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Look at that! Alright Bogdan I think it's time for the real challenge. Let's go flip a car! Wow. I can't believe it's finally done.

Over three years, thousands of hours, hundreds of thousands of dollars... Support from our YouTube members, our Patreon supporters, our industry partners, and we've brought the Power Loader to life. The project was a massive undertaking and I've had my doubts throughout it but it is insane to see this giant 11 foot mech standing in front of me. Being ready for some destruction. Well, now that we have it, uh, what's it good for? Introducing the P-5000 Power Loader by Hacksmith Industries. The P-5000 Power Loader comes standard with 67.1 horsepower diesel engine

capable of putting out up to 26 gallons of hydraulic flow at 3000 PSI system pressure with top speeds of 12 kilometers an hour, and 13 degrees of freedom, capable of handling payloads of up to 7,200 pounds. The P-5000 is the perfect machine for transporting all types of cargo. Simply put. The P-5000 Power Loader is the future. The P-5000 Power Loader by Hacksmith Industries.

Get away from her. You bitch. Okay, James what's in the box? So remember those wax hands we got last year from a random fan. You got more wax hands? No.

I promise it will all make sense. So those wax hands actually came from a Ripley's Believe it or Not, this summer I actually had a chance to do a behind the scenes tour of their main warehouse of oddities and things. And it was awesome. I got to meet Kurtis when I was there. His job is to find cool stuff.

and knowing that we were building a Power Loader he found an auction in LA With some of the original Power Loader props. So inside this box, we actually have some of the original foam arms of the Power Loader. So you're saying you're going to be able to actually compare how well I did on my model. Does this look familiar? Is that the biceps? That's the bicep. So I don't know where this has been sitting for the last 40 years... probably in a warehouse somewhere.

Hey, Hey, look at this. Look at this face of knee joint. Does that look familiar? Is that, that piece right there? It's right here.

That's that's a pretty close look at it. It's like down to the millimeter. So this is the right upper arm.

Wow. That's pretty damn close Bogdan. In the movie the actual prop was hung up on like a crane with like metal wires. And then there was basically a puppeteer controlling the entire thing. And there's a person inside. So this goes over here.

And so that's going to hold this. Ahh! We've got a hydraulic junction box. Hey, this is, this was made on my birthday, February 10th.

I gotta say Bogdan. I'm pretty impressed. These parts are almost the exact same size As what you modeled. It's almost like you used reference images and you

calculated out roughly exactly how big the Power Loader is or something I'm quite happy with it. But enough about the props. Let's test this thing out. It's a real Power Loader after all. Here James! Metal pipe. Okay. We need something else!

We need something else. Big bar. Alright let's load it up with weight. 135...225. 70 more per side. 505 lb single arm curl.

Let's see what it can do! Nice. Your wrist getting tired there?...Nope! Spin it! I want to see it doing a 360, All the weights will drop off. What's the worst that could happen!? Who else can hold a bar like this with all the weight only on one end...

That gives me an idea. Let's take the weights off. I want to grab the end of the barbell.

And see if we can pinch and lift like Superman. Oh my God. This is so sketchy. Everyone clear. So you can break the bar! It should just bend. It shouldn't snap...right??

Oh my God. This is, this is wrong. This is what Superman must be a like when he accidentally uses too much strength. That is a strong bar... I'm genuinely surprised that it hasn't broken yet. Nobody in the vicinity of this thing...I'm in the vicinity of it!

You want to run that from the controller? Yeah. Okay. We've loaded 180 pounds onto the end of the barbell.

I think we can just get the barbell to bend nicely, but there's a chance it might snap. And if it snaps, there could be metal barbell flying everywhere. So. I'm not going to stay in the Power Loader and everyone else is going to go away from this test area. Oh my God, how wrong does that look? Oh my goodness.

How's that not broken? How is that steel still holding?? So much stronger than thought. What did the weights ever do to you? Woooo! Nice! Should we see if the Power Loader is worthy to wield Stormbreaker? So not including the weight of of the Power Loader and the cyber truck. This is probably one of our heaviest projects. And compare to the size of the Power Loader.

It looks like a toothpick and it can pick it up using like no power. You can see it bending. Mess up that table Bogdan! Let's do it. Look at this table! Alright Bogdan. I've got a bigger toy for you. Yes! Bogdan if that slips... Pardon? I said if that slips...

It might actually hurt the Power Loader. Oh he did it, yeah! Alright drop it. Let's try some precision movements. You think you can dunk this? That's a strong basketball. Give it back to me.

