Opening Lots of Retro Tech Oddities & LGR Mail! March 2024

Opening Lots of Retro Tech Oddities & LGR Mail! March 2024

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[boxy jazz music plays] [computer buzzes, beeps] - Oh my goodness. Greetings and welcome to another one of these things. Y'all have sent a bunch more stuff over my way, over the past eight or something months. It's been a while since we did one of these unboxing videos. And yeah, there's more down there, but a whole lot of great stuff, retro goodies and things to get to here. So, let's just dive right in.

All right. Got one here from Joseph. [cutter slicing] No note or anything, but we have some magneto optical discs. MO Disks, which I've been meaning to do a video on this format. Probably Oddware. I just don't see too much about it, especially these. I mean there's a whole bunch of different magneto optical things.

I've talked about some before. But yeah, MO 540's, I think these are all sealed. Not anymore. Magneto optical in general is just fun to look at. So, thank you for sending over the box of them.

I think I only have like one of these otherwise. All right. Got one here from Chris. [package tearing] Is that a Microsoft Bob sticker with a packing peanut? Got a little, oh, gummy bears thingy. I cannot remember the last time I've ever had any of those. And a shirt. Oh yeah. This is a Microsoft Bob shirt to go along with the sticker or I guess the other way around.

"Hard-working, easy-going softwear everyone will use." It's got Spot there. I think that was his name, the dog. The search dog, became the search dog in Windows XP.

Yeah, this is a official merch. I think there's a note. "Greetings. I would like to preface this by saying "I sent you this mail on behalf of myself, "not a representation of my Redmond-based "technology company employer." Yeah, Microsoft.

Lovely Comic Sans font. I mean if anybody's gonna use that font, may as well be a Microsoft person with Bob merch. But anyway, "When I saw the internal company store "was selling a Bob shirt, "I immediately thought of your channel. "Website listed it under the 'building 7' section "along with a Zune shirt. "And another referencing a character "from internal training videos." Is that this? "Bob's older than myself and some of my coworkers."

Well, I think I was like nine years old when Bob came out. I will treasure all of these and I will absolutely be wearing this with pride. An official Bob shirt in 2024. Who the heck knew? Alright, I got this slightly concerning looking...

...package from, I don't know. [tearing] Okay. A bunch of, oh yeah, just like little SD cards. I do remember somebody mentioned something about having some like low capacity cards. I'll have to look it up. And also a mysterious thumb drive. 256 meg. Yeah, thank you for the SD cards.

I can absolutely use these on like old digital cameras and all kinds of different devices. Actually are these all SD? Yeah, I think they are. Also was MMC back then.

These look like all SD. Let me look up and see if I can find who sent these. Oh okay. Yeah, this came from Steve. He said he was doing some organizing around the house, has some stuff he doesn't need, if I'd be interested rather than throwing 'em away, just send them over.

They're tested slow but functional. So thank you very much, Steve. I'll wipe these and put them to use. All righty. We got a cube here from Jeff. [tears] "Cheers, Clint. Jeff."

Thank you! Let's see, what have we got going on? Ooh. Oh yeah. DataWare Mouse House. [amused chuckling] I love these type of goofy little things.

Just plastic waste. Or at least it would be if people didn't hold onto it and give it a new life, a new existence, a new purpose. Which I'm gonna do, these accessories I can't say no to. You stick your mouse in a little house. Adhere that to the side of your monitor or computer or whatever. And there it is, your mouse has a house.

[laughs] Thank you very much for sending this delightful little goofy thing over. Okay, got this one here from Arthur. [package ruffling] Okay. I remember an email about this. I'll have to look it up and get some context.

'Cause I didn't see a note, but... This is wonderful. It's a thing of chairs. [laughs] Just all these designs and dimensions and lovely photos. This is beautiful. Oh, I love this. Genuinely like, I know I go on about the chairs in the Sims games.

That was just sort of a bit, a gag. But I've come to really appreciate good chair design, man. I've been to chair museums and exhibits, and you know, just, I have all kinds of different other books about interior design and things like that. Or just various artistic objects that just sit on. Man, this is wonderful, let me look up the email.

All right. So Arthur sent an email, says, "I have a book about chairs found it at an antique store. "It shows the design of chairs when they're designed, "when they're first produced.

"I know it's not needed for LGR," but figured I'd get a good chuckle. You bet I did. Thank you very much, Arthur. Got one here from Tom. [ruffling] Oh yeah. Nice peanut there. Yeah. So Tom says, "Here's a copy of SimCity 3000

"for Linux." Oh yes. "If you or any of your viewers "are into classic country music "I have a YouTube channel that covers that stuff. The Music Detectives on YouTube.

Well, thank you Tom. [ruffling] There we go. All right. This I'm excited for. I mean, I'm excited for all the things, but like this is crazy.

