecules body are paracrystalline or quasicrystalline in nature, you know, so even structures of the cell that you would not, naively perhaps, think of as being crystalline do have crystalline phases. The plasma membrane can have a high degree of phase orientation of the molecules that make up the cellular membrane. In fact, forms highly ordered per crystalline domains.

That's part of the cellular regulation and communication and energy exchange of the cell of the DNA molecule that is a quasicrystalline molecule, many of the proteins, the enzymes, they can all actually they can be crystallized. This is how many of them are studied that you get a large number of them extracted from the set from the cells bring them together and they will begin to crystallize, then you can do what's called like X ray crystallography, on many of these proteins that are, you know, the functional units of the cell, the structural units, of the cell. So you know, your body is, let's say, conservatively, it's a paracrystalline, I mean, it's a crystalline structure. You know, so it's like, you know, when when we're talking about crystal technology, and its effects, it's non trivial effects.

You know, it's not commonly thought of, you know, organic matter is really commonly thought of as having crystalline structure or having electromagnetic resonance communication and coupling, but it does and it is. So that's kind of why this is a better technology, the future and perhaps why, you know, it's not widely understood as of yet, but I think that that's going to change especially as more, as we bring more resonance based technologies into play. Because you can, you can have beneficial optimization and effects in the body by going to that group level of resonance of frequency matching, coupling, and interaction. And I think that this is wonderful iteration of that kind of technology that it's going to be that is doing that and they will be more so even in the future. ARK - Right, right. And, Luly, I see your question about how the fact you haven't felt it before.

Don't worry about it. During our human study, even people who didn't feel anything still showed benefit from wearing the ARK Crystal and drinking the water so even though they didn't they reported not not thinking anything was changing or anything was working or if they didn't feel anything, they still actually, they had marked changes in their in their well-being. So don't worry if you're not feeling anything, like we said everybody's different. So don't worry about it.

ARK - Okay, well, I want to thank William for joining us. I know he's super busy all the time. But we appreciate all the time that he gives us and in for taking time.

And for all of you for joining us today. We know that you know it's it. We're grateful that you all join us and send us your questions. And like I said, if we didn't get to your question, you can always go to ARKcrystals.com/faq

and a lot of the questions are answered there and you can go to our blog and then also we have ebooks for the download that deal with the science, the water, the human study, and the meridians with ARK Crystals. So once again, thank you, William. WB - Thank you everyone for joining us. ARK - Great, thank you and we'll see you next time. Sign up for the newsletter so you can stay up to date on everything that will be coming our way.

Thank you, William. Bye

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