How's that? Is that over it? I think so. Yeahhhhhh! That was too easy. I'm better with this thing than I am in normal basketball. Alright let's try something even more precise. Let's see if he can pick up an egg.

Alright you can't break the egg. Okay. But you need to be able to twist your wrists without dropping the egg. More. Perfect! Rotate.

I think it's broken. *Laughter* I guess you can make an omelet. I want that toilet! Ben! Give me the toilet! Should I pick it up or crush it. You got to try and pick it up without breaking it. Okay.

Yeah??! Camera people need to back up. This is gonna shoot shrapnel everywhere. Alright.

3, 2, 1. Yeah!! What is a tool box doing in my way?! I'm bored of the tool box. I want something else. Want me to curl you? Hold on let me face the other way.

This feels so weird. Make me a pretzel. Yeah.....yes! To commemorate this moment, Alien Go Boom sent us A Xenomorph head! Look at this thing. Bogdan, you know what to do. Get away from him you bitch! Make sure you check out Alien Go Boom for more awesome stuff like that! This thing is so awesome! As we've mentioned several times throughout this video, this Power Loader was an absolute massive undertaking.

Over three years in the making. And the only reason that stands here today is because Hacksmith Industries is full of people that are insanely passionate about the work they do. We didn't build this because we had to, it wasn't a chore. It was a labor of love and great things take time. As they say, Rome, wasn't built in a day, the creators at Sandbox Interactive share the same passion for the work they do, and Albion online is their labor of love.

And I got to say, I love it too. Over the past nine years, the team behind Albion Online has worked with the community to build a truly unique sandbox MMORPG. A completely player driven world with player driven, markets, cities, and conflicts. Here at Hacksmith Industries, Nobody tells us what to do. We make our own rules and adventures often with exciting and original results. And that's what I love about playing Albion online.

You set out to make a new life in the mystical land of Albion. All the items in the game are crafted by players from resources, gathered by players from the open world. Build your own character classes and participate in large variety of different activities from open-world exploration to dungeon fights, to large scale open-world battles against hundreds of other players. Or focus on gathering resources, crafting and building up your personal island and trading.

You decide. You make the rules. Albion Online is free to play, and best of all, the full PC experience is also available on iOS and Android. Featuring full cross-platform play in the same game world. At albiononline.com You can download the game and play the New Lands awakened update, now. The update feature is a visual overhaul of the entire world, mobs, which grow in strength and rewards over time and new OpenWorld PVP objectives. It also adds the war gloves, weapon line, which bring martial arts punches and kicks to your character builds.

I'm telling you the more you play this game, the more rewarding it gets. So if you're looking for a truly unique MMROPG. Look, no further follow the link in the description below to get Albion Online for free today. Okay. Before we go and destroy the car, I should probably refuel a little.

Hey guys, It really sucks not having any sideview mirrors. I'm going as fast as I can. People are taking out their phones. The guy in the cement mixer just took out his phone and started filming. Did you mean refueling as in gas? I was just going to get a coffee. I'm going to get a large dark roast with two milks and no sugar please.

Oh, thank you. Thank you very much. Alright, she's going to warm up and then we can go smash that car.

Let's do it! Yeahhhh!!! Oh, my God. All good? I want the door. That's one strong door! There goes the tire! Now grip it. Yeah, there you go.

I want to take the muffler out. Ahhhh I got it! Now pull!..Yeah! That's just the wrist! That's just the wrist joint. I don't like this window here...fixed it!

There you have it folks. The world's first Power Loader. This thing is freaking awesome. And like any great project. This is not the last you'll see of it.

We're going to be doing some upgrades, making some giant weapons for it. Maybe challenging some other mechs around the world. Nah, I'm just kidding.

Um, but let us know in the comments below what kind of upgrades you'd love to see on this thing and what kind of challenges you'd like it to do because we have a Power Loader now. Let's fricking use it. And also if you're a Sigourney Weaver or, you know, Sigourney Weaver, make sure to have her get in contact with us, cause we want her to drive this thing.

And if you guys want a piece of history and want to help support projects like this, make sure you head over to Hacksmith.store and pick up the Power Loader t-shirt. And a huge thank-you to all of you for watching over the past three years seeing this project to life and helping support this YouTube channel become all that it is today. Make sure you like the video.

Leave a comment below, Hit that subscribe bell. And if you want even more Power Loader content, consider becoming a member. We've got an extended director's cut available for our members where we talk even more about the Power Loader and how the test went. And also keep on the lookout for the Q & A coming up shortly.

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