So I briefly mentioned that this existed in my SimCity 3000 retrospective, that a port of it by Loki Games was released for Linux. This is SimCity 3000 Unlimited. They just slapped a sticker on the regular 3000 box because they had just "3000" ported to Linux. And then they put a sticker on there for Unlimited. So that's so cool. That's so neat. Very hard to find version of the game.

Curious what's inside. An offer for Maximum Linux magazine, reference card here with uh, yeah. Linux operating system using Kernel 2.2.x or higher. That was one thing I was wondering about.

Also needs a OSS compatible sound card, X386 335 or higher, GlibC 2.1 or higher. All these Linux things that I don't really know a whole lot about, but yeah, it's even got a Linux manual, so they didn't just use the exact same documentation for it. It's interesting. I thought they would've just

used the regular one and then like changed the reference card. That's usually what they do with a lot of different ports. But guess not. That's really cool.

And then of course, look at that. It doesn't say Unlimited on the CD though. Well, now I wonder if there was. Oh yeah. I don't know. If anybody knows if there was just a regular non-Unlimited version of SimCity 3000.

This is the only one I've ever seen is this box, which is a regular SimCity 3000 box with Linux stuff on it. But that's a sticker on it. So maybe they were trying to port it over and it just took a while and then by the time it was out, they just went ahead and had the Unlimited release. I don't know, 'cause this says Unlimited. It's interesting. Thank you very much. This is super cool.

All right. Got one here from PowerPCME. [albums plunking down] A very shiny sticker. [paperific ruffling] Nice. So this comes from Ruben. So! Hopes I'm doing great. I am. Thank you very much.

"Packed in this little package is a cassette copy "of one of my favorite all time albums. "Kmart, 1989-1992." It was like a trip down memory lane. Yeah. Heck yeah. I'm interested. "Samples from the original tapes "they used to play in stores.

"Thanks to Mark Davis who saved them back in 2015." I remember that, I've listened to pretty much all those! [laughs in Internet Archive addiction] So yeah, "Vaporwave inspired. "Also threw in a CD of my latest creations "Seeking Existence in the Auroral Chorus." Sweet.

"About this girl's adventure "trying to find proof of the afterlife "using radios, et cetera." Heck yeah. "Mix of drum and base, "jungle, IDM, amateur radio clips."

This sounds wonderful. Yeah. Yeah, it sounds absolutely down my alley.

Up my alley, down the street, and up and, like all of those kind of transportation sayings. Yeah, this is nice. Oh, black too. PS1 style.

I like it. And we have this Kmart, 1989-1992. This is, yeah. I'm gonna take a listen to both of these real quick. Well this is an unexpected outcome. This is the drive and the setup that I use to play back and archive all of my CDs so I can put 'em on my server to listen to around the house.

And unfortunately this is all I get. It comes up as a blank empty CD that it doesn't have anything on it. And yeah, opening it up.

Yeah, just shows nothing is there. So I don't know if it's just this reader. It could be, I'll have to try it in something else and the bad luck just continues. This is my go-to cassette deck for playing things back and all of a sudden it's just not working.

And I don't know why, like nothing works. The tape transport mechanism isn't doing anything. And this just had its belts and pretty much everything else service like a year ago, I was just using this a couple weeks ago.

I guess I'll just stream these. 'Cause yeah, I do have the cassette deck and the Oddware Tower, but that's a whole ordeal getting that outta storage to play. So. [tape plays] Yeah, very Vaporwavy Lo-Fi stuff indeed on here. Let's check out the other one real quick. [crunchy beats] Yeah, this is awesome. [music continues] Yeah, this is good stuff.

I don't know why the CD wasn't working and it's probably just this drive. Anyway, thank you for sending both of these over. All right. I got this one here from Cart Zine I think. "Comics inside." Fantastically colorful stuff going on here. Look at this.

Kid internet stickers. Yeah. Shannon Spence. I think as who put this together, "Enjoy these nostalgic zines plus comics. "Thank you for a decade of A+ content Shannon of Shannon Prints. That's right. Okay.

So this, Shannon got in touch after I did my video on Flash games and specifically... Oh, that's super cool. Oh, lil cartridge! Anyway, yeah, did an interview with the yeah, somebody who was behind Cool Math Games. The website from back in the day.

And just so happened to be my video about Flash gaming came out around Christmas and yeah, ended up talking about that. That's super cool. That's super cool. So there's an interview right here with, yeah, Maddy Morps, social media director of Cool Math, which if you were ever in that whole scene of Flash, this is really awesome art. This is awesome. This whole thing, I love the handmade enthusiast kind of underground nature of this bimonthly zines and goodies in the mail, all these kind of things.

It just feels [pages ruffling] passion and I don't know... actual intent went into this type of thing. It's great. This is great. Thank you very much. I look forward to reading that interview because you know, I don't really, or hadn't really been thinking about Flash for the longest time. And that whole Flash Archive thing came along and I really started going down that rabbit hole when I made that video last year. I wanna do more about it.

Thank you very much for sending over the zine. Oh dang. Yeah, I got one here from Leo Dallas. I should have opened this sooner.

[carton ripping] Leo's always sending really cool projects. Oh wow. Woodgrain PC upgrade. Heck yes. Oh yeah. This is the Orpheus 2. So I was gonna say: different sound card, modern retro sound card projects Leo's been involved with and other folks at Vogons and end up on Serdashop and whatnot.

Covered many over the years. And this one, yeah, I had the Orpheus 2, which I covered, the full-size one. Which I loved. But it was a bit much in, I don't know, I didn't wanna necessarily replace the original Orpheus in my Woodgrain 486.

Well this, the LT version cuts things back a bit, but is an upgrade in several ways. Oh it's got the serial number as LGR. Yeah. This doesn't bother with the Gravis Ultrasound side of things. However, it's still a fantastic Sound Blaster clone with real OPL chips and included an X2SE, another Dream Blaster thing, I haven't tried this one. That's awesome. Yeah, full size MIDI port that you can get right there.

These are just phenomenal cards. And yeah, Leo offered to send this one over as an upgrade to my OG Orpheus, which I will absolutely do. This will be going in the Woodgrain 486 as its full-time card.

If you wanna see more about that. 'cause it wasn't a very successful video in terms of views and engagement. But I did cover the Orpheus 2. Anyway it was a whole thing.

There's reasons I didn't put that longer card in the 486, but this will be perfect. Thank you, Leo. All right, well this one comes from Finland, from Timo. Oh, here we go. "This is the GUS plus a few other things.

"Didn't dust it though." [chuckles] Well that is perfectly fine. Oh wow. Yeah. Speaking of Gravis Ultrasound things, something for me to frame. And Metrin Lakritsi? It's like a liquorice spiral. Yeah, this is a Gravis Ultrasound Extreme.

There was actually one that I purchased from another viewer a while back. 'Cause I didn't have any at all. And then yeah, this was offered, so I'm like, "Hey, you know, "just in case the other one doesn't work, "here is a backup."

Or I think the other had like an iffy one of these and needs replacing, which I will definitely be fixing the other up. But wonderful to have a couple of these now because not only does it have the GF1 on here for the Gravis stuff, but also an ESS AudioDrive for Sound Blaster compatibility. So that is an ESS-1688F chip. Cannot wait to put that to use.

We'll see what this thing is to frame here. Just like the fact that it's stretched over a canvas frame, like that little nails and everything. Anyway, it's just like a little woodsy type of, I don't know, almost abstract, but it's woodgrain, trees or something. Oh, this is awesome. All of it. Thank you very much.

It's very kind and generous. I gotta say your style of writing here. This is like, you could do indie movie posters, man. Got this poofy one here from Robert. [sweater-induced laugh] We have another Microsoft merch shipment. "Seasons greetings."

Well, you know, it's March, but that's okay. "Hope this sweater finds you well. "Gives me feelings of sweet, sweet Windows 95 nostalgia." Of course. That's what the season's for.

"So yeah, Microsoft releases a few unique sweater designs "for internal purchase only around the winter holidays. "I actually have another one from someone else "with some Microsoft ties that I've shown before. "But yeah, this is the 2023." It says, "Though I did not see the early days of C64 or DOS. "I did cut my teeth on Windows 3.1

"first computer my parents brought home "felt like some sort of magical wizardry machine "that was capable of literally anything." Yeah, absolutely. Ooh. "Growing up in rural North Dakota "in a town of just 800 exposed me to the broader world "and sparked a lifelong interest in tech "and ended up in Microsoft." So there you go. That's awesome.

Thank you for the kind seasons greetings there no matter what time of year it is. I really quite like the aged look of this one. It's almost like cigarette yellowed. [gratuitous bag ripping] The one I had from I think 2021 is bright white. It was also a Windows design. Wow.

Get a better view of this. That is an ugly sweater, but in a way that I wholeheartedly approve of. And if it's anything like the last one I had, the quality is superb. Like yeah, genuinely that was my favorite sweater, the older one that I had. So I'm sure this one might join its ranks. Thank you very much.

Oh heck yeah. We got one here from the always generous and all-around awesome Joe Siegler, formerly of Apogee and 3D Realms. [carton tears] That's a bomb.

[laughs] Oh I remember seeing these at PAX. What was it, 2015? That's one of those Bombshell bombs. Yeah the original Bombshell game, wasn't great, but they were showing it off and I played it early there. They had these there. Ooh, I recognize that too. [laughs] That is an OG Max Payne mousepad.

That's awesome. It's in great shape too, wow. Yeah, these came in some of the early boxes. The big boxes in 2001. Open the last one.

This one, "Don't use scissors." These are, what, Manhattan Project! Dude, Manhattan Project key rings? I wanna say these also came in one of the big boxes, but I've unfortunately never been able to find a Manhattan Project Box. "Good for one fare." "NYC Transit Authority."

What are these stickers? Yeah, I guess so. Like pre-release promotional stickers for Max Payne. "Music to Score By" promotional postcards.

Dude, I love that album. I have it literally over in the corner behind me at my CD player. Rise of the Triad Dark War, these are rear inserts that go to that. I guess uncirculated. Wow, yeah. All these uncirculated inserts.

"I've been meaning to send some stuff for ages now. "Probably back since 8-bit Guy "and I did that LGR Thrifts bit. "Back in the video I did." Yeah. That was a few years ago at least anyway.

"Saw the most recent unboxing I did "and I wrote of this letter. "And had a few three items in there. "Thought I'd send what I'd been sitting on." Yeah! So uh Max Payne mouse pad, Bombshell ball, unused CD inserts, Max Payne promo stickers, Score By stickers. Oh those are also stickers.

Right, yeah, it's got the little peel off bits. "Not a ton of stuff but a few rarities "I might not have known even existed." Indeed. And sent next to last Extreme ROTT sealed box a while back. Yes you did. And it is still sealed. So thank you very much Joe. As always, your thoughtfulness is appreciated.

Alright I got one here from unknown sender. [box slicing] Huh! Comes from Brian. "Hey Clint. Love the channel over the years. "Always wanted to contribute to the vintage "Oddware mailbox. "We're cleaning out the attic. "I found this Tiger Quiz Wiz, still works."

Thank you very much for sending over whatever this is. It's got a cartridge in it. Hmm. Well isn't that a thing? 1993. [random Quiz Wiz noises] You turn it on, you press the number corresponding to the question press the letter corresponding to the answer.

274. If you're five decades old, how old are you? So, 274. [Quiz Wiz responds negatively] Oh. [laughs] Well not really the type of thing that I review on LGR, but I will find it a new home or something. You know, at least it's not in e-waste, or headed for the trash.

Which it sounded like it was going to be from the email, I think. So, yeah, thank you for keeping me in mind and sending it over! Alright, this one comes from Jamie. [tearing] Oh my word! What the extremely unique handcrafted special nature object is this? Look at this! [door opens] Whoa. Yeah, I do remember some email about a custom thing, kind of something going on. "Tree Rat Symposium."

Let's see this note here. All right. "Here is the LGR diorama I emailed you about. "Just a fun thank you for the excellent content "you've produced over the years. "Have an amazing day."

You too. Thank you! This, wow. I don't even know what to say! That. Okay. What does the battery do? Ooh! Augh! It lights up.

That's, wow... Just, I mean yeah, diorama pretty much sums it up. This is so neat! Got the Zork screenshot going there. The Model M SSK [chuckles] with IBM mouse. That's the same woodgrain pattern that I use for my backgrounds and stuff in the videos.

Cool Crab of course on the pixelated island. This is just neat. A little thing to put in the background and just look awesome! I'll have to look up the email here. That's right, so he's got an Etsy shop.

The Tree Rat Symposium. Been handmaking squirrel feeders to look like classic arcade cabinets for a few years now. About 1/6 scale to the original sizes. I think that's the same scale as the ones that I get from New Wave Toys.

I'll have to put this beside those upstairs and see. But yeah, this one's one of the versions just for display with a backlit marquee and playfield. Well thank you very much. Lemme go put this beside those other little mini cabinets that I have and see how it stacks up.

All right, here's the one sixth scale New Wave Toys selection. Let me just... swap this one out. [slides minicab in place] Well the scale is a little bit different, I suppose.

Or maybe it's just meant to be a shorter machine. 'Cause yeah, I mean a lot of it pretty close. It's actually more in line with like my cabaret Missile Command. Just a bit of a shorter, stouter thing.

But either way it looks awesome. It's gonna look awesome wherever I put it. So thank you again for such a delightful, unique creation. This is great.

Ooh, we got one from the man, the myth, the three named legend, Anders Enger Jensen. [box tears] Oh no. July, 2023. Sorry it took so long. You must have sent this right after I did the last one of these videos.

Anyway, "I just wanted to send a copy "of the brand new vinyl and cassette "I got of my 'In Space' album. "Thought it may come in handy "should you need to demonstrate either of the two." Of course. "By the time you open this, "it may have already been for sale "in my Bandcamp page for a while." Yep. Very much so. Best greetings from Norway.

Thank you very much as always, Anders. Truly do enjoy his work. And of course it is quite useful for demonstrating certain things without fear of copyright strikes. Oh it's a lovely, lovely packaging all around there.

I love red plastics. Oh yeah. Lovely vinyl release. That's awesome. "In Space."

A bit of a story, context thing going on there. Usually use the cassettes for demonstrating devices, but the vinyl for actually enjoying on my own time. Just curious for this color. No, it is just a black record, which is all good. [upbeat Anders music plays] [lower intensity Anders music] Yeah, good stuff. Thank you once again, Anders! Always appreciate your work.

I got a differently shaped one here coming from Zero-something. [box tears] [tube clanks] I think I know what this is and if it is, I very much look forward to framing this. Oh, and it absolutely is. Let me get this rolled out.

Oh yeah, check that out. Lovely giclee print here. This is a vaporwavy drum and bass-y Bryce 3D kind of nineties rendered art. Kind of ray traced look to it, I love this type of thing. This is gonna look incredible framed on the wall. So yeah, there was no note in here, but I did have this email from Sebastian saying that they, yeah, they reached out 'cause they work almost exclusively in Bryce and saw my video in Bryce 3D. Were excited to see that.

Offered to send an art print. And yeah, this is their website. And yeah, they got some awesome stuff here. I seriously was very tempted to go with this "Fisheye" one as well.

Cuz I just, I love that everything about it. [laughs] But I mean, you know, for the whole PC MS Paint deal going on, I had to. Anyway, thank you very much for sending that in. I will be framing that. All right. Got this one here from Darius.

Nicely packed! [items rustling] Whole grab bag of vintage goodies. A grab box. I don't know, there's bags too.

[crinkling] [sniffs] Oh man, that is a very, very fresh smell. Incredible. Yeah. So we have an ATI, what's this, that's a Rage 128 Pro with some capture stuff going on there. Fantastic. Hope this one works. The other one that I tried about a year or so ago, I was gonna do for a project, it was dead.

So all kinds of, this is like everything, right? Wow. Okay. Yeah. All the media that goes with it. Merlin VR, ATI DVD player. Ulead, what is it, Ulead Video Studio? It is, that's like the program that I first started editing LGR on.

Not this version, but a later one. And yeah, I got all the cables, the adapters, the AV in and out. And these are just great cards. Yeah, look at that. We've got the ATI dongle there, the purple connector for the composite in, s-video, all the documentation. I don't see a note. I know there's an email.

We'll look that up here in a sec. But I'm also seeing this slot one. Oh yeah. Pentium II MMX. How delightful.

This one seems to have a heat sink that's clipped on instead of riveted in place. Let's see, what is this? This is an SL2S5. That'll be a 333 MHz.

So yeah, Darius says, "This is not the type of email you'd usually receive." You'd be surprised! I probably receive a dozen of these a day, just like, "Hey, here's some random things I found. "Do you want them?" 99% of the time I say no. But when it's this kind of stuff that I can genuinely use and want to do something with on LGR, then yeah! So, Intel Pentium II and ATI board.

They were both donated to a Goodwill by a family that lived in my city long before I even moved here with my family. I caught wind of that, I ran in and bought them. Interesting. So you chased after their donations! [chuckle of respect] All right! Yeah. And you did mention later on

that there's some RAM also coming. I don't know if I've gotten that yet, 'cause this just showed up like, yesterday. Anyway, yeah, thank you very much Darius. I will certainly put these to use. And again, this smells so good! It's got like that fresh ozone almost fertilizer smell. Probably toxic! All right. This one comes from Josh.

[box slicing] [plasticky ruffling] Oh yeah dude. So this is a Fossil watch, but a Wrist Net, MSN Direct Dick Tracy smart watch. [chuckles] I wanna cover this. I mean, I've got another MSN watch actually that I... I don't know which one I'll do first at this point. This is crazy though.

[rubbing] I've never actually seen one of these come up for sale or maybe I just haven't been looking. Wow. Look at this packaging! Got a comic panel there.

She's like, "That's fossil risk net technology, "isn't it Tracy?" And he's like, "Yeah, it is!" [fingers tapping] It's like an old tobacco tin or a cookie tin or something. Oh, the bottom is what comes off. Huh! How delightfully unusual.

A legit Dick Tracy smartwatch. [light chuckle of disbelief] I mean, it doesn't feel as cheap as I thought it might I do at least have some metal parts. I don't know, I guess the whole top might be alloy or something. Anyway, it's not very heavy! Flip to charge.

I think it's like that. Yeah. Similar to one of my other ones. All right. So Josh back in December, said, "Big fan of your channel. "I've got this Dick Tracy MSN watch. "It's older, inherited from my grandfather "after he passed."

My condolences, Josh. Yeah, we'll certainly take a look at it and try to get it going. Thank you. This is seriously pretty unique!

Like even older smart watches at all are interesting to me. But one like this, this is great. Came out in 2003, $199 back then. All right. Got one here from James of Thrillhouse Games.

What a thrilling prospect. Ooh, a special one too, hey! "I finally, remembered to ship this thing. Hope it finds me well. It does! Thank you, James. So yeah, this is a sealed copy of MechWarrior 2 mercenaries, "the all new sequel of MechWarrior 2." Not really a sequel, but you know.

Ah, yeah, that's awesome. The copy I had was in rough shape, comparatively. This had been reduced to $14.99 or was it always that relatively cheap in 1996? Is that when this came out? Yeah, 96. Really [frustrated grunt] I need to get around to doing a MechWarrior... I'm planning a MechWarrior 1 video.

But then two is gonna, it's gotta happen. Anyway. Thank you very much, James. [box dragging] Okay. Got one here from Gamerati. [box tears] Oh yeah. Huh. So did you know this existed? Zoo Tycoon, the board game designed in Switzerland.

It said, I don't know how long ago now it came out, but not terribly long ago. But yeah, I was looking forward to just I don't know, seeing what it's all about. And they offered to send me an example of it.

No strings attached. So I figured why the heck not. Little laser cut animal meeples? 320 cardboard tiles, 236 animals, 410 wooden pieces going on. This is a lot. 120 to 180 minutes to play.

13 and up, one to four players. I mean, yeah, the art looked great. Like the whole presentation of this looked really good.

It was made by people that did-- oh, lemme just look up the email. So yeah, Marc, the owner of Indie Board Game Publisher Tree, Sarah Tops, who put this together, got in touch possibly because of my Zoo Tycoon video. I don't know, I think they were just reaching out to a bunch of different people and wanted to get folks to cover it. Well, I don't really do... I don't do board games in terms of coverage. But I was interested just because it's like, how do you translate Zoo Tycoon to tabletop? Anyway, that was back in 2022.

I did retweet the link 'cause I thought it was a cool looking project and I did wanna see it come to fruition. So here we are. Thank you for sending it in, Marc. I need to find some people to play it with now. All right. Got one here from Kayes, I believe. [box slicing] Oh, this is from Andrew.

So I guess you saw the last unboxing had the EeePC, the ASUS thing. And he had a complete 701, nearly. Booted, it held a charge, got no attention when I posted it on eBay. Sort of forgot about it.

Recall the onboard eMMC was failing too much distro hopping. It looks like there's a couple of just small issues, but that's fine. Let's take a look.

[random rustling] Wow. Honestly, the fact that it has the box and most of the things, that's pretty darn neat. "Easy to learn, easy to work with, easy to play." Is that what the EEE means?... Wow. Very similar looking indeed.

A little more of a pearlescent coating going on. But yeah, there we go. Yeah, I do want to do a video on these at some point.

So having all this stuff, that certainly makes it more likely now. Wow. It's got like mouse and carrying case and batteries. And power supply is handy.

But I'm assuming my other one will probably work as well. See if we get power! Oh, we had a light there for a second. I see lights, hey there we go. Neat. Wow. It's just starting up with fresh software. Well, I'm gonna leave it there for an eventual video. That's nice, it actually shuts down.

Doesn't just turn off hard. Thank you very much. This is awesome. Got one here from Jacob.

[box tearing] Unusual packaging. [rustling] [thrifty chuckle] What? "Fabulous Goodwill Las Vegas." That's fantastic that they have their own themed bags. Wow.

[rustling] And a hat? [laughs] Oh that's great. [blade slicing] Oh, that's a rather hefty note. This is a solid metal type of Vegas-y thing. All right. Neon Museum Vegas.

Ooh, I have heard of that. And well, I've heard of this too. I wanna go to Vegas mostly for like things like the Pinball Hall of Fame and different museums and other silliness. I don't know, just, you gotta go once just to see what it's all about.

Okay, "Here is the new old stock Star Trek mouse "we discussed along with a few local souvenirs. "Enjoy, love you videos." Thank you, Jurassic Jacob! A bunch of extra goodies. Indeed. I mean the fact that Goodwills are themed there, of course they are. [tearing] Alright. Nineties outstretched hand kid

with the middle part says, "Here, take a look at this. It's a mouse!" Star Trek Next Generation, transform your computer free mouse pad inside as well. Look at that. You got a com badge, mousepad. This is some silliness. Anyway, look at all these extras you could do.

Add all this junk to your computer. Star Trek themed everything. Anyway, I've covered a Star Trek mouse before and it was nothing like this.

This is bizarre. The other one looked like a phaser, but this. Like that looks like a shuttle. But the mouse is just, I don't know! It's a mouse.

I just love that they have to say that 'cause it could be questionable. [amused laugh] Thank you so much. [box dragging] I got one here from an unknown sender.

[box rips] All righty. Well this comes from Mike. "This Tyan system board is from a gas station, "was hidden in a cabinet, was meant as a backup "for their diagnostic system. "The computer on said cart "had been replaced three times making this outdated. "My grandpa, knowing this board would interest me, "gave it to me instead of tossing it." Heck yeah. I knew it would be perfect

for a future LGR build. I agree. Ooh and the box, too. I don't think I've ever actually built anything with a Tyan board. But they have a reputation. I think a good one. We'll see.

A self-addressed stamped envelope here, asked for an autographed thing. I will certainly send you that. So this is a Trinity 400, a Slot 1. Heck yeah. This is some pretty good specs. 4x AGP and whatnot. It's just.

[box thuds] Dude! Basically new, PPGA370 and Slot 1 perhaps? [rustling] Sure is. That is awesome. So six PCI slots.

One 16-bit ISA, one 4x AGP slot, and both PGA370 and slot one. That's kind of awesome, or maybe awful, I don't actually know. I wanna say that I've read that maybe it's not great if they have both because you might run into some bus issues or something. I seem to remember something about that. But either way, this board... seriously looks like brand new.

Anyway. Truly, truly ideal for a future LGR build right here. I love this generation of motherboard and Slot 1 stuff, but also having the PGA right there. That's so cool. Thank you Michael. And your grandpa as well! A larger one, but a lightweight one from Ed, I believe.

[box tears] Well we've got a Dancing Baby screensaver on CD-ROM here. Oh how special. I've thought about doing a video on that whole phenomenon for so very long. And in fact, I think I have another copy of this in some form. This looks slightly different, but maybe it's a Japanese one.

Anyway, have a bunch of Dancing Baby stuff and other people have done videos on it and they've been great. So, go watch those instead. But yeah, right here we have a Nitro 64 high speed Windows accelerator board. I love these kind of things. And the fact that it's still sealed in its box is wonderful.

This is just a straight up ISA card, not VLB or anything. Two megabyte, comes with EarthSiege 2... This is great. I am always curious to try these type of Windows accelerators and see if it's any good at other things. You know, games typically it isn't as great at, they're made for higher resolution Windows 3.1 stuff, primarily.

I know this comes from John, actually. So posted on Reddit about the Nitro 64 Windows Accelerator, he doesn't have a use for it. "Not interesting enough for me to keep it as a novelty.

"So I'd like to pass it along." Ah yes, this a couple months ago. "Will this run 4K?" [chuckles] "I thought some of you'd find it interesting."

"Saved it from getting tossed out "while helping to clean out a hoarder house." Has no use for it, don't know what to do with it. And I think some folks recommended me or something.

So yeah. Thank you very much Josh. We're gonna be installing this probably in the Woodgrain 486 at some point. All right. Got a substantially sized one here from Flo. [box slicing] Now this is different! This is a KDS PC Controlled CD Organizer. Just a ton of little slimline CD-ROMs, I guess, motorized little slimline trays that connects to your PC and gives it a ton of compact disc access. Up to 127 CD organizers using USB hubs...

How much is actually in this one? Cuz it looks like there's four there. And it originally went to Washington Park something high school? Yeah. Shipped to their technical education department and I think it ended up in a Goodwill or something. Anyway, this! Yeah, like I've seen large CD changers. I have several, and DVD changers and a bunch of other things.

But this, this seems just different, period. I don't know I've never seen one with all these like little slimline drives. And yeah okay, so 75 discs on just this one. I'm just curious how this works. I have, thank you so much for sending this over, Flo. Wow. Cannot wait to try this beast out.

All right, well it looks like we've got a couple here from Brandon Cobb. Let's see what he sent this time. [brief box slicing] "Clint, when Super Fighter team "acquired the rights to DOS and "Windows games by King Formatson Company Limited, "they were nice enough to mail us "some new and sealed copies. "Now that I've scanned everything and archived the disks, "I figured maybe you'd like to add these fine titles "to my collection. "Hey, what's living until you've got "a Sexy Fighter poster adorning your wall, am I right?" I mean you know, Taiwanese software, yeah, I have a number of things I've imported from Taiwan.

It's always interesting. I don't know if both boxes are, oh my goodness, there's a lot in here. This is incredible. Holy crap.

[boxes clunkin' around] Well this is an eclectic, fascinating collection indeed. Gonna have to look up what these are, but my goodness, talk about your obscure Windows and DOS games. Beautiful artwork too. This is great! If anybody has translations or knows specifically what they are... I mean, I'm sure I could ask Brandon, but.

Yeah, this is -- oh yeah, Sexy Fighter. I have actually seen this around, I almost bought a copy about five or six years ago, but I didn't, so there it is. These are immaculate though! I mean, I guess yeah, they were just unused from this "King Formation Company Limited." Yeah. Dude, this is beautiful stuff. [box unboxing] One thing I just love about a lot of these releases from Taiwan and whatnot is that the disks are often just frigging gorgeous.

Like you have different colors, beautiful labels, sometimes extremely custom, almost handmade-feeling packaging for the disks themselves. These aren't as elaborative as some I've seen, but they're still awesome. And the fact that every single label is unique, this is just so cool. I love all the AdLib logos. [OPL-related chuckle]

Again, awesome art, an isometric kind of thing. Dude. 1993. Well, let's see what in the other box! I gotta check on my bird feed real quick. [laughs] I've been messing around with live streaming my bird feeders and bird bath and things.

I don't know! It's what you do in your late thirties. [box tears] Oh my goodness gracious! Sir, this is absurd. Alright, some more Taiwanese PC DOS games.

Eight inch floppy disk, formatted for disk controller for the Apple II. Some FileWare disks for Apple Lisa. One or several TrackStar 128 utility program disks. Oh yeah, that's right. I was needing one of those. He let me borrow a bunch of TrackStar stuff when I did that Oddware video. And some things to borrow and send back at some point covering some more fascinating things.

[tearing] "Tough guy. Are you?" Okay. Then a couple of those looks like TrackStar disks, which very nice to have these, hard to copy or you know, to get copied unless you have the right setup going on. Super Fighter soundtrack. That's awesome.

Also a copy of this, this is a volleyball game? [laughs] I see a volleyball and a court there, but chibi looking character kind of designs. All right. I guess I'm gonna be building a Taiwanese PC game shelf. All right, let's see here.

Oh yeah, all the PC Transporter stuff. So it's MS-DOS for Apple II machines. Extremely cool stuff.

Wow, it has a manual. Got the addendum here. Whole heckload of software for PC Transporter. Those eight inch floppies.

[laughs] It's not how big they are, it's how you use them. And also, the PC Transporter itself, which is a whole situation. But look at that! That's wonderful. I don't know exactly which 8088 CPU they went with there, if it's like a V20 thing or, I don't know. But we've effectively got an IBM PC on a card, altogether we will, anyway. Color switch.

All kinds of adapters and interfaces and conversion things. This is great gonna be fun to dive in this. I'll be sending that back of course, but I guess the rest is to hold onto.

So thank you very much Brandon appreciate it as always. Good grief, the generosity. Anyway, yeah. Thank you Mr. Cobb. Just a couple more left. And this one right here comes from Michael. [box slicing] This is a Model M with a twist.

So yeah, ya got the other regular cable there that plugs into the keyboard to give you PS/2 output. But we have both mouse and keyboard right there, which I don't think I've ever seen. Actually no that's not true.

I do have the Model M with the little Track Point nub, but this one has a track ball and buttons. [chuckles] I assume as a kind of official thing? I mean it's clearly been modified to be put on there, but it looks pretty official. Manufactured by Lexmark, Model M5-2. August, 1993. So yeah! [finger tracking the trackball ball] That's interesting.

I had just never seen one of these with the trackball before. Alright, so yeah, Michael actually reached out last July and said "I had some of these "with the trackball mouse buttons on it." "Attached pictures, if I'm interested," :I can sell it to you for the cost of shipping.: Well obviously we did that.

He got it and five other regular Model Ms from a university that was just going to toss 'em out. So glad to see this bit of an oddity saved. M5-2! I'm gonna have to look that up and see what it's about. So yeah, Deskthority lists a couple of them. There's the M5-1 and then the dash two is the one I have. Seems the original M5 had this trackball right around the arrow keys.

But yeah, this one was the one from IBM, "Options by IBM Trackball Keyboard" with the trackball in the top corner. And apparently Unicomp used to make them up until pretty recently. Or well it says, yeah, "temporarily unavailable due to very low demand."

If they receive requests for it, they may produce a small lot. Looks like it was introduced in late 1992, sold for a handful of years and then Unicomp took over. So, awesome. Thank you once again for sending it! And then the last one I mean is just, we've kind of already seen it. [box thuds, slides into place] Yeah, this is a Compaq iPAQ. Clearly not one of the PDA ones though! No, this is the Home Internet Appliance IA2.

Don't actually know who this is from. I wanna say it was after I covered the i-Opener that they got in touch and said, "Hey, you want this weird thing?" Internet appliances are fascinating to me and this one being like an all-in-one CRT type of thing, but MSN Compaq branded iPAQ device. I mean it's gotta be a PC in there, right? Like judging by the ports and whatnot, PS/2 ports and USB and you know, there we go, mouse, keyboard, microphone, external speaker, USB, phone line, modem. Get it for your grandparents, they can look up how to... flower. So this comes from Beth. So she says someone pointed me to your YouTube channel and kinda reached out from there.

"We found this old Compaq computer while cleaning the house." Yeah, no more information than that. That's a heck of a thing to just find while cleaning out a place. But yeah! It does not seem to be opened up. I mean I think it maybe briefly was, we wanted to look and see if it was for sure in there, and it was. Other than that, like it hasn't been set up or anything.

Still sealed up. Anyway, hope I can get this working cuz my goodness, what a video that'll be! [jazz intensifies] And that is it for what has become pretty much an annual thing here on LGR, maybe two of these a year at most. Certainly not for lack of offers.

I thank everyone who even offered to send stuff in because, my goodness, the vast majority of replies to the emails for stuff now it's like, "Hey, send this to somebody else." Or "Here's another YouTuber that might want it," that kind of thing. So it's all appreciated though, whether it's through donations or just watching and commenting and sending messages, and Patreon support, and all that is all appreciated. And yeah, thank you once again for watching this video and LGR in general. Have a good one, folks!

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